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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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five days to go. the final bell is ringing on wall street. the dow off 28 points on the session after being up earlier. expect volatility until and after the election. "your world" begins now. >> well, pick 'em if you got 'em. still monitoring hillary clinton speaking right now but she has lots of company on both parties on the road. donald trump speaking the same state also she is, in concord, north carolina, theirs very hour. remember that hillary clinton is in virtueville, north carolina. -- winter vizville, north carolina, and the president mission jackson, florida, and not to be outdone, there's bernie sanders speaking in cincinnati, ohio. so we thought we would go live to all of those events at the same time. you can turn up the sound and just think, what the -- again, if there's worthy news out of each, any and all, we'll pass them along, but things are
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hopping, and we want to be on top of developments, including some startling new polls amid some startling new revelations with an election just five day away and, we it comes to the so-called clinton e-mails, wikileaks,et al, and new at least the revelations, let's just say, it's hard to keep up. but our catherine herridge and is has the very latest. >> reporter: thank you, neil there is new evidence that the fbi's investigation of the clinton foundation is not dead. fbi agents are quietly working the foundation case out of four offices, including southern california, arkansas, washington, dc, and new york city. and multiple sours tell fox news that department has been tapping the brakes on the investigation bit blocking access to investigative tools such as a grand jury. as part of the ongoing investigation fox news was first to report in january that the e-mail case had expanded to look at whether the intersection of clinton foundation work and
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state department business, under secretary of state hillary clinton, may have violated public corruption laws. while state depth each e-mails and wikileaks show evidence of coordination, clinton has always maintains there war no wrongdoing but some congressional leaders stress the continuing stream of revelations go at the heart of herfy's in and target to serve as commander in chief. >> she exposed it to our enemies and now, steve, our adversaries have this very sensitive information. not only jeopardizes her and national security at home, but the men and women serving overseas. this is in my opinion quite frankly, treason. >> meantime fox news has confirmed computers belonging to clinton's personal attorney, cheryl mils, and her aide, were not destroyed, as part of some immunity agreement with the justice department, into the e-mail case. both lawyers are central to that investigation because they
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decided which clinton e-mails were government work, deleting the rest. those computers are now in evidence and they are still available to investigators in the clinton foundation case. >> but no chance any of this gets even so much as a progress report before election day. right? >> it looks entirely unlikely and that has always been the expectation of the fbi. that given the volume of new e-mails that were found on anthony weiner's computer in that separate sexting investigation, they would be able to do kind of what they call deduping, figure out there irare new records and if they're new, trying to determine classification and other relevant is not something you can do in days. takes weeks and months because of the arguments over the classification. >> and arguments period. thank you. house minority leader mel nancy pelosi send ought a message to republicans to stop using the "i" word when it comes to
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hillary clinton, if she would be elected president they would be choosing her with impeachment hearings. the american people want republicans to accept the will of the people and change impeachment off the table, and response run runs need to do that immediately. she is making the assumption that hillary clinton wins. david purdue is a member of the judiciary committee. what did you think about what pelosi was eight there don't even think aboutite just ridiculous. what i'm troubled by here, neil, is that the pattern of corruption is not just that hillary clinton lied about benghazi and lied about her e-mails to congress and to the fbi, but now we see this pay-to-pay corruption and not just one or two events, litany of things. beyond that is this pattern of failure as secretary of state. from the russia reset to premature removal of troops in iraq to the redline in syria, this is a pattern of failure with this person and a stark
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contract to tuesday. >> what do you see happening now? of course the former speaker, now minority leader, is hinting that this is what republicans are going to do if human being hick eye selected. you'll just be chasing her with investigations and hearings all the way up to impeachment. and that will bedevil her presidency. what do you say? >> that's a distraction, let's get this election done and right now, we have a stark contrast too change the direction of our country. we can choose a third term of barack obama or a new direction with donald trump and what i see happening right now is trump is actually surging in the states where i've been the last two or three weeks. there's a movement out there. it's bigger than donald trump. i saw it in my race here in georgia in 2014. and it's not going to go away. i believe that we're going to see surprising results come tuesday, because of this growing movement in mrs. today. about having real change effected in amongst the gridlock in washington.
