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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 17, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> thanks so much for starting your day with us. >> president elect donald trump. >> he's already taking steps to fulfill a campaign promise of draining the swamp. >> garrett tiny joins us now in washington, d.c. >> heather agood morning. do i want to be a lobbyist or part of the trump administration. trump will not let you do both. his transition team says this is the first step of draining the swamp. there could be additional announcements later today about the cabinet election as well. michael flynn is said to be under consideration for national security advisor. the advantage is that it doesn't require confirmation where the
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add time should face some push back from democrats and establishment republicans. last night on the kelly file transition spokesman jason miller would not confirm or deny the reports of. >> no formal announcement general flynn on the campaign trail quite a bit. >> will you deny it here? >> i am saying he would be a fantastic addition. i will let him make the decision. >> when will we get the decision? >> i am a muj fan of flynn and we will leave it to mrpresident elect trump. >> we have had a lot of names mentioned including south carolina governor nickki haley former secretary of state henry kissinger mike rogers, hickey
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hailey and jeb hensarling. she pushed back on reports that the transition is in turmoil. >> you know, you don't goerm a government overnight. these are serious issues and appointments. on track to where other administrations have been. definitely internal in terms of vetting different candidates and interviewing different people. it is not the kind of thing to rush through. >> mr. trump is pushing back on reports that he hasn't spoken to leaders of u.s. allies and he continues to speak with many world leaders. >> thank you so much. >> just the beginning. thank you so much. >> liberal mayor bill de blash yo bashing president elect donald trump to discuss illegal immigration even calling on new yorkers to protest mr. trump's policies. >> i obviously supported another candidate.
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it is well-known we have substantial differences. i reiterate to the president elect i am open minded but i would also be vigilant. new yorkers will stand together. we want to stand up for the needs of working people. we will stand up for our immigrant brothers and sisters. >> after being asked if the discussion was more of a lecture he took a much different tone calling the meeting substantive. >> i expressed a lot of people in the hometown there wasn't a place for them. it was a candid dialogue and it was a substantive dialogue. new york will remain a sanctuary city vowing by the trump
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administration. >> democrats and a sur prieldz election loss demanding hundreds of colleges and universities transformed into sanctuaries for illegals threatened over a trump administration. >> jackie ibanez is here live in the studio with more on that. >> good morning rob and heather. from california to michigan to new york tens of thousands of students staging lockouts with donald trump and his immigration policy. (chanting) >> students using the hashtag sanctuary campus as their battle cry while demanding their universities become safety for minorities and illegals. many of the same individuals at rutgers admitting they didn't even vote in last tuesday's election but they insist they are not going to accept trump as their president. >> they will not feel safe to be here because the man will send
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them back to where they came from. it is extremely disrespectful. >> i didn't even vote i was so disillusioned. this is a wake-up call to many of my people that are disillusioned with politics. >> we are pretty divided and a lot of people are terrified. >> what they are protesting against is a president that is going to come in here put our workers first the country first and enforce immigration laws. >> some didn't vote. signing deeds. demanding to defy campaign promises by president elect donald trump to immediately deport millions of illegals. we have 63 days until mr. trump takes the oath of office. students are promising this is just the beginning. >> i can hear them from columbus circle all night long. come to me to work at 2:00 in the morning and see if you are there at night.
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>> a lot of them were bernie sanders supporters. explains why they didn't vote. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell remaining in his position. he faced no serious opposition. mcconnell tweeting out it's an honor to have been chosen by my senate gop colleagues to continue serving as their leader in the senate. served as majority leader after serving eight years as minority leader. >> new york senator replacing harry reid. schumer said his party must learn in the stunning defeat during last election. they can accomplish that by giving elizabeth warren and bernie sanders new leadership roles within the party. >> the mind behind a disturbing plot behind isis in syria.
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22-year-old omar sobbing before a judge claiming to be a changed man. two other jihadis sentenced to 30 years. they are the last of 9 person terror cell. the judge isn't buying the last minute remorse telling the terrorists they need to pay for spreading their potentially deadly extreme i feel. setting off bombs in knew ark and new jersey. the september blast rocking the chelsea neighborhood en injuring more than 30 people. he praised isis in his journal and is accused of detonating a bomb along a marine corps race route. he was arrested days after the blast following a shatout with police. he faces life in prison. a massive gas explosion rocks a small town in central illinois. overnight one person is dead and at least 11 more are injured.
