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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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looking to raise. he is putting a million dollars limit on corporation but no limit on individual donordonors. >> that does it for us. up next the news deck. >> thank you. good afternoon to you. i'm ed henry in for shepherd smith. announcing president-elect donald trump's picks for two key staff positions. a new round of high profile meetings are coming. a spokesman says donald trump will meet with eight people on monday including paul atkins. republicans still remain divided over whom parking light-elect trump should choose. they have immerged as the two leading contenders. they told the new york times trump said he thinks mitt romney
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looks the part. he has also praised giuliani. trump said he the only one who knows who the finalists actually are. he seemed to fire back at critics. kellyanntweeting oat congrats to donald trump nominees. earlier he nominated nikki haley and betsy as secretary of education. the president-elect has been spending the thanksgiving holiday here. who are the two new key staffers he is adding to his team today? >> they are two staffers that show the next administration will be a lot different than the current administration. that's because pairing mcfarland with the retired lieutenant
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general, the top two national security advisers means two of the biggest critics against islamic radicalism are going to have president trump's ear. mcfarland who wrote so proud and honored to have mcfarland as part of the national security team. she will help us make america great again. they are pressing homeland security. he said she has tremendous experience and in a talent that will compliment the fantastic team. nothing the more important than keeping our people safe. we also just got word the next white house council is going to be don mcgann. he is known as a campaign finance expert. >> the other question looming is
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secretary of state. i was told by senior transition official that mitt romney has had conversations with the president-elect of the possibility for apologizing in order to get this job. what are you hearing on the ground? >> t >> reporter: is latest word is he is expanding his search for secretary of state. it's not clear that romney is so close to getting the job that saying sorry would make a lot of a difference. the new york times had to report today that a third contender could be in the mix. rudy giuliani grows frustrated he is no longer in the lead for the only job he wants. that is as mitt romney cannot rally supporters around him in large numbers. a large amount of trump surrogates have warned against romney who they also ran against in 2008. they don't think he could ever
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be loyal to trump and even kellyann tweets that she thinks the next needs to be loyal. they think all of the hoopla about romney behind the sacenes is overblown but it's certainly intriguing. >> no doubt. a loaded word in this context. we appreciate you bringing us this inside information. let's dig a little deeper now. hillary clinton's 2008 campaign. tony is a republican strategist. good to see you both. i want to start with you since it's a republican matter and get your sense about whether an apology from mitt romney would make a difference at this point. would it help him get the job? >> i don't think it would help with the base of the trump supporters. i think if governor romney were to receive in he would make it
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abundantly clear he would understand it is president trump and be his job to support that and take it overseas. the more interesting thing for me is the fact that romney getting this far into the process of consideration shows that it's unity and governing that is the underlying theme of this trump transition. and trump himself is a businessman. that's his experience in life, not politics. not the kind of beltway gain. he is clearly someone willing to put aside any of this political pettiness if he thinks the person he is considering is the best for the job. >> i'm hearing from conservatives say many of them say they want no part of mitt romney. many think he is far too moderate and they want donald trump to go in a whole other direction. i want to ask you, there were a lot of obama loyalists saying no.
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do not make for secretary of state. they would argue that hillary clinton worked out okay at least as secretary of state. came up short in the white house. would you recommend a romney nomination here ? >> i would recommend romney over a bull in a china shop that rudy giuliani would be. any conversation about a public apology needing to be made i think just is the continuation of donald trump's ego. we can all look back at the very tough race health care healthcare and president obama ran in 2008. they came together and had resounding success. hopefully the ego of donald trump is not going to be driving whether he puts someone who has
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experience in the secretary of state position or if he puts someone who will just not be able to li up to the standards of what the top diplomat is supposed to represent. >> if you look at nikki haley and others he has been big enough to say i want to bridge him into the circle and i want to dig deeper that he is intriguing which is the idea that maybe it's not rudy giuliani. maybe there's a third person and the name of david petraeus has immerged. >> let's behonest. they all would be outstanding selections for the jobover secreta -- job of secretary of state. he advanced with giuliani and romney. i disagree with the idea that it's about trump's ego or any sort of pettiness.
