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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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you drive for uber. >> you know -- >> you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" coming up. heading out on a final foreign trip, president obama says he will try to calm the nerves of world leaders anxious about donald trump's election. the president didn't address protests in the u.s. cities directly. he did say, this is how the u.s. process works. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president obama leaves for his international trip right about now. his mission, to convince world leaders that the man he insisted was not fit to be his successor might not be so bad after all. before leaving, the president tried to defend his record and convince the 45th president to
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take it slow before undoing a lot of what the 44th president has done. we have the latest. >> reporter: good evening. the president's admonitions did not come from anything with the meeting with donald trump. it's because of the magnitude of the responsibility of holding the office and how it changes one's perspective. he urged all americans to honor the election results. >> those who didn't vote for him have to recognize that that's how democracy works. that's how this system operates. >> reporter: after those words to the critics of trump's victory and to some of his newly appointed staff, the president addressed the decimated democratic party and what new direction it should seek. he said, while it needs to make changes, he also added that it should not come at the expense of its core mission.
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>> democrats should not waiver on our core beliefs and principles. the belief that we should have an economy that works for everybody, not just a few. the belief that america at its best is inclusive and not exclusive. >> reporter: he spoke from experience about how the oval office changes one's perspect e perspective. >> he will find shaken up pretty quick because reality has a way of asserting itself. >> reporter: the president cited the case of obamacare specifically, when president-elect trump has promised to repeal and replace while preserving certain elements of it. he said the decision becomes harder when you are faced with the real-life consequences of it all. >> okay. well, what happens to those 20 million people who have health insurance? are you going to just kick them
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off and suddenly they don't have health insurance? >> reporter: the president made the same case for deferred action for childhood arrivals. the human consequences of deporting young people who are brought into this country by their parents through no fault of their own takes on a new perspective from the oval office. >> they did nothing wrong. they have gone to school. they have d allegiance to the flag. they have joined the military. they have enrolled in school. by definition, if they are part of the program, they are solid, wonderful young people of good character. >> reporter: the president also expressed frustration that he was unable to keep his promise to shut down the guantanamo bay prison camp. he said, it's true i haven't been able to close the darn thing because of congressional restrictions that have been placed upon us. what's true is that we have greatly reduced the population. another indication that a
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victory in the white house seldom amounts to total victory. back to you. >> actions have consequences. president-elect trump and his people are goings through a lot of resumes tonight. two of the top jobs in the new administration have been filled. one news organization is comparing the contradictory hires to a rorschach test allowing trump supporters to see in them what they want to see. carl cameron is outside trump tower tonight. good evening. >> reporter: the trump campaign is moving as fast as they can with all due deliberate speed. they want to go faster. because they know that they have a limited amount of time and they have to form a new government. for ambassador to the u.n., he is considering an openly gay man, a former spokesman for four u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. and for chairman of the republican national company, the first female leader in decades,
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current head of the michigan republican party, rhona mcdaniel. she would replace reince priebus who has been selected as chief of staff. >> it's running the operation so the right people are getting in front of the president, giving the president the right advice at the right time. and then privately advising the president. >> reporter: trump has chosen steve bannon as chief strategist and white house counsel. kellyanne conway considered to be a possible white house spokesman cast bannon as part of the mainstream despite his role with the alt right movement. >> he has a harvard business degree, a naval officer. he has success in entertainment. he certainly was a managing partn partner. >> reporter: newt gingrich who has dised secretary of state in favor of strategic adviser. former rival, dr. ben carson, a
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neurosurgeon is being eyed for education secretary. michael flynn, who is in line for a defense or national security post. the president-elect walked back his plan for a border to border wall against illegal immigration, something he did as a candidate and now as the president in waiting. >> they are talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. certain areas a wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this. it's called construction. >> reporter: trump reiterated his softened rhetoric that not all illegal immigrants would be deported. first, criminals, drug dealers. >> after everything gets normalized, we will make a determination on the people that you talking about who are terrific people. they're terrific people. but we're going to make a determination. >> reporter: it looks like dr. ben carson may have competition for education secretary. he is thinking about health and
