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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in the state of pennsylvania where melania trump, who is working to help her husband take back the battleground state, making an appeal to women and families, explain what she would do as first lady. hillary clinton about to speak in minutes in north carolina. the polls show she is facing a fight in two states her campaign might have counted on winning. here we go, first from the fox news deck this afternoon. big picture time. where are we? subtract all the distractions and countercharges and mud ling,
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where is the race five days before we go to polls for he house and the president and. it's tightening but she still leads. secretary clinton has enough electoral college votes right now that were the election held today, she is the president. in fact, should every electoral vote go that are labeled a trump, she is the president. so for trump to flip the script he has to flip a blue state or three or more to resident. in the indiana there's moving. generally speaking republicans are doing better in the states than trump is. good news for the g.o.p. but there are exceptions. marco rubio in florida is trending down. the man who called donald trump a con artist has lost ten opinions from september, and that senate race is tied in the new cnn/orc poll. then missouri, the republican senator roy blueprint do -- roy
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blunt is having a time. the monmouth poll completed on monday has blunt up one point suddenly that one is tied. then new hampshire, different story. kelly ayotte is now up six over her democratic rival. the current governor, in the latest wbur bombs. she has had a resurgent si there and now the republicans lead. so the senate could goo either way. most stilts have the democrats taking it. no chance there would be a filibuster proof majority for either party. that's the senate. in the house, if the polls and prognosticators are right, republicans maintain their majority, not as big but a majority nonetheless. so president for now, clinton. senate, democrat. house, republican. but the campaigns are fighting hard. today melania trump on the stump for her husband. calling her husband a fighter,
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talked about the opportunities america has given her as an immigrant from slovenia. >> love for this country we shared when i met donald. hi loves this country and knows how to -- >> mel -- melania trump visiting a wealthy sub barn. analysts say donald trump must win over white, ode indicated women in the suburbs of cities including fulfill if he wants to win the white house. today we learn that hillary clinton is set to hold a super major rally in philadelphia on monday, the day before the election. get this. the people at this rally will be, we're told, president clinton, bill clinton, chelsea clicks, president obama, and first lady michelle obama, all in one spot. philadelphia. think it's important? pennsylvania is one of the biggest swing states of the election, and polls show donald trump has narrowed hillary clinton's lead there. they also show him gaining
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support in other battlegrounds. there's a new survey today from boston radio station, wbur and it has donald trump beating hillary clinton by one point in new enough. 40 to 39%. for months the state seemed like a shoe-in for clinton but trump made a play for it any. then there's this. a new poll from the university of den hear was clinton and trump tied in colorado, another statement that seemed like a lock for secretary clinton. some surveys earlier had her winning colorado by double digits. the candidates and surrogates today are fanning out across the nation. look at that map. the people have gotten small because there's so many of them. with donald trump and hillary clinton making stops in north carolina, clinton set to speak minutes from now at a rally in winterville, north carolina. that's about 85 miles east of raleigh. first team fox coverage, carl cameron, selma, north carolina, where trump is set to hold a
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rally tonight, and jennifer griffin live on the clinton press bus heading to her rally in winterville. hello, jen. >> hi, shepard. we're on the bus falling hillary clinton -- following hillary clinton to the rally. we just landed from arizona. the campaign is saying they have not noticed much of a drop in terms of voters saying that the fbi director's comments last friday is making a difference in terms of the polls. nonetheless they are take nothing chances and sent president obama down to florida where the latest equip pea yack poll show -- quinnipiac poll shows clinton leading trump by one point, other polls show trump winning in florida. that's why you see a very emotional president obama hitting several campaign stopped today in florida. here's what the said. >> except you will have more power to carry out the trusted notions that you had before youle were in office.
