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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 7, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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then tell everybody around her to go ahead and stop pleading the fifth, come to congress and tell us the truth. >> i can't tell you how exciting it is for me to have lebron and j.r. part of the team that's going to take us to the white house. >> ifwins. >> our secret weapon is the american people who are saying enough is enough. >> we have to get out and make sure we vote. >> i want to be the president for all american those who vote for me and those who do not vote for me because we have to heal this country. >> real change also means restoring honest tee to government. let's start guy betting rid of clinton. >> good morning to you. you are watching a special edition of fox & friends first on this monday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am clayton morris. thank you for starting your day with us. one more day until the election. that doesn't mean the campaign
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is over. >> hillary clinton is calling out all of her surrogates as her campaign crisscrosses 7 battle ground states today. >> donald trump and mike pence do things themselves in a six state blitz. >> mike emanuel following the clinton camp in pittsburgh. >> john roberts is live in sarasota florida. a lot going on in florida. good morning, john. >> there's a lot going on. good moumrning to you. we are down to the phenol day and donald trump going well after midnight. he didn't even start his rally. final rally of the day until after midnight. the press plane just landed a few minutes ago. the early voting all over the state of florida let's look at how it wound up. 32,536 more democrats returned
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ballots are voted in first than republicans. republicans were down by 110,000 votes. now it is down to creating momentum t. donald trump using the declaration by the fbi director that hillary clinton will not face charges. the system rigged you have to get out there and vote if you want to change it. here he was in sterling heights, michigan. >> you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days. can't do it, folks. hillary clinton is builguilty. she know it is. the fbi know it the people know it and now it is up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th. >> he has shown the message discipline his campaign staff was so anxious to see him final
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lynn gauge in. he is relentlessly on hillary clinton. you saw the clinton movie back in the 1990's do you really want to see it again? oo in two-days the american people can put an end to decades of clinton corruption. we can close the history books on the clinton's once and for all by electing donald trump as the next president of the united states of america. >> he has rallys in pennsylvania, new hampshire finishing out the day in grand rapids, michigan. that won't happen until after midnight tonight. they try to expand the matt. clayton and heather what it comes down to is donald trump feeds to pick up nevada, iowa, ohio, new hampshire, and the
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second congressional district in may. a lot of work to do between tomorrow night. >> looking for the per wadeables. want to get to the clinton campaign. they played fbi director james comey and praised him again for reinvest gating into the e-mails. he cleared the democratic nominee once again. all of this as clinton used the star power to rally the base on the campaign trail. political correspondent mike emanuel picks up the live team coverage with stars showing up. >> heather, good morning to you. response from the clinton campaign to a now announcement on the fbi director. instead the focus is on clinton's final full day of campaigning making two stops in pennsylvania and later in philadelphia. she will be campaigning in michigan. typically a democratic state.
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clinton will do a late night midnight rally in the swing state of north carolina. bruce springsteen and john bon jovi the rock stars will be part of the festivities. they will join the clinton family to help the democratic nominee make her closing arguments. >> our core values are being tested in this election. this election is a moment of reckoning. it is a choice between division or unity, between strong, steady leadership or a lose cannon who could put everything at risk. >> clinton received good news late yesterday from the fbi director with director james comey telling congressional leaders the fbi had reviewed her i mails and his decision not to prosecute stands her campaign is not as relieved. >> we have seen director comey
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on the hill. we are glad to see, we were confident he would he confirmed the decision he reached in july. we are glad this matter is resolved. >> the impact of the e-mail mess over particularly the last 9 or 10 days is unclear at this stage. clinton campaigning in two typically democratic states pennsylvania and michigan today. the fascinating swing state of north carolina. >> the fbi may be letting hillary off the hook once again off of her e-mail mess. the thank you for joining us this morning. lots to talk about yet again.