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look. >> the whole block is destroyed. there's debris for 500 yards in every direction. it is blown out all over the square. >> this incredible before and after picture shows the extent of the damage in canton. the person killed a gas worker trying to repair a leak. investigators don't know what caused that plast. >> there's a possible cause in the deadly new jersey train crash that killed a young mother and left more than 100 others injured. officials saying the engineer had an undiagnosed case of sleep apnea. it robs them of rest and can cause drowsiness. the engineer doesn't remember anything from that crash. it also went undiagnosed in a train crash. >> peggy whitson will be the oldest woman ever in space.
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the american from kazakhstan with two other astronauts 3:00 p.m. eastern time. she is set to celebrate her 57th birthday on the international space station. >> the oldest is john glenn who made history at 77 years old. i would like to see the space program. >> that is amazing 77 and 56, too. >> another person who is amazing our janice dean. we are talking about extreme weather and winter across the country. >> i thought it was going to be a great weekend. the snowstorm in the northern plains in the midwest. that my friends is a team we don't really know yet. we are going to have to see what happens with the storm system as it moves across the great lakes
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but we will be tracking this as we head into the weekend. we know people are worried about their travel and we will post that as we get into the weekend and next week. a storm system is developing across the northern plains and the rockies. we are going to potentially see blizzard conditions for 2 million people here. as it storm ejects into the northern plains and midwest look at our winter weather advisories. now we have a blizzard warning. we are going to see continues rapidly deteriorating over the last 24-hours. a lot of blowing snow. it will be very difficult if not impossible to travel across these areas. we will see what happens for the weekend. >> you like snow, you
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can stop at that but i am not sure everyone likes blizzard. >> the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. making her first appearance since her concession speech. >> there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up and never leave the house again. >> the former presidential candidate said about her supporters. >> no wallet, no problem. the state will soon have a digital driver's license. >> this may look like an ordinary skyscraper to you all but it turns out they are spying on you. i work 'round the clock.
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>> hillary clinton made the first public appearance since someone saw her roming arouhmim around in the woods. it was the 21st annual beat the odds celebration. the irony was not lost. sometimes you beat the odds, sometimes the odds beat you. >> you have to laugh about it. speaking at the children's defense fund urging reporters to never stop believing in america despite a crushing loss. >> i will admit coming here tonight was tn't the easiest thg for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leigh the house again. >> i think that's very understandab understandable. clinton has been privately quick
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to blame with her donors as well others for her loss. particularly james comey. the big investigation into the state department e-mails. >> not looking very happy there. >> the plea for a presidential pardon made only once before in u.s. history. civil rights leader jesse jackson calling on obama to clear hillary clinton from any wrong doings around your private e-mail server scandal before he left office. >> not legally accused and not convicted of everything. president obama should give little mistake to pursue the prosecution. >> here's the thing, despite jackson's call to action he shied away from calling clinton innocent. >> broad concerns plaguing the race for governor and north carolina which is at that close to call. the allegations come after local election officials had ballots
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filled out by the same person. he is trailing cooper by nearly 5,000 votes. it is very close. he had a backlash when he signed the controversial bathroom bill. >> imagine pulling it up on your phone. they are doing away with traditional licenses and having a digital version with an app. it will make id's more secure and it will make it hard to have a fake id. unclear when the app will roll out it is already offerd in iowa. as long as your phone isn't dead and you have it with you you. >> a scare in the sky on a hot air balloon makes it slam into a crowded playground. questions about the pilot and his story to police.
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>> bombshell announcement about duck dynasty. what we have just learned about america's favorite southern family and a friend of "fox & friends."
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comcast business. built for security. built for business. >> happy people waking up there in washington, d.c. some of them not so happy, but they are all really busy right now live shot there from dc this morning.
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." tiny jellyfish. a sting 100 times more potent than a cobra snake. two tours and serious deaths off of the great barrier reef. a 67 and 74-year-old from france had heart attacks after getting into the water on a snoesrkelin trip in australia. the coroner is still working on an exact official cause of death. >> well it's about to blow up. witnesses watching in horror as a hot air balloon makes a crash landing with a playground packed with kids in philadelphia. the sheer force dragging the basket like a rag doll along the ground. the pilot and three passengers flying right out. >> i thought it was about to crash into this tree. whoever was in it fell out. >> the pilot auz wan ducting a training drill.
