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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  November 17, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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bacon. and brian said give up my absolute power because that's not how it's supposed to work. i want to hear from you, welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. my name tom shillue. andy levey is out again so we will have a special guest star at the "red eye" tease deck. tucker carlton. >> why, thank you, tom. coming up on the big show, a republican representative says donald trump uses twitter rants as his way to relax. personally i find nothing more relaxing than the ratings of my hit show, tucker carlton tonight. and is it already okay for parents to spy on their children? parents, take it for me.
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don't watch your kids. watch tct stands for tucker carlson tonight. and finally in new zealand, domino's is using drones to deliver pizza to your home. just like i am delivering the magic of television to deliver truth on the nightly show "tucker carlson tonight." >> thank you, tucker. tucker, 7:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. that's the only run i care about because it leads into our show. >> exactly. >> tape them both. 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. let's welcome our guest. it should be illegal to look that good, but she makes a compelling argument. criminal defense attorney remi spencer. his hobbies include a nice merlot and flame wars on-line. you know, he always has a great smile, but there is now a reason for it. host of lou dobbs tonight, do
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you -- lou donees. and kevin brennan. all right, let's start the show. >> when trump goes on a twetter rant it is his way of relaxing. that's according to chris collins. collins dismissed the cuomo suggestion that the tweet storm is not a healthy way for him to govern. >> the pressure that has to be 0 president-elect trump is immense. i would have to say if this is his way of relaxing, god bless him. >> relaxing? >> absolutely. if this is what he has fun with and if he finds this relaxing and his entertainment, let him go with it. you don't want it all bottled up. i don't have a problem with this in the least. >> early wednesday morning
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trump was really relaxing. he fired off a series of tweets for a story claiming his transition team was in a state of disarray. trump, perhaps with his feet on the desk, composed the following tweets. the failing "new york times" story is so wrong on transition. it is going so smoothly and i have spoken to foreign leaders. i have taken calls from many foreign leaders despite what the "new york times" said, russia, saudi arabia, japan, australia, new zealand and more. i am always available to them. "new york times" is upset and they look like fools in their coverage of me. trump removed the cucumber slices from his eyes and began his work day. fantastic. remi, this is a great way to relax, go on tweet storms. >> where do we start? there are so many issues. i don't think it is about relaxing. this is enraging. someone shooting off tweets like that is getting angrier and angrier by the second.
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those particular tweets are incorrect. he is complaining about not having a truthful story. he think they said he didn't speak to foreign leaders. thz not what he said. he spoke to foreign leaders and -- >> and you read the story didn't you. >> this is no longer a campaign. he has been elected and he will be our president. do we want him to be someone who will engage this way. do we want a leader who is tweeting, or do we want a leader who will rise above and focus not on his own perceived insults by the press which is a selfish and narcissistic thing to do, but to think. problems of the nation as a whole and focus on how to
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solve those? >> wow. lou -- lou dobbs, the guy just wants to relax. >> i don't think he wants to relax at all. he is correct. the "new york times" is failing. earnings are down 96 is% because circulation is dwindling of the. the "new york times" has carrie sul -- sulfuric campaign against him. they have been attacking nonstop as has the "washington post" and all of the leading bitter, nasty , vicious and did i mention venal national outlets. >> the "new york times" sent out a letter saying we will try to keep it fair and balanced. >> that's right. >> and then they went right back . >> the editor-in-chief and the publisher said they are going to -- they really want to make amends and they want to be nice and professional and the next day they unleash the hounds of hell.