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there are very legitimate concerns among a lot of those loyal to donald trump. kellyann conway tweeted they don't think the idea of mitt romney of what's considered appointment into the cabinet is the proper indicator for them. it doesn't mean, however, that donald trump himself has made that calculation. from what i read and from what i'm seeing this is a conversation that started. mike pence was a big part of it. they seem to have gotten along and at least aligned inside theseconversations. it is we all relied on and trusted him to pick him as the best choice. we have to respect whatever decision the president-elect makes. >> when you hear the name someone hillary clinton praised as a military strategist but if you add that up as a potential secretary of state with retired
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general matis and lieutenant general flynn is this a team that is a little top heavy with military generals as opposed to having a mik of use? it is comforting. there has got to be some semblance of experience put into these positions. >> how can you say this is the least experienced team? if you're referring to nikk nikki haley she has as much experience as barack obama had. >> i am looking at all of the
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totality of them. there were a lot of comments about president obama's transition as he was making decisions that they were also not as experienced. these picks that donald trump is making has surpassed that significantly. >> that's not true. >> someone like petraeus would be very welcomed and then when you have someone like general flynn these are concerning issues. >> with all respect that is simply not true. i think this is not only a dynamic. they have a record of getting things done.
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that's the attitude donald trump wants to bring to washington. >> good points. we'll with do it later in the hour when we talk a little more about politics with the panel ahead. first, a mother reportedly snatched from the street during a morning job now turning up safe tied up and abandoned by her captors. they are trying to figure out who would have kidnapped this mother of two and why. me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis.
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police looking for two women who might be involved in a kidnapping. she reunited with her family after disappearing more than three weeks ago. cops say a driver found her tied up on the side of a road outside sacramento. it is about 150 miles from her home. investigators say her husband reported her missing when she did not show up to pick their kids up from day care. they are looking for two hispanic women in a dark suv and they might be armed. a strange mystery here. >> yes. the sheriff there says that the investigation is far from over. it is unclear precisely where she has been for the last 23 days. she tells authorities she was abducted, held captive and then released. investigators say they have
12:15 pm
spoken with her at length but they are not given many specifics about what she has said. authorities are still looking for the two women, both of whom are considered armed and dangerous. they are saying the public should be cautious. >> we remain devoted to this case and will not rest until her captors are brought to justice. >> she disappeared when she was out for a jog on november 2nd. they found her cell phone, he headphones and strands of her hair about a mile and a half from her home. her husband at the time, right after her disappearance, took a lie detector test and believes that she had been abduc abducte. also a ransom offered bay private group. the sheriff does not believe the
12:16 pm
ransom had anything to do with her being returned. >> relatives say they have seen an overwhelming response now that she is back. blast happening ton -- what's happening on the ground there? >> really an outpouring of friends and families and strangers. some calling this a thanksgiving day miracle. one post says being following her story and what a blessing. here is a joy for her and her family. another says miracles still happen to remind all of us that. also a family friend created a go fund me page which as of this morning had more than $49,000 donated. we spoke to one woman who donated who said she decided to do it because she is a mother and a jogger. some said they want to show their support to the family. unclear what happened to that money now that she has been found safely. >> yeah, thanks for joining us live today. one of donald trump's
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biggest critics say his transition team is in chaos. she is calling on the feds to investigate, what senator elizabeth warren is claiming about trump te's children. and florence henderson who played carol brady in the brady bunch has died. she was a broadway star before she joined the cast in 1969. the hit show told the story of single mother of three girls who marries a single father with three sons. ♪ marsha, marsha, marsha. she was the first woman to ever host the tonight show filling in for johnnie carson. monday night she attended the filming of dancing with the stars supporting marsha brady. henderson's publishers say she died from heart failure at a
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democratic senator says donald trump's entire process has been chaotic. senator warren also raised questions about a potential conflict of interest. donald trump continues to involve his dmichildren in his transition process. trump said the law is totally on his side and the president cannot have a conflict of interest. senator warren is a progressive democrat popular within her party. some rallied behind her after the big losses in the last
12:22 pm
