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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  November 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we hope you'll be here tomorrow to join us. >> that's right. don't be confused. i know it's shocking on a weekend. we see the wrong people. but we look forward to seeing you and thank you so much for joining us today. >> america's election headquarters starts now. we will see tomorrow and all throughout the weekend. fox news alert everybody. the end of this thing is finally near, i promise. only days away. hello, everybody. i'm marta maccallum. thank you for being with me this afternoon. four days until america decides who will be the next president of the united states. very big deal. hillary clinton's team out in full force targeting the all-important battle ground states from pennsylvania to michigan to north carolina where the fighting is extremely intense right now and donald trump and his folks have an ambitious travel schedule as well. he just wrapped up a rally in new hampshire where he reminded voters of how he got where he is
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today. watch. >> i learned so much in new hampshire because i see this place. it's so beautiful. to me, it's one of the most beautiful places, nice beautiful winding roads, even the roads, the trees and the little lakes and streams. and i sat down because i have so many friends up here, i worked hard during those primaries. remember, i was supposed to lose the primary. i won in a landslide. >> he would never remind you of that. and then our team standing by with the latest on the wikileaks release. in the battleground state but let's start with jennifer griffin live in cleveland covering the clinton campaign. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, martha. we are here in ohio. hillary clinton will be heading here later today for a get out the vote concert hosted by jay-z. a new ad targeting republicans who they believe care about national security. it features the admiral the
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director of the situation room on 9/11. a lifelong republican. and she explains why she is voting for clinton and why she thinks donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. clinton appears to be making a push to appeal to republicans and women in the final days. she began speaking in pittsburgh where she was introduced again by mark cuban. >> he has a long history of insulting people. it did not just start in the campaign. you can go back and find what he said about all kinds of folks and one of the things i discovered in preparing for the debates which i was kind of surprised by is that he took out a full page ad in 1987 to criticize president reagan. >> she was of course referring to donald trump there. yesterday, she was in north carolina campaigning with grammy award winning musician pharrell williams. concerning about flagging poll
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numbers especially among african-american voters cause them to turn to pharrell williams among others and the president flew to north carolina from florida today. in dc last night, clinton aide huma abedin who has not been on the trail since the bombshell attended a fundraiser hosted by anna wintour and not been contacted since last friday's revelations and huma abedin appeared at that fundraiser. sources tell me as of yet, the fbi has not found any classified information on that computer belonging to huma abedin's estranged husband despite reports out there, all sorts of reports out there with various tidbits that have been leaked from these investigations. >> quite a week for her. jennifer, thank you very much. brand new e-mails from wikileaks revealing candid discussions behind the scenes on the clinton campaign. ed henry in washington. new intrigue today about hillary
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clinton's i.t. specialist and sounds like colin powell really gave one of them a hard time. >> reporter: yeah. let's go through both of them. very interesting adding more intrigue to the whole e-mail scandal. first of all, brian tayan pagal. sort of joked about the situation and political predicament of 2015 for the clinton camp and then issued this serious warning saying this situation seems suboptimal. said represent me, you still a member of the bar? finally going to do a slew of interviews, which will no doubt be viewed by friends in the press. too little too late. she writes back, not represent, more like buy you advil and items. bryan was one who retrieved all
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of our e-mails for maurer ra to read. maybe that's why he's avoiding testifying. we checked. it appears maura is from 2008. that's interesting suggesting maybe pagliano had something else going on with the clintons from years ago and that's why he's not talking. that's interesting and so is this e-mail. colin powell, you'll remember the clinton camp recently said he had the same set-up as secretary of state and not necessarily true. he used a personal e-mail account but not a personal server as secretary of state. this e-mail, march 2015, the scandal first breaks. he writes, good talking to you. it was a breitbart story about the clinton camp trying to say powell did the same. you really don't want to get me into this. i haven't been asked or said a word about hrc and won't unless you all start it. so a little shot across there from colin powell but would add