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so you can't make excuses for this stuff. this isn't a joke. this isn't survivor. this isn't the bachelorette. this counts. >> reporter: and you can see the press is going to be getting off the bus now, going this event here in greenville -- winterville. excuse me. and i think it's notable that what you mentioned in the intro that president obama, michelle obama will be on stage with all three clintons the night before the election. night before the polls close on monday night in philadelphia. they will be making their closing arguments at the spot where the democratic convention was held and where the constitution was signed. they will be using that as a backdrop, also notable her running mate, tim kaine will be sent to another battleground stage. >> how are they going to get off
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the bus with you blocking aisle? i have a couple questions. clinton team making a play for typically red, arizona. >> we just land. >> reporter: we just landed from arizona, and what is notable is hillary clinton flew to arizona, the largest crowd we have seen yet, 15,000 people in tempe. she believes that her arguments in terms of latino voters and about donald trump's message about immigration, that is going to serve her well. here's what she said. >> his top adviser, on immigration, is sheriff joe arpaio. the person who presided over the worst pattern of racial profiling by a law enforcement
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agency in american history. imagine, donald trump appointing the sheriff our next secretary of homeland security. >> reporter: what is notable is that donald trump is up by six points in arizona, but today tim kaine is in arizona, making the first campaign speech entirely in spanish. they believe the latino vote is crucial. the african-american vote so far, they're showing that is lower than what they saw in 2012 but the latino vote in places like arizona, nevada, and even in florida, is three to one what they saw in 2012. >> that's a big number. our viewers didn't get to see it but while hillary clinton was speaking in that thing we call a sound bite, all the cnn people snuck off the bus you. should have blocked them. >> reporter: well, we're trying to be collegial.
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>> wolf will beam himself in here and we'll come to your rescue. >> reporter: thank you, shepard. >> good luck. see you when this tail ends. take care. donald trump on the campaign trail in the crittle battleground state of florida. in a rally in jacksonville, trump took a swipe another one of hillary clinton's most powerful campaign surrogates, the president himself. >> he is down here campaigning for crooked hilary. why isn't he back in the office, sometimes referred to as the oval office. why isn't he back in the white house bringing our jobs back. >> well, president obama scheduled to page in jacksonville for clinton's campaign later this hour. the race for florida is neck and neck and trump leads clinton by less than a percentage point. trump team says the republican nominee cannot win the white house unless it first wins
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florida. carl cameron, selma, north carolina, where donald trump is expected to rally later tonight. trump also went after secretary clinton, not surprisingly in that rally. >> reporter: oh, sure. it's also worth noting that hillary clinton will be in north carolina later today so you see how the campaigns are overlapping. trump has said pretty much for six months his -- five months -- that for his general election strategy he has to win florida, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, and one has to clue florida and ohio. if he loses north carolina, things are in trouble. today he basically drew off of fox news reporting last night from bret baier that the investigation of the clinton foundation and the possibility of a nexus or overlap with the e-mail scandal has an effect been underway for a the better part of the last year with some fbi and some justice department divisions all looking into a variety of different potential overlaps and trump obviously is going to try to use that as a
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mallet to whack clinton with. >> it's far reaching and has been going on for more than one year. it was reported that an avalanche of information is coming in. the fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment. >> reporter: it's interesting to note that has trump is saying that today "the wall street journal" was reporting that because of trump's international business dies, even if he hands all the corporate letters of authority over to his children, still likely to be in a trump administration all kinds of very, very complicated conflicts of some that could be international and be a real bother for him, too. >> what is their mood? the current state of affairs. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, there's two things. what donald trump says from the podium is we're winning in all the states, where some polls and the averages suggest that it's within the marvin of error, but
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clinton has a point or two ahead of hip. he talked about his grand momentum and how excitedded he is. last night on stage he started to counsel himself to take it easy, be nice, don't get too hot. don't get offscript, recognizing he could up do himself if he gets too mouthy and hurt himself. but the staff recognizes it's going to be razor close, and while they like where they are they'd like to be further ahead than where they are, and when you take the polls out of it they're vermont but then there comes the day where pull people vote and -- actual people vote and but there's been early voting and democrats have an advantage. having said that, organization really matters and the trump campaign doesn't deny that when it comes to the amount of ads sprint, the amount of money spend, the number outfields people hired and volunteers running around the country the clinton campaign has a bigger
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army. they say when you have donald trump at the top of the ticket you deposit neat a big market -- need a big army. >> carl come ron on the trail. thank you. >> both campaigns are reaching into unusual territory, that metaphor include, though that's true. but geographically. both the trump and clinton campaigns hitting states expected to land the their opponent's column. so why are you in a place it looks like you can't win? both of you, that coming up from the fox news deck on this afternoon, knife days. -- five day re rheumatoid arthr, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... s.