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comey announced clinton would not be prosecuted because of the e-mails. october the 8th he announced we found some more so we are going to investigate again. yesterday said going back to our original decision in july we are not going to prosecute her. will voters say it is over and gone with? >> i think all of this is going to mobilize trump's mace. trump's supporters are livid about comey's announcement. they cannot wait to go vote because at this point they feel preventing hillary from getting into the white house is the only way. 43 percent of hillary supporters say they are enthusiastic and they are not enthusiastic because they don't trust her. hillary is dealing with a big trust worthiness problem. 60 percent of voters feel she is corrupt and engaged in pay to play politics when she was secretary of state. trump leads hillary by truth
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worthiness. it will all turn down to turn out. hillary will run into problems. >> chuck all of this mess back and forth with james comey and the fbi, is this just adding to the issues in terms of her trust worthiness? >> it could be. they are not going to talk about that. early voting is over now. it is all about motivating your base. now here we are a day before the election. we called it door hanger monday. nobody can vote. you walk door to door you put a door hanger on every one of your houses make a plan to go vote tomorrow. how you mobilize the base or again up the base or you talk about pro about comey or con about comey, you don't see the campaigns focusing on the core let's rise above it let's get out and vote. that's what's going to happen across the country in the battle ground states. i think we have got to actually turnout the vote if it is going to happen on the day before the
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election. >> ugly super. i haven't had breakfast yet. take a look at this fox news score card so far. we can take a look at clinton. you have 63 in play. it really is doable. this is all going to come down to florida and north carolina for trump. also pennsylvania is doable. let's see the groups hillary needs to rely on to vote. young people, millennials as well as minorities. hillary clinton is no barack obama. let's take millennials why did they turn out in record numbers for obama? because they saw him as an authentic candidate who truly represented hope and change. hillary clinton they see her as an en trenched candidate who
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represents more of the same. these millennials were all former bernie sanders supporters. but tlae out of four former sanders supporters thinks she got this nomination will she be able to get them to the polls? i don't think they will be able to do as well as obama. >> wikileaks not benefitting her in terms of bernie sanders supporters. there's also chuck the african american vote not getting out this time around but doing better with the hispanic vote. >> today we are going to put together the war ram for tomorrow. pay attention to the lat taken no vote in north carolina lana. 147,000 new latinos registered to vote over the last year. those that voted early morning are new voters. these are not polling numbers they are actual voters. it will be an ex saturdaying night. >> it really is s. something
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else will happen. we will see what happens. 11 minutes after the hour. 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. is the democratic push for early votes in nevada hurting trump's chances? >> don't let broken harry reid and his corrupt political machine decide this election. crazy harry. >> we are going to look at the effect hair rae re-- harry reids having on the election. could the entire race come down to the sunshine state? we have team fox coverage. fishings crossed for no recounts.
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>> a fox news alert. janet reno the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general died from complications due to parkinson's disease. that's according to her god daughter. >> reno was at the center of political firestorms including the deadly raid on the branch davidian compound at waco, texas and the ref fee elian gonzalez. >> she spent her final days in her home in miami. she was 78 years old. >> one day until americans cast their votes. >> it is a dead heat in florida as trump heads to the sunshine state today to make a final pitch to voters. in nevada early voting could create problems for the republican frontrunner thanks to ter hair rae re-- harry reid. we have the latest on the battle
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in nevada and the fight for florida. say that five times fast. >> good morning. gang busters and astronomical. that's the descriptionful early turnout in the state of florida. miami dade and brower has gone democrats for decades. 6.2 million votes in florida in total. one of the second busiest in alea. one saw a surge in african american votes. churchgoers who attended sunday's services and marched by foot or drove by car in the voting stations in the big turnout event of the soul for the polls. >> mike pence in the very red florida panhandle. >> this movement is coming together. florida is coming together. como
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make donald trump the next president of the united states. >> president obama pumped up a heavily crowded crowd. obama urged them to get out and vote. >> if we win florida it's a wrap. if we win florida, it is over. >> the latest cbs poll shows a dead heat in florida 45 for clinton 45 for trump. as always, every election we have every four years it is a tossup in this big battle ground state. vice president biden on behalf of clinton will be rallying in tallahassee and joined in saint pete with mr. margarita himself jimmy buffet for a get out the vote concert. let's go to las vegas for my col
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laeg d-- colleague dan springer. >> that -- dan springer. >> there is conflicting story lines as to how well he is doing. on the one hand you have the polls. it shows he has a two-point lead over hillary clinton. but when you look inside the numbers at the early voting that took place over two weeks, clinton has a big lead. some are calling it an insurmountable lead. registered democrats out numbered republicans statewide by 6 percent voting in hispanic free precincts higher than four years ago when president obama captured 21 percent of the latino vote and won by a comfortable margin after polls showed mitt romney up. clinton is spending a lot of money nt ground game. along with the surrogates yesterday was bernie sanders
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rallying 700 young people at a college in las vegas. donald trump was in reno a. rudy giuliani encouraged a big come back on tuesday. meantime 30 year nevada senator hair rae reed who is retiring is continuing his attacks on fbi director james comey. he called his action in announcing the e-mail investigation irresponsible and a violation of federal law. reed's seat in the senate is up for grabs. right now that race is a toss-up really a surrogate war between him and the koch brothers. they have poured millions of dollars in the state to try to reelect a democrat in nevada. >> thank you, dan. the time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. gun sales are souring as the election gets closer. >> car and home sales appear to be in a bit of a slump.
