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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 7, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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and analysis and "fox and friends first" is back up at 4:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. >> you're headed to pennsylvania. >> i'll be out in butler, pennsylvania and pittsburgh. team coverage all over the place. >> i'll be back at midnight with all night coverage part of that 67 hours nonstop. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye. you have to get everyone you know to the polls. we are going to win. we are going to have one of the great victories of all-time. >> we got work to do. you got to get out. got to get to the polls. we've got to take people to the polls. nobody should sit this one out. >> the closest people to hillary clinton, they keep pleading the fifth. maybe it's time they stop doing that and tell the truth to the american people. >> he's already an enormous force in american politics. i believe the momentum is with him. >> hillary clinton is the most
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corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. >> don't leave it to chance. don't leave it to others. use your voice and your vote. >> if trump wins, then america wins. >> this election is a moment of reckoning. it is a choice between division or unity. >> this is a marathon. we're not playing games. right? hillary right now is fast asleep. she's sleeping so beautifully. >> i don't know what it means -- >> journey. >> it's been a long journey. maybe that's why. >> it really has. we are one day away until you get to walk into the polls and vote. unless you've done early voting. >> 41 million people have voted
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already. >> you know, it's funny you bring that up, brian. that tells us about the lead story today. that is, of course, james comey sent another letter to congress and said we stand by what we said earlier on. on the cover of the new york post, it says saved at the bell regarding hillary. but the daily news is steamed because they say now he tells us after how many million voted? >> 41 million people voted. >> sure. fine. thanks a lot. >> should there be early voting? do you have all the facts? >> the rumors were that 650,000 e-mails were on anthony weiner's computer from huma abedin. the question was, as the "wall street journal" kept breaking down every day, how many fbi agents and the justice department wanted a conclusion before election day. i'm thinking to myself, why are they talking about this sophisticated software? why are they talking about categories? here's why. they have another chapter. two weeks ago when that letter
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came out from comey saying we're going to revisit the hillary clinton use of that private server, now we understand that so far all they will tell us is that nothing has changed since july, no reason to prosecute. >> james comey reopens the case the friday before halloween. ten days later, yesterday, he decides to close that case. republicans left feeling discouraged and angry this morning. democrats feeling relief. >> james comey said we have not changed our conclusions. remember what their conclusions were back in july. that hillary clinton was reckless and careless, that she lied about classified information, that she lied about the number of devices and it goes on and on. if you're thinking hillary clinton is in the clear, no she's not. keep in mind the clinton foundation is still under criminal investigation by the fbi. the man who was the chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee, jason chaffetz had this to say about the clinton conclusion.
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>> if she thinks she's clean, then tell everybody around her to go ahead and stop pleading the fifth, come to congress and tell us the truth. the closest people to hillary clinton, they keep pleading the fifth. maybe it's time they stopped doing that and actually tell the truth to the american people. they haven't done that yet. >> comes down to judgment. if you're happy with her key aide giving this classified information, in some cases it could be. >> by the way, the classified information, at least ten different e-mails on the last batch that came through. james comey said as irresponsible as it was, he doesn't believe it was indictment-worthy. he doesn't think it was prosecutable case. let the others debate that. the judgment, ainsley, should you leave this out with a mutant like anthony weiner having access to it, should you let your maid print out classified information. >> and how do you go through 650,000 e-mails in a matter of ten days much critics are
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questioning that. you have to search for certain key words and it's easy to go through the e-mails. >> there were also classified documents in there, but they had seen them before. >> more on that later on. >> with one day to go, they're trying to win over critical votes. they're in the homestretch. >> the clinton campaign making stops in colorado, michigan, new hampshire, pennsylvania, virginia, north carolina and florida. >> meanwhile, the trump campaign hitting minnesota, mitsch mirk, new hampshire, pennsylvania, north carolina and florida as well. >> wow. >> meanwhile, john roberts has chosen sarasota to stay there. i don't want you flying all around. mike emanuel is following the clinton camps in pittsburgh. >> the teleprompter says mike emanuel. >> got to go with the prompter. sorry, john. wait there. >> hi, mike. >> reporter: steve, brian, ainsley. good morning to you on this election eve. hillary clinton will be making
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four campaign stops in three states. some unusual for a democrat. clinton will make two stops in pennsylvania which is typically a safe state for democrats. she'll campaign on a college campus in michigan with polls showing a close race and clinton will do a late-night rally in the swing state of north carolina. her campaign is defending the need to campaign there in the great lake states. >> going to michigan, by the way is consistent with our plan. michigan is a gameday state. no early voting. we have to make sure we get there in the last few days. keep people getting them out to vote. >> reporter: clinton, the democratic nominee will spend a fair amount of time on defense in the campaign. the argument is essentially these states don't do early voting. it's all about turnout for tomorrow. clinton herself will make her closing argument. >> our core values are being tested in this election.
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this election is a moment of reckoning. it is a choice between division and unity. between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon who could put everything at risk. >> clinton had her husband yesterday in michigan. the president is going to michigan today so is hillary clinton herself. there is clearly concern there in the midwest. steve, ainsley, brian. >> mike in pittsburgh. thank you very much. meanwhile, donald trump not wasting a second holding rallies across five different states in the next 24 hours. >> the trump train is showing no signs of stopping today. >> fox news senior national correspondent john roberts, as i mentioned before, remains in sarasota with the republicans' final push. john, where is the mo? >> brian, good morning to you. good morning, ainsley and steve as well. donald trump really, the only way you can see this, kicking up
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the jams. >> over two days, 48 hours, leesburg last night, it was supposed to start at 9:30. trump did not take the stage until 20 minutes after midnight. a big crowd still enthusiastically greeting him. he said whoa, today has been a marathon. he's going to do it again today. trump doing a complete about face again on james comey the fbi director after he said that hillary clinton likely didn't warrant facing prosecution for the e-mail scandal at this point. trump had praised comey for having the courage to reopen the investigation. last night doubling down on his idea that the whole game is rigged trying to motivate people to the polls. here's what he said in leesburg. >> you heard about today. but right now she's being protected by a totally rigged system. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people, the fbi, they know
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it. i think it's very embarrassing to them. >> five more states again today. donald trump has to -- everything that mitt romney won in 2012. add florida, new hampshire, the second congressional district in maine. early voting in florida over. either 7 million people cast or returned ballots. that's a huge number. about 1.5 to 2 million people left that the campaigns will try to get between now and tomorrow night. steve, brian, ainsley. >> thanks so much john. we'll be back with john again. for the longest time, i don't know if you heard donald trump say this. the system is rigged. have you heard him mention that? >> bill clinton we heard about that in wikileaks. clinton agreed with donald trump that the system is rigged. >> is there any evidence that came out today that might back up donald trump's cause? >> funny you should ask. because there is. apparently within the dnc, the democratic national convention, they found out that wolf blitzer
3:10 am
at cnn was going to have an interview with donald trump. this was back in aim. so the dnc, the democratic national convention according to wikileaks, was sending e-mails within the democratic national convention asking, hey, any questions that you think wolf blitzer should ask donald trump. i need your questions by 10:30. >> cnn solicited the dnc. they came up with good questions. here according to wikileaks is one. this is lauren dillon who is a research director, i believe. wolf blitzer is interview trump on tuesday ahead of his foreign policy address on wednesday. please send me thoughts by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> for example, here's some of the questions they got back. who helped you write the speech you're giving tomorrow. which advisers specifically did you talk to? what advice did they give you? the dnc before they had an poen nent donald trump or ted cruz or i guess governor kasich had just bowed out.
3:11 am
the dnc was giving cnn questions after being solicited for questions for the republican nominee. >> for cnn to call them up and say hey we're talking to ted cruz or donald trump, dnc, do you have any good questions, gotcha questions? that's what they were asking for and apparently, it sounds like they got them. >> this is the same batch that eventually led to debbie wasserman schultz stepping down. >> apparently, in a separate wikileaks yesterday, it was revealed that the "washington post" columnist asked the dnc for help on researching a project. he was doing a column about outrageous thingssaid. he was reaching out to the dnc to do legwork for him. when people say that the cnn is the clinton news network, you go hmm. >> donna brazile setting up hillary clinton against bernie sanders and then this. >> well, guys, when you talk about the marathon here in the city yesterday, the new york city marathon, today the
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marathon here begins. fox news is on the air for 67 straight hours for live election coverage. "fox and friends" is going to be live tomorrow and wednesday morning starting at 5:00 a.m. to bring you the up to the minute results and analysis. >> plug in the coffeepot. in the meantime, a dozen minutes after the top of the hour and we have a fox news alert for you now. janet reno, the first woman to serve as attorney general of the united states has died at the age of 78. >> her godfather confirming she passed away from complications of parkinson's disease. >> heather nauert has that story and more. >> so many of us look back on her career. controversial career certainly. janet reno, former miami prosecutor. served our nation as attorney general nearly eight years under president bill clinton. she held that post longer than any other sitting attorney general in nearly a century. her tenure, not without controversy. >> i made the decision. i'm accountable. the buck stops with me.
3:13 am
nobody ever accused me of running from a decision that i made based on the best information that i had. i don't do spin -- >> she was one of the most polarizing figures. many of our viewers remember this. she was the center of political fire storms, including this one. the deadly raid on the branch davidian compound in waco texas that ended up in 80 people dying as a result, including children. then the armed seizure of elian gonzalez. in 2002, she ran an unsuccessful bid for governor in florida. that ended her public career. she spent her final days in her home in miami. she was 78 years old. that's your headline right now. >> thank you very much, heather. still ahead on this monday, do the laundry. clean the kitchen, handle the classified government documents. that was one of the duties of hillary clinton's personal maid. the brand new jaw-dropping e-mails about the housekeeper and classified information
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coming up. if donald trump wants to win, he'll have to turn the blue states on this map red. but what are his chances? we have someone here with trump's path to victory. come on in. we live in a pick and choose world.
