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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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us. have a great night. good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. election day is just over two weeks past and the reincriminations are in full force. the state of new mexico one ceo has announced that he will no longer do business with trump supporters. not just people who voted for trump but all republicans, indeed no one who has said a kind word about the president-elect. they're all morally tainted he says and not welcome at his internet marketing company. the owner joins us now. thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> one thing i appreciate about the statement that you issued is that it's totally straight
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forward. there's nothing stealthy or feline about it and i do respect that, but it does seem like you are saying of trump voters you're not just wrong but you're bad people. is that what you're saying? >> that is not my intention, no, i don't believe that the majority of trump voters or bad people. i believe that most people are probably ignorant of what the reality of their vote actually means. >> so then why wouldn't you do business with people who are just wrong? i mean, i think most of us feel that way when we vote, we feel passionately about our position, we acknowledge others feel the same way about theirs, but we can come together in the public square. we don't need to exclude them from our lives. >> i understand what you're saying. i believe that the moral principle is so large in this particular situation that people who believe in what's right need to stand up and ignorance of evil and ignorance of injustice
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is not a justification to be part of it so anyone that supports trump by emotion or by co mission are not welcome to do business in my company. >> i'm sure you see the irony and i can't be the first person to point out that in the name of inclusiveness you're excluding people and that in the name of tolerance you're being intolerant. has that occurred to you? >> i have not made the claim that i'm trying to be inclusive or tolerant. i'm not tolerant of bigotry, fash im and i'm not attempting to be. >> you don't really believe that trump is a fascist dictator or you would be fighting against
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him for real. >> i absolutely believe trump is a fascist. hitler was elected illegally. putin was elected illegally. it appears that trump will be elected soon. he lost the majority vote, the popular vote. it appears that the election that was rigged against him, he'll have less votes than his opponent and take office, i find that ironic. i believe trump is a fascist and i believe his actions thus far are indicative of what a fascist does. >> if you believe the country is being taken over by someone compared to hitler, that's the worst that could ever happen. >> that's correct. i believe that this interview right now is the first step that i'm able to make to do so. i've received probably 50 death threats, tleths against my children. my e-mail has not stopped from people singing hitler songs and -- >> any normal person would agree
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with any of that. but also, if you are decrying the climate of rage and intolerance, aren't you adding to it? you're saying you won't do business with trump supporters. would you have them into your home? would you eat with them, use the same water fountain as you do? >> my question for you is if you were a member of the nazi party in the '40s would you have done business with them? >> i don't know. i'm asking you a specific question about what's going on now. donald trump was just elected president and you're saying you're not doing business with his supporters, and my question is to what degree will you take it? will you eat with them, would you allow a trump supporter in your home? >> would i allow a trump supporter in my home, yes. i work with trump supporters, i interact with trump supporters. as a citizen of the united states i'm fully within my legal rights and within the state i live in, there's nothing illegal
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about me choosing not to do business with someone who supports someone i believe to be a dictator. >> that is legal but do you think it's okay? as a principle, do you think it's okay for people to refuse to do business with others they disagree with? you think that's all right? >> absolutely. and i think when i asked if you would have done business with nazi members in the 40s. you can an educated person. you can determine if you would do so. for you not to ask that -- >> since you pushed it, that is an absurd thing to say and of course there's no comparison at all. if we can move beyond that -- >> explain to me the absurdity in my statement, sir. >> that trump is hitler? i think it's self-discrediteding. >> i didn't say trump was hitler. i said trump was a fascist. >> i doubt you could define the
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term. let me get to specifics. >> then educate me with the term because -- >> you're the one throwing out the term fascist. >> what an authoritarian dictator is, i'm quite aware of what that is, aware of what fascism means, i'm aware of all of these definitions and his behavior even with the top media experts or leaders of the country just two days ago was a totally authoritarian -- >> look i -- >> let me finish. when he brought them to his ivory tower and said if you resist him that he will -- he didn't even have the moral interpret tud to do it openly. >> you're trying my patience here. i'm sorry because what you're doing is belittling historic reality. being rude to news anchors that