2:23 am
he was running out of fuel but backtracked later calling the landing standard. they are investigating nobody in the balloon or on the ground was hurt. >> definition of standard gis. >> good news if you are travelling home for the holidays. you could catch a free ride to the airport. >> not in a hot air balloon i don't think. cheryl casone is here to talk about that. >> there's a catch to the story. uber is doing a promotion with american express. if you are an american express card holder and need to go from the airport to home they are going to cover the charge of the $65. there's a code you have to put into the app amx airport. you don't have to both your parents to pick you up on turkey day. some of the bigger cities the credit they will give you up to $130 it's for these airports. expensive ones laguardia, jfk, seattle, boston, vegas, george
2:24 am
bush intercontinental, dulles and ronald reagan in dc. still it is a deal. take them up on it if you have an am,he xes -- amex. >> if you are traveling with kids you need a booster seat in the back for them. they are getting better? >> booster seats usually for kids 4-8 when they outgrow that really fun car seat they always scream in. the hey way safety commission. i can't even speak this morning. they say booster seats are getting better. 3 out of the 53 booster seats were top rated. there were big fears and concerns over the last few years there was a car seat. a lot of older kids were
2:25 am
worried. >> they have been in one of these downtown. where is the rest of the store? >> that is what they are going to be doing. the one you went into that is manhattan and tribeca. there's a mess of 45,000 square foot targets. that's smaller than their normal stores. they want to target urban cities lake new york, chicago and they are opening up a lot more. they will be down about 1 percent. it should behalf of the country. >> there's a new hap that will let you see inside your packages. >> this is amazon. if you open up the app there's a camera. you cannot scan your neighbor's package. it has to be yours. it will show you what's inside. you know what you ordered. why waste the time. if you know what's inside you can wrap it up.
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>> you bought it from someone. >> okay. thank you so much. >> the time is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. house leader nancy pelosi brushing off questions about her leader hip is. >> some people say you got beat pretty badly here. >> we learned about her potential challengers in congress. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> why are crews allowed to smoke pot? the stunning rollback of the rules. >> before you head out of town for the thanksgiving holiday a record number of travelers will be joining you on the road and in the sky we have the best days to head out of town to avoid a crowd. fox & friends first continues right now. a oo i am heather childers. thank you for being here. >> it is 5:30 on the east coast.
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straight to the top story filling the cabinets high profile meeting today with president elect donald trump. he is already taking steps to fulfill a campaign promise and drain the swamp. >> rob and heather good morning to you. we learned today would be the soonest the cabinet tabs place. donald trump has a busy day ahead of him. a lot of names have been mentioned as potential picks for his cabinet including one time trump folks nikki haley who is said to be a candidate for secretary of state. we are told jed henserling is on the list for secretary. cincinnati mayor ken blackwell retired general jack keen and former secretary of state henry kissinger.
2:32 am
the trump team is fulfilling it's promises to drain the swamp. it it has laid out a rule that no one in the trump administration will be allowed to work as a lobbyist for five year after they leave office. another name we have heard a lot is retired general michael flynn who is said to be under consideration for national security advisor. on the kelly file jason miller would only say he is a big fan of flynn. >> no formal announcement. general flynn met with the president elect today. he has been a campaign onon the campaign trail quite a bit as we have seen over the past few months. >> are you denying it? will you deny it here? >> i am saying he would be a fantastic addition. >> i will let president elect make the decision. >> when are we going to get the decision? you you think tomorrow? >> i will keep up president elect. >> one thing we are told not to read too much about who we are
2:33 am
seeing going to and fro trump tower. some just to get advice and thoughts on the transition and who might be a good pick. others he is meeting his potential picks for his cabinet. >> the owner of the patriots was there as i saw. >> that would be interesting. >> that would be an interesting pick. >> thank you, garrett. >> you got it. coming coming up their surprise election loss. now demanding hundreds of thousands the universities be sanctuaries for illegals threatened under the trump administration. >> good morning. from california to michigan to new york tens of thousands of students protesting walkouts for donald trump and his immigration policies. >> students using the hash stank air recampus as their battle cry while demanding the universities
2:34 am
become a place for safety for main anotherities and illegals. many admitting they didn't even vote believe it nornt the last two elections but they p won't accept mr. trump as their president. >> he disrespected may people not even racially my people but my people as women. >> schools and institutions are places where dufrpt backgrounds come together. if that's not the case what's the purpose? >> at the end of the day he is our president. he is just not a president i like. >> i think the points are very flawed. that's why we came here to give a presence to students who think that our country and our president should be respected. >> thousands signing letters to deans at universities like notre dame, harvard and northwestern protection to defy the campaign promises by president elect donald trump to deport millions of illegals. >> we have 63 days until
2:35 am
mr. trump takes the oath of office. students promising this is just the beginning. 63 days. everybody calm down just a little bit. >> he needs every one of those days. he has a lot of work to do. >> illegal immigrants smuggling. people facing federal charges to help illegals get from mexico all of the way across the country north to new york city. 7 people are in custody. three still on the lass. according to court documents some immigrants being transported have been previously deported. all of those charged face up to ten years behind bars. >> a whistleblower resigning from his post. the va retaliating casting him as a rule breaker isolating him in a remote office after he came forward earlier this year. he exposed a secret wait list dating back to 2012. in some of those cases veterans died waiting for terror.