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i came to minnesota. i took so much heat. they all said on television, what is he going to minnesota?
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these guys have been saying this to me for two years, by the way. so far in two years, i've been right and they've been wrong. >> just hours before the election, donald trump spent some time in minnesota. but polls show he's still six points behind her there. is it possible for him to turn that blue state red? here to discuss this and other blue states, pollster, kristin. kellyanne conway said he was three points behind her in minnesota. what the heck, why not try it? >> that's a good question. when you're this close to election day, the biggest resource that a candidate has is their time. if you're going to states that are outside your normal list of states, it means one of two things. either you think you're behind other places and you've got to put something new in play or you're up so far that you have the luxury of spending that time. minnesota may be a bit of a
3:19 am
reach. other states like michigan may be slightly more available than minnesota is. >> let's talk about your path to 270. that's the magic number. >> that is the magic number. i think donald trump has a state like iowa. i think he's got ohio likely in his column. when we put together the paths for him before, states like florida and nevada were always part of the equation. right now, with the early vote coming in, those states -- >> you've got florida going to her. >> i have florida going to her. because of some of the early vote data. which means, he has to put new states in play. if he has a state like a michigan, like wisconsin where the latino population that is surging in some of the sunbelt states may be making it harder for trump. do you look at a michigan where latino voters are 3% of the equation and try to get more sort of your white voters to turn out and get that state in your column. >> last night, the comey announcement turned everything upside down. nate silver, the esteemed
3:20 am
statistician who got all 50 states right last time, he said that she is one state away from losing the electoral college. >> democrats came into this race with a pretty serious, what we call the blue wall. all of these states that have been democratic for a long time and were expected to be democratic in the future. in the event that you've got her only up by three in national polls, that's margin of error. >> interesting. i read something from another pollster who said if there was ever going to be a year that pollsters got it wrong, this could be it. there's so many challenges you face. >> huge challenge in our industry. >> prediction? >> i think she's got it by 322 electoral votes. she'll win by 3 to 4 points. >> let's see. kristin anderson. thank you so much. 20 after the top of the hour on this monday. the fbi has left hillary off the hook for her e-mail scandal again. but will the voters do the same? we've got a political panel here to weigh in.
3:21 am
gorge ladies and gentlemen. did the clinton foundation pay for chelsea's wedding and the living expense force a decade? we've got a live report coming up.
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good morning. welcome back to "fox and friends." 24 minutes after the hour. a couple quick headlines to bring you now. overnight a magnitude 5.0 earthquake rocking central oklahoma, 50 miles southwest of tulsa. a few people are being treated for minor injuries. after that quake destroyed at least four buildings in the city of cushing. twitter going dark overnight at the same time wikileaks reported a cyber attack on its e-mail publication server. this afternoon wikileaks published the latest trove of
3:25 am
dnc e-mails. the outage lasted only for a few minutes. the sites were back online soon after. you may remember, several other popular websites were taken down in a similar attack just last month. philadelphia's transit strike that we've been telling you about is now over. union workers reaching a tentative agreement with the transit authority. buses and trains are expected to be back up and running within the next 24 hours. to help get voters to the polls. the union still needs to sign off on the deal. we thought that might happen just in time for the election. brian? >>. thanks a lot, heather. hillary clinton off the hook, it seems, once again in a bombshell announcement yet. fbi director james comey said since my letter, the fbi investigative team have been working around the clock to process the e-mails. based on our review, we have not changed our conclusion. but will voters let her off the hook? phil stuts is here.
3:26 am
an independent is here and former sanders supporter and marcy -- the vp of the group -- has that put wind back in the sails for hillary clinton? >> it takes the wind out of donald trump's sails. this was the base of his entire last week on the campaign trail. he was giving voters nothing to vote for. all he was doing was talking about hillary clinton and e-mails. the case has been closed. we know the same thing that we know back in july, that questions have been asked and answered. i think 24 hours before the polls open in the critical key states, this is not a good look for donald trump. he's got to figure out something new in the next 24 hours. >> what he's saying is without merit but it shows a judgment. an accused pedophile, congressman weiner gets access to this. does that play to the judgment call? >> it may play to the judgment call. i think it's a reverse effect. just to look at this a little differently.
3:27 am
in states like michigan and pennsylvania that are election day voting as opposed to north carolina and florida, the cake is baked, this could have a negative effect on hillary. how angry are the voters that support trump in these states that the charges weren't brought against her. that the case is now closed. >> they could be more motivated. >> very interesting. ted, your thoughts about this coming out. i know you're somewhat, you got to be somewhat taken aback. now all the wikileaks stuff comes out and your candidate never had a shot to begin with. >> right. i mean, you're not really taken aback. we've seen it firsthand. the wikileaks has given us an opportunity to show america what we've been talking about year over year. i would respectfully disagree the case is not closed. on wednesday it will determine if hillary clinton wins, she'll have a hard four years, people will continue to talk about the e-mails, going to continue to talk about the wikileaks. she'll have a hard time governing. it's not over. nothing to see here.
3:28 am
let's get to the election. it's actually going to start a bigger movement on wednesday. >> you're right. the republicans will keep the house. you better believe there will be a lot of investigations over the next four years. frankly, i think it's one of the things, if hillary would win that would unify the republican party. now we have a common person to put all our energy behind. >> we've seen this witch hunt go after hillary clinton for now decades, right? whether it's on her honest and trustworthy. we've seen it now since she was in the political -- i think the idea of using taxpayer dollars to fund an al apparatus to take her down as president of the united states -- >> another four years. be good and -- >> [ overlapping talking ]. >> sniemts the people's priority -- >> it's still being investigated, brian. the foundation is -- >> marcy, real quick. i think you're right, it would cause a lot of angst. isn't this all self-inflicted if the foundation didn't have dicey
3:29 am
relationships if she didn't choose the private server. there would be nothing to go after. >> look. she's had a long and storied career of doing what sthee does best, which is to fight for children and families. she wanted -- >> the conversation we're having right are not the conversation voters are having [ overlapping talking ]. >> welcome to thanksgiving in america in 2016. thanks so much. great conversation. coming up straight ahead, donald trump has never met russian president vladimir putin. democrats won't let that get in the way of a good attack line. the dnc's unbelievable plan to smear the republic and he hasn't been smeared yet. it will be new. she was hired to do the laundry, clean the kitchen and print out details in pakistan.
3:30 am
the jaw-dropping details on hillary's name when tucker carlson joins us next. by the way, he's got a 7:00 show at night. he gets to sleep soon. (pop) campbell's tomato soup and grilled cheese. (more popping) go together like being late and being grounded. made for real, real life.™
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it's so peaceful up here. yeah. [ eagle screech ] introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion® all-wheel drive. soon to be everywhere. you know what i think. let's get out of here. >> what? where will we go? >> you'll see. ♪
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♪ >> if only they really acted like that. >> they all lived happily ever after. not. >> crazy stuff. >> that was from "saturday night live" obviously. >> the opening animation. one day. jaw-dropping to see. one day. brand new dnc e-mail from wikileaks. revealing the sinister strategy to take down donald trump. >> the democratic party conspiring to paint the republican nominee as a sexual predator and a friend of vladimir putin. >> i'm glad that didn't come to fruition. >> kristen fisher has been poring over the latest wikileaks release. kristen, as explosive as we've seen so far. >> reporter: so far what we're finding is a lot of what you might expect to find in the inboxes of dnc staffers in the middle of a heated election year. they're trying to come up with ways to take down donald trump. for instance, in one e-mail from april of this year, some dnc
3:35 am
staffers with an article about a former policy adviser to rand paul, a man named dmitry sims who allegedly had ties to the russian government. the pro-russia staff ties in well to the idea that trump is too friendly with putin, weak on russia. that, of course, as we know has become a central theme of the clinton campaign. that trump is putin's puppet. another e-mail shows dnc staffers deciding whether or not to post a fake craigslist ad for a job with the trump organization. it's clearly a joke. essentially says that all female applicants must be attractive. ultimately, according to wikileaks, they didn't post-it because "the defamation risk is too high. i know we're going for parody, but given the content of the post, private business practices, sexual harassment, et cetera, we would open ourselves up to a defamation suit if we posted." so far the dnc has not commented about this latest leak.
3:36 am
the second one this election cycle, don't forget. clinton's communication director did post this yesterday on twitter. "friends, please remember if you see a whopper of a wikileaks the next few days, it's probably fake." there is certainly a chance that some of these e-mails could be made up by wikileaks. then again, their first leak of dnc e-mails led to the ouster of debbie wasserman schultz. wikileaks certainly has a track record of being accurate and for causing serious repercussions. >> you're right about both. kristin, thank you very much. look who is here, the host of the new 7:00 p.m. show that starts a week from fod today. do you have a title for the show? >> i think that's at 11:30 meeting this morning. >> i watched you and say -- they played this clip of all of his segments. at the end they come back to him. i thought you would say, i'm going to miss you which you eventually did. you said i didn't realize how
3:37 am
humiliating this job is. >> so good for your soul. it really is. it's so important to be reduced to your basic self once in a while. >> oftentimes, we do some silly things. we put on hats and eat things. >> so good for you to eat kill bass a on tv. you know what i mean. >> new format, put more cooking segments. >> cooking segments rate really well in primetime. >> you know what, speaking of cooking, let's talk about housekeeper. maria santos is a housekeeper for hillary clinton and it has been revealed apparently -- these are from the state department e-mails released on friday night, about a thousand documents. apparently she was in charge of printing out all sorts of classified information to hillary clinton and then, according to some of the documents, the instruction was just leave them on the bench. so she would print out something classified, leave it on bench out in public view.
