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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 26, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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♪ [national anthem] ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert. breaking, while you were sleeping, fidel castro the communist dictator from cuba who do find 11 presidents and pushed to the brink of nuclear war is dead. taking to the street in little havana in miami. celebrating the news. many chanting cuba libre, meaning cuba this morning is free. >> very interesting. this hour, nine days of cuba is beginning. this hour. nine days. on the local radio there there can't be any happy
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music it has to be about the state. a reminder for what is a sad day for some in cuba but also the boot on the throat that fidel castro led with for so long. you know, you can't have any freedoms, basically, so i have been watching some other channels the last little while that say there is no side to this. a lot of people adored him. give me a break. freedom lovers around the globe today are celebrating because a dictator is dead, yes, his brother raoul still rules with an iron fist. but fidel castro was a revolutionary turned despot and dictator who oppressed his own people for decades. communist cause that set his country back for decades. it's okay to be honest about that. >> our own bret baier covered all of the bases on an incredible life. >> in the end, his speeches had grown shorter, his appearances for rare, but
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fidel castro's tone remained defiant as ever. >> socialism or death, fidel castro loved to hate america at every political turn. [speaking foreign language] >> his own political all it be small soared during the custody fight of he willian gonzalez. called the moment a moral victory over imperialist america. the man born of castro ruiz came to power leading a rag tag band of bearded rebels to overthrow a deck territory. he ended up becoming one himself. castro stood defiantly against 10 u.s. presidents. around the world, leftists who hated america's influence and power called castro a hero. but for the u.s., he was the
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all-too close face of the bitter cold war. and while the world could never completely dismiss castro politically, over time to some critics he seemed more like a caricature with his wirery beard, faded fatigues and six inch cigars. the man who would lead the small caribbean island to communism was educated by jesuit priests and earned his law degree at the university of havana. he launched his first and failed revolution in 1953. where 30 of his followers were killed while attacking the moncada barracks. he was imprisoned and then deported and made his way back on overloaded power boat. after a decade of co coos riots, he seized power in january of 1959. he held on for nearly 50 years. the most significant u.s.
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response to castro's communist regime came in 1961 when president john f. kennedy backed the failed bay of pigs invasion where hundreds of exile were captured and sent to prison or killed. next year american spy planes discovered secret soviet missiles inside cuba. are a 13 day u.s. naval blockade the soviet union backed down and removed the missiles. castro was enraged as the world watched two super powers walk away from a nuclear nightmare. in 1980 castro unleashed unprecedented human wave of more than 25,000 cubans on america, mixed in with political prisoners where criminals, murderers, rapists and the insane. the boat lift forever changed south florida's landscape. 14 years later, as cube baptize economy collapsed further, castro unleashed a second wave of human cargo.
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this time whether america wanted them or not. 30,000 cubans were coming to her shores, again. in 1998, cuba opened its island doors to pope john paul ii. the holy father and the man who chained down cuba's churches shared words before the world. critics would later call the historic meeting little more than a public relations campaign. cals astro underwent surgery for intestinal bleeding and quietly creed power to his younger brother raoul. in 2008 castro announced he would no longer serve as cuba's president and commander-in-chief. a surprising move few thought they would live to see. by the end of the month the country formally elected raoul to accede his brother raoul. castro remained largely out of the public eye. with one notable exception.
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in march of 2012 he would welcome a second pontiff, pope benedict the xvith. the two met privately at the end of benedict's three day visit to cuba. despite the pope's to the government. the two spoke to 30 minutes what does a pope do? still his conspicuous absence in later years fueled constant rumors about his health. when president obama announced the softening of u.s. sanctions against cuba in december of 2014, president raoul castro spoke with the american president by telephone welcoming the announcement. [speaking foreign language] >> the man who brought to cuba fiddle made no public appearances had no ending on the cold war freeze that he had ushered in a half century earlier. though referred to as tier ran call dictator millions considered castro a
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charismatic leader. to exiles he was forever hated responsible for cuba's economic ruin. until washington, bret baier, fox news. >> just a remarkable piece of history. >> that was very well done by bret baier i'm glad we had that this morning. interesting the different reactions have you. go to phil keating in a moment celebrations in miami you probably do have a lot of grief in cuba. one of the things that's interesting it was 2006 when fidel castro had that intestinal surgery and nobody was really clear as to exactly what it was. deputy press secretary at the time and i remember there were several meetings at the white house to discuss what happens, what could be done to restore freedom and democracy in cuba and also to have stability for that area when that happened. and then he held on for another 10 years. >> probably worried about what might happen in miami if things fell apart in cuba
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and they sent more people. >> indeed. but, that didn't happen. >> no, it didn't. >> we have to wait to get reaction on the island of cuba. >> miami thankfully had phil keating on the ground live where dana mentioned there have been people celebrating for hours, phil. it looks like quite a seen on the ground. >> quite a scene. drum circles getting loud over here. everybody has been partying basically all night long. as soon as word broke, they came down here to eighth street in little havana which, of course, decades ago was the heart of the cuban exile community. in modern years it's become a little more latin american, more central american. but this is the place to go if you want to protest something that happened in cuba or celebrate something that happened in cuba. and today, this morning it is absolutely a celebration for a man they have hated
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for years and years. has now finally passed away. everybody here hoping for a positive forward progress for the island of cuba. joining me now is frank. frank machado. what brings you here in the middle of the night in the early wee hours. >> i found out at 4:30 in the morning. it's momentous occasion, historic occasion for the cuban americans. to see a dictator fall and die. we have been waiting for this for many, many years. we wanted fidel castro to die. we never wish upon any human being to die. when you have a ruthless dictator like fidel castro, we wanted him to go. and it's a very, very historic occasion for all of us. >> there have been so many rumors of his passing over the past 10 years. and every single time there would be a huge parade of people down here and then it turned out it was just a rumor. fiddle was still alive.
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of course he has been very i will pretty much off the world stage for the last five years. what do you think is going to happen now. >> got to waited to raoul castro to pass on. is he extension of fidel castro. so, we need for raoul castro to die or to give up power. i think once raoul, and fidel castro are removed from the government, you are going to see cuba open up. they will democracy. that's what they want. >> real quickly, i want to get to two quotes from two of the south florida's most prominent cuban american representatives. representative elena rose lateman. she wrote a tyrant is dead and a new beginning can dawn on the last remaining communist bastion of the hemisphere. the passing of the dictator
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now ends a long and horrifying chapter in cuba's history that cuban people need our solidarity and here on the streets of little havana, you're seeing the celebration live. nobody's gone to sleep, there is no reason to go to sleep as far as they are concerned. it is absolutely a party. nobody wants to say they like to party over a dead person. but they wanted fidel castro to pass away for quite a long time and they think this is going to mean a very positive shift in the direction and the quality of life for the cuban people. of course, much remains to be seen. back to you guys in new york. >> phil, we are seeing all generations there. this isn't just young folks. this is young and old all celebrating the possibility of the future. >> you got us, phil? >> yes.
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>> this is not just the young. it's young and old all generations of cubans looking to the future and wondering. >> i'm sorry, i can't even hear. >> you big party. >> yes. it is very loud. >> interesting i was just checking twitter. a correspondent from mcclatchey out of washington and appears to be down in miami has photos and says somewhere near where phil is in little havana that there have been chance of it libre but also of trump. trump said in the campaign, as you recall, he is going to roll back some of the things that president obama has done in terms of openness with cuba and maybe bring back more restrictions there will be a big debate in this country whether it's a good idea and whether it made sense to do what president obama did. open it up, try to get american business in there and best thing for cuban's future might be to get a taste of democracy and capitalism. >> one of the complaints that president obama did is the manner in which he went about it in terms of not actually getting anything
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back there are a lot of political prisoners not released we maybe actually could have been able to do something there. the government of cube barks the castro brothers absolutely barred people from getting access to the internet. it's something our government has tried to figure out a way to allow them to have access to. free and fair information. the other thing that's interesting as you pointed out you are tall to asking ask phil down there is that it's multigenerational. if you remember marco rubio iin the campaign, senator from florida. he would talk about his grandfather maybe they would be able to go back. >> what obama did he did through executive order. what a bad deal it is. that's a great point. regime has been enriched through new business deals but there have been no political concessions. >> president obama governed by executive fiat you can now undo that. >> up next, a look at two new hires to president-elect trump's team. reaction pouring in and as well as reaction pouring in from around the world about
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fidel castro's death. and u.k.'s independent party leader nigel if a farage about what new administration needs to do under trump. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy.
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>> a lot of news breaking out of havana but a lot of news breaking around the world. >> very lucky to have jackie bennett with the headlines. >> good morning, guys. we are learning the names of the first service member killed fighting isis in syria. senior chief petty officer scott dayton was highly decorated. he was explosive specialist. he was killed by iet in syria on thanksgiving. same explosion injuring another american. president-elect trump naming two new top staffers overnight. fox news analyst k.t. mcfarland has been tapped as
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security advisor and donald mcgahn. they are honored and ready to take on new role. recount of presidential votes will soon be underway in wisconsin thanks to jill stein. election officials moving forward on the green party candidate wants request. she wants to make sure hackers didn't skew the results. stein is also requesting recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. her campaign has raised over $5 million to cover the costs. and could steven segal help the icy relations with russia. receiving russian passport from president vladimir putin a month after awarding him citizenship. he has been recent visitor in recent years. even accompanying him to several martial arts event. he hopes the ceremony helps u.s. relations. those are your hea headlines. >> u.k. independent party leader nigel farage joins us live with his take and what
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the trump administration needs to do with cuba. >> that's right. and guess who was singing castro's praises three days ago. yeah, that guy right there. colin kaepernick. he says the u.s. could learn from castro's leadership. wise words or not? here to react, next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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>> we are back with the live streets of half vanna. celebration because of the death of of fidel castro. >> three days before fidel castro's death colin kaepernick praised the cuban dictator saying the u.s. could learn from his leadership. what is it that america's youth is not understanding about history. >> they understand it better than collin, i guess. >> normally you are dancing in the streets of miami friday into saturday but you are here. >> big partier. >> what in the sworld thinking. >> it's crazy, colin kaepernick is supposed to be anti-oppression. do you know who is pretty oppressive are tier ran call dictators in general. fidel castro would not exactly allow him to do something on the sidelines like he has been doing nfl with the protesting. is he an at this everything
3:24 am
that is he supposedly supporting. not only hypocritical, i don't know if he doesn't know. he must know. he is not a dumb guy. >> why is this though, young people of every generation, you see the fidel castro glonks. why the reflexive glorification of these revolutionary who in their actual practice turn out to be dictators. >> fantasy that people hate capitalism so much now. they want socialism so nice. communism so nice. you look at fidel castro, a man who executed people who didn't do anything wrong. it's just because they are so anti-capitalism. but, again, colin kaepernick would never have been able to get away with any of these kind of things he does. he said they invested more in incarceration. >> obviously there is a problem with mass incarceration in this country. every bad horrible person in the world one good thing
3:25 am
about them doesn't mean i'm going to put them on my shirt. >> you have seen firsthand support for castro in cuba. what's that like? >> go to these protests have you seen you know some bad things that have happened with communism and socialism and they are like worked in places like, you know, for instance like north korea. feel free to move to north korea if you want. what you are doing right now protesting, you can't do that there. >> look at pictures in miami the dance not guilty streets about castro finally being dead. gives you an idea. people tasted the awful repressive regime and then made their way to florida. they are dancing in the streets. literally. >> those are people though have actually gone through it really want to be in touch with people who are going through oppression. obviously colin kaepernick admits he hasn't gone through these things. pretty good example of people that should be on their side. >> live shot of miami there. if we were to cut to the live shot of the real havana
3:26 am
in cuba. you would not be seeing that at all. the streets would be empty. they might be empty because that cell phone you have attached to your hip does that work the same way over there? >> no. absolutely not. i don't want to stand for the national anthem and protest in the street and say actually i would like a different government than we have now. you can't do that there is very serious consequences if do you that in these countries. just ignoring that is ignoring the entire system as a whole. that's what the expire system is based around getting rid of freedom for more government power. >> jay-z and beyonce went down to be havana saying it was cool. >> i always considered the beyonce and jay-z trip advanced trip for the obamas. and eight months later they did follow and took their girls down there. >> i can't imagine, maybe jay-z and beyonce had a different experience because their lives are a little different. >> that's the thing that bother me about this idea. can i understand arguments
3:27 am
for opening up and trying to bring more freedoms and capitalism. right now if you go to cuba as a tourist, and you pay your bill in dollars, that money goes to the government, which, in turn -- turns around and gives the workers payment in pay sows which are basically worthless. if you are going to go down there, try to give that money directly to the workers. >> absolutely. the government system -- people are not coming to the united states because it's awesome over there. even though we do have that nasty capitalism thing going on over here that people want to protest. if you want to protest individual things about this country and say okay mass incarceration is the problem. do that but to equate it to fidel castro? to wear a shirt with fidel castro and call yourself an advocate against oppression? >> also when some of these tourists have gone down there like beyonce and jay-z. pictures the old cars and romantic. and they are like actually, you know, people will say i
3:28 am
want to go down there before it gets ruined by america. >> i saw on twitter last night. a lot of critics responding to colin kaepernick why don't they trade him to the cuban football team, meaning there is not one. take his multi-million-dollar contract and have it taxed by the cuban government. let them decide where it goes. >> multi-million-dollar contract you know where you get that? capitalism. >> that's the reaction on the unsafe streets of cuba. what will college campuses, how will they react today. >> it depends. i would not be surprised some people saying some defenses. even though talking about earlier other networks. some people are sad. people who have been part of the system of oppression or people who don't know any better. i think i saw it on colin kaepernick's shirt. >> how they talk. >> did you a great vocal. okay. thank you. we will see new a little bit. reaction point in from around the world of fidel castro's death. >> u.k. party leader joins
3:29 am
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3:33 am
dictator fidel castro dead at the age of 90. and announced last night if we were to cut to a video of havana right now those very streets would not be cheering. they would be empty. we are waiting for video of the empty streets of havana. >> all the times i was covering the white house young press secretary dana perino. still young. think how many times we got rumors. dana did you hear that white house dead. white house was bracing for it and folk was bracing for it and now a major, major news event still. but it just feels like the air is out of the balloon a little bit. >> as a dictator he was smart and able to transfer power to his brother seemless there was a lot of hope that raoul castro might have been different from his brother but i don't think there is really any evidence of that. >> turns out not so much. you see there the people reacting to this. speaking of the people reacting. great guest to ask now about this nigel farage a member of the european parliament
3:34 am
and leader of the independence party joins us live from london. we have to get your reaction to people in the streets of miami celebrating. reacting to the death of the cuban dictator. what's your reaction this morning. >> castro was proof, wasn't he, that state socialism makes people poorer and makes the world a more dangerous place. it may be over 50 years ago but let's not forget the cuban missile crisis that the world came to nuclear catastrophe whether it's in good taste to celebrate one's passing or not is another issue. but i kind much get it. >> nigel as leader of the brexit movement you just recently met here in new york with president-elect donald trump. during the campaign here in the u.s., he talked about rolling back some of the executive actions by president obama in terms of opening relations a bit about cuba. what's your sense about how the incoming u.s. president may approach all of this?