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what does it say about the mind set of the voters? >> our next guest takes a chlors
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look. >> we a moral obligation to reduce gun violence. this will has nothing to do with the second amendment and responsible gun owners. >> this isn't about taking your rights but americans don't feel the same way. most people would purchase a gun before any other purchase including a house or getting a car. what does it say about the mind set of voters? the treshly department morgan or integrity ga is here to join us. what's going on here? let's cut through some of the spin on this.
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gun sales are up home sales are down and car sales are down. what's happening? >> i think when it comes to the average american and corporations and businesses uncertainty is the key word. people are not sure what's going to happen if hillary clinton is elected will there be stricter gun control legislation. when you look at purchases of homes or of automobiles this is the most significant purchases that people make. so if you look at the financial crisis, buying a home and getting a port has changed significantly over the past eight years. the credit rating has to be higher. you have to have a lot of money saved for that down payment and that comes at a time when people are under employed and might not necessarily have the income they had eight years ago. >> banks are not wanting to lend. it is difficult to get a mortgage. >> that is because of the regulato regulators. interest rates are so low. this is how they make money is from lending. >> let's take a look at this graphic this background check for firearms. a big up swing. let's be honest in cutting
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through the kin gun manufacturers are seeing advertising here. i see it on overnight radio playing into the fear mind set. they are saying we don't know what's going to happen with hillary clinton time to buy a gun. that's part business practice. if you see there's a need you are going to offer 20 percent discount. if you think about it with average americans you want to buy a gun i don't think not just because hillary clinton or a democrat controlled senate. when you are walking around on a normal day and how many four or five police officers were shot. when you look at the social unrest around our country people no longer feel safe in their communities. they don't know if the police officers are going to be safe. that starts the fear where people say i am going to have the safety of my family into my own hands. >> you look internationally we are seeing this with the housing market, not buying cars. what's happening on wall street there's a real fear not just
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with the election but overseas. feels like everything is on hold right now. it will be chlor tomorrow night in the election. it's the unseernt we don't know what's going to come who is going to control the senate and overall anxiety of no matter who wins people are angry in this country. whether you are pro trump or pro hillary, these supporters are pretty vicious whenever you attack their candidate. i am worried about america. >> on black friday will they be buying tv's? >> this election is over by black friday. >> into december. don't say it. >> i am not. >> heather, back to you. >> 26 minutes after the top of the hour. is hillary clinton getting a free pass on her e-mails?
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>> you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days. you can't do it, folks. >> why did james comey send out another letter just two-days before the election? we will debate it. stay with us.