election. she has been a frequent critic of trump. he in response some say democrats are just playing politics and are trying to pull out every trick in the book. good afternoon. we appreciate you being here today. what is behind this? i have heard of a lot of congressional but just because it is chaotic doesn't make it illegal or improper. >> i think it is one of many battles we can expect to see between senator we lwarren and donald trump in the next four years as she sort of leads on issues particular pli this conflict of interest with his businesses and his administration. one of the things that this
12:23 pm
letter points out as an area of concern is the fact that several foreign diplomats stayed at the trump hotel here in washington d.c. they told the press doing so was an easy way to sort of essentially curry favor with the administration. when warren certainly, a chief trump opponent, one of the most vocal opponents, when she hears things like this we can certainly see that leading to some actions. even this letter implies they may try to prevent at least future transition teams from doing this. >> and it is the idea this story about donald trump's hotel in washington having a lot of diplomats, that was a washington post report. is this something she sort of scanned the newspaper rather than having a -- a scan the washington post and says let's
12:24 pm
thr throw a little rhetorical bomb? >> there is no love loss between warren and donald trump. i guess it all depends on what they find. there are federal investigators that do have power to look into transition teams because they are taxpayer funded. if there is any misuse going on there they do have the authority to look into that but donald trump is referring to the fact that federal conflict of interest laws don't apply to the president or to the vice president. i think he feels he is within his power to do what he is doing. as he said, he has no interest in creating completely blind trust. he is said he is fine turning it over to his kids. >> let's widen the lens a little bit. what i see playing out here is just like ted cruz, maybe positioning himself as a key critic in the senate of president obama. he did that to help launch the
12:25 pm
presidential debate. what's the real end game here for elizabeth warren? do you think she wants to run and b, is there regret -- you're from boston. you cover from the massachusetts ankl angle. >> there is a lot of disappointment among many democrats i talked to across the country that elizabeth warren did not throw her hat into the ring. she never gave indication she was interested in that job. i think she likes the job she has from the senate being a sort of rebel rouser against republicans and often even against democrats on issues she agrees with him on. she is vocal and like to do what she can to hold their feet to the fire. i think she thinks she is in a bter position to do that. i don't think she will stop now. >> she is not stopping and there will be a lot of eyes on her in
12:26 pm
the days ahead. we certainly appreciate your incite. thanks for coming in today. >> thank you. facing an identity crisis. ahead, our panel on the party's direction and head and where it must goch must go. cops say they stop an isis attack. we'll give you important details. plus a look at special programming coming up this weekend. fox news talked to u.s. lawmakers and military leaders about the incoming administration and concerns they have about keeping all of us safe. they are confident president-elect trump is ready to assume the mantle of commander in chief. >> donald trump said to me in private he would eliminate automatic spending cuts and increase defense budget and rebuild our army and navy and
12:27 pm
air force and marine corp. >> he will bring around real leaders that understand how to create an effective fighting force and they will be far better off in the trump administration than they have been in the past eight years. >> you can catch the full interviews on fox news reporting, how we fight this sunday at 3:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. (sfx: park rides, music and crowd sounds)
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12:32 pm
they are trying to take control and replace the acting chairwoman. let's bring it back. both fox news contributors. we did this about elizabeth warren. donald trump hasn't even been sworn in yet. it is everything about barack obama. she now wants to investigate chaos in his transition team. is it even worth the taxpayer's time? >> no. it is three eatrics. it will help them get over the fact that they won. all of them said it would never happen. all of the elite said it would never happen. there is a pop list movement they once had that now completely transferred support to a republican candidate who is
12:33 pm
now the president-elect. i would actually suggest democrats as republicans had to take a moment and recalibrate as to what they are not doing right. their messaging is wrong. barack obama was able to actually unify for himself. but they lost massively under this president and now under eight years of his tenure they have 900 ledge is lative seats. they have lost the senate and they lost the house and they lost the president. >> i want to give him a chance here. jill stein, the green party candidate has raised millions of dollars on the idea that there should be recounts in wisconsin and michigan even though there's no sign they would be flipped over. you have some saying publicly that the electoral college should not give this to donald trump. i seem to remember democrats
12:34 pm
saying donald trump would be a cry baby if he lost. are democrats having a hard time accepting they lost? >> well, i think i took a week for therapy. let's not get this twisted and now i think it's my turn to say with all due respect to my friend tony, hillary clinton won 2 million more votes than donald trump. this pop list movement that you talk about is not there. the number of votes, the difference between them that really it came down to is around 100,000. so the oh pitch ware that was written is the same narrative wanting to be put on the democratic party in 2016. there is an opportunity when a party looses to have new leadership come out to have new ideas come out. that's good thing.