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they become preposterous and failing. >> what would you say? preposterous? failing? >> i want a president who will be yelling at his enemies. >> amen, brother. >> thank you for calling me brother. here is the double standard. when trump has an enemy she tweets at them. when hillary has an enemy she gets them fired and gets private investigators after them and kills them and has it look like a suicide. i would rather people send out nasty tweets. like fdr had fire side chats, this is the 21st century of that. let people attack him and let his fans and voters know these are not objective journalists. they are the enemy and they have to be treated as such. >> you take us back to the old days. we haven't talked about hillary in about a week. i was reminiscing. >> she's back. >> what do you think? it is a modern form of communication. he says it is where it is at. >> i tweet late at night to
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relax. i do it with my pants off. i think trump should try that. it worked for wiener. we know that. >> it didn't work for him. >> i am making a joke, thank you. >> little larry over here. >> do you think the trump transition is in disarray? >> i think the "new york times" are failing. >> he is so prophetic. >> he likes to tweet. like the guy said, larry? >> yes. >> like larry said -- like larry said that's the modern day far side chat.
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>> and let's talk about it. clinton took until december to choose his chief of staff. >> that's terrible. >> was that in disarray? >> most in the modern era have taken three weeks before naming cabinet members. most come in the third to 6th week. somehow they are ecclectic. >> if he wasn't tweeting they would be talking about it rather than complaining about his 30 million followers. >> that's somewhat bigger than the "new york times" circulation . >> trump relaxes on twitter rounds. >> the key to relaxing is
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light exercise. >> we don't need to talk about that, do we? >> you looked like godzilla. >> it is a strange day. >> some like to dine and ditch. donald trump likes to ditch and dine. on tuesday night the president-elect went out for dinner and neglected to tell the press pool. the press was not having it. one journalist tweeted, the american people depend on accurate info. they are hoping for an appreciation of this to uphold solemn white house press traditions. foolers were then not allowed in and view blocked by dumpster. stupid dumpster.
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one was able to get a reservation and filmed trump making his rounds. look. >> hi, mr. president-elect. >> mr. president-elect, no heads up for the media? >> he did not give the media a heads up. maybe because the media runs headlines like this. trump promises tax cuts and ditched reporters. can you call it a steak house? that's what concerned me. jay it is fine dining. fine new york dining. >> it is a fine establishment and trump got a hamburger. is he a man of the people? >> i love the pictures. he is on a $50 million aircraft campaigning and on the table in front of him is kentucky fried chicken. he has a look on his face like now we're talking. >> do you go to the 21 club?
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i have never been there. >> it is very nice. >> the thing about the press pool, does he have to notify them every time he gets a hamburger? >> no. what a bunch of whiners. who do they think they are? he is supposed to notify them so they can trash him in the next story? what obligation does he have to people who behave like that. >> remi, do you have a different view of this? i was -- >> i think lou dobbs is right about everything. and i don't disagree with much of it. but i do think -- there is a significant tradition. it is not law or tradition, but usually they are hard working people who are
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assigned to cover this president, president-elect and are given notification. he plans to stay in tonight. he will be going out. it is not an easy thing for the entire press corp to follow him in one direction or the other. the purpose is not just for headlines or business, but it is to show the american people we have access to our government and that it is a free and open society. it is the bedrock of our community and there have been reports he told the press corp he wasn't going any -- anywhere. it was one of the most expensive in the city. it doesn't make him one of the people. >> at first they said it was keen and then they turned the cars and went to the 21 club. >> it was like the godfather. he turned around on the bridge.
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>> i don't think we can say because they report unfairly and objectively the press reports unfairly without a doubt to donald trump. i don't think it justifies his tweets and i don't think it justifies trying to sneak behind their back and to break with an important tradition. >> he wasn't going to malta. he was going to get a hamburger. they are freaking out because this is somebody who joked they will have him shot. he gets on stage and said putin kills members of the press. maybe i'll do that. these are horrible people. they must be very nervous because they don't know what their role and what their level of access will be to a trump administration because he treats them with complete contempt and publicly treats them with complete contempt and they don't know if they will have jobs anymore because he will overturn the communication between the presidency and the populous and i don't think it will go through the middle man. it will be through sorell media. why does he need interpreters to twist his words and make
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him to look even more of a lunatic than he is. isn't that a fair response? they didn't want him to lose the job that will be his. >> kevin brenan, maybe the old rules don't apply. >> they don't, tom. first of all he is not even president yet. and wouldn't it slow down the whole meal thing if he has to sell everybody and wait for them to show up. it took forever to get to the restaurant. lou -- lou dobbs looks like my dad. i feel like every time i say anything he says this guy is an idiot. >> did your dad criticize you? >> he is criticizing me now when he is dead.
