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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 4, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> i can't believe we are here. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first." it is friday. you made it through the week. >> four-days to go. gar at the time tiny is -- >> good morning. donald trump and his campaign taking advantage of every minute between now and tuesday's presidential election. the campaign riding a wave of momentum from the legal woes. trump and his running mate mike pence spanned out across the country. the candidate hitting new hampshire, pennsylvania and ohio. he will begin his packed schedule in the granite state where the two candidates are running neck and neck. the latest poll giving a slight
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advantage to trump who has been touting his rising poll numbers. >> the polls have been amazing. rasmussen 3 points up nationwide. we are leading in ohio. we are leading in iowa. we are leading in florida. we are leading in new hampshire. we are leading all over the place. it's a great honor. >> melania trump giving us a glimpse in theish awe see sh pos will pass on as first lady talking about cyber bullying. our culture has gotten too mean and too rough especially for children and teenagers. donald trump praising his wife for her performance. this may not be the last we hear from melania. last week trump said she will give two or three more speeches
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before election day. >> is it tlae more? >> two to three more. >> she is going to be busy. >> the clinton campaign as hundreds more deleted e-mails are released. >> key swing states hoping to distract from the growing fbi investigation. >> we have the latest. do you think she can distract people from all of this? >> that's going to be a hard thing to do with all of the e-mails coming out from the state department as well as from wikileaks every day thousands coming at a time. these previously deleted e-mails that were released yesterday were part of the 15,000 the fbi got in search of her server. some were duplicates of those who were previously released. it highlights how she deleted thousands of her work related
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e-mails while she was telling her the public they had turned over every single one. as the investigation into the server continues sources tell fox news authorities are almost certain that at least up to 5 foreign intelligence agencies accessed her server and took e-mails from there. it shows the likelihood at 99 percent chance. jason japheth said clinton is in trouble regardless of what happens on election day. >> no matter if she is elected off defeated congress has a job to do to clean up the mess hillary clinton made at the state department. this is one of the largest breeches in the history of the state dechlt you have allegations of a quid pro quo discussion. >> hillary clinton's campaign tells us she has no plans to even mention the fbi's
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investigation on the campaign trail over the next five days. yesterday in north carolina where she is neck and neck with donald trump she held a pair of rallies including one with bernie sanders and musician pharaoh williams. in a campaign stop in wenterville, north carolina she continued her attack on donald trump. >> he knows we can see and hear him, right? this is someone who had another rally yesterday said out loud to himself, stay on point, donald. stay on point. his campaign probably put that in the teleprompter. stay on point, donald. stay on point. >> she is traying to come from behind into michigan and pennsylvania two states where trump has been picking up in the polls. >> so many swing states neck and neck. >> the two investigations kind of merge into one.
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>> thank you, garrett. the tale of two candidates. mike huckabee says differences between trump and clinton make it an easy choice. >> i think now more than ever he is going to win the election. look at the candidates stump. he is the happy warrior out there having fun. hillary is not having fun. the difference is this t. you have trump who looks like the happy warrior, hillary looks like the lady who didn't give anybody candy on halloween taurineded her lights of oh. the trump or the grump. americans want to vote for somebody that looks like they are going somewhere or not someone who looks like they are sorry they have gone somewhere. >> trump or the grump. >> some volters not into it. the vast majority of americans
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are disgusted with the election. 82 percent of you are sick of it. >> hillary clinton may be remembered for the november surprise of a lifetime. julian assange says it has nothing to do with russia. >> i said multiple times russia was the source of publications. that is false. isis is funded by saudi arabia and qatar. money from the very people who were giving money to the clinton foundation. i see someone who is eaten alive by their ambitions. >> that was an interview with an australian broadcaster that was just published yesterday. he promises more bombshells when it airs on kremlin tv sunday.
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>> the flood keeps on coming. in this 2014 e-mail she sad any idea whose fighters in tripoli. he's ware reof sending on private e-mail. yes and interesting but not for this channel. >> brush him as hard as you can. >> podesta says i agree with that in prns pell. where would you stick the knife? >> four house republicans telling the web site the hill they expect ryan to step down after tuesday's election. rumors are swirling because he faces an uphill battle to win a two-full year term leading the house gop. a spokesperson for ryan denies that report.
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>> currently the battle ground states in the find days. >> i just left by the way miami. in leaving i see air force one. he's down here campaigning for crooked hillary. >> florida could determine the fate of the nation. we are live with the brand new score card showing which way the polls are swaying. >> how likely is it that hull ry will be indicted? >> hvillary for prison. a student is tossed out of class for the t-shirt she is wearing. changes to make things right.