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make $3 million a year is not the same as rounding up people and killing them. for you to say that it does diminish historical crimes. i don't want to dwell on that because i think it diminishes you. >> feel free to diminish as much as you like. >> you're doing it to yourself. i think it's valid to not like trump but if we were living in a fascist dictatorship, our men would drag you off the screen. let me ask you this, the left has argued that it is not allowable -- >> maybe you do need to look at your history because that's not exactly how hitler began. that's not exactly how putin began. there are many elected dictators that by dragging people off the first day. you might want to do some reading of history yourself. >> okay. i think we're veering into hysteria here. but let me ask you this. the left has argued consistently for the past 8 years that if you
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disagree with somebody, his behavior or beliefs, you are not allowed to decline to do business with him, that is discrimination, and you've seen it in a famous case over wedding cakes and gay marriage and yet you're saying that's totally fine. >> i don't claim to speak for the left. i don't claim to speak for any group or organization. i claim to speak for myself and i believe that standing up for injustice is the foundation of what the country is about. i believe having the moral interpret tud to stand up against the masses is what a citizen and patriot actually does. i believe it's having the courage to risk your business, your reputation, your physical well-being against mass hysteria to use your term is mandated by our constitution if you want to adhere to it properly. >> you are on a moral vanity trip like i've never seen. has it occurred to you that every rich person agrees with you, that you're taking no risk at all, that people like you are celebrated in american newspapers and award ceremonies?
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come on. >> the argument you just made was absurd. it's as relevant -- reality is relevant to what people of position and power and wealth believe to be the case. once upon a time all of the wealthy and power people believed the earth was flat. they were incorrect regardless of their personal beliefs. >> i'm saying you're not taking a huge risk other than embarrassing yourself and discrediting yourself. >> how many death threats have you received today? >> i don't know. i'm out of time. hard to see you as a victim. i admire you for saying what you think -- >> i don't think i'm a victim. i'm not a victim in any way, shape or form. i am not a victim and i've never claimed to be a victim. >> okay. thanks a lot, matt. i appreciate your coming on. up next, a major appointment today from donald trump's transition team, plus rumors of more to come. there's a lot going on and peter doocy is live in palm beach, florida, lucky man, to sort it all out. what's going on, peter?
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>> reporter: tucker, i tell you, the job offers that we saw the president-elect extend today could counter some of the criticism that has been coming from the left that trump's appointments to date have lacked diversity. so, he nominated two women for cabinet level positions. one of them was born to indian american parents and he asked an african-american doctor to come on board as hud secretary. the two who are definitely on board are south carolina governor nikki haley and michigan billionaire betsy devos. trump says he wants to work with her to bring school choice to every family. then there is of course governor haley. she received a lot of accolades for the way she responded to the church massacre and the way she delicately handled the federal flags removal from the state house grounds in clolumbia wher
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she says she will continue working until the senate confirms her. haley had said she was not a fan of mr. trump, but the two of them have chemistry according to officials we have heard from today. trump's friend ben carson can't seem to make up his mind and there have been conflicting reports about whether or not he has accepted the job to be the hud secretary. the most recent report we've gotten is that carson needs more time to decide. we did hear from a transition team official tonight not to expect any announcements until after turkey day. tucker? >> that's a sentence that's never been uttered in english, the most dramatic hud secretary in history. not a lot of drama at hud. >> breaking ground at mar-a-lago. >> thank you, peter.
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and now it is time for twitter storm, our nightly forecast of social media's most intense weather patterns. the eye of tonight's storm is hovering over twitter itself. twitter ceo jack dorsey, very young, very rich, was briefly suspended last night from the very platform he helped create. once he was finally restored he tweeted that his brief excommunication was due and we're quoting now to an internal mistake. some twitter users had their own theory. joshua tweeted why? did jack say something nice about trump? allen miller wrote, hashtag irony. really? we thought it was probably the russians. of course it was the russians. much to learn tweeted this, we assume you displeased your masters. bound to happen eventually with no protection on free speech and ban for political views. finally, renee franks tweeted, glad you've now experienced what so many of your dedicated users
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have experienced, suspension for no logical reason. that's tonight's twitter storm. up next, the trump children are said to be taking over the trump corporation. will that solve conflicts of interest that appear to be looming on the horizon. also a record number of americans are traveling over this thanksgiving weekend. this year that means record security at travel hubs across america. a lot of details worth knowing and we've got them coming up.
