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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 31, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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dad. that's what they left out last night on the floor. that's louise's stash. that's agnes'. i don't take any. >> "special report" coming up next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. right now, donald trump's resurge entresur resur resurgent appears to be getting an infusion of cash. a major infusion at that. for hillary clinton, past expectations of a home stretch on cruise control have been detoured. on this halloween night, a campaign that democrats once described as a dream come true for hillary clinton is now dealing with a nightmare narrative. we have fox team coverage tonight. carl cameron is with the trump campaign in michigan. the republican looks for votes and money for the stretch run in several traditionally blue states.
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jennifer griffin, as hillary clinton supporters acknowledge they gang up on the ffbi director. new details about where the fbi is in the investigation of the e-mails that reige nature ereni investigations. big casino money going all in on donald trump. >> this is an exclusive who tell me a billionaire has committed a stunning $25 million to a super pac controlled by the rickets family in chicago. it will hit hillary clinton with corruption ads, a massive number in the final week. it helps down ballot but also is a sign big money republicans who doubted trump with betting big as revelations from the fbi and wikileaks heat up. sources tell fox news, donald trump campaigned yesterday at a hotel in las vegas. the two casino magnates met for a private chat. trump made only a brief public
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mention of it. >> incredible people. they have been so supportive. we appreciate it. >> reporter: that includes $25 million from the family to an anti-hillary clinton super pac, backed by td ameritrade. they have been running an ad comparing clinton to paranoid politician. >> reporter: now they have new fodder. showing that they would drop the bomb, that 33,000 e-mails were deleted. clinton's strategist wrote in february 2015, the campaign was dealing with brush fires from the clinton foundation. they added it might be time to ban foreign donations. eight days later, bill clinton's
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top aide wrote, all the money is in, including $12 million that fox news reported that hillary clinton raised from the king of morocco. the foundation may have gotten $28 million because millions more poured in from morocco's state-owned fphosphate company. donna brazile tried to deny she gave the clinton foundation inside information. >> exact wording. where did you get it. >> i understand persecution. will not sit here and be persecu persecuted. >> new e-mails show while she was a cnn contributor, brazile said of questions, i will send more. before cnn's march debate in michigan dur ugh the withing th crisis, she said one of the questions is from a woman with a rash. she will ask what if anything
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will hillary do as president to help the people of flint. the network today announced on october 14, cnn accepted donna braz brazile'ses reu s rresignation. trump said brazile should resign from the dnc. >> it's rigged when she can get questions and can give those questioned to crooked hillary clinton. >> the rickets spent millions trying to stop trump. there was reports he was mad at trump. they now think trump could win. i'm hearing that $25 million, it's a floor, not a ceiling. there's more money coming. >> that would give confidence to other donors who have been on the sidelines. >> reporter: if he is putting 25 or more in, maybe they should as well. >> thank you. we are learning more about just what may be in the tens of thousands of e-mails discovered on the computer shared by huma abedin and her husband disgraced
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former congressman anthony wiener. we have the latest on that part of the story. >> reporter: fbi forensic experts have developed a program with key search terms and the process of sifting throughout records on anthony wiener's computer has begun. the fbi got a warrant allowing investigators to read the content to determine if they are new or duplicates. a source said the preliminary search turned up hints for state department records as well as e-mails from the clinton server. while president obama's pressman suggested the white house is neutral. >> i will neither defend nor criticize what director comey decided. to communicate to the public about this investigation. >> reporter: a source close to wiener's legal team said the laptop was used to back up his wife's smartphone contacts and