3:38 am
if the cable guy stopped by he could eyeball it, the neighbor came by. >> this just kind of sums it up perfectly. getting the housekeeper to do it. it confirms every bad suspicion you ever had about the attitudes of people in power, specifically the clintons. but not just them. everybody in washington a long time and gotten rich being there have this entitlement attitude that's so corrosive. it's like the late empire, have my housekeeper do it. so decadent. >> people wrote on the -- >> look what happened to the empire. >> eventually would break up. but don't give it away. tucker, here's the thing. people get caught up. is it criminal or prosecutable? >> no, no. keep it simple for nonlawyers. if you're looking to hire somebody for the most important job in the country, how did they do in their last job, what
3:39 am
judgment do they have? that's what you decide when you pull the curtain back in the booth. >> i have power, you're not. i'm rich, you're not. i'm famous, you never will be. i'm going to do what i want while holding you to penalize you for breaking the laws. this is the attitude that people are rebelling against. we'll see if they're successful or not. they don't like that. why would they? we're supposed to be equal under the law. >> tucker, her husband says she deserves this in a transcript. just in case the audience is not familiar with this story. in a transcript, he said she deserves this. this is a speech he had to give. she will not disappoint you. to get there, we have to not disappoint her. it's about the voiter not disappointing her. >> i can't control myself. i always go coach on the train, okay, back to washington and new york. i went first class yesterday. it was full of journalists, the car. i thought to myself, this is why they're totally for hillary. they so completely have absorbed the attitudes of the ruling
3:40 am
class in washington. they so strongly identify with people in power, that of course, they're for hillary. everybody in that world has the same attitude, which is shut up dumb people, obey. >> you didn't take the trump train? >> you know, i read the story every week. i never see anybody i know. they're all in the first class car. they're journalists. no wonder they're for hillary. >> they're like hey, there's tucker. they were walking right by you last week. >> the attitude you describe, though, is why there's this what donald trump calls a movement in the country where people are just hacked off about what goes on in washington, d.c. >> of course they are. >> they want to pull the plug on it. >> this is the attitude that -- this doesn't apply to me. i'm above that. >> are you surprised they were soliciting questions from the dnc? >> i am surprised. >> causing a bright line. asking a political party for questions for their opponent? it's beyond belief. news organizations, not just cnn
3:41 am
but especially cnn are bad at policing themselves. they say they're the watchdog keeping an eye on those in power. who is keeping an eye on them? nobody. if they don't do a dive on this happened and it won't happen again, that's corruption. >> tucker is moving on up. 7:00 p.m. and to first class apparently. >> that was the last time. i don't want to ride with journalists. >> next time you get to drive the train. >> still ahead on this monday, florida is do or die for donald trump and the campaign is leaving no stone unturned. >> this movement is coming together. florida is coming together. america is coming together. we're going to make donald trump the next president of the united states of america. >> so how close is it the day before the election? we're live in the critical battleground state with the latest coming up. new wikileaks bombshell, did the clinton foundation fund
3:42 am
chelsea's wedding and living expenses for a decade? >> a live report on that. >> she does have a $10 million apartment. who paid for that?
3:43 am
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starting with a fox news alert, a sheriffs deputy killed and another one clinging to life this morning after a dispute between neighbors turns deadly. the georgia deputies responding to a complaint in the town of byron. two people say a neighbor threatened them with a gun for riding a four-wheeler and motorcycle up and down the block. the suspect started to shoot at them. the sergeant died from his injuries. the other deputy is in critical condition this morning. we'll keep you posted. former felons may design who wins virginia. since july, terry mcauliffe restored voting rights to more
3:46 am
than 67,000 former inmates. 21,000 of them registered and could turn out at polling stations tomorrow. we'll keep an eye on that story as well. ainsley? just hours until the presidential election and once again, florida is taking center stage. >> yep. the sunshine state all tied up and heading for what could be a photo finish. >> tied at 45-45. phil keating live in hialeah, florida. breaking down why florida is so crucial for both candidates. hey, phil. >> reporter: hey, good morning everybody. once again, florida, the biggest prize of the battleground state. the largest of the swing toss-up states. again, just like four years ago, at this points, we headed to election day, an absolute dead heat. take a look at the latest cbs polling data. a 45% to 45% clinton and trump tie. meaning it's going to come down to in-person voter turnout on
3:47 am
election day. on sunday in florida, the final day of early voting, on behalf of the clinton campaign, president obama rallied heavily in kissimmee, florida. meanwhile, mike pence visited panama city. >> this movement is coming together. florida is coming together. america is coming together. we'll make donald trump the next president of the united states of america. >> if we win florida, it's a wrap. we win florida, it's over. >> democratic strongholds, miami-dade county and broward county, the two most populous cities areas in florida. meanwhile, today we'll have an the trail in florida, vice president joe biden up in the democratic oasis in the panhandle of tallahassee and down to st. petersburg for a get
3:48 am
out the vote concert with jimmy buffett.nwhile, donald trump hi will rally in sarasota, florida. for donald trump this will be his sixth, in-person visit to the sunshine state in the past two weeks. back to you. >> he has a house down there in mar-a-lago. >> i'm curious to see the fox polls. we'll see where florida is really at. >> 6:00 p.m., tune in to special reports. how will the trump campaign respond now that hillary clinton not in trouble with the fbi? again, trump deputy campaign manager, david bossie here to react in 12 minutes. >> i wonder if he'll have that beard. a brand new wikileaks bombshell. did the clinton foundation fund chelsea's wedding and living expenses for a decade? pete hegseth says that 100% illegal. he's live, next. >> the e-mails were about the wedding and yoga.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
wow. one day to go until election day and wikileaks bomb shells still going on. the latest revealing that the clinton foundation helped pay for chelsea clinton's wedding and other living expenses. pete hegseth is a fox news contributor who has also run charities and foundations and he is here to react. you ran foundations that were also 501(c)(3)s. >> yep. charities. >> how can the clinton foundation legally use money to
3:53 am
pay for their daughter's wedding? >> they are not supposed to. it's based on ethics. the money you get is given by donors who trust in good faith you will use it for the mission you said you would which is what you told the irs as well. i had to fire an employee who was buying personal items on the credit card for the 501(c)(3), found out how much it was. fired him at once and he paid it all back. because this was running more like a political clearinghouse than a foundation, it was a slush fund for them to do whatever they wanted to do. >> how do you know this is happening? there was an email on the wikileaks -- doug who runs the foundation sent this email to john podesta. it says the investigation into her getting paid for campaigning, meaning chelsea clinton, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade, taxes on money from her parents, i hope
3:54 am
that you will speak to her and end this once we go down this road. >> yeah, so what they were doing is inflating her salary as a reflection for campaign events that she was doing. there's a lot of flexibility you can have as a foundation which are -- which is straight-up unethical. what you cannot do is mix political activity with a 501(c)(3) charity. if she's taking time to campaign for her mother. >> when her mom says i deleted emails about yoga and my daughter's wedding, maybe that was why. >> who knows. that was all a lie we found out since then. if you are paying your daughter to campaign for you through charitible donations that you've gotten from saudi arabia and elsewhere, what she did with classified information is bad enough, but the foundation is -- it's all the real scandal, but it is yet another and just as large of a scandal because it is straight up illegal to do that.
3:55 am
>> chelsea is on the payroll for the foundation. >> sure. >> then they say she's campaigning for her mother, so let's give her a little more padding. >> oh, you want me to do this campaign events, i want to be compensated accordingly. where do you compensate them from? you do it from the charity. >> what would democrats say if you are running the veterans organizations like this? >> we've seen what happens. once the light of day is shone on it, people freak out and they should. the clinton foundation was never about a cause. it was never about benefitting people. it was about benefitting bill, hillary clinton and chelsea clinton. she enrich themselves and built a shadow campaign to run for president. everybody understands that's what it's all about. this email leaks from wikileaks, wedding, campaigning. all wrong. a big show.
3:56 am
the man who wrote the book on clinton cash, and lieutenant general michael flynn are here to close the case. first, donald trump is --'s campaign manager david bossie is here to react to this morning's news. good morning, david. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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3:59 am
we're not playing games, right? hillary right now is fast asleep. she's sleeping so beautifully. >> i have the sam in a to do --
4:00 am
stamina to do this. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. >> i'm basically accusing the director of having taking a sledge hammer and smashing the statue of justice from the lobby of the fbi building. >> if you've got a mother, wife, sister, working, you don't want her short changed. >> i hope women don't buy into that scthick hey, vote for me because i'm a gal. >> it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th! ♪ the big question is who is going to be moving into that place at the end of january?
4:01 am
it's going to either be a he or a she and today there's one day left, right? >> we will know tomorrow. tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night at closing time. >> polls aren't that far apart. >> they are not. >> they are looking a 2 or 3 point race. state by state this time. i cannot wait until the fox poll tonight. that will be the final poll for tomorrow. you also got to know what it means for the senate races. there's only one place where they can gain, elsewhere they are playing defense. >> the trump campaign making a six-stop blitz across the east coast while clinton and surrogates are on the campaign trail. >> we have the last-ditch effort to cling on to blue states. mike, thought they would be
4:02 am
clinging today? >> fascinating, brian, ainsley, steve, good morning to you. hillary clinton's election eve travel showing some concern that hillary clinton is showing weakness into the rust belt what's supposed to be a blue wall for democrats. she starts making two stops in pennsylvania, later in pittsburgh, and philadelphia once. clinton and the president of the united states will be making separate rallies on college campuses in the state of michigan, typically safe democratic territory and a midnight rally that both campaigns are watching. north carolina. >> now we're going to michigan, new hampshire, pennsylvania, where they do it the old fashioned way. everybody votes on election day. we feel like we got a lead in michigan. we want to hold on to and we think we can do that. >> late last night, clinton made a stop in new hampshire, making a pitch to voters there.
