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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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she has accomplished nothing. just words. and just made things worse. she is a candidate of yesterday. it is going to be really interesting to see what happens to her, isn't it? [cheering] i wonder. is very unfair. so dew think that justice will be done. i see the audience. like i don't know. who knows? we are are going to see. i tell you what, it is very,
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very unfair to a lot of people. and you know what, it is very, very unfair to the fbi if you want to know the truth. they are out there doing their job and they are being road blocked. they are out there doing their job. they are amazing people and they are road blocked. we are the movement of the future are and represents all americans from all backgrounds from all walks of life. we are asking for the votes of independents and republican and democrat and first- time voters of which there are many. we fight for every american that believes in truth and justice and not money and par power. we are going to rule the day. this group and many, many like you. every place we go. the love of this country is incredible. thank you, and we are fighting
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for every citizen that believes that government should serve the people and not the donor and not the special interest. we are fighting to unlock the potential of every american community and american family who hope and pray and yearn for a better p future. with your vote, we are just, can you believe this, five days away from the change you have been waiting for for your entire life. five days away. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. and we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. god bless you, thank you very much. get out and vote. thank you. donald trump opened up the lead in florida according to the latest poll and he's there in jacksonville, speaking to
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a rally. he was in miami earlier today. and donald trump saying he plans to win this presidential race that is as you know, just five days away. >> he is jon scott and i am jenna lee. and as we head to the finish line in the 2016. a weeks a lifetime of politics. hillary clinton may be losing momentum as she holds an electoral edge over donald trump. this is called the comey affect after the fbi announced a discovery of new e-mails that could be relevant to the investigation. south carolina and missouri, indiana and idaho to know be safe for republicans. and now leaning their way ohio, iowa waand arizona. florida and parts of nebraska are still toss ups. and utop ises to up.
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and larry sabato. and director of the center of politics. it is hard when you rally it off like that. and what is left this week. >> i give a lot of quizzes. and there will be one for you once the segment is over. i am just kidding. the bottom line she was high as 352 in the electoral college and now down to 293 and she's a 10ous hold on the states. new hampshire is one i am lookingality. i learned years ago, never predict what new hampshirites will do. i barely predict new hampshire on everything. i think florida is a total toss up and can go another way. a breeze can put it in one camp or the other. there are other ones where
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people have contradictory opinions like nevada. you can go around the country, donald trump has to win pennsylvania or michigan or wisconsin? he's been to new mexico. there is not evidence that he is winning the states, but we have several days to go. you notice how things change. as of today it is not therement >> if it is just a breeze cue the wind machine by other campaign. and you brought up an interesting point p. new hampshire, when people from new hampshire how they are predicted they will go the opposite direction. what is the overall affect of all of the polls play by play having on the electorate especially like this pennsylvania where there is no early voting? >> yes, you just raised a critical vote.
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no early vote nothing pennsylvania. why is it that hillary clinton, bill clinton, and president obama and virtually every major democrat you can think of is converging on philadelphia the night before the election? they don't have early voting and there is a transit strike going on in philadelphia which is not going to help them either. they know that that is critical and whether they are worried and how much they are worried about losing it. and you look for signals like that to tell you where it is either getting close or a candidate worry about it. >> tell us about the comey affect. and the impact it is having on hillary clinton. but we have open enrollment happening for the country in health care. how do you take in the comey affect versus the other issues that popped up right before election day?
