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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 7, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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sandra: fox news alert. the finish line is in sight. we are now just hours away from millions of americans heading to the polls to decide whether their next president will be hillary clinton or donald trump. this as we get another bombshell in the final days of the campaign. fbi director james comey giving hillary the all-clear in her renewed email investigation. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy, republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa booth, and today's #oneluckyguy, we welcome back the anchor of "fox news sunday," chris wallace, who will be a big part of fox news's election coverage tomorrow night. chris, remember you are outnumbered, first time we have you back since you moderated that spectacular debate. >> well, thank you. i graduated. i did well there. so you guys invited me back. happy to be here. harris: always love having you. sandra: it's a busy day. here we government less than 24 hours before the polls open.
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the latest twist rocking the campaign, fbi director james comey announcing after reviewing newly-discovered hillary clinton emails the bureau would not change the conclusion it would reach this summer not to recommend charges. a furious donald trump blasting the decision, saying a quote rigged system is protecting hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows. the people, the people know it. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot -- look, we are going to deliver justice the way justice used to be in this country, at the ballot box on november 8th. sandra: and it is not just republicans who are unhappy with director comey. top democrats slamming the fbi director for his letter to lawmakers 10 days ago, announcing his agency was taking another look at hillary's email scandal. house minority leader nancy pelosi say, quote, while
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the original letter allowed days of innuendo and falsehood by republicans desperate to divert attention from themselves, the fbi's swift and thorough review should finally close the door on this republican sideshow. is the door closed? where are we at with this, chris wallace? >> i don't think the door is closed in the sense it will continue to be a conversation over the next 24 hours and my guess regardless whether hillary clinton wins or loses over weeks to come, i have to say i've changed on the whole comey thing. i thought when he made his announcement in july that, you can argue whether it was right or wrong but he was not going to press for a criminal indictment but in effect his speech would be a legal indictment. that seemed to be to me a fairly accurate answer. looking back, i think he should have shut his mouth. they should have put out announcement. investigation is closed. owe shouldn't have testified before congress.
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if he hadn't testified before congress he wouldn't felt the obligation to make the announcement then days ago. he wouldn't felt obligation to make north announcement. i think criminal prosecutors should be not seen and not heard and he became much too much of a political player in this whole thing. that isn't what the fbi director is supposed to be. sandra: we're left wondering what impact it will have on the race with hours away from americans heading to the polls. >> absolutely. he is a one-man shakespearian tragedy. james comey has induced mood swings you only see in bipolar people who have been institutionalized, truly. one moment, july 5th, he is a hero to the left. he is a savior. a man of great integrity. on october 28th he is a demon. he is a villain. he politicized the entire process. now the game is rigged for the other side. of course you had republicans coming out in congratulatory tones, thankful the fbi director able to stand up to do what is right.