4:03 am
clinton gave voters in the granite state her closing argument. >> we've got to get everyone to believe that this election is about you. it is. about you. your dreams. your aspirations. your hopes. your family. your community. >> if trump can break through that blue wall in places like here in pennsylvania or michigan, that certainly gives him better chances to getting to the critical 270 electoral votes. clinton has clearly tried to shut that down in campaign stops today. >> all right. thank you very much. the guy who digs brian's vest, david bossie. >> you like it. >> caught on camera. >> i'm a fashion consultant here. >> you said something to me in the green room, do you like doing this? you said yeah, i only agreed to two months. can you imagine doing it for two years? >> what mr. trump has done, with
4:04 am
his stamina, it's reflective in his schedule today and yesterday, what he's done for now, 18 months in this grueling schedule that we've set for him is a testimony to how bad he wants to change america. >> well, there's one more day. let's cut to the chase. are you going to win? >> absolutely. we feel it. we see it. the polls show it. we're excited to get to election day. mr. trump is going to cross the finish line tonight in a big way and we're going to change america. >> david, james comey reopened the investigation 11 days ago. then just closed it yesterday. >> he's busy. >> republicans discouraged. democrats relieved. what's donald trump saying? >> well, first of all, i question director comey. i don't know how you go through that many emails. i've served in prior positions in my life as an investigator in the senate and in the house and i don't know how you go through that many emails in a responsible way. if you are trying to rush through to get to a judgment
4:05 am
that you are already preset or preordained that's one thing, maybe that's what they have done. >> maybe they have sophisticated software looking through buzz words. number two, some could be duplicates and three it doesn't mean there wasn't confidential or top secret information. the criteria was the same in july. people are outraged because he said there's no prosecutable evidence there. doesn't mean there wasn't confidential information. >> one step further. there are outstanding cases in federal courts in washington, d.c. where hillary clinton is hiding documents at the national archives, where they are not making them available under foia or even to the fbi yet. so there's a lot more documents out there that we don't even know about. >> was comey under pressure by the doj or the president? >> he was crushed poefer the -- over the last week since that announcement. i think he folded under it. >> i heard on the radio, she's
4:06 am
in the clear. she's not in the clear. the clinton foundation is still under criminal investigation and when james comey said yesterday in the letter, we have not changed our conclusions from july, the conclusions from july were she was careless. she was reckless. she lied about classified information. lied about the number of dev >> and that's why the american people want change. they are tired of the clintons. they are tired of criminality of the clintons. they are tired of the swamp of washington, d.c., and that's why donald trump is going to win tomorrow. to make change for the american people. >> let's talk what you guys want to do is turn blue red. >> yes, sir. >> and no doubt about it, people were speculating while you would go to maels. are you -- minneapolis. are you in striking distance there? what polls have you seen? i have not seen anything closer than 4 points. >> we've seen one at 3. we've seen those polls change immediately afterwards when we go to a state. we were in minneapolis last
4:07 am
night. we had 23,000 people show up. a 1,000 people rsvp'd and mike pence is going to duluth, might be -- minnesota later today. we're excited to be fighting for every last vote. >> who is out there campaigning for you? who is campaigning for donald trump and where are they going to be? >> first of all, donald trump is going to be in five states today. we start in florida. we go to north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and then finish in michigan again this evening in grand rapids. mike pence is all over the country as well. he has five events, but we have been ben carson, rudy giuliani, you name the surrogate list. ivanka, eric, don jr, tiffany are all out on the trail. it's a tremendous effort by the entire family. reince priebus is out there also at every turn. >> one of the key states that you feel confident about, although, you know, it has been
4:08 am
a blue state and can be a red state is ohio. yesterday, rather over the weekend, appeals court ruled that trump supporters can monitor ohio polling places, that's good, and peter doocy who i have talked to from time to time, he was at a polling site yesterday and there was somebody from the clinton foundation -- clinton campaign actually handing out tickets to hillary lams -- james e -- -- lebron james event. >> what is your name? >> you are not kidding, getting my name on there. >> that's very nice. >> are you with the campaign? are you with the campaign? >> hillary and lebron? hillary and lebron after you are done voting. >> are you with the campaign, handing out the flyers?
4:09 am
>> pete had seen him with the campaign earlier. he had a button on and took it off. they showed the video -- you can't be closer to ten feet than anybody in line. >> those guys were in line to vote. >> the secretary of state in ohio said upon reviewing the footage it is clear that it is extremely questionable, if not illegal behavior. are you worried about shenanigans? >> you know, absolutely, you know, republicans are worried about shenanigans every two and four years in a presidential race. we have a very good system across the country going to be watching for this in polling places across the country, whether it's in philadelphia or in cities in ohio and everywhere else for that matter. >> 5:38, nate silver came out yesterday. he's taking some heat on it. he gave barack obama an 85% chance of winning before election day and we know that he beat mitt romney. he now says that hillary clinton has got a 65% chance to win to
4:10 am
your guy's 34% chance. according to his stats, his annuallytic, you guys are still within striking distance. he says it's not out of the realm that donald trump wins. he got incredible backlash on that. explain that. >> i think he's going to end up being right. what we're doing is we're closing at the right time, we're peaking at the right time on election day. our energy in our organization is going to close this thing for mr. trump. his message is what's doing it. his candidacy is based on positive ideas for the american people, hope, growth, opportunity for our futures, for our children's futures. >> donald trump keep saying the system is rigged. we got word this morning that cnn -- wolf blitzer was going to have an interview with donald trump, the dnc was sending out emails released in one batch of wikileaks, they were saying anyone in the dnc consider any questions? >> cnn was asking dnc for any
4:11 am
questions. >> they were sending out an email is there anybody that has a question of the dnc to ask cnn to ask donald trump. >> it's part of the reason the american people are frustrated and that's why cnn doesn't have any ratings. >> this is the latest drop of the wikileaks says. this message was to wolf blitzer. the dnc, cnn. wolf blitzer is interviewing trump on tuesday ahead of his foreign policy address on wednesday. please send me thoughts by 10:30 tomorrow. who are you going to who are your advisers be? to me, wolf can come up with those questions in his sleep. does that disturb you?
4:12 am
>> of course it does. that's the interplay of the media and politics behind the scenes. it's revolting and the american people will reject it as of tomorrow. >> paul ryan has come around, he went from i'm going to vote from donald trump, he told us, to i'll campaign for donald trump. will there be an effort to get them together? >> he was with mike pence the day before yesterday campaigning in wisconsin. we were very excited and proud to see that come together. republicans all over the country are coming together. you know, you saw in iowa yesterday every republican in the leadership, in the state of iowa was with donald trump on stage. we're seeing more and more of that. we're closing very fast. >> do you know of an event on tuesday with them appearing together? >> not yet, but we might have a few surprises for you. >> all right. stay tuned. david, thank you very much. good luck. >> you can nap on wednesday. stay with fox news as we're counting down to this crazy election. we're going to be live for 67 hours straight covering the election starting with ""fox & friends first" tomorrow
4:13 am
morning at 4:00 a.m. plug in the coffee pot. meanwhile, the mainstream media says hillary clinton's path to 270 is locked up. not so fast. scott rasmussen breaks down the blue state that could actually turn red tomorrow night. hillary out of the fbi hot seat for now. will voters forgive and forget before tomorrow? a fair-and-balanced debate straight ahead.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
donald trump is closer than ever to flipping some blue states red which could ultimately land him in the white house. here to break it down for us is scott rasmussen. >> ainsley grit -- great to see you. >> what does donald trump need to do. >> this is the real politics map. hillary clinton would win 297 to 241. a couple of these states could flip either way. >> including florida. >> if he wins florida, he moves
4:18 am
into the white house. the issue here is so many states are so close. if you were a hillary clinton fan and you looked at this map, you would say, wow, nevada, trump is ahead in the polls but we all know the early turnout is not looking so good for him so maybe this isn't real. if you are a donald trump supporter, you look at a des moines register poll that showed a big surge in trump turnout. florida is still key. tomorrow night when we're watching, we're going to see what happens. if donald trump wins florida, he has a chance. if he doesn't, it gets very difficult. now, in theory, if he lost florida, he could win pennsylvania and colorado. that gets him the same 270 to 68 total. it's hard to see how do you lose florida and win pennsylvania? the key to pennsylvania will be
4:19 am
the vote around philadelphia area. what will be the turnout? pennsylvania is a state of always looks good for the republicans. it's tough. >> no early voting in pennsylvania. >> no early voting in pennsylvania, so all of these late trends. you hear a lot of talk how donald trump campaign has been making progress in the last week, another state with no early voting is new hampshire. that could be good for the republican side. if donald trump can't win colorado, he could get there by winning pennsylvania and michigan, and i think, you know, this is the other story of the election. this whole rust belt area. this is the part of the country where donald trump is appealing to those workers who are feeling left behind. they are feeling dispossessed. that's why he's in minnesota today, why he's doing well in iowa. there's an assumption by the trump campaign that iowa, minnesota, and wisconsin have a lot of common ground. if we can win one, we can win them all. the polls right now show hillary clinton leading by a couple of
4:20 am
points. the polls can easily be off by three or so points in either direction. if they go in one direction because youth turnout is down and minority turnout is down, donald trump will pick up the states he needs. if they go in the other direction, it could be a long night. >> what time will see florida results come in? >> the polls in the entire state close at 8:00. that doesn't mean we'll have an answer at 8:00. >> we know that all too well. >> exactly right. >> we will start to get results in and what you'll see is a lot of people comparing the results -- the exit polls and then we'll know. >> all right. good deal. you'll be with us, i know. thanks so much, scotch. >> new hampshire hasn't voted for a republican in more than a decade but donald trump is going to need those voters. a republican running for governor in that state joins us live with the chances at changing history. there he is, coming up next, and experts say that hillary clinton is winning the electoral map but maybe not. up next, the growing numbers of
4:21 am
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4:24 am
good morning. welcome back to "fox & friends." a few quick headlines you right. starting with a fox news alert. janet reno the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general has now died from complications due to parkinson's disease. that's according to her god daughter. her career was marred by controversies, including the deadly raid on the branch on the davidian compound in waco, texas. 80 lives were lost on that. the seizure of cuban child
4:25 am
refugee elian gonzalez. she was 78 years old. the transit trike could officially be over. buses and trains now expected to be up and running within the next 24 hours to help get voters to the polls. and hillary clinton so to speak the -- isn't the only democrat exposed for using a private email server. rahm emanuel, chicago's mayor is under fire. he was outed by wikileaks. his personal email domain, the very same day he was sworn into office in 2011 and those are your headlines. i'll see you in a little bit. >> sounds familiar. one day left and donald trump making a final push to secure victory in what has become one of the most important battle ground states in the united states and we're talking about little new hampshire.