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recently despite his frustration, he still endorsed hillary clinton and not donald trump, martha. >> absolutely true. so in terms of this whole thing, because i think most of us picture you in your office just basically up to your nose in wikileaks piles. so weed through the piles and what are the most salient things you've extracted so far? >> three or four big picture points that have been reveals about hillary clinton as a candidate. some we already knew and some you may have suspected but confirmed they're in black and white. number one, remember these wall street transcripts, bernie sanders was saying for a long time, he wanted those things. they finally came out here. hillary clinton talked about how she wanted open borders and you need a public versus a private position and then you had all the attacks on catholics, latinos as well. and a potential quid pro quo with the king of morocco $12 million on the condition that hillary clinton go meet with him
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and remember cheryl mill saying we need to clean this up. president obama saying, wait a second, you know, i didn't know about this e-mail system and need to clean this up. the president saying, kind of leave hillary clinton alone and getting involved in this fbi probe. very interesting. >> very. very interesting. ed, thank you so much. hillary clinton trying to make her closing statements and jennifer griffin mentioned sort of soldiering on without her long time aide huma abedin who did make it to the fundraiser. >> will you be out on the campaign trail soon? >> i guess she didn't want to answer that. alex with us today. served for marco rubio and a political consultant for fire house strategies and emily, campaign director at the center for the american progress action
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fund. welcome to both of you. good to have you here today. you look at what's going on. very tight race at this point, emily and how much of it do you think is what has changed the dynamic and tightened things up so much when you see the list from ed? >> i don't think it makes a huge difference, honestly. there's been discussion ad nauseam about clinton and e-mails and people don't totally know what it is but they feel like there's something bad every time you talk about clinton e-mails even though everything that's come out has actually not been bad. so the problem for clinton is that it feels like smoke, smoke, there might be fire but never any fire but so clouded, difficult to wade through. yes, it's a huge deal or i think it's a lot of noise and i think she's the right candidate. >> let's take a look and then we want to go to alex at some of the shift that has happened in the polls. some call it the comey effect and she has lost her lead. this really lays out quite clearly. florida flipped.
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arizona flipped and nevada flipped and north carolina went from plus 2.4 for hillary clinton and now at a tie. the only other thing that's significant in that time period is the focus as people opened their obamacare premiums. two big issues that may have turned this thing. >> i think there's no question the comey effect is real and that ever since the fbi announced it's still investigating hillary clinton, her numbers are in free fall. she went up 7 points nationwide to up 2 or 3 points nationwide and now a competitive race going into next tuesday and i think it's because a lot of americans realize that if she is elected president, we'll have a president elect under investigation by the fbi and don't know where it ends. that's bad for the country irrespecti irrespective. i'm not a fan of hillary clinton and don't mind her if elected president, i would hope her domestic agenda wouldn't be crippled but scary to have a president so weak, under investigation. i think that's why a lot of republicans are coming home in the final weeks.
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>> what it was like to live in the last clinton administration when you had a president impeached, dispbarred and these scandals hang around the clintons, honestly, do we really want to go through that for another four years ago potentially? >> i understand that people certainly feel that way and have that concern but when you look at the contrast between the candidates, trump actually has trial dates set and he has lawsuits against his company open, that are active and even just this morning on your own network, giuliani said he basically knew that comey's letter was coming a week or two before. >> he had spoken to people former fbi officials and given him that feeling based on what they thought. nothing wrong with talking to a former fbi official and made it clear he hasn't spoke to anyone at the fbi but in terms of these