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>> i hear it and feel it from lou. i don't even know what it means, but i am sitting here like an idiot and i have to google the whole show. >> we are talking about the 21 club. we have to class it up. meanwhile visitors are lining up at a chinese zoo to see a bird that looks like -- >> donald trump. >> i don't see it. the bird, a male, is called little red. one person on china's version of twitter said does this bird look like trump or does trump look like a chinese pheasant. this is not the first bird to look like trump. look at him. he exudes confidence.
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a bald eagle no more. lou -- >> perfect segue i thought. >> i think the chinese are getting a kick out of trump. >> i think they may get a kick out of trump if they continue to warn him. i love the billionaire am -- ambassador is warning donald trump he better get along and he better cooperate. they are all saying the same things with undertones that are threatening. this is not the smartest way to begin a new administration. >> i strongly disagree. i think they know the cut of trump and they know that's the language he respects is strength and coming at him with power. they will not conciliatory because he will regard it as weakness. >> what are they doing in the pacific? they are pushy. when do the chinese do
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anything but push hard? >> they pushed hard against a president passive. trump will not be passive and the chinese are very bright. to behave like this is anomalous. that's not how they operate and this is plain stupid. >> kevin took that as a slight. he thinks you are pulling out the words -- >> just to taunt me. >> don't respond with another a-word. coming up, should you spy on your kids? we are not doing this story.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters. president-elect trump and vice president-elect mike pence receiving a look at the daily brief this week. it is the highest level of intelligence documents prepared in the united states. intelligence officials briefed trump and pence after the gop convention. the president-elect is planning to lobby the government for five years after leaving the administration. it is an administration to drain the swamp.
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president obama is spending the night in germany. as president he is scheduled to meet with the chancellor tomorrow. he plans to meet with other key leaders before leaving for peru. that's the last stop of his trip. a deadly natural gas explosion rocking the illinois town of canton last night. the impact is killing one person and injuring 11 others. the blast that happened near the downtown square also damaged several buildings. the person who died was an employee of a local gas and electric company. a lawyer for the engineer involved in a deadly train crash at the hoboken train station in new jersey claims his client was diagnosed with sleep apnea. the train was traveling twice the speed limit when it killed a woman on the platform. he had no memory of the crash and remembers waking up on the floor. sleep apnea is a possible
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cause of the crash. and now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines. you are watching the most powerful name in news. have a great morning. could trump's trade policies jack up the cost of an iphone? we will get apple to start building their computers and things in thisnstead of in other countries. >> we are going to get apple to start building their damn computers in this country instead of other countries. >> he really said that. there may be a downside to the small number of americans who own apple products. trump vowed to slap attacks on chinese goods. and the "washington post" reports even a lower tariff can send the price of an
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iphone soaring close to $700. it is a fancy word for tax, right? japan is way up. a japanese factory has been struggling to keep up with the sky rocketing demands. they have gone to over 300. it is exciting, isn't it? remi that's not scary at all, is it? forget about the mask. if the price of an iphone would go up would you buy one? >> i don't know the last time you went to buy an iphone or any kind of smartphone. if it is not that time in your contract, that's how much they cost now, $700 or higher. i dropped my phone and the screen broke and so my choice was to fix the screen and buy
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the phone and the phone was $1,000 and so i fixed the screen. if the price is going to sky rocket we are talking about $1500 to $2,000. i am not sure that the benefits of the american consumer is going to be had. i don't think they are going to pay the tax. i think either the production will go somewhere else or we are not going to get the iphone. we are not going to have access to the kind of products we do now. i am not sure the 45% tariff is necessarily the best idea. >> what is it going to do? >> we have been hearing this for years. it has almost been a religion on the right. are what they are saying, is it true? >> i got the gist and it is not true.