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you ad agnostic observers like judge andrew napolitano, this both instances he should have shut his mouth. you're wondering third part of four-act play as it comes to a close, was he thinking in the first place? harris: what does this get you saying there were 650,000 emails, we know, i don't know, could they really have read them? i'm thinking algorithm gets you ones to and from hillary clinton which is precisely what james comey says was looked at, not all of them, what gets you to make the statement when you done the homework when it would only take aweouple days anyway? >> to the make the original statement on october 28th? harris: yes. why even do that if -- >> he gotten a little bit pregnant. harris: you can't get a little bit pregnant. these things i know about. >> well i have six children, so do too. harris: how is that possible? >> because he had testified before congress and because he answered this hypothetical question, if you to the new and
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substantial information would you reopen the investigation, he felt that he was obligated to come forward, he shouldn't have come forward. one other point i want to quickly make about this, ultimately responsibility is hillary clinton's. if hillary clinton hadn't made the decision to use the email server, she brought it into the political campaign. harris: exactly. >> we see from wikileaks emails that wonderful exchange by neera tanden, the truth-teller in the whole deal, when it came out in march 2015, why on earth didn't they get this out 18 months ago? she answered her own question, because they thought they could get away with it. kennedy: she wonder who's idea was this in the first place and they should be drawn and quartered. >> from some. most recent wikileaks emails, chairman mills questioned whether hillary clinton should run in the first place and we obviously know why. it has impacted race. donald trump was able to pick up
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pretty significant headwinds over the past week. i think fbi's recent information that surfaced this sort of thwarts some of momentum for donald trump. look at truly toss-up states like new hampshire, .6% between donald trump and hillary clinton, north carolina, 1.4%, nevada 1.4%. everything matters now. harris: i would say this, chris, you and i had a couple of minutes to talk this morning before the show, and one thing you said made an impression on me that hillary clinton numbers had already starred to plateau. you used a different word, i don't want to put words in your mouth, it was not on the steep dive. >> no, i think it's stablized. that is what it was but i think lisa's right to the extent, trump was really in danger of a double-digit defeat. he was 10, 12 points down. suddenly this happened. it seemed to stop his slide. it seemed to begin hers. it certainly energized his
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supporters, and for a while there, it really did begin to close. i would say end of the week, i don't know if you agree with me, lisa, i felt she was stablizing, and what had become a one or two point race was now suddenly three, four or five point race? >> the most recent "fox news poll" has clinton up four i believe? >> right. >> i think you're right in that assessment. it is already baked in the cake as far as voters minds thinking hillary clinton did something wrong. there is mcclatchy poll out last week, 82% of the americans think she did something illegal or unethical. those mirror in july, associated press poll saw it 92%. a lot of americans in the country think that she is a crook and they're heading into the election with that mentality. we saw as we discussed, headwinds that donald trump had which seemed to have stablized but look -- kennedy: tightening of the race happened before director comey's
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announcement on the 28th. the fact it loosened a little bit more for her and gave her a more comfortable lead in "fox news poll," that happened before comey's incomes announcement. these may be natural ebbs and flows. i think biggest factor for voters renouncement of the continued email investigation whether or not this was going to be a distraction. that became so exhausting or daunting for voters. it wasn't specific of emails who had them, where they were stored and fact it could go on, maybe now signals to voters -- sandra: go back to the man at center of all this, james comey and his future? what happens to james comey? attorney general loretta lynch her confidence in comey and ability to run the fbi she maintains that. do we see something happen? >> i think he has a 10-year appointment. it is not coterminus with the president. he is in there. unless they impeached him.
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i think he stays in regardless after the new president comes in. so he doesn't have to go anywhere for a number of years. harris: if i remember correctly previous to all of the october 28th language, hillary clinton had said she would leave him there. she would welcome that. i know a lot's happened since then, my goodness, but i can't imagine anything would go against now it has come out the way it has for her. >> i don't think she has the power -- kennedy: it is not political appointment in way of cab nest level position. >> what does it do for the country? trust in the government is so low. i worry about postelection and the fact you have the fbi director which a lot of people, depending on party, depending on the time, depending on the announcement believe he was political to some degree. the department of justice which seemed to try to obstruct the fbi in the investigative process. you've seen collusion between the state department, clinton campaign, doj and the clinton campaign, the doj -- state department and the white house,
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right? so there is all this collusion. all this corruption. what does it mean for post-elections and general sense in government? i really worry about this, for the country. harris: people hate it. >> they may hate it even more. you're exactly right because after comey's announcement on the 28th of october you start getting wild leaks from disgruntled fbi people saying we'll build a case against hillary. justice department people saying no, this investigation is basically over, and you shouldn't have the justice department and the fbi playing a political role. kennedy: which is part of the justice department. shows the internal fissure there. you're absolutely right. one report are put it, tuesday, november 8th, it is only a comma, it is not a period. >> that's true. sandra: couple hours away. harris: i love punctuation. sandra: on election day fox news channel is only place to be from dawn to the wee hours of the morning. we'll have coverage across america and very best analysis for you.