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things hanging around, i'm not making excuses but a lot of companies have lawsuits they deal with. it's a fact of life but when it's a public issue, a taxpayer issue and the foundation still being under investigation, it does seem according to these numbers there has been some impact so she's got to dispel over the next few days and move people beyond that, alex. >> if the closing arguments are about the fbi investigation into hillary clinton, she's into real trouble going into tuesday's election. if she's able to change the focus back to trump and trump's own personal problems and history, that's good for her. when you watch the two rallies, he they're not talking about themselves but smart for both of them. >> still ahead in all the numbers and that's the bottom line as we look at this but he seems to have the momentum. so it's a fascinating dynamic you've got heading into the last few days. emily and alex, always good to hear from both of you. happy friday. so the presidential race tightening as one of the places where that's happening is coloradoon
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and donald trump are now in a dead heat. in play are the states' nine electoral votes. in denver today, her home state. the latest on what's happening there. alicia? >> reporter: we've talked about this. colorado considered the swingiest of the swing states and up until a few weeks ago, this appeared to be hillary clinton's state to lose. she hadn't spent money on tv here since july and wasn't visiting and then came a renewed focus on her e-mails so this week, a university of denver poll shows trump and clinton in a dead heat as you mentioned when third party candidates are included and this state is now getting a lot of love from the campaign. today, former president bill clinton is speaking in three different cities. chelsea clinton, bernie sanders tomorrow, for trump, running mate governor pence and trump had been here eight times since
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the nomination. clinton back on local tv with ads and spending money again. more than 1.5 million people have returned to their ballots according to the call of secretary of state's office. this morning, democrats are outpacing republicans so far. it doesn't tell us for whom they have voted. the unaffiliated count. 430,000 who could break either way. this is the first presidential election in this state where every active voter receives a ballot in the mail to either mail it back or like some folks are doing, come by and drop it in one of thedsse election boxe. >> thank you so much. breaking news on house speaker paul ryan. a lot of buzz about him today addressing whether or not he will continue as speaker. did you hear the reports this morning? he says, well, stick around. we'll tell you when we come back. >> two kinds of people in politics.
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republican vice presidential nominee mike pence teaming up with house speaker paul ryan in wisconsin this weekend in a show of support for senator ron johnson in a pretty tight race with democratic opponent. somebody ran up against once before. senator johnson trailing by 4.7%. that is down from 7 points. just a few days ago and wow, were they wide apart over the summer. feingold way ahead. all of this as reince priebus said he's confident that republicans will hang on to the senate. >> i don't want to put a number on it but i think certainly 51 or more and i feel good that the number will be more.
11:18 am
as of today, we will hold the senate, absolutely. >> joining me now on the phone from the campaign bus on the road is wisconsin senator ron johnson, senator, welcome. i know it's a busy time. >> martha, how you doing? >> well. i looked at the graph from last summer the today and you're still behind in the real clear politics average as we just showed but you managed to tighten that quite a bit and i know there's another poll showing you guys neck and neck. why is that happening? >> it is neck and neck. i think it's because we're out here and senator feingold, 34 year career politician has little good to show for it and his entire campaign has been false, negative. >> i mean, specifically, what issues do you think are driving that narrowing? obamacare? an overall look at the presidential race? specifically. >> two things. i've got a record of
11:19 am
accomplishment. he lied about it. recognized he lied about it. he said in wisconsin, the implication of obamacare priebus doubled and tripled on the individual market and used to be able to afford insurance and gained full-time employment. so he remains proud of his vote and the same things like, it's not as bad as people pretending it is, so i guess wisconsinits are looking at his record. a poor record. >> i gotcha. let's talk big picture for a moment in terms of wisconsin in the presidential race. as we said, mike pence and paul ryan are going to be speaking together over the weekend which will be a very powerful image for republicans in that state no
11:20 am
doubt. paul ryan was asked just a little while ago if it's true these reports this morning that he would resign or step down as speaker in the coming weeks. he said that is not true. any thoughts on that? >> well, you see right next to me, it's not true. paul is a patriot. a person of real integrity and courage, ideas. and he's doing the same things. concerned about the direction of this country and he's got real solutions, better agenda and that's what he's out promoting and that's what we want to do is working to do. >> he's committing to not going anywhere. he wants to remain speaker for the foreseeable future? >> again, i'm not going to speak for him but he's not giving up speakership and i'm sure his colleagues will reelect him because he's a person of integrity, political courage and that's what we need at this moment in time. >> he was also asked about donald trump and, you know, a
