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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 13, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hungdre thunder road. and he wasn't born to run. and it was a long road home. >> i love them all. >> we'll see you at 4:00 p.m. eastern. >> and 6:00. washington playing the name game wondering just who president-elect donald trump may be lining up to lead the country as part of his cabinet and help put through his agenda in congress. we will talk about adam continue zipger about how congress will react and he may face resistance within his own party. >> plus it's been five days since the election, but there are still races yet to be called. we'll check into see if north carolina governor pat mccrory keeps his job. and slow but steady progress to the war to reclaim mosul. oliver north is on the front lines and beat ta s and we'll
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live. 45 low, i'm shannon bream. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> nice to be where you. donald trump spending this sunday working on the transition from trump tower in new york, i'm leland vittert. good sunday. >> the clock is ticking toward inauguration day as president-elect donald trump mac faces his first big decision, his chief of staff. a his transition team is being led by mike pence. and they will pull together names for cabinet posts and top advisors. doug mcelway has more. >> reporter: good afternoon. one thing we know for sure, donald trump has been up to this
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morning cranking up the old twitter account and firing off a series of tweets. i'll read three of them. first one, john kasich of the great, great, great state of ohio called to con grat ligs me on the win. the people of ohio were incredible. and george h.w. called to express their best wishes. very nice. and mitt romney called to con grat lit me, very nice. and it appears that the republican party is moving closer to donald trump and it is not the other way around. certainly raises questions about his legislative priorities. kellyanne conway told chris wallace this morning that the president-elect wants to call for a special session of congress immediately after the inauguration to address and perhaps to approach various ways that you could dismantle obama care. >> it would do what obama care doesn't do, let you buy health insurance across state lines the way that you can buy auto
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insurance and other goods and services. it would block grant medicare, it would create health savings accounts for individuals. >> reporter: and as you said, kell li an c kellyanne conway said a decision is imminent. reince priebus and steve b bannon's names came up. >> bannon has been the general in this. we couldn't have done it without priebus or bannon. >> reporter: it is interesting how bannon kept an almost invisible profile gurg tduring campaign. kellyanne conway went to great lengths to say that he is not who he is portrayed to be, that
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he he's a former naval commander, goldman sachs executive, also a successful hollywood producer and as well as the publisher of breitbart and a little bit of a flame thrower, all quality chs would serve him well in what is arguably the second toughest job at the white house. shannon, back to you. >> doug mcelway, thank you so much. and as we have discussed, president-elect donald trump's first 100 days in office could be a whirlwind with a supreme court nomination, a promised infrastructure bill and a renewed push to repeal obama care. while republicans now control both the capitol and the white house there, are serious questions about just how cooperative congressional republicans will be. and one can imagine democrats will want to have their say as well. kristin fisher is live with what the trump administration will have to do to get along with the other end of pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: well, how speaker paul ryan says that the past is the past and that president-elect trump will have
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the full support of the republican controlled congress. but already this morning we're see something distance between the two on the issue of immigration. cbs news is are the reporting that tonight on "60 minutes," president-elect trump will say that he plans to immediately tee port about 2 million to 4 billion undocumented immigrants, but speaker ryan said this morning that mass deportation is not a top priority. listen to this. >> that's not what we're focused on, we're focused on securing the board. than is first before we get into any other immigration issue. we have to secure the border. so we believe an enforcement bill is really the first priority and that's what we're focused on. >> reporter: so there single appears to be some daylight between president-elect trump and speaker ryan on the issue of immigration or specifically where to start on that issue. some other top prirpity its include health care, specifically repealing or