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we want you to be a part of our election night coverage if you voted or getting ready to vote. post your picture on facebook, twitter, or instagram, with the hashtag fox news 2016. see it on the air on election night from the super fancy studio. chris, you stopped by and saw it. >> i not only stopped by but did our show yesterday morning. all the bells and whistles. i had my three grandchildren come. it is wallace playground. i will make a confession, folks. the billboard, if it doesn't work on election night it is because james wallace, my six-year-old grandson was playing. having a lot of fun in iowa. harris: swinging from the shan la lear? >> tell you this funny thing. there is round where seal is on the floor. they were dancing around on there. some people in the control room saw it and kids jumped off it. they thought it came alive. sandra: if that is not reason to tune in, watch the new fancy studio in action.
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"fox news" polling showing hillary clinton leading donald trump by four percentage points. what to make of those numbers and what each candidate needs to do with one more day to go. major changes to fox's electoral scorecard, updated a few moments ago that seem to favor donald trump. we'll break it down for you. ♪ ugh. heartburn.
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harris: fox news alert. with just one day to go until the election, candidates fanning out across key battleground states. hillary clinton making four stops in three states, pennsylvania, michigan and north carolina. donald trump is hitting five states including crucial battle ground of florida where polling shows title race. shows clinton in the "fox news poll" up 4 points nationally. that was taken before the renewed probe into the email server. both candidates are making the final pitches to voters. watch. >> what is really on the ballot what kind of country we want for our children and our grandchildren. don't leave it to chance. don't leave it to others. use your voice and your vote. >> if we win, well you know what you can do? go out and vote tomorrow, that
9:17 am
is what you can do. if we win the corrupt politicians and their donors lose. if they win, the american people lose big league. this is it, folks. we will never have another opportunity, not in four years, not in eight years. it will be over. harris: throw up the fox news scorecard now. update ad few minutes ago. arizona, iowa, utah moved into trump's direction. north carolina is toss-up. nevada has moved in hillary clinton's direction. chris wallace, what do you think is driving this, outside of fact it is late in the game? >> when you say this, there seems to be a move, actually, what you're seeing there, primarily is that the states that are reliably red or reliably blue returning to that there are half dozen states really up for grabs. there is no question that clinton has an easier path to 270 electoral votes, the
9:18 am
majority you need, easier path to 270 than trump does. trump has to do political equivalent of drawing inside state. he has to win every state he has chance of winning. he has got to win florida. he has got to win north carolina. he has got to win ohio and got to flip one of those traditionally, when i say traditionally, six elections in a row democratic states like pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, if he doesn't he will not be president. harris: is there anything in the electorate that you can point to right now say, pennsylvania would go for donald trump which would be a big deal? >> i think the key for trump, you know all of these polls are based on models and models are based on a sense of this is the amount and number, percentage of african-americans we expect in the electorate. this is percentage of whites who don't have college educations we expect. trump, i think would need a burst, unexpected surge of his supporters, primary is
9:19 am
non-college-educated whites. if were to get that he could win the presidency. con havesly with obama in 2012, more african-americans and more young people voted than the romney camp thought. that is why they were surprised. harris: when you're saying people really love him would have to love him a lot? >> a lot of them would have to. harris: toss this up because this is interesting. some of the "fox news" polling showed a level of strong support polling among trump supporters, leading hillary clinton 68%. very strongly about their candidate, lisa. >> when donald trump first got nominated all the talk of blue-collar workers, appeal to the rust belt states. he needs to hope that is materializes. if you're looking in polls like state like michigan, some of that was happening. mccomb county was is a blue-collar area way overperforming where republicans particularly do. what he is getting killed in counties like oakland county, higher income, higher educated county.