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all the talk for months has been about battlegrounds, the swing states, ohio and florida and pennsylvania. so why would five states left in the race are both campaigns spending energy and money and time in places nobody ever predicted could swing at all? today "the wall street journal" reports that on that side of the campaign strategy, what the paper calls a hail mary pass' reports it's not just about trying to score an unexpected win but also trying to get into their opponent's heads. "the wall street journal's" associate editor john busseyes here. just messing with them. >> they don't want to do their time doing cy-ops so there's a
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bigger latino component in arizona. that's a trachetoy to hillary clinton. harry truman won arizona in 1948. he husband, bill clinton, won it in 1996, and that's when republicans all the times before that. so, too donald trump sees a lot of workers, white men, without college degrees, that's kind of his demographic, the sweet spot, in michigan, and in wisconsin. and very interestingly, demographic changes are also affecting this conversation. >> demographic changes in that the latino vote is so important in this year in those states and it's grown. >> that's right. janet and paul did a piece for the journal that looked how the dim graphics of the midwest stretch of states, including michigan and wiz, which traditionally are democrat, have been republican in the distant past.
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the demographics are changing where the diversification has happened most rapidly, where immigrants from central america, or latinos from texas have gone up into these towns to work in factories or work on farms, that is where donald trump is most popular. where diversity has happened the fastest, in the last 15 years, that the census bureau reports, those concludes went to donald trump during the primaries. so he has got an in there with white voters who are concerned about this happening too fast and the nature of their town's changing. >> want it to look at the electoral map we showed earlier. the electoral -- this is by our brain room and decision team and this is how we call it. the fox news believes that were the election today, secretary clinton would have 287 electoral vote-donald trump 174. there are 77 tossups so if we just hypothetically give donald
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trump every tossup vote, hillary clinton is the president, unless, unless she flips -- he flips the blue ones or a leaping. so in this one -- a leaning. that's the peachy kind of color, which is ridiculous, and the dark blue dollar. so lean dem and the -- you said michigan, wisconsin, places he has one been working. >> and spending time in colorado and new mexico. hillary clinton is presumed in the polls have been showing she has a lead we know the polls have been tightening, as lots of things happen, the news cycle happens, some republicans kind of coming back to the roost. and he sees an opportunity possibly to get colorado and new mexico that the clinton camp feels confident they'll take them. pennsylvania is much more of a tossup state than it was just a few weeks ago where clinton was leading by large single digits. it's down much closer now.
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so that's why you see president obama campaigning hard in places like north carolina and florida. they need to keep -- or to get those in the case of florida, back into the clinton camp. >> if the flips both, -- let's say he flips minnesota and new mexico. she still wins. >> yes. >> and gets all of the tossup states. the thing is, though this is tightening, and there's a path for donald trump, it's narrow, and it's overgrown and it's hidden. >> a difficult one. but you know, we have underestimated this sentiment in the electorate and i think this demographic story that janet did is a reflection how fast things have change ode in to the united states, and how sentiment has chenged with it. so voters may surprise us in some of these states. the polls, however, should be picking that up. and have been indicating which way the states or leaning. >> the only things the polls
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don't factor in is the difference in the get out the vote between the two candidates on election day. they assume they're the same, and in this election they're not. lots more to come on politics. stay with us. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. we are all in for our customers. see me. see me.
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well, there's breaking news now on fox news channel. this is kind of weird. seconded ago i was showing you the big map with the colors and all that? the people who make that map for us, the smart people in a room we never see, they just changed some things and they're significant and all changes for donald trump. i want to come over to big map. new hampshire, was leaning democrat. see, new hampshire up there now yellow. that has been leaning democrat for a long time. i mentioned kelly ayotte has been doing better up there. she is a senate candidate up
12:25 pm
there she has expanded her lead and that translated to the bigger vote for the presidency. so new hampshire, which four minutes ago leaned dem, is now a tossup. so new hampshire goes into the yellow. that goes into the toss-up column. ohio -- a bigo was a tossup. now the state of ohio leans republican. remember, no republican has gotten to the white house without first winning ohio. they've always said, you cannot get to 1600 pennsylvania avenue without going through columbus. and what i thought would be title up to, cleveland, but no. so you can't get there. ohio now leans republican. for you republicanned that big. because you can't do that without it. you can't get there without that state so now it's cooperating. indiana, and missouri, were lean republican. indiana and missouri are now solid republican so you see this huge red swath through here.