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in the process backed up all of huma's e-mails. fox is told the records appear to cover the time period when she was at the state period with then secretary hillary clinton. former attorney general eric holder said comey breached a principal that vest investigations slu n s should n announced 60 days before an election. >> you don't want to appear to be putting your hand on the scale. here he opens up the fbi to the accusation that is trying to have an impact on the outcome. >> reporter: a former attorney general under president bush was uncomfortable. >> you don't comment on investigations. commenting on the investigation may jeopardize the investigation. that's the box he put himself in. >> reporter: the republican chairman of the house benghazi committee, whose investigators uncovered clinton's use of e-mail says comey is unfairly targeted. >> he is not responsible for the facts at hand. he didn't tell huma not to turn
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over all of her devices. he didn't tell anthony wiener to send sexually explicit texts to allegedly underage people. >> reporter: they sent this letter to comey with questions about the e-mails. buried in the texts are allegations from a whistle-blower that clinton mishandled classified information overseas. i also understand that former secretary clinton left classified documents in her hotel room in china and that u.s. marine corps security officials found a report related to the possible compromise of the documents. we are reaching out to the clinton campaign for comment. >> thank you. will this make a difference? let me know on twitter. there is still no sign of the usually visible huma abedin in the clinton traveling party. there are signs that many of clinton's colleagues have
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acquired a new target for their wrath. the director of the fbi. jennifer griffin reports tonight from cincinnati. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. the clinton campaign has launched a new line of attack against the fbi director james comey with robby mook the campaign manager holding a conference call tonight accusing director comey of not wanting to call out russia as interfering in the election for fear that his own agency would be accused of doing the same. hillary clinton immediately addressed the fbi director's letter to congress as she made her closing argument to voters in ohio. >> and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> reporter: she was eager to attempt to shift the attention both the public's and the fbi's to trump. >> of course, the people donald trump has around him include two
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men whose activities are reportedly being investigated for their ties to russia. >> reporter: at the white house, josh earnest said the president still has faith in fbi director james comey adding -- >> the president doesn't believe comey is trying to influence the outcome of an election. the president didn't believe he is secretly strategizing to benefit one candidate or one political party. >> reporter: some of comey's loudest critics are democrats on capitol hill who just three months ago had nothing but praise for the fbi director. after he said there was not enough evidence to prosecute clinton. >> this is a great man. we are privileged in our country to have him be director of the fbi. >> republicans are condemning the questioning of his integrity, which they will get no place on that. >> reporter: the senate minority leader accused comey of committing a crime. i'm writing to inform you that my office has determined that these actions may violate the hatch act, which bars fbi
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officials from using their official authority to influence an election. through your partisan actions, you may have broken the law. despite democrats saying comey's actions are unprecedented, they are forgetting when an independent counsel who was appointed by a republican attorney general announced his decision to indict casper weinberger for his role in the you iran contra affair, days before governor bill clinton defeated george h. bush. the federal prosecutor at tnswe department and the implication that president bush at the time may have known more about iran contra hurt him in those final days. wieinberger was not charged. at that point, the damage was done. >> jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign. thank you. donald trump's top aide says he will not use the fbi's new e-mail investigation as the centerpiece of his campaign in the final days.