9:20 am
he was able to close the gap in "detroit free press" poll by four points. he has to hope to overperform in the blue-collar areas where republicans don't typically don't do well but still not get killed in counties like mccomb county. hope that materializes. still down in a state like michigan so that is tough do. harris: i always wonder if it makes a difference to see the candidate? registering the people in person is tremendously important for states that i have what i call gameday voting like pennsylvania. another poll if we stick this up, "fox news" polling shows temperment to serve as president. trump is still struggling with this, kennedy, why? is it her messaging sticking or combination? >> i think when he -- harris: we know things have been said. >> when he freestyles, when he ad-libs people wonder if he will take that her curl nature into the oval office.
9:21 am
harris: still he has been on message of late. >> he has for the most part ben on message. hasn't made any major gaffs last week 1/2. he let the email story lead the way. he learned from other parts of the campaign that was not the case especially dnc and gold star family where he continued narrative on the own let the story die. he seems to have learned from a few of those things. back to places like michigan and pennsylvania, chris is absolutely right he has to flip one of those two states. he has to win florida. he has to win new hampshire. he has to win north carolina which obviously -- sandra: north carolina as we said, ratings changed, fox news changed it to toss-up to lean democrat. three million early voters favors hillary clinton. they're expecting a big turnout on election day that would help donald trump. kennedy: if it does happen, flip michigan or pennsylvania they will hear about that in the mountain west.
9:22 am
he has to win colorado to win all the mitt romney states and add a few to get to the 270. >> elusive rust belt states. last time republican won pennsylvania was '88. >> george bush. >> not recent states. harris: just because the fbi has given hillary clinton the all-clear that hardly means her email problems are over. the top republican investigator in congress on what may be in store for mrs. clinton in months ahead, regardless of who wins tomorrow. despite her campaign advantages could hillary clinton be the real underdog going into tuesday? how could that be? a whopper of a statement getting a whole lot of reaction about that. stay with us. i like the song. ♪ i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports.
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♪ sandra: she may be in the clear with fbi director james comey but that doesn't mean hillary clinton's email problems are over, far from it. house oversight chairman jason chaffetz vowing that he and his fellow republicans will not let it go. the utah republican on "special report." >> no matter who wins or loses this election come tuesday congress is still going to look into it. you have allegations of the quid pro quo. you have a lot of other things that were happening that the fbi did find out about including classified information getting into a non-classified setting this is a mess only hillary clinton created. she's the one, her own personal convenience decided to put
9:28 am
everybody at risk and cause this mess. sandra: meantime a furious donald trump telling supporters that fbi agents won't stop going after clinton as the gop nominee questions how comey reached his decision in such a short time. >> the investigations into her crimes will go on for a long, long time. the rank-and-file special agents at the fbi won't let her get away with these terrible crimes, including the deletion of 33,000 emails after receiving a congressional subpoena. right now she is being protected by a rigged system. you can't review 650,000 emails in eight days. sandra: should hillary clinton win the white house, chris wallace, what are the weeks and months look like? do her problems follower?
9:29 am
>> oh i think clearly they do, but i say something that may get me kicked off the couch here. >> let's hear it. >> i hate this we had awful lot of this. it is legitimate issue. she did create the problem, but idea that you hear the republicans threatening new investigations, again this is the premise, she's the new president, of the president-elect. you have republicans, like john mccain and richard burr and ted cruz saying we're not going to confirm any of her nominees for the supreme court. just going to block it for four years. sandra: as he sits on the couch often, i have a job to do. >> i don't care there. are other things to do. america has other problems. i just think that, if she's the next president, even if she isn't, get on with life. it is not like the email issue hasn't been litigated and clinton foundation, we're going back to whitewater in the 1990s which went nowhere. let's address people's problems,
9:30 am
the things that affect their daily lives. harris: you heard what one of our fox news contributor told me on "fox report" doug schoen, he thinks it would be constitutional crisis she ends up in the white house and these things were still going on. he said that comment previous to james comey saying there is not a way forward against her legally. but it is interesting it could lead to at least a lot of political constipation, put it that way, where we get stuck -- >> we're going there anyway. this is a gridlocked country. there will be plenty of issues where republicans are going, again, all of this, i want to really state, is the premise she wins. she may not win. he may win. the flip side of that, he wins, than you see democrats prosecuting cases against him, whether legal or political. i sound like rodney king, can't we all just get along? can't we try to do something for the country? kennedy: this is how a lot of people feel. they're so sick of it.