4:26 am
>> whoever wins new hampshire is going to win. >> we're going to win the great state of new hampshire and we're going to win back the white house. >> well, right now the latest real clear politics average has donald trump ahead nearly two points in new hampshire, but just two weeks ago hillary clinton was ahead by 8 points. >> so where does the granite state stand right now? here to weigh in, chris sununu. what's going on on the ground in your state because the biggest, most powerful political power players on both sides are focusing on you guys? >> well, new hampshire always comes into play, doesn't it? there's a lot of energy here. our secretary of state recently announced he's expecting a record turnout on both sides of ticket. there's a lot of momentum as you guys mentioned. the polls are very strong not
4:27 am
just for mr. trump but myself, senator ayotte really swinging. >> why are those four electoral college votes so important in your state? >> we are typically a purple state. people want to know the candidate. isn't all just one straight ticket or the other? they want to get to know the candidates up and down. we have one of the largest representative bodies in the world. a giant volunteer government. people are involved. they are engaged. for the most part, we wait until the last minute to make up our minds. what you are seeing this week is understanding people want change in this state and country. i think we'll very excited with the outcome. >> what are the main issues in new hampshire? >> you know, the big issues i think in new hampshire are very similar to the rest of the country. we have a big health care problem. obamacare has failed. we know that. my opponent wants to make it permanent and all that even bill clinton finally came around and said it was a crazy program.
4:28 am
we have a heroin crisis in the state that is really out of control and unfortunately the results just aren't getting better. we've lost 1,000 people in our small state in the last two years. that's 1,000 families torn apart. we need to have some aggressive acti action. we cherish our local control in new hampshire very much. restoring control to parents, that's vital to folks. >> chris, has donald trump helped or hurt you in your quest to be governor? >> in new hampshire, i don't think he's helped or hurt. everyone is so involved in their community, so involved in these elections, it's not a straight ticket. what happens at the federal level and the presidential races is very different. different message. different way of campaigning, style of campaigning. we try to stay positive. we try to focus on the issues. our opponents like to take the personal attacks and they spend
4:29 am
90% of the time hitting my family or personal issues. my opponent put up a picture of my mom in an attack ad. that type of stuff -- >> ouch. >> it says more about the character of my opponent. it's not the character of new hampshire. it's not way we do things here. >> let's talk about the character of the folks here in new hampshire. are you worried about voter fraud? there's rumors that democrats are bussing in voters from massachusetts. >> we have a very flexible system. there's a lot of gray area here. it's ripe for abuse. we've had instances where multiple campaign staffers will say -- will claim residence at one point and they can vote. the law alies for -- allows for it. the state with a first in the nation primary, it's a big
4:30 am
responsibility. >> the latest poll came out that shows donald trump down by 11. >> the outliar we saw this morning was a traditional out lier. we don't really focus on polls because everyone make up their mind in the last few days here and the energy is incredible. i've been out with senator ayotte yesterday, we're out on the campaign trail at multiple stops and let me tell you the response was overwhelming, overwhelming and it was clear that this state is ready to make a change. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. >> his dad was governor. i wondered if that happened before. i got emails that said. new york. you said new jersey at one point. >> all sorts of instances of that. meanwhile, hillary clinton may be out of the fbi hot seat for now, but will voters forgive and forget before tomorrow? we're got a fair-and-balanced
4:31 am
debate coming up. president obama heads to michigan trying to seal the deal for hillary clinton but could trump steal it away. that's next. cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir?
4:32 am
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4:34 am
one day to go and there's a report out of nbc news this morning about how the trump transition team is starting to put -- lineup names with different spots in the cabinet. first one is rudy giuliani is attorney general of the and newt gingrich as secretary of state. >> neither one of these things as a surprise.
4:35 am
>> reince priebus as chief of staff. he was asked yesterday, he said i don't even think about what happens afterwards. i don't know about the synergy between reince priebus and trump cht. >> maybe it's smart to release who your cabinet is going to be before, people are going to the polls tomorrow. >> attorney general michael flynn is being remored to be the next secretary of defense or national security adviser. according to this nbc support, mr. trump is not actively involved in the transition because he's superstitious about that kind of stuff. as you can well understand. >> not one of those things is surprising, i don't see governor christie on the list. >> maybe this is part of the partial list. >> he's going to need more than three people. >> how do you know? >> reportedly, he will need more than three people. they could be other jobs. >> that's out there from nbc.
4:36 am
meanwhile, michigan is the senator of the political universe this morning with one more day to go. hillary clinton rushing to defend the battle ground state as donald trump tries to turn it from blue to red. >> and that's why we're reporting live from ann arbor, michigan. not many people expected this to happen, right? >> reporter: that's right. in these final days, mix has become a hotly contested state. both the trump and clinton campaigns and their strongest surrogates have blitzed this state. michigan is typically a democratic strong hold that has not elected a republican president since 1988, but donald trump has made a dent in hillary clinton's lead here, forcing her campaign to defend the state. the real clear politics average this morning shows hillary clinton with about a five-point lead here in michigan, but that's down from her very comfortable 11-point lead just weeks ago. we're here this morning on the university of michigan's campus.
4:37 am
of course, there are thousands of millennial voters here and that's a demo that both campaigns have struggled to win over. we've spoken to a voting behavioral expert here on campus who gifeds us -- gives us his opinion why. take a listen. >> we know from the national polls that these are two of the least-liked candidates who have run for president since polling began. they have very high unfavorable ratings. so this is a feeling i think that's prevalent in the population as a whole. it's complicated for young people. >> reporter: now, today, hillary clinton and donald trump will both hold rallies in grand rapids, michigan, and in just a few hours, president obama and chelsea clinton will hold a rally here at the university of michigan campus. students have been lined up before sunrise. back to you guys in new york. >> matt finn, where it's foggy, thank you very much. over to you, brian.
4:38 am
while you were locking straight ahead, i came over here to do this segment. fbi director james comey after his october surprise out with a november surprise. he sent a letter to congress, the fbi investigative team has been working around the clock to process and refer a large numbers of emails. we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. joining us. how relieved is the clinton camp? >> based on your last segment, the slogan of university of michigan is go blue. the whole state is going blue. >> traditionally, you are right. i don't know if you are right.
4:39 am
this year is a little different. >> michigan is 9-0. go blue. secretary clinton and the entire clinton campaign has not ever been focused on these emails. the oernl one focused on the emails is donald trump. secretary clinton and her supporters, the state of florida, huge democratic turnout we've seen is unprecedented. it's focused on what she will do for america. >> you know there was a big effect because it certainly brought everything back in line and put trump back into play because it looked like -- despite obamacare. he said we're always confident that nothing would cause the july decision to be revisited. now director comey has confirmed it. kellyanne conway said then why did you, your colleagues and your candidate attack comey and his credibility? what's the impact? >> officer the past nine days, it's brought the email issue
4:40 am
back to light. if you go to july, it took weeks for hillary clinton's poll numbers to recover. i think the damage has been done. it's taken the spotlight off of trump when he really needed to be out of the spotlight and it put it squarely back on hillary clinton's shoulders at the worst possible time. >> remember, in july, phil, james comey did say i don't think anyone would prosecute this. however, she was extremely careless, but no reasonable prosecutor would press criminal charges. but upon further review that's exactly the best press conference for hillary clinton. >> brian, i can tell you what i hear in the street. the latin vote, the hispanic vote is out. it's unprecedented the amount of people. the african-american vote is surpassing 2012. >> where is that? >> the african-american vote, all across the state of florida, now has surpassed 2012 early voting numbers.