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carl cameron is with the trump team in michigan tonight where it seems trump may be doing exactly that. good evening, carl. >> reporter: hi. momentum and timing can be critical in the final days of the campaign. tonight, the trump campaign thinks it has both on their side. donald trump fanned the political and legal flames from the recent fbi discovery of more e-mails. appearing to warn if she wins, impeachment awaits. >> our country will continue to suffer. she's unfit and unqualified to be the president of the united states. and her election would mire out government and our country in a constitutional crisis that we cannot afford. >> reporter: with the fbi director under fire from the left, trump, who previously criticized the fbi and direct of justice as corrupt, backed up
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comey. >> he brought back his reputation. he has to hang tough. there's a lot of people want him to do the wrong thing. what he did was the right thing. >> reporter: latest polls in key battleground states show a tie in ohio at 45%. in florida, it's a tossup. clinton 46, trump 45. in north carolina, clinton is up within the margin of error at 48-45. in wisconsin, clinton is up six. still within the margin. in nevada, too, a virtual tie with trump down two points. a new washington post-abc news poll shows trump and clinton unpopular. 60% have an unfavorable view of clinton. 58% don't like trump. peter thiel who publically said he is gay at the republican conventi convention explained why the trump train is rolling and not going away. >> he points toward a new republican party beyond the doing ma
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dogma's of reaganism. >> reporter: michigan and wisconsin and colorado and new mexico over the past weekend. trump's suggestion that a hillary clinton victory would lead to a constitutional crisis is sure to fire up his base. it's likely to fire up trump critics as well. >> there's a report today that donald trump has been known to destroy records as well. records requested in and required in court trials. what can you tell bus about tha and what the campaign is saying? >> reporter: the campaign hasn't commented. we have asked them about this. they said they would talk to the trump organization, the business side. there are thousands of lawsuits that trump has filed against individuals and various companies and individuals have filed against him over the years. in many cases the courts have demanded documents and/or his opposition has. there are plenty of rofecords t suggest they weren't provided or told they are lost or had been
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inadvertently destroyed. >> carl, thank you. part three in our series looking at how bill and hillary clinton used the clinton foundation to further their professional and personal agendas. the fbi had long been investigating hillary clinton's use of private e-mail as secretary of state for clues into possible links between the clinton foundation and state department business. those fbi agents were not the only ones looking into what's been called the clinton blur. the controversial mix of money and politics, diplomacy and personal interest, so connected that it's easy to get lost. >> it's hard when you look at the clintons to figure out where the charity ends and begins. where their profit making ends and begins and where their official powers as secretary of state or senator ends and begins. the problem is, they all get blurred together. >> this man, an author, took us through a number of the cases. >> beginning in 2009, the
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swedish telecom giant is coming under pressure in the united states. it's selling equipment to oppress governments around the world. in the midst of this, they decide to pay bill clinton to give a speech for the first time ever. they pay him a whopping $750,000. >> soon after, hillary clinton's state department urged broader sanctions against iran. the guidelines did not include telecom, which is ericson's business. he told presidepresident clinto selected from a list of many potential speakers with crowd pull. the company has told fox news the conversation regarding iran had no impact on this decision. in june 2010, bill clinton was in columbia. >> he immediates with the then president of columbia to discuss matters in private. what's curious is that hillary
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clinton is in columbia at the same time. after bill leaves the presidential palace, hillary clinton comes in and has lunch with the president of colombia. she signed some technical agreements and explains her commitment to a trade agreement. >> the same she mrpledged to defeat. >> as i have said for months, i oppose the deal. i have spoken out against the deal. will vote against the deal. i will do everything i can to urge the congress to reject the colombian free trade deal. >> also in colombia was a billionaire businessman and family friend. let's go down the time line. frank, a canadian billionaire arrives in colombia with bill clinton on june 8, 2010. hillary on that -- at that time meets with the president. what's troubling is in the days
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that follow, frank, who is one of the largest contributors to the clinton foundation, sees not one, not two, but actually three of his companies get major concessions from the government in colombia. >> neither the president or frank ever responded to our requests for comment. in may 2015, he did release a statement that said in part, suggestions that his contributions to the clinton foundation were made to further his business interests are not true. after the 2010 earthquake in haiti, the clintons pushed for a wireless phone-based money transfer system. a useful way to allow friends and relatives to send money into the ravaged nation. >> the problem is that the chief beneficiary from the clintons initiative is a company called digicell owned by dennis o'brien. >> o'brien is an irish billionaire who made his money in the telecom industry.
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>> shortly after the clintons began reconstruction in haiti and began handing out contracts, sometime during that period of 2010 or 2011, he made a multi-million dollar contribution to the clinton foundation. >> they told us they, quote, entered the haitian market in may 2006 via a legitimate license tender process and built a successful business from that point on. they are just a few of the many stories he documents in his book. in his research there's something he noticed about the payments. >> bill clinton's average speaking fee is around 175,000 to $200,000 over the year. the problem is that once hillary becomes secretary of state in 2009, the number of big paydays where he gets paid half a million dollars or more to give a speech, one speech, overseas, increases dramatically.