11:21 am
lot of people have been avoiding using his name on the campaign trail. your thoughts in wisconsin at this point in terms of the largest presidential race. you think people should have been behind him more solidly throughout this process? there's a lot of friction between paul ryan and donald trump. >> paul already voted for donald trump. and if you travel around wisconsin, there's a great deal of enthusiasm. i see very few hillary clinton for president. we see hillary for prison yard signs. all kinds of donald trump yard signs. the crowds are fantastic. they're incredibly enthusiastic about the entire ticket up and down both. so this is an awful lot like 2010. so i think the enthusiasm is on our side and the corruption being revealed by hillary clinton's e-mail scandal and senator feingold has his own
11:22 am
e-mail scandal. we've got the enthusiasm on our side. >> all right. i'm up against a hard break. thank you for calling us from the bus. a fascinating take in wisconsin, a tight race to watch. reince priebus has his eye on wisconsin. he's from there. some states seeing record numbers with early voters in the race. making sure those votes are secure. for lower back pain sufferers,
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we are counting down now to election day as you have no doubt noticed. officials from nearly every state ask the department of homeland security at this point to make sure that the vote is secure. secretary jay johnson addressed that moments ago with the
11:26 am
integration center. we learned two voting systems in illinois and arizona had in fact been breached. remember that? live in washington with the latest on this. so how serious a threat is this cybersecurity issue to what happens on tuesday, doug? >> reporter: in terms of a threat to distort or manipulate or change the vote count nationally, probably not much. and the reason is the voting system in the united states is deeply decentralized. elections are done state by state as we all know and within each state, district by district and polling place by polling place. even electronic voting machines are not connected to the internet in the vast majority of cases. a senior white house official told fox news today that it would be extremely difficult including a nation's state actor by cyberattack or intrusion. that said, there is little doubt among national security experts
11:27 am
that russia under president putin has been trying to disrupt our political process. 48 states have asked for security help from the department of homeland security. >> the u.s. intelligence community is confident that the russian government directed the recent compromise from u.s. persons and institutions including from u.s. political organizations. next, these are intended to interfere with the u.s. election process. >> can't get any plainer than that. wikileaks in the embarrassment of debbie wasserman-schultz during the convention and john podesta e-mails that are damaging the clinton campaign. but others remain skeptical of russian involvement in those hacks. julian assange in an interview with australian filmmaker slated to air tomorrow is that russia is not behind the podesta leaks.
11:28 am
confusion about this. >> keep an eye on it. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. so as this presidential race gets tighter and tighter by the day, hillary clinton is losing ground in a few states that she did have and about 60 electoral votes on most of the maps we have been watching over the last week or so. we'll talk about what's going on there and new voting rules in more than one battleground state and ballots that may not be counted. tabs on this all across the nation. we'll be right back. >> maybe mr. trump did something that made you feel uncomfortable but this election is way bigger than about your feelings. what's going to happen to the supreme court? what's going to happen to the economy? what's going to happen to jobs? ♪ before it became a medicine, it was an idea.
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tough news. u.s. officials say three members of our military were killed today outside a base in jordan. one died at the scene. two others died from injuries at the hospital. military officials say shots rang out as a car carrying the americans tried to enter the air base which is just south of aimman. one of jordan's own officers was wounded in this. jordan is a key ally to the united states and the coalition that is being led there against
11:33 am
the terror group isis. lots more to understand about what has unfolded in that sad news and loss of u.s. service members today in jordan. back here at home, and back to the election, new voting reforms in ohio prompting concerns about disqualified ballots on election day. small mistakes like using cursive to write your name could lead officials to throw out your vote. some ohio democrats arguing the law isn't applied equally across the state. digging into this in columbus, ohio today. does this benefit one party over the other? >> reporter: democrats think it is hurting democrats because a review showed counties with big cities in tell seem to be quicker when they're deciding whether or not to toss a ballot or not or seem to toss them out than less populated parts of the state and also found it happened 3,000 times in 2014.