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replacing or perhaps simply amending obamacare. job creation through infrastructure spending and filling the supreme court seat. and expect things to move very fast, perhaps even before inauguration day and kevin mccarthy alluded to earlier today on fox news sunday. >> so day one, we're not waiting until the inaugural. the first week of january, we will get to work that day because we cannot waste time. >> reporter: and one of the other big questions, will the republican congressed control continue to investigate hillary clinton for her use of a prichlt e-mail searcher. this week the chair of the house oversight committee says yes they will, but just this morning, the house majority leader said no, that his agenda does not include continuing to investigate clinton on that
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matter. >> we'll see if this changes anything. more on that with the panel. thanks, kristin. congressman originally endorsed jeb bush and later senator marco rubio. he's been publicly skeptical of g donald trump. and congressman says he didn't vote for donald trump or hillary clinton. congressman, thanks for your time. >> thanks. good to be with you. >> so the trump camp has said they met a list of enemies or those who did not support him. you're in the same party, gop now holds the senate, white house and the house. do you think you can work together? >> oh, i absolutely think so. i heard the victory speech by donald trump which was very humble, very much talking about unity. i think the realization is you move from a campaign moment to a presidential moment and i litter think the weight of the world probably came on his shoulder
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and realized i'm going to be president and there are billions of people looking at my leadership and 350 million americans looking at high leadership. so i think that we will unite as a party. and i'm excited to work with president-elect trump and pr republican agenda done. >> let's talk about some potential issue. obviously obamacare is being discussed. there have been many gop proposals. some want a complete overall president-elect trump administration saying there are portions that he would keep. how do you tackle this? >> ultimately i think it will be the leadership of president trump in terms of how this ends up looking if he says there are a couple provisions we want to keep. he's the quarterback, so he will take the lead. this at least has to be massively fixed or completely yoefrp hauled. but at the end of day, we'll get it fixed in a way that makes sense for the american people. i don't think anybody is talking
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about -- nobody has ever talked about throwing tens of millions of people off of insurance that have it now. nobody s. has talked about getting rid of the idea that people can stay on their parents plans until they're 26. so i think those kinds of things will be preserved. but there is no tout that every election cycle since obamacare passed, this was a huge issue and the american people have spoken out loudry that they don't like this, this is incumbent on us to go to washington d.c. to repeal and replace this plan with something that works as well as many other priorities we have which we're excited do. >> what do you make of the conversation that people who talk about mr. trump and say he's a deal maker, he will be somebody who will compromise and sit down with folks like nancy pelosi, and chuck schumer, because he's about a pragmatic way of just getting things done. do you think that will apply here in washington and do you think that would be his strategy, will it work? >> it could be a stranlg. and i think that is not a terrible strategy on some things.
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so initially there are republican priorities we have to get done. you're not going to have any democrats probably join on the issue of repealing obama care. so we're going to have to do that as republicans. but when you get to issues like tax reform and infrastructure and lifting sequester on the military and some of the big priority, it would behoove us to bring democrats if possible in with us on this journey because if you think about every time there has been one part citiy there has been one part citi col and they don't reach out, they get shellacked two years rater. republicans got beat in '06 and president obama in '08 got crushed in 2010. so while we have priorities, it helps us to try to reach out. and if democrats don't want to work with us that is their choice, but i think at least being open to saying how can we work together as a country and unite. >> as it sunk into you yet what happened on tuesday night, the fact that mr. trump defied all odds, gop held on to the senate, the fact that you have all branchs that we mentioned.