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>> up next, i will go to the big board and check the key races in the balance of power, the fight for congress. first here is what some of our affiliates are covering tonight. in cincinnati, a man is accused of dumping manure in front of the local democratic headquarters. he has arrested. this is the second election in a row that someone has put manure at that location. fox 5 in atlanta with testimony from the ex-wife of a man accused of murder for leaving their toddler son in a hot car. she says ross harris was an involved father and would not have left their child to die on purpose. prosecutors say harris did kill his son intentionally to escape the responsibilities of family life. the state rested its case against harris friday after 50 witnesses and 16 days of testimony. and this is a live look at philadelphia from our affiliate fox 29. the big story there tonight, negotiations aimed at averting a
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transit strike tomorrow. the nation's sixth largest transit system could shut down if no agreement is reached tonight. the agency is urging riders to come up with backup plans just in case. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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the balance of power in congress, a huge story. control of the u.s. senate hangs in the balance. here is our what if scenario. republican states in red. democrats in blue. gray states don't have a senate race this time. judging by the average of polls tonight, if the election were held tonight, democrats would pick up wisconsin, illinois, indiana. they would pull out a squeaker in pennsylvania.
3:24 pm
right now it's essentially tied in nevada. the republican has a .4% lead. let's say the democrat picks it up. it stays democrat. look at this number. 50-50. there's one race we haven't talked about in georgia. it's a big lead for the republicans. the incumbent, 49-36.8 against the democrat. here is the problem. in georgia, whoever is leading has to get above 50%. otherwise, the top two finishers head to a runoff january 10. there's a scenario where a runoff in georgia january 10, could decide the balance of power in the u.s. senate. another race that we are following closely, obviously, is right down here in the state of florida. an incumbent who was not even going to seek re-election is trying to fight off a democrat who is running against donald trump.
3:25 pm
steve harrigan shows us tonight from miami. >> reporter: the ballots say the contest for the u.s. senate seat from florida is between the incumbent senator marco rubio and patrick murphy. the results could ling on the national battle between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> if hillary is able to win the state and win by a big margin, then marco rubio may be in big trouble. on the other hand, if donald trump can eek out a victory or stay competitive, then that's good news for marco rubio. >> reporter: the real clear politics poll average has rubio leading by six points. murphy's strategy has been simple. pivot from any question to donald trump. >> for this year's first debate -- >> reporter: the most dramatic moment after rubio accused murphy of gloroping a woman. >> you are the one that posted a picture four years on facebook
3:26 pm
of you groping a woman. that's inappropriate behavior. >> let's talk about donald trump again. >> reporter: murphy says what rubio wants is another crack at running for president. >> nor rubio doesn't want the job. he wants to run for president. it's too important of a time in our history to have somebody with one foot out the door. >> reporter: rubio attacked the congressman as a lightweight. >> he has been a ghost. in four years in washington, no one knew patrick murphy was there. he has never done anything before or since he got to congress. now he wants to go to the senate in florida voters won't do that. >> reporter: rubio's most forceful critic hasn't been murphy. >> why does marco rubio still plan to vote for donald trump? >> murphy announced he will use $1 million of his own money to buy a television advertising for the final days of campaign. the jury now has the case of two former allies of republican
3:27 pm