11:34 am
so we went to the franklin county board of elections to figure out how this process worked and they said if there's a minor error like most of your birthday is filled in right or the last four digits of your social security number are missing, they'll try to track you down and tell you to fix it but if you don't fix it, the ballot is not going to count. >> all that we can do is follow the ohio revised code, what it lays out and the directives given to us by the ohio secretary of state. we're not allowed to make arbitrary decisions. >> reporter: so again, 3,000 ballots tossed out in 2014 but that was an off-year election. they expect experts with more people voting in the presidential year, they will be more ballots that get tossed out. >> any effect on voter turnout, peter? >> reporter: it's interesting. early in-person voting is up but early requests for mail ballots are down.
11:35 am
we sat down this afternoon at a lunch hour with the secretary of state from ohio who said he thinks that is more of a problem of enthusiasm and also says that it looks like that would benefit trump. >> in all counties, the early vote is down but it's down further in counties that barack obama won versus counties that mitt romney won. so if you're going to extrapolate from that, a dangerous thing to do, you could say even though enthusiasm overall is down, it's the down more in counties that barack obama won versus counties that mitt romney won. >> reporter: and the secretary of state also explained that he thinks some of the diminished enthusiasm is because neither campaign has done a ton of get out the vote events here in ohio which used to be the crown jewel of all the swing states. >> surprising. peter ducey, thank you. hillary clinton in the battleground states today including michigan.
11:36 am
bill clinton seen here making a surprise visit on wednesday night. he showed up at a faith community leaders meeting in detroit. hillary clinton also spending time in detroit in an effort to boost hillary clinton's appeal with african-american voters and also out with jay-z today on the campaign trail and donald trump making up some ground on clinton in michigan. he's closed the gap which was 11 points at the end of october and it is now less than 6 in the real clear politics poll average. michigan, clearly something that everybody is watching closely. fox news contributor and jana caldwell with caldwell strategic consulting. good to have both of you here. michigan is getting very interesting and clearly the clintons are not taking it for granted, richard. she is there in detroit and we saw him at that event the other night. they're taking it very seriously. >> absolutely are. i just left michigan, detroit, a
11:37 am
few days ago. a close election. do i think michigan votes for donald trump? i don't think so. i think hillary clinton will squeak out a victory there. i think the e-mail cloud is surrounding the clinton campaign, taking them off their game day message but what we saw from today's jobs report, an increase of incomes across the board. is this good enough? absolutely not. but it's a step in the right direction and hillary clinton with these final days that are going to take to the finish line but close, no question. >> no doubt. that get out the vote machine will be working in high gear but in terms of the economy, i think it's pretty tough, giano, to argue to people in places like detroit and the rural areas in michigan that the last eight years have been good to them. >> i agree with that. when you look at those job numbers, you see 94 million people aren't participating in this economy. that's what the report shows.
11:38 am
it's hard for hillary clinton to build a case to say she's going to do better for americans and going to be the third term of president obama. in addition to that fact, when it comes to african-americans and trying to have them coalesce around her, it becomes a very tough task because of the politics this week, black lives don't matter to hillary clinton but black votes matter to hillary clinton and when it comes to black voters and especially college-age voters, they're having a difficult time with the wikileaks that come out and beginning to see her as the new cruella deville of politics. >> let's look at the quinnipiac university poll showing clinton ahead in north carolina. 48 to 46. and richard, you know, we remember donald trump in michigan and believes it was there and spoke to people and said, why not give me a try? what you have been trying for the past 25, 30 years and the
11:39 am