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judiciary is independent and nonpartisan. did you ever think you would be working from this position come january 2017? >> i was hoping. i'm glad. but i don't think anybody -- i think e67b a lot of people in the trump campaign did not see this kind of wave coming. you look at pennsylvania. illinois by the way is a blue state. surrounded in a sea of red. and i wish we'd become red. but it was really dynamic. you see people in kind of rural america which my district is very rule that said we feel left out 6 washington, we feel like they're not listen, we need somebody that will shake up the way business is done and it behooves all of thaws have been in d.c. for any longer than two months to listen. we have to make them long term republicans and i think that we do that. >> we and ysaw exit polling tha
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was an electorate like none over. we will watch as the new administration kicks off. thank you for your time. >> you bet. president-elect donald trump is prepping for his move to pennsylvania avenue, but two states still don't have a winner for the presidential race. michigan is still counting ballots after tuesday's night very close election as is new hampshire. both states have yet to declare who gets their respective electoral votes. and in north carolina, pat mccrory, the governor there, his re-election bid against roy cooper is still up in the air as officials conduct a recount now despite the fact that cooper has caused controversy and already claimed victory. and the louisiana senate race which at one point had a 24 candidate field is now down to two candidates, republican john kennedy and democrat foster campbell with a december 10th runoff schedule. a democratic winner will not tip the balance of power in the
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senate. 51 republicans would still hold the chamber. and four races are still undecided in the house, two in california and two in louisiana. but gop losses in those four also wouldn't have and i effect on the republican control of congress for the next two years. and a quick programming note. you've been seeing some snippets of the interview with kellyanne conway, but the whole thing airs again at 2:00 eastern right here on fox news chu ews channel. and at 8:00, i'll bring you a post election special edition with tom cotton about foreign policy under a trump presidency and also we'll talk with ducker ka tucker carlson on the eve of his brand new show. it will air every week neeight 7:00 p.m.carlson on the eve of new show. it will air every week night at 7:00 p.m.
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iraqi troops are gaining ground against isis. this morning confirmed they won a town south of mosul. we'll czech on that righeck on the break. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at
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fox news alert as we are getting some good news in the fight against isis.
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iraqi troops are gaining ground in that fight around mosul. this morning officials confirmed they won control of a town just south of mosul as troops close in on isis' stronghold from all sides. connor powell following the latest developments. >> reporter: it is slow going, but for the last month, iraqi troops and forces have made a great deal of progress not only console consoleing territory outside of mosul, but pushing in to the actual itself city. special forces are inside the city and commanders say they control two more neighborhoods in addition to the others that they have taken. and they say that they are making a lot of progress though it is slow he going in large part because even when they are successful and n. driving isis out of different parts of mosul, isis didn't respond with car bombs, ieds and suicide bombers, making it very difficult to hold
10:19 am
that territory that iraqi forces have been already taken. but they are making progress, it is a fierce fight, but they say that they will continue to go slowly, make progress and drive isis out of that city of mosul. now, they have also made progress in recapturing some of the cities and towns outside of mosul, iraqi commanders say that insurgents lost control of nimrod just south of mosul, the famed syrian rue ins there date back to the 13th century, some of the most important historic cal sites in all the middle east. isis took control of this territory, this village two years ago and then they began to destroy the historical site there blowing up saying that it was unislamic. likely all of the historical sites have been destroyed. but the city is now under isis -- no longer under isis control, now under iraqi control, so we are seeing progress not only in mosul, but also around it. >> isis leaving so much
10:20 am
destruction on their way out before conor powell live in the mideast bureau, thanks. shannon has more. >> and joining us from erbil is fox news military analyst kerr until all kernel oliver north. >> reporter: we just arrived a few hours ago and last time we were up who, peshmerga were prepare to go drive isis out of the close e. city to the border and now kurds are completing from the northeast. what conor was talking about was down south. kurds are up north and it's pretty clear that the fight for mosul which began almost a month ago go will go on for i'll say it many more months to come. and with it, of course all the horror for the civilians trapped in the western part of the city. and with it, of course all the horror for the civilians trapped in the western part of the city. peshmerga have been victorious since two 20 14. kurds ared a today month that they won't be attacking an