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>> four-days to go. it is an all out fight in the election. polls showing a dead heat between the candidates. we are breaking down a brand new fox news poll card two states turning to trump. what are you hearing?
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>> thanks to early voting and vote by mail, more than 40 percent of florida's registered voters have already cast their ballots. that is more than 5 million votes. as always, florida is the big electoral college prize with the 29 electoral votes. to win you need to get to 270 nationally. here's how the fox news political team puts it if the election were right now. hillary clinton with 283 in the bank. trump with 192. toss up 63. it will come down to the 63. donald trump doesn't think hillary clinton should be feeling confident but worried. >> we aleading in florida, we a leading in ohio, i think we are leading in north carolina. doing well in pennsylvania right there. but we are leading all over.
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>> but not right now in florida. it is an absolute tie according to the real clear political poll average. 46.1 to 46.1. that is close. that is why florida every four years is always heavily fought over. early voting continues in florida today. the clinton campaign announced last night that saturday, tomorrow hillary clinton will once again return to south florida to urge her voters not to sit at home but to get out this weekend and vote early for her. >> florida is a must, must win for both of them. in four-days we will have the final decision. we continue our count down series issues that matter. this morning race relations. how the candidates plan to make
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things better. >> over the last two years looted stores, burning cars and racial tensions have been splashed across television screens as symbols of african american frustration with the power structure. >> the black vote manifested as anti trump he polls in the single digits and that's an improvement. it has never been pro clinton particularly after a three word mess step in the primaries. >> all lives matter. >> wikileaks show in an effort to win both votes clinton used a phrase yo ma ma in a speech. the clinton campaign is said to be in a panic over black voter apat apathy. hillary hit the sunshine state hard and enlisted the help of the president. >> i will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if this community let's down it
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is guard and fails to activate itself in this election. >> she gets help from black leaders at a rally but she is not helping the individuals. >> black people are tired to coming to the the rescue if you will in the democratic party election after election and not getting anything in return. >> donald trump has jumped on that sentiment focusing on poverty and violence. he said blacks have supported democrats for decades and have exploited their vote. >> look touch block people have suffer issed under democratic control. to those i say the following. what do you have to lose by trying something new like trump? >> old campaigns tame presidented to appeal to the young black voter choosing different words both candidates promise to get guns away from clintons. clinton says gun control, trump says stop and frisk.
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clinton says retain cops trump says law and order. trump says the new deal for black america tax incentives loans by businesses and a pledge to take on gangs. in a short time we will learn if it motivated voters. >> unfortunate we haven't spent so much time or any time on the issue. >> 17 minutes after the hour. fresh beards dumped on someone's doorstep. >> the second amendment days before the election. what's behind the sudden surge? >> ♪
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>> more proof donald trump may be right about voter fraud. dozens of ballots are taken to one count. 10 ballots in mer mailbox addressed to different people. the chairman says add this to the number of voting problems in the state. >> a lot of people say they registered to vote have a ballot and called up and there is supposedly no record they have been registered to vote. >> the election office says that mysterious ballot dump appears to be an isolated incident because of a computer glitch. >> a surge of illegal immigrants overwhelming our schroedborders they are demanding action. they emphasized the crisis
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something border patrol agent chris cabrera told fox & friends it is disastrous to our national election. >> we are packed to the guild. it is insane the amount of people that are coming in. what is even scarier is we are releasing a vast majority in the united states. >> this comes as the obama administration is accused of falsified records. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> i am having a friday dance party. we will start right now. >> i can hear the music. >> it is friday and we are worried about voting next week. it is finally here the election ladies. let's talk about the temperatures. in some cases it does not feel like november out there.
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70 in houston a little cooler across the northern plains and upper midwest 59 in san francisco. looking at the map at potential showers and thunderstorms that will be the deal as we head into next week. we a system across the mid atlantic. otherwise looking good. this is for today but we are concerned about tuesday voting day. in texas in the southwest that's the to be watching ore the next couple of days. there's the forecast for tuesday. there is no reason for you not to get out to vote. we don't have any major symptoms th -- systems that are going to come across the u.s. we could see showers maybe a pop-up thunderstorm. otherwise look at that map. no reason not to get out on tuesday. i think we will have a huge voter turnout.
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>> that's about as good as it gets for the weather. >> you won't be blaming the weather person. >> we never blame you in i way. >> friday dance party coming back. >> everybody is going to dance next week because it will all be over. >> 24 minutes after the top of the hour. the fbi is making the case into the clinton foundation a very high priority. how likely is it that hillary clinton will be indicted? >> we will be asking a former fbi agent. he joins us next. stay with us. when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth.