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the 45% tariff would be on products produced in china that would be sold in the market. our middle class has been shrinking for the past quarter century. the net households, the net worth in this country is now exactly what it was 20 years ago. 1996. imagine that. the same household network for a middle class. we've got to do something. trump is exactly right. we have to manufacture. we have got to be creative. we've got to create jobs. he's put it straight forwardly. the american dream resides within our middle class. if it is allowed to continue to shrink that dream is gone. already most americans they are saying to their children they will not have a better life than we have and that's the first time in our history that any generation of americans have said that.
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that should frighten everyone. the reality is we have to do better for this country and for our middle class and future generations. >> that makes so much sense. why did both parties miss this? why has free trade been the way? and no one has caught on to this? >> tariffs are an ago -- are an acronysm. whether it is the employee salary or the price of making an iphone, it is for people who get hurt the most. they have to bear the higher costs. it is a terrible idea and this is the worst aspect of trump's candidacy because this is actually hurting people in the pocket book and it is hurting the people who should be hurt the least, the poor people, the most. >> these trade agreements are written by lobbyists on behalf of corporations and they screw over everybody else.
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>> you don't keep tpp and don't do tariffs. what do you do? >> free trade. you -- in the same way you don't need law to have capitalism you don't need them for an establish free market. >> i am dying over here. >> where is the middle ground? >> if you don't do trade agreements and you don't do tariffs, what do you do? >> i will quote donald trump precisely. do smart things. the first thing is not to allow the chinese or any other company to have tariffs against the u.s. goods and force them to do so. the only way to do it is the threat of a tariff and the threat of a tax. this goes to the issue he talks a great deal about which is mexico. so many companies are moving plants and production. it is crazy. rather than pay a middle class working man or woman in this
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country so that he can -- or she can provide for their family, the money is going to mexico and the car is dumped into this market based on the lower labor costs. it is outrageous. >> why is he pointing at me? i am not mexican. jay he was pointing that way. >> he is pointing south. >> you are between lou and america mix and so you get pointed at. >> people say oh we have to make it in america. >> make it in america. >> but then theyy go to wal-mart and buy the cheapest thing there. how do you change people? >> what? make more products here especially iphones because i want my kid to have a summer job. they are four and eight and they should be working. >> like the chinese. >> exactly. i am trying to arbitros this conversation. >> do smart things. >> half time with tv's andy
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levey. dave smith sets the record straight. the latest version of our "red eye" pod cast is available now. go to
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from dave smith. hi, dave. >> how are you, tom? >> it is pretty good over here. great show so far. i don't know how you do it. >> i don't even know how we do it.
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>> that was pretty good you had tucker carlson in the opening. >> our new lead in. be nice to him. >> i hear he has a new show. it is pretty cool he came in to do it. it would be a shame if it took away an opportunity from like an up and coming guy who needed it, but whatever. that's cool. it could be a moment for somebody else who doesn't have a show. great start. michael mall -- michael malice. >> a smart man. >> remi, you on the first topic about the "new york times" article, you said trump does not under the "new york times" story and you indicated you have read the morning times story. question, do you know what show you are on? >> this is "red eye" with -- who is it again? >> it is with tom shillue. >> we encourage them to read
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the story. >> are people supposed to read the stories? >> we send a fairly complete docier for them to read. kevin brennan, do you read the story? >> every day to my kids. >> kevin, you don't seem happy. to be here, where are you going with this question? at one point you can hear your father insulting you. are you looking at your father? >> when you look atom i get a little -- what i look at tom i get a little dizzy. am i supposed to look at you in the eye? >> sometimes you don't have eye contact. that doesn't bother me. >> i am not hiding anything. >> we don't have to tell other people we are not murderers. just for future reference it
12:36 am
is a murderery thing to say. >> guilty as charged. >> that's another murderery thing. lou dobbs is here, the great lou dobbs. lou, you you said the "new york times" is down i'm sick%. 96%. i looked it up and it is 96.9%. for the same of -- it is 95.9%,arily 96 -- nearly 96 is%. we have one person who reads the article. >> remi, you said lou dobbs is right about everything. >> theyy are only down 95.9% and he said 96%. >> i am going to question the accuracy of your report because lou is always right. i'm going with lou. >> you are going to tell me that something i read on the internet is not necessarily true?