new jersey governor chris christie charged with using traffic jams for political revenge. the attorneys wrapped up closing arguments today. a former staffer are charged with scheming to punish a democratic mayor who refused to endorse christie. the aides testified that the governor knew about that plan ahead of time. christie was never charged and has continued to deny any advance knowledge of the plan. stocks were down today. the dow lost 19. the s&p was off a quarter of a point. the nasdaq was down one. opposition and government leader are trying to diffuse the political crisis in venezuela over unpopular socialist president nicholas madura. they agreed to talks. it was a massive demonstration against him last week and another is planned for thursday. lawmakers have begun what is essentially a show trial against
3:28 pm
the president there. we will keep you updated. tonight we take you to a village near mosul, iraq, that has been liberated from isis control. we hear from the people who live there about their life under ta terrorist control and this happens as iraqi forces move closer to the city itself. benjamin hall has the latest tonight. >> reporter: united, militias with different objectives are all putting the squeeze on the terrorist group and from all sides. after a heavy battle today, iraqi forces finally reached the edge of mosul, stopping just a few hundred feet from the eastern city limits. as they did so, iranian shiite militias launched an attack aimed at driving isis out. supported by the baghdad government, shiite militias have been feared and now up to 15,000 of them are moving west of
3:29 pm
mosul, leading to aturkish-back groups. the pentagon admitted ash carter was worried about the militia. >> of course, he is concerned. he has seen from past history what some of the forces have done. at this moment, our support continues to be through the government of iraq and prime minister abadi and the forces on the ground conducting the operations. we will continue to support those forces. >> reporter: he stressed the militia were getting no support from the u.s.-backed coalition. today, we were able to gain access to the newly liberated attorney to see what people were doing with their freedom. the men of the town are having their hair cut and their beards shaved off, something that was forbidden. this is where they have congregated. they are showing their freedom.
3:30 pm
today, under the white flag, children were playing with phones for the first time in years. girls were walking in the street. there was gratitude towards the peshmerga who freed them even though the ieds had not yet been diffu diffused. it's a reminder of just how much work there is ahead to rebuild. towns being liberated by kurdish fighters and iraqi conventional forces have a good chance of rebidding and moving ahead. those towns and villages liberated by shiite militias have a different danger lying ahead. that's representative of the danger that iraq itself faces, not to mention one of the shiite mali s militias have been designated a terrorist organization. >> thank you. tonight we continue our
3:31 pm
election countdown series about the issues that matter to you. this evening, health care. the president's affordable care act is becoming unaffordable, according to many. to the very people it was supposed to help. lawmakers on both sides agree something major needs to be done about obamacare. >> coverage has been okay. it's not as great as we could have liked. >> reporter: this woman bought obamacare insurance since the launch. she shops for obamacare in florida where she says she has too few insurance plan choices. >> preem miums could be lower. >> reporter: since millions of americans first bought obamacare in 2014, premiums have risen. the number of provider choices has fallen. insurance companies have withdrawn, citing billions of lasses in the owe market. they project premiums will increase 22% nationwide.
3:32 pm
again, dragging obamacare into the 2016 presidential campaign. >> elect me and we will stop the horrible hikes that you are seeing with obamacare. we will stop the obamacare madness. >> i have been saying, we have to fix what's broken. and keep what works. >> reporter: for customers, the less they make, the more taxpayers pitch in to subsidize their premiums. in florida, a family of four, two adults, two children, making $35,000 a year can get the second cheapest obamacare option for a monthly premium of about $65. if that same family earns $75,000, taxpayers will cover about half the premium. leaving a monthly cost of about $540. that family is also responsible for $13,000 in expenses before the plan pays anything. earning more $100,000, that family receives no subsidies. will pay more than $1,000 a month and also have a deductible of $13,000.
