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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  November 4, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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monday night 10:00 p.m. all of the time we have left. a.j. is going to catch the football on the way out. everyone cheer her at home, she is really nervous. ready? @!@!
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as we head into the final weekend before election day, one thing is abundantly clear. there has never been an election quite like this one. nor has there been one covered in the way this one has been. to discuss that let's bring in my old friend chris wallace host of "fox news sunday" who joins us from new york. so, chris, as you have observed this down these long months, what has most struck you as being different, unusual, unprecedented? >> i think this is the most disspiritting campaign i have ever covered and i go back to 1980. the most negative campaign and the most issueless campaign. if you were to listen to the basic messages that the two candidates are putting out, he is saying that she is a crook. she is saying that he is a creep. and that's the basic message that the americans are supposed to take into the polls. right now when they're voting and up to and including tuesday. >> you know, it's interesting about that, chris, because i think both candidates, when they are on
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the stump and through the day of campaigning will talk about issues and the positions they take. but it seems to be the case, and this is certainly not the first time this has happened, that what they say about each other makes more news. >> that's certainly true. but i have to say that i really do think and look at the ads as well. this is usually the point in the campaign where go positive. and you want to say here's my vision for the country. and instead, he is linking her to anthony weiner and pervert and she's, you know, talking about all the things he has said about women. >> ku klux klan. >> and disabled people. it's really an almost unrelievedly negative campaign. that's one of the reasons that most people, up to and including me, are really fed up with it. >> well, and the other thing is, have you ever seen a campaign in which the voters are going to the voting booths with so little taste for either candidate? >> well, that's part of the reason and i think ultimately, you know, look, they both went in, months ago, with historically high unfavorable ratings.
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and usually, you can't turn around. i mean, if you are hillary clinton, you have been in public life for 30 years. you're not going to suddenly make people like you if they don't like you. so all you have got to do, your own strategy is to make them like the other guy even less. and i obviously, with trump, you saw those high unfavorables during the primaries and i think he has had the same strategy. make her negatives even greater than his. >> yeah it, does seem to be the case, doesn't it, chris, that the extraordinary amount of live coverage of trump events that occurred up into the primary season and all the way through it, had the effect of expanding his support in a set -- part of the republican base, but it seems also to have driven up his negatives with the broader population. >> yeah. i think that's right. and that's just the way he conducted this campaign. he went for a niche of the republican party and it was a good niche. it was 13 million, 14 million people that was enough to easily win him the
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nomination. but it's not enough to win the presidency. he needs 60% to 65 million voters and that's his big problem now is to try to expand that niche and obviously he has done a good job. is he within a couple of points of her. he has a couple of people over my dead body going to vote for him. he has to find a way to expand that base to get up to 60 or 650 million people enough to win the presidency. >> i was doing this program the other night, chris, and i had an exchange with general griffin who is on the clinton campaign, of course, and she was in the campaign bus, press bus. and the press bus was moving and she's doing a live shot on to this broadcast and i thought to myself how very different that is from the way it was when you and i were covering campaigns back in the 70's, 80's, and even into the 90's. just tell folks how different was that? >> well, you know, it's funny that you say that because when i saw her reporting live from the campaign bus, i had exactly the same reaction.