12:35 pm
>> i will give tone tony a chance here in a moment. you say we need more women. first of all, the dnc chairman's race we have howard dean who was a dnc chair years ago. >> are some democrats say is this the best face moving forward? what is happening in the democratic party? they seem to be blowing it again. >> hey, it is an opportunity. i would say neither of these candidates are what the party
12:36 pm
needs. i'll go on the record saying that. so we do have to think outside of what is being discussed as the two front runners. i don't think he is the future of the party. we have to look at women. we have to look at where we went wrong from a communication and message standpoint. right now we don't have any front runner candidates. you might even lose the house. they don't have a defense. what would republicans do?
12:37 pm
what in the world is going on? we have 16 who ran who lost that process who are valid for potential growth. it is the reality. i want to address two things. six states slipped in the upper midwest as a result. the growth for democrats were in states they already had, california, new york, illinois, the urban areas, the coastal areas. that is their problem. they have largely democrats become elitists. they have not reasonated.
12:38 pm
hillary clinton slipped six down countys from republican. >> i gave you a lot of time. jamie, i want to give you 30 seconds to wrap this up. you mentioned you're nap knot pap hap if i. throw a name out there or give us an idea. who is the third way here? >> are you getting in right here? >> i'll get back to you on that. >> breaking news. >> we appreciate your time. we'll have you back soon. thanks for that. >> thank you. the driver behind the wheel in the deadly school bus crash in tennessee did not try to help any of the passengers is what a witness is telling wxia in atlanta. according to the witnesses jonath
12:39 pm
jonathany walker was sitting there. the witness reportedly says he was it flagged him down. >> he saw some of them climbing out of the bus windows. six kids died following this crash. the national transportation safety board reports it is investigating the report. police in france stopped a terror attack from happening there. that's the word from the paris prosecutor today. police say they made the arrest in two cities on sunday. the suspects were planning to attack as early as next week with an arsenal of weapons. it would have come just over a year after isis terrorists carried out that coordinated series of shootings and bombings that killed 130 people. our chief intelligence
12:40 pm
correspondent is live with the latest. >> thank you. suspects were ared last weekend. only today we are learning more about the serious allegations against them. the suspects were arrested in a series of raids. while the french prosecutor did not publicly discuss the target french media reports they discussed multiple sites. french president praised investigators for taking down the cell. >> i want to con graj late our police that allowed us from a large scale attack. >> we also learned all of the suspects tried to travel to syria to recover handwritten notes. >> right before the holiday i seem to remember them issuing some sort of travel alert already for europe? >> on tuesday the state department issued this alert that there is a heightened risk
12:41 pm
of attack during the holidays and credible information indicates the islamic state known as isil, al qaeda and their affiliates continue to plan terror attacks with focus on holiday season and associated events. the goal here is awareness. >> the main point is that terrorists will use a variety of means to hurt and kill people. >> we don't know if it was driven french intelligence but it came two days after those arrests in france. >> thank you for that report. >> you're welcome. if you're look to work all off of that turkey, what better way than racing through mall? stores offering all kinds of great deals. you better know where to look. we'll tell you up next. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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♪ the dow closed at a record high. s & p 500 also reached a lifetime high. more than half of americans said they were planning to shop today. here is a look at some of the black friday madness in georgia near the florida border. brian is live at a shopping mall thankfully not near that craziness. it is about 25 miles north. how are the internet sales looking in addition to what you're seeing on the ground right there? >> reporter: hi. it looks like more and more people are finding out they don't necessarily need to come to storage to get those amazing door buster deals. they are expected to reach some $3 billion for the first time ever. so really what we are seeing is
12:46 pm
reports of less and less people coming to the stores and more realizing to go online. more shoppers shop issed online than in the store. this year brick and mortar stores are deciding they want to offer the same online deals because they realize people want to stay at their homes while also be able to get those awesome deals. walmart kicked off black friday at midnight on thanksgiving day. the retail giant said they increased. walmart has cyber week. toys 'r' us started wednesday night. kohl's thanksgiving night. target saw one of the strongest online shopping ever. double digit increases. national retail federation says black friday isn't dead it's just changing. the weekend doesn't make or break them it is used as a sales gauge. >> what they are trying to do is understand did we get our
12:47 pm
merchandise right? are consumers shopping where we thought they would when we thought they would. all of these you can take through the rest of the holiday season and make small decisions that will lead to increased sales. >> so early sales online sales for all of these big stores. there are virtual lines because that's how people are deciding they want to shop online as opposed to come to the mall. >> we always hear it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. tragically we heard about actual shootings outside stores today. what can you tell under the circumstances -- tell us about that? >> reporter: there are at least three shootings that happened in new jersey, tennessee and in nevada. a man was shot dead after an apparent dispute over a parking spot in reno.