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as donald trump has noted, he's a very rich man and that's all good except what if the new president's business interests create conflicts of interest in january. chief national correspondent ed henry joins us to sort it out. how are you doing? >> great to see you. there's actually movement on this tonight, new today is that ivanka trump, the president-elect's one of his daughters, her company which focuses on fashion and style and other things, they've got bracelets and shoes, they put out a blog post today saying that her company doesn't have anything to do with the incoming administration, nothing to do with the government, trying to show that they're separate and independent and i think that that shows the trump family tonight is sensitive to the fact that in this interview with the "new york times" yesterday the president-elect said, look, i'm not worried about conflicts of interest, i'm going to push ahead and still have ties to my business even though, remember what happened back in the campaign.
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he was bashing hillary clinton for the pay to play over at the clinton foundation. then take a look at what donald trump said just a few months ago about what would happen if he was elected. >> but, no, i will absolutely cut ties. you know, the rules are -- nobody knows. it's never happened where somebody has this big a business and runs for president and wins. if i win, i would -- even though i don't have to do that, i would probably put everything in trust. my children will run it along with my executives. >> so he's taking heat now because, yes, his children are stepping up and taking on a bigger role in the trump organization but questions about whether he'll still have any government at all. and remember, he got some heat about this meeting with some indian business leaders that he had done business with recently. and donald trump basically told the new yo"new york times," loo still a human being. i met with these guys, a took a photo with them. i'm not going to stop being a
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human being when i'm president. he's making clear he's not cutting ties all together and that's the kind of straight talk he had in the campaign and people might say, yes, he's still a human being. >> but if you say you're going to drain the swamp, it's got to be dry. sometimes the president-elect will say things as an opening gam bit and sort of walk it back behind the scenes. how are his advisors responding? >> they're saying that they realize this has become a big issue, especially after some of his comments in the "new york times" basically suggesting, look, conflicts of interest don't apply to the president. while that may be technically true, every issue that crosses his desk, you know, going to pop up and people are going to be saying how does that impact his business, what is his tax cut. so i think the bottom line is he's going to say all kinds of things as we noted a minute ago, but in private his family is going to be taking on a bigger and bigger role, realizing that he's going to have a lot to focus on with the administration and running the government and trying to enact his legislative
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agenda, instead of as donald trump himself told the "new york times," i'm not going to be worried about hotel occupancy hates. >> people are outraged that he criticized win farms. i think the best thing he's ever said. they're awful. >> i knew you would love that. >> great to see you, ed. thank you. from our hysteria file, some of our older viewers may dimly remember a person called christia christiane am an pour. she claimed that under a donald trump administration reporters may have to fear for their physical safety and some may wind up in cages like p.o.w.s in vietnam. in her world it could happen like tomorrow, literally. fascism has come to america. be very afraid. joining us now to convey their fear level, two outstanding journalists, larry o'connor and
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daniel hall per, washington bureau chief for the "new york post". great to see you. they're going to wind up in cages? >> everything was fine if hillary clinton was going to be president and now christiane amanpour is terrified for her life and those of her fellow journalists. like james rosen under the justice department or cheryl atkinson who continues to be investigated by the obama administration, why weren't the journalists concerned about their cohorts there? >> such a smart point. god bless you for saying that. she really in this speech which i would recommend to all of our viewers to read, it was remarkable. very poorly written, too. at one point she kind of pulled the mask off and said this, quote, the winning candidate, trump, did a savvy end run around us and used it to go straight to the people. whoa. the biggest sin you can commit
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in the eyes of christiane amanpour. >> she says we need to commit ourselves to journalism which is a good idea. >> of course. >> i think it's great by the way that journalists now feel that they should be adversarial, hold politicians to account, should be tough on them. i wish it would have happened in the obama administration. we missed out on good journalism because people weren't holding them to the fire and doubting everything that barack obama said. i think that's really important. i think tough journalism, we need that. it's good and it should be given to donald trump and any person in power. >> amen. i couldn't agree more. i hope they cover the hell out of this administration and all administrations. here's a line, i hear this a lot from the left, larry. we cannot continue this old pair adime over global warming for example where 99.9% of scientific evidence is given equal play with a tiny minority of deniers. in other words, we take opposing views too seriously is what
