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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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america. our job is to find out and report to you. it always has been. it always will be and that's what we'll do. when news breaks out we'll break in when breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. all right. i think investors have sorted this out. welcome everybody. it is an unexpected historic winner was first greeted when as an opportunity to sell off and off and off and off. what if i told you we had a roughly 1,000 point swing since late last night when it was beginning to look like it was not the way it was supposed to turn out? by day's end we had a very different reaction. the dow flirting with all time highs.
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what happened? >> reporter: what a day. it seems some tried to forecast what stocks were going to try to do. that turnaround is very remarkable. if you take a look you get an idea of what people were thinking about. some of the drug stocks did particularly well. the likes of pfizer and merck. caterpillar had terrific days. an 8% gainer. also the banking stocks did well. so j.p. morgan up about 6% give or take a piece. johnson & johnson up about 3%. the world reacted to the reality that donald trump will be our next president. the european markets were higher today. u.k., germany and france all up
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1, 1.5%. the only that didn't get in on the act were asian markets. today japan and shanghai were down. the final thing i will mention, we look at financial market reaction deal, the currency, the mexican peso. when mr. trump is having a good day the mexican currency is not. what a day in the country but also in the financial markets. as i go back into you, we know the president-elect is a big fan of tweeting. one of the stocks that did particularly well today, twitter. >> and i guess the president will have a handle. he has his own designated potus.
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>> i almost didn't recognize you without a map behind you. what does this swing really mean? does it end with wall street? the real reaction or frantic stuff beforehand. let's go to scott martin. part of that trump finance scene. anthony, you first. were they ever surprised by the initial wall street reaction at any time it looked good for trump it looked bad for stocks. is that surprising? >> i don't think so. i think they thought it would be a brexit-like thing like what happened in june with the brexit. i mentioned this last night. when i talked to mr. trump we
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wanted to make sure the speech was high and tight and very presidential. i think what you saw was literally if three weeks of the brexit narratives where the markets went down and then they raised back up once people realized armageddon wasn't upon us. i think it's a pretty good sign for things. >> you would think a lot of headlines in lowering taxes, getting rid of regulations and simply fiing the health care system. you just can't rip off obamacare. he will try. two or three of those were right up their ally. so why the reaction at that? >> that was the head scratching thing to me. these were pro-business policies. these were free market policies.
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you like what trump is bringing to you. think about all of the trillions of dollars sitting overseas that is over in some other tax bracket because it gets treated there. think about that money that will come back here and create reinvestments and create value in labor creation. you're talk about things that have been focused because trump comes in with a fresh look at things. it's not d.c. the way we know it. >> you're always sort of looking after the fact what they did wrong. we see that all of the time. there might not be anything to this. do you think the singular war on the rich, that that registered but in a negative way? many of those who weren't rich saying wait a minute. i'm not suspicious of all rich
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people. i think some of them are actually pretty decent. in other words hillary over bernie sanders. what do you think? >> we are all going to be armchair quarterbacks trying to look back and see what happened. what we were predicting to happen didn't happen. we will look to see if there was alienation of those that might have thought she leaned too far in but there is going to be a lot of factors whether it be her lack of a vision message that people could really resonate towards, whether she was able to put the right coalition together.
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i think one of those might be what you just talked about maybe attacking the rich but bernie sanders had an overwhelming support from the base. >> from the base but i think in a general election you to get beyond that base. it is way too soon to judge. while i have got you here already a lot of countries and business guys are weighing donald trump and what he proposed probably no more than mexico. that country is coming up with a response saying it doesn't expect mr. trump's of undocumented mexicans. will it begin soon or be quick? what do you think?