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2:28 am
ground states while their surrogates fan out in a fight to the finish. >> talk about leadership, what leadership? >> we not only have a future we can believe in but what we can help create. >> people are looking at trump as a more serious candidate and starting to make that judgment. >> he is beholden to no one but you the american people. >> anybody who is upset about a "saturday night live" skit, you don't want in charge of nuclear weapons. come on, man. >> the latest polls showing donald trump trailing hillary clinton by just three points. it is neck and neck, heather. >> you look at some of the other polls in the individual states one or two points. >> you are watching "fox & friends first." it is friday. i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather childers.
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nice to have you with us. fox news team coverage for you. barrett tenney covering the clinton camp and the ever growing e-mail investigation. >> we start with patricia stark and the trump battle ground blitz. >> donald trump and his campaign taking advantage of every minute between tuesday's presidential election. the campaign riding a wave of momentum since hillary clinton's legal woes. pence his children and melania covers to up states. hitting three key battle ground territories new hampshire, pennsylvania and ohio. he will begin the packed schedule in the granite state where the two are running neck and neck. the latest suffolk university boston globe poll has clinton and trump tied at 42 percent and donald trump telling supporters do whatever it takes to get out
2:30 am
and vote next tuesday. >> no matter how you feel. if you are so sick, if your doctor gives you the worst prognosis. says jim mae or jane, i am sorry to tell you you won't be around for two more weeks. doesn't can make a damn gbit of difference. you get out of bed and you vote. >> melania trump giving us a glimpse into the issues she will be attacking as first laid dae. she is promising to work against cyber bullying telling the crowd oir culture has gotten too mean and too rough. donald trump praising his waive for her perform rance. this might not be the last we hear from melania. last week trump says she will give two or three more speeches before election day. we will see about that. >> surprised with that announcement, though.
2:31 am
full crisis mode as hundreds more deleted e-mails are released casting a shadow over her campaign. power hitters to help her out with the growing fb vifshg gages. >> we are live in washington, d.c. with more on that. we have 350 more hillary clinton e-mails from the time as secretary of state. the state department released the latest batch part of the 15,000 e-mails they found in the investigation of the private e-mail server. they were previously released but hey lights how clinton's team deleted thousands of her work related i mae-mails while was telling people she turned over every one. authorities are now certain at least up to 5 foreign
2:32 am
intelligence agencies accessed her e-mails and server some that contained classified information. clinton is in trouble regardless of what happens on election day. >> no matter if she is elected or defeated the congress has a job to do, and that is to clean up the mess hillary clinton did at the state department. this is one of the largest breeches of security in the history of the state department. >> hillary clinton's campaign tells us they have no plans to discuss or mention the fbi investigation over the next five days. she will be busy campaigning in swing states across the country where the polls are tightening. yesterday she held a pair of rallies where she's hoping president obama's popularity where they will turnout the crucial african american vote. >> everything we have done is dependent on him being able to pass the baton to somebody who believes in the same things he does. i am ready to grab that baton.
2:33 am
he is going to have to bend down for me to be able to reach it. >> you can see which states they are consecrating on. bill clinton in colorado. joe biden in wisconsin and president obama again in north carolina loon gnaw. heather and abby. >> garrett tenney live for us. garrett, thank you. >> you got it. >> they are echoing what donald trump has been saying all along about that. a oo do you think those ballots are properly counted? i know they are all saying of course everything is so legitimate. perhaps i am a more sceptical person. >> investigating cases in iowa, nevada, missouri and florida. what are they looking for and what might it mean for election day? hear to weigh in kelly rendell. >> you have this going on in a
2:34 am
number of key battle ground states some of them early voting going on for some time now. how real is the threat? >> the threat is real. we saw this summer two voter registration data bases being hacked in arizona and illinois. by what they think is russian hackers. we have nearly half of the state having bases penetrated. abc news said four of those states have been successfully penetrated. this is a real concern in terms of the voting machines and hacking going on with they will. the u.s. has such a diverse system. a coordinated attack is difficult to pull off. that's what james comey said. it is raenable to think some states would be targeted by
2:35 am
foreign hackers. >> do they want to get the personal information to use that? >> in the the cases this summer it was to get personal information and sell that online. then you have people, a democrat from california who said it is not if the foreign hackers are going to hack, whit is when. >> what can people do about it as they think about voting, they think about the future, the reality that we all face going forward, what can we do to stop this? >> paper ballots. that's the sure fire way to make sure your vote is counted in these battle ground states where every vote matters there's a paper trail. it is an old method but a sure method. 46 states requested from the dhs officials to have their voter systems basically cleaned up and do a swipe on them to make sure there are no bugs there is no fraud. the problem with that is it
2:36 am
takes a while for dhs to get the systems and clean them up. by november 8th all of the systems will be hack frae. when you are voting make sure who you are voting for comes out at the end. we have seen cases where people want to vote for donald trump and it flips to hillary clinton. >> this matters more than ever as we are showing everyone how important these are nationally and also in the key battle ground states. this is something donald trump has been talking about. doesn't have the potential to impact the outcome. donald trump will say wait a minute this is not okay. >> like i said before it is really hard on a national level to coordinate a national attack. in some battle ground states peps pens and north carolina loon gnaw and georgia all have old machines that have no paper trail. all of those states are very, very close. if you are a voter and you need
2:37 am
to go to the local authorities and report it. >> good to see you this morning. important issue. >> the tame is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. under the gun. new support for the second amendment days before the election. a closer look at what shined the sudden surge. >> a vil investigation. why the fbi is taking a closer look at its own twitter account coming up.