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she's saying. >> she actually went on to say she's no longer interested in being even-handed or biased but wants to focus on the truth. i always get nervous when she says it's time to champion the truth. we're heading into the holiday season. i like my new testament awhole lot and when jesus said i'm for the truth pontius pilate said what is truth. i know that politicians always think they stand for the truth but not everyone owns the truth. >> this show is getting deep. >> i'm sorry because i know that's not what you're going for. >> if you start out with i know what's true and everyone who doesn't agree with me is either stupid or evil, you can wind up writing propaganda. >> that's how totalitarianism regimes begin and that's why she's concerned that donald trump is not going through the
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gate keepers, that she's not reporting what he said, rather than you listening yourself to what donald trump said and you making up your mind. well, is that correct? >> exactly. shut up and obey. what this speech lacks is any intro specs. clearly something went wrong with the media in this election but they played a huge role in this screwup. >> when supposedly this is about a threat to journalism. the real threat to journalism is the fact that they were so wrong about what they told us was the truth of this election. they focused how many months on polls that they've now found were in error. they never really talked about issues, about what the candidates were saying and what they stood for. they talked about their own narrative and they continue to do so. that's the threat to journalism because the american people are ignoring them now.
11:24 pm
they don't trust them. >> i agree. it was all processed stories which are boring. i don't care about some poll. tell me what this person would do. >> we actually have no idea how donald trump is going to govern. everything that he's doing is like a surprise. oh wow, betsy devos for education secretary. we had no idea before the election finished who he might put in there. it's all a big surprise because there hasn't been reporting. >> will you guys come back? that was a great conversation. >> by the way, you said everyone should read the speech but they should see the delivery of the video with the voice and the sweeping arm gestures. >> and the applause. >> amazing. like she's giving the curtain speech at "hamilton." >> if you want to read the speech, it's on our facebook page. it's the primary document. see it for yourself. gentlemen, that was great. thanks a lot. here's something new.
11:25 pm
yet another trump-inspired hate crime has been debunked as false. talk about fake news. it all started last week when a student at north park university in chicago claimed she was being harassed in the wake of trump's election. the student said she received several threatening e-mails and a note taped to the back of her door that read back to hell, hashtag trump, and various slurs referring to her sexual orientation. according to a new statement from the school's president, the woman, quote, fabricated the entire story and is no longer enrolled in the university. no word on whether charges were filed against her because of course no charges will ever filed, nor will they ever be filed. well, stepped up security can slow down your thanksgiving travel. we'll show you what's being done across the country to keep you safe.
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so what's next? tonight we all know what's next. it's thanksgiving tomorrow and millions of americans will be traveling both today and in the morning. i think it's the busiest travel day of the year. what's the weather going to be like? our chief meteorologist is on the scene with the very latest. how bad is it going to be, rick? >> not that bad. we've got some problems across the west and there's a storm here that kind of looks worse than it is really here across the ohio valley and parts of the great lakes. notice the bulk of the energy pulling towards the north.
11:30 pm
down across the south what you want for thanksgiving more than anything is rain. we're not going to get it. just a little brief forecast going towards maybe monday, tuesday of next week. might finally be talking about big rain in the southeast. if you live in the southeast you know what i'm talking about, incredible drought there. the west, a lot going on. the airports if you have a flight tonight, a little bit of delay because of low clouds in minneapolis as well as newark. but that's really been about it. this is the storm that's been bringing the rain and the snow across the great lakes but it pulls off towards the north and because it does that goes to the north instead of towards the east, it dries out on the southern end and we're going to be just fine. but tomorrow it moves east, just kind of in a weakened version of itself so we're not going to be talking about any major problems. a little bit of cloud cover, a few sprinkles, maybe a sprinkle or two on the macy's parade, nothing that's going to cause major problems. the rest of the country for thanksgiving day looking good except here across the west.