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>> it is monday november 7th. election eve. the candidates are wasting no time to make sure the voters head to the polls tomorrow. hillary clinton is cleared again of any wrong doing in her e-mail scandal. but donald trump wants to make sure you know what's at stake. >> right now she is being protected by a rigged system. now it is up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot. >> this election is a moment of reckoning. >> it is great to be back in
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minnesota today. she doesn't even bother to come here. she should be penalized. don't vote for her. >> if we win florida it's a wrap. >> crooked hillary. that's not much. >> this election is about much more than the two candidates. >> look at these young kids. >> you are watching the special election edition of "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i am clayton morris. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. the election so close you can almost reach out and pull the voting lever. >> right. both donald trump and hillary clinton in the fight to the finish. we have team fox coverage this morning. >> we have make emanuel following the clinton camp. but first we have john roberts live for us in sarasota,
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florida. donald trump looks to break that tie in the sunshine state. not really an important state there. not at all. >> not at all. only 29 lek terrelectoral votes biggest battle ground state. let's look at the way the early voting wrapped up nearly 7 million people cast ballots so far in the state of florida. up 4.3 million in 2012. they had longer to vote 14 days as opposed to 8 back in 2012. th there is a pool around 2 and a half million people left. it's an all out battle today to get the voters out to the polls. tomorrow not only that but of course all of the voters left in the battle ground state across the country. that's why donald trump split five dates a rally that was supposed to start in leesburg, virginia at 9:30 at night didn't begin until after midnight. donald trump traying to motivate
2:33 am
people saying the system is rigged and this is how you can chan change it. >> be careful with the voting, be careful are with everything. you watch everything. we are going to win we don't want it tagken away from us. the same system that is protecting hillary clinton is the rigged system that has stolen new jobs and shipped our wealth over says and to mexico. >> in these final hours donald trump trying to expand the potential map to get 270 into virginia. also went to minnesota and michigan. again where he believes his message of bringing auto jobs back to detroit will beat hillary clinton. here's what he said in sterling heights. >> i got to win michigan. i am the one person in all fairness. hillary is going to come out tomorrow and she is going to come out again. i told her via television, stop.
2:34 am
you are wasting your time. the people are too smart. too smart. >> donald trump going back to michigan again today to grand rapids. that is going to be his final campaign rally, campaign 2016. mike pence will also be there today. they are going to raleigh, north carolina, scranton, pennsylvania, minnesota and michigan. donald trump wants to make sure that he doesn't leave one vote on one taubl anywhere in america. that is a tough job. >> that's why you are staying until 1 in the morning in pennsylvania to get it all done. thanks john. fbi director james comey clearing hillary clinton again in her e-mail investigation. all democratic nominee used star power to rally her base on the campaign trail. fox news senior correspondent mike emanuel is live in pittsburgh. nice to see you.
2:35 am
>> good morning to you. the clinton eking mail probe is quieting down at a critical stage at election day in the final full day of campaigning hillary clinton will spend a here in pennsylvania in pittsburgh and later philadelphia. she will campaign on a college campus in michigan which is usually a safe democratic state. but her heem is investing a lot of resources there. clinton will do a late night rally in raleigh, north carolina one of the most intriguing of the cycle. bruce spring sustain and john bon jovi that event will feature them, the president, the first lady and the clinton family. the democratic nominee remind voters what is at stake in this election. >> i really want each and every one of us to think for a moment about how we would feel on november 9t november 9th if we were not successful. when your kids and grand kids ask you what you did in 2016,
2:36 am
when everything was on the line, i hope you are able to say, you voted. >> clinton has not commented on the latest developments with the fbi on the latest probe. the fbi director said the plan not to prosecute was correct. her campaign breathes a sigh of relief. >> we have seen director comey's latest letter to the hill. we are glad to say he has found, we are confident he would. he has confirmed the he is staying with the decision i made in july and we are glad this matter is revolved. >> she spent a good portion of the day with the blue wall making sure pennsylvania and michigan are in her column. >> mike emanuel live for us. thank you, mike. >> did hillary clinton just get another pass on her e-mails?