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sq >> everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face. >> mike tyson lost a billion dollars fortune. >> my point is he has a plan but he is a very practical person. he has a team of people surrounded by common sense. my guess is he will get along fantastically with the mexican people and mexican administration. >> you think they will build a wall? >> i take mr. trump at his word that he will build a wall. >> but they are not paying for it. >> there are ways they will end up paying for it whether they like it or not. we have to make the trade a little bit fairer. i think the mexican administration knows that and the american people want that. that's why they were resoundingly voting for him yesterday. >> first 100 days is crucial. what do you want to see a trump
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administration do? >> i want to see him tackle fiscal policy. we have had a detri mental -- you have to unlock consumer spending. i think donald trump can do that. that's why the markets are reacting so well. >> thank you for your patience and breaking news. >> happy trump day. >> happy day. >> all right. get some sleep. you have steve here. he is house majority. i don't think the congressman would consider himself or otherwise. we have already seen speaker ryan reach out to donald trump. i guess he talked to him a couple of times. it is said he looked forward to working with it. how do you think this is all going to go first within your party? >> well shlgs you s, you see a
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excitement but just a historic site. really this movement that he built over the last year is something that i think not only americans are excited for but a lot that have been fighting a president and barack obama who has been taking the country in the wrong direction. we have a partner to get the economy back on track. >> in what way? i keep going back to the start. he implemented he wants a start and get a lot of stuff done start. he is blessed by having the house and the senate, his party as well. what barack obama had when he started, what the you want to see done? >> i think in the first hyund s hundred days. >> how would you do it? >> look, just getting regulations under control, having a moratorium on radical
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regulations is starting to unravel. some of the things that have been done to department of labor. >> would you have that with the plan to lower all -- >> absolutely. >> lower rates make our country competitive. rebuild the middle class and this war on coal, on american energy is shipping jobs overseas. the tax late that not only makes us uncompetitive as a nation but forces companies overseas to bring those trillions of dollars back. let's create jobs in america instead of having them create jobs. we have got the opportunity to get the economy moving again. it ought to be our top focus. donald trump laid out a real aggressive fan to go after crisis, to stop the bad deal with iraq to get a weapon. >> would you do all of that at once?
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how would you pick it here? you don't want to blitz everything. >> right. there's a lot that the country wants to see done. that's lot donald trump talked about doing. he is the president-elect. he is trying to work through that transition plan. this is being -- >> when you're the president and ahead of your party is everyone every th empathic. do they know that now, that he is the big chief. >> i think so. >> what about -- >> paul feels the same way. the speaker talked to donald trump yesterday and today. they will have a regular dialogue working together on the transition. i think the closer we can be working together on what the first hyundaundred days will lo
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like the better we will all b. he said this is a movement to make america great again. there were specificing behind it. we'll be able to carry that out with a republican house and senate working with trump and mike pence who was a member of the house for five years. he is somebody that will have a great working relationship with us as well. i think you'll see a real smooth transition there! all right. good seeing you again! thanks. all right. we keep mentioning this, how you start off the administratioadmi. everyone seems to be giving donald trump high marks for how he has come out of the gates. it is those first one hyund hundred days that will matter too. does anyone remember how he started running g.e.? let me tell you. lightning. jack is here.
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i have instructed my team to follow the example that president bush's team has set to make sure this is a successful transition for the president-elect because we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. >> all right. well, everyone rooting for donald trump. i didn't quite remember that with the president regarding donald trump in comments just hours earlier. take a look. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week.
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he keeps on proving it. a lot of proposals he has made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude. i would advise mr. trump to stop whining and go make his case to get votes. it is a guy that likes tweets. i don't like how alec baldwin is imitating me. really? i mean that's the thing that bothers you, and you want to be president of the united states? come on, man. >> all right. let's see how that meeting goes. going back in history i don't remember president standing on the sidelines saying come on, man. maybe he did and there was no available microphone. this is one of the greatest ceo's this country has ever had.
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jack, that will be a little tense, that meeting. >> absolutely, but i think donald trump and the president that they will work their way through it nicely. >> i think you're right. they are both very good at that. you know, people remember bad comments. when you were a young man you had a couple of rivals for the job. how did that go? >> you know, it was shocking because one of the rivals came into me and handed me a resignation. he was a very capable guy. i said what the hell is this all about? he said i supported the other candidate. i said look, tear that up and stay here. >> did he stay?