11:31 pm
northern california into throughout oregon and washington, a lot of rain and mountain snow and that storm system is eventually going to dive towards southern california where we desperately need some moisture but we are going to get it eventually this weekend. if you're shopping, tucker, a lot of people shop on black friday, the friday after thanksgiving, things looking pretty good. a few showers in texas, still across parts of the west but overall not that bad. if you're traveling on saturday, look at this, we're looking good pretty much everywhere. no big problems. the west where we need the participation, we're going to get it so we're thankful. >> over the river or through the woods to grandmother's house you're going to get there. >> even if you don't want to get there. >> that's another segment. great to see you, rick. >> you too. from airports and train stations to parade routes, security around the country is being increased dramatically ahead of tomorrow's holiday. catherine herridge is live at union station with the latest on what they're doing and why.
11:32 pm
catherine, what's it like? >> reporter: thank you, tucker. this is really kind of game day for act track. this is the busiest travel period of the entire year and over the next five days they'll handle probably 750,000 passengers and the peak days are tuesday, today and sunday and if you are traveling by rail this holiday weekend, the security will be highly visible and you're bound to see these canine detection teams. their specialty is explosive detection, and they also have the ability to clear a large crowd very quickly and efficiently. if you're super observant when you're inside the station, you may see these long, thick, white tubes and it kind of pivots like a telescope. this is a kind of crowd scanning technology, and they use millimeter waves to figure out whether you have a concealed explosive device. the waves come back to the computer at a different rate because of the density of the
11:33 pm
explosive than it does other materials. so this is very highly visible security that you'll see. and for the most part when we talk to passengers, at least here in washington today, they said that that was kind of par for the course. they actually gave some sense of security for traveling this weekend, tucker. >> is it slowing people down that you can see, catherine? >> reporter: i haven't seen that it's been slowing people down because there are random spot checks so it's not really with everyone, but i would say the one area where it has potential to slow people down is really with the curb side dropoff and pick-up. i think that's really the most fundamental change over last year. there's more security in this area because of these two successful terrorist attacks overseas and in europe in the last year where these paris operatives just used taxis to drop off the bombs at airports and train stations, so i think that's the biggest change, and
11:34 pm
amtrak is really advising people if you are traveling to leave at least a half-hour to 45 minutes to get into the station and then into what sometimes has been a pretty long line because we've had some pretty significant delays so far in the northeast corridor. tucker. >> boy, what a shame. catherine herridge, thanks a lot for doing that. appreciate it. some people out there are convinced this election is still not over and that hillary clinton may have yet to become president. how exactly would that work? we'll tell you next. plus if you were king for a day, you could do anything that would be bad of course, but what would you do to make this country better? a lot of answers pouring in. we've got the best for you coming up.
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it's been more than two weeks since the election and some people still believe hillary clinton can win. how? recount. there's a new push to retally the votes in wisconsin, michigan
11:39 pm
and pennsylvania following claims that those votes may have been manipulated or even hacked perhaps of course by the russians. here now is david goodfriend. he served in bill clinton's white house in a very different democrat party. great to see you. >> thanks for having me back. >> here's the idea. so a group of folks have done computer modelling on this and they've shown that in counties in those three states that had paper ballots hillary did seven points better than in the places where there were voting machines. there's no evidence there was wrongdoing other than that. on that basis they want a recount. >> that margin would be enough to swing let's say the state of wisconsin which she lost by 27,000 votes, but this phenomenon you described would be 30,000 votes. i read tonight that jill stein, the independent candidate, has taken action here to commence a recount. you know, i don't want to be anticlimactic here but it's a democracy, these are the rules. in north carolina right now
11:40 pm
