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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 6, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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check out or mod cat with the same name perino & stirewalt "i'll tell you what," wherever you can find it. >> america's election headquarters in new york and unlike anything you have receiver on newscast here and we are happy in bring you special report from this spot tonight. i am bret baier. we begin with a major sunday afternoon announcement about the fbi investigation into the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. a week after turning the election on its ear, the head of the fbi said in essence "never mind." the director comey today issuing a letter saying based on his agent's review he has not changed his conclusion expressed in july on the investigation into her handling of classified e-mails. here is how he phrased it.
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>> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate the handling of classified information there is evidence they were extremely scareless. looking back at our investigation into the mishandle ing or removal of the classification we cannot find a case of criminal charges on the facts. >> the decision again changes the dynamics with two days until election day. we have fox coverage of the nominee on the campaign trail, carl cameron is at a trump event in suburb an detroit and jennifer grave certain with a relieved christian ton team after another star-studded rally in cleveland. jennifer? >> with only few days until the election fbi director comey sent another letter to capitol hill updating lawmakers and i quote,
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"the fbi investigative team has been working around the clock to process and review a large volume of e-mails from a device obligated in connection with an unrelated criminal investigation. during the process we reviewed all of the communications that were two or from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. based on our review we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. tonight, a one lip statement from the department of justice and i quote, "the fbi and justice department dedicated all necessary resources to conduct this review expeditiously." >> hillary clinton learned of the fbi director james commie's statement before exiting her campaign plane intaff read the a spokeswoman's iphone. >> we are flood to see as we were, he has found that he has confirmed that he reached the conclusions from july and we are glad this is resolved.
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>> in cleveland on stage she was joined by king james, lebron james, and did not address the fbi decision. >> i will be on your side. i will fight for you. fight for your families. ♪ what do you give >> let started in church of christ in philadelphia. in a final days it remains clear the campaign is concerned about turnout among african-american voters and wayne enthusiasm in the wake of the fbi october surprise of comey. the anger was palpable in the philadelphia clump early in the day. >> we saw what the fbi did in martin luther king's day and i am telling you right now, when they come after us, we have to stand together. when they come after her, we got to stand with her. all the election in many ways is about what kind future our country will have. will it be dark and divisive
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calling up the specters of our past? >> she has relied on an army of rockstars, katy perry, jay-z, bon jovi, james taylor and beyonce to get-out-the-vote with polls showing a tight race in all key battleground states. >> i'm with her! >> the talk of winning deep red texas, that is gone, and bill clinton and secretary clinton planned last minute stops with a normal blue state. michigan does not have a large latino population to neutralize concerns about row enthusiasm among african-american voters. >> michigan does have a large muslim american community and tonight in new hampshire hillary clinton will be joined on stage by the voice that is prominent from the community, the gold star father whose son was killed
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in iraq and whose wife was insulted by donald trump. >> thank you, jennifer. news the fbi director is reiterating his july statement of not move forward with any criminal prosecution on the mail matter for hillary clinton is not sitting with with crump and his supporters. house speaker paul ryan not an enthusiastic backer from the beginning of the nominee said and i quote, "regardless of this decision the finding of the fbi investigation is that secretary clinton put our nation's secrets at risk and in doing so compromised our national security. she simply believe says before the law and plays by her own rules." he continues by mentioning the going nominee by name and i quote, "let's bring the clinton era to an end by voting for donald trump on tuesday." carl cameron is in michigan at a donald trump event.
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california? we have not heard donald trump comment on this, the news broke when he was on stage at the last event but he will address it here. his running mate, mike pence, echoed what paul ryan said, that we can end the clinton corruption by electing drunk and doing away with it. in adifficult, the campaign marry, skelly an -- kellyanne conway we know she is reckless and careless and lied. trump is getting all five states that went democratic in 2012 and push hard to expand the map and calling:ton corrupt. >> protected by a rigged system. she should not be allowed to run for president. i'll tell you right now. she is the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. >> trump woke up in blue
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colorado and will end up in blue florida. in iowa president obama won but now trump leads. he seesed on the latest in the e-mail scandal of hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton sending highly classifyied information through her maid who had total access. >> there are rallies in pennsylvania and virginia, both voting democratic in 2012 and canceled a stop in wisconsin wrote paul ryan to hit deep blue minnesota that the g.o.p. has not won for budget in 44 years. he trails clinton in the recent polls. >> she reviewed the campaign in minnesota so do you really want a president who doesn't care enough about your vote that she never shows up? mike pence appeared on fox news sunday. >> our campaign is expanding the map on offense and the clinton campaign is literally on defense trying to shore up blue states
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around the country in the waning days of the campaign. >> tomorrow he rallies in south carolina, north carolina, new hampshire, and returns here to michigan where he is down in the average of recent presidents. secret service had to jump on stage when someone shouted "gun," over a protester. donald trump re-tweeted there was an assassination attempt significance his father but after a lunch security officials found no evidence of a weapon and he returned to the stage and after questioning, the protester was released. trump suggested long lines for early voters around las vegas and dirty democratic returns latino turnout for clinton. >> it is reported that certain key democratic polling locations in clark county were kept open for hours and hours after close time to bus and bring democratic voter in. folks, it is a rigged system.