2:36 am
he is placing his trust in donald trump saying it is my hope that the incoming administration of president elect donald trump goes and fires people. >> this may look like an ordinary skyscraper to you. does it? it turns out it could be spying on you. the long line building in new york city was built back in 1974. it housed at&t's worldwide network. according to an investigation, it houses an nsa surveillance mega center code named titan point. millions of phone calls they claim, faxes and e-mails are allegedly intercepted daily. whistleblower edward snowden referred to it in leaked documents. >> the democratic divide could be wadeening ahead of the house leadership vote. current main anotherity leader nancy pelosi watching the rug ripped out from under her by members of the party calling for much needed kang. >> i don't know if i am the solution. i think we need to have the
2:37 am
conversation about who may be the solution and maybe nancy pelosi is not we need to connect with blue collar workers this he need to vote blue and they need messages that will go down there and connect with him. >> surrogate tim ryan not sure if they will be the one to challenge pelosi on november 30th but the rep from ohio says his roots could be what the democrats need to win over working class voters. >> the world's earliest known stone copy of the ten commandments just sold at auction for nearly a million dollars. the near 2,000-year-old marble slab was brought by a private bidder for $850,000. >> it is something else. israel describing the tablet as a national treasure. the unidentified buyer plans to have it displayed in a public museum. >> to extreme weather now. some states will be getting
2:38 am
their first case of winter. >> seems so soon. ian nis dean tracking snow. >> absolutely. we have had such a warm october and november that it seems like do we have snow on the horizon? believe it ofrnt thanksgiving is next week. i can't believe it. pretty clear if you are travelling. no problems to talk about. our problem is the west across the rockies, the northern plains, our storm system here is developing and it is going to bring the first snow, the first blaze arred of the season for parts of the upper midwest. there you see the storm as it moves through up towards the great lakes thursday and friday and the temperatures behind it some of the coldest air we have seen so that afar this season. winter weather advisories are posted for millions of folks. we have a blizzard watch and warning here. travel is going to be difficult if not impossible for this region. i also want to point the out
2:39 am
what is going to happen in the next sefrp days you ask. he here is one of our reliable forecast models as we get into thursday, turkey day. looks like a rainy forecast across the mississippi and tennessee river valley. mainly a river event for the ohio river valley. we could see snow across the northeast. it depends how cold the temperature is whether or not we get snow or rain or a wintery mix. lots to talk about as we head into one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. we will be here. back to you rob and heather. >> the next wednesday forecast is a big one. >> in new york state we had 24 inches of snow that never melted. remember that? >> i love it. i want to do my first snow israel of the season. >> all right. we all will. i will join you and ainsley. >> sthooivengs. >> time now 5:39 on the east coast. after the hour teachers leading lessons against our president
2:40 am
elect. >> as educators our first impulse is to provide children with a safe space in which to deal with their feelings that's what this lesson plan is about. >> interests an interesting oneful the negative things that thousands of students are about to be cold abo-- told about mr. trump. >> before you head out for the holiday week we are breaking down the busiest airports you want to avoid. >> it has been announced donald trump's name will be removed from the trump place apartment buildings in manhattan. trump already found another place for it. take a look. it's subtle. you pairly notice it. the ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!!
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>> good song this morning. the sun will come out. >> brace yourself for a hectic holiday as a record number of travelers seemed like we always talk about this. skies roads and rails this thanksgiving. fox business is here with the best tips for a hassle free holiday. >> it is dark outside. what about driving when it is that dark? it might be something that will work for folks this holiday season. get ready for a record number of americans traveling for the thanksgiving holiday. according to aaa it will be the busiest thanksgiving holiday of travel since 2007. 23 million americans expected to take to the sky.