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all right. a ballsy show tonight. mr. lou dobbs you seemed to indicate that at one point the trade agreements have not worked out for middle class mark will you had a show all these years? >> i have written four books about it is and done so for the past 12 years. >> maybe bring up immigration. >> that i never talk about. >> moving on. at one point tom asked you if his sentence made sense. you said i get the gist of it it. that was very kind of you. we would like to thank you. are you aware of this show? >> i am blissfully unaware of that.
12:38 am
>> i was right. >> i want to make sure that you weren't making fun of me. >> i would never. >> a tariff is in fact a tax. i just checked it. remi, do you see what happens when you don't read the articles? >> preparation is key. >> that's probably why this half time job is so difficult. >> every time i do this i have a little more respect for andy levey. >> you say that guy's job is easy. remi, you think americans are capable of weaning ourselves off the phone if the price is high enough. how will i send my text messages? >> we are going to have to pay a lot of money for phones and not everyone will do it. maybe they will be cheaper phones and we will use the flip phones again. maybe everyone will get burner
12:39 am
phones like my clients have. >> can you imagine going back and telling our grandparents that i paid for my eye phone. and then you said our story was one day they may get too expensive. >> good point. >> great first half. keep it going on the second half. that's it from me. >> thank you, dave smith. coming up, tar investing the blood of -- harvesting the blood of teens. i can't wait. first, kennedy. >> hey, "red eye" octopi. are they poised to drain the swamp? and nick gillespie joins me. beautiful.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters. i'm jackie ibanez. stay engaged. words of advice from hillary clinton to young people as she reflects on her failed presidential quest. clinton spoke last night in washington at the annual gala for the children's defense fund where she started her legal career decades #e ago. this is her first public appearance since her concession speech. she told them to, quote, never, ever give up. japan's prime minister is heading to new york to meet president-elect trump. it will be the first meeting with the world leader since his election. he wants reassurances that the next president will remain
12:44 am
committed to the u.s.-japan security alliance and a corner stone of stability in the pacific. japan is concerned about the trans pacific partnership, a 12-country trade agreement that mr. trump opposes. our current president meantime is in germany. mr. obama will have a one-on-one meeting with the chancellor there before heading off to peru, the third and final leg of his last foreign mission as president. it took months of intense fighting, but an iraqi city is freed from isis. they are home to some rich archaeological elements. they are pushing forward to liberate mosul, iraq's second largest city from isis. and tis the season to be jolly for on lean retailer -- on-line retailers. they say it will jump to $3.5 billion from 3 billion last year. cyber monday is typically the busiest day for on-line
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shopping. this year sales are are said to rise as much as 19% to $81 million. that's a lot. i'm jackie ibanez. and now back to "red eye" for your headlines. log on to you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox news. teen blood it does a body good. it is true. look at this headline. blood from home teens rejuvenates the body and brains from old mice. researchers in jected the blood into aging mice and found it improved memory and boosted activity they say it must have something in it that is important for keeping them young. they say it has potential to be anti-aging for humidities. look at me three years ago. as i told the authorities i found that teen's blood.