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>> hillary clinton has brought her share of celebrities and right now wrapping things up is the hendrix version of "star spangled banner," the first star other than donald trump, ted nugent, the birse place of reagan democrats and tonight trump has another rally, a big rally in pittsburgh, won by democrats 12 years ago that he would like to flip. >> thank you from the trump campaign. now, on the big fbi announce announcement, from charles krauthammer in washington, dc. the fbi director saying basically that his statement in july stands. here is another way fbi director commie said it in july. >> certainly she should have known not to have that
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classified information but i think she was careless and negligent. that i could establish. what we cannot establish is she acted with necessary criminal intent. >> so not moving forward on the mail issue recommending for prosecution. your thoughts? >> this is technically a win for secretary clinton but i think politically it is probably has zero affect or if anything, a marginal net plus. she can cite this but the verdict in july was regard mix load she was not indict the it was gross negligence and as you saw in the statement from paul ryan, that is enough to make a case against her. the second thing, it comes too late. 32 hours they will open the polls in new hampshire and this is not enough time for this to be processed and for the
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exoneration to the extent it is to be accepted and become part of the landscape. you need more time. if this happened -- look, she lost 10 days. since the bombshell announcement 10 days ago, she has lost altitude and that accounts for the fact that there are so many swing states. it was fought so before the announce president. those ten days are lost. all the argument, all the case made against her in the ten daze is not erasable and they have had the effect. yes, it is a talking point but, no, at this point, it might, perhaps, stop the bleeding to some extent in some places but at this point wrote think it has an affect of any real importance for the ultimate outcome. >> democratic senator feinstein
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said the october surprise that came only 11 days of with election has unfairly sure the campaign of one candidate and changed the tenor of the election. today's letter makes director comey's action nine days ago even more troubling, and there is no doubt it created a false impression of the nature of the age's inquiry and i believe the justice department needs to take a look at its procedures to prevent similar actions that could influence future elections. >> she is right in one respect, this will never happen again. this was an all-time screw up that will not be repeated. fbi shooting itself three times, in a presidential election, and, twice, with less than two weeks to go, reversing itself it is as governor we had a comey primary in july and a re-cap 10 days ago and now the recount, like florida of 2,000 but it happened before the election. that will not happen again.
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>> charles krauthammer from washington, dc. >> we have fox coverage in the key battleground states tonight, and we go to new hampshire and philadelphia, and jonathan in raleigh, north carolina, and steve is in fort lauderdale, florida the last day of early voting in the crucial sunshine state. >> early vote is about to wrap up with six million people have voted, slightly more democrats than republicans and hillary clinton owns one-point head so far in the poll. so far, the stumping is continuing, with hillary clinton in the area, and bill clinton was in orlando area, and donald trump will be back to florida and saratoga.
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obama won here, a narrow win in florida four years ago and got help from african-american voters and young voters. so far in the early voting both of those groups are underperforming. in hillary clinton is winning this state she needs help from the hispanic voters but they have been everkeying. a key going is the puerto rican voters which have doubled since 200 because of economic troubles on the island of puerto rico traditionally more lib ran that will cuban hispanic. that is a keep demographic. now to new hampshire. >> there are just four electoral votes but they could be mighty the both parts' nominees are appearing in the state of new hampshire. it is close. donald trump has a light knowledge over hillary clinton with 1.6% @!@!