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>> by the way would you -- let's say hillary clinton loses, congressman. would you be among those saying, she should still be investigated? >> absolutely. this -- if it happened to me or you, you'd be investigated, of course. this was a clear abuse of power as secretary of state. and this needs to by totally aired out. our democracy depends on total transparency among government leader and that's not called for. this not a vendetta, new revelations of an ongoing investigation by the fbi. so i don't see anything untoward about the timing of this or anything else. but i do think it should be pursued to its fullest extent. >> we'll watch closely, sir. thank you. david purdue. georgia senator. key player in all of this. in the meantime, ted cruz was busy campaigning with mike pence today, but with a certain name going unmentioned. take a listen. >> i'm here campaigning for donald trump for mike pence, i recognize some of you guys are wanting to write stories
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suggesting divisions among republicans. i make a point. i'm getting on a gigantic airplane that that trump's name painted on the side of it. >> he proved me wrong. former reagan campaign adviser, ed roll bins. there was a -- rollins. a good deal of fuss to get to that point and a lot of republicans, maybe in the establishment for lack of a better term who have that kind of mixed feeling about this, but they seem a good many of them, ted cruz included, too be coming back to the nominee. >> i think it's very important that republicans come together, and they are. i think the bottom line is the choice as senator purdue and others laid out is an administration that obviously can be used as corrupt or another least perceived as corrupt. i think anytime you have the fbi all over a number of investigations, all of which come back to her in some way, shape or form to to american public who believes she is dishonest, 70% margin cannot very good sign. so i think the momentum that trump has gained the last week,
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ten days, is basically a place you want to be goes into the closing days of the campaign. >> we touched on it before, ed, but i'd like to follow if i can because i've been reading the press around late october, early november. november 4 in, 1980, that we had the reagan-carter election, and polls were tight. ahead of that, and then a blowout. just days later. do you see anything in the sands that are constantly shifting here that make you think the same could be happening now? >> i certainly see the potential in the general election vote. obviously the electoral states are drawn a little tight today. california, and obviously, all very do-able for reagan. but i think clearly the momentum is going trump's way, and dish if he has a three or point lead going into election day there's no reason he couldn't win by five or seven points and the same kind of thing came down for raying flying the closing days and gave -- reagan the closing
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days and gave him a landslide. >> some other developments, of course the debate days before, and also an iranian negotiation teal for the hostages that fell through, yet again that sunday before tuesday. so those were seminole developments. this would have to rely on the same power of an investigation that potentially had widened out into mrs. clinton's e-mail and the clinton initiative. how does that compare as far as -- >> the similarity were that the carter people, the incumbent president, the country wanted to change away from them but basically did a very effective job early on of beating occupy the reagan campaign and viewed as an unsafe president. by the close of the campaign, closed. the debate people saw him on the stage, heard him as a rome, rational plan with a real plan for america, and people are starting to look at trump as a more serious candidate and starting to make that judgment andow what you're getting with hillary clinton, more of the
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same and more of the chaos that -- over the eight years of her husband and the last couple of years here. so my sense is trump is an alternative and acceptable alternative. >> you were mentioning earlier about some of the power types in the republican party going back to mr. trump. do you get a sense that if donald trump did win he might have more difficulty with his own party than the opposition party or would it depend on the size of the victory? >> my sense -- depended on what else happens if we hold the senate, which i think we can and sortly going to hold the house. it's importance for the three people, the majority leader in the senate and the speaker, to sid down with the president, here's our agenda and how do we've it forward and what is important to you, what do you want to do first? here's what we want to do, and work together. i have the found people over the years -- i've been around for 50 years -- people say i can't work with that guy and then they do. big tighting, big office, big
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car. a long line of people lined up to the transition office quickly if next tuesday he is elected president. >> there's something about when he becomes the president, or she, things do have a way of changing. ed rollins, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> let take a look at the dow,, s&p down, the longest streak since 2008. you know a lot of the drill. there some noises to the market today but a lot of it has to do with global consternation over what is happening in our country with this election process, whether we'll be like niced at legitimate by the democrats or republicans, whether there will be and a half fews or issues or whether america is losing its collective mind. it's the same thing, adding to angst because of an uncertain outcome and wall street abhors uncertainty. these guys not nose -- nose extra dam muss. i must stress that.