3:33 pm
>> even though we are seeing cost increases across the country, the fact of the matter is, we do expect that next year, more than half of the people who seek to purchase health insurance plans through the marketplace will be able to do so for $75 a month or less. >> reporter: for the 9 million customers who choose to buy the same insurance plans without the exchanges, they receive no subsidy and pay the full cost of the increases. now even some democrats acknowledge congress needs to fix the system. >> you have this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care, and then the people are out there busting it sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their pre premium double and coverage cut in half. >> reporter: the presidential candidates are far from agrees on how to fix health care. >> democrats, progressives, expand the entitlement, spend more so people have affordable health insurance. republicans spend less so people
3:34 pm
have affordable health insurance. they think spending too much is the root of the problem. >> reporter: donald trump wants to repeal obamacare, allow customers to buy insurance from a company in another state. allow more generous tax deductions for health expenses. >> stopping hillary's health care takeover is one of the single most important reasons that we must win on november 8. >> hillary clinton and democrats say they want to add to obamacare. >> i'm going to fix it. i agree with you, premiums have gotten too high. co-pays, deductible, prescription drug costs. i have laid out actions to get those costs down. >> reporter: clinton's plan would allow americans to buy into medicare when they are 55. create a government insurance entity known as the public option to compete with private insurance companies. critics claim a public option would undercut private companies and force the federal government into more of the health care market. it's a debate rosemary is
3:35 pm
watching. she says despite obamacare li t limits, she appreciates the benefits. it will allow her daughter to stay under her policy four more years. >> all the insurance companies were tightening their requirements. they were turning us down. it's better than nothing. yes, there could be improveme improvements. >> reporter: here on the campaign trail, each obamacare reference is a reminder of the differences between the two on health care. they even disagree on a starting point and whether obamacare has any role in the future of american health care. >> thank you. tomorrow, we crack the top five in our issues that matter series. the federal deficit. we will have that story. up next, the final eight days. the panel digs in, tells us what to expect as we come down the home stretch with an incredibly bizarre presidential campaign. breaking news coming next. when you have a cold, you just want powerful relief.
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we can be sure that what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastating. and i think we're going to find out, by the way. for the first time. thank you, huma. >> now they apparently want to look at e-mails of one of my staffers. by all means, they should look at them. and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> donald trump and hillary clinton on the breaking e-mail story that has been breaking all weekend. the fbi releases a letter to lawmakers and the assistant attorney general, rather. we assure you the defendant will work closely with the fbi and together dedicate all necessary resources to take appropriate
3:40 pm
steps as expeditiously as possible. here is the breaking news. we can confirm that the fbi has a preliminary inquiry into donald trump's former campaign manager paul manafort's foreign business connections with a tip towards russia. the fbi is investigating or preliminary inquiry is what it's called, not just man i for tafm two others affiliated with the trump campaign. that's the word coming down tonight. that's where we are. let's bring in our panel. charlie hurt, maura liason, and charles krauthammer. harry reid pointed to this in a letter. it looks like there's some ink
3:41 pm
li inkling this is happening. >> what a way to end this campaign. it's incredible. what the democrats are saying is, wow, you know, the fbi could have looked into russia trying to put its thumb on the scale and they turned a blind eye. instead, comey is being pressured by republican to influence the oelection. i don't know what crime or potential crime the fbi is investigating in terms of paul manafort and his connection to russia. it sounds like this might go on after the election. >> manafort does not know of any investigation. he has not been contacted according to nbc. it seems -- we don't have a full scale investigation confirmed. what they are calling it is a preliminary inquiry. >> the bottom line, i think this will certainly turn off voters who haven't yet made up their minds and who find the choices pretty disheartening and
3:42 pm
unappetizing on both sides. that's generally what these kinds of things do. >> one thing is clear, that this has turned -- what was praise for the fbi director -- here is some of that from democrats before. >> i am grateful for the professionalism of the fbi and the department of justice. and i repeat that i made a mistake using personal e-mail and i regret that very much. >> there was an extensive investigation by the fbi under the direction of a wonderful and tough career public servant, jim comey. >> i don't know whether your family is watching this. but i hope that they are as proud of you as i am. >> james comey, i do think that in all of the government, he is a man of integrity and honesty. >> now, a few days later, actually a few weeks later, this is a different tone.
