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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 2, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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crisscrosses florida. there's still time to change your vote. >> would you change your early vote if you could? >> weigh in now at #dekeep talking. >> seven states you can do that. >> "fox and friends" starts now. >> bye. it is wednesday, november 2nd, i'm ainsley earhardt, we start with this. a fox news alert. it happened again. two officers ambushed overnight, shot to death while sitting in their squad cars. this happened in iowa. a massive manhunt is under way looking for that shooter. we're following the breaking developments. >> it's terrible. meanwhile, six days until the election. donald trump issues a challenge to voters who have already cast their ballots. >> this good time to make an important public service announcement. you can change your vote to donald trump, we'll make america great again.
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okay? >> you can if you early voted in a couple of states. we'll tell you what we know about that. >> hillary clinton wants to have a talk. >> if you know anybody who is thinking about voting for trump, first of all, stage an intervention. >> that's your closing argument. more details about the e-mails, somebody has been hacking like ten times. let me just remind you. wake up, please get dressed. your mornings are better with friends. >> this is a fox news alert. thanks for joining us on this very busy wednesday. a sad story out of urbandale, iowa, out of the western suburbs of des moines. >> it happened off 1-a. there's a massive manhunt ib
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tense fieg for a cop killer there. a gunman targeted two officers in what they describe as violent ambush-style attack. one officer was responding to a call about shots fired near a high school just outside des moines. the other officer then responding. he was ambushed in his patrol car near the scene. so far, no one is in custody. we're expecting to learn more from police in a few minutes and we'll bring you the breaking details as soon as we have them. investigators are hoping that recording equipment can explain what caused this violent and deadly school bus crash. police in baltimore say the empty school bus, thankfully for that, zigzagged down the street like a ping-pong ball. the bus plowed into the back of a car before it tore bo a city bus with people on board. six people were killed, including the school bus driver. police say there were no skid marks indicating that driver may have had a medical emergency.
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just hours after decades of disappointment and heartbreak, will be washed away for either chicago or for cleveland. >> cubs have forced a game 7. winning it 9-3. >> the cubs coming out strong at progressive field. scoring three runs in the first inning followed by a powerful grand slam in the fourth by addison russell. both teams facing a combined 174-year championship drought. 174 years. wow. that will come to an end for one of those teams tonight. they face off again in cleveland at 8:00 eastern time. can't wait to watch that final game. those are your headlines. we'll keep watching. >> i mean, they set all kinds of records in terms of ratings. it's beating football. curt menefee is -- >> this is the cover in the new york post today.
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wait of the world. tonight. one of the two teams will be the winner. >> that's because you know you have really good teams in the world series that are competing. when it gets down to one final game. >> my theory is, if you're a hex and the other team is hexed, two hexes means no hex. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> you don't know what the heck i'm talking about? >> from the world series to the super bowl which is next tuesday when it comes to politics. donald trump in the momentum in the final six days of the -- >> the republican nominee urging early clinton voters to recast their ballots in the wake of this latest fbi investigation. >> all right. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts with the latest. hey, john. >> reporter: it was close. >> i'm going to give up, brian. >> six more days to get it right. >> there you go.
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we'll keep trying. good morning, brian, steve, ainsley. i always feel it's good to be in florida. i'm waking up on the shores of biscayne bay. 29, 4 and 4,093,000. donald trump leads in a new new york times poll by four points and 4,093,000 people have already cast early ballots. donald trump with a big rally in downtown miami at bay front park. this would provide him a big visual in terms of creating enthusiasm to get people out to vote in the sunshine state. yesterday, big rally in eau claire, wisconsin, where donald trump urged people who voted for hillary clinton in four states where necessity allow it to, to change their vote on election day. listen to what he said. >> for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and who are
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having a bad case of briar's remorse, wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballots if you think you've made a mistake. >> those other states are michigan, pennsylvania, minnesota, by the way. donald trump yesterday continued to highlight the hillary clinton's lingering problems with the investigation. he'll do that again today. also going deep into policy with a speech in valley forge, pennsylvania, on obamacare where he promised to repeal and replace it. upping the ante yesterday saying he would make this a big priority and would do that through congress with a very interesting way to do it. listen to what he said. >> i will ask congress to convene a special sess so we can repeal and replace. it will be such an honor for me, for you and for everybody in the country because obamacare has to
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be replaced. >> reporter: that was the first time yesterday that he's talked about this idea of convening i' special session of congress. about 4,100,000 people have voted here. so far, republicans leading returns by about 15,000. not to say that people voted down party lines. that will give you an indication of how the returns are coming. >> john, thank you very much. >> i was going to say the interesting thing with w. that, usually democrats lead in early voting. the republicans go to the polls the day of. >> the black vote is really down everywhere, especially north carolina. it's down in florida. it's down in key states. >> nothing compared to what happened when president obama was running. >> that's what we're comparing it to. that's what hillary clinton was -- >> we like to tell you news that you're interested in, obviously. if you go to google and see what you guys are searching for, so many are searching for change early vote.
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look at the spike in that at the end of october. that was after the fbi reopened the investigation on clinton. many people in certain states were voting for hillary clinton and they're interested now in changing their votes. >> we should point out that donald trump did mention yesterday out on the stump as we heard from john roberts that there are certain states, what are they ainsley? >> wisconsin, minnesota, michigan, pennsylvania, new york, connecticut and mississippi. you had a segment on that yesterday morning. last night donald trump is talking about it. now people are looking to see if they can change their votes. >> we did the segment because people are interested in it. >> in sanford, florida, yesterday, hillary clinton was down there. you know what, i don't think she likes donald trump. she knows that there are a lot of people in florida who are going to vote for him even though she needs their vote. she made this suggestion yesterday. >> if you know anybody who is thinking about voting for trump, well, first of all, stage an
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intervention. and if they've ever paid a dollar in income tax, ask them whether they think it's so smart for somebody to lose other people's money, claim a loss and then not pay income taxes. >> right. she continues to pretend that people in big business don't do everything they can to pay as little taxes as possible. >> she's talking about something that's legal. >> she said meanwhile, health care costs are skyrocketing. >> donald trump was getting cheers because he was talking about policy yesterday, including obamacare when sign-ups began because it was apropos to what was happening. hillary clinton, i think she's getting desperate. when you wheel out alicia machado who can barely speak english in florida. instead of saying this is what
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i'll do as president after the fireworks show, this is what i'm going to do. you're not going to believe how bad the other guy is. president obama is saying, if you don't vote for her, you don't like wichlt you're sexist. >> the race has tightened since the comey surprise. they're pulling out what they got. >> look for them to close out -- >> she was convicted or was she accused of -- >> she had some rough years. let's go with that. >> she was friends with a drug kingpin. it is alleged. >> we all have one friend who becomes a drug kingpin. >> meanwhile, who was donna brazile's friend who fed the questions to her that she then fed to hillary clinton. we know she did it at the primary debate. something like that. >> daily caller tried to figure out, okay, who could possibly -- which of the women asked the question and who did they tell
3:11 am
that question to beforehand? cnn has been floating this idea that maybe donna brazile heard the question from the woman am who asked it. and they queried two women. the day before at a charity event. as it turns out, both women say we never met her. bee talked instead to a producer from anderson cooper and we gave that person the question. >> garcia, the producer at cnn that they said they talked to. lee anawalters and -- they asked hillary clinton and bernie sanders the questions. >> he's horrified, jay capper says it's terrible. everyone is upset that he actually got this. these questions got out. you just wonder, were these the only two questions and is donna brazile the only one leaking things to hillary clinton? what other events that took
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place, what other questions got out? remember, it ended up with more to come. >> cnn was confident that she did not receive the questions from anybody at cnn. put the dots together. it doesn't look as if they she got the questions directly from the women. keep in mind, it's low. one of the things, thanks to wikileaks, we see the collusion with the media that we have never seen before. "the new york times," you've got nbc, m is the nbc, cnn, all sorts of media outlets all in bed with the clinton camp. >> how about this, actually talk about the outrage on an snl skit that depicted one of their big donors. i don't remember the skit. next thing you know, snl kicks down all links to that skit. they're even leaving the comedy shows? i have skits i'd like them to take down. >> journalists with the
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mainstream media colluding in all of this, they need to learn a lesson from this. you are going to get caught. this is a prime example. the name is all over the internet now. >> thought we'd bring you up to date on that. six days from now, six days, steve you brought up a good point. next week at this time we'll know who has won this election. >> that's right. >> we'll have coverage all next week, "fox and friends," we'll be live starting at 5:00 a.m. and we're going to be someone here at fox. at all times on the air as the polls are opening and the votes come in. stay with fox news, america's election headquarters. >> i remember a bush/gore. >> i thought about that. >> kind of crazy. we're hoping that a week from right now when you tune in you'll know. >> donna brazile feeding debate questions to the clinton camp is the tip of the iceberg. we're breaking this down. someone is trying to bring the country back together with a
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>> donald trump called it out his entire campaign. media bias is reaching a fever pitch. because we're just six days out from the big election day. here to break down the most outrageous violations yet, kelly rid dell, the deputy opinion director at the times. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> let's start with examples of how the mainstream media is spinning this. the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails and now they're blaming this on james comey. it's an indictment on the fbi. mainstream media has 88 negative statements about comey compared to 31 critical statements of hillary clinton in regards to this latest case. then usa today, the headline was e-mail case puts heat on fbi chief. what's your reaction? >> this is typical. this is what the hillary clinton campaign wanted to do, basically turn this into an indictment on james comey and deflect the
3:19 am
attention. this is what th mainstream media is doing. also the clinton team drummed a bunch of research on donald trump over the weekend and on monday about his -- his ties to russia and how the fbi is looking into this. you see harry reid going on the senate floor and say the fbi has explosive information about trump's ties to russia. none of this panned out. but that did not stop nbc and cnbc from putting out thinly reported stories about the fbi probing into paul man fort's ties to russia and a debunk story that donald trump had a private e-mail server that connected to a bank in the kremlin. hillary clinton tweeted that out, that story out. it's been largely, large i discredited because it didn't make any sense by cyber security analysts. >> was a trump server communicating with russia, i was
3:20 am
watching some of the mainstream media this morning while getting ready at home and they were showing video of what people in russia were doing and what they thought about it. i thought, do americans -- is that pertinent here? do we care? >> that's one of the lines that carries forward. "the new york times" came up yesterday with a story on page 19, by the way. >> 21, actually. >> 21. it was on page 21. that the fbi looked into this donald trump's ties with russia and found nothing. but on the front page of "the new york times," there was a story about donald trump's dubious taxes, which it's turned out that it took five reporters to uncover that donald trump did nothing illegal with his taxes. >> thank you, kelly. the reporters in russia were interviewing people for trump. they were trying to say that russia is tied to trump. thank you for being with us. >> nikki haley in south carolina, slow to support donald trump but now says she's voting
3:21 am
for him. our next guest says every working american need to follow her lead. because only elite can afford another foot in the white house.