12:46 am
>> you shouldn't speak to the authorities. jay they were wondering. >> what do you think? >> is teen blood better than old blood? i say yes. the one thing with the mice, they also got very horny with the teen blood. so there is a ying and a yang. you go, you. >> and why is he pointing at me? >> if teen blood could put a little zen in your step would you take it? >> i want more. >> a little vinegar. >> that sounds promising. >> does it surprise you that
12:47 am
youngblood makes you young? it makes sense to me. >> when you think about transfusions, they do it just sort of willy nilly. you are in a car accident and blood is everywhere and they are trying to pump it into you. i wonder if you can ask for youngblood. you would have a better shot presume plea. it is all predicated on teen blood helping old mice. >> it is always mice. i would inject the teen blood right now. i don't need the mice trials. >> that's like the seventh time you said that. i am injecting young blood. what this means in real life 1 nancy pelosi will be house minority leader. they have that mummy on something and she is not going anywhere. >> she looks great. >> for a mummy, absolutely. >> she is ancient. >> she looks well for her age. >> it bothers me that these
12:48 am
trials go on forever. they are running around in mazes. i want to do it myself. >> we are not getting any younger. >> who is the brain -- brainiac? let's go to botulism first and we will inject botulism into people's faces. >> it work. >> right, but now we will go to blood. it is something that is relatively safe and happens on a regular basis. >> it is happening again. it is happening again. >> how is it working? >> i feel better already. >> i am sick of waiting for these trials. i think it is time for deregulation. coming up, pizza by drone.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" gavin mcinnes and nick mullen.
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domino's has just delivered the pizza by drone. i never thought i would see it in my lifetime. they did it in the birthplace of pizza, new zealand. >> keep it on the side. the food delivery is on its way. it >> it is one step forward for dominoes and people. more importantly -- >> the pizza was delivered to an address which is just north of aukland as you know. the head of domino's delivery could catch on because it beats traffic and cuts down on waiting time. new zealand is not the only country considering different ways to take a pizza. take a look.
12:54 am
>> that is -- it gets more exciting every time i see that. >> that's impressive. >> lou, are you excited about pizza by drone? >> i am a man who gets excited about pizza, but drones are terrific, but they don't have much range. it would have to be 20 minutes of your house. i thought it would be places like new zealand. >> no. about 20 minutes. >> they are gonna get better. these drones, the technology is always getting better. >> i am at home 23 hours a day and one hour from being a shut in. i don't want to handle anybody. they are looking for causes to to -- for causes to find the
12:55 am
workers. you don't have to interact with the cashier whose only job it is to introduce mistakes to your order. >> remi, it is true. i look for ways not to interact the people. when i get in the tacky i use my phone and pay for it on phone. i like it to be as homeless as possible. >> i don't believe that about you, tom. you are personable and social. i take your point. i don't cook for myself every single night. i don't get dressed up. i washed off my make up and i am in sweats. it is embarrassing -- >> you don't even want to open the door. the dogs want to run out. it is uncomfortable. >> the drone is coming to your door? it is coming past the doorman and up the elevator to the
12:56 am
door? >> i don't think that's what they are talking about. >> what are you talking about then? she says she wants to interact. >> i live in a home so i don't have a doorman. i have a front door i have to open myself. and in addition to not having to deal with a person it is going to be faster. the pizza place is literally around the corner, but takes 45 minutes to get me a pie. >> you can't put on a little make up in 45 minutes? >> i will not put on -- >> aren't they not safe in the air? they may crash a plane? i think he is laughing at me. not with me. >> it is not the drone. >> did you see the drone was dropping the pea -- pizza and then it had a tip. >> no tip. i'm out of here. >> you have to tip it.
12:57 am
>> what about the pizza delivery guys? they will all lose their jobs will. >> where are these fat potheads going to go.
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why do protein drinks taste chalky? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts. so great that if you don't get up to fifteen percent more reps, more laps, more distance, we'll give you your money back
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- period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein. waiting for president-elect trump to say, you are hired. his transition team under fire for not being ready for prime time pushes back hard. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. it has been eight days since donald trump was elected to be the 45th president of the united states. one week and one day. it took president-elect obama nearly three weeks after election day in 2008 to announce his first cabinet choice. it took president-elect ronald reagan five weeks in 1980. president-elect carter,


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