3:43 pm
>> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. >> this letter came out friday, kind of raising questions, but not really answering any questions. and then the fbi director had to backtrack on the letter. he said, yeah, you are right, this can be seriously misconstrued. >> it's just wrong. i think he was careless in this position of making this statement. i think he is hurt the bureau. he hurt justice. >> this was a serious error in judgment by the director. >> what do you make of this? obviously, you could point to republicans, too. >> sure. this is washington. it depends which way the wind is blowing. the stakes are very high for the country with this election. but for no one are the stakes higher than for the fbi right now. if, in fact, this goes forward
3:44 pm
and hillary clinton loses the election and it turns out there's nothing but yoga e-mails on the server or irrelevant, harmless e-mails, it's devastating for the fbi. they raise the stakes more with this new information about paul manafort. what a way to end this campaign on. >> charles? >> this is one of the reasons that trump -- the trump if phenomenon happened in the first place. the hypocrisy of the two sides is staggering. i don't think it has been shown in such relief. six weeks ago or so, he's a great man. now he is a villain because he came out on the other side. remember for a year we had been saying the most important event for hillary was the comey primary. she won the comey primary. what we didn't know is that there was a recount.
3:45 pm
she lost the recount. as a result of that, we are in a position where we have no idea what the underlying offense is, might be or even how probable it is. that there is any offense in the e-mail. we will have to go into the election booth -- the voting booth not knowing and having to guess one way or the other how guilty she is. i think the real problem is regardless of what's in these e-mails, the recount, the fact he is reopening the issue has not only reopened the investigation but reopened all of the elements surrounding the e-mail and the history of her corruption and the stories that we're getting now from "the wall street journal" and others about the infighting over looking into her foundation, the infighting in the fbi. all of that stuff which had been stuffed under by comey's conclusion not to prosecute is all out there in a way that the
3:46 pm
clinton campaign cannot handle, because it's simply overwhe overwhelming. >> we will go into the wikileaks developments and a couple of interesting elements. maura, we talk about paul manafort. there's some -- through the wikileaks e-mails, ties that john podesta had to russia and invests he had that he took stock and put it in his daughter's company. there's some russia connection there as well. >> but i think it's hard to compare the two. first of all, russia, as we know from 17 intelligence agencies, hacked democratic official e-mails for the suspected purpose of hurting hillary clinton's campaign. there's no kind of love affair between the democratic presidential candidate and putin. donald trump has gone out of his way in very specific ways and general ways to express solidarity with russianons, wit
3:47 pm
the way he discusses issues. i think it's hard to compare those two things. >> the boint point is, there is another tie. >> there is another tie. but the trump's campaign ties to russia is something we have never seen before. >> more about wikileaks and the state of race when we come back. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident test test test test test test test test test testld test test test test test
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i did not receive any questions from cnn. as a christian woman i understand persecution but i will not sit here and be persecution because yours information is totally false. >> i'm going getting it from podesta's emails. >> well, podesta's emailsy stolen. you are so interested in talking about stolen material. >> so you are denying it. >> like a thief that want to
3:51 pm
bring in to the night the things that you found in the gutter. i'm not going to try to validate, falsified information physical reince priebus gave me the answers to a debate or the questions, so he gives me the questions and answers to the debate, and he got caught like donna brazil was caught, it was the biggest story in the history of the "new york times." okay? donna brazile gets caught as we discussed. giving her the questions to a debate. hardly anybody talks about it. if hillary has the answers and questions to the debate, she should have stood up and said, ladies and gentlemen, i have been given the questions to the debate and it's not -- she didn't do that. >> donna brazile, the interim head of the dnc and the wikileaks now there is another series of emails in
3:52 pm
which she tells hillary clinton campaign chairman john podesta one of the questions a woman with a rash. her family has lead poison and she will ask what if anybody hillary will do as president to help the people of flint. this follows the march 12th ahead of the town hall also put on by cnn. remember, she was a cnn contributor. from time to time i get the questions in advance. i will send a few more. though some questions rolland submitted. roland martin. she actually sent a specific, the detailed question for that town hall and now there are others surfacing here in these emails. cnn has said that they accepted her resignation on october 14th. they put out the statement today though and said they were completely uncomfortable with all of this. charles? >> well, they should be. this is a dirty trick. it's not new in the history