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we've got wikileaks headlines for you. he died at the hands of terrorists after hillary clinton stalled on sending more security that he requested. to now this is what happens if you try to donate to her campaign on ambassador chris stevens' behalf. it blocks you. but if you donate for osama bin laden, it goes right through. great. serving up a cup of controversy, starbucks unity cups sparking outrage days before the election.
3:25 am
the new green design features more than 100 people as you can see there, drawn with a single line. but some are accusing starbucks of political brainwashing and spreading liberal bias. hmm. brian? >> steve, a huge change of heart. one of donald trump's most prominent critics recently revealed why she'll be voting for donald trump after all. >> this is no longer a choice for me on personality because i'm not a fan of either one. what it is about is policy. the best person based on the policies and dealing with things like obamacare still is donald trump. that doesn't mean it's an easy vote. but it does mean that i'm watching out for the people of south carolina and i'm watching out for the people of this country. that's who i will be voting for on november 8th. >> our next guest says this is the lesson to every working american building off of what the governor just said.
3:26 am
former adviser, david cameron, steve hill from -- you wrote a column about this building off the nikki haley quote. why? >> i think it goes to the heart of the choice that people have to make in the election is what are going to be the real world consequences of the outcome for real people? if you look at what the clinton campaign is doing, basically the whole campaign along, they've been saying don't vote for trump because of his personal behavior. you saw it yesterday where she wheels out miss universe. no argument about his policies or his tax plan, any of that stuff. it's his personal behavior means he can't be president. if you're rich, you can afford to take that feud. you have president clinton and the democrats and more of the economics stagnation, it doesn't affect you. your life will be fine. if you're a working american struggling to pay the bills, you don't find the job opportunities, you're worried about the future for your kids, you can't afford to have four more years of the economic
3:27 am
stagnation. you've got to put the real impact before personal behavior and really look at policy. >> if i'm a candidate and i hired you to be -- it finish off my campaign and my best closing argument is how bad the other guys i think i'm a failed candidate. all they're talking about is how he doesn't pay taxes and look how he views women. >> it's really embarrassing if you think about the fact that this is a person, hillary clinton, who basically is plotting and scheming for this for 30 years. and right a few days before her big moment, she hasn't got a single inspiring message about the change that she will bring to real people's lives. she's going off the other guy. it's really kind of embarrassing. when people say, well, i come and vote and i have to think about the impact of my vote on real life, that is the key crucial factor. >> so many people look at donald
3:28 am
trump and said prove yourself-electable. he kept tripping himself up. the last several weeks he was talking about policy. he was getting cheers on policy and barely brought up e-mails. fascinating as we look to see the close of this campaign as most national polls have it within two points. >> exactly right. all along, from the beginning when trump has been talking about the issues and about real change in real people's lives, he does well. when you have like we saw the headline in "the new york times" not long ago, how could anyone vote for trump. you write that column. how could anyone vote for trump. you come back, is that really your best argument for voting for clinton? >> that's right. they don't want -- they literally can't understand how anyone could support a candidate with those personal characteristics. that's because they don't engage in the real argument about what difference is going to be the result of voting for trump versus clinton on the economy, on schools, on health care. where he's got the message of
3:29 am
change and all she's saying is basically you're going to end up with more of the same. >> which is less richer but half of america earning less today than about 15 years ago. >> who would think a month ago we'd be talking six days out, we still don't know who is going to win. that's exactly the case. thank you. coming up straight ahead, we have a fox news alert. it's not good news. breaking right now. two cops ambushed, shot dead in their patrol cars. two separate attacks. brand new details just coming in from an emotional press conference with the chief of police. world series ratings are surging for the first time in a long time as nfl ratings are tanking. many blaming the national anthem protest and a great matchup in baseball. what does the host of "fox nfl sunday" curt menefee think? we'll find out. we put a mike on him. i hope he talks.
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>> that's right. moments ago, press conference where we learned the shooter apparently still on the loose. heather nauert joins us with breaking developments out of west des moines. >> that's right. it's a terrifying situation for folks who live there and the families of those officers. by the way, we don't know their identities just yet. we're getting new details about the two police officers who were killed overnight in iowa. they were murdered while sitting in their squad cars. the suspect still on the run, free to kill again. this happened just outside of des moines near a high school in two separate locations. the shootings occurred 20 minutes apart. fellow officers visibly shaken. >> in all appearance it is looks just like that, that these officers were ambushed. it doesn't look like there was any interaction between the officers and the coward shot them while they sat in their cars. that's the best we got. both of them were in their cars.
3:35 am
>> this happened at 1:06 a.m. central time. multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in a massive manhunt at this hour. it is a breaking story. we are just getting in information. we'll bring you all the latest as the details continue to unfold. customers bracing for gas prices to spike after a deadly pipeline explosion we told but yesterday. alabama under a state of emergency as crews repair the colonial pipeline. one worker was killed and five others injured when an excavator hit the pipes. >> we got a large presume of fire which appears to be a gas line explosion. cannot access the scene location. >> well, that pipeline supplies gasoline for millions of people on the east coast. a separate leak back in september created massive shortages and price spikes throughout the southeast. a disturbing warning for all parents. please check your children's halloween candy. this comes after police found
3:36 am
needles and nails inside candy from trick-or-treating. you can see a nail right there sticking out of a snickers bar. a parent in michigan says her daughter bit into a thumbtack while eating a piece of candy. that's terrible. in new jersey, another family finding a sewing needle inside a tootsie roll and a small pin inside a kit kat. you can't be too safe. check it out. bono is adding another award to his trophy case. not what you would expect. ♪ ♪ >> that rock icon just named glamour magazine's first ever man of the year. bono honored for decades of humanitarian work helping the world's poorest women. the singer gwen stefani, simone biles and the founders of black lives matter. those are your headlines. see you back here in a little
3:37 am
bit. >> all right. brian would concur. wry an loves bono. >> he does not return my calls. i'm going to have to talk to the edge from now on. are you ready for some football? a lot of fans are saying we are not ready thisar. it turns out baseball ratings are soaring. world series game 7 tonight. nfl ratings are down and the baseball ratings are up close to 40%. for football, many have blamed colin kaepernick. it began with taking a knee to the national anthem. >> here to react to that, author of that new book called losing isn't everything, curt menefee. thanks for being here on the curvy couch. >> yes. >> do you think it's colin kaepernick's fault that ratings are down? >> no. if you look at it, i know that's the narrative out there. numbers don't bear it out. if you want to look at it from a factual standpoint, i double checked last night with the fox researchers to make sure my
3:38 am
numbers were correct. people say they're boycotting games and that's what the surveys say. the same number of people are watching games that have been watching, just not as many minutes, as many out of town games. you look at cbs and fox, which have the hometown teams. >> fox at least before sunday was down 1%. the numbers are bad the national games, monday night, thursday night football, sunday night football, those have been crap. the election is a large part telephone as well. if you go back and look at the years with gore and 2012 and this year are the only three years this entire sefrntry for the numbers have been down. if it's not up after the election, then i think. people are watching their hometown teams. if you're a giants fans and
3:39 am
you're watching the eagles, you're not watching the out of town games. >> we won't be watching the eagles. we'll be watching the giants. thank you very much. >> there's so many football games on television now -- >> that's a major problem. >> waters it down. >> the other thought has to address and mark cuban hit on it a couple of years ago when he put out the famous line, pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. i shouldn't say this, a broadcaster from an nfl network. there's so many games on that when there is a bad game on monday night or thursday night, you're like i got more days of watching. i'm not going to watch this. i got to dedicate time to my family and high school football and college football on saturday. >> you got the super bowl this year. the host of "fox nfl sunday" and terry bradshaw considers him the big personality. we like you better. congratulations on the book. curt, you're focusing on people who have had their heartbroken in sports. a lot of times famously.
3:40 am
perhaps people remember this pitch to hank aaron breaking babe ruth's record. let's listen. >> here's the pitch by downing. swinging. there's the drive into left center field. that ball is going to be out of here! it's gone! it's 715. there's a new home run -- >> we're focusing on hank aaron. how was he able to handle that crushing moment where he's the guy who tossed the pitch? >> that's the focus of the book. i want to go back to people who have been a part of major losses or crushing losses. i think there's a lesson for all of us, how we overcome bad moments. whether at work or with the kids. whatever it is. al downing was an interesting fan. i grew up. hank aaron was one of my first sports memories. downing was a guy who he was able to handle it fine. he was older when he pitched. he was in his 30s when it happened. his mother died when he was 7
3:41 am
years old. that was one of the things he said. my mom died when i was 7 years old. he came up in the 1960s pitching in richmond as a black man in the south and heard a lot of bad things. for me to give up a home run toward the end of my career was not the worst thing that happened to me. i was much better able to deal with it. the people around him had issues with him. that's one of the interesting things about the book as well. you find out these moments didn't just affect those involved in it. it affected their families and friends. we're all protective of people that we love when they get hurt. >> david tyree catches a ball on his head. who gave up that catch that enables the giants to win the super bowl and the patriots to lose. >> the patriots were going for a perfect season. they were going to be 19-0 if they won that game. they had the lead. and david tyree makes that catch. rodney harrison was trying to defend. harrison talked about the fact that he's in every picture you see of it. it affected him and his family until his wife and mom snapped him out. his thing was, junior see awe
3:42 am
was a member of that team. he came in as a rookie. he want today win a super bowl for junior. junior didn't win one that year. wound up retiring, later on committed suicide. they believe he had cte. that affected him more than anything. that was his friend. >> put it in perspective. >> losing isn't everything. it's the name of the book. >> thank you, steve. >> curt menefee, thank you very much. >> give a book to one of the losers next tuesday. >> the whole staff may need one. >> con grapt lagss on the book. president obama pumping up the economy while stumping for hillary clinton. >> we turn job losses into 15 million new jobs. last year, incomes went up faster than any time that they've been keeping records. >> that sounds great. but our next guest is breaking down the numbers and hillary clinton presidency does not look good for the average american's
3:43 am
wallet. what happens when donald trump makes a campaign stop at a local wa wa. the reaction is trending. >> it's fun to say. say it with me. >> wa wa.