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fox news is doing election cover. besides fox news. that's big. welcome back. tight races going on, battleground states, florida among them. that's we'll find our steve harrigan where the polls are tight, but they're doing their best to get tighter. and jeff flock is in arizona, where what was once considered a republican gimme, now might be rushing to just that. a lot more with him in just a second. first, to steve, in florida. what do you see out there, steve? >> raiser thin margins in the battleground state and an intensifying struggle with president obama here today. at florida international university. he was here last week and will be back here this weekend. he keeps coming back because the margins are tight and the very
1:17 pm
groups that helped put president obama over the top four years ago were african-americans and young voters. age 35 and under. it's those two groups so far in the early voting that had been underperforming what they did four years ago, and today president obama clearly targeted the students here with a thinly veiled attack on donald trump. >> this isn't a joke. this isn't survivor. this isn't the bachelorette. this counts. this has to do with what is going to happen in your family, in your community. to soldiers and veterans. the safety of our kids. >> reporter: one group here in florida that so far has been overperforming in area voling is hispanics. 137% up than what they were four years ago, when it comes to newly registered hispanic voters it's good news for the democrats. 42% of. the registering has democrats.
1:18 pm
11% as republicans. >> here thank you very much. here's one thing that florida and arizona have in non, skyrocketing premiums pegged to the obamacare, and jeff flock doesn't look so affordable anymore. >> far bet it from me to talk about an actual item of policy but, yes, obamacare is a huge issue, and particularly in this state because it's the one that resonates most among trump voters. take a look at what arizona voters think about obamacare. it's 53-40, they don't like it. and that's an important issue for him because he doesn't do as well on some of this other signature issues. but first, the fact is, most people don't really have a good sense of obamacare because they're not affected by it. take a look at a poll of republican voters specifically. half of them, full half of them say their health care is about the same as it used to be. 10% of them say it's actually
1:19 pm
better since obamacare and 40% say it's worse. but he has to do well on this issue in the state because on his other big issues -- this is a border state. you'd think they'd be all for that wall but when you look at arizona voters polled, by a fairly significant majority they say, don't build the wall and don't want illegal immigrants deported from arizona or from the u.s., either. so, the issue that really resonates here is obamacare. hillary clinton was here yesterday, had a big rally. she thinks she has a shot in this state. latest polls have been a little better for donald trump, up about four percent but still in play. >> a good many of them, nine of the battleground states separated by two poundses or three points. that's jeff flock in arizona. want to -- we are in the middle of earnings season. and usually pass a earnings because there are thousands of them that come out this time of year, four times a
1:20 pm
year, the company report cards. cbs in the entertainment community, up 2%. earnings and revenues slightly beating expectations. this has been a theme out of media companies. fox entertainment, a parent of this company among them. again, showing a willingness on the part of people to buy movie tickets to go ahead and pay for major events, that sort of thing but won't go crazy but it does if your buying the economic barometer thing. it looks good, and some interpret that as a sign that the economy is saidy at show goes. crazy politics not withstanding. we're looking at donald trump in north carolina, and the mad dash four someone to find a way to cobble together 270 electoral votes. the argument is that mr. trump has a harder time getting there. i'll say this, it was a lot harder for him about four days ago.
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will bement i want you to look at four different presentation's of the electoral map. a map i dare say we could not have drawn this way just last week at this time. eric mcknight, a political commentator in washington. i want show the one that shows donald trump winning all the romney states, and then picking up a couple of others. and then that scenario, he has more than the 270 needed. it is an uphill battle, a narrow path that isn't picture perfect right now. how likely is that path?