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>> a special report from our brand new newsroom. the fbi director and his latest weather to congress, another big dump of e-mails from wikileaks on a host of issues on the same day a top clinton aide issue add warning on twitter. >> a leaked disclosure from wikileaks, on charitable funds from the clinton foundation, explosive charges from a former intimate. he wrote that there was a preferly unknown investigation into chelsea "getting paid for campaigning using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade and taxes on money from her parents." that came after chelsea accused him of trading on access to bill clinton to help his kilting
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company while band fired back that the former presidential had bigger conflict of interest problems by getting gifts in cash from foundation donors. and added a blunt warning tore the campaign chairman podesta. i hope you speak to her and end this when we go down this road, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal also took another turn today, with the new york post reporting as secretary of state she routinely asked her housekeeper to print out official e-mails on iran and libya including some that included classified information. asked about the maid, an official said and i quote, "we do not comment on the security clearance status of individuals." >> clinton also may have a problem with her campaign's treasurer, washington lawyer who in 2010, secretary clinton got him to run the united states world pavilion at worm's fire in shanghai and he raised $72 million from 66 corporations, including major contributors to the foundation.
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>> a new e-mail shows that raised alarm balls with campaign manager who wrote last your about him saying it look like he is snared up in the conflict of interest stuff not the worst thing in the world but there is a real argument here that he was at the nexus of the foundation and state issues. he became treasurer anyway. and, today, clinton's chief strategist was pressed on a previous wikileaks dump where he admitted vulnerability to allegations of pay to play. >> we sit here today the clinton u.n. continues to take money from foreign governments. >> i will a now authenticate the e-mails we know were hacked through russian interference. >> but the aides could be worried about something bigger and a spokeswoman tweeting if you see a were whoer of wick ice in the next two days it is probably a fake. >> the "probable," a fake, rib, they have challenged the accuracy of non-of the e-mails so far including a none but with podesta writing the server was
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the idea of cheryl mills and that could be why mills urged her not to run for president at all something we had not heard. >> there was an e-mail where podesta said we need to talk about dump the e-mails and the campaign pointed out that dump meant "get get out," and it has to be a huge day for them, wikileaks aside, for this announcement from the fbi director. >> remember, there are two tracks. this is the first and maybe the most important track from the beginning of whether there was classified information on the server the we know this was classified information on the server, regardless of what the fbi is saying, hillary clinton's first news conference on all of in, repeat they say i know the standards, i net rules and the regulations and the law, and there was no classified information on the server, period and that turned out not
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to be true but in july, comey said it did not meet his standard as far as suggesting there be criminal charges and i mentioned two tracks, the second track, the clinton foundation, and that has been looked at by the fbi as well and think about what we have learned from wikileaks it has been a flurry of activity, a flurry of e-mails but when you take ought bout quid pro quo there is a lot of quid, millions in contributions and the question is whether the investigation is going to continue and whether they will find the favors that done at the state department. brett? >> yes, the fact that they likely found a lot of duplicates getting reporting confirmed that said most of them were duplicates on the anthony weiner server but there were new e-mails found and he is going back to the july answer comey, is, say we cannot find "intent." >> cannot find intent. what i find most amazing about the process, remember what
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republicans said after all of this happened saying there is no way commie would come out here again unless there really was something. it looks like there was nothing. >> okay, thank you. >> the past week and a half we have been countdown the top ten issues in the presidential campaign, according to you. tonight the number one concern you have, heading into election day: the economy. our report tonight is from our correspondent. >> they broke us. we broke. >> steve worked 49 years at the same mill in washington and in july three and 216 others were out of a job as the plant shut down because foreign competition. canada has been dumping subsidized wood in the united states an issue at the heart of trump's run. >> the federal government is allowing other countries to rip this country off like you have never seen. >> since 2008 the united states
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has lost 2.1 million manufacturing jobs and another 800,000 expected to leave the neck decade according to the bureau staff at this time ticks and trump wanted to penalize companies that outsource, and rip up trade deals and cut taxes by 15%. >> all of ours shoulding geared for keeping wealth inside of the united states. >> in seattle, an ice cream business is red hot with seven stores and 140 employees, she likes hillary clinton's efforts at helping more people experience the american dream and more help for workwomen. >> businesses on main street need customers with more money their pockets than most machines have right new. >> hillary clinton would pump up the economy with a tax cut for the middle class. and small business. she wants to spend $300 billion on roads and bridges, $300
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billion on paid family leave and $500 billion on college tuition subsidiesing all families make less than $125,000 a year. >> we will fight to make college, tuition free for the middle class and debt free for everyone. >> for her plan she wants to raise taxes by $1.5 trillion over 10 years and focused on high earners, corporations, investment gain and all of the states worth $3.5 million. >> wall street corporations and the super rich should finally pay their fair share of taxes. >> some worry that higher taxes will only keep the leastest post recession job recovery at a snail's pace. the owner of a home health care franchise, has workers working above minimum wage but is concerned about the boost to $12 an hour. that would boost the we care to clients. >> they have to reduce care or
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run out of money faster. >> union membership is continuing the decline and now for the first time ever, the bureau of labor reports that this are as many union workers in government jobs as in the private sector. union leaders say hillary clinton's plan to increase spending on health care and infrastructure will help those who remain. >> those are the types of policies that gift people stronger incomes, higher quality jobs. >> we are builders and we need to get back to building. >> the economy is being squeezed by environmental policies, that put endangered animals over humans. since president clinton signed the for the plan the forest council said there is a 90% reduction in wood production and 140,000 timber-related jobs lost in the pacific northwest. all the industry is now the same in our rural communities they have had the social fabric ton
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up. >> upon take office i will issue a temporary moratorium on new agency regulations. >> in downtown seattle in the middle of a technology boom, the biggest industry concern is recruiting the best talent from around the world. [ inaudible ] >> whoever wins the election growing the economy will be job one. according to a resolution study, 94.7 million americans are not in the labor force which is 38's all those in the working years, making it the lowest job participation rate in the united states since the 1970's. brett? >> thank you. >> thattens up our ten issues that matter stories chosen by you. some people are taking a stands on the issues that matter to them. >> we are in the flat iron district of new york.