3:44 am
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3:47 am
pretty good, right? is it really as rosie as the president is painting it and what does it mean for your wallet if she wins? >> we have our guest here from the kings college. brian, you heard the president. is it accurate? >> he's telling one part of the story but conveniently leaving out the growth in debt, the number of long-term unemployed, people stuck in part-time jobs. he's leaving out the number of people who dropped out of the labor force, food stamps. there's another side of the story. >> he did mention health care. but health care, i don't know if i would be touting that. >> i wouldn't be talking about that right now. the premium increases, insurers dropping out of the market. that's the bad news story added to the last seven years of a difficult economy that has people thinking about what do i want to see over the next four years. >> i heard mrs. clinton say yesterday, my plans don't add a penny to the deficit. here's some of the stuff on her wish list now. $350 billion for ftuition-free
3:48 am
college. sounds great. 300 billion for familiar i leave. what do you think about that? >> she says she's going to raise taxes by $1.5 trillion on the wealthy to pay for that. that doesn't handle the deficit. it's going to increase by $9 trillion -- it's not good enough to pay for your new spending. we have the built-in spending from things like obamacare that will send the deficit up. >> she'll wind up raising taxes and it's going to wind up -- >> you can't balance that budget on the backs of the rich. they're not going to pay for it. they'll find other ways to invest their money. the likelihood is the middle class will pay for this one way or the other. >> sure. we heard earlier in the program we ran a sound bite where she said if you know somebody who is going to vote for donald trump, you need to stage an intervention. she went through the litany of how he used the tax rules to his
3:49 am
advantage. those are the rules. >> when you're going to go after somebody for playing by the rules, i don't think you have a winning argument. you should talk about the policies. who is going to grow in economy over the next four years, i don't think higher taxes are going to do that. >> professor, thanks for joining us. >> always good to see you. coming up, stunning new developments after ten hack attacks on hillary clinton's illegal server in just two days. ten in two. lieutenant general michael flynn is furious. he joins us in ten minutes. governor scott walker facing a firestorm of controversy for this tweet. carley shimkus here with why walker just endorsed hillary. but did he?
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
the internet goes wild when a tweet from one of hillary clinton's strongest critics is interpreted as an endorsement for hillary clinton. >> here with the breakdown of what's trending this morning, fox news headlines 24/7 key reporter, xm 115 is where you find her. carly shimkus, welcome back. we got to find out what's happening in wisconsin. >> wisconsin governor scott walker's anti-clinton tweet backfired in a big way. he tried to make a case for voters to vote for donald trump. he tweeted, if you like the past eight years, vote hillary clinton. well, the problem is, a lot of people thought he was endorsing clinton in that tweet. chris jackson writes, this is going to be your most popular
3:54 am
tweet but not in the way you hoped. evan says, i didn't know who scott walker was. as soon as i saw that tweet, i thought he was an hrc supporter. and kevin tweets, scott walker, and i'm confused by this message. >> it is a little confusing. maybe there are people out there who like the last eight years, so they would think that's exactly what he meant. >> a lot of democrats responded to that tweet and said, thank you for the tip. i don't think that's what he was looking for. >> apparently we're not the only ones that like the wawa. donald trump, his daughter tiffany. >> picture this. you're standing in a wawa doing some of your normal shopping, crossing off the shopping list, when in walks donald trump, his daughter tiffany, and legendary indiana basketball coach bobby knight. apparently he didn't buy anything. he stopped to take some pictures. other members of his entourage picked up some tasty cakes. >> they went in, they didn't buy anything, they just went window shopping?
3:55 am
>> donald trump didn't buy anything personally. you always look for what the candidate is going to buy. >> from wawa back to wisconsin. tim kaine with one comment could have lost the election in that state for his woman. >> he made a crucial error. he asked a reporter, what's a cheese curd? that's like asking a reporter in pennsylvania, what's a cheese steak? got to know your food on the campaign trail. so tim kaine responded toreport saying we didn't have cheese curds growing up in kansas city, but man have i been missing out. >> trying to redeem himself. >> this story does have a happy ending though. he was spotted at a restaurant later that day eating cheese curds. >> of course he was. >> with horseradish. i've never had a cheese curd with horseradish. >> you can get it at wawa. >> i guess so. >> so what's the theory then? know what's indigenous to the people of that state. >> that would be smart. >> sure. remember when john kerry was down in philly and he went to
3:56 am
either gino's or pat's and ordered a cheese steak and asked for swiss cheese. >> and he called it a sub. there should be somebody in your campaign completely dedicated to teaching you the food of that area. it always becomes a big viral topic if you get it wrong. >> when in new york, do not eat the pizza with a fork. >> exactly. >> carly, thank you very much. >> and know what pizza is if you're coming to new york. >> and how to pronounce it. >> guess who's coming up next. you see him all the time introducing donald trump at his live events. now he's going to be with us in studio. how do i know? i recognize him. he is lieutenant michael flynn.
3:57 am
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good morning.
4:00 am
it's wednesday, november 2nd, 2016. i'm ainsley' earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. two officers ambushed overnight, shot dead while sitting in their patrol cars. a manhunt is now under way for a killer. meanwhile, six days until the election, and the ghosts of bill clinton's past just came back to haunt him and haunt hillary as well in a brand new october surprise. this one on the first day of november. not from wikileaks, but this one from the fbi. plus, donald trump has a new message for america. it is not too late to change your mind and your vote. >> this is a good time to make an important public service announcement. you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great again, okay? >> all right. we're live on the campaign trail to talk more about that. your mornings are better because you chose to watch with friends.
4:01 am
fox news alert this morning. a cold-blooded cop killer on the run at this hour after shooting two police officers in iowa, sparking fears that more officers will be murdered. both officers were just sitting helplessly in their patrol cars in two separate locations. >> the shootings just happened 20 minutes apart near a high school just outside des moines. one of the patrol cars was riddled with bullets. >> i actually used to live three blocks away from where one of those police officers were shot. now their fellow officers, while visibly shaken, vowing to find the dangerous killer who is still at this hour on the run. >> in all appearances, it looks just like that, that these officers were ambushed. on the surface right now, just like i said, we're just a few hours into this. it doesn't look like there was any interaction between these officers and whoever the coward
4:02 am
is that shot them while they sat in their cars. that's the best we got right now. definitely some danger out there. there's somebody out there shooting police officers. we hope we find him before anybody else gets hurt. >> all the schools in that area are shut down today. breaking details are coming in by the minute, so stay with us for the latest on this horrific story. >> let's bring in lieutenant general michael flynn. he's a big supporter of donald trump, been on the trail with him a lot. the one thing, general, we always notice about donald trump, especially over the last two weeks, he reacts to the news. the news now is law and order. >> this is an unbelievable tragedy. you have these two great police officers. i guess the chief just said looks like they were targeted, they were ambushed. the assault on our law enforcement professionals in this country is out of control. i would love to see the leadership in our country today come out and say, look, this has got to end.
4:03 am
whoever did this particular shooting of these two great police officers -- and as we have gone around the country in this experience i'm having with donald trump, the law enforcement community is reaching out in such a big way to him because of the compassion and frankly the support that he has shown to them, to be able to say the kinds of things we need to say. this is just another tragedy, another example of the lack of safety that we have on our streets, in our country. and for these police officers, my god. >> you know, how did the anti-cop narrative get to loud? >> you know, it gets loud when leadership doesn't step in. the anti-police narrative, the anti-law enforcement narrative, the anti-rule of law narrative gets louder when leadership does not step in. the leadership at the local level, particularly by our chiefs of police, have been superb. it's the leadership from the white house.
4:04 am
you have to step in immediately when you see these assaults. >> is this a political thing? >> you know, i don't know if it's a political thing. what i know is when we have police officers being ambushed and killed in thetreets of our cities and in this country, it has got to stop. >> we need to say a prayer for each of their families. >> we do. >> and the cops that work in that area. this gunman is still on the loose. >> right. >> by the way, i'd love for the president to say something. >> i would too. come on. >> i'd love for him to say, listen, it doesn't matter what color you are. an attack on law enforcement is an attack on our society. let's pivot to this election. the fbi makes the announcement about the 650,000 e-mails. yesterday, responding to a freedom of information act, they went back to 2001 and put forward documents about the mark ridge pardon that bill clinton okayed. how important is that?