1:25 pm
>> well, i can actually see the map you have up there, but i can speak to it because electoral college math is my favorite thing to do and it has been for 20 years. >> really, you have to get out more. go ahead. >> i know. i would say that donald trump is certainly going to win ohio. i'm from ohio. ohio is at its core a republican state. even though obama won it both times. he only won by three percentage points in 2012 and 2006 when sherrod brown and ted strickland won, the height of the culture of corruption in d.c. and i really think that is at its core a republican state. demographic trends show that donald trump is probably going to win iowa, but the rest of it is where it gets tricky. has to win florida and is doing much better in florida right now. he has to win north carolina, and that is why you are seeing the clinton campaign pull out all the stops -- >> which could explain -- if you
1:26 pm
gave north carolina to clinton, things get hairyier. >> i think this is the only path. he has to win colorado and we did just see that university of denver poll come out this week that shows them both at 39%. there's a libertarian streak out west that could throw things off. voters could go for the third-party candidate. so he has to -- >> who that's third-party candidate. who are they taking votes from? >> that's the tricky thing. we have to watch on election night itch think gary john is so the one who gets the vote but it's anyone's guess who gary join would -- johnson would pull from. he has to win either nevada or new hampshire, one of those two, on top of all of those other states, in order to win. he has been doing well in nevada and we just saw this new "boston globe" suffolk university poll
1:27 pm
come out in new hampshire that shows them tied. things are moving in his direction in new hampshire -- >> we should say he was trailing for a while in double digits in new hampshire, at least by eight points nine days ago. did want to ask you something about the movement that we have seen. i don't remember so many states turning to this degree in such a short time. what do you make of just that? because there is scenarios he could get to 270 or better than offer far more options than were available last week. >> i was think about that a lot today because in the last two elections we have seen all of swing states go one direction. the last time we saw the swing states split was 2004 and that was a really tight race and we're talking about wisconsin in 2004, the bush campaign put a
1:28 pm
lot into wisconsin at the very end. you might remember slashed tires, part of the turnout operation in wisconsin but bush didn't get wisconsin so i don't think that's a realistic state for republican. republican hoped it would show a tie but hillary clinton is up six points but i think we'll see the swing states split in half this time. so we have to watch closely on election night. could be it goes into the next morning. might remember in 2008, north carolina was not called until the day after election day. so this could be really exciting. there's are for, like, 24 hours. >> so bring out the red bull issue guess. >> yes. >> the scenario and the impossible ways donald trump could win has changed mightily. >> is it me or getting stories on wikileaks or fbi
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simulation initiated. ♪ [beeping] take on any galaxy with a car that could stop for you. simulation complete. the new nissan rogue. rogue one: a star wars story. in theaters december 16th. talk about'ing thrust into the spotlight. melania trump wanted nothing to do with it originally. today people said she did a pretty good job and the female votersing to hillary clinton, maybe not.
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cincinnati. it would be frond page of the anytime. ill he must immediately withdraw from the race. what he did is disgracele. the don't even write about it. >> down to citing the president, pointing them out, which is why a lot of press who go there, go out the door with the fake mustaches which is comical but a
1:34 pm
sign of the times. howie, what do you think of that? he has turned this into a campaign cause, that the media is the problem. certainly gets his audience jazzed. >> yeah. trump has been running against the dishonest media, the corrupt media, pretty much since he got into the race but has intensified because there has been such an avalanche of negative coverage of donald trump, some legitimate, some not, some hype. far less media scrutiny on hillary clinton. >> do you think there's been any evidence that the media is guilted into cover more of the wikileaks stories. more of the e-mail revelations because what i have seen in the "washington post" and "new york times," is more fault going against comey, the fbi director, than the clinton folks. again, i might not be catching all of these stories.
1:35 pm
>> well, let's start with wikileaks. for weeks it was covered at a very low level because mostly clinton advisors taking swipes at needy latinod. the and then two days where it exploded into the media. front page, before the followed, "new york times," "washington post," "the wall street journal" ask then cbs and nbc nightly news. what's when we had the e-mails about bill clinton inc. and panel at the top of her campaign saying hillary clinton had terrible instincts and pathological inability to apology. then the next wake, comey's e-mail about the fbi inquiry and that blew everything off the screen. >> what is your sense where this ends up. i'm always looking for a another surprise. but whether this same ratio of critical trump -- again issue tell people on the right or left, it's inarguably. more than and -- a lot of people
1:36 pm
on the left say he deserves it. whatever. that this disproportionate critical coverage will be more unfair to donald trump and that's just the way it will be, right through the election. >> right now we're all getting swept up, as you did in your last segment, the maps and can he win colorado or new hampshire and so the fact that donald trump, despite the fact that many pundits said this is over, let's talk about who is going to be in hillary's cabinet. so competitive now that will become the dominant story. but the fbi investigation, although it's eased off a bit after the clinton campaign with help from the press made comey the story, and hillary clinton running against jim comey rather than donald trump but given the crazy is in of this campaign, i deposit see the overall ratio changing because even some mainstream media critics said donald trump is such an unusual and unor know docks and
1:37 pm
dangerous character we have to -- >> that's the later point and that almost an obligation to tell people that or feel they have to. very quickly, though, is it your sense here that the media is recognizing that its stories are unbalanced but they feel that is their duty to just keep pointing this out because so many of them have editorializes he is just dangerous. >> the opinion side and you get that from the right, too, national review weekly standard, i think there's a recognition that perhaps collectively the press has gone overboard on donald trump but two things there. one is a built-in hostility or skepticism towards trump as president, and also trump stories rate better and provide more clicks online so that economic incentive. >> you're exactly right. that i think is the case. which us why i think secretly
1:38 pm
would welcome a trump presidency good business. >> four years of great news. >> and great ratings. >> and controversy issue mean. >> you got it. thank you much. speaking of that ticket, what republicans will do to respond to the criticism they get, they just went right back. ted cruz and mike pence doing just that right now, spending a lot of time. ted cruz did eventually start mentioning donald donald trump'. has not been liberal about it -- he has in michigan. a little more after this.