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not only didn't we report live. we didn't have cell phones. i mean, we had to wait until we got to a stop until we got to a land line or god forbid even get to a pay phone and start putting the change in to make the phone call. and, you know, you working at abc, me working at nbc, we had to worry about one show a day. i had to worry about the 6:30 evening nightly news. and that was my only report. so there was a lot of time and i think it was an advantage to us because we had a lot of time to report. a lot of time to think. and these poor young people today, i mean, i don't want to sound too much like an old fogy but, you know, they have got to report every 10 minutes. our news cycle is 24 hours. there's is about a minute and a half. >> yeah, it's very different. chris, you tonight have to worry about seeming like an old fogy when you are on with me because i have got that role wrapped up. >> no. i think i give you a good run for your money. >> all right. chris. all the best. thanks for doing this. >> you bet. >> folks, don't miss this week's find "fox news
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sunday" and fox broadcast on the fox news channel as well. governor mike pence will join chris. check your local listings for the time in your area. and we should note earlier today bret baier corrected part of what he reported on the show on wednesday night. bret reported that an fbi source believed secretary clinton's email servers were hacked by five foreign intelligence agencies. earlier today bret set the record straight on that and this is what we know currently. there are no digital fingerprints or hard evidence of a breach. many at the fbi are working under the assumption that there have been breaches or a breach, but the evidence still does not point to that. we also wanted to clarify this. at this point there is no certain at this in the fbi on whether secretary clinton will be indicted in connection with a pay-to-play allegations related to the clinton foundation. what we do know is that the fbi continues to investigate the foundation in addition to her email server and her emails themselves. we regret the need to make a correction. and to hillary clinton
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fretted when issues of gender pay gap arose about the campaign. ed henry takes us inside today's wikileaks email
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a fresh batch of clinton campaign emails provided by wikileaks provide glimpse in the way workers discuss things in a way they wish they didn't have to discuss. fox correspondent ed henry joins us. >> as donald trump makes his final push before election day, one theme he is not
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letting up on is the charge hillary clinton does not have the stamina to be president. >> did you see her at the end of the debates, folks, she was exhausted. you know what she did? she immediately went home and went to sleep. >> while trump's negative ratings are nothing to write home about, republicans have long been suggesting clinton stays off the campaign trail to draw attention away from her own unfavorables. but when one republican strategist tweeted about clinton getting rave reviews from the press, despite a light schedule on the summer of 2015, some of her closest aides embraced it. success, we are driving the republicans crazy, wrote clinton spokeswoman christina shocky, boasting about hiding the candidate. >> hello, detroit. >> another new email released today shows that much like the media, clinton herself hardly expected trump's candidacy to take off. instead clinton seems flat out obsessed by jeb bush and
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getting into the weeds by personally directing her staff to launch specific kind of opposition research against her potential republican rival. she was asking about what we found on whether jeb actually reimbursed his super pac for anything, wrote clinton fox newses director jen palmery, i told her we were still going through it staffers also had a near meltdown when republican primary candidate carly fiorina publicly suggested the clinton camp had a gender pay gap. even though clinton claims pay equity would be one of her top priorities as president. >> if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> her advisors openly admitted they didn't even know if they were paying their own women fairly. quote: we are going to keep getting hit on this one
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isn't going to count. >> if we get absentee ballots or provisional
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ballots that don't have the proper information that we at the time could not accept those, we send them a letter and they have 10 days to get us the information, for instance, if they didn't provide a social security number, the last four digits of their social security number or a drivers license. >> there are democratic groups though who think these rules are only followed strictly in heavily democratic areas like counties in ohio with big cities. one lawyer who represented the ohio democratic party in a recent lawsuit about all this tells reuters that quote: it's a clever scheme to shave off democratic votes. republicans contest that charge though and the republican secretary of state told us today that democrats are actually the ones who have been trying to unfairly gain an advantage by complaining every time the state purges voters who have been inactive for more than half a decade. >> if you don't vote for six years, we send you a card and then you don't vote for six years, you get removed from the roles.
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and a democratic organization challenged the ohio law in that respect. they wanted everybody who had been removed from the voter rolls, including deceased voters and people who have moved out of state, they wanted them reinstated. >> obviously if this election does turn out to be really close in ohio, there will be a lot of scrutiny on why some ballots were discarded and others were not. brit? >> peter, thank you. at one u.s. public university, handing out copies of our u.s. constitution landed some students in trouble with the police. campus those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing.
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now time to take a look at some of the craziness at campuses across america. students at the university of red lynns in california were blocked from holding a, quote, funeral for halloween because college administrators thought such an event would cause emotional and psychological harm for students. in an email obtained by the
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college fix, a university employee also said fliers for the event couldn't be distributed because they were not labeled satire. students did publish an obituary for the holiday which says halloween is survived by his or her hollywoods including groundhog's day, valentine's day and fourth of july. unfortunately the same cannot be said for thanksgiving, columbus day and christmas. all which are rapidly following victim to political correctness ruthless reign of terror. as has been documented in previous editions of campus craziness, haul scene the regular target of universities. just this year dozens of schools instituted guidelines that discouraged students from wearing costumes deemed offensive. some schools have 24/7 hotlined for offended students. and student at grand valley state university in michigan were threatened with arrests for handing out copies of the u.s. constitution. university police officers approached the students and told them they were in violation of the school's solicitation policy. the website campus reform, which covers college news published video of the incident online. watch.