12:48 pm
two other shootings. two brothers were reportedly shot in a macy's parking lot. unsure what the motive was there but one person did die there. in memphis one person was injured and several others were -- three people were arrested in a shooting there. nobody died there outside of a mall in memphis. bottom line is stay safe out there. it is some times high stressful times. you only have one life. sales come and go. you can always get those another time. >> good advice. good to see you, brian. a troubling story for anybody with family members in a nursing home. an eld aerly woman's family clas she got a new hairdo. they claim the senior center did not do enough. did getting a perm kill her? that story next.
12:49 pm
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the suit claims that betty got a perm in october 2014. the stylist allowed chemical to get her face and caused severe perms. the woman even went blind in one eye. the suit claims the woman's health kept declining. we reached out fsh comment but we are told there was no one available to talk to us. kesha is a former prosecutor. welcome. it is such a bizarre story you want to laugh and you realize it's not funny. it's tragic. it could happen to anyone. have you heard about this before and what kind of recourse might
12:53 pm
the family have? >> any time there's an injury it is easy to prove there was negligence. negligence is proven when you can prove that they breach that duty. a perm should not touch your face. it should only be applied to your hair, not even your scalp. there is a lawsuit to prove negligence. >> so the salon should keep chemicals on your hair. that's a case you think -- >> yes. almost every case insurance companies will settle. >> let's get to the nursing home. there are a lot of elderly people who can't get out to the salon. one would assume they bring the salon to the nursing home.
12:54 pm
>> absolutely. one of the things i thought about is they should make sure there is the proper equipment. maybe they don't have the bowls that are needed to rinse the chemicals out of the woman's hair. at one point her roommate was re rinsing her hair. they are the ones that contract with the salon to do the work. they should make sure they know what they are doing, applying the proper base to make sure the chemical doesn't burn the woman. >> would that be one of the first things you did is interview more people? there could be more victims who maybe didn't die but were burned. >> right. moesz people just tough it out and say i won't go to that person again. what is your sense from dealing with other cases like this?
12:55 pm
>> in the legal work there are two types of causes. there is in-fact cause and proximate cause. most would say she didn't die from the perm but for that burn and causing her to go blind she wouldn't have fallen and she wouldn't have all of these bad medical conditions. i don't think it will be in the millio millions. thanks for having me. >> you too. coming up a look back and a landmark i vent some have called a forgotten holiday. it happened on this very date in history. before danny got what he was dreaming about for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs.
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the white house christmas tree has arrived for the holidays.
12:59 pm
a horse drawn carriage hauled the tree up to the front door. the first lady came out to accept it. the last time the first family will deck the white house's halls for christmas. the tree is so big it can't really fit into the president's home as is. crews will have to trim it before they can squeeze it inside the blue room of the white house. >> on this day in 1783, british forces withdrew from new york. the last military position in the u.s. george washington and his troops marched into town ending the british empire's 7-year occupation of this great state which has been its major strong hold in the americas. in the 1800's new yorkers used to mark it as the new birthday celebrating each year with fireworks and speeches and even parades. historians say it used to be more popular here than thanksgiving believe it or not. but it was evacuation day in new
1:00 pm
york that was yes, 233 years ago today. i'm ed henry in for shepard smith. he'll be back on the news desk next week. >> nobody in, nobody out! >> black lives matter protesters try to shut down black friday sales. this is "your world." protesters using the busiest shopping day to target retailers along chicago's magnificent mile. mike is in chicago with the very latest. mike? >> reporter: and trish, as it turns out, nothing is a police officer's friend as much as bad weather. this demonstration was supposed to start at 10:00 a.m. and last through


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