people you have elected especially in places like detroit have not worked well for you so why not give me a try? >> a couple of responses to that, martha. i don't think that donald trump has an authentic conversation with the black community. he's never been in any of the urban areas so went to visit but didn't go to detroit. broward but didn't go to kendall. he's not having an authentic conversation with the african-american voter. i will say this, i'll give donald trump credit. i think his message has been phenomenal in the last few days, we should have heard it months ago but not how to fix the issues happening in african-american communities and he has a track record that is atrocious when it comes to african-americans. his company was sued for housing discrimination in the late '70s and early '80s and we could not forget what he did in the central park five, the five gentlemen part of mob that basically falsely accused them
11:40 am
of murdering a woman. donald trump cannot be trusted and african-americans know it. >> you see them in the cases which were quite a long time ago. i don't know how relevant those specific cases are to, you know, average people who live in this country today and who are experiencing economic distress. >> well. >> you made your point, giano what is more relevant to the african-american voter today. >> i was wondering, i was going to ask richard if he thinks hillary clinton and the clintons could be trusted when it comes to the black community because their record is truly atrocious. talking about millions of folks, hundreds of thousands of people going to jail because of the policies enacted by hillary clinton. i think that's problematic. >> just a correction, hillary clinton did not implement. president bill clinton signed that bill. he's not on the ballot. people at home understand, he's
11:41 am
not on the ballot. hillary clinton is on the ballot. >> more one point. democrats, and don't get me wrong. i think the bill was awful but what democrats understood even cory booker said let's get criminal justice reform done. donald trump has not even mentioned criminal justice reform and the republican senators refuse to give it a hearing or a vote. so if we have a conversation. [ talking over each other ] >> hold on. obviously, there's a lot of concern about the african-american vote. because we saw tremendous turnout in 2008 and 2012 for president obama. he is not on the ticket as we all well know. so whether or not those areas and those individuals, a piece of the vote that's one of the fascinating stories in this election. i think a lot of people are not necessarily on the lines from before but we'll see come tuesday.
11:42 am
gentlemen, thank you so much. good to have you here today. nc talking to a crowd of medal of honor recipients. not as brave as them but financially brave. we'll talk when we come back. changes to make things right. we've eliminated product sales goals for our retail bankers. to ensure your interests are put first. we're renewing our commitment to you.
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may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. analysts say at this point m in the campaign, donald trump is closer to winning the white house. at no point closer to this but facing an uphill battle. stay with fox news sunday with chris wallace about the the final strategy to see the strategy. that's when the news begins after the hour. we'll see you then. so numbers indicate that military veterans are lining up behind donald trump. many admire his blunt talk about
11:46 am
jumping into wars without a real plan and remain among his most loyal supporters. may comment in regard to that. watch this. >> joined by a number of those admirals and generals and seven medal of honor recipients right behind me. they're so much more brave. i'm brave in other ways. i'm financially brave. big deal. these are real brave. >> warrior liaison for and a former bomb technician and a veteran and fox news contributor. first of all, thank you very much for your service. it's wonderful to have both of you with us today. let me go to you first. do you find that comment offensive? >> not at all and at this point in the race, it's going to be tough to offend me. you know, i was outraged at the comments over senator mccain. i've been outraged at things, we go up and down, not a big deal but honestly, it's
11:47 am
misinformation. i don't think it's intentional. and at this point, you have to make a choice. you can choose to take the high road for third party candidate and won't get anywhere or hillary clinton and donald trump and if i have to make the choice, i'll choose donald trump and not going to waste my time getting offended by the little things. >> let's look at the numbers. donald trump leads hillary clinton by 19 points among veterans registered to vote. he trails her among voters across the board which numbers you're looking at right here and back in mid october, 43% of veterans expressed a favorable view of him in a gallup tracking poll and 31% saw mrs. clinton positively. when i looked into that sound bite, thought a moment ago, in a weird way, thought he was being self-deprecating. how did you read it? >> i thought so too. done things i never had.