3:35 am
>> it's tough to tell because once fidel castro behind the scenes pulling the strings or was his brother actually general wishly running it? i just think cuba, what president trump see is cuba actually now with the passing of fidel castro. moving into the 21st century, becoming democratic. and then i think there could be good relations. >> sir, do you think that it's possible that with a transition from president obama's presidency to a donald trump that you could see, for lack of a better word, a reset perhaps the world community coming together to actually trying to help cuba come into the 21st century to provide them more economic freedom and bring capitalism there. it's a beautiful island. can you imagine on the world stage you could actually exert sole pressure. >> yes. i mean, let's face it, cuba has some wonderful natural resources.
3:36 am
it could be a very rich and successful place. but it has to open up. it has to become democratic. it has to recognize the total failure of marxist communism. i think with all these things, what's really interesting about trump's approach we saw it during the campaign when he flew down to mexico is this is a president who spent, you know, half a century in business. he spent his life sitting around the table meeting people, you know, and thrashing out deals. the change of style will be that trump will show himself to be open to go meet all sorts of people. whether on the face of it they lock friendly or not. i think that will be a very good positive thing. >> nigel, to your point i wonder despite tough rhetoric to donald trump in the campaign to perhaps win florida as dana and i were talking about before the show a few moments ago whether or not now as you say becomes president and as
3:37 am
the master negotiator starts saying well, you know, one of the castro brothers is now dead. the other is in his 80's. as you say this a failing regime anyway and maybe he will have more of an open door to cuba and think that american capitalism flooding in to havana may be something that brings the freedom you are talking about. >> i think trump's instincts will say absolutely all of those things. you know, he knows that the free market works, you know, provided it's not dominated by giant wall streets banks and multinationals. if you allow genuine flows of capital. let people work hard and make money it equals success. goodness me, didn't america see that under reagan 30 years ago and if that happens in america, that message gets spread to cuba and elsewhere, that's good for the whole planet. >> one last question on that because there has been this belief in the west that economic liberal says or freedom or capitalism will
3:38 am
inevident continuably bring about political reform. hoping it opened up in china. chinese regime benefit the state and grow themselves and still oppress the people. do you think you're going to get real openings in cuba without demanding political reforms? that's the criticism of the deal that barack obama cut through executive action. so, what more can be done to press the cubans for political freedom? >> no, i think that's right. i think the capital flows have to follow that political reform that is where a president trump or his team has got to go and explain to prominent members of cuban society come on guys, you open this up. the money will come. your people will be richer and have better lives. i think that's right. i think that the free flows of money can be a great benefit to mankind. i think the problem in the west that we have got is that just so much, so much of our politics has been dominated not by the idea of free market capitalism, but
3:39 am
by the growth of political corporatism. the big banks and multinationals virtually in europe particularly, virtually owning the entire political process. and that's what we here are trying to break down after the brexit vote. >> absolutely. and nigel, i wonder if we can wyden the lens about this trump transition there has been quite a bit of discussion particularly among conservatives in the united states the last couple of days about who might be the secretary of state. i wonder as you set in london and think about sort of the global reaction to donald trump coming to power the idea that mitt romney, one of his big foes might be the secretary of state or rudy giuliani who has been a loyalist great debate there. now there might be a third way, general petraeus or john bolton the former ambassador. what's your sense there having known donald trump and sat down with him just very recently about what might be his approach in terms of the world stage?
3:40 am
>> well, of course, he has two things to do, doesn't he? on the one hand, he has to keep faith with the people that voted him in. and on his commitments. on the other he has a healing job to do in the republican party. remember, around about the time of the second debate, most seemly ran for the hills and left him high and dry. a little bit of both. get that party back together again. my sense is that the secretary of state raoul is so crucial that he needs to have somebody who will recognize that missions like libya, that missions like iraq actually made the world a less safe place and led to a vacuum into which isis left. so i think that to whoever he picks and whatever the view they took, on those previous military interventions, he needs to get people now who recognize
3:41 am
just knocking out dictators because you don't like them actually can make the world worse and not better. and he also needs somebody who recognizes that whatever we think of putin, as a human being, the west really needs to stop provoking russia and start sitting around the table and having a conversation with them. >> well, fro mr. farage, you talk about the moment of brexit and trump's election and implementation which is the difficult part. plenty of road blocks leaving the eu just like the press and others here criticizing what they call disarray in the transition. what are the technique that's see from opponents of these movements that they are using to stymie progress on a brexit or stymie progress on a president-elect trump? >> we have jill stein attempting legal actions to try to overturn results. i'm not taking that too seriously. and ultimately, trump's
3:42 am
victory is such that he will be in charge of the people steering america forward there will be criticisms. elements of the liberal media never accept him. but is he in charge. our position here is a bit more serious in the people spoke but just in the last few days we have had a former labor prime minister blair, a former conservative prime minister major. we have the current leader of the liberal party in this country, all saying they want another referendum because they wanting to overturn the results. and i could say well, they are just soar losers. it's more serious. we have people in our establishment in britain who look disdainfully on the view of modern voters. we'll have a much bigger battle to get brexit in place than donald trump is going to have to put in place miss policies. >> nigel farage, i take my
3:43 am
hat off for covering the gamut like that. >> congress woman i will anna ross layton reacts to fidel castro's death. thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms,
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>> you are looking at two pictures, very difficult. stark in contrast. ha van that where the streets are empty little havana where the streets are celebrating, partying where fidel castro has died. >> freedom on the right side. >> what's going on inside the rooms in havana. you can't stop people's minds who have been oppressed. i have heard people speculate about in this morning. probably more private celebration in havana than most would ever admit. >> possibly a little bit of relief and to talk about that, we have congresswoman
3:47 am
illeana ros-lehtinen who has served her community and country so well. you join us now. congresswoman you were born in cuba and came to america when you were 8 years old. is this a day you have been waiting for for decades? >> well, i know that it sounds -- people probably thinking why are the cuban exiles celebrating someone's death. it's not that we celebrate the death but that we see just another change that could be possible post fiddle. yes a tyrant has died, but, unfortunately a tyrant remains because fiddle has beefidel hasbeen substituted by. this is a day people have waited and has finally arrived. could it be a new beginning and new dawn for the last remaining communist bastion of our hemisphere? not really because the oppressive communist dictatorship still rules the island and one man's death
3:48 am
has really been out of the scene for a number of years not signify a new beginning but the message is definitely clear to those who think that they can continue to misrule cuba through oppression and fear. enough is enough and cuban in spanish we say enough. the people have been short changed for too long. now we have a new president. we have president-elect donald trump who said very clearly in our community time and time again and elsewhere that he will go against the new regulations that president obama put in to place. which are really just concessions to this communist dictatorship in exchange for nothing. it was a sweetheart deal for raoul castro and now with fidel's death, i think that donald trump will be more emboldened to make those changes in u.s. policy. but nothing will change in cuba because of if i kel's death sadly as you pointed out. it is an oppressive regime and i know that folks think
3:49 am
oh no, you shouldn't be celebrating anyone's death. but this was a tyrant. this was a murderer who imprisoned so many people he actually executed hundreds and all of us who are cuban exiles we know what that man has been like and what it feels like to live under communism. >> congresswoman, can you give us -- you have such a unique perspective and so our viewers can understand, so the people can understand in the streets of miami. do you personally still have relatives in cuba who have been living thunder regime even though you and some of your friends and family members have tasted freedom until america. talk about your constituents in terms of family and friends you may still have back home still suffering under the boot that's been on the throat for so long? >> yes. because what the american people are subjected to and see with the media and international press are foreign dignitaries who go to fidel's side and see this aging man and how can this
3:50 am
guy possibly be a threat. is he a guy who kicked everybody out, including my family. and i still have family in cuba. they are living in what used to be our house. we are not claiming the house once cuba is free, it's theirs. there has been a lot of pain and suffering. our community is filled with expolitical prisoners and family members whose family were executed by fidel, he is not quaint historic figure is he a dictator who is no longer with us. another one remains. i'm optimistic that president-elect donald trump will do what he said. rule back those changes that have just been money in the pockets of the castro brothers. but it's been a day that everybody has had their press releases ready for many a year waiting for this to happen. but cuba is still ruled with
3:51 am
an iron hip and the conditions lifting embargo are very clear. u.s. law. the president has not wanted to comply with it. but when the goo gulags are free of personal prisoners, when elections are held, that's when the united states can lawfully end its embargo and president-elect trump understands that we have high hopes that at least sweetheart deals for the castro regime will be put to an end. >> congresswoman obviously the symbolism of the death of raoul castro. point out with his brother not n. control not much of anything will change at all. what is that moment that you hope for next? is it the death of raoul castro. drastic new change in policy from president-elect snrump what could create the seeds for the real political opening and freedom that that island needs. >> that's the real political question.
3:52 am
that's something that we as a country cannot bring to another country. that's up to the people of cuba. as we say around here cuba will change which when cube pa decides to change and with a repressive regime people don't have the right to demonstrate and celebrate anything. they now have nine days of mourning. that's a way really of the cuban regime to clamp down on any public celebration. they just rule over the people in such a ruthless manner and that's why, after the concessions of president obama what has happened is increased repression on the island and massive exodus. cubans coming into the united states once again because they have seen oh my goodness, the united states -- tore castro, there is no future for us here. that's what we have seen since these concessions were put in place by the president is massive influx of cubans in to the united states. there is no future there. and people know it. as long as there is a castro there, there is no hope for
3:53 am
them. >> congresswoman, i wonder about your personal story. do you have vivid stories of leaving when you were a young girl? >> i thought it was a great trip because we were going to go on the airplane. thats watt first airplane ride for me. my brother and i thought that was terrific. we got here just in time for halloween. we thought wow, what a country is this? they are giving you candy when you go door to door. it's a great country or what? we were too young to think about freedom and democracy. i think about people like my dad and my mom no longer with us how they would have looked forward to this day where you can say fidel is no longer in charge but the reality is that he hasn't been in charge of cuba for many years. it's been raoul. so that's why fidel's death and passing from this earth will not mean much for the daily life, struggle for the cuban people. >> congresswoman for younger generations that don't remember fidel castro or don't remember the revolution or don't remember the bay of pigs and sort of
3:54 am
those moments the alliance with the soviet union, why was fidel castro -- what is it about his rule and reign that outcome people in america need to learn from and understand as it pertains to authoritarians? >> it really is an education. people need to understand what fidel castro did to that island. it was an island where people enjoyed freedom and democracy. problems just like in every country. you were free to move with. now in cuba you can't move from one city to the next without informing and having the approval of the dictatorship. everything do you is tied to the dictatorship. so, there is no separation. so if anything, people would have felt anxiety if fidel had still been in power and then died immediately because people get everything from the government. yes the obama administration makes a big deal about having someone with a small
3:55 am
business meaning they can come and have dinner at their home. there are really no small businesses. there is no dissent. there is a group of women, very brave freedom fighters, the ladies of white, they peacefully march from their homes to the catholic church with pictures of their loved ones who are in jail. for that they get their reward of getting beaten up every sunday and getting jailed and harassed. so even the dissidents are saying enough. and they are trying to come here to the united states in any way possible. castro came in with a lot of promise about what he was going to bring to people and within hours, really, he became a dictator and everyone knew that. he had no election. he came as we said -- elections for what? he never held elections they are still calling him president and they called raoul castro president. they never had his election because there are no elections in cuba. there are no free and fair elections. there is no political party.