4:41 am
now, is absolutely historic numbers. it's tremendous what's going on. what i want to say is this, a lot of latin folks, hispanic folks in south florida, when they saw what comey did it put a shiver in their spine. it reminds them what happens in latin america. >> you compare james comey actions to something saw -- appointed by barack obama who has said that he had no political agenda, just yesterday, he said you equate that to a third world nation? >> let me tell you what i think. 100 attorney generals former came forward and said this is unprecedented. like i said before, comey is a good guy. made a very poor decision. >> using a private server is also unprecedented. >> absolutely. look throughout the country, michigan, colorado, pennsylvania, new hampshire, states where hillary clinton had a sizeable lead before last friday. that lead has shrunk. now, whether she's able to
4:42 am
ultimately pull away in those states, we'll see, but to say that, you know, nobody is talking approximate the email issue, that defies reality. swing voters across the country -- >> of course, they are. of course, they are. >> it's on the news every single day. >> the only plan they have for america are secretary clinton's emails. >> the bottom line is you go to the polls. people are concerned about this. it's the reason why they don't trust hillary clinton. >> thank you both, great debate. mr. mayor, i can't wait to see you. thanks for showing up. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. straight ahead. florida is do or die for donald trump. today's campaign schedule proves it. we're live as the republican nominee sweeps throuine state w absolutely has to have and the fbi may be done with the clinton email case but donald trump is not. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. >> all right. is the investigation really over
4:43 am
or is there more to it? the man who literally wrote the book "clinton cash", the author of the book, peter schweizer. by the hollies ♪ oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ♪ ♪ and the seagulls they'll be smilin ♪ ♪ and the rocks on the sand... ♪
4:44 am
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4:47 am
across five different states within 24 hours. >> and despite the fbi clearing hillary clinton in her email investigation for a second time, the trump train showing no signs of stopping. >> fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is live in sarasota, florida, trackside. >> forgive, john, we're a little delirious. >> yeah. you and me both. good morning to you, ainsley, steve, and brian. the trump train is trolling unfortunately in all cases it's not running on time, but they will try to do it again today. ten events in ten states over two days. donald trump in leesburg, virginia, last night was supposed to take the stage until 9:30, didn't start talking until 20 minutes after midnight. the crowd still enthusiastic as in the closing hours of this campaign. donald trump trying to expand his map, his route to 270 going into virginia, going into michigan, going into minnesota, taking a shot at hillary clinton who has been campaigning with all these super stars, j. lo,
4:48 am
jon bon jovi. he says i don't need rock stars. also taking a shot to the fbi for director for his letter today saying there's no reason for hillary clinton to face charges in the email probe. here's what he said last night in leesburg. >> now, it's up to the american people to deliver the justice -- it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box and on november 8th, but you have to get out and you have to vote. >> all right. so we've got probably 18 hours of barnstorming today. let's put up a map to show where everyone for the trump campaign will be. donald trump, mike pence and his children and seven states. this is coming down to a battle for nevada, iowa, ohio, north
4:49 am
carolina, florida, new hampshire, and the second congressional district in maine and nate silver, has got donald trump probability of winning in nevada, iowa, ohio, and florida, and north carolina. so all he needs is new hampshire in that second congressional district he wins. if gets all of that and he doesn't get the second congressional district, it's a tie, folks, which means i can come back into work on thursday morning and have something to do. >> you are right. yeah, good to washington. that's where all the action will be. >> there you go. >> john roberts live in saras a sarasota. fox news alert, moments ago, reports of who donald trump could be considering for his cabinet if he wins the white house. we'll tell you what we know. apparently on the list, lieutenant general michael flynn who is going to react coming up in about ten minutes. >> and a brand-new wikileaks bombshell. did the clinton foundation fund chelsea's wedding and living
4:50 am
expenses for a decade? >> sweet. >> the man who literally wrote the book, called "clinton cash," peter schweizer is going to weigh in now. ♪ ♪ [ clock ticking ]
4:51 am
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4:52 am
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4:53 am
>> right now, she's being protected by a rig system. i've been saying it for a long time. you can't review 650,000 emails in eight days, you can't do it, folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. >> donald trump blasting the fbi's renewed decision not to pursue the hillary case on the
4:54 am
email. with more wikileaks bomb shells on the eve of the election, did director comey make the right move or wrong move. let's talk to peter schweizer, the president of the government accountability institute and the author of best seller "clinton cash." >> you look at some of these -- mr. comey said we've not changed our conclusions. some people are saying, oh, she's out of the woods. the clinton foundation is still under criminal investigation by the fbi. i wouldn't say they are out of the woods. would you? >> no, i would not say they are out of the woods and look, as it's been explained to me by people in the know, let's just say in that fbi sphere, the thinking is basically that they are going to have one bite at this apple. you are not going to be able to go after the clintons and charge them with multiple offenses. so what could be going on here is this their belief that the clinton foundation case is actually stronger than the email case, and they don't want to risk losing the email case and not being able to bring the clinton foundation case.
4:55 am
that certainly is a possibility. >> according to the latest wikileaks, we're learning that clinton foundation money that people are donating all across the country, they think they are going to malaria drugs and stuff like that. it looks like it paid for chelsea's wedding, her living expenses, and taxes on gifts of cash from her parents as well. that can't possibly be legal, is it? >> no. it's definitely not legal, and it's just more in the bread trail as it were that shows that the clinton foundation was not a legitimate charity. in this particular case, it's an email from doug band who is bill clinton's right-hand man saying this is what clinton foundation funds are used for. it follows on other internal reviews thaft -- that were done outside law firms and entities that say this was a political operation. it was not a charitible organization and the blurring of these lines that chelsea, bill,
4:56 am
and other people were monetizing their relationship to the clinton foundation. look, if nothing else, there needs to be a major irs investigation and it's by the way criminal conduct. >> sure. of course, it is, and that's why there is a criminal investigation into the clinton foundation. why hasn't the irs looked into the clinton foundation or is that a dumb question? >> no, it's a legitimate question. the problem is we've seen how politicized the irs has become in recent years. this is the problem. our system is based on the premised that law enforcement or people that are there to enforce rules like the irs are actually going to do so in a clear cut manner and doj and irs clearly are not doing that. that's why because the clintons are so powerful, i believe you need a special prosecutor or ar an -- or an independent counsel to look into all of this stuff. >> i got a feeling that's not going to happen any time soon. peter schweizer, joining us today from florida, thank you
4:57 am
very much. >> thanks, steve. >> what do you think about that? let us know vee ra -- via email. a lot of program left. lieutenant general michael flynn, j. christian adams, and film maker dinesh dsouza is joining us next. got that sweet ride with a great rate from navy federal. i was not about to let anything happen to her. just looking out for my wingman. he's still in training. open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union. do you have thecare? coverage you need? open enrollment ends december 7th. don't put it off 'til later. now's the time to get on a path that could be right for you... with unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. call today to learn about the kinds of coverage we offer,
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5:00 am
hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. >> it is a choice between division or unity. >> don't boo. vote! >> we're not playing games, hillary is sleeping right now.
5:01 am
she sleeps beautifully. >> i have the stamina. >> now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th. >> it's about the example we set for our children, and the whole world. >> they understand even better than the adults. they know. they knows what's going to happen. >> i really don't know what to do. >> we're going to get lucky because we're going to go on the air tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. to kick things off. >> that means you are lucky. >> we hope you are lucky. there was an nbc news story that we told you about about a half an hour ago where according to their sources the trump transition team is named some members of the potential trump
5:02 am
cabinet, including rudy giuliani as attorney general, newt as the secretary of state, and reince priebus as chief of staff. although, lieutenant general michael flynn perhaps secretary of defense. as it turns out, our own john roberts has spoken to somebody high up in the trump campaign. they say it's 100% false. however, if somebody on the list was available who we could talk to -- >> funny you should say that because there is lieutenant general michael flynn now. what do you make of this? any truth to this? >> you guys always pick the best music for -- >> [ laughter ] . >> no, you know what, the goal is and the objective is to win tomorrow which donald trump is going to do, and i think that, you know, what has happened, i mean, it's just been an amazing couple of days here. i mean, essentially the american public has now become -- and rightly so has become the judge
5:03 am
and jury for really everything that has transpired over the last ten days, if not the last year and a half. i think that's where it needs to be for our country at this stage in the voting booth. >> of course, you are referring to what happened on sunday. a letter went out to department heads on both parties in washington saying we looked at the 6 auto,000. we assume that's the right number. email on anthony weiner's computer and we decided nothing changed from my decision in july not to prosecute. this isn't an indictable offense and you wonder what the voter thinks about this. what does lieutenant general michael flynn think? >> essentially what -- given everything and i'm not going to go through all -- whether or not it takes -- how long it takes to go through 650,000. 55 or 60,000, it took a year plus. 650,000, it took a couple of days i guess. whatever. the issue is is she is still, according to the fbi director, extremely careless with the
5:04 am
handling of classified information, and she also lied many times to essentially the american people and there's still multiple investigations ongoing that she's a part of. i mean her, the clinton foundation, her daughter, anthony weiner. oh, my god. the people of this country -- >> her maid. >> the people of this country have a very, very easy choice. it's a choice about opportunity and a vision versus failure in the past. so i think it's an easy choice. >> yeah. you know, general, what mr. comey is going to do is he would simply suggest whether or not she should be indicted. it would be to the department of justice. do you really think that this department of justice, which has become so political, would indict the standard barrier from the democratic party on the eve of the election? of course not. >> yeah. again, the rule of law in this
5:05 am
country is one -- is something that gives us an advantage over all other countries around the world, and, you know, and people in this country are questioning whether or not our justice system can be fair for all americans, and obviously it feels -- at least it feels from the last, you know, couple of weeks, if in the the last couple dafs, that it's only fair for the little people, you know, for those of us that don't have the money and the power to be able to, you know, to overcome the challenges that somebody would face like hillary clinton in this case, and so anyways, again, the american people have an easy choice tomorrow and it's about the future. it's about opportunity. it's about a great vision from donald trump versus the establishment and the swamp that exists in washington, d.c. i'm sorry, but this is an easy choice to make for the americans. >> general, there is an article, front page, above the fold, "new york times." it talks about what it's like
5:06 am
inside donald trump's campaign. it talks about how corey lieu want do you sci -- lewandowski is still working with him. what is your take, what really happens inside the campaign? >> yeah, i will tell you, it's a very focused effort. it's relentless, as you can see in just the last 24 hours. your music actually touches on that point. you know, you are up all night. he's going to hit another five states today. it's a relentless focused campaign and i will tell you he's got some great people around him and he sets the priorities for what's going on. i will tell you i'm glad that you mentioned the president because, you know, and i want to remind americans that in the last week and a half, we have lost five special forces
5:07 am
soldiers over in iraq and afghanistan. five killed in action. you know, and the president of the united states is out talking the way he's talking instead of actually focused on a major, a major military campaign that we are involved in. he can say i'm getting updates every day. no, commander in chief, you need to be directly involved in this thing because it's not going in the direction we thought it was going to go, when we thought it was going to happen overnight. this is going to last for months apparently. we've lost five killed in action. >> you know, afghanistan, we have no idea what we're doing in afghanistan. we just told 10,000 people to stay there and they are getting shot at daily even though they are not supposed to be. then you have the operation in mosul and you have the operation to take back raqqah. this is something while the president is in shirt sleeves, going to bat for the replacement of his own party. no one has ever done it to this
5:08 am
length as he has. >> or to this level. i think it's -- it actually shows the desperation in frankly the democratic party, i guess, i mean, as to retain power, for the president to retain his legacy, a legacy that hasn't -- if obamacare is his signature legislative accomplishment, oh, my god. what a disaster that has become. i mean, i have brothers and sisters and sons who are having to double their payments now and they are all getting notified right here before the holiday season, right? i mean, so this president ought to go put his commander in chief hat back on and make sure we're doing what we need to be doing over in afghanistan and iraq. we also lost a soldier, most people don't know in africa. i mean, jeez, come on! this is a time when the world is so complex, it's so uncertain, and the president of the united states needs to get off the campaign trail and needs to get
5:09 am
back to work. i mean the american public know what's going on and the american public are smart, they are a smart judge and jury and tomorrow the results are going to be final and we're going to see donald trump as the next president of the united states. >> you know what, if you look at the brand-new investors business daily tracking poll which comes out every morning at 6:00 a.m., donald trump, if they picked today, based on this, donald trump is currently leading hillary 43 to 41. "new york times" that ainsley was talking about -- >> i'm not hillary. >> i've been saying hillary so many times. it talked about when the fbi reopened the case, the day that that happened, you were actually supposed to go out and you started to give a speech and so they told you to just go stall while we write some words for him to say, and the whole thing was to stay on message. apparently it took a little
5:10 am
longer and steve bannen one of the campaign guys was sitting close to a lamp. is it true that his pants caught on fire? >> let me tell you, i love steve bann bannen. i've gotten to know him. he's an amazing guy, and for that, i saw that article. nobody tells me to stall. i'm moving 100 miles an hour all the time. this is a very focused campaign. >> but were his pants on fire? >> i don't know. i have no idea if steve's pants were on fire. i know that steve bannen is one of the most relentless and he's one of the smartest guys. if you've seen a complete turn in the last, you know, couple of months here, i'll tell you, a lot of it i think is attributed to steve bannen and his relentless focus on making sure sure that the message is clear and helping donald trump, you know, be the kind of person that we all know he can be.