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>> yeah. >> the problem is not when the democrat, only so much, right? what are they saying when they say stuff like that? >> it's part of the it's a dance. let's face it. >> what will you want? >> i know all of that work that you knew. >> it begins with the state? >> yeah. >> okay. fine. >> but the point is i was on with a fellow -- >> did they give you the questions ahead of time? >> no. but i think the point is everyone now wants trump to change. >> yeah. >> but trump won. remember during the aca? >> yeah. >> when obama looked at paul
1:21 pm
ryan and said who won? i won. now, i think -- >> he shut it in their face. >> yeah. i think it would be smart for trump to reach out and get the best people. >> but he can run the table right now. he has the house and senate. this is something that barack obama had when he first came the first two years. they got a lot of stuff done. you were advising. how would you fine tune it? >> yeah, i think -- first of all i think he has his promises. he has got to -- >> he wants to junk it?
1:22 pm
>> he will junk it and he has to have an answer there. i think paul ryan has the makings of it. he and paul ryan, paul ryan was very this morning. they might make good dance partners for a while. >> how did that go? when you got the ceo job, you know, up until donald trump was elected last night the highest ranking republican was paul ryan. i guess the conventional kind of decor is the president, the leader of the party. so technically he is over paul ryan and he will call the shots for the party. how do you think all of that will go down? >> i think if this morning is any indication i think paul ryan wants to play ball. he has got 18 pollicies. he needs the president. >> and the president needs him. >> and they need each other. >> if they are smart they will do that. i think they will.
1:23 pm
donald trump knows how to make a deal. >> do you think he should cut taxes immediately? >> yes. >> it takes a long time to go through. >> particularly corporate. >> how do you think he will do with his own party versus the democrats? he doesn't need that much but you don't want to start out on a bad foot. nancy called him to congratulate him. but you need to do more, right? or do you? >> i think his own party will line up behind him. you see it everywhere you turn now today. they are stepping over each other for the new boss. >> when you became the big chief did people then -- >> people quit sucking up to you, right? >> i got much smarter very quickly. >> but did you remember hey, not too long ago you were ripping me a new one. i mean donald trump, how does he handle that when people are suddenly embracing him?
1:24 pm
>> i think he will have trouble with a guy like kasich. >> these guys don't have long futures if they don't land something. >> yeah. for the clintons and where they go, the idea that donald trump could take out the bush family and the clinton family if you think about it, is fairly remarkable. >> it is unbelievable. >> how did he do it? >> by touching a vein. he found a crowd in middle america and along the east coast who truly needed voice. no one was listening to them. the politicians ignored them.
1:25 pm
>> you said you liked the way cruz was addressing. >> cruz had the same idea. >> and you said -- >> after cruz. >> right. after cruz. >> but then you didn't like him. >> right. >> so you think the republicans will rally around him talking ability trump's agenda, is he going to be like an andrew jackson-type president? would that be a good thing? ? we have got to get this economy going. we have got to get jobs. we have got to get regulations off of our back. we can't have a 600% increase in sire y syrians if you will. >> what if he never builds that wall? >> that's not important. >> really? >> no. what is important is whether he puts authority in immigration
1:26 pm
agencies, that he drives the authority, supports them all of the away. >> the wall was a metaphor for that. >> exactly. get a great, if you will, wall of regulation that doesn't let these people in and we don't go back and forth five times and we don't support sanctuary seas. we don't do that stuff. >> yeah. >> right. i know you guys talked about this but i thought the key to trump's success is that he -- he is very eq oriented and clinton is very iq oriented. he would mix it like a stand up comic with news of the day interwoven with his basic speech. my kids would want to listen to it. how important is getting that part right, this part, the hard
1:27 pm
part? >> huge. he touched a lot on it. people in new york and l.a., he didn't touch them at all. the people that work every day to make to get food on the table, who haven't been listened to for a long time, he touched them. there's a silent majority in many places. >> more women and minorities than we thought, maybe more hispanics than we thought, certainly high percentages. would you ever want to if he called his administration? >> no. >> why not? >> i don't want any part of being there. i love to put my two scents in with him. >> you're a great golfer. she a great golfer. >> what i don't want to do is -- >> how many presidents have you golfed with? >> one, two --
1:28 pm
>> presidents of the country. >> yes. three i think. let me tell you what happens when you go to the cabinet. you go from being a ceo to a private citizen to a staff member. your secretary says the boss is calling. >> and you were the boss. >> you haven't had a boss call you in 15 years. all of a sudden you're one input in a staff. >> you don't need that. >> no thank you. >> i'll tell you what i want him to do is take the action to get the real jobs back and get this phony 4 point unemployment. it is closer to 10. >> and i will say this. it is a great book.