12:26 pm
missouri's made the change and indiana has made the change. so indiana is 11. missouri is 10. our decision team, our brain room, they are all but positive that five days before the polls indicate to them those are solid republicans. so, new hampshire moves from lean democrat to a tossup. a straightup tossup. ohio moves from tossup to lean republican and indiana and missouri go from lean republican to solid republican. so you see what that does to numbers? secretary clinton with 283. you need 2 0 -- 270. there are 63 in the tossups. tossup in florida, tossup in iowa, arizona, utah, nevada, give all of those to donald trump. every single one of the tossups, trump gets them, hillary clinton is the president. he still has to flip something. he has to flip a blue state or a
12:27 pm
light blue state. he needs 14 to get to -- to push her below, right? he needs all of the tossups and 14. so some combination, arizona and utah, flip them, he has a chance. you follow? his path is still narrow but weirdly not as narrow is a six minutes ago. our decision team just made a chang. could there be more changes? there could. the election is not until tuesday but this is how our smart people see it. they see it very close and see opportunities for changes but between tossups and leans but he can have every tossup and hillary clinton is the president of the united states. steve harrigan is live in miami with more on what is going on down on the ground. hello, steve. >> reporter: shepard, the fight for this tossup is intensifying. president obama just left the fiu campus behind me. his third trip to florida and it's clear the president intends to do everything possible that
12:28 pm
he can do to make sure that florida college students vote. >> go ahead and plug this into your phones. it is at 1315 northwest 12th 12th street. so, i mean, we're making this really simple for you. >> reporter: trying to make it as easy as possible for those millenals but underage 35 voters in florida in the early voting, still under performing what they did four years ago. >> from everything we read there, steve, he has this massive -- she has this massive ground game all over florida and he doesn't have much. is that true? >> reporter: it's true if you look at it by office space. clearly, clinton campaign has 82 offices across the state. trump campaign has just 29. but they're raising a bigger question of just what will the
12:29 pm
ground game mean? how important when you have such a popular candidate holding huge recalls in the state. this campaign could answer the importance of the ground game. the clinton team says they have 90,000 volunteers going out and knocking on doors. the trump team haas -- has thousands. could answer the question how important is the ground game in a state where president obama won four year ago with less than one percent advantage in the votes. >> thank you very much, steve harrigan, in south florida. the polls are tighten, the campaigns are scrambling and the sure good ats are speaking. who will come out on top on election day? we'll talk with the political panel and have a fair and balanced debate, just ahead.
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more of today's headlines. at least 19 people died when a passenger train crashed into the back of another train this morning in pakistan. investigators say the train's driver may have ignored traffic signals, causing the crash. 50 people were hurt. china trying to one up the u.s. by rolling out it most powerful drone bomber. the flying machine can travel for two days without refueling,
12:33 pm
packed with smart bombs and high-tech jammers that can jam radar. a souped up version of a drone in action against isis. and russia has a new citizen. 1980s action star steven segal. he has asked to become a citizen and aspokesperson for vladimir putin sign the order him. back with shep right after this.
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election day close enough to count the hours and i'm sure there's a banner showing that. so it's all hands on deck. candidates mothering battleground states and sending out surrogates, lisa is a republican. marian, a democrat. good to see you some changes in
12:36 pm
our decision team, up in moving from dem dem. ohio from tossup to lean republican. indiana and missouri go to lean republican and solid republican. are you in full panic mode? >> never. i think what really matters is organization. in any of these states, three to five points will win you the state when you look at the latest polls and that's what the clinton team has. a terrific organization. so they're going to be able to do that. the second thing is in every sing state that has early voting you're already exceeding 2012 levels and that tells you everything. when you look at the states that are good atle brown states -- battle ground states obama won and you see clinton. and states like florida and florida will benefit. >> burt african-american vote is
12:37 pm
not turning ought like we thought it would be and that could be a big problem. >> i don't think it's going to be as big a problem as people think it is. here's why. no one has ever going to match barack obama's ability to turn out african-american voters. lat teen nors -- latinos are turning out in bigger numbers in 2000 and 2004 you had gore and kerry, and that how you win in michigan, win in pennsylvania, trying to hit that level number of african-americans turnout. not 2008 and 2012. >> fair enough. lisa? >> well, shep, you are seeing the fact that african-american support is down this election cycle, so is support among millenials and look at states like north carolina, where pup republicans are exceeding margins now than they war in 2012 and democrats are underperforming. look states like ohio and key counties like lucas county where president obama did well. underperforming.