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[ inaudible ] we have a report from where you stand. >> from where i stand this is a popular hashtag on instagram and we want to put an election spin on it. you see the different issues people are talking about in the campaign and you can literally go and stand on the issue that you care about most. you can show and share your perspective. the economy is over here, first time voter, against, and you can internet the murals here in whatever way you want. it is the most surprise all election to date and people around the world they have their jews on the united states. >> what you is your name? >> kevin. >> group where? >> upstate new york. >> i am worried about health care right now. first, we were promised keep
3:32 pm
your doctor, but that is not work. the costs have again up. no saving. and as a small business, health care cost for a small company is outrageous. >> your issue? >> border patrol is the problem for me, and the terrorism. >> i am stand on incarceration. [ inaudible ] >> and i am from new jersey and
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this election is frightening to me. >> hashtag, from where i stand, 2016, instagram, it matches with issues that matter, special report continues after this. providing global access for small business. fedex. ♪ something new has arrived. ♪
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3:37 pm
from house oversight committee chairman from utah joining us from salt lakes. you tweeted out congressman the letter and the news and your reaction to the announcement by the fbi director. >> i don't know that it is terribly surprising they came to the same conclusion that hillary clinton was so careless with classified information, this mess she created. i don't know that is terribly surprising. i was more surprised 10 days ago to announce they were looking at information. i still have at love questions. is the new information classified? what other people are implicated? how many other instabses -- instances were there? we don't know the answer. >> he is coming to the conclusion that even if there were new e-mails and we have reported they found at least one, maybe more, new e-mails and
3:38 pm
possible had classified material on them, even if he found that, he came to the conclusion? july where he could not improve intent and therefore any negative aspect of hillary clinton handling the classified material. >> again, that begs the question, what level do you need to get to, to actually prove intent? the same conclusion is that the obama administration is not going to prosecute case. there are a lot us that think, my goodness, look at mounds of evidence the fbi came to find they not prosecuting, the obama administration is not prosecuting hillary clinton? i am shocked. that is why people are questioning lady justice when she looks at the clintons. does she look at them differently than inelse? if there is someone in our military dealing with classified
3:39 pm
information the way hillary clinton is they would be in jail and they probably should be. >> congress man what about how the fbi handles the letter ten days ago and now this letter, today, what do you read into all this? >> keep in mind the highway still has not given congress all of the interview notes, the so-called 302s or given the back brown information. the "new york post," did a story on the housekeeper at the clinton residence who had access to the information that may or may fault have included classified information. there are still a lot of questions. why can they limit scope of the investigation with director comey say he only looked at the e-mails while she was secretary of state. what about the e-mails before she bill secretary of state? and what about those after when
3:40 pm
she had tens of thousands of records, some classified, in her possession, and not given back to the state department or certainly not fulfilling the request from congress? >> you don't think this is the end, this letter, that he said based own our review we have not changed our conditions we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton, you don't think this ends the e-mail investigation? >> i think they have come to the conclusion they are not going to prosecute this but congress has a left of other questions about the potential quid pro quo. they did not answer the question whether hillary clinton has committed possiblery. the chairman of the judiciary committee, and myself as chairman of the house oversite committee we asked to look at her testimony under oath. never got back on that and the foundation we still do not know what is going on or not going on with the file investigation of the foundation. >> we have reported from
3:41 pm
multiple sources the foundation investigation is going on. the question is, is this letter, does it -- is eight blanket the f.b.i. is in longer looking at hillary clinton? are they state look at the foundation? they might be but the fbi will neither confirm or door knee it. are they fulfilling their from congress is asking temperature to look at hillary clinton's testimony before congress. did she or can she not exit perjury? they have not answered that question. in materials of the mail investigation, we are still shocked and dismayed they did not believe they had enough intent to look at whether or not to prosecute. they said in the letter today they did not look at the mails that hillary clinton could have been engaged in when she set up her server originally set up on the day she started they are confirmation hearings. that will is where you would look to find intent, what was she doing before she became the secretary of state?