11:48 am
i was financially brave. that's not real. the media will try to churn up whatever it can to make him look bad. veterans know what he's saying and he appreciates them and he's fighting to fix the v.a. that underserves them and unleash them and get rid of the political correctness that's poisoned our services and untie the hands of our fighters. veterans like trump because trump wants to win and believes in america. he believes in crushing our he doesn't tiptoe politically and blunt about believing in america. that's something in our core that veterans resonate with even if everything he says isn't perfect. >> veterans are not a huge slice of our society because there are a few number of people who are brave enough to do what you guys do so in terms of affecting the vote, joey, do you think veterans will turn out in large numbers? >> i believe they will and i don't buy that they're not a large slice because some states like florida or georgia, a high veteran concentration but people in the household, 60 million or
11:49 am
70 million people affected by veterans issues and commander in chief, i don't trust him. he wants it both ways. iraq was a big mistake, beat up on bush and go after them, tell the veterans the things they want to hear but one set of issues i believe is just as important and that's the v.a. i want someone to put jeff miller in charge of the v.a. the chairman of the house there in the affairs committee during pelosi's town and you'll see just what a horrible person he is much less affairs issues. it's a tough fight and he brought jeff miller up, one of the first advisors announced. that's enough for me. there's not a candidate that represents me but if i can see jeff miller take charge of the v.a. and do things we need desperately, that's enough to sway my vote. >> fascinating. we'll leave it there but thank you to both of you. obviously, impassioned and veterans have so much at stake
11:50 am
and we will see how the turnout and what numbers they turn out to vote on tuesday. thank you gentlemen for your service once again. so it is possible to tell how one state may go. perhaps on election day based on early voting results. is it? some say yes. we have a live report from a very key battleground state that may shed some light. we'll be right back.
11:51 am
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11:53 am
to nevada, another could i battleground state with six electoral votes up for grabs. latest real clear politics average has donald trump with a slight lead over hillary clinton in that state. voters turning out housicly. may have a window into how the state will go. jonathan hunt is live from las
11:54 am
vegas where we were a couple weeks ago. early voting ends today. how is it looking? >> reporter: state officials don't break down the number of voters voting for any particular candidate in this early voting stage, but they do give us a clue by giving us the numbers of party registration, and right now, those numbers are more encouraging for hillary clinton than donald trump. that is because according to officials, some 37,700 more registered democrats have so far voted in nevada than registered republicans. according to the -- that figure alone is significant and means that donald trump will need a huge turnout on tuesday of republicans to bring that gap. both candidates, of course, know that nevada's six electoral college votes could be crucial. they have both spent considerable time campaigning here. trump will be back tomorrow. and both have said that
11:55 am
surrogates, donald trump, jr. gingrich was here on behalf of trump and hillary clinton sent her husband to rally young voters. >> i want you to claim four future and finishing this election strong. want you to go see every friend you have and don't let anybody sit on the sidelines. le. >> reporter: and the real clear politics average of polls, currently gives donald trump a two-point lead here. it is razor thin. >> what a race. and you have the joe hack cortez race as well for the senate, which will definitely play into the balance of power issue. >> reporter: yeah. joe heck has had a small but consistent lead here. senator harry reid, who i retiring, put on am i'm ears yesterday saying we're in trouble. we broke the news. listen to her response. >> i haven't seen that put i can tell you here on the ground, we are working hard and everything
11:56 am
looks good and it's just right now about turnout. making sure we're get people to the polls. >> reporter: we asked dr. heck for an interview and he did not responsibility but both sides agree it's going to come down to turnout on tuesday. >> looks that way. thank you very much. to chicago, throwing one heck of a parade today. it is a party that has been over 100 years in the waiting. look at these guys. having a blast out there today. world champions. holding back nothing at the moment. we'll by right back. for lower back pain sufferers,
11:57 am
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oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home. so apparently nobody is working in chicago today. city officials estimating five million people turn out for the cubs' victory parade honoring their first world series in more than 100 years. the parade kicked off this morning from wrigley field. thousands lining the streets to
12:00 pm
catch a glimpse of the champs. 2.7 million people live in chicago and you have 5 million people showing up. congratulations to the cubs. happy weekend. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in wilmington, ohio, where donald trump is prepare fog speak live this -- preparing to speak live this afternoon because ohio -- we're also expecting to hear from president obama, former president clinton and hillary clinton herself, as their strategy apparently shifts to try to hold democratic territory. so, today from sea to shining sea, campaign coverage as we take you to colorado, california, north carolina, iowa, florida, and nevada. we're also watching the fox news electoral score card for any changes. yesterday we saw some states swing towards trump in this very hour. what will today bring? and remember the election of 2000? when the supreme court decided it all? what would happen


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