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human services also. we heard from folks in the deliberations process that there are two new candidates for department of education, michelle reed, the chancellor of the d.c. public schools and eva moscow moscow moscowicz. these are outsiders, different appointees. they would be a signal the trump administration will have a diverse and wide ranging number of folks. tomorrow one of the folks, the vice-president-elect, mike pence, will return to trump tower in his role as head of the transition and begin looking at a series of appointments. we got word earlier today that there may not be any formal appointments in next couple of days. the work is really speeding up. they expect to announce lots of names perhaps as soon as thursday. >> carl cameron, thank you. let's take a closer look now at incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus who you probably have heard of. and incoming senior counsel and
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strategist to the president steve bannon who you may not have. here is james rosen. >> i know the best people. i know the best managers. >> reporter: gfiven his reputation as a savvy judge of personnel, his first hires as president-elect reflect managerial instinct in choosing reince priebus as white house chief of staff. mr. trump tapped the ultimate beltway insider whose mastery of electi election. >> dale: -- >> he brings people together. he gets them to buy in on the shared vision and brings out the best in people to get successful things done. >> reporter: mr. trump created a aided a co-equal position for steve bannon. a former naval officer, he brought discipline to the campaign but under his leadership the conservative
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website breitbart appealed to the alt right. advanced notions like birth control makes women unattractive and crazy. >> it does give me a real pause about sometimes they're going well beyond accepted norms. >> reporter: harry reid said through an aide, president-elect trump's choice of steve bannon as his top aide signals white view president-elect trump si s supremacists will be represented. >> i haven't seen any of these things that people are crying out about. look, it's a good team. it works. if people saw the last few months in the campaign, it worked very well. >> reporter: despite such assurances, west wing veterans and students of its workings predicted trouble between two such different men and warned against the creation of rival power centers at the down of a presidency. >> donald trump got elected with a pretty broad coalition of
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perspectives and views around the country. so all of that needs to be reflected in the white house. but i think the white house runs well only if there is one chief of staff clearly in charge. >> reporter: they interviewed all the living chiefs of staff for his book. >> from watergate to iran contra to the war in iraq to the rollout of obamacare, the chief of staff makes a difference between success and failure. one of the critical things is not only who becomes chief but whether that chief is empowered to among other things be the honest broker of information and to speak truth to power. >> reporter: another point of conflict between priebus and bannon is paul ryan. bannon championed ryan's primary
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challenger. >> what do you think of the priebus and bannon hires, how it's playing? let me know on twitter. or on facebook. keith ellison says he is a candidate for chairman of the democratic national committee. he has the support of outgoing senate minority leader harry reid and his expected replacement chuck schumer. he was the first muslim american elected to congress. hillary clinton has won new hampshire's four electoral college votes. donald trump's campaign had until 5:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon to seek a recount in new hampshire. clinton won the state, the small state by roughly 2,700 votes. trump's edge in the electoral college now stands at 290 to 232, with only michigan still to be called by the associated press. michigan election officials say they there are reasons why it's taking so long, including absentee ballots, some glitches
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with election areas and one county that was just counted as of yesterday. while president-elect trump has quickly decided on two of his top aides, he is taking much slower approach on a couple of other big decisions he has yet to make. one of them involves what to do about the woman he just defeated for the presidency. congress shows no signs of slowing down on that front. >> reporter: fox news confirmed that four congressional committees have open investigations into six central allegations against hillary clinton and her aides. investigators are probing whether she lied about her e-mail practices during october 2015 testimony. the mishandling of classified information, obstruction of justice, the clinton foundation as well as allegations of a quid pro quo between a senior state department executive and an fbi agent. republican senator construction grassly and ron johnson said
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investigators are pressing ahead in the inquiries were not dependent on the election. >> it's one of the messages of this election that the public is disgusted when they see double standards, when they think people in high places, high government officials can get away with what ordinary citizens can't. so i think it's extremely important to follow this thing through. >> reporter: the republican chairman of the house government oversight committee also said the chapter is not closed. >> it's this huge massive mess that has to be cleaned up. we would be remiss if we just dismissed it and moved on. we have a lot of things that we have to fix so it never happens again. >> reporter: during a weekend conference call, hillary clinton blamed james comey for her defeat. clinton said his decision to reopen the e-mail case 11 days before the election put her campaign on the defense and blunted her ability to make a strong closing argument. on the campaign trail, candidate trump called for a special prosecutor to investigate clinton. but on "60 minutes," he took a
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softer approach, emphasizing jobs, health care and immigration come first. >> you called her crooked hillary. said you wanted to get her in jail. your people in your audience kept saying, lock her up. do you -- >> she did some bad things. >> i know. a special prosecutor? >> i don't want to hurt them. i don't want to hurt them. they're good people. i don't want to hurt them. >> reporter: no committee expects hearings before thanksgiving. a military judge is considering a prosecution motion to delay the trial of accused army deserter bowe bergdahl. the sergeant is accused of walking off his post in afghanistan in 2009. he was held captive by the taliban for five years before being traded for five senior taliban leaders.