3:42 pm
that is when this mess was set up. >> or after she was secretary of state when she was dealing with the e-mails. >> what about the other people? >> house minority leader nancy pelosi issued a statement after another round of exhaustive e-mails the file has given her a clean of health, while there was falsehood by republicans desperate to divert tax from themselves the fbi's swift review should finally close the door on this republican side sideshow. >> look, it speaks to itself. i would now agree with how nancy pelosi characterized it. in are a lot of questions. no matter who wednesday congress will looking into it with alleges of the quid pro quo, and you have a lot of other things that happening that the fbi did
3:43 pm
find out about including classified information getting into a nonclassified setting and a lot of access hillary clinton game to people who did not the have security access she gave them access to classified material. this is a mess that only hillary clinton created. she is the one, her own personal convenience decided to put everybody at risk and cause this mess. it does not excuse that hillary clinton created this mess and she lied about it. she lied about it repeatedly. she only had one we did vice. a lie. in classified material. that was a lie. she has never come clean. >> last thing, if she thinks she is clean, then tell everyone around her to stop plead the fifth, come to congress and tell us the truth. the closest people are pleading the fifth and maybe it is time to stop doing that and tell the truth they is future done that.
3:44 pm
>> what would you tell your nominee about talking about this now this letter is out. >> he can do weigh he wants with i am not in communication with him. i can tell you as far as congress, people like gowdy and jim jordan and i will keep after this until we get to the truth. we don't have it yet. >> thank you congressman for being here from salt lakes -- salt lake city. >> the fbi rocks the the mail drovers. stay tuned.
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>> the director comey by's letter to the capitol hill and we are glad to see he has found or we were cost he would, that he has confirmed the conclusions he reached in july and we are glad this matter is resolved. hillary clintonhibit will be under investigation for a long, long time, for her many crimes against our nation, our people, our democracy, she is protected by a rigged system. she should not be allowed to run for president. i will tell you right now. she is the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. >> big news day on a sunday, two days before the election with the fbi director sending another letter to congress where he said since my letter, 10 days ago, the fbi investigative team have worked around the clock to process a large volume of e-mails obtained in connection with an unrelated criminal investigation. during that process, we reviewed all of the communications that
3:49 pm
were two or from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. here is the commie announcement. from july 5. although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws on the classified information there is evidence they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive and highly classified information. in looking back at our investigations into the mishandling or removal we cannot find a case that supports bringing criminal charges on the facts. >> with that we will bring in our panel from new york including a national political porter and political columnist
3:50 pm
for the "washington times." another bombshell. your thoughts? >> an election week miracle that democrats have rediscovered their respect for james comey and the fbi and twinnive judgment. i am hearing people say how is it possible they could go there through 650,000 e-mails in such a short period of time but i think it is important to remember, those were 650,000 total e-mails on that computer. most of which had nothing to do with hillary clinton or her server. that is a much smaller number. and a fraction of those were most of them were duplicates. now i think that looking at the letter from director comey, it was probably the right thing for the fbi to try to expedite the process in resolving this issue, at this stage of the investigation prior to the election. i also think it was the right call for him to notify congress ten days ago that they were reopening the probe because of new evidence. the real problem from where i sit goes back to july.