9:31 am
why politicians, particularly congress have such low ratings. people out there -- personalities emerge in the election because people are very much hurting and they want congress to dress their problems but i will say this, there is something that smells so fishy about the foundation that, if you're talking about people who are concentrating power and selling favors, what are they going to do when they hold the ultimate power? harris: absolutely. kennedy: we can not let that accountability go. there has to be a rationale place, there has to be a track where we sit and get stuff done. >> i agree with kennedy. i don't think this should necessarily be let go, but even, past couple days we found out at least what is reported, a maid print off classified information, million dollar donation from qatar that was never reported to the state department. and congress is supposed to be an investigative body. that is congress's job. that is the house oversight job. further, what about the fact that you have, secretary of
9:32 am
state who clearly broke government protocol? what about future secretary of states breaking government protocol? i think there needs to be some correction phase in the government. harris: lisa would like to be in the audience where we're going. this is a fox news alert. something we told you that we were watching. this is on the university of pittsburgh's campus there in pennsylvania. we're going to watch hillary clinton now on the stump. a day before the election. >> we are on the path to see more americans vote than we have ever seen in our history. [cheering] i am hoping you won't just come out and hope. obviously i hope you vote for me but i also hope, i hope you will send katie mcginty to the united states senate. [cheering] we've got some great elected officials here, and i want to
9:33 am
recognize congressman mike doyle. [cheering] county executive rich fitzgerald. [cheering] from pittsburgh, mayor bill paduto. [cheering] from braddock, pa, mayor john fetterman. [cheering] but mostly i'm here to say thanks, thanks for taking time out to think about what's, what the stakes are. i love you all too. absolutely. [cheering] >> hillary. hillary! >> for those who are still making up your minds or think it may be, maybe it is not worth
9:34 am
voting at all, let me just say, the choice in this election could not be clearer. it really is between division or unity. between strong and steady leadership, or a lose cannon. between an economy that works for every not just those at the top but economy set up and run for those at the top. i have spent my public career fighting for kids and families and standing up for our country. if you give me the privilege of your vote tomorrow, that is what i will do every single day of my presidency. i will get up in the white house -- [cheering] and i will think about, what i can do that day, to knock down barriers, create opportunities, so that you have the chance to fulfill your own dreams.
9:35 am
you see, i believe america's best days are still ahead of us. [cheering] that doesn't mean we don't have to work for it because we do. that doesn't mean we can just expect it to happen as kind of a birthright. but i really believe that. i would not have worked 18 months. traveled across our country. thought as hard as i have what we need to do and what we need to do together. proudly stand up and defend the legacy of president obama, which had given our country progress in the right direction. [cheering] if i did not believe in all my heart we could do this, right? we can do this! [cheering] we don't have to accept a dark and divisive vision for america.