3:56 am
only the communist party. there is no free press. only the fake sponsored press. people have to understand what it's like to grow up in an atmosphere like that and have your whole life be dependent upon the whims of the man in charge. he has not been in charge for a while now. raoul has established that norm that he is the new guy. >> well, thank you congresswoman illeana ros-lehtinen, we really appreciate. >> patriot with a lot of history there that will help the people of cuba as they make that this transition in the future. >> i'm humbled to represent a community of victims. thank you. >> we have been seeing dramatic pictures. cuban americans have been dancing in the streets of miami all night long after fidel castro's death. we are live in little havana next. sean duffy on possible deal
3:57 am
between and future president donald trump. stick around.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> good morning. a fox news alert breaking while you were sleeping. fidel castro, the communist dictator from cuba who thumbed his nose at 11 american presidents and pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war is dead this morning. >> the sun is just coming up in miami where cuban americans are taking to the streets in little havana, celebrating the news many chanting cuba libre. others chanting trump which we will get to in a moment. cuba libre meaning cuba is free. >> phil keating is with the crowds in little havana. have you been there with hours. as you can see finally have daylight there how is it with a little sunshine on the subject. >> well, really metaphorically, dana, it's
4:01 am
true statement that some people here feel today is that here in little havana is the new dawn, a new dawn for cuba and possibly with fidel castro's passing, there will, in fact, be an improvement in the lives of cubans on the island. and what we'll see whether many of the expatriots who have moved to miami and south florida over the past several decades whether they go back or stay or whether there is any change in the national policies because raoul castro, of course, is still in power and is he just as hard line as his brother fidel was. nine days of mourning are now beginning in havana. but here on the streets of little havana celebration since midnight. 1:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the morning. granted a lot of the people are leaving the famous miami night life and coming straight here to could i here th
4:02 am
street. crowds have gotten a little smaller. people have come to fatigue and joining me now is the man named hilton and paulina. you guys -- you are venezuela, you are cuban american? >> yes. >> you told me you came here this morning because it's a day that's historic. >> it's very historical day. it's the end of anner wrath dictatorship responsible for the death of thousands of people, oppressed people. he destroy -- cuba in 1950 he destroy it and he is responsible for the destruction of other countries as well like venezuela where i'm from. nicaragua as well. it's a very historical moment. typically we don't celebrate when somebody dies but today is the exception. today is the day that it really marks the end of anner ravment. >> bottom line is nobody wants to celebrate when
4:03 am
someone passes away. >> exactly. >> fidel castro was hated to that degree. >> yes. >> by the cuban americans and by the cuban community. for you, do you think this is actually going to mean the end of a chapter or will things stay the same? what do you think? >> that's what we're hoping. at least, you know, the brother is still in power. but hopefully within the next 10, 15 years things will change. that's what we're hoping for anyway. >> what brought you out to cafe versailles? it's where everyone always comes in miami outside this famous restaurant. in fact, every politician who is running for office, donald trump came here, just a couple of months ago. every republican comes down because the cuban american vote tends to go republican and it has since like 1908 with ronald reagan although with mitt romney and obama
4:04 am
it was closer. there have been many people tell me today they think trump is going to deal with the castro regime that still remains in cuba with a 2 by 4. what do you anticipate from the president-elect? >> well, i really hope that with the agreement with obama. obama administration has given the castros a lot of money and support. but the castros still are repressing their own people. the economy is still really bad in cuba. go out, you know, i think that it will become a give and take situation. >> great to talk to you guys. >> nice talking to you. >> enjoy this historical day. >> thank you. in cuba $25 a month is their monthly salary. most people are dependent on the government for their jobs the tourism industry is the only place to make any money because you have
4:05 am
europeans, canadians and american tourists who tip a dollar or two dollars for, you know a drink or this or that. that's where they really make their money. everyone continues in cuba to still be afraid to speak their mind. >> all right. thank you. >> unclear whether this changes everything but it's been a long night a. >> a man in miami. phil keating thanks for covering that great stuff on the ground. now we have where reyes. >> basically wrote the playbook. louise, thank you for joining us this morning. question for you when you are dealing with a transition you have to anticipate that there would be sort of a major world event of which you could consider this one. how much do you factor that in as you try to switch from i couldn'one government to the t in that's a great question,
4:06 am
dana, good morning and thanks for having me. >> it really is the epitome of what can happen in transition. the world keeps moving. you are in a situation where you are trying to transfer peacefully power in the most powerful government in the world. so you have to be prepared for these events. and the truth, the answer is, you have to be preparing for a transition months before you're elected. if you are the incumbent president, you should be preparing almost a year before you're leaving office. because at the end of the day, it can be a matter of national security. with regards to events like cuba, you know, president trump, president-elect trump should have already been thinking about his appointments at the state department not only the highest levels but sublevels that would cover the western hemisphere. these are the type of things that happen during a transition and you have to be prepared for.
4:07 am
>> luis, so one the trump team right now, put yourself inside that, you know, are they convening a special meeting or two today potentially? does it change any of their process at all or is this just a reflection of what a dynamic world they are going to be entering into? >> i think it's a little bit of both. you have to, i guess, recognize that you cannot effectuate policy. you cannot execute any of the policy statements cannot be executed without the right people. the human capital component really is the best asset that a president can have. it's the people. with regards to a situation like, this of course you want leadership at the state department and ultimately over the cuba affairs desk which would be also the assistant secretary for western hemisphere it doesn't mean that they may accelerator that nomination, necessarily, but they definitely are going to want to take a look at it and see who is in control of it now.
4:08 am
if. the cue would be getting leadership at the state department and also treasury which afox news deck united states a lot of regulation over cuba. >> this is an important world event but president trump, president-elect trump now but soon to be president trump will be inheriting one of the most dangerous worlds for any president maybe in decades in terms of north korea, and russia, in syria, and the threat of isis in many areas around the world. what's your sense about getting this national security team up and running? >> right. that's a great question. that is the priority. you have -- really give you an example with regards for example at the end of the bush administration. you know a lot going on in the world then as well. and what we did amongst other things was provide the incoming president-elect with really a playbook in
4:09 am
terms of what the most vulnerable positions are. what cannot be-i what cannot go unfilled. and really gave an outline of what top 100, 150 positions critical for national security. that is what president-elect -- trump should be working on and believe is working on right now. which is getting those positions filled and filled with the right people. and that's key. >> do you have any thoughts, luis, as we have seen play out over this past week about very key foreign policy position or national security position, that being the secretary of state with donald trump's team casting a wide net and maybe honing in on several different types of people somebody with him on the campaign or somebody like romney or maybe somebody even a third way we heard about possibly like you said general petraeus or someone like that? >> right. yeah. you know, it's -- it is an interesting strategy and not
4:10 am
a bad one, i think, to cast a wide net. at the end of the day, what the president has to do is select individuals who are, of course, definitely qualified for the role so they will be effective day one. but also, also understand that this is about something bigger than any one person. individuals serving this role has to be doing it for the right reasons. and that was the guide that gave us. i think it served well. ultimately casting a wide net is not a bad idea. you definitely want to have someone that's going to be effective. and importantly and one other nuances there is someone who is going to get confirmed quickly won't have any hiccups on background issues and such. so that's what i think he needs to be focusing on. >> thanks luis for your expertise we appreciate it. >> no problem problem. >> other for the duration have to deal with fidel's death. open cuba like nixon did
4:11 am
with china. they say smoking killed did you know the cia tried to take out castro by poisoning the cigars. even tried using exploding sea shell. lots of assassination attempts next.
4:12 am
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4:15 am
protests. nothing to see here. >> i thought that's a good point when we had congresswoman ros-lehtinen on the nine days make sure there is no suppression in the street. >> or news today as well. toss over to jack did i ibañez. >> we are learning the name of the first service member killed fighting isis in syria. scott dayton was a highly highly decorated sailor with 20 years experience in the military. explosive specialist. killed by ied in northern syria on thanksgiving. the same explosion injuring another american as well. and president-elect trump naming two new top staffers overnight. fox news analyst k.t. mcfarland has been tapped as deputy national security advisor and mr. trump's current lawyer don mcgahn will serve as assistant to the president and white house counsel. both saying they are honored
4:16 am
and red to take on their new roles. recount of presidential votes will soon be underway in wisconsin thanks to jill stein. wisconsin election official moving forward on the green party candidate's request. she says she tops make sure hackers didn't skew the results. stein is also requesting recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. her campaign has raised over $5 million to cover the cost. and so steven segal help stall -- after a month after awarding him citizenship. sea gal has been a regular visitor several martial arts events. the ceremony helps with u.s. relations. how about that steven sea gal. >> kind of random. >> celebrities going to north korea celebrities. >> i saw putting out a statement praising fidel castro. gives you an idea. >> give a sense.
4:17 am
>> they say smoking kills. did you know the cia tried to take out fidel castro by poisoning his cigars? they even tried using exploding sea shells. we are not making it up. details next. ♪ ♪ i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it. what's the best way to get v8 or a fancy juice store?s? ready, go!
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4:21 am
castro's mistress was recruited to become an assassin. touring a visit in the u.s. during the 1960's, the cia gave her poison pills to slip into castro's drink when she returned to cuba. by the time she got back they had dissolved and he learned of the plot. when they met in a hotel room he handed her a gun and asked her are you here kill me. shocked she realized she loved him and instead fell into his arms. other plots fell out of
4:22 am
james bond movie. cigars, even milk shakes. he was known for love of cigars. cia was known to capitalize that arranging for him to receive a box of cigars as a gift including one filled with explosives. now also when the cia learned that one of castro's favorite hobbies was scuba diving they filled a giant shell and placed it in the ocean around one of his favorite diving spots. the closest they got was in 1963 when it worked with the mafia to target castro's sweet tooth. they served his favorite milk shakes and cia provided a poison pill for a waiter to slip into the drink. the plot failed though when the poison pill froze in the freezer and broke apart when they tried pulling it out. in the end though there was no firework finale for castro. it was just old age and bad health that took his life as
4:23 am
you mentioned. >> garrett, some fascinating details you have to wonder in all seriousness about the track record of the cia i mean how many failures? >> yeah, not easy. i mean, these guys do difficult work. it was an earlier era for sure. >> also. it is also illegal now. attempts they are talking about happened all in the past. you cannot -- the american government cannot try to assassinate another world leader that is against the law. >> it was the good old days then the wild west. >> they obviously weren't very good at it. >> james bond. >> pete hegseth. sometimes the world would be a better place it is a better place without fidel castro today. >> of course but a lot left to be seen. interesting he did live to be 90 years old. he had protected himself and also you think about the foresight that he had 10 years ago when he first had intestinal surgery for we don't know exactly what that surgery was. that was when he effectively
4:24 am
went out of office and two years later officially puts his brother in to power and that has been seemless. as we heard from congresswoman ros-lehtinen they don't expect this death of castro will result in much significant change because raoul castro rules in the same way. >> that's exactly right. that leaves a lot of questions like this one what does castro's death mean for the incoming administration? next guest says this could be a real chance to open cuba like nixon did with china. we'll see. ♪
4:25 am
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get an accurate mortgage solution in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. (whisper) rocket >> there had been dancing in the streets all night in miami. you see the sun has come up and a short time ago people still out in the streets. not quite as celebratory reacting to the death of fidel castro. the age of 90, you know, rumors of his demise had been going on not just for years but for decades. >> that's right. we have had shots of havana, cuba as well streets are empty. ruling regime still controlled by -- there is the live shot there. still controlled by his brother raoul who remains the dictator of that country are quiet because they declared nine days of mourning. they claim it's for mourning dana as you pointed out earlier and previous guest as as well.