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>> they all play a role. but nothing as big as what the fbi director did. james comey d. it was a bombshell. it measured on the size mograpes. and the polls are fascinating. in stateswhere clinton was up on thursday and friday morning. fridayining and saturday she was down. she recovered on sunday and monday some. and you can see the impact and it brings in recalcitrant reluctant partis an. and some are them are holding out support from trump and they are starting to look at the choice and like so many other people it is a binary choice and going to be be one or the other. we dislike hillary clinton more than donald trump and that adds
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a couple of percent to him in critical states. >> i know we have talked to you several times. quinnipac poll why they are voting for other candidate. and the top of the list is because they are not the other one. are we full circle, larry. a simple is choice for voters in the final now days? >> this is not to criticize the minor candidates. they have a right to run. they have fallen like rocks in the polls in individual states. third party candidates. what is left for everybody is that binary choice. it is either going to be president clinton or president p trump. and there is a phenom nan called negative partisan. when you turn out to vote not
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really for your candidate but against the other candidate. you dislike the other candidate so much, you are forced in the binary choice. we have millions and millions of people doing exactly that on both side ises. >> i am curious. we are seeing more headlines with the fbi. stories are changing with regard to the investigation and an opportunity for more stories to come out. and friday is a new day and anything can happen in the afternoon. how fragile do you see the polling in general right now? is it easily changed or because of the bombshell that you call the comey announcement last week, the ripple affects of that would be hard to top? how do you see it? people in the critical time ten days before the election going to be unchanged or could another
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announcement shake it up. >> a really big announcement could shake it up. let's assume we have bomblets instead of a bombshell. what you have in the election is a surprisingly large number of people as i say decided to vote for a negative reason and a tiny number of hard-core undecide. maybe two percent and then add in the percentage that third party pers are getting. and so you have some people who are movable. they are not movage from trump to clinton. they are only for the two percent undecided or voters voting for another candidate. and barring a bombshell that's it. >> i am writing down bomblets along with scandalab ra.
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>> and good, get those added in. and put on your resume. i added a new word to westboundsters. bomblets. we'll watch for it. >> thank you. >> that is called the sabato affect. >> health care law e ducing the number of people without insurance. centers for disease control said that could change. all this and the white house confirms that premiums will go up upon and donald trump vowing things will change if he is elected. >> it is just announced that americans are going to experience a massive double-digit hike in obama care. you can see that. including premiums like in the great state of arizona, where they are going to go up 116 percent. want longer lasting heartburn relief?
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>> he puts the taught of utah to lean hadding republican. and we have a brand new poll out from monmouth university that
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locks like it is supporting that trend showing donald trump holding a six- point lead over hillary clinton. the independent candidate edmcmullen trail nothing third place. and the virtual unknown that turned the red state in a battleground. he said his chances are good and frankly we say it is anybody's game. this looks being like the monmouth university as we get closer to election day. and donald trump is leading in that state. new information on obama care and the number of people without health insurance in this country. president obama's signature health care law cut down on a number of insured when it went in to affect. they are are in scotts dale arizona with more on that. >> ground 0, jon, for what is wrong with obama care and another day and blow to the
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signature health care law. the study says you are right. 20 million people may have insurance, that's the good part. but pretty much everyone who has it now may be all that is going to get it. only 200000 people were added in the last now months and it is gone as far as it is going to go. it is a huge campaign issue on numbers. the number of voters who oppose obama care 53 percent to 40 percent. donald trump is making a issue here. but most people are not affected by obama care. just republican voters asked in arizona, what health care and how do you feel about it. pretty much the same and ten percent said better. and 39 percent say it is worse. and it is an important issue. many voters disagree with donald
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trump's position on big issues like the wall. for example, a vast majority of arizona voters say don't build that wall. in the border state. and opposed to deporting immigrants that came to the country and undocumented. big issue obama care and how much impact in arizona yet to be be seen, 3 or 4 points is trump in arizona. and we'll see if that holds, jon. >> jeff flock in one of the few patches of water. >> reporter: arizona canal. beautiful. hillary clinton and donald trump hitting hard criss-crossing the country and a lot has happened in the lifetime of this cub's fan. two world war, space flight and internet and now a second world series wait until you see the
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>> this is going to be a tough play. the cubs win the world series. he makes the play. it's over. and the cubs have finally won it all. >> i mean, even if you are not a cub's fan. and so cushions to the cubs. and the last time they won the
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world series. teddy roosevelt was president. miss nelson grew up within walking distance of wrigley field and do i- hard cubies fan and now lives in new hampshire and waiting for the day to come. >> this year, i never lost faith in my cubs. >> last night, all of that faith was rewarded. her expression shared on twitter. a look of pure joy. more than a century in the making. >> she couldn't watch the first one? >> all right. just five days to go. the trump and clinton campaigns criss-crossing the country in a battleground blitz.