4:05 am
>> this just shows the continuation of the incredible dark cloud of scandals that, you know, sits over the clinton machine. this is -- i described this as the largest organized crime investigation probably in decades that the fbi is having to go through. you're talking about, you know, the anthony weiner pedophilia scandal, a national security investigation against hillary clinton who is four, five days now away from potentially being a president. give me a break. when is enough going to be enough for these people? in addition to the wikileaks, in addition to more stuff that's going to come out. i understand that there's talk about the quote/unquote 33,000 e-mails coming out today or tomorrow. the 33,000 are probably in the 650,000. this is unprecedented, it's unbelievable. >> you mentioned the e-mails. we're just learning this morning, judicial watch recently discovered that hillary clinton's server was the target of ten hack attempts in a
4:06 am
two-day period. this was back in 2010. the hackers were trying to log on as different people within her campaign, like doug band and huma abedin. what's your reaction? >> all this stuff -- and the things we're seeing in the e-mail discussions that are coming out, i mean, even those. it's disgusting. this is a disgusting way to run -- i mean, i would never allow this in any military organization at all. any type of -- the kind of conversations that are being had in these e-mails, it's unbelievable. i would tell you that the whole effort that's going on, when they talk about cyber attacks and the hacking, this has been going on for many, many years. so for any of these people to be talking about what has happened or wouldn't happen, this is just unbelievable. so what we're facing is an incredible level of scandal, criminal behavior. there's serious criminal
4:07 am
behavior that is directly related to hillary clinton's actions. >> and the foundation? >> everything. it's all coming together. this 650,000, it's like anthony weiner is going to be end up tying all this together because he probably was using this as a get out of jail free card. >> apparently he is cooperating. we don't know exactly what cooperating -- what the cooperation means. there's a story out this morning that, you know, given the fact that he was sexting, he's in big trouble for sexting with at least one underage teenager, now there's a report that he could have been the perfect target for hacking into her server because his then-wife was one of the users. >> there's two things here in my experience with investigations -- which i've had quite a bit, actually, in the area of espionage and the extortion side. you have elements here that are so dangerous for national security. you likely have classified
4:08 am
information, highly classified information in this 650,000. so if anthony weiner had access to them, that means there are many, many other people that had access to them. >> the president of the united states evidently had an alias too and was going back and forth with hillary clinton on her private server. general, when you talk about espionage and stuff you've been involved in, it does bother me we're going this off julian assange's hack. he's an international criminal. does it bother you? >> it bothers me. what bothers me more, it's not about julian assange, it's not about russia, it's not about anthony weiner. it's about hillary clinton. she's the one who made the decision to have an unclassified server in some closet somewhere to do government -- very, very sensitive government business for four years. >> and that's why barack obama should be the angriest. i hired you to do a job, and you did all this. >> should be, but in a way he's
4:09 am
caught. the leaks of information that are coming out are going to show -- unless they pull them for national security reasons, they're going to show that our president was in communication with hillary clinton. in fact, he said he wasn't. he said he found out about it through the media. >> sure. and with the wikileaks stuff, this is where we are in society with technology now. this is like the whistle blower of 2016. >> that's right. >> general, the other thing is, i was thinking about it this morning, if you didn't like al gore, you don't vote for al gore. you don't like barack obama, you don't vote for barack obama. you wanted to find out more information, but let's find out more information to find out what kind of agenda he'll have. this is different. this is what are you hiding, how deep does this go, how else are you involved, what do you really mean, how are you rigging the primaries in order to get the nomination. the more you look, the uglier it gets. like it or not, donald trump is so transparent, he got himself in a lot of trouble between his
4:10 am
tweets and what he says and answering questions maybe too candidly. >> a little too honest, you mean? >> journalism is under attack this election for sure because there's been so much -- frankly, there's just been deceit in your business. i'm being very frank. this has become a social media election. i'm telling you, you guys pay attention to it, you report on it all the time, this is a digital election, and it has changed -- all this leak stuff, if it's showing one thing, it's that you cannot hide anything. so it's like i've said. i've said it publicly. hack my e-mails. i would love to have somebody put out what i say. >> general, there's a brand new abc/"washington post" tracking poll that's come out in the last ten minutes or so. apparently on the question of honesty and trustworthiness, now donald trump eclipses hillary clinton. he's in front of her at this point, according to what was
4:11 am
just put in my ear. i got to ask you something that mr. trump was talking about out on the trail yesterday. he said, look, you know, some of you may have already early voted for hillary clinton. it's not too late to change your vote. how many people, as you go out, have you met or heard say, you know, i wish i could have a do over on that. >> i mean, the other day -- >> is this a big number we're talking about? >> i don't know if it's a big number, but i think people ought to have -- i'm glad those states have the opportunity to show up to the polls. i guess if you show up to the polls on polling day if you previously voted, you can revote. you can recast your vote. i guess there's five states. i think that's a big deal. i don't know what the numbers are going to be. i think it's going to be very interesting to see what those numbers are, see how many people revoted. >> if you look at the trends on google, it is interesting. no one is really checking it until the latest investigation drops on the 31st. then all the sudden a spike goes up, people googling how do you change your vote. >> i think you're going to see a number of people recast their
4:12 am
vote. >> you can't explain it. you lived it. and you're getting briefed along with donald trump in many cases. but it's hard to take your eye off what's happening in the world. isis call for attacks on the west coast, mosul about to fall. we're turning this over to iran. the challenges with what's happening in syria, russia on the march, china beginning to expand. when donald trump looks at this, does he know what he's getting into? >> yeah, he does. this is an incredibly serious time for the united states of america, and it's a very, very important time for the u.s. to demonstrate leadership. we have such a deficit of leadership right here at home and around the world, and that has got to change. donald trump, you know, that's -- his big message is make america great again. and his other message is we're going to start leading again. >> well, next tuesday we'll know who the next president is. general, thank you very much. where you heading now? >> back out the door. back on the road.
4:13 am
>> meanwhile, we're going straight to election day. remember, six days from now fox news has election day cover all day. "fox & friends" is going to start at 4:00 a.m. fox news will have continuous live coverage through the night as the votes come in. we know you want to know how every state comes in. stay here on fox, your official american election headquarters. >> thanks so much, general. meanwhile, straight ahead, six days until election day and donald trump has a new message for america. it is not too late to change your mind. >> this is a good time to make an important public service announcement. you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great again. >> we're live on the campaign trail with donald trump. that'll be next.
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donald trump is seizing momentum in the final six days of this election, now heading to the must-win state of florida. >> the republican nominee telling early clinton voters it's not too late to change their minds. >> you know, john roberts would
4:18 am
probably like to change his mind over this assignment. he said, yeah, i'll follow trump around. turned out to be a really crazy ride. he joins us this morning from miami. >> reporter: you know what, it's not like getting on one of those roller coasters where you get to the top of the first hill and say, oh, was this a we love it. this is the most incredible election i've ever followed. i've been doing every one since 1996. here we are in miami this morning. the first of three stops in the sunshine state donald trump has today. he's here again tomorrow. 29 electoral votes. it really could be said that if donald trump loses florida, it's all over for him. but the polls are looking good. real clear politics average of polls, he's up by a point. new "new york times" poll that was out a couple days ago has got him up by four. and republicans are actually leading in the amalgamation of ab t absentee voting and voting in person. should be a good visual for him
4:19 am
today if he's trying to get enthusiasm puffed up in the sunshine state. yesterday a big rally in wisconsin. donald trump suggested, hey, if you've already cast your ballot in certain states and you want to change your mind, it's not too late. here's what he said. >> for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and who are having a bad case of buyer's remorse, wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. >> there's actually seven states in total. wisconsin, pennsylvania, minnesota, michigan, new york, connecticut, mississippi. the deadline in minnesota passed yesterday. got to have it in by close of business a week before the actual election. today donald trump will be going hard against the clinton campaign on the fbi reopening the investigation. of course, as he did yesterday
4:20 am
in valley forge, he'll be making obamacare a big issue, with so many folks across the country facing double-digit increases and these absolutely astronomical deductibles people are looking at. mike pence yesterday saying in valley forge it's time for republicans to come home around this issue, the subtle suggestion that even if you're not fully on board with donald trump, be fully on board with this issue. it's one that republicans can vote on. ainsley, brian, steve? >> all right. >> thanks, john. just imagining all these people who work for the election commission where folks are coming in saying i want to change my ballot. they're like, oh, let me go look under the ks for kilmeade and find your ballot. >> i threw that one out already. >> one state you can't change your mind is ohio. you wonder if john kasich would like to change his. he did write in john mccain, which isn't going to count because john mccain is not one of the people actually running. >> oh, he's not running. >> did he use the same pen he used to sign the pledge saying he'd vote for the nominee?
4:21 am
>> maybe. i don't know. meanwhile, straight ahead, the president blowing off the latest hillary clinton investigation. >> has she made mistakes? of course. so have i. there's nobody in the public arena over the course of 30 years that doesn't make some. >> are democrats in denial? a debate next. e was dreaming abt for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used their bankamericard cash rewards credit card to give him the best day ever. that's the joy of rewarding connections. learn more at
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4:24 am
less than a week to go, six days until election day, and democrats are still standing by hillary clinton despite her latest fbi woes. >> has she made mistakes? of course, so have i. there's nobody in the public arena over the course of 30 years that doesn't make some. but she is a fundamentally good and decent person who knows what she's doing and will be an
4:25 am
outstanding president. >> so are some democrats just in denial? for a fair and balanced debate, let's bring in the vice chair of the national diversity counsel from chicago. and fox news contributor, who was a 2008 clinton campaign adviser. good morning, ladies. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning. god bless you and god bless america. >> indeed. we just heard the president say hillary clinton has made mistakes in the past. you know, every since the comey surprise of last friday, a lot of people are going, i don't know. in fact, some of her support has weakened a bit. what do you think? >> i think that there were 70,000 activists and volunteer shifts booked this weekend for the hillary campaign, and for the last four days of the campaign, they have something like 750,000 shifts booked. it's interesting to ask if democrats are in denial. donald trump's last salvo to the american people are, one, you
4:26 am
can change your vote, and two, he's having mike pence talk longer than him in pennsylvania because they're still trying to corral republican voters. this is a man who looks at preparing for anything, whether it's a debate or get out the vote, he looks at it with disdain. what do you do in a campaign? you raise the money, you build the ground game, and now he is trying to find voters, seek them out. the hillary clinton campaign, they are turning out their voters. they've contacted them. they know where they are. and they are focused on that. so there's no denial. it's just the execution and the final days, finally, of a pretty well-run campaign. >> indeed. all right. in a number of states you can actually change your vote if you have buyer's remorse. what do you think? are some democrats in denial over hillary clinton's problems? >> i believe they are in denial. you know, when you've got the top person, the president, who's
4:27 am
supposed to be the example for the nation telling us that this person is the most qualified with five fbi bureau investigations, two open investigations, the weiner pedophilia investigation, as well as the pay to play with the clinton foundation, as well as the e-mails reopened. you have our top person saying not step down, leading immorality and ethics, why would you expect the rest of the party to do the right thing? but what i would say is this. the democratic party has sent out people to cause violence at rallies. that's been ratified. they have not given us any reason with this open borders through hillary clinton, with the supreme court picks that won't be conservative, with she's never created a private sector job in her life. donald trump has created over 60,000 private sector jobs. he's got so much, so many reasons why he should be the next president, and we're not in
4:28 am
denial. he's not under investigation. we're voting for the one that's not under investigation. >> and she would know something about democratic politics. she's been a lifelong democrat. i want to ask you about this new abc news/"washington post" tracking poll that's just come out. what it shows is that donald trump now is regarded by more americans to be more honest and trustworthy. you got to figure part of that is regarding the fbi stuff and everything we have learned from the wikileaks, which has been very embarrassing. >> look, secretary clinton is the first person to say that she has to work to continue to build and rebuild trust with the american people. when you look at what is happening in every single swing state and certainly the polls getting closer, that's something that the campaign, the clinton campaign was expecting. this is going to come down to who has better prepared to get out their vote.