12:38 pm
areas with romney did well donald trump is overperforming. ey are seeing the fact that states are starting to -- some of the solid rip run states donald trump is starting to lock up and these battleground states are starting to get close. a state like new hampshire, it's a tossup and donald trump in the last three polls, up in two i believe tied in one. all those polls are within the margin of error. so donald trump is closing right now, and if there was a moment to start closing in this race, to build momentum, that would be right now. and i think hillary clinton has a lot of trouble on her hands when you look at things like the obamacare peerums increasing as well as the fib news that broke that it impacting voters votersd maybe depressing turnout. >> the polls, all the new ones, that show movement, between friday, when the fbi's announcement happened, and tuesday, day before yesterday, and there is some -- within the polling, statistics, that
12:39 pm
suggest the fbi announcement pushed some people. >> yeah. but what you also see in polls is it's not a huge shift. jennifer griffin reported on that earlier in the show. it's on the margins. so you can overcome those in terms of organization, and that's what really matters. i still hillary clinton wins new hampshire. she has been in lead there throughout the year except for one poll. think what i'm looking for is if you look at the two combinations, trump really needs to win, either needs florida, ohio, and pennsylvania, together, or he needs wisconsin, ohio, michigan, pennsylvania. he is not going to win pennsylvania. not going to win michigan. so when you start doing that kind of subextraction and looking at numbers you realize the hurdle that donald trump has. so hillary clinton doesn't have to win new hampshire. it would be nice if she would. i expect her to win new hampshire. they have a tremendous organization up there. but when you look at the other come bin faces and where people are spending time, trump's closing out new hampshire, the president is up there on monday as well. then they're going to pennsylvania to make point and i
12:40 pm
think you see more door shutting here. >> lisa, you need florida. if you're a republican you have to start with florida and ohio, and both of those are looking better for him. i just wonder if there's anything where you see the kind of momentum where you might be able to flip michigan prom blue -- something from blue to red. >> he has been doing well in a state like ohio also in florida and you get to an organizational level, which marian talked about. a state like new hampshire. republicans have knocked on 1.6 million doors, democrats. 600,000. a state like inch, retail politics matter, and the senate level, ayotte has hit 50 campaign spots in five days so democrats are not alone in their mission as far as organization. republicans have been in some of these battleground stays for longer than the democrats and that's not something that people talk about very often. when you look at early voting, republicans are outperforming their margins and critical
12:41 pm
states than they were in 2012, and democrats are underperforming their marginses in critical battleground states. what we're seeing, based on almost every point of data is to a tightening race, a tightening presidential race where donald trump has the momentum based on some of these key states, turning to tossups or now being solidly r if they have been traditional republican states. >> if there's a place you have concern-i know there's rope for opt mitchell if you're a democrat and hope for u if you're a run but if you look at the map where due see potential problems for hillary clinton and down-ballot for that matter? >> across the board if you look at the states that are bat 'ground states and have a senate race, as hillary clinton goes, these races go. so when hillary clinton its up in new hampshire, mage is up two points over kelly ayotte. you see it with patrick murphy
12:42 pm
and rubio in florida and yet you look at the race in missouri. did anyone think candor would beat blunt? but he is. the country is changing with demographics of that are changing in terms of advantage to the democrats and people are still looking at these states traditionally die think donald trump wins ohio? probably. are the democrats still fight are to it? sure. but they development needed. a states like missouri with senate races and people weren't looking at. that of so demographics are your destiny and you'll see that in nevada and maybe in arizona. >> the polls are helpful still, but it's so close now where you almost just ought to go, on the new koles and watch the real clear politics ads on the polls.