4:29 am
ensure not celebrations in cuba as well. >> force them go out and at gunpoint make them cry two ways to do this. >> dictatorship da jury. we will have coverage of his passing and reaction of our government as well. one of those reactions is brad blakeman assistant to george w. bush and member of the transition team in 2000. thanks for joining us this morning. out the gates your reaction to the passing of fidel castro? >> i think this could be a real opportunity for president trump. he doesn't have to deal with the death of fidel but the after death he does. send messages not in power yet but send messages to the down low to the new cuban regime that filgd is gone. not new in the sense of power but new in the sense that fidel who is the face of the dictatorship, not really his brother as much. is he an iconic figure is now gone. so i think the other
4:30 am
interesting thing to watch is the funeral, who does china send as their delegates? who does the united states send? who does russia send? will they take meetings as part of their mourning? that's all critical to watch in the next few day days is how will the transition work? not only inside the country but beyond its borders? >> you met fidel castro in 1992 can you tell us a little bit about that, yeah there was real drama because this was one of the few times where an american president was actually in the company of fidel castro. mission was to not have those two shake hands or meet. so president bush got up at the earth summit in rio and gave his address and then instead of returning to his chair at the official delegates table. we actually left the ruiz was we were going to the rain forest which was 45 minutes away. we went to the rain forest instead of sitting there and
4:31 am
listening to fidel castro because we didn't know whether it was going to be a three hour lecture directed to america. so it was very high drama very interesting. but state funeral. you have been in the white house. i first met you when you were in the george w. bush administration. what would you recommendation be to the obama ha administration. should someone of the level of the secretary of state or even vice president biden go not out of respect for fidel castro but because of that new opening you are talking about? should this be a lie level person or should would he be sending some mid level official to snub fidel or is this an opening. >> this is an opening. i would send the secretary of state. i certainly wouldn't send the vice president. but i think we need to establish at least a foot hold. trump knows the deal is only as good for both parties.
4:32 am
take charge. you won't have to deal with the aftermath of his death. but we have to deal with raoul going forward i would send the secretary of state because i believe there are going to be equally high level from adversaries china and russia. we don't want to be left on the doorstep. gives also the opportunity for better things to happen when donald trump takes the presidency. >> what would you say brad to that you say secretary of state. you see the crowds in miami cheering we don't like to be cheering the fact that someone is dead but this is oppressive island dictator setting the country back 50 years. it may be honoring a man who killed, has blood on his hands and repressed people for decades? what's the balance there in this moment? >> the balance is the opportunity going forward i have to deal with the powers that exist. s it's his brother, family. not going to there to honor
4:33 am
his him. we have to deal with the people in power. i think this is a good transition from obama to donald trump and, again, i think as president-elect he can send back channel messages that will pave the way for when he is in president in less than, what, two months. >> i think one concern i would have with that approach is that whereas we would see it for what it was in terms of sending the secretary of state and for all of those reasons that you just described in cuba they had to announce this news on state run television and the way that they would manipulate the media for their own people's purposes, to make it look like we were coming to pay -- for them. i think one of the things that the american government can do and donald trump's team will probably focus on is how do you figure out a way to allow the people of cuba the access to free internet and media that we enjoy so they can come to their own conclusions there
4:34 am
is going to be a new sheriff in town. people know that for sure and more importantly raoul knows that and donald trump is no barack obama. and if they're smart, they will figure out a way to deal with our new with the president and our new president will figure out a way to deal with them. they are 90-miles from miami. they are in our hemisphere. we don't want a chinese or russian presence in cuba which certainly could k. happen if we don't cede the day. >> my recollection is that you have also been advising the trump transition team in some respects. i wonder more broadly. official recommendation to the president-elect. there is great debate going on right now within the republican party let's face it head on about whether mitt romney a former foe of donald trump or someone who is a loyalist like rudy giuliani should be the next secretary of state. russia andeal with cuba and isis. what do you think is the best approach for donald
4:35 am
trump? >> get best person possible you have the most trust in and best ability to serve. good news is republicans have a wide bench to do that. and i believe either choice would be a good choice for america. it's who the president-elect is most comfortable with. i would be comfort being with either of those choices. >> well brad blakeman, thank you for joining thus morning. >> my pleasure. >> you raised important question. that debate will go on. do you look backwards fidel castro for the leader he was or look forward to the opportunity? >> if you listen to congresswoman ros-lehtinen actually there is no difference. i don't know how the policy changes to fix that. >> good point. >> there is a lot of news breaking around the world. we are fortunate to have jackie ey ibañez with us this morning. >> deadly bus crash killed six children in tennessee heart breaking. written complaints shows parents and school board officials reporting his
4:36 am
erratic driving months before he swerved off the road with nearly 40 kids on board that bus. one writing quote it feels like the bus is about to flip over. others showed administrators trying to figure out how to handle walker's behavior. is he charged with vehicular homicide. a stray bullet from mexico injuring a texas straight trooper. the bullet coming from a gun battle on the mexican side of the rio ground day hitting him in the leg. a federal agent was also hit but was protected by body armor. state trooper is in stable condition at the hospital this morning. his identity not being released just yet. it's still unclear who was involved in the gun fight. protests erupting nationwide, disrupting black friday shopping coast to coast. something we saw a lot of protesters taking to the streets in the name of everything from minimum wake to black lives matter. [chanting] >> activists blocking arm and arm blocking store
4:37 am
fronts on chicago's magnificent mile. wreaking havoc in shopping malls. more than 30 were arrested. and the president-elect getting some praise from recent rival jeb bush, believe it or not. the former florida governor commending proposal to implement term limits in op-ed published in the "wall street journal." believe washington is broken and give power back to the states. those are your headlines. >> interesting. thank you, jackie, interesting. >> we have, of course, weather. rick rick mouth is outside. tell us what it is like out there. >> out here it is not feeling that bad doesn't look that bad. >> somebody is backing up my scientific opinion. show you what is going on. overall, i will tell you what is going on pretty amazing thanksgiving weekend for almost everybody. there is a little bit of snow across interior sections of upstate, new york that is not going to amount to too much. out across the west. this is where all of our
4:38 am
activity is. rain again across northern california. by later this afternoon that moves into southern california. we have not said that very much that is good news to get rain. heading out to the airports across the entire country are running delay-free which is great news. i have two more pieces of good news, rain and snow across parts of california. we have the drought going on that has been -- rainy season good news inch to two inches around southern california. by tomorrow that moves around the four corners. we will see snow as well. here is even better news, east coast, which has been so incredibly dry and the drought that's going on across really the entire east coast, we have not been able to get any rain across the southeast and we have the fires going on. take a look what happened starting monday night into tuesday. we're going to see very significant rainfall across northern georgia and in across the southern
4:39 am
appalachians where we had the fires requesting on. i think this will likely put out a lot of those fires and certainly help with the air quality and the drought. we also have the rain into the northeast, which we haven't had in a very long time which also has a drought. all good news, that's what i have for you. >> also put a spin on it going to rain it will be great. >> thank you. president-elect trump promised better deal for cuba if he won the election. what might that deal look like now that was astro is dead. >> coming up chris stirewalt, sean duffy, all here live to the passing of mr. castro this morning. when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel.
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it helps put some distance.. between you and temptation. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. >> walk back. you are looking at a picture
4:43 am
of havana, cuba. fidel castro dead at the age of 90. nothing going on there. because the government impose as nine-day basically. >> mourning period. >> mourning period where basically i think that is just to suppress people from actually coming out and showing their true feelings which might be more celebratory as you are seeing here in miami. we're very fortunate to have on the phone mercedes schlapp. i remember learning the most i ever learned about cuba really is from you and your personal story and passionate advocacy for freedom in cuba is second to none. so i wondered if you could give your thoughts to us this morning. >> thank you for having me on. and, of course, i woke up to this shocking news. i have to tell you for the cuban community while they were not be able to go out in their country, believe me, i could expect the streets of little havana or minel coming out and actually celebrating the dictator's death. my father was in jail.
4:44 am
he was a political prisoner under fidel castro for six years. i told him the news this morning. he broke down in tears these are individuals, thousands of cubans who fled their homeland because they lost everything. because fidel castro and the dictator and his regime basically would take their property, take their businesses, take their homes, some like my father tried to fight back of course they were put into jail and so it's been a long, painful journey of division amongst family. many who came here but left relatives back in cuba. and so although i have to say it won't change much, right? raoul castro is still there. he has -- holds a very iron fist on the cuban people. there is lack of freedom in that country. fidel castro represented all that power and is that strength for keeping the island under control under
4:45 am
sloot control where there absolute no freedom of press. >> some say there is a mixed picture, cult hero some support fidel castro. you understand him. you understand this regime. paint the picture of what life in cuba has been like under the fidel castro regime. >> well, i think the best way to understand it is that the cuban society divided into two those who absolutely support fidel castro and communism. military. those who live very fancy lives. those who get the money those able to raise their families in a way where they would be considered middle you were class because of their loyalty to fidel castro. and to the regime. the second part of cuba is the one that i think sometimes doesn't -- you don't see enough of because they don't even allow the press to go into these communities. those are the ones who stay quiet, who don't -- they
4:46 am
receive food -- not like you go into a typical grocery store in the united states and go buy whatever you need. they don't have enough money. when they go, they get rations. so they get one gallon of milk for a whole month. they get one serving of, you know, 12 dozen eggs for a whole month. these are individuals who are trying to figure out how they survive on a day-to-day basis. many of them are associated or live based on the black market. it's a very depressing conditions for these individuals why? because they can't focus on how do we fight back for freedom. they have to stay quiet. if you talk and if there is what they call like the communist patrol in the area they will ensure or the police will let the, you know, you were echelons of the communist party know that you are betraying. and there is many of these women, the women in white who are -- go out there and they have peaceful protests
4:47 am
well, guess what, if they end up getting beat by the police and the military. it's a sad scenario. it's one of the reasons why it's important to still talk about this even though fidel castro is gone. this change has not occurred in cuba where individuals are just able to live freely. >> a remarkable picture you are painting of cuba, mercedes. we appreciate you doing that from such a personal standpoint. let's talk a little bit about the political, as you set that up perfectly for what should come next. president obama a has taken executive action. it's time to bring american capitalism to cuba and open it up that way and forget about the trade embargo and all of that. as you know, donald trump had a different view in this campaign he is now inheriting the world. thorny national security problems. but in terms of cuba, what is the way forward do you think? >> absolutely we want to see a changed cuba.
4:48 am
absolutely we want to see the opportunity to trade with cuba. the problem with president obama is what we call the weak teal with cuba is the fact that there were no concessions made from the cuban government. it was all america opening up relations, having more conversations, exchanges with cuba. not expecting anything in return. one thing they expected in return were to free 50 political prisoners, they freed the 50 political prisoners and by the time president obama went to visit cuba, there was over 50 political prisoners were who were back in jail. it really is something where you find a deal where they did not follow through on their promises but, yet, we decided that giving the concessions would help to open trade or have the conversations with the cuban government. it needs to be a little more where they're saying you know what? we are going to work on ensuring we have freedom of the press and individuals to
4:49 am
speak. that's more of the change we want to see. the ability for them to create unions. they are not allowed to create unions in cuba. >> could i ask you two other questions. a situation where there will be a state funeral in cuba and we have been asking a couple of guests this morning. who and at what level and whether the obama administration should send to the funeral to represent. i also wondered if you could finish this off with a discussion about the use of miami or maybe the use of the country. colin kaepernick the san francisco 4ers quarterback basically crying because fidel castro is dead i believe that the youth understand the connections between your father and grandfather that actually had to suffer in prison because of fidel castro. so what would you say about the funeral and then on the youth and how we educate them? >> i think that's a great question object funeral. obviously, you know, in nations that we do have
4:50 am
relations, relationships with. we do send a group of individuals very high level officials to go to the funeral. i will be incredibly curious to see who president obama will send. maybe he himself will go. maybe he will send his wife or joe biden. because of the fact that he has been trying to extend an olive branch to the castro regime and also the fact that they reopened the embassy of cuba -- of the united states in cuba. so i do expect that he will make last ditch effort to send himself or vice president biden or secretary of state kerry. i believe you will see one of these three figures attend to affair. to that extent it will be a slap on the face to cuban americans especially from miami and for the youth i think it's incredibly important to recognize that we are -- for cuba it is about searching for freedom. fidel castro's death will
4:51 am
not be the case. >> searching for freedom indeed. we have to wrap it there we are up against a hard break. mercedes schlapp thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> more "fox & friends" when we come back on this historic day. go, go!
4:52 am
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4:55 am
legacy in cuba and elsewhere has been a mixed record of social progress and abject poverty of racial ecket and political persecution. of medical advances and a degree of misery. a degree of misery might be the understatement of the morning if you ask people. >> listen to this line from the miami herald owe bit area. talk about how few national leaders inspire intense loyalty or wrenching feeling of betrayal. few fired the hearts of the restless youth as he did when he was young. few seem as relevant as castro when he was old. the last communist railing on the empty decrepit street corner that cuba became under his rule. >> then had you prime minister of india saying the world has lost a great man and india will miss its friend. >> vice president said similar things, too, rate? >> that's pretty remarkable. >> you too have this relic of a communist regime 90 miles off the coast of america.