4:29 am
and donald trump, whatever you -- however you think about him, when you think of what moms say to their kids before a test, you study, you prepare, you do what you need to do for these last six days. unfortunately, the trump campaign did not do that. that's why you have so many voters in early voting states who are basically giving their votes to hillary clinton. and the desperation of donald trump to say change your vote, have we ever heard anything so desperate? >> listen, this has been a crazy election. who knows what's going to happen in the last six days. but you know, she's making the point that hillary's got the apparatus, but at the same time, she's also got these falling poll numbers when it comes to enthusiasm. in the last week, democrats, i think, are about 10% less enthusiastic about going to vote for hillary. >> well, we already know through wikileaks that she had worked with the biased media, mainstream media, she worked
4:30 am
against them with the pollsters. all of this stuff. special interests, corporations. all against donald trump. my fellow americans stood up for all the rest of us, and we won't even talk about the fbi agents who are leaking information, telling this country, do not hire this woman. she is corrupt. she is a criminal. she is under criminal investigation. and so what i would say is this. you can't talk about ethics and morals when you've got fbi agents crawling all over you. so what i will say to the american people is, get out of your emotions, look at your fellow americans, and vote for the country, vote to save the nation from corruption. >> and that's the sound of desperation. >> that's the sound of an american patriot. you better get you some research. you need to be reading wikileaks. >> all right. thank you very much for joining us. a spirited debate today. >> thanks, steve. >> thank you. god bless you. >> god bless you. meanwhile, coming up, bill
4:31 am
clinton doesn't remember calling obamacare crazy. >> what? >> you said it was the craziest thing. >> that is not at all what i said. no? oh, really. go read it. >> we're not going to read it. we're going to refresh his memory with some videotape coming up. and every vote counts in crucial battleground states like ohio. that's matt finn chatting up diners in columbus. what do they think? we're going to find out live from columbus and new york city and all over the place on this wednesday. [ boomer ] imagine what you wear every day
4:32 am
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tommie copper. life hurts, feel better. so you've got this crazy system where all of the sudden 25 million more people have health care, and then the people are out there busting, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and coverage cut in half.
4:35 am
it's the craziest thing in the world. >> okay. so there he is, bill clinton, saying it's the craziest thing in the world, regarding obamacare. yet, he forgot that yesterday at an event in florida. here's a heckler and the former president. >> what are you asking? what? >> you said it was the krcrazie thing, so why wouldn't we repeal it? >> that is not what i said. no? oh, really. go read it. what i said -- and don't read it over the internet. don't read it over the internet. get the whole thing. let me just point out -- wait, wait. first, i campaigned hard for that law. second, i've risked losing to congress to pass universal health care. thirdly, i defended president obama in 2010 and 2012, and he went up five points in the polls
4:36 am
after i defended what he did. >> okay. a little bit of anger there. by the way, it was so convincing that he was disavowing obamacare and saying it wasn't working, people thought it was a tactic. people said, wait a second, i think the former president is shielding his wife, giving the okay to say okbamacare doesn't work because it was beginning to tank her candidacy as november 1st was coming. people were not up. the rates are being jacked up. >> but he definitely did say it was the craziest thing in the world. what was curious is he said don't read it on the internet. apparently they can't control -- they don't have as many media friends colluding with them on the internet. >> it goes to show, no matter what we said, we can always say we didn't say it later and embarrass that poor girl. with less than a week to go, the race is tightening in the buckeye state.
4:37 am
today, both campaigns sending surrogates to ohio. >> right now donald trump holds a slight lead in the must-win state of ohio, something mitt romney was unable to do, nor was john mccain. >> whenever i think of columbus, ohio, i think of tommy's diner. today matt finn is right there, where i'm sure they've got the best cup of coffee in town, matt. >> reporter: i've already had two. it's very good. and to your point, this place is legendary for politics and pancakes. the latest this morning, donald trump is ahead by 2 1/2 points, according to the average of polls. both trump and clinton are deploying their biggest weapons in their arsenals to campaign here in ohio. the president campaigned here yesterday for clinton. he hammered trump but avoided mentioning the biggest threat to her presidency, the fbi's renew renewed probe into her e-mail system. eric trump will be here today holding two events. in these final days, clinton's ground game is considered extremely visible, while trump
4:38 am
has not received much love from the republican state party here. john kasich voted for john mccain on monday. i want to talk to some of these gentlemen. george, could either party send any surrogate on either side to persuade your vote in these final days? >> no. i've made up my mind. i'm definitely going to go for trump. >> reporter: a lot of talk about independent votes here and undecided here in ohio. do you think any surrogate could sway their vote? >> i personally don't think there's anybody that could come to columbus and change somebody that's already made up their mind, no. >> reporter: george, what do you do for a living? >> i'm a retired firefighter. >> reporter: excellent. thank you for your time. enjoy your breakfast. we talked to a professor yesterday at the ohio state university who specializes in voter behavior. he says typically undecided voters this late in the game tend to vote for their party. no matter what type of campaigning happens in the final few days, they tend to stick with either republican or democratic candidates. back to you in new york. >> there's so much breaking though, matt. you wonder if this might be just
4:39 am
a little bit different every year. matt, thanks so much. >> i think minds can be changed this last week. >> julian assange came out with that statement, that i'm going to drop something that's going to put hillary clinton in jail. >> yeah, stay tuned. it's just getting good. all right. it's 20 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us with a terrible story out of west des moines. >> i certainly do. good morning. we're getting some new information on what happened there overnight. breaking at this hour, there's a massive manhunt intensifying right now for a cold-blooded killer wanted for gunning down two police officers in what police describe as violent ambush-style attacks. police near des moines, iowa, say both victims were sitting alone in their patrol cars just blocks apart. one had been responding to a report of shots fired in a neighborhood. we have now just learned that police are developing a profile of the suspect or the suspects. officers now warning that there is a clear and present danger
4:40 am
against other officers in the area with a killer or killers still on the loose. >> there's danger out there. there's somebody out there shooting police officers. we hope we find him before anybody else gets hurt. >> we certainly hope that. all schools in the area are shut down today. officers there are working in pairs as they face a dangerous threat. lots of other parts of the country have started doing that as well. we're staying on this story every step of the way. we'll bring you the breaking details as they unfold. we're praying for the families of those two officers killed overnight. well, more evidence of the dangers that our police face every single day. disturbing new video shows a suspect violently attacking a police officer, punching him and throwing him on the ground before taking off in his patrol car. police in ohio say it started when the suspect stole an suv, taking it on a joyride as he crashed into other cars along the way. that officer is okay. the suspect still on the run. and in just hours from now, decades of disappointment and
4:41 am
heartbreak will be washed away for either fans of chicago or cleveland. >> this is russell. cubs have forced a game seven! winning it 9-3. >> the cubs coming off strong at progressive field, scoring three runs in the first inning, followed by a powerful grand slam in the fourth by addison russell. both teams facing a combined 174-year championship drought. 174 years. oh, boy. well, that will finally come to an end for one of those teams tonight. 8:00 p.m. eastern time. can't wait for that final game. so exciting. >> i think those guys got to look forward to that game as well. pretty sure. >> getting it over with. >> waking up with a headache today. >> thank you, heather. their mission is to help fight violent radical islam, but liberals say that is racist. one of these reformers now being targeted by the left joins us live next.
4:42 am
and the nominees aren't the only items on the ballot. there's also health care. there's gun control in some states. and there's a lot more that you, the voter, are going to decide on. we're going to break down the top issues you're about to face on tuesday. you need to know about them. that's coming up. >> thanks, that'll be great. >> my pleasure. ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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4:45 am
all right. the left-leaning organization called the southern poverty law center has long targeted extremists and hate groups, and now it's taking aim at moderates. the civil rights group's so-called field guy to
4:46 am
anti-muslim extremists lists 15 moderate muslim reformers as pr propagandists and hate amongemo. one of our friends is on that list. he's here with us. it brands the organization a hate group. ryan, what's your reaction to being on this list? >> part of me wasn't surprised because i saw the increase in attacks when i was training homeland security professionals last week. they went after me and said that i'm an anti-muslim extremist and also went after two muslims on our advisory board. muslims. and they said they are anti-muslim. so accuracy doesn't really seem to be the southern poverty law center's thing. they are also counterfeit progressives. what could be more progressive of a thing to do than to support moderate muslims standing up against anti-semitic groups.
4:47 am
>> so they went on saying, the vast majority are completely baseless. these men and women have shamelessly exploited terrorists attacks in the syrian refugee crisis and demonized the entire islamic faith. have you done that? >> absolutely not. we work with muslims all the time. we have two muslims on our advisory board. even provided training and intelligence on threats to muslims in the united states to the authorities. they're not going to say that. >> omar mateen, we hear the audio of him saying i'm a soldier of isis and i'm doing this for the tsarnaevs, who are the boston bombers, but they wanted to make that an anti-gay act. these terror attacks happened, they want to spin them another direction. when the syrians come over, they want to show a child and say, well, you're anti-child. >> right. and so they want to make it so you can't talk about ideology ever. why?
4:48 am
becau what's really hypocritical about all this is the southern poverty law center, if you look at their old publications, they will talk about the extremism of some of the same groups i talk about. but when i talk about it on fox news, all the sudden i'm a racist that's on par with kkk members and neo-nazis. >> by the way, the big question right now on the stump with hillary clinton and donald trump, they have opposite views of it, and that is the syrian refugees coming here. so far, 67% more syrian refugees pouring into the united states and are 99% muslim. there are a lot of christians that have been displaced too. we don't seem to be taking them. a lot of these are adults that are coming over here that are not properly screened. >> right. so with the syrian refugees, about 60% they say are children. then you don't have the proper ideological vetting. there was a report that was done that said about 18% of the time when they do a prosecution
4:49 am
related ed td to isis, it invo someone granted asylum or who is a refugee. >> not backing down. you're not worried about it? >> no. anyone that gets involved in this, you have to realize that you might end up homeless because who's going to hire someone labeled as an anti-muslim extremist on a map with kkk groups. >> ryan, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> you always have a home here. we appreciate it. coming up straight ahead, the nominees aren't the only items on the ballot. there's health care and gun control. we break down the top issues that you're about to face on tuesday and vote for against. but first, on this day in 1990, vanilla ice was topping the charts with "ice, ice baby." has he been eliminated from "dancing with the stars" yet? he performed that hit for us this summer. ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
election day is just six days it away, and it is not just about donald trump and hillary clinton. there are some other important issues, believe it or not, that you're going to cast a vote for on november 8th. here to break down the biggest ballot initiatives is mr. aaron mclean. thank you for being us with. >> thanks vefor having me. >> i know republicans are defending 24 states when it comes to the senate. what are the biggest states, the biggest races? >> republicans face a tough go in 2016.