10:21 am
occupying arab lands. but there is still plenty of terrain that has to be secured by the person pmeper ga. for the new administration in washington, need to be aware that this fight is about a whole lot more than just mosul. and it is going to go on for a long time. it will stipulate be happening when the new administration comes to town because the kurds look at this as their best hope forlate be happening when the new administration comes to town because the kurds look at this as their best hope for a homeland. borders are being erased by facts on the ground and perhaps the most challenging part is what happens to mosul once isis is driven out. >> and because you talked about the fact that this will go on for quite a while and obviously you have a transition to a different party, a different president now, how tricky is that for our men and women in uniform from the leadership on down when you have somebody that
10:22 am
may have a very different vision or man for that region? >> well, look, the greatest thing about our military, the soldiers, sailors, airmen and guards men that we just saluted with veterans day, this america group will serve the commandner chief and carry out his goals. my sense is that there is an expectation on the part of our allies out here and i'm speaking specifically to the kurds. they expect that there will be a change from what has happened before. they have got next to nothing in term of support from the current administration. they're hoping that what they will get is a whole lot more. because they do see this as their one great opportunity. >> and how critical is that? i mean we know of some specific instances, i'm sure you know of many more where they actually asked for specific help, sesk armaments. they wanted to make purchases of their own and they were blocked either by the state department or defense accidedepartment. are they hopeful that that may
10:23 am
change? >> obviously it has to because we've been delivering what little aid that the peshmerga got through baghdad and baghdad want sending it up to erbil. what has to happen in my humble opinion is they have to start directly supporting the kurds and that has to begin right here in erbil. >> colonel north, thank you so much. we look forward to your continuing supports there as you're basically the on the front lines. >> my pleasure. french president hollande led a moment of silence to commemorate the victims of the terror attacks fp he laid a plaque outside the soccer stadium where a suicide bomber took the lives of dozens and as you might remember injured so much more. 130 people were killed last year during those attacks throughout paris. the bataclan concert hall was the site of bloodiest attack
10:24 am
where 90 were killed. ♪ last night as you can tell, it reopened with a concert by sting. survivors of the attack and their families were honored guests at that concert. sting opened the concert with a moment silence and added that the victims some not be forgotten. today nine people a year later remain hospitalized and others are irreparably injured from the attacks that shook paris and of course the rest of the world. president-elect donald trump to nominate supreme court justices in the mold of antonin scalia. our legal panel will have insight on those possible contenders. and president obama hosted his successor it this week at the white house. the two talked policy including obamacare. our political panel weighs in on how democrats and trump height work together.
10:25 am
. president obama persuaded mr. trump on obamacare?. president obama persuaded mr. trump on obamacare? >> i wouldn't take it that far. i believe that president-elect trump is being properly respectful to president obama. ♪spread a little love today ♪spread a little love my way ♪spread a little somethin to remember♪ philadelphia cream cheese, made with fresh milk and real cream. makes your recipes their holiday favorites. the holidays are made with philly.
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and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? president-elect donald trump made the supreme court a top campaign issue vowing to nominate justices in the mold of the late skantonin scalia. it will almost certainly be fill by a conservative. and with aging justices and lower court vacancy, on yur nex president any reshape the court for decades. l elizabe elizabeth, how much does the
10:30 am
election impact jew gish area? >> it was hooush huge. in the near term, even with a trump filled vacancy seat, the one that merrick garland was nominated for, we're essentially getting back to the pre-scalia passing status quo with a conservative majority, but still with votes like justin kennedy and roberts who side with the more liberal justices and give progressives stroirks li s more liberal justices and give progressives stroirks ls some vt i think nerm term there will be an impact for sure. progressives like me, we were hoping to wake up to looking forward to a progressive majority on the supreme court. so absolutely it does mean an entrenched conservative majority, but the real impact will be if there are more vacancies opening up in the next year possibly justice beginburg, there could be a strong majority that could overturn things like roe vs. wade.