2:37 am
the fbi mir raaculously combing through half a million e-mails in just nine days to be specific and they decided they would stick with their original decision. due to the latest wikileaks e-mails it is casting doubt on the situation. democratic strategist ee advantage lean gomez. thank you for joining us. ee advantage lean, i will start with you. what is your take? back in july dushth tore comey said no prosecution because of these e-mails. he said back in october 28th we are going to take a second look 650,000 allegedly. some of those were obviously e-mails they had looked at before. some of them we now know were not. now he says, done it over back to the original decision. >> that's not a surprise. they shouldn't be surprised. the argument is there will be e-mails some were irrelevant. as you know there was a lot of debate as to whether or not he should have even come out at
2:38 am
such an early time and made a statement such as we are investigating and looking at these new e-mails. i think at this point voters don't care. there were man nae voters even when comey came out and said he was looking it he e-mails this new batch. said it really doesn't effect me i am going to vote for her or i am going to vote for donald trump. i don't think this has affected the base of either of the candidates. were there independents waiting until the last minute waiting to see if they will have the e-mails sure. but there were other issues they were looking at as well. >> one of the other issues being the wikileak e-mails. will that make voters take a look and say wait a minute, it does kind of look fishy. >> i think it looks fishy. but here's the deal. it is over. what's going on still is the foundation is going to be investigated. the clinton foundation. we know from wikileaks and doug van he worked that chelsea may have funded her own wedding out
2:39 am
of the foundation. they know chelsea's husband had used -- started a hedge fund and chelsea was using clinton foundation donors. >> let's take a look at that e-mail. this is the e-mail from it doug band. it says in the e-mail the investigation into her getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for decades, taxes on money from her parents. i hope you will speak to her and end this once we go down this road. >> all of this is troubling. >> i have worked for a lot of governors presidential candidates sometimes i know the first question they ask themselves what am i doing? every decision i make is it ethical before anything else. do you really think the clintons ever asked that question before they make any decision or what do we need to do for ourselves? that is clear to me. ultimately this election is about people voting for someone who people perceive as
2:40 am
distasteful or unlawful. >> she is already struggling with her honesty and trust worthiness numbers. >> preliminary studies of whole states such as florida and nevada and north carolina they don't really show that. you have latino voters who are coming out in record numbers exceeding the numbers thus far from 2008, 2012. i don't really think it's affecting a lot of voters. many voters -- >> american voters who are not showing up. >> they are showing up. the difference is we are never going to -- we don't know because african american voters have been in this country longer they have been voting for a much longer time. they have longer patterns. what he is to say they are not going to show up on the day of. you may see record numbers there. we don't know yet. what is interesting is i think the average voter regardless of who you are and your background doesn't trust wikileaks. there is suspicion. wikileaks is somehow tied to
2:41 am
russia. is it tied to donald trump. has this been an opportunity to try to subvert the election. and to the average voter who is thinking about the economy thinking who is going to create job growth, they are not focused on e-mails. that is just may opinion. that is based on people that i have spoken with. when we look at a state like ohio these are individuals again workers there it is a swing state. they are concerned about issues such as the economy. they are concerned about foreign policy. (talking over one another) >> this may have an effect in pennsylvania and michigan. they don't early vote. it is all coming down. >> it certainly is. 26 hours before some of the polls open. thank you both for joining us. >> clayton? >> 41 minutes now past the hour. time for this job creation bringing the american dream back to the inner city. that has been a big part of this year's race. who is doing better in michigan
2:42 am
still suffering in poverty. we are there live next.
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>> everybody holding rallies in the great lake state today. >> we are live in ann arbor michigan with the fight for the crucial battle ground votes are down to the wire. who would have thought michigan could be a battle ground state. in tlez final days it has become a hotly contested battle ground state for trump and clinton campaigns and their biggest surrogates have lifted this state. it is a state that is typically a democratic strong hold. not elected a republican president since 1988. donald trump has made a dent in hillary clinton's lead here in the latest real clear politics average now showing clinton with about a five point lead in michigan. that is a big drop from her 11
2:46 am
point lead just weeks ago. trump is saying that clinton is wasting her time campaigning here in michigan without all of her celebrity endorsers. meanwhile clinton defends her biggest surrogate, the president. take a listen. >> she just announced extra business in michigan. you know how many people she will have? half of the front row without jay-z and beyonce. >> this election is about doing erg we can to stop the movement to destroy president obama's legacy. it is now goibuilding on the ga and progress we have made. >> now today the president will hold a rally on behalf of clinton at the university of michigan and then donald trump will end his campaigning here in michigan at a rally in grand rapids later today. back to you guys in new york. >> busy, busy. >> thanks, matt. check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on fox &
2:47 am
friends first -- "fox & friends. >> good morning clayton and heather. with 24-hours before the polls open general michael flynn will be with us one of the most powerful and influential of the donald trump surrogates. also one of the guys running his campaign. tucker carlson here on the fox news channel going to be talking about the campaign. and an unbelievable wikileak bombshell or wiki shell as they call it. it turns out we are learning chelsea's wedding, chelsea clinton's wedding it looks like was funded by the clinton foundation. it sounds as if she lived off of the foundation for every day living expenses for a decade. we are going to talk to you about that and how the dnc is writing questions for cnn to ask donald trump and ted cruz.
2:48 am
>> steve, "fox & friends" starts in about 12 minutes. good to see you this morning. >> i thought her wedding was pretty expensive. >> stay with us. we will be right back.