4:54 am
they knew the math for 2016 was going to be bad. there are tough races for republicans in illinois, wisconsin. there are races that seemed earlier like they might be a cinch, like florida, where you have marco rubio seeking re-election. it's difficult math all across the map. all democrats have to do is gain four seats and a democratic president and they would take control. >> let's talk about colorado. for the folks voting there, the health care proposal, what does that mean for the small business owners and for the residents? >> well, this is huge. colorado care is on the ballot in colorado. basically, it's universal health care or single payer healthcare for the state of colorado. proponents say that obamacare has left too many people in colorado uninsured. so this system needs to be fixed. it's an enormous program. it would dwarf the currently existing budget of the entire state of colorado. it would cost more than every dollar that colorado currently
4:55 am
spends. this has been tried before in vermont. there was something called green mountain care. it lasted about three years before vermonters decided they didn't want to pay what it actually cost. if this passes in colorado, you may see similar problems there. >> guns are important to a lot of our viewers, aaron. where are we going to see gun control on the ballots? >> a bunch of states. you've got a large capacity magazine ban on the ballot in california. you have got a measure of restricting gun access to folks involved with domestic violence complaints in washington. several states where there are essentially background checks on the ballot. one interesting thing to note, you don't see many guns rights. 2016 seems to be a year for gun control measures. >> especially in those blue states you're listing. what about minimum wage increases? where are we going to see that? >> you've got that on the ballot in maine, i believe in arizona. a bunch of different places. this is also an emotional issue. people think they're in the ballot box and they vote for a
4:56 am
minimum wage increase to help low-income voters. but of course economists point out that when the government insists that the price of labor be raised, employers are going to buy less of it. so these measures may in the long run end up reducing the amount of job growth and the amount of opportunities out there for low-income workers. >> someone is going to have to pay for it. all right. thank you, aaron. great to see you this morning. >> thanks so much. >> you're welcome. a fox news alert, two cops ambushed overnight. they were killed while they were just sitting in their patrol cars. now a massive manhunt for their kill eer is under way. the breaking details at the top of the hour. please pray for those families. and will you be voting trump on tuesday? hillary clinton thinks that you need some help, if so. >> if you know anybody who's thinking about voting for trump -- well, first of all, stage an intervention.
4:57 am
♪ ♪
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sorry, i got caught off guard. anyway, let's tell you what's happening in the news this morning. it is wednesday. it's november 2nd, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a terrifying, awful story this morning. it's a fox news alert. two police officers were ambushed overnight. they were shot dead while they were sitting in their patrol cars. this happened in two separate locations. >> it doesn't look like there was any interaction between these officers and whoever the coward is that shot them while they sat in their cars. >> getting upset. the breaking details just coming in. then, six days until the election and donald trump's new message to voters, you know what, if you're in a certain number of states, you can change your mind if you voted for her. >> this is a good time to make an important public service announcement. you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great again, okay? >> what states can you do that
5:01 am
in? we'll tell you as trump crisscrosses the country in the race to tuesday. >> but if you or your friends support donald trump, hillary clinton wants to have a talk. >> if you know anybody who's thinking about voting for trump -- well, first of all, stage an intervention. >> how am i losing to you by 50 points? why am i not beating him? your mornings are better because you're with friends. we do want to start with this fox news alert we've been following for you all morning. a cold-blooded cop killer is on the run, has been for the last six hours. we're still counting. >> two des moines area police officers killed in a brutal ambush-style attack in two separate patrol cars, blocks apart, earlier this morning in iowa. we just learned they're
5:02 am
developing a profile of the suspect right now. >> the attack sending shock waves throughout their department and departments across the country. but officers remain determined to track down the killer or killers before anyone else is hurt. >> in all appearances, it looks just like that, that these officers were ambushed. on the surface right now, just like i said, we're just a few hours into this. it doesn't look like there was any interaction between these officers and whoever the coward is that shot them while they sat in their cars. that's the best we got, that we could explain the scene right now. definitely some danger out there. there's somebody out there shooting police officers. we hope we find him before anybody else gets hurt. >> that's scary. all the schools in that area are shut down right now. officers are working in pairs as they're facing that dangerous threat. we are staying on top of that breaking news story. we're going to bring you the details as they unfold. >> they say now they're going around in pairs. that's what we learned in new york three or four years ago
5:03 am
when those cops were killed outside the projects in uptown new york. they said no longer can we have one cop in a car because they become sitting ducks. >> safety in numbers. just about an hour ago, we had lieutenant general michael flynn. you know him. he's out and about talking up donald trump all across the country. we asked him about this anti-cop sentiment that's swept across the country. this is what he had to say about it. >> this is an unbelievable tragedy. you have these two great police officers that -- i guess the chief just said it looks like they were targeted, ambushed. the assault on our law enforcement professionals in this country is out of control. i would love to see the leadership in our country today come out and say, look, this has got to end. >> gosh, it really does. and the president does need to speak out. i'm with you, brian. earlier you were saying i really hope he does. and these criminals doing this, you might not like cops, but give me a break. this is someone's life. this affects someone's family.
5:04 am
you put a bullet in someone, and they die. this is someone's life who is trying to protect you and protect your community and your family. they sacrifice on a daily basis to go out there and protect us. and this is how we treat them. >> plotted and planned. >> thin blue line. >> four minutes now after the top of the hour. >> only six more days until the election. donald trump is trying to hold on to the momentum as he swings through the must-win state of florida. >> right now the republican nominee is telling early voters who picked hillary clinton, it's not too late to change your minds in certain states. >> fox news national senior correspondent, john roberts s live in miami. you have to wonder if this is going to be fold into donald trump's message. >> reporter: definitely. good morning to you. steve, remember when you bought that lime green pinto back in the 1970s?
5:05 am
well, donald trump said if you did something like that in terms of your vote, have buyer's remorse, maybe you can change things up. first of all, let's put up the numbers in today's edition of the abc news tracking po ining . it's got the race even. hukt s look at this number in the poll when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness. donald trump in the new abc news tracking poll has an eight-point advantage over hillary clinton, 46 to 38. all right. now to the early voting. in wisconsin, donald trump said if you have buyer's remorse about who you voted for and you want to change your vote, there are states in the country where you can do that. in fact, let's put up the map and show you which seven states you can do that in. wisconsin, where he was last night, michigan, pennsylvania, minnesota, new york, connecticut, and mississippi. however, minnesota the deadline passed yesterday. that's out. new york, connecticut, mississippi not really battleground states.
5:06 am
wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania is what he's focusing on. today he'll be talking about the new fbi investigation as well as more revelations from wikileaks. we find out that john podesta sent a message saying we've got to dump the e-mails. podesta said we just meant we were going to give those in a data dump. donald trump is insisting dump meant put them in the trash. yesterday he was all about obamacare. he'll do that again today. his running mate, mike pence, using that as a rallying point for republicans to get out and get to the polls. listen to what pence said yesterday. >> we need to say with one voice it's time to come home. it's time to come home and elect donald trump as the next president of the united states. it's time to come home and re-elect republican majorities in the united states house of representatives and the senate to bring their 30-year obsession with government-run health care to an end by ensuring that hillary clinton is never elected president of the united states of america. >> reporter: the subtle message from pence there was even if you don't really want to vote for
5:07 am
donald trump, vote on the issue, vote republican so they can repeal and replace obamacare. that's the message, of course, that donald trump has been on for months and months now. and yesterday, though, upping the ante, saying that if elected president, he will convene a special session of congress to begin the process of repealing and replacing obamacare. that's taking it to a place he'd never been before. ainsley, brian, steve? >> john roberts live on the trail in miami. thank you very much. just to prove how smart john roberts is, back in the '70s, he said lime green pinto. i did have a green pinto, but it was more of a bottle green. >> did you have buyer's remorse? did you change the color? >> it's the only car i could afford. >> don't do what my mom did. she had a red toyota station wagon. my dad was out of town. he said, i want top change the color to green. so she went to change the color to green. they spray painted the whole outside of the car. she forgot to ask them to do the inside of the doors. it was like $99. so the inside was red and the
5:08 am
outside was green. it was great. christmas car. >> john roberts just also mentioned the brand new abc news/"washington post" tracking poll. yesterday donald trump was up 46 to 45. today it is actually tied. it's obviously close. there is some good news there for mr. trump though. he is now regarded by more americans as being honest and trustworthy than hillary clinton. you got to figure part of that has to do with mr. comey's october surprise. >> and clinton was down in florida. she was saying if you have friends that are voting for donald trump -- this is what she said. friends don't let friends vote trump. listen. >> if you know anybody who's thinking about voting for trump -- well, first of all, stage an intervention.
5:09 am
and if they've ever paid a dollar in income tax, ask them whether they think it's so smart for somebody to lose other people's money, claim a loss, and then not pay income taxes. >> it's just amazing, her closing argument is donald trump's taxes, donald trump and women, and donald trump and his business. it's amazing that you had barack obama's closing arguments say, yeah, she's made mistakes, but still vote for her anyway. this is the worst closing argument that any candidate is closing out a presidential race in. >> those are the issues they have hammered from the get go. regarding woman thing, they really were able to work in concert with nbc and "access hollywood" in releasing that thing. it built their case. we've heard his problems with women. then it just built, built, built up to a couple weeks ago. apparently that's all they got. >> and barack obama said that yesterday too. he's like, listen, a lot of you aren't voting for hillary clinton because she's a woman. really?