12:43 pm
so that what we have been doing. go to real clear and click around there, see averages on everything, and be your own soothsayer. great to see you both. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> lots more news ahead. top of the hour, top of the news coming. and hillary clinton speech coming. donald trump coming just a little bit later. all politics al the time. hang on.
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[ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used their bankamericard cash rewards credit card to give him the best day ever. that's the joy of rewarding connections. learn more at hillary clinton about to hold a campaign rally from twitterville, north carolina. she has been introduced. the dancing has mentioned. they're waving now. so it's a familiar thing. we'll hear a little hillary clinton stumping a little later and hear donald trump stumping, and we'll get to neil cavuto and cop of the hour headlines. a big news day on fox news channel.
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[cheering] >> and thank you. i am so honored to be introduced by may wiggins, and someone who made such a contribution throughout her life as a nurse, to so many people. and who, as you can tell, just feels still the pain of being rejected on the basis of her race. it took a lot of courage to come here, may. thank you. thank you for being with us. [cheers] >> i also want to thank a long-time friend of mine, great activist, extraordinary advocate in congress, the next u.s. representative. eleanor holmes norton. i want to thank mayor allen
12:48 pm
thomas for welcoming me here. [applause] and either you're all related to him or you think he's doing a good job. well, i told him i want to be a good partner with mayors like him, and work to help communities like greenville that are growing and striving and attracting young people. he told me that the average age of the residents here in greenville was 26 years old. i also want to acknowledge josh dine, candidate for north carolina attorney general. patsy keiber, champion of the north carolina democratic party, and state senator don davis.
12:49 pm
and i've save the best for last, someone who i've got ton know over the years, someone who i really look forward to working with, first thing that congressman butterfield said to me, i have to talk to you about our farmers. very first thing. proceeded to tell me he was out an a 200-acre sweet potato farm today. one at that time be in damage that hurricane matthew has done. the lives lost. the homes lost. and also the agricultural damage with all the flooding. and my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected. we got to be really focused on what we're going to do with this extreme weather. we're getting more of it and more places. and i'm going to make that a priority for my presidency to make sure communities are
12:50 pm
well-prepared, they're resilient, but that we also work to try to limit the damage by taking on the challenge of climate change and changing weather patterns. and nobody knows more about weather than our farmers, and i am very committed to supporting farms of all sizes, but particularly small farms. you know, i think he said the farm you went to this morning was 200 acres. that's a lot of land. but that's not a gigantic, multithousand acre farm. and sometimes i think that we spend too much time and money looking after the big giant farms and not enough taking care of the smaller farms, the family-owned farms. farms that have been in people's families for generations. and i will do my very best working with gk and eleanor and others in congress to focus
12:51 pm
federal attention and resources on places that need it, and eastern north carolina is a place that needs it. still too many people who feel like they have been left out and left behind. and so we've got to spend time thinking about how we bring everybody along. that is my goal as your president. i want to knock down the barriers that stand in the way of people and places getting ahead. now, i also on a personal out in -- i was in arizona last night and had a great rally there. don't know. 15, 16,000 people. it was just extraordinary. but i was a little anxious during my speech because the cubs were playing in the world series. and i've been a fan all my love, started watching baseball with
12:52 pm
my dad, went to wrigley field, and it's been a wrong time. 108 years. to win a championship and make history, and i only wish that my late father and the great ernie bank, mr. cub, could have seen it happen. so, last night was very special on lots of fronts, and who knows, maybe we'll see even more history made in a few days. [cheering] the last time the cubs won, women couldn't vote. i think women are making up for that in this election. so, thank you. thank you so much for being here. are you ready to vote? >> yes! >> how many folks have already voted? [cheering] >> that's really impress simple. are you ready to volunteer these
12:53 pm
last few days? are you ready to elect ray cooper your governor? [cheering] have a governor who puts families first and your needs. i know he'll do a terrific job. are you ready to elect debra ross to the united states senate? she will be the independent voice that north carolina families deserve, and unlike her opponent she has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. and then, are you ready to elect our next president and commander-in-chief? [cheering] well, -- hillary, hillary, hillary, hillary, hillary, hillary, hillary, hillary, hillary, hillary.