10:31 am
>> and justice ginsburg has a serious workout regimen. she is stuff and in shape. no signs that she's ending -- >> not at all. >> but well into her 80s. and other justices in that same neighborhood. this president could have two or three openings. >> that's right. president trump may have more than one appointment and he will be filling the lower courts. there are dozens of district court vacancies, federal court of appeals vacancies. and these are the courts that actually decide the vast majority of litigation in the united states. and so when we look ahead to the next four possibly eight years, president trump is going to have a massive impact on the judiciary in the united states. >> are you guys used to those words yet, president trump? i feel like it's so fresh that of course we're saying president-elect, but i think that a lot of people looking to this election just a week ago would not have foreseen this
10:32 am
outcome and the ripple effect that it will have in federal courts. an interesting stat in the exit polls, a lot of people said this was a top or the top priority for them. but people who said their supreme court was the top issue, look at this, 56% broke for donald trump, 41% for hillary clinton. do you think our campaign could have done more to emphasize the importance of this? >> i actually do. i think that conservatives have understood if a wrong time the importance of the court and look, you can win elections, get laws passed, butfoif a wrong tie importance of the court and look, you can win elections, get laws passed, butrif a wrong tim the importance of the court and look, you can win elections, get laws passed, butf a wrong time e importance of the court and look, you can win elections, get laws passed, but a wrong time t importance of the court and look, you can win elections, get laws passed, but they live or die in the courts. we saw progress 70s like myself worked hard for the affordable care act. and then it came to the supreme court which upheld it. so i feel like conservatives have understand stood it. progressives are catching up to understanding how important the courts are while preserving civil rights, making sure that's equalityreality for all.
10:33 am
so i think that it's going to be more ever an issue as we see the lower courtsjudges. and i think when they start to see some that are extremely extremed, they might be concerned, but the judicial branch will be an important check in the next few years and there might be conservative justices who might be put on the bench who are not perhaps as authoritarian as a president trump could be and they could serve as a check. >> and we've seen over the last few years that even the two justices that president obama appointed, they ruled against him. they have been a check on some things that they didn't think were right for him to do or some constitutional boundaries. >> that's right. you can't guarantee that just because the justice is appointed by a president that that justice is necessarily going to rule in the president's favor in all cases. i will say this, though, that i agree this election is a total complete massive game changer as far as the supreme court is
10:34 am
concerned. republicans care about the court, conservatives care about the court and when we look at that list of 21 individual possible nominees that donald trump proposed, that is a great list. you won't go too far wrong. >> everybody needs time recover after election when it didn't go the way you had planned, bwe'll see what happens because it will be a very big decision. we'll see you both at the court. >> absolutely. after the break, his rhetoric had some republican lawmakers saying no way. but now we'll listen to why president-elect donald trump may actually be able to mend some divisions in washington. of course we're counting on it. ♪ and it's not just the vaet are not veterans day here. how those across the pond are honoring those who died in service. heartburn relief?
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war veterans in the united kingdom got a nationwide thank you with a sunday service. royal family, political leaders and members of the public gathered for a sceremony. following a solemn moment of silence for those who served, queen elizabeth laid a wreath at the foot of the memorial. as republicans prepare to have power, democrats have asking themselves what went wrong? the party suffered losses up and down the ticket this week across the country. key leadership positions are up to grabs and many are wondering which wing of that party will prevail. bryan llenas has more on how democrats will move forward. how are you today? >> hi, doing well. there is a leadership void as
10:40 am
the democratic party searches for a new chair of the democratic national committee. a key position that will determine the direction of the party. and so far minnesota representative keith ellison is a favorite to become dnc chair. he's a 53-year-old five term congressman who also happens to be african-american and muslim. democrats believe he represents a young diverse and more progressive direction and stands in stark contrast to some of president-elect dutrump's campan promises. sanders and warren like ellison because they believe he will move the party to a more progressive and populist direction, appeal to go working class voters who decisively voted for trump this election. >> we should have to make the voters first, not the dough are