3:53 pm
of our politics but when you discover it, it's a serious offense and the people have to be fired. let's remember, this was not in the general election. this was in the primary and part of a larger scheme clearly to make sure that she won the primaries and not bernie sanders. >> this doesn't exactly fire up the bernie sanders folks. >> well, i mean, if you are, of course, on the other hand with her answer will be, yes, but he supported me. well, that's because he doesn't have a lot of alternatives. >> doesn't it get to trump's whole thing which is there are people working either in the government or in the media to help hillary clinton because she is establishment and elite? >> well, it certainly means that within the democratic party there was a huge tendency among the elets to want to get rid of this outsider, sanders and socialist sanders and go with what they thought is a safer bet and also the
3:54 pm
political machine that has controlled the party for so many years. the fact that you get some of this in the general election, i think, is more reflection of the general liberal bias in the media, which has been with us for 30 or 40 years. it's not a source of surprise but that it should be this blatant i think is rather shocking. >> i should point out that trump sound bite came from my interview two hours before the fbi announcement on friday where he was going on a riff about the system is rigged. >> yeah. this is what he has been saying about the democratic primaries. he tried to make a plea to bernie sanders voters to say look what debbie wasserman schultz did. now we have this evidence of donna brazile the fix is in. they were all for hillary clinton from the beginning. he was right. what effect about that have now? i think any bernie sanders voter who is a hold out at this point is going to still be a hold out and probably will vote for jill stein or gary johnson. i think that to the extent that sanders has brought as
3:55 pm
many people of his that he could, that's done. but, this really does corroborate what trump has been saying. >> big picture, state of the race. i mean, it had been closing before all of this stuff. >> donald trump had clearly been recovering from a really terrible couple of weeks. and i think all of this stuff is helping him. i think there is real panic. you sense, in the clinton campaign right now. and i think that donald trump is actually doing very good job of sort of going up to the line. thank you huma, thank you, anthony. you know, going up to the line which people like. his supporters like but not going over the line. back to the donna brazile thing. obviously she is an ardent partisan. but, i can't -- she is not a hack. i can't think of anybody in washington that has as much respect on both sides of the aisle as she has. and for her to have been caught in this way in the primary basically our version of insider trading is absolutely astonishing. and i thought that i was cynical enough to evaluate
3:56 pm
this place. and apparently i'm not. >> yeah, i would be more than completely uncomfortable. that's it for the panel. stick around for a cherished halloween tradition. s season 1, episode 1. my eyelove is making a story come alive. eyelove is all the things we love to do with our eyes. but it's also having a chat with your eye doctor about dry eyes that interrupt the things you love. because if your eyes feel dry, itchy, gritty, or you have occasional blurry vision, it could be chronic dry eye. go to and feel the love.
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tonight is halloween night. for the last five years jimmy kimmel has encouraged parents to pretend they ate all of their kids' halloween candy. here are two victims of the halloween candy challenge. >> i got really really hungry and i ate all your halloween candy while you were at school. >> how? >> what do you mean how? i ate it. >> i don't want to see you ever again. now go get a job. >> so my candy, it's gone. >> where did it go? >> mom and dad ate it. i ate it. i ate it all. >> you ate all the candy? >> i ate it. [ laughter ] >> oh, that's the reaction my kids would forgive me.
4:00 pm
definitely, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. happy halloween. be careful out there. "on the record" with brit hume, who is not scary, starts right now. hello, welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." hillary clinton continues to sow doubt about fbi director comby. the white house says the president views him as a man of integrity. national polling shows hillary clinton down and 3.1 in a two-way. the betting odds which favored her 5 to 1 just days ago now only favor her 3 to 1. some battleground states have showing tightening race as well but with trump facing uphill and only plausible path than days ago. proximate result more we turn to scott jennings political analysis for the bush 43 white house. scott, as we look at the states and electoral map, what states should would he be paying particularly close attention to. >> the


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