5:10 am
telling the audience that. now barack obama is like, look, a lot of you have preconceived notions that women shouldn't be prth. you got to get over there and vote for hillary. people aren't voting for her because she's a woman? >> i haven't heard anyone saying that. >> that's what he's been saying the last three, four days. >> there are a number of trump surrogates out there saying people respect going to vote for her because she's a criminal. not anything to do with sex. >> we are only seven days away from this big election. fox news has election day covered. actually, we're six days away. i'm getting confused. starting at 4:00 a.m. and all night as the votes are coming in, stay with us. we're going to be live here at 4:00 a.m. on tuesday and wednesday. >> we never close. >> no, we don't. we've been gearing up for this for a long time. >> heather has to be in early now. >> just learning about that now. everybody is working hard these days. all hands on deck. good morning to all of you. hope you're off to a good day. investigators hoping that recording equipment can explain what caused yesterday's violent
5:11 am
deadly school bus crash in baltimore. police there say the empty school bus, thankfully, zigzagged down the street like an out-of-control ping-pong ball. that bus first plowed into the back of a car before tearing into a city bus that was packed with people. six people were killed in that, including the school bus driver. police say there were no skid marks on the road, indicating that the driver may have had a medical emergency. conservative students fearing for their safety this morning after a series of attacks on one college campus. >> hit me. >> oh! >> a student newspaper supporting trump set up a table at the university of pittsburgh. then you see one student ripping a sign off a nearby tree. others yelled at the members of the pitt maverick. this comes after another student flip the their table last week. the university telling students to remain peaceful and
5:12 am
respectful throughout the election. well, just decades of disappointment and heartbreak will be washed away for either chicago or cleveland tonight. >> this is russell. cubs have forced a game seven! winning it 9-3. >> the cubs coming out strong at progressive field, scoring three runs in the first inning, followed by a powerful grand slam in the fourth by addison russell. the teams face off again in cleveland at 8:00 eastern time tonight, but everyone wins this afternoon. that's because taco bell is giving away free doritos los tacos. stole a base, got to dish out those tacos. but you only get one. >> and we're talking about it on national tv. >> and they're delicious. >> the only loser is your
5:13 am
stomach, the lining. >> it's delicious. >> right, okay. >> you can do it one day out of the year if your team is in the world series. meanwhile, six days until the election, and this morning our coverage is just getting started. >> this hour, we have karl rove li live. he's going to break down donald trump's path to victory. and the granddaughter of the reverend billy graham is here to break with tradition with an exclusive announcement. and explosive new wikileaks e-mails, including a possible sheik shakedown. "when the ship comes in" by the hollies
5:14 am
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5:18 am
"the new york times" story broke the story that hillary was using a private server that rocked their world to conduct government business. remember? that night her campaign chair, john podesta, wrote to hillary's former chief of start, cheryl mills, saying, quote, we're going to have to dump all those e malts so better to do it sooner than later. here with us to react to all the wikileaks news that we can in a very short period of time, fox news contributor lisa boothe. welcome aboard officially. >> thank you, brian. i'm so excited. >> as are we. what do you make of this? >> it's highly suspicious. here's the thing. it's the timing that makes it so suspicious. this e-mail from john podesta came just hours after "the new york times" had reported about her exclusive use of the private server. then we remember the fact that two days later came the congressional subpoena. because of the fbi notes, we also know that hillary clinton and her team then deleted tens of thousands of e-mails shortly thereafter using bleach bit so
5:19 am
forensic evidence couldn't recover it. the timing is very suspicious, especially considering the fact hillary clinton has tried to claim ignorance from the beginning. >> just to paraphrase, the campaign said, we didn't mean dump like get rid of, we meant turn over to the government. >> right. >> meanwhile, let's move on to one of the documents. it talks about a top clinton foundation official dealing with something worth up to $6 million. $6 million would change hands -- excuse me. let me read it exactly. if we do this, it will help us tote go 6 million. i think he should call. mean, bill should make the call. >> and this is just another example of what we see that certainly looks like a pay to play. we've learned a lot from the doug band memo and the fact the clintons have used the clinton foundation both for their personal gain of $66 million if you're bill clinton, but also for the use of a private jet. that's where this instance comes into play. this gentleman did lend his private jet to bill clinton. you also look at -- it's been
5:20 am
reported that the clinton foundation never reported this jet, the noncash donations on their 2011 tax returns. >> and finally, you have robby mook responding to citizens united coming out meaning all bets are off because they won the supreme court case. democrats are publicly upset by this. privately, here's what they're going to say. so much money on the table. that's what it means. he doesn't sound too upset. >> he doesn't sound upset at all. this is the height of hypocrisy. remember what we've also learned from the wikileaks e-mails. she's one person in public, another person in private. >> lisa boothe, thanks so much. coming up straight ahead, an election endorsement you'll only see here on "fox & friends." the granddaughter of reverend billy graham is breaking tradition and endorsing a presidential candidate. she'll reveal who in just a moment. ander vote counts in critical battleground states like ohio.
5:21 am
that's matt finn chatting up diners in ohio. what do they think? we're live in the battleground state next.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
the legendary reverend billy graham is often called the pastor to the presidents. he's met with every u.s. president since harry truman, but the grand family tradition generally does not endorse a presidential candidate. >> and now billy graham's granddaughter says that she is unapologetically voting for donald trump. in a blog, she writes, quote, my greatest concern for our country is the direction of the supreme court. if there is only one reason for christians to vote, this is it. her name is cissie graham lynch.
5:25 am
she joins us with her exclusive announcement. thank you for being here. what's your big announcement? >> i'm not here as a graham. i don't speak on behalf of my grandfather. he's going to be 98 next week. i'm not here to speak on his behalf or my dad's. to me, christians have to vote. christians right now want to say they can't vote for either candidate. we can't afford to sit out. this come down to the supreme court and who's going to protect my rights as a christian and my religious freedoms. i'm a mom. i'm coming as a mom who's concerned for the next generation. this isn't just an election for four to eight years. this is generational when it comes to the supreme court >> sure. cissie, what are the issues the supreme court will deal with in the next couple years that really has you worried? >> you know, me, it comes -- christians are being persecuted. my faith is in jesus christ and jesus christ alone.
5:26 am
christians are being persecuted every day. we need people who are going to stand firm for our beliefs and who are going to fight for the unborn. >> what's your message to christians that have a problem with both of the candidates and do say they're going to stay home? >> i look at who trump has surrounded himself with. he's surrounded himself with some godly men. ben carson. he's chosen not just the counsel of mike pence but as his running mate. mike pence talks about his faith in jesus christ and he's not ashamed of it. i think trump and pence togethe christian voice. >> sure. cissie, i'm curious of your reaction to that billy bush tape that came out. nbc leaked it. showed some before they got started where they were in the bus. they were talking. donald trump said it was just locker room talk. did that impact your decision in any way? >> i don't know any christian that makes excuses for it.
5:27 am
it was vulgar and nasty. he has apologized for it. i've accepted his apology. like i said, this is not about what he has said or what she has done. this comes down as a christian, we have to get out and vote because we have to vote for the supreme court. >> so all that other stuff is just noise. it comes down to you, the supreme court. >> the supreme court. >> what about hillary clinton, who has come out and said she somewhat apologized, said she regrets using the e-mail server. >> regrets and what apologiapol. for me, it comes down to who's going to fight at the supreme court. just in the last debate to listen to her in those first five minutes candidly talk about abortion, this is murder. >> late-term abortion. >> and we're on a national stage just talking about it, that it's okay and defending it. to me, it was so vulgar. i've been in kurdistan in northern iraq where i was at a mass graveyard where there was a bus full of unborn children and
5:28 am
young children too, filled and buried alive. that that's grotesque. there's no difference here with what we're doing in the united states. >> thank you very much for joining us here today in new york city. you are 100% behind donald trump. it all comes down to the supreme court. >> and what a wonderful family. your family has done so much for this country. we thank you. >> thank you. i'm very proud of them. >> you should be. >> very nice. cissi graham lynch. travel safely back to florida. all right. coming up on this wednesday, starbucks trying to bring the country back together with a special -- that's a unity cup of coffee. turns out it's doing the opposite online. there's a revolt going viral. we'll explain. and karl rove is mapping out donald trump's path to victory. he is joining us live right here on "fox & friends" coming up next. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester.
5:29 am
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this is a good time to make an important public service announcement. you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great again, okay? >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision. >> i think the dam is starting to break a little bit. >> can you really take the clinton campaign at their word about anything or any of this? >> has she made mistakes? of course. so have i. >> if we don't repeal and replace obamacare, we'll destroy america health care forever. >> i call it seven and seven. seven days and he's got to cover seven states. >> when your kids and grandkids ask you what you did in 2016
5:33 am
when everything on the line, i hope you'll be able to say i voted for a better, fairer, stronger america. >> john podesta, if he worked for me, i would fire him so fast. like "the apprentice." john, you're fired. >> you have two candidates on totally different spheres right now. one is hitting his groove. the other one seems quite angry and desperate. joining us now is karl rove. how do i know? i have a monitor. >> there's karl live in austin, texas. good morning. >> good morning. thank god brian has audio-visual aids. >> he needs it. >> we just talked 30 seconds ago, but he forgot in the meantime. >> you've got one as well. you got your white board. we're going to get to it in a moment. first up, how impactful was mr. comey's friday october surprise talking about how there's trouble in clintonville? >> well, we don't really know just yet. it was impactful, but how
5:34 am
impactful, i don't know. we were already closing -- we're seeing the race close before friday. take that look at the real clear politics average. 5.6 lead for hillary. friday the news breaks, but it's 4.6. by saturday, it's still 4.6. by sunday, 4.3. monday, 3.1. tuesday, 2.2. and this morning, it's is 1.7. that's not all because of what happened on friday. that's partially because of what happened on friday. the race was closing on its own before friday. the question is how much did friday accelerate it. we don't exactly know yet. my sense is, look, polling on the weekends is difficult. polling on a weekend with a holiday is sort of goofy. so i think we ought to wait until thursday or friday when we get polls conducted after the friday event but also after the halloween weekend. >> so karl, would you do me a favor and rank the most important things towards this trend.
5:35 am
what do you think is the key to this closing? is it trump's performance, hillary's lack of performance? >> obamacare. >> is it obamacare? where do you rank those in importance? >> first of all, trump has run a more disciplined campaign in the last couple weeks. and he's made it about big issues. supreme court, obamacare, rebuilding the military. particularly emphasizing obamacare, which was helped by the fact there was a lot of news about how bad obamacare was. also, people had baked in sort of what they'd heard from bill clinton about how crazy the system was and how hillary had defended it. so i think that was the quality of his campaign being more focused, more disciplined. second of all, there's a natural tendency as you get to the end for partisans to return home. a lot more partisan republicans were out there sort of thinking about what to do than partisan democrats. finally, look, you just saw it. that video of her, that's her. that is not an appealing, you
5:36 am
know, uplifting, positive -- she looks angry. she looks upset. she comes across as heckling. >> karl, if nothing else happens, if there aren't any more bombshells, who wins? >> well, first of all, let's remember a couple things. the real clear politics average probably overstates where the race is today. that is to say it overstates trump's support. at this point in 2012, it had mitt romney ahead by 0.8. nearly a point. and this track is probably a little bit more robust for trump than it should be because it's got a couple of these polls that i'm frankly dubious of, like the usc tracking poll. but the race is moving in his direction. the question is how rapidly is it going to continue. how much more is it going to close? and then what's going to happen on each side's ground game?