1:29 pm
it has to be from the gut. you have to get to people from a certain level that goes i don't think wanting us. >> your job is to get in the skin of everyone, show them where you're going, how you're going to get there and what is in it for them when you get there. you get those three things going and man, you have got it. >> that's what i do with the prompter every day. every day. every day. great seeing you. >> great seeing you. makes you think. you can't just pitch from the head. you have got to pitch from the heart. donald trump does that he could be off to the races, right? >> i think so. >> we have a lot more coming up including -- i have to read this prompter. i don't go any where. they are talking about getting rid of obamacare. he said a lot easier said than done. governor rick scott might disagree because he is here.
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all right. he said upon that news he would be moving out of the country, some of them right off of planet earth. any takers?
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he says he is not keen at all on the affordable care act and wants to junk it. senate majority leader saying the senate will move quickly to follow up on mr. trump's push to repeal obamacare. he is saying that's a lot easier said than done. the tentacles are spread far and wide. governor, good to have you. >> hi. first off, we have to do it. president obama said you wouldn't lose your doctor. people did. he said your healthcare prices would go down. they spiralled up. we have to have a health care system people can afford. obamacare raised all of the costs of health care. >> so you want to jump -- >> you want to start from scratch? >> absolutely. >> so would you protect or
1:35 pm
recomme recommend president-elect trump who have gotten health insurance through this plan? >> first off the political lead in washington, they think there's no way you can do this. here is what you do. you focus -- it's like fixing a company. you focus on what do you need to do? you got to drive health care costs down. you to create more competition, let people buy the insurance they want to buy. let people buy across state lines and create state by state. i know what works in florida. let me create the safety net with the support of the tax dollars we pay in let me create and ohio will set the one for them. >> those are a lot of good ideas but you would have this gap, this period where these people without coverage wouldn't have coverage. what should be done, or anything, for them?
1:36 pm
>> i don't believe that. i believe you can create safety net but you don't have to -- the way obama did it, there was no way to drive healthcare costs down. you'll get more people health care if you can drive health care costs down. let people buy the insurance and create the safety net for the group of people that you care about. >> i understand -- and i'm not trying to be a stickler about this but if i have a health care policy and it might be i'm paying through the nose for it but that's what i have got. it's not a safety net, it's a policy, how do you assure those people that while this is being reworked -- >> it would be a policy they know would be covered. >> so they are not abandoning them? that's not what you're saying? >> no. i want everybody to be able to get health care.
1:37 pm
i want people to get health care, but if people can't afford it eventually there is a day of reckoni reckoning. if you drive the cost of health care down through competition and letting people buy the insurance they want then you have more dollars to take care of people you know need to be taken care of. >> you know, you were very encouraging to donald trump and his people kbryesterday, optimic that the panhandle results would turn things around and that the state would go to him even when it looked like that would not be the case. so you delivered your state and generally presidential candidates remember that. would you want to serve in the trump cabin? are you happy where you are now? >> first off this was a lot like my race. i was the outsider business person. all of the republicans were against me. i had a message. i had a messagement.
1:38 pm
i want to help donald trump but i have 789 days left this in job. i want to finish that job and continue to improve health care and keep our citizens safe. i want to help donald trump every way i can. i think the best way i can is to keep this economy going. >> thanks for taking the time. i appreciate it. >> thank you from the beautiful state of florida that has suddenly turned red four years after going blue. remember all of these celebrities that said if that guy trump ever gets in i will get out of here. c cher wanted to go to a whole other planet. where are you people? kennedy? next.