3:51 pm
when he decided not to recommend charges against hillary clinton despite the fact she clearly violated the text of that statute and said there was no criminal intent but other people have pointed out there is quite a bit of evidence of in tent. >> and that is the key issue. the intent, going back to july, is that he then couldn't get there and whatever he found on anthony wiener's laptop, he couldn't get there still about the intent. what does this mean politically for hillary clinton? does it top the bleeding in some of the states that may have been bleeding in the polls? >> well, voting has been underway in a lot of the states that both clinton and trump need to win. florida and north carolina, even ohio. so i think you could argue that, this has been the centerpiece of discussion for over ten days now in the final stretch of the campaign. so i certainly think it is already had an impact in some ways in the polls. on the other hand, it certainly is welcome news for the clinton campaign and kind of reconfirms the argument they were trying to make originally. but if you look at the statement
3:52 pm
that paul ryan released tonight, i think that is something that republicans can seize on in the final couple of days here, which is to say that even though comey did not recommend criminal charges, he still described her handling of classified information as careless and reckless and so forth. >> here is the specific letter. regardless of this decision, the undisputed finding of the fbi investigation is that secretary clinton put the nation's secret at risk and in doing so compromised our national security and she believes she is above the law and always plays by her own rules. that is a pattern with the clintons. paul ryan writes that the american people should not have endure four more years of the scandal and baggage. the american people have the opportunity to ep sure secretary clinton never gets her hands on classified information again. let's bring the clinton era to an end by voting for donald trump on tuesday. by the way, that is paul ryan saying vote for donald trump on tuesday. >> right. which is remarkable.
3:53 pm
because just a few weeks ago. >> was saying that he would focus on house candidates, although he never rescinded his endorsement of trump. the trump campaign has seized on this all week and it is key to their campaign and fit the narrative they were trying to put forward that the clinton campaign is involved in all sorts of scandals and will continue to be once she is elected. and so that runs that argument a little bit and i'm wondering what the effect will be down ballot for republicans who were kind of running on this issue. i still think they could capitalize on the fact that she was under investigation in the first place. but whether this blunts any of their momentum, too, we'll wait to see. >> charlie? >> i don't think it is going to stop any of donald trump or any of the republicans from hammering away at her on this. it is a fruitful issue and this letter comes out on the day that the new york post reports that hillary clinton at her home in washington, d.c. had her maid actually printing out classified
3:54 pm
documents in a secure room in her house. so the issue is, it will remain a very fruitful issue for them. the question i have about it is, for those of us who are sort of uncomfortable with the fbi director getting involved in any of this at any stage of it, people who don't like the justice department or the fbi, specifically, jimmying with political candidates this close to an election, they've really made a mess of this. they have not done anything. if he was trying to sort of send a message that the fbi is not involved -- is independent of this -- of the election, he's done the exact opposite. >> we would like to see where the candidates are traveling. and today donald trump had campaign events in sioux city, iowa, minneapolis, minnesota, sterling heights, michigan, moon township, pennsylvania and leesberg, virginia. and pence was in florida, north carolina and new hampshire and
3:55 pm
ivanka trump in new hampshire. and hillary clinton in cleveland, ohio with lebron james and manchester, new hampshire and cain and wisconsin and la crosse wisconsin. and president obama in florida. vice president biden in pennsylvania. scranton and harrisburg. and chelsea clinton in pennsylvania. what does that tell you. >> it is a lot of information there. and i think the bottom line is they are trying to lockdown on the democratic side the clinton campaign the blue fire wall. they think they've got that fire wall that is holding, the public polling indicates that it is but there appears to be late movement in places like michigan where trump needs to break through and steal one big state off of the chest board from hillary clinton. they are playing defense in those places and trump is playing offense because he has to. >> it is going to be fascinating. panel, thank you very much. back with final thoughts after one last break.
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finally tonight, this is it. this is the big week we've all been preparing for. make sure you tune into fox news channel for nonstop coverage tomorrow on election day eve i have two live special reports. one at the usual 6:00 p.m. and ape bonus edition from 11:00 to midnight and as the american public heads to the polls fox news channel is all over the nation throughout the day looking at turnout and voting lines and election day pitches from candidates. join megyn kelly and we take over the coverage at 6:00 p.m. and for coverage well into the night. we'll have exit polls an experts and the race calls as they happen. not just the presidential race, but also the balance of power in the house and senate with the governors races as well. all of this from our beautiful brand-new studio here in new york. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this special report. fair, balanced and still unafraid.
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good evening and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is a special sunday edition of "on the record." jame comby, the man who pulls hillary clinton chestnuts out of the fire and tossed them back in ten days ago has pull them back out again. they have finished the discovery of the e-mails and found no reason to move forward. this is comes as both the clinton and trump campaigns race through key states into a mad dash to tuesday's finish line. the national polls shows clinton with what do we have here -- well about less than a one-point lead in a two-way race. in a four-way race, it is 2 points for her. and a notable shift in the betting odds in favor of hillary clinton and now favored by five to


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