10:41 am
n dono donors. i love the donors, but it has to be the guys in the barber shop, lady at the diner, folks worried about whether the plant will low. they have to be our focus. >> progressives blame hillary clinton and party moderates for losing tucouch with working people. but others thought to be possible candidates include javier bacetta, martin o'malley and howard dean. dean believes the dnc chair is a full-time job and says ellison complaint be a congressman and chair at the same time. >> we have to reach out to young people. although i would happy in a supportive role, but we have to have a full-time chair. >> ellison says he can do both
10:42 am
jobs and he'll make a decision about running for the position on monday. >> all right. bryan llenas, thank you. here to take a look at how the new dynamic in congress could affect the policy issues president-elect trump is expected to address in his first 100 days, the former spokesman for the dnc and also adviser to former speaker the house john boehner. >> hari, first to you. there is a lot of things that president-elect trump will probably want do that d temperatures don't like, whether tax relief, immigration, building that wall. which one of these issues will democrats be willing to day on the hill for so to speak? >> first thing i'd say to republicans more generally is you should be very cautious about what you go forward with. hillary clinton will still win this election by the -- popular
10:43 am
vote by about 2 million votes and democrats are still could youing toward a progressive majority. that said, i think that there are some issues where trump administration can reach out to progressives. if you look at infrastructure for example or if you look at some of the things he really ran p on to reach out to the blue collar voters. >> but wasn't it president obama who said elections have kons quen consequences? isn't it worth taking a moment and saying we don't have the senate, the house, and we lost the white house, stlntsisn't th reality check that needs to happen? >> elections have consequences, but the question for donald trump, what does he think the mandate of this election was.election was a mandate in my mind not on him, because he's still going to lose by about 10 million votes, it will be about changing a broken system. and there are places where he can reach out to democrats and get that done. >> so mark, to hari's point, does president-elect trump focus on those key issues that he talked about during the
10:44 am
campaign, democrats don't agree on, or does he take this this as a let's say if we can't bring everybody together and agree on certain changes here in washington? >> it seems to me that mr. trump did get a mandate from the american people. i note that the democrats keep saying almost in freudian slips that mr. trump lost the election. the fact is he's the president-elect. he talked about things that i think the american people across the country believe in. we will do something about infrastructure, building roads, bridges, a pathway to the future. we will fix the broken obamacare system. you know, everyone took a huge jolt and i don't think it was insignificant part of the electoral decision making that everyone that received the premium increases that are 25%, 30%, 40%, i've heard 50% increases, he's going to fix that. he's also going to deal -- >> mark, you broupt tght up the
10:45 am
issue of fixing bomb c.a.r.are . listen to jake tapper. >> obamacare provides birth control to women at no cost. will that end or remain? >> i won't get in to all the nitty little gritty details. >> with all due respect, i don't know that the average woman of child bearing years who relies upon contraception provided by health insurance, i don't know that she would thank that is just a nitty gritty detail. >> you're asking me details about legislation that hasn't been written yet. >> so now it has to be written. what hills do republicans say are not xwoeshable and where are they willing to compromise perhaps say on the issue of contraception? >> it strikes me that tapper's question personifies why all the pundit, prognosticators and the
10:46 am
yut rage machine got the election wrong. the bread and butter table top issues for the american people are not about the marginal notion of whether or not contraception is paid. it's -- >> hold on. i have your answer. i only got ten send seconds fo. >> it's a real issue, but i'd be cautious about taking health care away from 25 million americans. >> and already donald trump has said that he will find a way to make sure that the americans don't lose it. hari, mark, appreciate your time. thanks. still ahead, president-elect donald trump says he will put the country back to work and says the unemployment rate needs to be even lower than it already is. one of trump's economic advisers tells us how he will pull it off.