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check out the states they are hitting. washington post headline. both candidates start final push. the tightness of the race along with the multiple states poiseed to have a outcome was apparent in the distances covered by distance and surrogates and the tens of millions lined up to fill the air waves in the last days. joining us now is jenna easton. and christopher bedford editor in chief of the daily news. i will start with you, nina. if you were one of the two candidates, which one would you like to be right now? >> wow, that is a tough question. i think donald trump looks more calm on the stump and more happy and momentum is in his direction. the question is whether it is enough. when you look at electoral map,
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his path to 270 is a narrow and widening in the last couple of days, and so he's feeling, you can see it on the stump. he locks more relaxed and more disciplined and make its difficult for hillary clinton when he's disciplined, frankly. >> christopher, which candidate which one would you be? >> the statistics favor hillary clinton, but she's in panic mode right now. she and her friendly friends in the media have been really saying no shot that donald trump would win and don't think about it. and the polls are tightened all away. i haven't seen one going for hillary clinton right now. she has to go in overdrive and obama is her best surrogate in florida. and donald trump has a chance. he has a busy schedule. we watched him in florida and flying to pennsylvania and two
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events in north carolina and hillary still has the advantage but trump can win this. >> what are the factors shaping the race. there is a lot of talk about the fbi investigations surrounding hillary clinton. what else is afoot here? >> from the clinton perspective and if you see what their strategy is enthusiasm has dropped since the fbi blockbuster announcement leak last friday. and she's having trouble getting the troops out to the extent they want and that is showing up in the early voting and second thing to get african-american coming out at higher numbers. they don't expect them to be in the numbers as they were for obama. but needing to hit higher number and what is interesting today to me, to watch barak obama in florida before we watched trump
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here and he was really very much speaking to the young voters. you need to get out f. you care about criminal justice and climate change get out and vote and a poling to african-american and drumming up youthful enthusiasm and he was really, really pushing early voting. >> and christopher give us your list about obama care. donald trump is hitting the failures of obama care and premium spikes and the fact that we are down to single company plans in many states. is that a part of the mix here? >> yeah, to what nina said. less partners you have easy tore move forward. president obama built a coalition of different minorities and a question of hillary clinton who lacks the cha ris macan hold it together. she is deploying biden and
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warren and obama and sanders. and trying to pull it altogether. and the perfect storm of people's premium and insurance payments going up 25 percent. that is it a poll you showed. and the country is extremely dissatisfied if they are are affected by obama care and add that to the fbi and the desperate coaation. and it is perfect storm to president obama. she was at 308. and now one of the many that are counting elector, she's down to 278 and lost 30 electoral votes. >> we have to be be careful about the polling, it is unusual for historically, and extremely rare for candidates to make up that much ground. yes, trump has momentum and yes
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he has enthusiasm. and something could happen tomorrow. we have the friday afternoon surprises that hit donald trump with access hollywood tape before they hit hillary clinton with the fbi investigation latest twist. and so something else could happen that changes that. i would be be careful about looking on the polls on a day-by-day basis. and the over all conjectory still favors hillary clinton, but trump does have momentum. >> but is it enough christopher to put trump over the top. >> right now hillary clinton is playing on defense in places she shouldn't be. and places where donald trump had to write off. virginia is now within four points. it is rare for people to change at last-minute. but what we are seeing when polls start to change in the last two weeks. it is unsdouded voters and maybe
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republicans who were going to sit it out. and decided to support the candidate. and hillary clinton is near the white house and those people coming back. polls are just opinion reads and there are very few facts backing it up. but when you see them getting better every day for donald trump, that leans well. and it is all going to come down to who has the most voters out on tuesday. that favors hillary clinton. and the democrats have a better get-out-the-vote machine. if that can overcome the enthusiasm gap hillary could win. but donald trump has the perfect storm this week. >> she also has a transit strike in the philadelphia area. christopher bedford and nina easton. >> thank you, jon. >> and new concern of election day violence and fears that long livens and short tempers and what law enforcement is doing to
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keep people safe. >> and ties with the clinton foundation and secretary of state clinton. and new video of a boat on fire and the coast guard's daring rescue on the high seas. yeah... yeah, then how'd i'd get this... allstate safe driving bonus check? ... only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free ... silence. it's good to be in, good hands. spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free
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whenpneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital. my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd waited two more days, you would've died."