there's a republican governor who is calling for a recount because he's behind. i think that's all fair. recounts are part of the system. in fact, donald trump himself even said, look, i might call for a recount. i might sue. of course he won and he's not saying that anymore. but the point is anybody can in this system take that action. now, there's a bigger political question here i think which is do we, as a country, feel that our electoral process is jit mall. i think it was a little bit damaging to say constantly the system is rigged, the system is rigged and not have any kind of action come out of that. i believe that where federal courts have found that redistributing by race is unconstitutional. that's rigging. all this stuff is good if we can get it out there and exercise -- >> i agree with you completely that people have to believe in the system or else the system doesn't work. they can't think it's rigged or else it falls apart. but the left mocked trump for saying that and now they seem to believe that it's rigged. what bothers me is there's no
11:41 pm
actual evidence. i'm for recounts if there's evidence of wrongdoing but this is like a 9/11 truther argument. we've never seen this before, it's weird, therefore a conspiracy must have caused it. there's no evidence that there was rigging that i've seen. >> here's my view. have the recount all you want. the state of michigan hasn't even certificated its vote. let's not forget about that. this will go until the electoral college votes next month. that's all fine. again, i hate to be anticlimactic here, i just don't think it's that big a deal. if somebody wants a recount, let them do it. it's understate law, federal law. that's things are happening now. louisiana for example is having a runoff in the senate race because the race was so close. north carolina as i mentioned, the republican governor is calling for a recount. let him do it. these things should be done and we all should agree that that's how the system works. >> yeah. i substantively agree. the context though, the democratic party just had a three mile island incident.
11:42 pm
it just melted down. the core overheated -- >> you're mocking. >> i'm not mocking. it happened. the party is in disarray. it splintered into all these factions. isn't democrats be spending their time thinking what are we for, what's our program, what unites us, other than hating trump. what are we offering voters? >> i think so. and as i said, jill stein is the independent candidate who is taking action for the recount and i guess that's her right. i as a democrat think that of course the party ought to be introspective and reflective and thinking about what is going on work. frankly, we should pay attention to what happened to bernie sanders and how he was able to connect with especially young people and to show that there is enough discontent in the country on both sides of the political aisle that shouldn't we coalesce as a country around certain things. we've heard about the trade agreements, infrastructure spending. we heard bernie sanders say he would support donald trump, can you believe that?
11:43 pm
>> i can absolutely believe it. >> so to me, we're leading into thanksgiving, let's suppose you and i are a couple of cousins having dinner at thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. we should be able to have a conversation about the areas in which we agree that the country needs to focus on, like infrastructure, bad trade agreements. >> bernie sanders who i think had some principles and had a really interesting campaign transformed into this mindless partisan robot on the road with hillary clinton, swallowing all of her nonsense, none of which he really believed, chaining on her behalf when shouldn't bernie sanders have said honestly, i don't like trump but there are some things i agree with him on. he didn't say that. >> i think he said i disagree with hillary on a lot of things but i like her better than trump. he said hillary on her worst day is still better than trump in his opinion. >> he was a good little soldier. he wasn't revolutionary. he was a timid house cat actually. >> come on. bernie sanders a house cat? >> he was because he ran against
11:44 pm
the corruption of the clinton machine of dynastic politics of everything that she represented, and yet, when she beat him in the rigged primaries, he all of a sudden became one of most powerful surrogates. >> you've got former republican opponents of donald trump coming to kiss his ring. it's the same thing. the party co lesses around -- >> i don't think they would accuse some of them as having principles. the whole appeal of bernie is he's a man of principle. he says what he thinks no matter what you think of it. >> i think bernie sanders has not had his last day and i actually think when you talk about the democratic party coalescing and trying to come around something, look for people like bernie sanders who says i am absolutely apoplectic over the fact that we haven't addressed the working class issues, do i have a high enough wage, do i have a mortgage i can afford, do i have a job. i think that's all great. >> bernie sanders is 73 but we're not in the third quarter, fourth quarter here? >> my 18-year-old son voted for
11:45 pm
the first time in his life and voted for bernie sanders so i think the guy has a lot of gas left in the tank and if not him, his followers. >> did you scold your son? >> no. i said vote for whoever you want to. >> that's the wrong answer. vote for whoever your father votes for. i believe in patriarchy in my house, not that it works. anyway, thank you. speaking of the patriarchy failing, thanksgiving is tomorrow. that means eating a lot of wine soaked meals with people who may not share your politics. how do you pull that off? joining us is licensed family therapist brian kilmeade. he's on the scene with advice you're going to need. stay tuned.