4:56 am
so many old alineses. >> many ways revolutionaries are romanticized. and they forget what happens after the revolution here this from fidel castro lived a rich revolutionary life but then in the american spectator you could actually find another point of view which is i do not think of him as any sort of romantic revolutionary hero. >> couple folks who knew his history well commented almost within hours, the revolutionary turned into dictator killing his opponents any opportunity he had gone. >> best up all morning was mercedes schlapp and congresswoman illeana ros-lehtinen with personal stories about how their families dealt with this repressive regime. we have more of that coming up indeed. >> whats to castro's death mean for our relations with cuba now? how l. things change under the trump administration? we have chris stirewalt. i will tell you what, he joins us next. >> there he is. ♪ ♪
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you're welcome, are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home. >> breaking evernight. then fidel castro is dead. >> right now cuban americans still taking to the streets in little havana in miami. you see that on the left-hand side. they have been chanting all night cuba libre. cuba is now free. a stark contrast from havana. you see on the right-hand side of your screen there quiet, the start of a nine day mandatory mourning period. some suggesting that's a mandatory effort to repress any sort of celebration, make sure that nothing gets out of hand. >> exactly right. >> some also suggesting that inside those houses you probably have a different reaction amongst many cubans who have been oppressed by this regime for a long time. would speak out, would go
5:01 am
elsewhere as they could. as many have over decades. >> fidel's brother still in charge. >> that's right with raúl castro still in charge. not much is going to change. >> watch a package by our very own bret baier about the life of fidel castro. >> in the end his speeches had grown shorter. his appearances more rare. but fidel castro's tone remained defiant as ever. >> socialism or death. fidel castro loved to hate america at every political turn. [speaking foreign language] >> his own political stock albeit small soared during the international custody fight for elian gonzalez. when the u.s. return his little prince castro called the moment a moral victory. the man born to castro cruz
5:02 am
came to power to overthrow a dictator. he ended up becoming one himself. castro stood defiantly against 10 u.s. presidents. around the world, leftists who hated america's influence and power called castro a hero. but for the u.s., he was the all too close face of the bitter cold war. and while the world could never completely dismiss castro politically, over time to some critics, he seemed more like a caricature with his wirery beard, faded fatigues, and six inch i cigars. the man who would lead the small caribbean island to communism was educated by jesuit priest and earned his law degree at the university of havana. castro launched his first and failed revolution in 1953, where 30 of his followers were killed while attacking the moncata
5:03 am
barracks. castro was imprisoned and deported but made his way back on overloaded power boat. after nearly a decade of coos, riots and rebellion the people despaired the government of battista. he stepped down and left the country. castro seized power on january 11th, 1959. he held on for northeasterly 50 years. the most significant u.s. response to castro's communist regime came in 1961 when president john f. kennedy backed the failed bay of pigs invasion where hundreds of cuban exile fighters were captured and sent to prison or killed. the next year american spy planes discovered secret soviet missiles inside cuba. after a 13-day u.s. naval blockade. the sof yet union backed down and removed the missiles. castro was enranged as the world watched two super powers walk away from a nuclear nightmare. in 1980, castro unleashed
5:04 am
unpress denting the human wave of more than 125,000 cubans on america. mixed in with political prisoners where criminals, murderers, rapists and the insane. the boat lift forever changed south florida's landscape. 14 years later as cuba's economy collapsed further, castro unleaved a second wave of human cargo. this time whether america wanted them or not. 30,000 cubans were coming to her shores, again. ♪ in 1998, cuba opened its island doors to pope john paul ii. the holly father and the man who chained down cuba's churches shared words before the world. critics would later call the historic meeting little more than a public relations campaign. in the summer of 2006, castro underwent surgery for intestinal bleeding and quietlquietly ceded power to his
5:05 am
younger brother raúl. he announced he would no longer serve as president and commander-in-chief. a surprising move few thought they would live to see. by the end of the month the country's national assembly formally elected raúl to accede his brother raúl. after communist party in april of 2011. castro remained largely out of the public eye with one notable exception, in march of 2012, he would welcome a second pontiff. pope ben tingt ticketed 16th. the two met privately at the end of benedict's three day visit to cuba. despite the pope's vocal opposition to cuba's government. the two spoke for roughly 30 minutes with castro asking the holy father what does a pope do? still, castro's conspicuous absence in later years fueled cob distant rumors about his health. when president obama announced the softening of u.s. sanctions against cuba in december 2014, president raúl castro spoke with the american president by telephone welcoming the announcement.
5:06 am
[speaking foreign language] >> but the man who brought communism to cube fidel made no appearances and had no ending on the cold war freeze that he had ushered in more than a half century earlier. often referreds to a tier ran call dictator millions on the impoverished island considered castro charismatic leader to brought medicine to the masses. but to cuban exiles he was forever hated responsible for cube baptize economic ruin. in washington, bret baier, fox news. >> great job by bret there covering the gamut. >> all you needed to know in that five minutes. we will bring in chris stirewalt because i will tell you what, is he a great guy. >> he knows a lot more. >> he does know. >> for things you don't need to know. >> that's right. >> chris from, a political standpoint because this is where you make your mark, what do you make of this and also about the recent election that we had here in america and that cuban support for donald trump in
5:07 am
florida? >> well, obviously, as bret's package laid out expertly, it is hard to overstate the generational shift that's done with on among cuban americans in florida. and that we talked about meriel and talked about how intense the anti-castro sentiment was. as time goes on it's hard to maintain those attitudes. as we saw with the united states dropping the embargo with cuba and regulations just 16 months ago. how do -- how can young people in south florida who are a generation or two generations removed from some of the experiences that hardened the hearts and drove such hatred towards castro probably deservedly so, how can they understand what their parents were thinking. and, by the way. how will this change u.s. politics and how much of a lock will these cuban voters be for republicans in the future? these are good questions. >> sure, chris, as a
5:08 am
veracious consumer of your halftime report you dissect things as well as anybody. the optics poor barack obama and donald trump on who does barack obama send? do they look backwards and sort of condemn the actions of castro or look forward to the opportunity? the next couple of day also say a lot about both barack obama and donald trump as it pertains to tunes in cuba. >> well, on the left, especially on the anti-american left, fidel castro is a reveered figure for the degree to which despite, i don't know, imprisons gay people and doing some things forbidding human beings from reading the internet, he has been a hero for many on the left because he hates america. and hating america often is the greatest virtue signal of all for many people around the world. i would expect that you would see at his funeral and what you will see with all of it, i think from the president, current president, you will see a full embrace in trying to make this a capstone moment on his legacy because of the things that he has done, that won't be undone by
5:09 am
donald trump, normalizing relations with cuba will be one of them. i would think that obama is going to use this to make his mark. is he going to go himself? probably not. what he will probably do though is make sure this is moment that is he all about. >> and chris, you are signaling right there, it seems, that maybe this will be another thing that donald trump will say okay, i said during the campaign that i'm going to roll back some of what president obama did. but, ah, on second thought, maybe not. we have seen that obviously on whether or not he wants to prosecute hillary clinton. now do you think on cuba as well based on what you said a moment ago that he may just say conservings want to open this place up and let's open it up? >> i think even the staunchest anti-castro folks and this would especially senator marco rubio from florida, have acknowledged essentially that you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. once you have normalized relations. and what's funny here is what if barack obama had
5:10 am
waited 16 months? what if he had waited six wait d 16 months. what if we waited a little bit longer, will the situation be different? this is the frustration that republicans have. this is the frustration that anti-communists have and the opponents of this regime which is they feel like obama gave in too soon and didn't get anything in return. that was certainly trump's criticism of it. the question now is if he had just waited 16 months would things look different. >> in halftime report you often write beautifully about america and the system. one of the things that we have been talking about is how the san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick heft because of this death of fidel castro, great affection for him. >> no. so your best stirewaltian way. >> is that a word? >> yes it is. we turned it into a verb if you listen to the broadcast you would learn that tell me how you would explain to america how our system is better than communist.
5:11 am
>> is it through colin kaepernick wept for the death. >> before castro died just a couple of days ago collin kaepernick was asked because in amazing coincidence is he playing the miami dolphins in miami tomorrow put this all together, chris. miami herald report very enterprising on conference call traditionally d a big gamed collin kaepernick you were recently not just refusing to stand for the national anthem you were wearing in was what's amazing. >> no answer. >> not standing for the anthem. just wearing the t-shirt castro without knowing the legacy of castro. i think dana was having a little license with the weeping. >> wait, wait, wait. but here's the thing. one of the problems that newark is struggle divling with righdivling -- struggling h
5:12 am
right now i call it cultural type 2 diabetes. we are so rich and fat and prosperous, things are so good in this country, beyond measure compared to tens of thousands of years of human history. that things are so good we don't know how good they are. we don't know how free we are. we don't know how prosperous we are. we don't know all of these things that we have. when some chuckle head my goodness would praise fidel castro and talk about fidel castro while he has the opportunity to make a massive fortune in the united states. >> exactly. >> and criticize the united states freely while he is free to criticize the united states while he is in it if he would have done what he did the fidel castro national anthem. by a newspaper. do you think he would be if he was lucky. >> said stirewalt made for sure. president-elect just chimed in with this tweet breaking right on the wire as he
5:13 am
communicates over twitter fidel castro is dead from donald trump. >> exclamation point. >> so is frank toe. >> inside joke. >> stirewalt. >> indeed as president-elect said fidel castro is dead. he promised a better deal with cuba if he were president. what might that deal look like now that was astro is dead? >> republican congressman sean duffy here to weigh in. >> they say smoking kills. did you know the cia tried to take out castro by poisoning his cigars even tried exploding sea shells. sometimes when brushing my gums bleed.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> what i want is a much better deal because right now cuba is making, as usual with our country, we don't make good deals. we don't have right people negotiating. we have people who don't have a clue. >> i would want to make a strong, solid good deal. because right now everything is in cuba's favor. every single aspect of this deal is in cuba's favor. >> president-elect donald trump promising a better deal with cuba if he were to become the next president. guess what? he will become the next president. so what will this deal look like following the death of fidel castro? >> wisconsin congressman sean duffy is here right now to weigh in. thanks for joining thus morning. what was your first thought when you woke up and found out the news? >> listen, life is good. donald trump's the president-elect and fidel castro is dead. i think it's a good thing. >> 2016 is looking good. >> good for cuba and america. >> to your point, donald trump just tweeting and we will put it up on the full screen exactly what you said. fidel castro is dead. contrast that approach with
5:18 am
say how barack obama might approach it and what it says about american leadership or america's perspective in 2017 going forward? >> well, listen, i don't know where barack obama is maybe is he crying this morning in the white house we don't know. the rest of us look at what barack obama did with cuba and we know as you guys know and talked about this morning. this wasn't legislative action that normalized relationships with cuba. obama, like so many other things that he did this through executive action and some regulatory tweaks within the treasury department. when donald trump gets to office, he can threaten and or revoke those executive orders. which i think can put unique pressure on cuba to liberate. to bring more religious and economic and political freedom to the island, which is what obama should have done in the first place. the lives of the cuban cube haven't gotten any better.