5:11 am
and he's been great. this actually, the last couple of months has actually been a lot of fun. we've enjoyed it and i think that's why there's a lot of optimism in the trump team right now. >> one more day. donald trump doesn't tweet any more so america is not nearly as exciting as it used to be. >> yeah. one more -- what's that song, one more night to get lucky? you guys are great. >> this song ♪ ♪ -- >> he's going to be doing care reoak key. good morning, everybody. couple quick headlines. we start with a fox news alert. janet reno the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general has now died from complications due to parkinson's disease. that's according to her god daughter. her career was marred by controversies, including the
5:12 am
deadly raid on the branch on the davidian compound in waco, texas. 80 people died including for atf agents. reno was 78 years old. twitter going dark once again overnight at the same time that wikileaks reported a cyber attack on its email publication servers, this after wikileaks published the latest trove for dnc emails. you may recall other popular websites were taken down in a similar attack just last month. those are your quick headlines. we'll see you back here in a little bit. they are supposed to be easy wins for her so why is hillary clinton spending so much time in easy blue states on this election eve? mike emanuel live in pennsylvania. stand by. you are next. >> thanks for the nod. she was hired to do the laundry. she was hired to clean the kitchen and print out details on afghanistan and pakistan.
5:13 am
hillary's maid. >> if she didn't do it, she would get that look right there.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
with one day to go, democrats are on the defense as donald trump inches dangerously close to clinching historically liberal ground. >> we have mike emanuel live in pittsburgh with hillary clinton's last-ditch effort to hold on to blue states. mike, this would upset your travel schedule a little bit, wouldn't i >> absolutely. brian, ainsley, good morning to you. pennsylvania and michigan have gotten a great deal of attention from hillary clinton and her allies in recent days with recent polls suggesting closer than expected races. clinton will make two stops in pennsylvania today. first here in pittsburgh, later philadelphia. she's also traveling, returning to michigan, to do an event on a college campus. she's also dispatching president obama there. then a late-night rally in one of the more interesting wing states this cycle, north carolina. clinton's campaign manager this morning says donald trump's push into democratic territory is too
5:18 am
little, too late. >> he needed to get those into play much earlier. i'm not concerned that he's spending so much time there at the end because he didn't build a ground game. i don't think donald trump dashing around to these states at the last hour is going to do what's needed to get his supporters out. >> clinton is also airing a two-minute commercial tonight on the broadcast net of 20 mill shows. she will look directly into the camera and giving a unifying message for those who are supporting her, even though who do not intend to vote for her. this as clinton continues to make her final appeal to voters. >> our core values are being tested in this election. this election is a memo of reckoning. it is a choice between division or unity. between strong, steady leadership, or a loose cannon who could put everything at
5:19 am
risk. >> the last time a republican won a presidential campaign in pennsylvania or michigan was 1988, george herbert walker bush, and so clinton is doing everything she can to keep those states democratic blue. ainsley, steve, brian. >> all right. mike emanuel live in pittsburgh, thank you. by the way, the steelers lost yesterday to the ravens. yeah. >> they were in the lead there. >> aw! >> coming up. more proof there's a reason they call cnn the clinton news network. the brand-new wikileaks bomb shell coming up straight ahead. and yesterday, we told you about the protesters who who claims he's a republican. ths not true. he's been voting democrat for years. so has his grandmother. did we mention she's dead?
5:20 am
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5:23 am
democrats would love for you to believe that voter fraud does not exist. better chance to get hit by lightning they always say. this morning, another reminder from the guy who interrupted donald trump's rally and many thought he had a gun. his name is austin crites. he claims to be a republican. turns out he's a huge hillary supporter. his dprand -- grandmother has been using his address to vote
5:24 am
absentee for years. christian, this has to surprise you, right? >> i'm shocked, brian. this is going all over the country. it's a federal felony and it will not be prosecuted by this justice department. they don't prosecute voter fraud for the same reason they don't prosecute hillary. it's all political at this justice department. they know about voter fraud and do nothing about it. >> to me, if voter fraud can go on either direction, i guess people assume that undocumented would go for democrats, but i don't know if that's necessarily an assumption. however, if you listen to the president of the united states, he wants illegal i am grents, aliens to vote. >> many of the millennials dreamers, undocumented citizens, i call them sens because they contribute to this country, are fearful of voting, so if i vote, will immigration know where i live? come for my family and deport
5:25 am
us. >> not true. the reason is first of all when you vote you are a citizen yourself and there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera, the sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential in terms of who you voted for. if you have a family member who maybe is undocumented, then you have an even greater reason to vote. >> am i the only sober one here? an illegal immigrant is being encourage to vote and don't worry about being tossed out? >> it's outrageous lawlessness. this justice department has been fighting in federal court, my organization has been fighting them. they are trying to stop citizenship verification in voting. they are doing it all around the country. they are trying to block states from making sure that only citizens are registering and
5:26 am
voting. this is a multiyear effort. you are seeing the culmination of it in what president obama said. alien voting is critically important in winning the election. the justice department is standing in the way. >> the president of the united states is telling a reporter to tell their undocumented friends please vote and don't worry about being tossed out. think about that for a second. let's bring this into play. you are in line to vote and you don't know who you are voting for yet and outcomes a guy handing you tickets to see the most famous basketball player, the best ever, speak free. look what peter doocy found out when he walk the line and listened to one guy handing out lebron james tickets. >> what is her name? >> you are not getting my name on there. >> that's very nice. >> are you with the campaign? are you with the campaign? >> hillary and lebron.
5:27 am
after you are done voting. love the hat. >> are you with the campaign, handing out the flyers? >> lebron and hillary appearing together for free, handing that to people on line. that could sway a vote. is that allowed? >> it's a federal felony to give or accept something of value in exchange for a vote. but what do federal felonies matter anymore? it doesn't matter because the justice department won't prosecute it. they know about it. we've sent them names of people. they simply won't prosecute voter fraud because it helps them win elections, period. >> well, if we had facial recognition identification technology, we would be able to arrest him perhaps and for the record, peter doocy is cute enough. i want to straighten that out. thanks so much. >> j. christian adams, it's outrageous but thanks for joining us. coming up, straight ahead, donald trump has never met
5:28 am
russian president vladimir putin but democrats are not going to let facts get in the way of their attack plan. we've seen it executed. she was hired to do the laundry, clean the kitchen, and print out details of drone strikes in afghanistan and pakistan. tuck ircarlson -- tucker carlson joins us with his hands in his pocket. typical tucker.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
>> we're not playing games, right? hillary clinton is fast asleep. >> i have the stamina to do this job. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. >> i'm basically accusing the director of having taken a sledge hammer and smashing the statue of justice in the lobby of the fbi building. >> this election is a day of reckoning. >> many many trump wins, america wins. >> you don't want her short changed. >> i would hope that women aren't buying into that hey, vote for me just because i'm a gal. >> don't boo. vote! >> now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th.