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>> in order to do that then you have got to be approved by student -- state law that indicates for trespass willfully remaining on the property after being told to leave. regardless of whether you are a student or not, we have to engage in that in which case we have to fill out forms. and if you continue to stay here, then we will need to arrest you. >> the students complied with the officer's request and did not continue to hand out the constitution. grand valley state university told fox news that the students are welcomed to hand out the constitution, but must get approval from the school and do it in a preapproved room on campus. students at harvard university meanwhile want to shut down on campus showing of the comic on are a -- the 19th century show negative japanese stereotypes. harvard production based on reworked script and set in a hotel on the las vegas strip. as written, the show is set in a fictional town in
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japan. the harvard crimson reports the group even rewrote entire songs replacing numbers such as gentlemen of gentleman which gentlemen of the strip. those efforts did not satisfy critics who say the reworked shows fails to critically deal with race. if you have a campus craziness story let us know. email us and tell us all about it as campus craziness as the fox we would preach hearing from you. one college something of a safe space from these examples of college craziness hillsdale college in michigan. for decades hillsdale has maintained its independence by refusing federal funds. over time hillsdale has continued to use the same curriculum that had has for decades it remains the only nonmilitary academy in the united states, for example, that requires its students to take a course on the constitution. to discuss the campus culture that our segments on craziness, the president of hillsdale college dr. larry arn joins us. thank you for being with us. >> hey, brit. thank you. it's good to talk to you again. >> how did we get to a place
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in american education where passing out the constitution on a college campus can get new trouble with the police? >> well, the bureaucratic rules, right? solicitation policy. when i heard you read that i wondered if we had one at hillsdale college and i don't know but i would be astonished if we do. and, remember, the kids who do these crazy things, they are mostly doing what they're being taught in class. and what are they taught in class? there are these identity groups. and the white one is the one that's not so good. and so their understanding their ability to learn is supposed to be conditioned by what identity group they're members of and they demand recognition for their groups. and that pits the campuses at war with each other. but, gracious, i mean, if you're handed out copies of the constitution, you wouldn't do anything about it unless it becomes a nuisance and people can't get to class and then you just ask them to stop. you know, and confine to a room? i don't know.
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we don't live like that here and i'm proud to say it. >> well, do you think -- how much -- i mean, how much responsibility does the department of education exercise or deserve, i should say, for what's going on on these campuses now? i understand that because of the federal grant money, which comes in the form of scholarships and direct aid, i guess, to universities and colleges, that the department has a great deal of leverage. you, by vitter do you have the fact that you don't take any such money escape that but how much of an effect do you think that leverage is having? >> well, the rules that go along with taking the student aid i happen to know because once a lawyer we have a lawyer in d.c. whose job is to keep the government from giving us any money. i asked him one time to send me title 46 the higher education act and he replied well, there is no use, you won't be able to read it and i thought i'm not a dumb guy. i almost went to law school and i even told him my favorite joke is i decided to get an education instead. and he said i can't read it.
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it's 400 or 500 pages long. we have experts who just read that right. and so the controls are detailed and growing. and they carry very severe penalties for not obeying, complying with them. and, of course, they increasingly have these identity groups who might get their feelings hurt that are to be protected. and the main point to make about this is, relations on a college need to be civil and academic. the word college means partnership. it's something a bunch of people do together. they proceed by arguing and evidence and proof. and you've got to have scope for that or nobody will learn and people will be at odds with each other all the time. and i think that's the heart of the matter, and i think that's what's being busted up now. >> and, do you see any sign that there is any kind of resistance movement building against political correctness on campuses across the country?
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>> in some notable examples, sure. i remember reading about the president of ohio state breaking up one of those very disruptive and, remember, a college has a job. it takes a long time to learn. you get four years for an undergraduate degree. you need to spend the time doing that and if these things disrupt the work of the college, it harms everybody. and i know the president of ohio state last year, i read a story about it, but there are other examples, too, that are very good. and, you know, my job, and people's job who manage colleges is to keep the college working in line with the mission of the college and according to civil and academic standards. >> thank you, dr. arnn. nice to talk to you, sir. thank you very much. >> thank you, brit very much. >> right now republicans have control of the senate but tuesday's elections could possibly swing the balance of power in the other direction. we'll take a look at some of those tight why do protein drinks taste chalky? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy.