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welcome back. this tuesday isn't just about who wins the white house. it's about the battle for the senate. there are six states that could tip the balance of power. here to break them down, fellow at the kings college in new york. scott rasmussen. >> the senate battle could be very close. within a 51-49. could decide control. >> let's head to florida, the sunshine race and the rubio race that everybody is talking about. >> democrats thought they had it
2:52 am
because marco rubio wasn't going to run for reelection. the race is tighter than the republicans expected. but he seems to be turning out a better base of support than donald trump is in the state. rubio has the edge going into tuesday. >> the democratic party came out and announced they were pulling support for patrick murphy. no more money from us. >> why would they do that? >> they thought rubio had it early on. >> you don't make that public announcement. >> let's go to nevada. >> this is harry reid's -- jerry heck is leading in the polls narrowly. the early voting trends don't look good for the republicans. this is the only seat this year the republicans have a chance, any chance at all at taking away from the democrats. it would be a huge story if heck can pull it off. another big story in new hampshire. ayotte, she wasn't really defending donald trump but not really attacking him.
2:53 am
especially powerful issue. when you have two women running. a governor versus a senator. both popular and both bright. both elected statewide. it seems to be shifting in ayotte's direction. if i had to pick one race that controls the senate, right here in new hampshire, lot of independent voters. let's head to pennsylvania. an interesting race with mcginty and pat toomey. >> this is a race, republicans would love to pull it off. pat toomey is trailing. has been trailing off through the year. part of the surge scene. the republican women in the philadelphia area has made this race very close. mcginty has to be the favorite. >> do you think if toomey wins, that's a trump victory? >> absolutely. >> now wisconsin. >> amazing story here. russ feingold, ron johnson. rematch here. democrats have said johnson is
2:54 am
the most vulnerable republican or the second most close to kirk in illinois. the last two or three weeks the race has tightened. the last couple of polls show a one or two-point race. there's a lot of activists in wisconsin. part of that scott walker machine. if ron johnson keeps his seat, they good sign for the republicans. >> finally, missouri. the show-me state. >> this is the opposite of wisconsin. this is the state that republicans thought they never had to worry about. roy blunt was expected to coast. it's a republican-leaning state. he's struggled. jason kan der has run strong ads on gun rights and other issues. this is a state that, if blunt hangs on to win and he's barely ahead in the polls, he's going to thank donald trump because trump is carrying the state. one important note about all of these things. we talk about these individual states, a lot of years toss-up
2:55 am
senate races all break one way or the other depending on turnout. it's entirely possible that either party could sweep most or all of these states leading to a big senate victory. >> thanks, scott rasmussen with the senate breakout. we'll be right back with five minutes to go.
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♪ this artoo unit must be delivered to the rebellion. come on artoo! ♪ artoo! welcome to the rebellion. ♪ this is for you. duracell and children's miracle network hospitals are powering imaginations everywhere. we are now just one day away from the presidential election,
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if you can believe it. hillary clinton, donald trump blitzing the battleground states. trying to win over votes in the homestretch. clinton hitting three key states today. pennsylvania, michigan and north carolina. her surrogates including running mate tim kaine and president obama holding rallies across the country. donald trump on the stump in five states, including florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan. vice presidential no, ma'am kneel, indiana governor mike pence holding battleground rallies today. very busy. never thought michigan would be a battleground state this late quarter. let's keep talking. do you think hillary clinton is -- there's a rigged system. >> go to friends first. you can use that the next few days while we talk about the election. you want to stay with election headquarters as we continue 67 straight hours of nonstop election coverage with insight and analysis and "fox and
3:00 am
friends first" is back up at 4:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. >> you're headed to pennsylvania. >> i'll be out in butler, pennsylvania and pittsburgh. team coverage all over the place. >> i'll be back at midnight with all night coverage part of that 67 hours nonstop. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye. you have to get everyone you know to the polls. we are going to win. we are going to have one of the great victories of all-time. >> we got work to do. you got to get out. got to get to the polls. we've got to take people to the polls. nobody should sit this one out. >> the closest people to hillary clinton, they keep pleading the fifth. maybe it's time they stop doing that and tell the truth to the american people. >> he's already an enormous force in american politics. i believe the momentum is with him. >> hill


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