5:33 am
>> well, one day to go. here in americas election headquarters. tucker carlson is going to be the host of the 7:00 p.m. show. joining us here on the curvy couch. i'm so excited for you, but i'm sad. you are going to stay in washington. >> yes. >> you will visit us. >> all the time. >> yesterday, we opened up the show and i know "the daily caller" did this too. we were stunned to find out some of these wikileaks emails comes in. it turns out the housekeeper working in the washington home of the clintons had access to classified material, including the president's briefs coming in on secured email, printing it out for years. >> what's the point if your housekeeper with no clearance at all -- the beauty of these
5:34 am
emails, they confirm every preexisting suspicion you ever had. it's all true. people are the way you suspected they were. hillary clinton, she wasn't just reckless. they was insanely reckless. does she have her gardener write bilateral agreements? >> she trust this woman maria santos to take care of the house, why can't she trust her -- >> she could if her credit card and things that belong to her. it does not belong to secretary of state or federal employees. it's public property. for her to mistreat it and treat it as cavalierly as we did. >> i love these two pictures. because the housekeeper is like -- no, the two pictures of hillary next to the housekeeper, don't give me that look. i'm going to give you this look if you don't print out the emails. >> look what they also contain,
5:35 am
stuff about conversation with benjamin netanyahu. talking points. questions that have been to be answered. >> sensitive is classified. >> what you are seeing is what's happening when someone is rich and powerful for 40 years? a lot of republicans with bad attitudes in washington because they have been here too long. this is exactly what it looks like when you pull the covers back. >> that was the news on the same day that james comey came out and said we have not changed our conclusions whether or not we would suggest charges against hillary clinton. now, also the same day that it was revealed in a wikileaks' dump that apparently cnn, where you used to work. >> yes. >> asked the dnc, hey, we're going to do interviews with donald trump and ted cruz. could you guys help us out writing some questions? >> could you help us out? >> you were at cnn for a while. >> a long time. this was a bright line and how she respond make a great bit of
5:36 am
difference. they are jumping out how everyone else is immoral. we should be on this, brian steltser. we're going to see a massive realignment starting wednesday in washington, in america, in the parties, but also in the media. these guys have discredited themselves so much. this is reorganized as a super pac at this point. >> this was in that batch of emails that led to the firing or stepping down of debbie wasserman shultz. this is on april 27. wolf blitzer is interviewing trump on tuesday ahead of his foreign policy address on wednesday. please send me thoughts by 10:30 a.m. tomorrow. so that email was sent out to other staffers within the dnc. >> it's unbelievable. so clearly the person who sent this email was in touch with either the anchor at cnn or some of the producers who would ask what should we ask donald trump but imagine yourself as a journalist? i've always given my opinion on every job i will ever had.
5:37 am
i would never email a political party and say i'm interviewing one of your opponents, tell me what to say. even though i'm allowed to do it if i want i'm an opinion guy. that's corrupt. self-described journalists doing this. >> over at "washington post," dana asked for research. give us the list of the crazies donald trump has done. >> not surprising if you read the column. even if you have strong political opinions, you shouldn't be carrying water for a politician for political party. that make you a toady. a lackey. >> wolf blitzer does not need help on questions. he can ask a million questions. >> let me say about tapper and blitzer and i like them and we don't know that they are directly involved. there are many layers. it could have been some producer. we need to know the truth about
5:38 am
it and cnn is a news organization. they have the ability to get to the bottom of this story and let's see if they do. they actually have an obligation to. >> it's not up to the journalists to save this election. they need to be fair-and-balanced. donald trump, what's your advice for him? >> i'm not sure you can give advice at this stage. >> what's going to happen? >> i have no idea. i will say this, i don't know -- clearly hillary is up in the polls. that's obvious. i know this for a fact. the hillary people have numbers that show, their internal polling shows she's upby a comfortable margin in pennsylvania yet they are redeploying in that state. why are they doing that? why are they bringing both obamas, bruce springsteen. >> what about the freak-out over michigan and minnesota? trump went to michigan, i think later today he's going to go -- yesterday he went to minnesota and suddenly they are going why
5:39 am
would he go there? we never went there. because their internal polling show that they were three points behind. >> the hillary people don't trust their own because it's based on turn-out models. bottom line, the party is going to look totally different on wednesday. the republican party is going to have different voters than the one we assumed it had. >> significant that paul ryan is saying vote trump and i'll appear with him the last couple of days. does it matter? >> i think it matters a lot. it's significant. the symbolism matters. the speaker of the house has swung behind the candidate of his appear. it's a big deal. >> backing up to something you said a moment ago, regarding turnout, are you saying it's hard to judge, engage trump's turnout because these are people who there is no metric for at this point? >> they are trying to tie trump to the ku klux klan. they are playing the hardest racial politics i've ever seen. they are worried that black voters aren't excited by hillary clinton. that's a huge deal. that's why they are going this low. >> even snl helped them out.
5:40 am
>> imagine the -- the wreckage they are creating. that's really divisive. >> if you are labeled like that, if somebody called -- [ multiple people speaking at the same time ] >> the kkk newspaper was endorsing and saying make america great again they are saying because they support donald trump he supports them and it's not aall the case. >> the kkk is one of our ugliest historic relic. the whole thing is ridiculous. they are doing it with a straight face. >> senator byrd who was a recruiter for the kkk, hillary went on stage when he was campaigning and said he was her mentor. >> it will be all over in 48 hours talking about it right now. >> it might be over but we'll
5:41 am
still be talking about who won. >> are you ready for it to be over? >> good morning to all of you. a few quick headlines to you. we start out with a fox news alert. we are now learning the names of all three special forces soldiers who were killed in jordan while they were deployed on a mission to train jordanian troops to fight isis. staff sergeant kevin mcenroe, james moriarty and matthew lieu we will len were under fire when they were approaching the air base. the department of defense is investigating. in total five special forces members have been killed in jordan and afghanistan within the past five days alone. we're sending our prayers to their family members today. >> well, the fbi is on high alert amid threats of a possible terror attack at the polls on election day. the feds questioning several muslim residents in north texas after reports of an al qaeda plot to attack voters in new
5:42 am
york, texas, and virginia. and then another democratic electoral college voter says he would rather pay a massive fine than stand with hillary clinton. the voter is refusing to support hillary clinton even if she wins the popular vote. it's against the law for washington elect tors to break their pledge and they both face a $1,000 fine. a colorado woman wouldn't let a little thing like labor get in the way of voting. listen to this one, ainsley. can you imagine? the new mom expecting her little bundle of joy tomorrow? she went into labor instead. mom and dad went to cast their vote before heading to the hospital. the election judge believes she was in labor pain when this vote was snapped. i bet she was. but how patriotic. good for her. early voting in colorado. >> that is great. >> isn't it? >> a true american. that's a story to tell her child. congratulations, mama. >> i know she's in pain, but
5:43 am
here. >> just push through it. >> did the clinton foundation fund chelsea's wedding and living expenses for a decade? the brand-new information from dinesh dsouza. >> the dnca's unbelievable plan unveiled and revealed.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
over past two hours, this quickly become the number one topic with you on social media with one day to go into the election, brand new emails inside the dnc revealing a
5:47 am
sinister strategy to take down donald trump. >> yep. these new emails from the same set of emails that took down debbie wasserman shultz and they reveal how the democratic party planned to win the elect by painting donald trump as a sexual predator and close friend of vladimir putin. >> kristen fisher has been poring over the latest wikileaks leaks. >> this is the second time this election cycle that wikileaks has claimed to release hack email from the democratic national committee. last time, it led to the ouster of its former chairwoman, debbie wasserman shultz. what we've found so far is a lot of what you would expect of dnc staffers. they are trying to come up with ways to hurt donald trump. in one email, they are discussing an email about a adviser to rand paul who
5:48 am
allegedly had ties to the pro russia. the pro russia stuff ties in pretty well to idea that trump is too friendly with putin, weak on russia. another, posting a fake craigslist ad as a joke, new york based corporation, known for its real estate investments, fake universities, steaks, and wine. the boss has very strict standards for female employees. so far the dnc has not commented about the latest leaks. wikileaks claims it's already been hit by a targeted cyber attack. >> i wonder who that can be. next on the rundown, did the clinton foundation fund chelsea clinton's wedding and living expenses for a decade. the brand-new wikileaks bombshell with film maker dinesh
5:49 am
dsouza is next. >> i want to find out what's coming up on martha's show me. >> what one more day before everybody votes. florida, north carolina, new hampshire may be the states that it comes down to. razor tight in those three and a few others. we'll take you there. we'll get the pulse of what's going on on the ground. brand-new polls as well from fox news. we will get those one hour from now and we will bring those to you live as soon as they come through. governor huckabee is here. governor sununu is here. it all comes down to an organization of organization and enthusiasm. don't forget about the comey effect. we'll see you at the top of the hour. stick around.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
along with the fbi's stunning announcement of no charmings for -- charges for hillary clinton, come a new clinton foundation bombshell. in a email, it was written, the investigation into her getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding, and life, for a decade, taxes on money from her parents, do these leaks suggest the fbi might have made the wrong decision? joining us now so weigh in is film maker dinseh dsouza. did the fbi based on that information make the wrong call? >> remember that the fbi investigation into the clinton foundation has not been resolved. the fbi decided based on the emails not to go after secretary clinton, but their foundation investigation is not complete.
5:54 am
now, i think all of this is -- whether or not it's illegal, it is a form of theft. it's morally reprehensible. the clintons are very rich. for them to use foundation money for personal uses like this, chelsea's wedding, her living expenses, number one, this is to take money away from the intended beneficiaries to you might have aid money allocated to haiti and they are claiming they did it to help the haitian people. they are taking it away from people who need food, water, basic roads. number two, the clintons are stealing from the american people because there's a tax benefit attached to the foundation. when you give money to the foundation, it's tax deductible. these are not tax deductible expenses. they are personal expenses. this might open up a very interesting channel to look into. >> when you try to look it up on
5:55 am
line to find out what percentages goes back to help the individuals that are part of that, that are benefitting, and in this case, according to the irs, just 5.7% of the clinton foundation's massive 2014 budget actually went to charitible grants. i was always told don't give to an organization that's giving 90% back to the people you are trying to help. >> the money that they are donating to the foundation is not really charity. very often it's a bribe for favors that they want out of th. the overall message of all this is with the clintons we're dealing with a kind of bottomless level of corruption. it's almost like you feel you reached the basement, but then you discover the basement has a basement. there's more floors below to go. >> all right. you wrote the movie, "hillary's america." produced that movie.
5:56 am
what's your message you want voters to know tomorrow? >> look through the media haze. there's an an unbelievable effort . hillary's failing are against the public trust and public treasury and that's what this vote tomorrow is all about. >> all right. thank for joining us today. >> thank you. >> we have more "fox & friends" moments away. stay with us.
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6:00 am
>> we're dancing today and tomorrow we're going to be dancing with laura ingraham, we have heather, clayton, abby, pete, they are all alive from diners all across the country. just remember, tomorrow, vote, or you can't complain!


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