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time now for the friend zone where we invite one of our friends from within the building onto the show. we're joined by brian kilmeade. he's co-host of "fox & friends". his book thomas jefferson is now in paper back. he's also a licensed family therapist in the state of new york and that's important because tomorrow with thanksgiving, one topic that's going to come up with politics. here's my question to you, brian, why even acknowledge it? why not put it in the same category as ugly divorces or bad face lifts, something you do not address at all? >> as you know, i'm a doctor so why does my kyron not say dr. brian kilmeade. we're starting off on a bad foot. >> yes, we are. >> here's the problem. you would like to take the easy way out because that's the way you live your life. i would say it's an insult to your family members, your relatives to not engage them as
11:50 pm
if to say i'm better than you, i'm not going to engage you in politics. you're in three categories, you voted for trump and trump hasn't done anything yet so you can sit back over the next four years and say, yeah, he won. it doesn't matter, your guy won. or you're a republican who didn't vote for trump and you sit there and say this is not my guy. when he does something good, that's great. but you notice that your relative voted for hillary and they're angry. don't take the bait, let them engage. then there's the hillary clinton supporter who is dying to fight somebody. you got to look that person in the eye like i'm staring at you right nowyou. you look at them and say if that relationship with that person worth winning this fight? oftentimes the answer is yes. i could rather ruin the relationship and win the argument. there is emotional carnage everywhere. don't think about going to a
11:51 pm
relative's house and not being engaged. know one thing. it's more important to win personally and feel good about yourself than to have these relationships survive. you don't need to engage with these people again until next year you'll forget about this whole complex thing. the other thing to keep in mind is you can't drink. if you want to engage successfully in an argument you pretty much doing it sober today. if you commit to not drinking and not fully engaging and you want to feel good about yourself you could engage him from there. >> so wage total war, wage it in order to win, not sign some sort of wimpy but press them. plow their fields, just win.
11:52 pm
if your relatives matter enough to come and you go to theirs at least let them go with topic number a. it is the elephant in the room. it is much to the surprise of every human being on the planet except for the trump family. there you go. >> if you're calling it topic number a you have already been drinking. >> that's true. it is a little bit reversed. i have never in my life seen a topic more universal than donald trump and hillary clinton. i don't know about you but i could not go any where without engaging in it. they say whatever you do, don't
11:53 pm
engage. go the total opposite direction. >> what if you a relative that is a jill stein or gary johnson voter? >> give them a hug. they don't know this word, aleppo. aleppo. gary johnson not familiar with it. if you found yourself in the stein/johnson camp you're not very happy today. give them a warm hug. >> thanks a lot. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> coming up we want to know what you would do if you were king for a day. you sent us excellent answers.
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test test.
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well, that was time for our king for a day segment. we asked you if you could do one thing to improve this country what would it be? jamie wrote i would bring back old school black friday. no more sales on thanksgiving day. leave it for family, football and turkey. i'm completely on your side. thomas wrote combine states to cut down on overhead. about 50, in that range, 14, 16, might be debate about which states. one wrote make sock sizes
11:59 pm
the same as shoe sizes. finally, reagan wrote make journalists liable for what they report. if it is proven liable. kind of brilliant. i could expand it to not just journalists but to people that made predictions that were totally wrong and haven't admitted it. they should have to admit it. friday is your turn to choose the news. if you see a story that hasn't been aired on this channel or others we want to know about it. you can contact us by twitter at tuckercarlson. we promise to check it out. that's about it for us tonight. tune in each evening at 7:00 as we get back to basics. mocking smugness and barbecuing
12:00 am
n nonsense. don't miss our first 100 days. the o'reilly factor up next. good night. welcome to "red eye." hello. i am tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show. almost 60% of americans think donald trump should quit twitter: that's funny because 98% of americans should quit twitter, including me. and uber rolls out a policy for nonviolent prostitution to take the wheel. and a british mp says characters like james bond send a toxic message to men. i am assuming it means


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