1:39 pm
1:40 pm
a number of hollywood celebrities i think a know where a lot of them already stand. take a look. >> if any republican gets elected i will move to canada with my entire family. >> threatens to leave. >> i will move to spain or somewhere. it's beyond my comprehension if trump won. it's just -- it's too crazy. ♪ if he loved running the free world where would we move? ♪ >> i didn't realize what she was saying through tl but where are they going? i haven't seen them leave yet. >> i say go ahead and send them out. i think last night was a
1:41 pm
referendum against politicians who promise too much and do too little. you have celebrities from samuel l. joackson -- >> samuel l. jackson? no. >> he is hopping on the plane to south africa. that is what he promised do. if you promised to do this go ahead and deliver. people will have so much more respect for some of our fine if she actually packs her into a 787 and flies far far away. >> they are out of here. >> boohoo. try being a libertarian. >> i know. >> try being somebody who supports a third party candidate and see how you feel every
1:42 pm
election day after ever. >> and many have urged you to leave and you don't. it's not you. but i seem to remember other elections like this, george bush when he came in, the controversy of 2000. i don't see it some times when a democrat comes in and -- wait a minute. there are no right wing -- >> but mustache tletenned to leave. the canadian immigration crashed last night because there were so many hollywood do gooders trying to make their way to the great white north. >> that makes it a beautiful country. i could see a lot of people checking out and realized it's a very friendly country, very nice, cold. >> no. it's actually to the north of the united states. last i checked that's closer to one of the polls where the
1:43 pm
weather is not very -- >> very good point. very good point. they will get over this, right? >> i hope they do. i hope a lot of people have come out on twitter today. amy said that anyone who is taunting celebrities to leave the country is some how racist. i don't think that's true at all. i say if it's something you promised go ahead and deliver. other people have said this was a bunch of high pthey didn't really mean it. they know at the end of the day although it's fun to shoot your film or tv pilot in canada. >> or promoting it from one of satu saturn's moons. >> yeah. this is the greatest country on earth and everyone has an opportunity to make their part of it even better. zb >> i love that. >> thank you. great coverage last night. >> you.
1:44 pm
you. you. >> you. >> thank you very much. all right. mexico's president wants to meet with president-elect trump. they think they have a friendly and respectful phone conversation. they have already met before and they want to meet again. okay google, show me korean restaurants in boulder. google assistant: i found a few places. vo: the new pixel, phone by google. exclusively on verizon. the only next gen network
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classy, emotional, some of the adjectives used to describe clinton. jennifer griffin in new york with the closing down of campaign and hillary clinton, jennifer.
1:48 pm
>> reporter: that's right. we were inside that ballroom in the new yorker hotel when she gave her speech, her concession speech this morning. as you mentioned, it was probably the most authentic moment we have seen on the campaign trail. we said all along that it would be a question of momentum versus the machine. the machine, democratic machine thought it could get out to vote and the changing demographics would be on their side. it was momentum in the end that carried the day. they rewrote the political map and it will be studied for years to come here is what hillary clinton said. >> to all of the women and especially the young women who put their faith in this campaign and in me, i want you to know nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion.
1:49 pm
>> while she did not breakthrough the highest, hardest glass ceiling she felt like she needed to not only thank her staff in the ballroom behind us but also to speak to the girls and women who this campaign felt in the end they let down. they tried very hard to breakthrough that glass ceiling but in the end it didn't happen. she appealed to the next generation to continue to remain in politics. you heard the president in the rose garden today say it's not acceptable to become cynical, that bridges needed to be built and these concession speeches today were a step towards healing in this country. back to you. >> do we know what she plans to do now? >> i don't think she knows what she plans to do now. it was not the outcome she anticipated. we were told she was working on two speeches but i'm not sure they believed this was going to be the outcome. >> jennifer, outstanding
1:50 pm
reporting. maybe get sleep if you can afford it. jennifer, thank you very very much. >> thank you. all right. what a night it was, huh? what a mix of worlds. we'll show you.