12:54 pm
you know, did any of you see those debates? well, i spent four and a half hours standing next to donald trump, proving conclusively i have the stamina to be the next president of the united states. but you know, he kept saying things like, well, what have you done for 30 years? we know what he has done for 30 years, starting with discriminating against african-americans and denying them housing back in the 1970s. i chose a different path. i have spent my career fighting for kids and families, and i helped to create the children's health insurance program as first lady. that now provides health care to eight million children a year. and i have to tell you, i know it doesn't make headlines and not going to get a big twitter
12:55 pm
war going, but when i travel around and shake hands, like i'll do after my remarks, and somebody says to me, the children's health insurance prom saved my son's life, i met a woman here in north carolina whose daughter was born deaf. and the doctor said, you know, she's never, ever going to be able to talk. not ever going to be able to hear, and her mother, who is determined, began doing investigation. she offend out there were some possible treatments but they were expensive. she at any time know what she was going to do, and she took her doctor to the doctor and the doctor said i just heard about this new program, the children's health insurance program. maybe you can qualify for that. because it's really for families that aren't poor, but don't have much money, and that's a lot of
12:56 pm
families-isn't it? and families that don't have an employer who provides health insurance. self-employed, independent contractors, so, the mom found out about this thing called the children's health insurance program, and-lo and bee -- -lo and behold they qualified and i spoke to the young woman. she graduated from college right here in north carolina. so, don't let anybody tell you it doesn't matter what you stand for, what you fight for, and who you're trying to help, when you make your decision about who to vote for in this election. and as a senator from new york i worked to rebuild new york city after the 9/11 attacks and to provide health care for our great first responders who ran toward danger, not away from it, and many -- were you there? god bless you.
12:57 pm
that's another thing. i meet people all over who were there, and who worked there, and i meet people who got sick because they worked there. and as your secretary of state i traveled to 112 countries, negotiated cease fires, reduced the threat of nuclear weapon, stood up four human rights and women's rights and lgbt rights around the world. and everything i've done is because i've been listening to people. know that's not very exciting. i bleed to that. -- i plead to that. you spend time listening, not talking, what are to the poor journalists going to say, there hillary clinton was listening again. right? i tell you, it is what motivates me to the e hear people's stores, to hear the tribulations and the triumphs, to get good ideas, bring people together, find common ground, even with people we disagree with. i disagree with people on lots
12:58 pm
of issues but i believe the only way we can get things done is to actually listen and respect each other and try to find that common ground that will enable us to get results for people, and if you elect in the next tuesday, that's the kind of president i'll be. and from the first day of this campaign i've been telling you what i want to do. putting forth my ideas about what i think will help you. i truly believe that you deserve a candidate you can vote for, not just someone to vote against. and so if we're going to make this choice, we have to be clear. the positives and the negatives, because one way or another, come this january, america is going to have a new president. and it will be either me or donald trump.
12:59 pm
>> hillary, hillary, hillary -- >> you know what else? people say all the time i want change. well, change will come. that is certain. the question is what kind of change are we going to have? are we going to 0, together to build a stronger, better, fairer america 0, fewer the future and fear each other and hunger -- hunker down and be perillized -- paralyzed but all of our prejudices, discrimination, that stops us from coming together. so here's what i want you to do as you talk to people who maybe haven't voted or mid up their imagine. ask them. imagine it is -- >> well, hillary clinton wrapping up what has become a familiar end of campaign stump speech. look how many people are working at this moment. big players. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, president obama, donald trump, all speaking all at the same
1:00 pm
time. crunch time in america, just five days to go. the final bell is ringing on wall street. the dow off 28 points on the session after being up earlier. expect volatility until and after the election. "your world" begins now. >> well, pick 'em if you got 'em. still monitoring hillary clinton speaking right now but she has lots of company on both parties on the road. donald trump speaking the same state also she is, in concord, north carolina, theirs very hour. remember that hillary clinton is in virtueville, north carolina. -- winter vizville, north carolina, and the president mission jackson, florida, and not to be outdone, there's bernie sanders speaking in cincinnati, ohio. so we thought we would go live to all of those events at the same time. you can turn up the sound and just think, what the -- again, if there's worthy news out of each, any and all,


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