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(announcer vo) the new pixel phone by google. only on verizon. okay, google, show me korean restaurants in boulder. (google assistant) i found a few places. (announcer vo) the only network than can power the first phone with the new google assistant, unlimited photo storage, and a stunning vr experience. how is this possible? (announcer vo) so buy a pixel, only on verizon, and get up to $400 back. and right now get 20 gigs and four lines for just 160 with no surprise overages. all on america's best network. >> 20 minutes after the hour. ahead of the election has some fearing a win from hillary
2:41 am
clinton could restrict their second amendment rights. x we have the record breaking numbering. an issue that is on the minds of many. >> with four-days to go gun rights are back in the spotlight. back in october 2.3 million background checks were processed a new monthly record. it is not because hunting is in full swing it sl set the election for the tone of gun ownership. the candidates have different visions. >> we have a moral obligation to reduce gun violence. i am willing with your help and the help of responsible gun owners to stand up to the gun lobbies. >> hillary wants to take your guns away. wants to leave you unprotected in your home. >> if hillary clinton is elected and the senate goes to democratic control the likelihood of stricter gun laws
2:42 am
is apparent in the sales numbers. according to analysts congress will be under pressure to act in particular because of the rise in mass shootings and violence against police officers. gun control groups also have a close eye on the supreme court vacancy. antonin scalia wanted the right to bear guns in the state's capital. >> are you concerned about your second amendment rights? log on for a debate using the hashtag keep talking. >> bombshell blow to the clinton campaign just days before the el lex. the fbi now making their investigation into the clinton foundation a quote very high pray otherity. sources telling fox news an indictment is likely. what evidence could the fbi actually have and will they allow a follow -- will they follow through with an
2:43 am
indictment? let's check in. >> great to see you heather. >> we have all of this information that is now coming out. two different investigations and fbi agent has been quoted as saying also there's an avalanche of evidence and information. what evidence and info, facts do they mean? >> i think if you look at this the unit conducting this investigation from the fbi is the international corruption unit, which would specifically put into place to look at international corruption of public officials specifically federal political officials. with that strategic agency looking at it and those squads, there are three squads strategically placed throughout the united states. those are the los angeles field office, new york field office and washington field office.
2:44 am
we know those three offices have been identified in lacking into the clinton foundation coupled with the little rock arkansas division of the fbi which makes sense because of the ties of the clintons with little rock. as far as evidence goes -- >> there's the information that fox news broke, the deal that was made, the transaction between morocco that was $12 million and the clin foundation. all told that added up to $28 million to morocco alone. >> correct. ng that was from podesta's e-mails and wikileakwikileaks. that is cooperating information for witnesses who will gather evidence and gathering documentation and that's why it is strategic to go ahead and get the subpoenas for those records so they can corroborate what they are already getting from other sources.
2:45 am
as bret baier has reported some of these witness interviews are the third time the witness interviewed. whenever the fbi is interviewing you for a third time there is a reason for that. with the information we know agents are talking and stating off record there's an avalanche of information and evidence and that an indictment is probable if not impedeed by the justice department, you can be sure the fbi has this locked and keyed. >> when you hear about communication issues between the different agencies do you think the doj has impeded this investigation and stopped the fbi. you hear allotted about that being reported as well. >> i absolutely think so. here's one of the main reasons. the fbi has a political appointee into the whole organization. that's director comey. you look at the department of justice it is a litany of
2:46 am
political appointees lynch men for the clintons and for the obama administration and it is littered throughout. that's why you are seeing all of these leaks from the department of justice right now saying there's an internal turmoil within the fbi. i am telling you from everybody i have talked to, fbi agents and employees are all behind director comey 100 percent. i sense between the fbi and department of justice through out the department of justice. >> jewel dwran assange says the leaks are not coming from rsh shaw. we aired interviews he gave to an australian broadcasting saying that. do you think the fbi is behind all of these leaks? >> well, with bret baier and katherine her raj i think they are getting multi source from the fbi, it is who they are sourcing that to.