9:36 am
tomorrow you can vote, for hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted america. and, our core values are being tested in this election. and i know that people are frustrated. a lot of people feel left out and left behind. there's fear, even anger, in our country. but i've got to say, anger is not a plan, my friends. if we're going to harness our energy and try to overcome our problems, we have to start talking to each other again. we have to get good ideas wherever they come from. [cheering] last night i was in manchester, new hampshire. i was with kesar khan, whose son
9:37 am
captain khan was killed while serving in iraq. you might remember him from the democratic convention. he was not a man -- to be on stage of political convention but when he heard my opponent say what he said about muslims, and he looked at the -- that had been draped on his son's coffin, he felt compelled to speak out. he spoke powerfully about what america means to him, and how we have to defend our values and our constitution. as he said last night, his son, serving in the united states army, with his unit, saw something suspicious, moved toward it to check it out, telling his men to stay behind, and when the car exploded, he
9:38 am
lost his life. -- bronze star and purple -- but as mr. khan said when you listen to all of the people that my opponent has insulted and denigrated, would there be a place in donald trump's america for captain khan? the khan family gives me hope, because they truly believe in the values of -- ours. and they have stood up, holding the constitution as he did at the convention, to say, people around the world, cherish this constitution. believe in our values. -- source of -- for billions of people. we will never already let,
9:39 am
someone rip it away, in negative, divisive, hateful campaign that we have seen in this election. [cheering] sometimes when i hear my opponent speak i don't recognize. that doesn't mean we don't have problems or challenges. it doesn't mean that the to do more to help our country get better economic opportunities. of course we do. but, i believe we can do -- our country. i believe in the american people. i know what we are capable of. [cheering] throughout our history generations of americans met to meet the tests of their time. they defended democracy, built the greatest middle class the
9:40 am
world has, marched for civil rights. harris: we are watching hillary clinton on campus of university of pittsburgh right now and you could see sometimes it happens with satellite images and they will take the digital hits. it is audio, it is visual. you will step away because you couldn't hear complete sentences there. we'll be in and out of both candidates at stump speeches throughout the day as they are in and out of battle ground state. we promise to do this for you with live events. this is more typical stump speech, chris wallace. that is the course of the day, right? any surprises expected, do you think? >> no. you don't want surprises today. you want to make sure best argument, at this point you're really not trying to change people's minds. you're trying to mobilize voters to actually get out and vote, those who haven't already. harris: yeah. it is interesting. we've had a lot of discussions about ground game. i guess, right now, this is the ground game. it is candidates ground game.
9:41 am
do you think it is still traditional situation where donald trump may get hurt by the fact, last few days, he spent money getting ground became together. >> you can't do it in days. you need months. on a sometimes years. there is so many key elements to this you've got to identify your voters. you have to have data. he has almost no data to identify who are persuadable voters. you have to identify who went out and voted, who didn't go pout and vote. you have to have a stranger, someone make cac with -- contach the voters. can i drive you to the polls? that is microtargetting and trump is way behind. harris: rnc tried to throw a bigger net. it has done 12 million door knocks, 11 1/2 in the lassie kel in 2012. impossible are dedicated to solely to donald trump and not farther down ticket. we'll be right back. t
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♪ kennedy: welcome back. this is outnumbered on the all-important week. important election day which is tomorrow, the election day eve. despite her advantages her running mate calls her the underdog. tim kaine was asked about that in a interview few years ago he told hillary this. >> no matter what the polls say, and no matter what you see in an editorial consider yourself the underdog. you're trying to do something that's never been done. if it had been easy for a woman to be president of the this country we would have had a woman president of the country. consider yourself the underdog until they call you the winner. kennedy: despite the fact that hillary clinton has more campaign money than donald trump. more organized ground game and higher profile surrogates. chris wallace, those three things that i just listed off there, how important are they,
9:47 am