1:51 pm
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this was our third presidential election be covering at fox business network. now we're a big deal. we're used to this. but we were not ready. i'm telling you, we were not ready for last night. take a look. ♪ it is anyone's guess how this night is going to turn out. i think it's safe to say it's not unfolding like most people thought it would. whatever he is pulling off tonight he is doing largely on his own. >> give him credit for that. he has done fighting with the world. >> dr. carson has been so
1:54 pm
patient. he is a doctor. they are very patient. >> no doctors with no patients. >> how are you doing? here is how tragic my life is. it's very easy to keep track. every time a state comes in, blue, it's for democrat and pink is because i don't have red is for republican. >> i think it's worth actually taking a look at what's bothering investors. we're down 4 000 points. we're going to have a down market. >> maria has to go. her show starts in one hour. whatever shuteye she can get. >> i would think there's a great deal of -- >> that's my people. >> i'm multicultural. >> i understand it. >> i'm not appropriating. i'm merely borrowing, if i may. >> that could be a big one. that's 20 electoral votes. right now, hillary clinton is ahead. he seems to have a better path
1:55 pm
than she does. if that surprises you, i want to go out here looking at the mashlt markets. they are panicking. every time we call another battleground state for donald trump, we pull another 100 points. ohio is now predominantly -- >> 721. >> it could be a very expensive night. >> maybe hillary clinton is worried. she tweeted out this team has so much to be proud of, whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything. she sounds worried. >> good for her for rewarding her people and not pointi ining fingers of blame. the nikkei as well as -- >> that seems like -- >> you are right. at first it sounded like usa. but you are right, it was nikkei. >> donald trump has won the state of florida. donald trump has picked up the 29 electilectiooral votes from .
1:56 pm
that's a stunner. >> the people here are excited. they think we're in a moment of history. >> we really love that. this is the scene at clinton headquarters in new york where they cannot fathom what they are witnessing. the front runner for the presidency is on the verge potentially of losing it. donald trump, who they laughed at, the president of the united states laughed at, joe biden said he would want to take him out back and whack him -- >> i would like to take him behind the gym if i were in high school. >> donald trump is whacking them. donald trump is shocking the world right now. >> back in new hampshire -- wait for the map to reset for us. i may have do it manually. the map is getting tired, too. it didn't anticipate staying up this late. come on, map. >> they have mocked him. they joked about him. they said that he cursed his way to the republican nomination over more qualified candidates.
1:57 pm
through it all, donald trump was his own man. she had all the surrogates. she had the president of the united states. she had michelle obama. she had everyone going for her. jay z, beyonce -- bruce springsteen, i forgot about that. donald trump has narrowed the gap. he was trailing but not anymore. i don't know what japanese is for what the -- but as you can see, the markets -- it's incredible. you are living through history and you are watching it on fox business network. i'm assured that rival business channels have you covered. if you want to take your mind off of this, there's one that makes eggs and -- i digress. reports that john podesta might address the troops. >> she's done an amazing job and she is not done yet. >> donald trump has won pennsylvania. it is a moot point. donald trump is the next
1:58 pm
president of the united states. >> it's my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. >> usa, usa. >> thank you. now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> you will be happy to know that mark cuban tweeted out we need to give president-elect trump a chance. >> i think donald disqualified himself. you cannot question democracy. >> hug, hug. you are a hugger. >> there's one thing. >> careful. >> it's time for mark to grow up a little. >> i want to thank my crew. they do all this hard work while
1:59 pm
we're just watching. they are huge. all the guys in the control room. when we told you we would be every step of the way and we told you if it's consequential we were going to be here. i don't know what the other guys are doing. we meant it. we also told you he would win. we told you that fans are shifting. we had a feeling it was analogous to what was going on in 1980. that's because we are nerds here. we respect history. we kind of see things in patt n patterns. that's what we do when we apply it to stock market coverage and unusual developments and not going crazy when the markets go crazy and see it for the moment it is. we believe that when we tell you it's a consequential election and the most consequential election of your life, then we should be there. no matter the time. to help you with your life. we stuck to that. and you stuck to us. and wee ve are very grateful.
2:00 pm
you know what? we are not going away. we get that intersection between your capital and our nation's capitol. think about it. we all have stock in this country. thank you, america. america decided. we have a president-elect. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." donald trump pulled off the biggest political upset in american history. early this morning, defying the pundits, pollsters and the odds. a businessman from new york who had never run for political office in his life, soundly defeated a washington insider and will become our 45th president of the united states. stunned democrats are wondering what went wrong. how an all but certain


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