5:19 am
for americans those of us freedom fighters who stand with freedom loving people barack obama would have negotiated a deal that doesn't help the people is outrageous. donald trump will hopefully do it and stick to his word. >> congressman, you make important point about executive orders that can now be reversed by donald trump. on the lifting the u.s. trade embargo with cuba, as you know, takes congressional action. so where are we on that? i realize there are a lot of other things on the front burner in congress. where are we on that and where what do you see congress doing in january and beyond? >> yes. so i don't see us lifting the trade embargo. i see hopefully donald trump again sticking to his word when he was in miami to say i'm going to roll back executive orders. if cuba starts to liberalize. if they do offer more freedoms to the their people, i think it's important that we reward that with incentivizing more trade and more travel. if they don't, if they continue on their current path, you'll see, i don't think any action from the congress to roll back any of
5:20 am
those sanctions on the island. >> could we get your take on something we have asked a couple of folks here this morning? that is with the posture of the united states going into the state funeral and who, if anyone, president obama might send, to that funeral if he doesn't go himself? >> listen, i don't know who he would send and i would recommend he doesn't send anybody. i mean, raúl was a ruthless dictator, a murderer, an oppressor. why would the united states government, the symbol of liberty and freedom around the world send any representative to a funeral of a man like that? a people -- a person who stands in salut absolute contra. i would hope no u.s. rep goes to that funeral. i think that would be the wrong sign to send to cuba and the rest of the world that we stand with dictators. >> early supporter of the president-elect. thank for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> interesting point. some say send nobody. some say send the -- did you
5:21 am
know the cia tried to take him out exploding cigar and sea shells next.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
like explosive baseballs and pistols disguised at news cameras. in total cuban officials claim that fidel castro survived more than 600 assassination attempts throughout his 50 years in power. now, there is no way to confirm that figure. we do know throughout the 1960s, many of these failed plots originated at the cia. including exploding cigar. castro was known for his love of cigars. at one point the cia attempted to send him a box of cigars as a gift. clowlgd one filled with enough explosives to blow his head off. now, when the cia learned that one of castro's other favorite hobbies was scuba
5:26 am
diving they wet suit build it poison he never actually received. giant conch shell filled with explosives placed it at the bottom of the oceans in one of his favorite diving spots. the closest they got in 1963 targeted sweet tooth. the hilton hotel in havana served castro's favorite chocolate milk shakes provided a poison pill for a waiter to slip into his drink that plot failed though when the poison pill froze in the freezer. and, of course, living up to the holiday comparison, there was also the time castro's mistress was recruited to become an assassin. during a visit to the u.s., lorenz said the agency gave her poison pills to slip in to castro's drink. by the time she got back to cuba though the pills had dissolved and top it all off castro learned of the plot. when they met in the hotel room he handed her a gun, asked her are you here to kill me? that's when she says she
5:27 am
realized she still loved him and fell into his arms. over the years castro liked to say if surviving assassination attempts were a gold medal attempt i would be 600 and 0 great number to have. >> according to castro. >> classic castro story she tried to kill me but i made her fall in love with me. >> exact number you might play that number up to look tougher. >> thank you for going through all that. >> all right. >> now that was astro is dead. where too relations between the u.s. and cuba go from here especially because his brother raúl is still there mike williams, mike huckabee and geraldo rivera all here live.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> welcome back. >> welcome back. >> both of us are welcoming you back. >> we are so excited to have you back. you are looking at two photos. let's see we have miami florida, like i said both in miami. these are celebrations that are breaking out after the news overnight that fidel castro dead at the age of 90. >> that's right. we saw overnight at 1:00 or 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning crowds growing. dissipated for a couple hours. they have reformed along the little havana area of miami down in florida. and people are -- it's really fidel castro is dead and a rally is breaking out. you see trump signs,
5:32 am
american flags, cuban flags. people celebrating the death of a dictator. >> we this morning are trying to really leverage our resources from all around the world and all of our shows like the five. we have dana sitting here beside us. lucky to have us. also lucky to have juan williams on the phone interrupting his family vacation to join us for a few minutes. not only are you one of our outstanding journalists and good friends you actually had the chance to meet fidel castro. i have heard stories from former congressman bill richardson and others about meeting fidel castro even if they completely disagreed with everything he stood for. he would have these marathon sessions with journalists sometimes going through the night. 9:00, 10:00, 11 hours. eating, smoking, drinking. what was it like to meet him? >> for me it was more like the grand personality. what happened was i was covering jesse jackson's 1984 campaign and jackson went through havana and had a meeting with castro. you are exactly right. castro had a speech during
5:33 am
jaxx'jackson's visit the visit lasted 11 hours. people would come and go but castro would still be specking. at this very end jackson had a plane and castro came on the plane and he made a point of introducing me to castro. i was surprised and then he joked that i wanted to pull fidel's beard. and i was a -- of a reporter. one time meeting fidel, what sticks in my mind are two things. one is the meriel boat lift. 1908. about more than 100,000 cubans were pushed off the island into miami. some people were held at the orange bowl. then it became like a refugee camp under a highway. i think it was interstate 95 i think it was interstate 95
5:34 am
is it was a mess. how do you deal with it? castro had emptied the jails and mental institutions in addition to people who simply wanted to get out of there. i thought at that point things had broken down. that was evident how he had become a tota total dictator and menace to his own people. >> as a journalist have you covered several presidents. reflect for a moment if you would on president obama he had took a step to ease restrictions. what do you think this means going forward when president obama has two months left in office? >> going back to ronald reagan took a hard stand. i mean obviously everybody knows about what happened with the cuban missile crisis under president kennedy. then you come forward jimmy carter made an effort. it looked like he was going to try to loosen. so relations and embargoes and the like. here comes the meriel boat lift i just spoke about. bill clinton looked like he was trying to ease some
5:35 am
relations to generate some friendship and, again, what you saw was castro violate that. and became angry dictator not just toward the united states but democratic ideals ids in his own country. then you see obama now with the lifting of the embargo, i think that what you have a situation going forward where people will say what does raúl castro do continue down the path of anger toward the united states or does he say you know what? we have an opportunity here now to open the door to democratic freedom and democratic ideals for his own people. first and foremost and then send that message of friendship to the united states? >> donald trump this morning tweeting simply fidel castro is dead he said in the past in debates it was a bad deal that barack obama cut with the cuban regime. raúl castro is still there. what opportunity exists for
5:36 am
president-elect donald trump to change the relationship or change conditions on that island for the cuban people? finance interesting because donald trump the businessman has been very interested in doing business in cuba. i wonder if that instinct won't serve him well saying here economic opportunities u.s. investment can make a difference under president obama have you seen what business possible? try tone courage that same that obama did which is the belief not doesn't make my heart happy, someone who was born in latin america and knows the horrors of cuban, you know, fidel castro was interfering in governments all over the world. but specifically in latin america and a real hero to people ohio think of as villains like hugo chavez
5:37 am
i'm telling you there is the opportunity to bring american culture, democracy, political ideals into cuba. i wonder if president trump, president-elect trump at the moment won't believe that there is that opportunity because of the success of american capitalists. >> juan, we are showing pictures, amongs or. you know, fidel castro met with a couple of upon pontiffs pope john paul ii as well as pope benedict. he went to a jesuit high school bret baier was reporting earlier in his obituary. give us again an idea what it was like you were somebody, a rare person who actually got to meet him. >> well, i think that the thing that really struck me is how cubans, especially when i was there in 1984, cubans had almost like he was beyond belief. he was an icon. he was also a martyr. i mean obviously a revolutionary war hero. but the problem was that
5:38 am
this was so much disappointment. disappointment in the reality of the lives that they lived. you would run into people who said oh, i'm educated. i have a good education. i have good health. and then you would run into people who were denied economic opportunity. people whose relatives were in jail. the woman in white. you would run into people who were involved in trying to sell you things to get american dollars because of the dual economy on the island. when you talked to castro himself it was as if he was totally delusional. no, everybody loves me. everybody thinks i'm great. he would blame the united states and blame me for being an american. i mean, it's just like craziness. >> juan. we love you and your insight. we don't want this to become a castro speech and go on for 11 hours. [ laughter ] >> that's possible with me. >> juan, we will see you back on the five on monday. thank you. >> thanks, guys. >> big news this morning.
5:39 am
fidel castro. from someone who got to meet him you know who else jackie i ban nez. >> thank you. good morning to everyone at home. turning now to headlines learning the name of the first measure service member fighting isis in syria. scott dayton was a highly decorated navy sailor with 23 years experience in the military. specialist. killed by iek in northern syria on thanksgiving. same explosion injuring another american. a police officer clinging to life after being viciously ambushed with a skateboard on thanksgiving day. the disturbing video showing 12-year veteran robbie chong being savagely beaten in the head. coming as the officer approached the suspect ray yes, sir after calls he was causing a disturbance. chong a father of two, suffering life threatening head trauma. the suspect is facing attempted murder charges.
5:40 am
recount presidential votes will still being underway in wisconsin thanks to stein. officials moving forward on the green party's request. wants to make sure hackers didn't skew the results. stein requesting recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. her campaign has raised over a million dollars to cover the costs. and could steven seagal help the icy relations with russia. the american actor receiving passport from vladimir putin just a month after awarding him citizenship. he has been a regular visitor to russia. even accompanies putin to several martial arts events. putin told the actor he hopes the ceremony helps with u.s. relations. there you have it. those are your headlines. >> that's always the key to relations. >> celebrities. >> thank you, jackie. appreciate it all right. the weather. >> everybody needs to know what the weather is. >> i want to know what it's like in cuba as well, rick. let us know about that outside on the plaza.
5:41 am
>> can we just look at pictures of steven seagal for a while are. >> that does not look like the same steven seagal. >> you have to look very closely. >> it is not rainy season in cuba. things not looking that bad down there, actually. a little bit of rain overnight. show you what's going on most of the east is looking good. there is that the fronts you see traveling across straggle florida. might bring a shower or two. real activity across areas of the northeast. even this isn't going to be that bad. looks worse on the radar picture. later on tomorrow we'll see more rain across northern maine. now out across the west. all the reaction is here. great news. we need any moisture we can get across especially california that moisture is going to move in to southern california later today bringing you some rain and snow. at this point no delays in any airports across the country. great news if you're traveling and the other good news is the rain we are going to see across parts of the west in the next couple
5:42 am
of days. helping that drought getting into the rainy season. starting to see some. send it back to you inside. >> thanks a lot. really appreciate it. >> more coverage here. you just heard from juan williams. his fake take on fidel castro's death. interesting. met him on the plane and listened to 11 hour speech. geraldo rivera and mike huckabee will join us. >> what is the economic impact of his death? charles payne, the man who knows about money. is he here to weigh in next. ♪ ♪
5:43 am
♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition.
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5:46 am
>> those pictures on the right definitely not life because this morning fidel castro is dead the world is reacting and we are reacting right here on the couch bringing in experts across the spectrum. we want to welcome charles payne the host of making money on the fox business network. what do you make of this historic news this morning? >> i think it could be a step in the right direction for the cuban people. fidel's brother raúl had already implemented it some believe it or not some free markettish kind of things. >> putting his toe in the water. >> he has put his toe in the water. i don't think we realize 90% of cubans own their own homes. they have been allowed recently to buy and sell their own homes buy and create small business. they're able to do more things with their farms. because, listen, we know communism does not work. it didn't work anywhere arnold the world. russia has moved this way. china moved this way. why wouldn't cuba eventually move this way? also their overreliance on venezuela they get 100,000 barrels of barrels of oil.
5:47 am
venezuela is on the verge of going upside down civil war. solidify relationship based on our strength and their needs and their desire, perhaps. >> how important is it for us to be there before the chinese or russians to get. >> there the chinese and russians are already there. theive there for a long time. in fact, europeans are already been there we have historic relationships going back that may supersede those. notion is ultimately cubans love to come to america and settle down. we have 2 million cuban americans in america. 18% of them live in miami. we do have some natural advantages that i do think geographic and historic that could work in our favor. >> what about the stock market? people talking about a donald trump bounce is it for real? >> it is absolutely for real. it's been absolutely amazing. help the economy. that's the mechanical part. you still need the intangible thing. i call it sort of the
5:48 am
morning in america? we have talked about it animal spirits. people have to buy in to this. i know i have come across enough folks who didn't vote for donald trump. didn't vote at all. but they feel it the guy at the garage feels it. the hot dog dude feels it. >> feels like the clouds are lifting. >> feels like opportunity is coming through. morning in america part two. for any successful scheme. for any economic scheme to be successful, rather, people must buy into it. they must believe they can't hoard their money. they have to start businesses. they have to start families. they have to do things that are the pillars. >> consumer confidence too recently. >> here is the beautiful thing. here's one thing that donald trump has got -- okay. we saw it coming already. but it grew exponentially in the last couple of weeks. charles payne, 6:00 p.m. eastern every day on the fox business network. would we have got mike huckabee former governor of arkansas reacting to fidel castro's death but also what's happening with the trump trans session team. that's next.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
well, reaction over fidel castro's death, pictures from miami where people literally have been celebrating through the night. former president jimmy carter on twitter, quote, we share our sympathies with the castro family and the cuban people on the death of fidel castro. we remember fondly our visits with him in cuba and his love of his country. you know who else was singing the praises of fidel castro just a couple days before his death, san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. yes, same one refusing to stand for the national anthem. he had recently worn a t-shirt celebrating the life of fidel castro. former arkansas governor mike huckabee, everybody knows him, very familiar to the fox
5:53 am
audience. he joins us now live by telephone. governor huckabee, what do you make of colin kaepernick singing the praises of fidel castro? >> this guy just doesn't know when to quit. i mean, first he kneels and sits during the playing of the national anthem in utter disrespect to the nation that allows him to make $14 million a year for playing football. and then he celebrates the life of a terrorist and murderer fidel castro. for people who jail journalists, pretty sure colin kaepernick that lived in cuba he wouldn't have been able to sit during the cuban national anthem and get away with that. he'd walk away and never see him again. somehow celebrate this man as some great world leader, he wasn't. he oppressed people. he caused people to flee on wooden rafts and risk their lives to get away from it. this is amazing that colin kaepernick is such an idiot that he just doesn't even know the difference between a leader and a murderer.