10:47 am
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10:50 am
president obama will out the that the current unemployment rate is under 4%, but president-elect trump is vowing he can do better. here to tell us how and why this matters that president-elect trump will make good on his promise is steve moore, nice to see you. have you slept at all? >> you know, look, the
10:51 am
unemployment rate that you just said, the official, what we call the headline unemployment rate of 4.9%, if you want to go around the country, and i have done this, and to get people to laugh in the audience, tell them we have a 5% unemployment rate. because people know the real unemployment is double that number including the people who dropped out of the workforce, people who can't find a full-time job. but that's only half the problem. the bigger problem is the jobs we have been creating are basically, if you want a job as a burger flipper or a walmart, throw a lot of jobs in there, but in the last eight years, america's lost a million and a half manufacturing jobs. and those are the jobs in states like michigan and wisconsin and states like ohio. >> and those are the people who flipped from blue collar democrats to blue collar donald trump supporters. >> you got it. >> how quickly can you bring those jobs, the million five jobs back to pennsylvania, you don't simply flip a switch, even
10:52 am
if you control the houses in the white house or congress. >> it will take a while to get the economy moving again. we have been growing at 1.5% growth. >> but steve, it's an important point, you're saying growth will do that. what is left isn't the fact that the economy is growing slowly, manufacturing has left the states. so do those people need to be moved or retrained? is there some type of government program where we put them to work with the infrastructure and the projects that don't exist? >> some of it will be infrastructure, some of it will be energy jobs. when you talk about the manufacturing jobs, some of the highest paid jobs are in the oil and coal industry. some of the things president trump will do hopefully on the first day in office is repealing the regulations that killed the coal industry and put the coal miners back in jobs. we have lost tens of thousands of those. here's the number, leland, 6 million new oil and gas jobs in this country by opening up federal lands for development and other rural areas put off
10:53 am
limits. and 6 million jobs, those are people like truckers and those are people like, you know, who do pipe fitting and welders and construction workers. and by the way, we are going to build the keystone pipeline. there's 10,000 manufacturing jobs right there. >> all true, steve, but not many of those jobs with the exception of coal mining are in michigan, ohio, wisconsin, pennsylvania, they don't have a lot of oil there. and they don't have a pipeline there. so what do you do specifically for those states? >> hold on, ohio and pennsylvania have become energy states because of the marcellus shale. so we'll produce the natural gas and oil there. another point, as we produce more energy, i believe we can bring manufacturing back to the united states. that's one of donald trump's highest priorities of making things again here. if we have -- we're producing energy here, we'll have the lowest price of energy, we can have more steel plants, more chemical plants, making things
10:54 am
in america, textile plants can come back to america. i'm very bullish and have lived through this leland, it happened in the reagan years where we were creating a million jobs a month by just having the right economic tax and regulatory climate. >> all right. well, once the tax plan heads-up to capitol hill that i know you've been working on, i would love to have you back, steve. >> give us about a year to get these -- not just get them passed, but to get them in place so they are suffering in those jobs back from china and mexico and other countries. >> it's all important to note in twitter and the instagram world things don't necessarily happen instantly here in washington. >> you got it. you may still have halloween candy at home, even if you are super disciplined, but it's already time to prepare for sleigh bells. and a big holiday tradition in midtown manhattan. ♪ ugh. heartburn.
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♪ his music will live on in the hearts and minds of his fans for a long time. the multitalented leon russell has died with his distinctive long white hair and beard. the oklahoma native played keyboard, guitar and percussion.
10:59 am
and here's a list, the beach boys, b.b. king, the rolling stones and the great sinatra. we are told he was 74 and died away in his sleep in nashville. a set of the times arriving at rockefeller center on saturday. the massive christmas tree for the building's plaza arrive in midtown manhattan to fanfare. the nearly 100-foot-tall tree has been loaded onto the back of a truck. it originate in upstate new york and wound up there. you are going to have to wait just a few weeks for the actual lights, though. it's a few days after thanksgiving with special music and fun. listen, i love it. there are so many lights up in manhattan now. >> too many. >> no, you can never have too many christmas lights and it does feel like christmas. if you start feeling and listening to the music in october -- if you started music in october, it feels like it's right on time. >> yes, it does, indeed.
11:00 am
i get to leave but you have to stick around, right? >> we'll see you for a special report at 8:00 tonight. >> tucker carlson, senator tom cotton is on with you, a great panel lined up. >> we'll see you then. so please come back. it is just hours from now. i'm chris wallace. president-elect donald trump moves to take the reins of power. >> we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president elect is successful. >> as trump gets ready to name his team and set his agenda, we'll discuss both with top adviser kellyanne conway, live only on "fox news sunday." then the republican congress begins setting its priorities, what's in store for obamacare,


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