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some of the new kids on the block are showing up tonight in that building right behind me. it's orientation week for a new crop of house members. mike emanuel reports, they are entering a different world than the one occupied by the members they are replacing. >> reporter: for newly elected members of congress, it's time to figure out what is ahead. some republicans say there are tremendous possibilities going forward. >> the exciting thing is we will play offense. speaker ryan created a narrow set of policy objectives. donald trump campaigned on a range of issues. we will harmonize those. >> reporter: following the election, there's some unrest on the democrat side. 17 protests were arrested outside new york senator chuck schumer's office. he is expected to be the next senate democratic leader.
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he is getting heat for his ties to wall street. >> my district is 70% latino. a very high immigrant community. we have a lot of people in my district that are concerned about comments about sending people back. >> reporter: other democrats sound hopeful there will be common ground with the president-elect. >> we share a lot of common priorities. one of them is to revitalize the infrastructure of the country, which is ailing. >> reporter: lawmakers must pass a government funding extension, likely a new month months. big on the republican priority list is repealing and replacing obamacare. mr. trump praised it helping those with pre-existing conditions obtain insurance. >> it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you will keep that? >> also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. >> you are going to keep that? >> try and keep that. it will be repealed and replaced. it will be great health care for much less money.
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>> reporter: kevin mccarthy said those aspects are included in the gop alternative. what he talked about was keeping pre-existing conditions and staying on your parents' healthcare plan to 26. those are actually republican ideas. those are in the health care replacement plan that republicans have in a better way. >> reporter: up next are leadership elections. we are not expecting major showdowns. many gop lawmakers are excited to get things done while some have never served under a republican president. >> mike emanuel live on the hill. the f an oil pipeline near native american lands. first, fox 4 in kansas city, with atf agents investigating an explosion and fire that destroyed a church. evangelistic center church was not occupied at the time of the
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first fire sunday morning. no injuries were reported. fox 6 in birmingham, alabama. they sell an unfinished nuclear power plant for $111 million. the sale price was more than three times the minimum bid of $36 million. the company plans to finish the twin reactor as a nuclear power plant and bring it online. this is a live look at san francisco. the big story there tonight, the arrest of a man who police say executed a sheriff's deputy. he was shot twice in the head sunday as he check a report of a suspicious van. parked near a fishing access spot outside the central california town of houston. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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the army corps of engineers just decided not to decide on whether the controversial dakota access pipeline can be completed along the intended route. it has been the subject of sometimes rowdy protests for months. an expected final decision today is not coming. we report tonight from north dakota. >> reporter: protesters continue to funnel into north dakota, upping their opposition to the dakota access pipeline, sometimes violent, but today peaceful. the state capital is on lockdown. protesters showed up here to voice their concerns. the pipeline carries oil from one of america's most productive fields to illinois where it connects to a larger network of pipe lines and refineries.
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almost 1200 miles long, the diameter of a car tire, it could carry 570,000 barrels of crude a day, half of north dakota's daily production. built on 99.9% on private line, all that remains is permission from the u.s. army corps of engineers to cross beneath the missouri river, opposed by a tribe who appealed to the u.n. for help. >> while we have gone to the court in the united states, our courts have failed to protect our sovereign rights, our sacred places and our water. >> reporter: it's not on tribal line but the proposed crossing is north of the reservation. they fear a leak will pollute the river. eight our pole lines cross beneath it upstream. >> not only tribal people here, there are people from all over the world that understand what these people are trying to protect. >> reporter: the critics say the protest is more about stopping
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oil than indian rights. >> we need to have decisive end to this that there's been a lawful process that's been followed and that the easement should be carried north. >> reporter: they released a decision saying because of the histor historical indignities, they said they would not approve it pending further review. it's the second pipeline the administration kill order postponed. president trump could reverse this. however, today's decision would make that legally more difficult. back to you. >> thank you. the government wants to require electric and hybrid cars to make noise when traveling at low speeds. the intent is to let blind or visually impaired people to hear those vehicles coming. officials say it could help prevent 2400 pedestrian injuries a year. stocks were mixed today. the dow hit another all-time
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high and closed up 21. the s&p 500 dropped a quarter of a point. the nasdaq lost 19. a russian fighter jet just crashed into theed me t eed int sea sunday. it had mechanical trouble and tried to return to the ship. the pilot ejected safely. last week, fox news was first to report russia is close to launching a new round of air strikes in syria from that aircraft carrier and from bombers anything from southern russia. president obama's pentagon chief is expressing support that they will defeat isis. it's slow going for iraqi troops trying to retake mosul from isis terrorists. we have that story tonight from iraq. >> reporter: four weeks into the fight to get isis out of mosul and it's not getting any easier. clashes between iraqi troops and militants have been reported in
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two neighborhoods of eastern mosul. towns outside of mosul are being won back. isis has desecrated an archaeological fight. u.s. air power continues to play a role. ten targets hilt in the last 24 hours. the targeting is less possible as the fight gets more urban. secretary of defense ash carter seemed confident that isis or isil will be defeated. >> it's actually important that the enemy know that -- that isil everywhere else know that we intend and will destroy them. >> reporter: it's not just winning back territory, it's holding it. after declaring a town north of mosul theirs last monday, peshmerga fighters spent the week securing it. they spot an isis militant in one building. >> translator: come out. come out. turn around. >> reporter: this terrorist surrendered.