5:54 am
>> governor, just briefly on that point as well. life on cuba is bad. we know what happens with socialism and communism, what about the left's reflixive desire to praise someone like this? >> it escapes me completely. i mean, this is not about left or right politics. this is about oppressive politics. this is about a government that beats up its people and keeps them in poverty and lets them live on $25 a month. they barely get by on rice and beans. if the country that proves how pathetic true communism is and how it doesn't work, i don't want anybody to celebrate that. you would think they would be celebrating freedom of expression. talk about choice, but there are very few choices in cuba under the castros, raul or fidel. >> governor huckabee, this is dana. i wonder about sort of actions that president-elect donald trump can take after pretty much president obama let the horse
5:55 am
out of the barn and there are some things that could be done by executive action, how strongly do you think they're going to be able to push, and how quickly, on something to reverse some of those? >> you know, barack obama seems to be so intent on making a deal with the iranians and cubans, i never understood why he took some of the most extreme countries on earth and wanted to be pals with them. that makes no sense. at the same time treating our true friends, people like israel and the uk with a level -- we've never seen before in the country. one thing i would love to -- president trump is to say, look, we're not making deals with cuba just to get cigars, we're not -- >> absolutely. we want to get your quick take on political news of the day as well. obviously speculation swirling about who might be the president-elect's secretary of state choice, mitt romney's name has been mentioned, rudy giuliani, general petraeus. some suggested mitt romney may need to apologize to donald
5:56 am
trump to make himself a more viable candidate. what's your take on that situation? >> well, i suggested it the other day on "fox & friends" wednesday. i'm not sure that that suddenly qualifies him to be secretary of state. i think rudy giuliani probably has greater qualifications. and he also brings to the table something that is very important for a president to have in secretary of state, trust. somebody who trusts. the bigger question for me is why would mitt romney want to work for someone for whom he has no respect? that's one of the -- of the day. >> yeah, kellyanne conway tweeted the other day a good checklist for secretary of state is somebody who is loyal too. we appreciate your insights. happy thanksgiving for you and your family. >> thanks, you too. next, we have more guests, geraldo rivera actually interviewed fidel castro decades ago. and he's going to join us live to reflect on that and that interview from 1977. that's next.
5:57 am
5:58 am
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6:00 am
breaking overnight, fidel castro, the communist dictator from cuba who defied 11 american presidents and pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war is dead. >> and right now you see on the left side of your screen cuban americans taking to the streets in little havana, miami, celebrating the news. they've been doing that all night. many chanting, cuba is free. stark contrast from havana this morning, you see it on the right side now under a mandatory nine-day mourning period. all looks pretty silent. >> that's right. we're watching realtime throughout the world as world leaders and others react to this news. most recognizing that fidel castro was a ruthless dictator who suppressed his own people and forced his population to flee the island and come to america and elsewhere for freedom. others saying he was a revolutionary that fought for things that he believed in. >> and we have somebody of our
6:01 am
own fox family geraldo rivera who actually interviewed fidel castro, he joins us live. geraldo, a little bit about his life. >> to me and most of the world, i think most of the world celebrates fidel castro as a charismatic, iconic, magnificent historic figure. yes, he was a communist dictator and repressed his people and there are many who feel he was as ruthless as stalin or any of the kamis. because of his charisma and impact he had in latin america, i would submit he's probably the most important latin leader with the exception of of the 18th, 19th century simone -- despite all his unfortunate policies for
6:02 am
which there is such bitterness. but i remember as a young midshipman at new york state 1962, how we were all summoned to the base and told to standby because the world was on the brink of nuclear catastrophe because of the soviet, you know, flaunting of the u.s. blockade of cuba bringing ballistic missiles 90 miles from our shores. i mean, it was so profound. but when i think of castro, i think of this charismatic guy, he was the most sought after interview back in the 1970s. barbara walters, who is the most famous and iconic tv journalist or broadcast journalist in the world at that time landed the interview. a couple months later i kind of snuck into cuba with mary hemmingway, the widow of earnest hemingway, the writer who famously wrote old man at the sea, hung out there in cuba, so i had a couple clips of my old
6:03 am
interview with fidel. the first one is where he talks about how hard barbara walters made him work. so here's fidel castro. >> translator: i worked with barbara walters -- during my interview with president castro, when he discovered i worked for nbc he addressed light hearted complaint against barbara walters. >> translator: she made me work about three days. and then i had say nothing, absolutely nothing. >> reporter: actually, castro wasn't precisely correct. in a flagrant act of checkbook journalism, abc did in fact pay him. he received a $20 fee for the day he drove barbara around in his jeep.
6:04 am
he talks about how we're both gentlemen and now talk about the importance of hemingway and whether the example of earnest hemingway and hemingway's feelings for cuba might influence how the u.s. and cuba might get along. later i asked if the author's life could serve as a constructive example to better relations between the two countries. >> translator: well, as a president, yes. he does appreciate the fact that he's connected cuba to spend part of his life. unquestionable love for cuba. it's really an honor for us. the writer, written here, the old man in the sea, that novel, the old man in the sea, i've
6:05 am
read about three times. i read it now and then. and it seems to me always -- and that love for nation. so for me he's writer i like most that i read the most. >> so there he is. my encounter with fidel castro. memorable, unforgettable to me at least. >> i'm curious, something, geraldo, you were talking about how he was considered certainly a significant figure in history. and there are some today that are saying, well, look at how well he did for his people when it comes to literacy. they had a very high literacy rate. people had access to like government health care. and yet they don't have access to the internet. they drive around in cars basically from 1956. you have to get permission from the government to move from one
6:06 am
city to the next. so they have the ability tobut >> not leave. >> and do something with it. kind of a legacy that is. >> well, communism stinks, dana, we all know that. i mean, the irony these are the most beautiful beaches in the world but the horizon you see off the beaches is as far as most cubans can get. now with this loosening, now with president obama's outreach to cuba, now this power house in latin america, i think, can be harnessed. now they'll get cell phones, satellite television, communism cannot compete with capitalism. i think that the legacy of castro will crumble. the ideological legacy will crumble. i think cuba will become a real partner with the united states tourism. there are breakthroughs in medicine, their literacy you mentioned. i think in many ways an opening to cuba, and i think that the relic of the cold war has been so unfortunate, i think a lot of
6:07 am
it -- and you can talk about that all day long is, you know, when the cubans -- when the middle class was disinvested, when their property was confiscated and all the rich people and rich corporations had all their property confiscated, that left a legacy of bitterness among the middle and upper classes in cuba that impacted u.s. elections. i think it's fair to say that but for the cuban americans in south florida in 2000, al gore would be president. and i think that donald trump in 2016 also benefitted from the legacy of the bitterness that the cuban exile community, particularly the older people in the cuban exile community have for castro and communism and the confiscatory nature, but i think looking at castro's life, he took on the american colossal, he took on -- whatever even if the love-hate they have with fidel, i think they have
6:08 am
tremendous pride in the fact that they are an independent country for all its flaws. >> you used the word legacy, and legacies are important, but if you look at the legacy of fidel castro, his people did want to leave their country. there was massive oppression and lockdowns of political dissidents and opponents. you know, middle class suffered greatly, set them back decades. so why the reflexive desire for some to see called hero, anything other than he was, which was a dictator who suppressed his people? >> well, you know, god bless you, i think that is an accurate summary, pete, of the castro on the dark side. but on the other side, if you were from the middle down in cuban society in the hierarchy and you got free medicine you didn't have under the dictator
6:09 am
batista, if you had access to education that you wouldn't unless you were an elite and led to the revolution, you know, you think of castro in a whole different way. and i think that in fairness when you look at him and you talk about him, and i heard governor huckabee and slamming him and he's a creep and a dictator and a repressive monster and all the rest, but if you ask the man in the street in havana today, sure, they want to be in miami or new york -- >> they couldn't give your opinion because they don't have free speech. the man on the street would be jailed because they can't talk. >> i've been to cuba several times particularly back in those days when they were really shut off, i think it's very easy to have a simplistic view that he was all awful for cuba and the world. and i just don't think that's accurate. i think that the cubans have a tremendous sense of pride over his legacy and i think he will be remembered fondly. yes, he was a leftist.
6:10 am
yes, he was a communist. yes, his economic system failed. but the fact of the matter is the cuban medicine is renowned the world over. there are aspects of what he left behind that i think will be remembered. >> all right, we're going to have to break this up. dana might be in here -- >> you can go to the bar downtown, you can have a mojito on me, bro. >> all right. we appreciate it very much. we've got more headlines. obviously we're all over this story but other headlines breaking around the world. jackie is here. >> good morning. turning to your headlines now, we are learning the name of the first american service member killed fighting isis in syria, scott dayton, with 23 years in the military an explosives specialist killed by an ied in northern syria on thanksgiving, the same explosion injuring another american. a stray bullet injuring a texas state trooper. the bullet coming from a gun
6:11 am
battle on the mexican side of the rio grande, hitting him in the leg. a federal agent was also hit but was protected by body armor, luckily. the state trooper is in stable condition at the hospital. his identity not yet released this morning. still unclear who was involved in the gunfight. a recount of presidential votes will soon be underway in wisconsin thanks to jill stein. wisconsin election officials moving forward on the green party candidate's request. she says she wants to make sure hackers didn't skew the results. also requesting recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. her campaign has raised over $5 million to cover costs. and president-elect getting praise from recent rival jeb bush, believe it or not. the former florida governor commending trump's proposal to omit -- saying, quote, americans by wide majorities agree that washington is broken, so let's send power back to the people and back to the states. and with that, back to you on the curvy couch.
6:12 am
>> thank you for all that. you've been awesome all morning. >> thank you. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump adding two names to his administration overnight whochlt are they and what do they bring to his team? we're live in washington with the breaking details. and mr. trump also promised a better deal with cuba. what does that deal look like now after castro's passing? we'll talk about it. even though eric gibson and his wife briana don't know what the future has in store for them, they bought into a 30-year mortgage anyway. because they weren't just thinking about their future... buy in. quicken loans. home buy. refi. power.
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6:15 am
and the transition to power continues. right there two top staffers added to president-elect donald trump's team overnight, kt mcfarland and don mcgahn now in the ranks. gary ten-- garrett tenney with more. >> may give us more insight into the where the president-elect's
6:16 am
plans for the country might be going forward. you mentioned for deputy national security advisor mr. trump has selected what for many of our viewers is a household name, kt mcfarland. mcfarland brings a depth of experience in national security issues having served in the nixon, ford and reagan white houses. she's also been a fierce critic of the obama administration's handling of the war on terror. and until yesterday was a fox news contributor. in a statement mr. trump said mcfarland has tremendous experience in any talent that will compliment the fantastic team we are assembling, which is crucial because nothing is more important than keeping our people safe. the other top post announced yesterday was white house counsel. for that mr. trump stayed close to home with the selection of don mcgahn who is general counsel for the campaign and now for the transition. mcgahn is also a former fec commissioner and specializes in ethi ethics, which will certainly come in handy as the trump administration works to fulfill its promise of draining the swamp. we've already been told not to
6:17 am
expect any other announcements over the weekend, but that on monday mr. trump has at least eight meetings scheduled including with a few folks who he's considering for his cabinet. back to you. >> more information. kt mcfarland, obviously -- obviously an excellent choice. one of the things people don't necessarily know is the national security council has to coordinate amongst all the national security algt si agencies, so state, d.o.d., cia, things maybe sometimes from nasa come around and everybody has to be on the same page and it's the job of the national security council to figure that out for the president. i think she's be a good addition to mike flynn. >> k.t. mcfarland an excellent pick. i've always been impressed by her ability. she has so much experience but also willing to look at new threats through a new lens and realize what we need to do to respond to it. also a hat tip back toward the realists. she was a part of the castro wineberger doctrine, reagan's peace through -- >> a great communicator. >> dana knows better than anyone
6:18 am
perhaps about how important the job is. you remember fred fielding and others in the bush administration, white house council, i think especially in this administration when you think about the fact this is the first time we've had a businessman, and there's already these questions about potential conflicts of interest, you're going to need a white house lawyer who's very assertive in trying to establish the lines and be very assertive about that. >> john mcgahn i think because he's been on the campaign and part of the transition team. so interesting thing about white house counsel is you're not only the lawyer to the president in terms of his personal issues, but for all issues that come to the president's desk you are the counsel. in addition to that another very important job takes place by the white house counsel which if they do it the same way it oversees the supreme court nominees. >> absolutely. and that's coming fast and furious. a fox news alert of course, all morning we're on the breaking story fidel castro dead. hailed by some celebrities as a hero, from colin kaepernick, yes, to beyonce and jay-z.