the ground game, the money, the people like jay-z and beyonce? >> it's huge. i would put jay-z and beyonce little lower than ground game and money. what? harris: you love that. go on. >> oh, my. i've always enjoyed doing this show until this moment. harris: oh. >> it doesn't matter enormously, this it nonsense. it is useful thing always to say act like you're the underdog. trump said that, act like your behind, go through the finish line, whatever. she is a, i still think a distinct favorite and whole woman thing, very interesting. aren't you a little surprised that it hasn't been more of an issue in this campaign? i don't you think it has been an issue at all she would be the first woman president. i think that to her benefit, not to her detriment. kennedy: evolution of the conversation and necessity of issues at hand. ground game, how important is that? harris: again, when i think you
9:48 am
will lean on a machine like the rnc and you have not set up your own ground game, it gets complicated because everybody is leaning on the ground game for the whole ticket. i don't know how that -- it is hard to wrap your mind around buying something you think you might never use and wanting to break with traditionality or tradition, rather? i think part of his argument for being outsider. kennedy: book to the point tim kaine was making that she is underdog, isn't that a little absurd to claim hillary clinton, she is the figurehead, she is the establishment. can you really call her underdog. sandra: look at money spent in hillary clinton campaign versus donald trump and money they have on hand, it is unbelievable but he says this has been his strategy himself all along. i tell myself i'm the underdog until they call me the winner. i'm not here to criticize that strategy. i don't think it is a bad one. kennedy: a little defeatist, don't you think? >> if donald trump will win
9:49 am
tomorrow, what will be remarkable bit, did the almost primarily on his own. harris: as an outsider. >> hillary clinton is not the underdog. she has every advantage you could possibly have in the election. she has the president of the united states who is out there as surrogate hitting campaign trail. she has jay-z, beyonce -- harris: katy perry. >> she absolutely is not, that is laughable, come on. kennedy: a lot of money. thank you citizens united. should be writing them handwritten note every day. donald trump slamming hillary clinton for bringing out celebrities to appear with her at campaign rallies. does this show weakness as a candidate or can star power tip the scales in this all-important race? stay with us. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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♪ >> donald trump is hammering hillary clinton for leaning on celebrities in the final stretch of the campaign, calling it demeaning to the political process. last night she appeared with pro-basketball player lebron james at rally in ohio. this following recent appearances with jay-z, beyonce, jennifer lopez, jon bon jovi, stevie wonder and katy perry. bruce springsteen has been added to lineup of guests for hillary clinton's rally tonight in philadelphia.
9:54 am
she will also appear with top surrogates president obama and first lady michelle obama, along with her husband, bill clinton and daughter chelsea. trump says he does not need celebrities to draw crowds at his rallies. so kennedy, i have an important question to everybody is dying to ask. does hillary clinton actually listen to jay-z? kennedy: no, she is not that cool, lord no. she is a cyborg. funny when jay-z and beyonce appear with the president, it has an handing effect, they magnify each other's energy and adds to the president's aura. when hillary clinton on stage with jay-z and beyonce it, has diminishing effect for her. grandma, can you scoot to the left to watch the fun people perform. harris: oh. kennedy: these are not natural bar mates. harris: my favorite shot on twit are today, was height difference between her and lebron. just huge.
9:55 am
>> can i say something? there is a specific reason, has nothing to do with music that they campaign in those places with those people. african americans are underperforming in the early voting in cuyahoga county which is cleveland. do you think it helps to get african-americans more enthused about hillary clinton to be campaigning with lebron james? african-americans are underperforming in early voting in philadelphia. do you think it helps to have beyonce and jay-z there for her to campaign with them? so, it is not just, we want to have stars there, it is they want people that appeal to the specific segments of electorate they need and hope to energize -- kennedy: if jay-z and beyonce were running for president and vice president i'm sure people would turn out to vote. they're just -- >> how much do you think it helps with millenials too? to chris's point, using lebron james and jay-z to generate
9:56 am
african americans who are not turning out, what about millenials. sandra: she didn't do her own research so they are told to who to vote for by rolling out celebrity the. they're not telling what candidate stand for and what they will do when candidate elected into office. harris: i don't know. i see it as opportunity to reach people, maybe. but i also see it as a little pandering. not everybody who is -- >> like that has never happenedd inpolitics before? >> leave it there. more "outnumbered" in just a minute. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog.
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>> many to chris wallace. i know it is not election day today, chris wallace. it is tomorrow. have you voted, sir? >> yes, i have. have you? sandra: i have. good to have the discussion. we're staying here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web and, and we're on tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now.


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