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1:42 pm
immediately spending that excess cash he has, a lot more than most people thought and beginning to run the ad. just the latest example here. he is has not always been able to do that because he has been at a disadvantage bus at charlie gasperino sported the money is coming in. the questions for how long and will it be enough? bundling community folks who gather that stuff up. what are you hearing now? i heard the $100 million figure mentioned in month of october. what you got? >> it's 1 -- the campaign says they have a pretty good october. from what i understand, since last friday, they got a surge in contributions. i think it's telling that -- last friday is when james comey, the fbi chief announced the reaping of the e-mail case against hillary clinton and donald trump polls numbers have been doing a lot better. markedly better. we also hear sheldon adelson is
1:43 pm
stepping up to the plate. so, it's all good coming from the campaign. my only issue -- i think they agree inside the trump campaign -- do they have enough time make this work? i think the e-mail thing and the obamacare premium impresses gave trump a lot of wind. if that occurred earlier might have had some more time to tease this out a bit. the problem is that they only have days to go, and it just might not be enough time to close the gap because they do have a very narrow path to victory. they have to win a bunch of battleground states that are trending blue. >> what are you hearing? >> this shows me the small money donations coming in, shows me that this is once again- -- validates my opinion that donald trump is a movement. bernie sanders was a moment. barack obama went over the hedge with the fact that the small donors, people giving under $250 and that signature my identifies more of a movement. this is really important --
1:44 pm
>> is it too late, though? good to have this cash bus is it it too late? >> not really, because what he can spend this money on is ground game, ground game, and grassroots ground game. and this is where it could be a very big game-changer -- >> always see that stuff as even more than important than the ads. >> you're right. >> up -- >> roar right -- >> that remark. but what do you think? you want to get that vote out and hillary clinton's people have almost the buss and van at the ready and gassed up and running in people's driveways to do that. >> let's go back to the master class. barack obama in 2008 and 2012. particularly 2008. where he kind of surprised everybody and beat hillary clinton for the democratic nomination and became the president. he first got big donors, bunch of wall street guys to seed his campaign. when a lot of money -- he used
1:45 pm
that to create the foundation of the campaign, and then stepped it up with the small donations and that created a tremendous ground game. he used that formula, less though for wall street because they went for romney in 2012 -- but still used the formal, big donations to create they same infrastructure in 2012. donald trump's infrastructure is almost nonexistent until recently and that's a huge problem on tuesday. >> we'll see about that. one thing that is amazing how much donald trump has done without any of this stuff. and has been blessed by the fact that hillary clinton and her people can't get out of their own way. scandles keep coming up. is it your sense that he's got to close the dealt by getting those voters to the polls? got to get that ground game going? can he do that? >> he knows he's got to do this and everybody around him, and now finally including him. he knows he has got to close the deal. and this is the biggest thing that he has ever done.