5:37 am
remember, just as obama went into 2012 down in the real clear politics average, he ended up 3.9 points ahead because he had a sue peperior ground game. let's focus on where he needs to spend his time between now and election day. >> back to the board. >> back to the board. new board. florida, iowa, and ohio. he's ahead in the real clear politics average in all those. he's got to take every one. plus, he's got to take north carolina. if he does that, he's at 259 electoral votes, not 270. not there yet. so he's got to pick three of these states, which in the real clear politics average range from about one point down to about eight points down. i put him in the order reflected in the real clear politics average. he's got to take three of those states to get to 270. that's going to require discipline. look, he's not going to win new mexico. i love the state. it's right next door to my state of texas. but it has about 45%, 50% latino
5:38 am
vote. he's not going to win the state. don't be spending time in places had where he can't win. and focus narrowly on -- got to take two of three of these states. >> where would you go? pick it for us. >> well, look, the numbers according to real clear politics would suggest nevada, new hampshire, colorado, which is also good because if you're going to go after nevada, which we hear he's pretty close, it's nice to be able to stop somewhere on the way. he's got six days now. that means he's maybe got 23, 24 events that he can have. that's not a lot of places and not a lot of time, which is why he's got to be really disciplined about it. she's got the same constraints. the problem is she's got some terrific surrogates. he's got barack and michelle obama. she's got bill clinton. she's got lots of other people. >> chelsea is out there for her. >> but he's got to be very focused and disciplined about this. >> all right. well, you certainly are focused on your white boards live from austin today, where the sun is coming up. thank you very much. have a great week.
5:39 am
>> karl, do you write them yourselves? >> don't you recognize my beautiful happened writing? highly legible. >> we do. so did the crime lab. karl, thank you very much. >> i didn't know he had more than one white board. he wasn't erasing that and rewriting. >> staples. all right. it is 21 minutes before the top of the hour. >> hey, heather. >> good morning. breaking news and additional information that has just come in about those two police officers who were kill overnight outside of des moines, iowa. police are now giving us the first look at the man they believe brutally ambushed two officers sitting in their patrol cars about 1:00 a.m. central time just outside of des moines. police say that this man, 46-year-old michael green, is considered armed and dangerous. he is a suspect that they are now looking for. he's believed to be driving a blue ford f-150 truck. now, one of the two police cars
5:40 am
attacked, seen here riddled with bullets where one of the officers sat helplessly, police say, the massive hunt for green going on seven hours now. the schools in the area are shut down today as a precaution. officers there are working in pairs as they face a dangerous threat. we're staying on this story every step of the way and will bring you the breaking details as they unfold. police now naming a suspect. well, in another story, police releasing brand new chilling video of a gun battle that ended a week-long search for a suspected killer. wow. remember that story we brought you out of oklahoma? watch as the officer fires through his cruiser's windshield as he chases the suspect, michael vance. vance then uses the stolen truck as a shield as officers return fire, hitting vance several times, eventually killing him. vance had been on the run for eight days, wanted in connection with the murder of his aunt and uncle and for shooting two
5:41 am
police officers. and a disturbing warning coming out of halloween. check your children's halloween candy. this comes after police found needles and nails inside candy that was handed out during trick-or-treating. you can see that nail coming out of a snickers bar. here you can see a tack that a michigan girl bit into while she was eating her candy. then in new jersey, we found this. a family -- see that? that's a sewing needle that was stuck inside a tootsie roll. please be careful and check your children's candy. those are your headlines. a lot going on here today. >> now you know why jimmy kimmel steals it from all the children on his show. >> although, i will say this. monday night we had the lowest turnout ever for halloween. maybe because a lot of kids went out on saturday and sunday. >> you know what it is? you don't have a great ground game. >> we have snicker bars. we've got the rolos. >> maybe your neighborhood is getting older, like all the kids are growing up. do you still have the same
5:42 am
neighbors you've had for all these years? >> right. >> no. but new people have moved in. >> all right. well, maybe you just aren't giving good candy. you're giving apples away. give snickers. >> if you know why no one knocked on steve's door, write us. >> one little kid put his hand in and took out half the bowl. so wrong. >> there's always that kid. >> who is raising that kid? >> no kidding. the election is white hot in the battleground states like ohio, even the columbus zoo in ohio is getting political. we're live with their first donkey and elephant team ever coming up. >> cute. and those guys can vote, but these people can. what do they think? to find out, we're going to go to matt finn. he's chatting up the diners. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening.
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5:46 am
we have some headlines for you. serving up a cup of controversy. starbucks' new unity cup sparking outrage just days before the election. the new green design features more than 100 people drawn with a single line. but some are accusing starbucks of political brainwashing and spreading liberal bias. what do you think? i'm trying to hold up my cup. anyway. donald trump and tiffany trump as well as bobby knight making a surprise stop at the wawa in pennsylvania. while donald trump did not buy anything, other members of his entourage grabbed a few tasty cakes. >> just got an e-mail from somebody asking what's a wawa.
5:47 am
it's like a 7-eleven. a convenience store. >> it's fun to say it. wawa. say it at home. all right. we're getting a little crazy because we're ready for this election to be over. with less than a week to go, the race is tightening in the buckeye state. both campaigns sending surrogates to ohio. >> donald trump holds a slight lead in that must-win state. >> meanwhile, matt finn is live at the legendary tommy's diner in columbus, ohio. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. to all of our friends at home, this place is legendary for politics over breakfast. we have a bunch of folks here who all work together at a restaurant supply business. tell us your first name and who you might be voting for. >> gary, voting for evan mcmullen. >> a write-in. >> yes, a write-in, in ohio. >> reporter: thank you very much. what's your first name? >> bill. >> reporter: who are you voting for? >> leaning towards trump. >> reporter: so you're undecided. >> right now, yes. >> reporter: what do you do for
5:48 am
a living? >> chief information officer for the restaurant supply company here. >> reporter: do you think either party, democrat or republican, can send a surrogate here in these final days and sway your vote? >> i don't think had tthe surro. they're going with their own point of view. i'm looking for information that's specific and interesting and credible. i just don't think the surrogates provide that. they're providing an emotional attack. >> reporter: thank you very much. ma'am, what's your first name? who are you voting for? >> ursula. i haven't decided yet. i'm going to wait until -- it's a very difficult decision to make. i'm going to wait until i get in that booth. >> reporter: any of these last-minute surrogates sway your decision? >> probably not. >> reporter: policy over visits. who are you voting for? >> i'm undecided. >> reporter: what's your first name? >> my name is doug. >> reporter: what do you do for a living? >> i look for it the restaurant supply. >> reporter: what will make your decision change in these final days? >> i think the change would be if we could get more publicity
5:49 am
in regards to the fbi and some of the things that are going on with both candidates. >> reporter: 2016 a very unusual year. do you think that big -- what people are referring to as a bombshell last week with hillary clinton's e-mails might sway your vote and others here in ohio? >> most likely. >> reporter: thank you very much. sir, what's your first name? >> chris. >> reporter: who are you voting for? >> trump. >> reporter: why? >> well, i can't vote for hillary. i had to pick somebody. trump is the only real option. >> reporter: thank you very much. a lot of variety here in ohio. we'll keep you posted heading into election day. >> thank you very much for the live report. out of the five people he talked to, three were undecided. they're waiting for something to come into their head. >> i cannot believe anybody would be undecided. >> really? such an interesting election. i can believe it. this election is white hot in battleground states like ohio. even the columbus zoo is getting political. we're live with jack hannah and
5:50 am
some election animals next. >> hi, jack. he can't hear me. but a woman who loves the zoo joins us. you'll be joining me on radio later. don't do everything on television. same some for radio. >> i definitely will. always do on wednesday. thank you, guys. six days until this whole thing is over. it is neck and neck. hillary's strategy is to go after trump on women and taxes. we'll talk to lara trump and david bossie of the campaign. donald trump staying on message for now. can he keep it up? and how is turnout looking in early voting? brand new numbers from ohio and florida that are fascinating. and loretta lynch and james comey have a meeting behind closed doors. you wonder how that went. we'll talk about that. also, game seven, they tell me, tonight. we'll see you at the top of the hour. this artoo unit must be delivered to the rebellion.
5:51 am
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we're less than one week away until america chooses a next president. >> and you can't have elections without some elephants and some donkeys, right? lucky for us, the columbus zoo has them both. >> that's right. and joining us now with his animal friends, the director emeritus of the columbus zoo and aquarium in ohio, jack hannah. good morning to you. i see the elephant there. i see the donkeys. is it true that when you were a lad, somebody gave you donkeys as a gift? >> yes, i ended up having seven donkeys. i raised miniature donkeys. also, i was exposed to the elephants at the knoxville zoo. i helped take care of them. don't tell anybody that. it was against the law back then. >> introduce us to these
5:55 am
animals. >> i've been around both animals. this elephant was born here at the zoo. our donkeys are miniature donkeys in the children's petting zoo here. we have all kinds of parties here at the zoo. >> party animals. >> now, jack, are you being fair and balanced? i only see one elephant, and i see two donkeys. is that any indication? >> that's what trump said, two-on-one. >> this is fair and balanced. we have three other elephants back there. very fair and balanced with our donkeys, elephants, and our independent animals. >> in addition, you also have some 9-week-old african leopards, right? >> we sure do. we have african leopards here, which are animals that were just taken off the endangered species list in africa. they're a beautiful to film. we'll be filming these animals. they're a cat that hunts in silence.
5:56 am
they can be one foot from you and you'd never know it. that's how quiet they are. >> how do the leopards get along with the donkeys and elephants, by the way? >> well, as you'll see, the donkeys are gone. the elephant right there -- i've seen the elephant actually lead the leopards. they're not too animals that bother each other. the donkeys are another story. >> jack, who are you voting for? >> i'm voting for everybody. wait, let me ask all the animals in the zoo, both republican, democrat, and independents. all these animals will get together and tell me who to vote for. the polling here has been very difficult. >> all right. jack hannah, thanks so much. congratulations on the donkeys and elephants and leopards. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> "fox & friends" in just a moment. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on
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everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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5:59 am
we just had the most interesting talk about don keys. just saying.
6:00 am
>> thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates. nothing this weekend, but next weekend i'll be in orlando. then the 12th, the villages, because i have to. and i love those people. >> they're awesome down there. >> then in jacksonville, december 9th. >> buy it for christmas. bill: there is a man hunt under way in the state of iowa. two des moines police officers shot and killed after an ambush. police arrive on reports of shots fired and find an officer dead in his patrol car. then they find another officer dead in his patrol car. the suspect is michael green, described as armed and dangerous. six days. we are in the home stretch and the candidates sharpening their attacks on the trail. watch the map and


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