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pneumococcal pneumonia almost took me from them. if i had known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor about it. [vo]we've eliminated product changes tsales goalsgs right. for our retail bankers. to ensure your interests are put first. we're renewing our commitment to you. concerns about p the possibility of election day violence sparking security preparations in a key
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battleground state. peter doocey has that from cleveland. >> jon, the sheriff's department said on tuesday, there will be be a special impact unit stands by to make sure no violence on the election. it is part of the policing wing. they surveillance and set up check points searching for suspects. in this case they will wait to get a call about people and groups that are interfering for residents that try to cast ballots. long lines that could grow in unruly crowds. >> we are monitoring social media and we have folks at each polling station. our deputies pick up the ballot and take them down to theelecti and we beefed up our manpower
10:36 am
because of the previous elections. >> reporter: the board of elections are saying sabulation computers will be guarded by armed deputies and minimize ballot concern and election rigging. in the state capitol of columbus there is a focus on cyber security. and making sure no bad actors can get in the cyberspace that voting systems will rely on. a spokesman for the secretary of state. we are using the resources to make sure we have taken the necessary steps to keep elections secure. and the chief of the national guard bureau said that guardsmen are specially qualified for this. they can go learn whatever the most up to the minute technology is and apply it to this and making sure the integrity of an
10:37 am
election remains intact. >> let's hope it done. peter doocey, thank you. days before the election. the fbi probe the clinton foundation took a high priority. that's close to fox news sources in the investigation. it is focused on the pay to play action from the secretary of state and donors to the clinton foundation. here is mereddies colhen. and it sounds to get more and more complicated as the hours pass by. this statement reads. we are not aware of an investigation by the department of justice and federal bureau of investigation and we have not received a subpeona from the agencies. mercedes, if i was investigated
10:38 am
by the fbi would i know about it? >> not at all. the feds have to gather the information and evidence. and once they are done, there are deals being made and said we have seen the e-mail and told that you may have information. we'll do a deal with you and will not prosecute. here is a proffer and none of that is known to it the actual target of the investigation. all of this is a groundswell of investigation and leading up to an indictment. >> what goes through as a lawyer. >> it means nothing as mercedes said. that is the nature of the fbi and they are successful. they do all of the investigation in a space where, they're not subject to skrutunny and makes sure it is not interviewed with and they move forward. there are two branches going on. the investigative nature of the
10:39 am
fbi. that's their job to figure out the research and then they hand the ball off to the department of justice and their job to prosecute. excuse me, they are linked. if one doesn't do a good yob and the fbi has an incomplete investigation. how does the department of justice know how to move forward. >> the investigation is going on for a year and involving multiple offices in the fbi. what does that say to you and who will make the call about whether or not there is a subpoena or indictment. >> there is a lot of issues as to who is investigated and who is doing it and it is reported that there is a back and forth between the agencies. if it is this much because the mag to youed is tremendous, they draw from resources from around the country. we have dealt with defense of individuals in new york.
10:40 am
and usually you deal with the fbi local agency because they are in individuals in new york. but if you have so much information and tentacles and data, then you draw from the resources. >> 21 of the things you hear from the clinton campment the fbi has been hocking into us for a year. they are not admitting the clinton foundation investigation. we just read the statement. is that a good defense. if the fbi is working so long is that no? >> it is a political talking point. and there is an analysis and legal. and that is a strategic point. but legally it means nothing. there are specific things. they are looking for evidence through introduce or e-mail and forensic evidence that shows there was favorable treatment to
10:41 am
donors of the clinton foundation and until all of that is siowa fted through. it is saw broad. just because there is nothing yet doesn't mean anything. it is person not to cut the investigation short prematurely. >> and so many of us don't have a legal background. but the volume is difficult to work through. and with your legal background, what stands out and we'll continue to watch the story over the next several days. >> just thinking of 66000 search terms. you have to put it. we'll need search sterms and as a litigator these are are the issues that we have to deal with. we have had cases with millions of documents and you think about that. is my scope deep enough. if i am not capturing all of the information and am i led a stray
10:42 am
or speaking to the right individuals. and there are are so many individuals and parties and different countries are investigated and individuals from different countries it is difficult. >> and what stands out to you. ntwo concerns, make sure broad enough to catch everything that is relevant. and the political consideration, we love to think of our fbi as a- political. but there is a political consideration that i think that americans have. we have a time clock of tuesday looming over us. and that sticks out to me, gen a. how doe we measure and magnify the scope and get everything we need and considering there is an election overhead. none thing is true. it is fascinating. and great to have you both. >> thank you, jon. fox news alert on a dramatic rescue with new video coming in
10:43 am
with the coast guard and crew and pulling four fishermen and their dog to safety. they sent out the mayday call. and saying their boat caught fire and they were abandoning ship. they had minor injuries, but said to be in good condition. it was near st. simon'se land, georgia. no word yet on what kasmired the fire. >> immigration over the last decade brought changes. how it shifts the political needle may surprise you. that's next. ♪ this land is your land and this land is my helped from california and new york island. ♪ from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters. this land was made for you and me.