1:46 pm
and i think that is why at these rally you're sewing him more presidential and 0 more serious trump and one thing he is stress is the fact you have to get out and go vote. just don't come to my rally and do ra-ra but go vote. that how he is closing the deal and that's what what you're seeing in him now. >> guys, thank you both. i love getting e-mails during the segment because people see things through their prism. one says, neil, quit sucking up. has the promised you a job? report writes cavuto you're such a hillary clintoned toady. i regret you survived your operation. that's just wrong. but man, oh, man, must be the heat of politics. the latest on melania trump and how she did, after this. ♪
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love for this country is something we immediately shared with when i met donald. he loves this country and he knows how to get things done, not just talk. he certainly knows how to shake things up. doesn't he? >> melania trump on the campaign stump. i was reading she's not going to change the women vote with one speech. it's not about changing all the women voters. it's about enough to tip the election for her husband or present her husband in a better light with women. and maybe more than that. democratic strategist jessica
1:51 pm
tarlost is here. kathy lynn, did she do that? >> i think when he two days in a row, tenth inning home runs. she did a very, very good job. what she did that was so really smart is she spoke from the heart. one thing about the trumps, they have to give mr. and mrs. trump credit for is they are genuine. you know who they are. unlike the secrecy in which hillary clinton shhas shrouded herself. she spoke about a topic she knows well as a mother and independent work and that's civility. she hark she harkens back to civility. she made this elegant. >> you never want to be sechixi with these things. as you know, i'm not. this was an effort to win over so many women who have been alienate ordd or not like donal
1:52 pm
trump for what he says. she gives a compelling speech. does it soften his image for some women who say i will vote for him? >> so i think that melania trump is uniquely positioned to talk about issues that women care about. in her speech she did talk about women who have been left behind in the system, women concerned about providing health care for their families, women who are unemployed, women living in poverty. i think that all of those people are women that often get ignored by the republican party. you know, like it or not, women like me and other women on this panel are going to be the ones that are going to decide this election. right now, we currently have a party, the democratic party, who is saying, here is all this free stuff to fix all these things. we're not hearing a narrative from the right explaining why small government and conservative policies are going to help fix those issues better in the long run.
1:53 pm
i hope this is really something that melania continues to talk about. i hope to hear why conservative policies and small government principles are going to solve those problems. >> whether that's her that does that, i don't know. jessica. do we put too much stock in the others of the can't? republicans have had a field day trying to draw bill clinton in with everything about hillary clinton. does it work? >> i think so. i agree with the other melania . i find it ironic she was talking about cyber bullying she wanted to focus on and her husband is the biggest cyber bully of them all. >> how is he a cyber bully? have you been reading any of the wikileaks stuff? >> that's private. i'm talking about what he does on twitter. i thought it was interesting she was talking about people going out there and going after people, especially children, going after their looks and things like that. >> are you as a woman more prone
1:54 pm
to hear the wife of a candidate who has been criticized the way you just did and give him more of a benefit of a doubt? say well -- >> i think it's an interesting perspective to hear about donald at home. i think the spouses do matter. we have seen how important michelle obama has been for barack obama. now what she's doing for hillary clinton today. bill clinton as well. he gets criticized, but he has been a successful campaigner for her. he was even in '08, even though she didn't win. in 2012 he did the job for barack obama. he has been out there for her now. >> he will be an economic czar. we are told he will not just be first man, in the event she were elected. malo melania would be addressing cyber bullying, making that a cause. what do you make of that? >> well, it's troubling if bill clinton will be the economic
1:55 pm
czar should hillary clinton win. we're still recovering from the bill clinton economy. his welfare extension is believed to have created the deepest level of poverty our country has seen since the depression. that's troubling. >> i would say his economic record was pretty good. >> he inherited a good -- it was the very low government spending and the percentage of gdp -- >> i will say, we judge presidents on their terms and what happened to the economy. we had a good market run. >> economic cycles are long. your point about melania -- >> do you think this will move the needle at all? >> i think a lot of conservative women like me who are going to ultimately end up deciding this election will be touched and will appreciate that melania is bringing up issues that voters like me care about. i could really see her reaching a specific audience that her husband cannot. >> can i just add quickly, she was right now -- she was in
1:56 pm
white suburbs of pennsylvania. donald trump is down 27 with white college educated women. that's a group mitt romney won by six. i do not think -- >> i wish you had said in it four seconds. >> i will get it out faster. >> ladies, thank you all very much. do you see this? take a look at this. just found fact we are live this weekend. it gets better after this. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent.
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world. life is complete. the cubs did something. hello. see you tomorrow. hello, everyone. this is "the five." there are stunning new details about another investigation involving hillary clinton just five days before americans go to the polls. the fbi has been investigating the clinton foundation for more than a year. looking into possible pay for play deals between the former secretary of state and donors to her family's charity. according to sources of bret baier, this is a very high priority propelled by brand-new evidence. let's bring in bret now. he is the anger of "special report." if people haven't had a chance to see your show last night and what sort of follow-up you have had today. >> two sources with


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