2:47 am
megyn kelly said it is not normal for the fbi to have this many leaks. the fact that they are counter attacking the fbi at some point in time you have to put it in perspective. all of the senior executives are agents who worked 20, 25 years within that agency. the last thing they want to sees the hard work to seek justice for all americans go to waste by political inquiry. >> all of the stuff she is facing in the clinton foundation alone. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, heather. >> so interesting. we want to check with bray an kill mead to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." they have scenarios where donald
2:48 am
trump wins, the one state he has to win in every occasion is florida. >> who is going to turn the blue red and can he hold all of the red states? he has to be perfect. is he on that track? perhaps. isn't it amazing. in the monitor i spomehow made her feel like i can be depended on. >> it is true. >> after extensive booking ainsley is booked, rude key giuliani and geraldo rivera just by going in a the lunch room. it couldn't be more exciting than just four-days to go. >> thank you so much, brian. >> thank you shore showing up today. >> you owe me. >> we will be right back with you on "fox & friends first." stay with us.
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make history. nothing more inspiring than watching someone blow a load, come back, blow a lead and come back to wint whole thing. that would be amazing. the fbi is investigating its own twitter account. carley shimkus is here with the latest on that story. >> not something you hear every day. the fbi is conducting an internal investigation into its own twitter account after it posted documents regarding a controversial pardon made by bill clinton. the @fbi records account was dormant for years but it sprang
2:53 am
to life this week. it tweeted about donald trump's father calling him a philanthropist. then on tuesday, the account posted a link to a 129-page heavily redacted document from clinton's pardon from mark rich 15 years ago. the account posted lirngs related to the investigation of general david petraeus and hillary clinton's private e-mail server. they were to benefit donald trump. the fbi saying a computer glitch was responsible fortune expected tweet. >> how many glitches. >> those pesky glitches. >> speaking of tweets, trump was tweeting while she was on the campaign trail. i loved her blouse. she hit the campaign trail in her first sews speech since the republican national convention. as first lady, she said she would put an end to scyber
2:54 am
bullying. >> i posted this watching my beautiful life of melania speaking about our love of country and family. we would make you all very proud. >> why didn't she put it out sooner. >> she was trending on twitter. all over twitter. outrage after a student was tossed from class after a t-shirt she was wearing. >> high school student in florida was yanked from class and threatened with suspension for wearing a t-shirt that said hillary for prison 2016. she was told to change because the shirt was causing destruction in the classroom. >> those girls were intolerant of my views and my beliefs. and that's teaching them that's okay. >> the girls began talking loudly about how awful trump supporters are. her father had to pick her up
2:55 am
from school early so she didn't have to serve the suspension. >> unfortunate that this campaign has had -- mean girls. >> that was five minutes to the top of the hour. the final countdown it on. donald trump and hillary clinton crisscrossing battleground states. >> a closer look at the key focus in their final weekend before the election. changes to make things right. we've eliminated product sales goals for our retail bankers. to ensure your interests are put first. we're renewing our commitment to you.
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here's what's happening today. >> the campaigns are -- hillary clinton, donald trump hitting ohio and pennsylvania. clinton rallying in michigan and trump in new hampshire. >> in philadelphia, transit officials for a parent to take legal action forcing to striking workers to return to their jobs. if they don't reach a deal, the main concern breaking up the gridlock so people can get to polls on tuesday. >> the celebration in chicago. it continues as the city gets set to honor the world champion cubs. the team will leave wrigley field this morning. they're looking to take a victory lap and hold a rally in grant park. >> what an emotional win. >> winning. election headquarters. 67 straight hours kofrgt election starting here, monday, 4:00 a.m. and be sure to tune in to a special edition of "fox and friends first" this sunday at
3:00 am
5:00 a.m. why would you want to watch anything else? >> we'll have it covered all night long. 67 hours straight. >> i can't believe that we're almost at the finish line. >> we're here. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a good friday. well, i'll tell you what, i am ready to grab that a baton. he's going to have to bend down for me to be able to reach it because you know erks a tall man. >> if we win in november, we'll once again have a government of, by and for the people. >> you have trump who looks like the happy -- hillary looks like she didn't get candy on halloween, shut her door and turned the lights off. >> to get contracts in haiti, they actually said is this


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