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let's take a closer look at some of the tight senate races around the country dry. start with florida where form are presidential candidate marco rubio as you can see is leading on to his lead against the democratic challenger patrick murphy and he is a current congressman, of course. molly hemingway and susan ferrechio. well, it does appear that aruba whose lead has been pretty consistent, it isn't huge, the thinking is he is okay. what do you think, susan. >> i think is he going to pull out wane. it is closer than it should have been. the latest quinnipiac poll has him up by 6 point. and he is also winning. >> the average has his loyerer. >> our recent polling has him up. is he doing well by 16 percentage points over murphy with independents. and as they say, people
11:51 pm
leading by that much with independents rarely lose. >> molly, let's turn to another state. roy blunt, incumbent republican senator in missouri, a state where donald trump is well ahead and where the democrats haven't put any money in the presidential race at all that i can see, is just hanging on. what's the deal there. >> shockingly close race for an establishment, independent -- incumbent republican. he should really be doing much better than he has been doing. but is he running against a very strong opponent who has taken the race very seriously and i don't think roy blunt has taken it as seriously as he probably should have. this also an outsider year, and he is very much establishment. >> he has been here a while, hasn't he? >> he will hang on, probably. >> do you think he will win? >> um-huh, pretty close. >> could you agree with that? >> it's a 1 point race. he knows. >> you believe it's a 1 point race. >> blunt, it's his state. he has been entrenched there for years. he knows how to win it being led by trump too in the polls too that may help blunt pull out a win.
11:52 pm
>> let's take a look at wisconsin, russ feingold, a former senator is challenging the incumbent ron johnson, the man who beat him, fine gold looks like he is doing pretty good. the average suggests that what do you think, molly. >> this is fascinating people thought this was over weeks ago. now everybody. >> talking about the national republican senatorial. >> they have given up on him. >> they have given up. everybody thought it was done. fine gold popular figure. hillary clinton is ahead. all thall of a sudden people are back in fighting this one out because everything is moving in johnson's direction. i do think fine gold will still pull it out. he has the momentum and advantages just in terms of the state keeping it close. >> agree. latest polls have them in a statistical tie. it's possible that jobs can pull out a win on this. >> tough state. >> it is a tough state. >> and, of course, trump has gotten closer there. and i guess has gone in. >> there yeah. >> which suggests. >> closer. yeah. it's closer for trump but he is still not necessarily going to win there. >> okay. let's look at indiana.
11:53 pm
indiana evan bayh, the former senator went back out to run. question about whether he lives there and the real clear politics average there you can see todd young, the republican challenger is up. what about that? >> actually, internals may suggest that bye is leading by several more points than what we're seeing here in that average. it looks like. >> young is leading. >> that young, excuse me. young is leading. bye's 7 point lead basically collapsed over the past two months just by not running a good enough campaign and being portrayed as washington insider and cashed in by becoming a lobbyist and help his staffers getting lobbying jobs. it's hurt him. >> it's a red state, too. >> it's going to go for trump. everyone assumed bye could do well. also someone considered moderate. deeply popular. didn't take the race seriously and young took it very seriously and that work is paying off. he should win. >> susan, molly, thank you. very succinct, very god. coming up, some people on twitter can't seem to wait a few more days for me to be
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let's hear what you have to say. viewer feedback at this points to pour in on twitter about tucker carlson taking over this desk:
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well, thanks for that, sir. please keep the feedback coming. we really do enjoy hearing from you. tweet me using @ brit hume or email "on the record" at that's about it for us tonight. stay tuned for "the o'reilly factor" in bill's talking points he discusses why tuesday can't come soon enough. why so many people are disgusted with this campaign. in the meantime, we leave you as always with our political quote of the day which comes from the journalist and humanist which said in 1991 quote in our brief national history we have shot four of our presidents worried five of them to death, impeached one and hounded another out of office. when all else fails we hold an election to assassinate their character. four days away the election day. full day of coverage as you might imagine on the fox news channel. join us throughout the day and the night on this historic election day. and we'll have a special edition of "on the record" right here at 7:00 eastern on sunday. don't miss that.
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