2:45 am
this means get your patience hat on. get to the airport early at least 2 hours for a domestic flight. your credit card may give you access to early boarding or possible upgrades to get points but you have to check it out before hand and book your ticket in bundles. many americans take the entire week off next week. if you are driving hit the roads this sunday around 6:00 a.m. around 6:00 a.m. driving is dark. it will save you a lot of headaches. you will have the roads basically to yourself. avoid driving on wednesday the day before thanksgiving. the roads will be the worse. many americans drive back on saturday after 4:00 p.m. you want to avoid that time. avoid busier airports because airports like jackson lax, chicago o'hare, vfw, jfk will be
2:46 am
the busiest airports. it is all about timing with your travel next week, guys. >> depends how much time you want to share with your family. >> a lot of people on that vote. >> thank you, cheryl. >> even those need to vent about man splaning in the office. >> fundamentals of business. mental is a part of the world. i have under lined it because you are mental if you don't have a good time. you have to enjoy it. >> that is right. a group in sweden opening up a hot line to vent about mail co-workers who discriminate
2:47 am
against them. man splaining is when they explain something to a women that they already know in a condescending way. >> it is inspiring the oxford dictionary word of the year. post truth. >> it is saying the youth sky rocketed heated primaries and debates and hostile climate for the past several months. objective flats are less influential in shaping opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. >> i have never heard it used post truth. >> bigley i theired a lot. >> it is actually a real world. shocked me. >> who knew. now we do. >> steve doocy is talking about what is coming up for "fox & friends. megyn kelly is on. >> she will be on. we are going to ask her about two great stories one about a
2:48 am
class ring and another about shoplifting. another is a big lee guess. a couple days ago lying ted as trump referred to him. will he wound up in mr. trump's bigley cabinet? could he wind up on that bigley supreme court? we are going to talk to him. is trump saying bigley or big league? some people think it is big league. you be the judge. >> you need to investigate. >> we have to ask him. >> let's get right on that. >> he's coming back i think. stay tuned. we will be right back, too. see ya.
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a san francisco schoolteacher offered a lesson plan that calls our president-elect a racist and sexist man. a teachers union site posting a high school teacher's education plan to tell teachers how to talk about the election results. the union is defending the plan. >> as educators our first impulse is to provide the children with a safe space in which they can deal with their feelings. and that's what this lesson plan is about. >> well, the republican party of san francisco called the guide, quote, inappropriate propaganda. but school officials say it's optional for teachers to use. well, president-elect donald trump could be moving into the white house but he may have to stay out of the oval office as
2:53 am
it gets renovated. that means the president-elect could be forced to work out of an old executive office building for a year. the secret service is not revealing plans on construction. you may have the right to remain stoned. the police departments across the country are scaling back standards for incoming recruits. as departments turn a blind eye to prior drug use, in some cases, it also means looking past prior criminal offenses. keep talking about this. does it set a dangerous precedent for law enforcement? #keeptalking. a bombshell announcement from one of our favorite shows here, "duck dynasty." >> we've got an unbelievable announcement for y'all. >> this will be our final
2:54 am
season. >> that really threw me off. >> it's all coming to a close. they do say business will wrap up after the current 11th season, that's a good run. this comes from the cast and the network. "duck dynasty" quickly became the most watched non-fiction series in cable tv history. the series finale set for april 12, 2017. >> maybe a spinoff only some sort. >> probably. well, 21 stars are about to receive the nation's highest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom. >> that's right. on the list, legendary baseball announcer vin scully. listen to the heartwarming moment, a great man here, as he learns the news. >> hello, mr. scully? >> yes. >> every year the president gives out the presidential medal of freedom. and this year he's going to give it to you. >> oh, my gosh, no.
2:55 am
>> yes. >> are you sure? i'm just an old baseball announcer. >> much more than that you are. well, others being honored include tom hanks, bruce springsteen, ellen degeneres and robert de niro. all right. 5:55 on the east coast. coming up, who will join mr. trump in the white house? >> who is expected at trump tower today that could give us some clues about his cabinet?
2:56 am
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2:59 am
it is one minute before the top of the hour, here's what's happening today. >> investigators try to figure out what caused a deadly gas explosion that rocked a small town in central illinois last night. one person dead, 11 more injured. >> the glass breaking out. >> they are looking into a gas leak. and blizzard warnings are going into effect in many areas in the west. and nicki hailey and rick scott could join his cabinet. they are two of many white house potential candidates that could be in and out of trump tower today. and the cubs' kris bryant
3:00 am
and mike trout top the list for mvp players. thank you so much for being here. and "fox & friends" starts right now. see you tomorrow. good morning to you. it's thursday, november 17. i'm abby huntsman. draining the swamp and filling his cabinet, president-elect donald trump gearing up for another round of meetings today. so who is on the short list? keep it here. meanwhile, lefty new york city mayor bill de blasio bashing trump right in front of trump's house. >> we'll stand together. we're going to stand up for the needs of working people. we're going to stand up for our immigrant brothers and sisters. >> so are sanctuary cities in danger? >> you mean illegal immigrant brothers and sisters. and he'll be the 45


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