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many others were shot, killed or blew themselves up. as the flow of refugees continues here today, some six miles outside of mosul, those fleeing the battle are seen holding white banners of safety. over 50,000 have fled the city so far. as the fighting intensifies in this region, isis is striking elsewhere as well. six people were killed in terror attacks in southern iraq today. 23 were killed in baghdad yesterday. all-out war from all sides. >> greg, thank you. 11 middle eastern and north african countries are accusing iran of sponsoring terrorism. they sent a letter to the u.n. general assembly today. they cite iran support for hugh tee rebels in yemen and the hezbollah group in lebanon and syria. they also say iran is constantly interfering in the internal affairs of arab nations. the defense department identified the two soldiers who died in a terrorist attack on a
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u.s. air base in afghanistan saturday. two american contractors also were killed. 16 u.s. service members and one polish soldier were wounded. we have an update on violence that's bringing the dangerous situation in that country back into focus. >> reporter: afghan security forces surrounded this air base after a suicide bomber infiltrated the largest military base in aftghanistan killing tw soldiers. john perry, age 30, from california, and tyler ubelt, 20, of illinois. two civilian contractors were also killed. >> this is a very secure facility. something happened here. we're looking closely at it. >> reporter: a local day laborer and former taliban fighter is responsible for the attack. located 30 miles north of kabul.
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the second time they have penetrated a u.s. base. 16 other service members plus a po polish soldier were wounded. >> i think it would be a mistake to cut our current u.s. troop levels. the taliban has made major military gains in the last year. they now control or influence more territory than they have since 9/11. >> reporter: since early october, 11 americans have been killed in action in afghanistan, including two cia paramilitary offic officers. two days after they were killed, the u.s. military struck back taking out two top al qaeda leaders who the pentagon says were planning attacks on the united states. >> al qaeda remains at the top of our list along with islamic state. we continue to hunt them every day. >> reporter: a pentagon spokesman tells fox news there's no plan to delay troop withdrawal.
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>> it's moving forward. we believe that we will have the resources and the capabilities we need to support the afghans as they secure their own country. >> reporter: in june, 13 retired generals and senior diplomats wrote president obama urging him to reconsider the withdrawal. a month later, the president slowed it but a former military official tells me, the u.s. only has minimum number of forces in afghanistan to keep it from falling apart. >> lucas, thank you. turkey and the european union are squabbling about a possible membership for the country. the eu says turkey needs to make up its mind about joining. they say the eu needs to make up its mind about inviting. ministers are meeting this week. the issue has been complicated by questions about turkey's commitment to democracy following the summer's failed coup and crack down on dissidents. president obama is departing on his final major international trip before leaving office.
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his main goal, according to white house officials, allay the fears of global leaders about his successor. kevin cork is in greece, the president's first stop. >> reporter: nice to talk to you. you are right, it's in the shadow of the cradle of democracy here in ainnagens tht the president will say the relationship between them is indispensable and that will continue under the presidency of donald trump when he takes the oath of office in january. the president saying as much during his conference today in the press briefing room. in particular, he drilled down on the notion when he was asked if the u.s. would continue its commitment to nato, one of the centerpieces of european security. >> one of the messages i will be able to deliver is his commitment to nato and the transatlantic alliance. i think that's one of the most important functions i can serve at this stage during this trip is to let them know that there
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is no weakening of resolve when it comes to america's commitment to maintaining a strong and robust nato relationship. >> reporter: in addition to nato, european leaders will look to the president to address concerns about future u.s. positions on security partnerships and the battle against isis and iraq and syria and establishing and honoring deals on trade and the climate as well as the migrant refugee crisis which has been a major story here in greece. it's also happening on a day when president-elect trump had a conversation with russian president putin who congratulated him on his victory and said he looked forward to normalizing relations with the u.s. something there trump previously said he thought would be a good thing. that's adding to the angst of nato members here in europe. >> kevin cork early tuesday morning in athens, greece. thanks. veteran journalist gwen ifill died. she switched to broadcasting with stints at nbc news and pbs.
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she took a leave of absence from pbs earlier this year. the network says she died of cancer, a battle she fought quietly, a battle she lost today. many washington correspondencor have fond memories. she will be missed. she was 61. hey, jesse.
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