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as we get ready to elect a new president p, the wall street looked at demographics in the american electorate and focused on towns in the midwest and iowa and illinois and minnesota and the population is more diverse more quickly than any other part of the country. entitled "places most unsettled by demographic change are toward trump. counties that diversify rapidly were more likely to vote for the new york businessman. joining us now is janet adamy. >> it is fascinating and counter intuitive. you think immigration in the big cities miami, los angeles and
10:48 am
houston and new york. but you are find nothing the midwestern citieses, that is where the immigration issue is exploding in the forefront. >> this is not the greatest number of immigrants, but a chunk of counties in the upper midwest that had gone quickly in 15 years from being white to having a burst of diversity. and most part that was latinos and then we looked at that and combined it with republican voting results in the gop primary are and those places that diversified among the republican voters in the primaries, they were more likely to vote are for donald trump than any counties nationwide. >> does that mean build the wall line is resonating. >> this is what our reporting. in archaddia, wisconsin.
10:49 am
now 35 percent latino. and when you talk to republican voters they said yes, the issue of immigration resonated in particular for them. they are closer to it and they have concerns about it. >> what is it? is it the jobs that is bringing them in? >> it is. what is interesting about the trump voter. we heard a lot about trump voters and down trodden and rust belt that are are suffering economically. and the white noneducated men flocking to trump's campaign. but the republican votering in these counties, it is where unemployment is lower than the national average. and incomes are increasing in a faster rate. and one peace that we found. they don't have the same economic anxiety that you are
10:50 am
finding in the pockets of support in the country. >> the suggestion is that hillary clinton does best among black and latino and so forth. you are you're saying that pockets where the immigration of demographics really change a county those places are going for republican voters. on the whole, the diversification is a force that is more beneficial to the democrats. but when you look at the republican votery, the republican voters in places with immigration are drawn to the donald trump candidacy, and regardless of how the election turns out, how republican voters
10:51 am
will be motivated by it and i think it will be a lasting issue for the republican elector rate. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> we'll be right back.
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10:54 am
. hello, everybody. we're just moments away from hearing from melania trump. she will speak only the campaign trail for the first time at the top of the hour. and the startling new developments, revealing how some of the sausage is made in clinton world, not very pretty. the e-mails becoming problematic for that campaign, and shifting polls, what they're now showing, a brand new look at how it all breaks down here at the top of
10:55 am
the hour. >> donald trump and hillary clinton make a sprint there the key swing state of florida. they each have vastly different ground games. pulling out all of the stops to get their voters to the polls, steve? >> president obama made his third trip to florida in the past three weeks stopping once again on a college campus. the students here have to make a distinction between reality and reality tv. >> you will have more power to carry out the twisted notion that you had before you were in office. so you can't make executions for this stuff. this isn't a joke. this sunt sir visn't survivor. this isn't the bachelorette.
10:56 am
this counts. >> the clinton campaign some analysts say getting out the vote could be crucial in the final days of a razor thin contest in florida. >> it's one thing to change people's minds with tv ads and speeches, but people have to actually cast a ballot and that is tougher than just changing their minds. >> referee: the exploding hispanic vote, he is up 41% from when he was. >> thank you very much, we'll be right back. ews. you're covered?" no. it said, "blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for
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and what you're not. liberty mutual insurance.
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that goes beyond assuming beingredients are safe...ood to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. donald trump is now going to
11:00 am
north carolina, they're all over the map. >> do you think someone has to whisper to them where they are right before they go up there? it would be tough to keep track of. "america's election headquarters" starting now. you're looking live at berwin, pennsylvania just outside of philadelphia, melania trump is about to give her first solo campaign speech. she has introduced her husband a few times but not been on the trail too much since the controversial speech at the rnc in cleveland. i'm martha back here at 2:00 p.m. eastern. it is five days to go, count them, as we head to november 28th. both of the candidates qualitying on surrogates to


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