6:19 am
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that many of them fled to come to the united states is dead this morning. >> yeah. and just three days before fidel
6:23 am
castro's death 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick, yes, back in the news praised the dictator saying the u.s. could learn from his leadership. >> oh, yes. >> what is it america's youth is not understanding about history? we turn of course to cat timms because she understands. tell me about the young people. >> first of all he's not even that young, okay. >> kaepernick? >> right. >> he's not that young, but there's a lot of kids on college campuses and people that are young that do have this idea that capitalism is so evil, so obviously socialism and communism must be good things. again, not seeing that people are fleeing those countries to come here. and also i don't see them trying to go either. >> well, he didn't have a good defense of fidel castro, it was almost more of an anti-american approach. why would you put him or gavara on your t-shirts -- >> seeing he's a monster, i don't know what the reason possibly could be. kaepernick said he invested more money in education than the prison system. i agree that we have a problem with mass incarceration in this
6:24 am
country, but do we really want the criminal justice system that they had in cuba under castro where they just kill you if they want to and that's fine? you're dead. you're dead. >> what's the education system? what are they teaching kids in cuba about communism? >> absolutely. >> oh, you can read four books. >> just because you're investing in an education system doesn't mean what they're teaching you is good stuff. >> yeah. >> it's just capitalism is seen as so evil. >> you've been covering this for awhile, do you think that type of education on college campuses or maybe even starting before that is getting more intense, or backing off? where do you see it headed? >> i think it's getting more intense. >> really? >> absolutely. i mean, the irony of someone like colin kaepernick being able to protest and whether you agree with him or not he has the right to do so. that's obviously not possible in cuba with someone like fidel castro in power. nobody's paying attention to that because it's kind of cool now to, you know, be a
6:25 am
revolutionary in the revolution of, you know, communism, socialism, capitalism is just a bunch of greedy old white people. people are so busy hating that, that they're blind to everything else. >> not only progressed but become pervasive. if the democratic socialist can listen to the nomination of a party shows you how cool that becomes. >> that was the youth. and it's become very popular and cool and i can't imagine how someone could be so comfortable with democratic socialism is different than socialism but i've got to rallies and said socialism there's some bad stuff associated with that, right? well, no, i've seen it really work and people are giving me the example of cuba and of north korea and all these other countries. i'm saying you're not going there though. why? i mean, do you not know why no one's going there? because it's a disaster and these people are monsters. >> but this is a foreign policy challenge moving forward for president-elect donald trump about what to do next with what president obama has done in terms of loosening restrictions and whatnot. and when we have a major national security challenge of course we turn to beyonce and
6:26 am
figure out what does she think, always. >> yeah. nobody listens to me because i just do it for a living. if only i were a singer my opinion might matter. beyonce goes to cuba, jay-z goes to cuba, their experience going anywhere is going to be different than anybody else's. >> that's right. >> and you had a prediction about that. >> well, i think when they went i remember thinking that, you know, there were these -- president obama had wanted to do something, an opening up with cuba for a long time. and i felt like when they went that jay-z and beyonce were sort of like softening up the ground. it was an advance trip. >> because the obama treasury department had to approve that trip. >> they did. >> interesting. >> and they go and there's all those romantic pictures but what you don't see is behind the scenes, it's a shame. >> i think it's good to open things up, i love free trade, but at the same time you have to be aware of what's going on there. >> political oppression of regimes that enrich themselves through that trade. >> thanks, cat. >> happy thanksgiving weekend. >> thank you. well, president-elect pro promised a better deal with cuba if he won the election.
6:27 am
what does that deal look like after castro's death? we discuss it coming up. and people have been dancing in the streets of miami, all night, all morning. we're live on the ground in little havana next. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. (jim) victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer vo) victoza® is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and is not for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.
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you see these live pictures. cigars are out. they're officially out. people are smoking and toasting
6:31 am
to the idea that fidel castro has finally died. we're going to take you to little havana live in just a moment. >> yes, we are. but first, other headlines around the country today. i'm going to toss to jackie ibanez for those. >> good morning to everyone on the curvy couch and everyone at home. brand new disturbing records just released in the deadly bus crash that killed six children in tennessee. it's so sad. written complaints show students' parents and school board officials reporting johnthony trying to figure out walker's behavior. six children were killed in that crash. he's charged with vehicular homicide. an officer being viciously ambushed with a skateboard. 12-year veteran rob by chon being savagely beaten over the head in south san francisco. the attack coming as the officer approached the suspect.
6:32 am
reports he was causing a disturbance. chan, a father of two suffering life threatening head trauma. the suspect is facing attempted murder charges this morning. and a stubborn and frustrated hillary clinton wasn't ready to concede on election night, until that is president obama told her to, that's according to a book coming out. the president made the call as the clinton camp was watching the election slip away from them in the rust belt states. but the president's call not sitting well with clinton allies who are still questioning the results in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. they want a recount. and dozens of pounds of marijuana found wrapped in christmas presents. that's right. david yates, he was pulled over in ohio monday. police finding ten gift wrapped boxes with 71 pounds of marijuana inside. officials estimate that the drugs were worth more than $300,000. a big red flag for police for the presents since it wasn't even thanksgiving yet. yates now facing up to 16 years
6:33 am
in prison. and those are your headlines. don't wrap your christmas presents too early, guys. >> say that fast three times. >> no kidding. >> thank you, jackie. let's check with rick for the weather. >> good morning, guys. not bad in new york city this morning. >> yeah! >> great! >> are you all here for thanksgiving and some birthdays. was it a good time? was it worth the trip? >> yes. >> wonderful all around. we love to hear that. let's look at the weather maps as you're waking up this morning. if you're heading to an airport, green meaning good everywhere except for san francisco. sfo has delays because of the rain you see moving in there. that rain is going to be heavy today. i'll show you that more in a second. across the east for the most part looking good. there's a little bit of snow across interior sections of new york later on today a little bit more in towards northern maine, but aside from that most of the eastern nine-tenths of the country is looking really good. where we have the problems is there across california in towards the pacific northwest. the good part that rain is going to make its way into southern
6:34 am
california, and this will be a weathermaker for the week. by tomorrow it moves into the four corners and eventually into the southeast where we have incredible drought going on. we have those fires in the southern appalachians been causing all kinds of respiratory problems and air quality issues. but we're going to get some really good rain. here's what happens through monday. in fact, some severe weather possible across texas and throughout arkansas, maybe a few tornadoes. be ready for that for monday. but go into monday night into tuesday and you see what happens. we finally, this is the first time in months and months that we're going to be looking at some very significant precipitation falling across alabama and georgia, south carolina, north carolina and eastern tennessee. and even into across the northeast where we haven't been able to get any rain and we have some severe drought going on. so a lot of areas across the east getting their first real significant rain in a great time. fires will be gone likely and the drought a big relief, at least a big dent in it coming. so lots of good news coming. there you go. that's it from the outside. back to you. >> finally good news from the
6:35 am
weather. thank you, rick. >> certainly people in miami feeling there was good news this morning when they woke up and found that fidel castro had died after 90 years. donald trump, president-elect, promzed a better deal with cuba if he were elected president. take a look at this back from 2016 in one of the debates. >> what i want is i want a much better deal to be made because right now cuba is making as usual with our country, we don't make good deals, we don't have our right people negotiating. we have people that don't have a clue. i would want to make a strong, solid good deal. because right now everything is in cuba's favor. right now everything, every single aspect of this deal is in cuba's favor. >> i thought it was moving earlier today too when we had mercedes on as a fox news contributor and her father had been a political prisoner. >> for six years. >> under fidel castro. thankfully is now out. i believe when she called him this morning to give her father the news this morning he started crying. she was very emotional about that. saying, look, there's a real opportunity here in cuba moving forward for president-elect
6:36 am
trump who had tough rhetoric during the campaign, but her point, i believe, if you give it the full context is that while she thought it was good president obama wanted to open things up, it was a bad deal as donald trump said in the estimation of mercedes was a better perspective perhaps than any of us because there were no concessions by the cuban dictatorship. there were no political prisoners released. it was all about money flowing in. >> i think she called it a weak deal. and you could hear in her voice the passion. and of course i've known her a long time and i actually learned most of what i know about the cuban community's feelings about fidel castro came from working with her at the white house all those years and i had a chance to meet her father. lovely people. extremely passionate. and i'll tell you what, they love america. and all of what freedom means to them, it's just so moving. >> that's right. you see the difference of 90 miles of ocean and what difference that makes in how governments constitute themselves. but there's a lot -- there was of course a lot of criticism of
6:37 am
the deal on the trail. folks like senator rubio, prominent cuban american made the case prominent deal on the side. ted cruz as well, stood strong saying this is a bad deal that needs to be changed. we asked supporter of donald trump's from earlier in the show what he thought would happen in light of this passing of fidel castro and that deal and this is what he had to say. >> when donald trump gets to office, he can threaten and/or revoke those executive orders, which i think can put unique pressure on cuba to liberate, to bring more religious and economic and political freedom to the island. which is what obama should have done in the first place. the lives of the cuban people haven't gotten any bet sgler and congressman pete king by the way, republican from right here in new york just tweeted out, quote, no person of good will should mourn the death of fidel castro or attempt to row mant size him. the world is a better place
6:38 am
because of his death. i also thought along the lines of mercedes, we had iliana, speaks from the governmental and political perspective, but she had a personal story as well. >> she had a personal story. she was born in cuba and i think when she was 8 years old they fled and she said first time ever on an airplane, they arrived in america on halloween. what kind of a place is this, but always thought they would go back. that never happened. she does not feel that this is the moment where all of a sudden there's going to be sunshine, light and transparency and freedom in cuba. here she is talking about it earlier. >> the message is definitely clear to those who think that they can continue to misrule cuba through oppression and fear, and that is enough is enough, and we have president-elect donald trump who said very clearly in our community time and time again and elsewhere that he will go against the new regulations that president obama put into place,
6:39 am
which are really just concessions to this communist dictatorship in exchange for nothing. it was a sweetheart deal for raul castro and now with fidel's death i think donald trump will be emboldened more to make those changes in u.s. policy. >> such a powerful point. because to romanticize is to effectively endorse raul castro who is still there oppressing folks and using flows from america to enrich his regime and consolidate political power. so this is not over. when you romanticize it -- >> fidel castro knew very well what he did when saw his health failing in about 2006 we started having meetings in the white house about, okay, this could be it, takes ten years later but by that time he has his brother in place and nothing has changed, really. so we've got a lot more to get to today and we're going to dig deeper here. is fidel castro with his legacy was he just a ruthless dictator or a revolutionary hero as some
6:40 am
around the world are trying to say? depends on who you ask. we'll talk to former democratic congressman joining us next. let's check in with neil cavuto for a look at what's coming up on the cost of freedom business block. hey there. well, i hope you had a great thanksgiving. and here we go again. protesters taking out their frustrations on retailers during one of the busiest shopping days of the year. but who are they really hurting? and just because he's going to be a former president, barack obama says that does not mean he is going to be a quiet one. promising to take on donald trump if he goes against u.s. ideals. is that ideal? cost of freedom coming up. we'll see you soon.
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
this is live footage in miami where cuban americans across the country are
6:44 am
celebrating. we want to bring in senator m marco rubio, former presidential candidate and one of the most prominent voices in the cuban american community in this country. you've spoken out for years against the castro regime. what does this day mean to you? >> well, i think first we need to understand what it means to cuba and the dictator, not the dictatorship. it continues to be a dictatorship. this transition of power basically happened ten years ago beginning in 2006. so there's still a government where he's kind of been, you know, i guess dictator who's been hanging around and giving advice and writing columns and so forth, but in essence the leadership of the day-to-day government is passed to his brother raul quite a while ago. for the community there's a lot of people out there today whose parents have passed away who did not see this day, really the day their parents wanted not the death of castro but a different system of government and different future for cuba. and so it's one of those days
6:45 am
where people are going to react to it. it's been very different 15 or 20 years ago. but in the end when it's all said and done, you're going to have the same system of government in place in cuba that you had last night before fidel castro's death. so it's a newsworthy efvent buti don't think it changes anything. >> this deal cut through executive action to open up some economic activity and normalize relations with cuba, does something like this create a new opportunity for political liberalization for potentially regime change down the line? what does it mean? >> well, it depends, right? i mean, so the argument some have made for as long as fidel is around and alive and capable of writing columns wrcriticizin his own brother and others, you won't see the government move. i'm not necessarily adherent to that viewpoint. my criticism of the deal was not we changed our relationship with cuba, my criticism is we've made over 50 to 60 individual
6:46 am
concessions all of which benefit the cuban government. and they've made none. and they've made absolutely no changes in this system of government. i think one-sided deal in that manner or fashion are bad for the cuban people. so you would hope there's a chance for re-examination, but i don't believe so. i think the system of government they have in place might be difficult to change as long as certain people are still around and that includes raul castro. >> senator, this is dana. i wondered if you could weigh in on what you think the obama administration should do in regards to the funeral? should they send a representative? if so, what level might be appropriate? >> well, if you send a representative of the obama administration and the u.s. government to that funeral, you are sending someone to the funeral of a man who ordered the execution of americans including the brothers to the rescue. let's not forget this happened back in 1996 where you had civilian aircraft over international waters, unarmed, they were patrolling looking for rafters in the sea to save their lives and the cubans shot two of
6:47 am
those planes down. and there were american citizens on those planes. and so you are -- that kind of thing cannot happen in cuba without fidel castro's direct order. so you are basically sending to the funeral high ranking american officials to the funeral of a man who murdered american citizens less than 20 years ago whose families have gotten judgments against the cuban government and u.s. courts and who still live in south florida and will painfully have to watch that. so i would help they would send no one to the funeral. while you may want to open up to cuba, there's no reason we should be opening up to fidel castro's legacy of anti-americanism, of murder, of dictatorship, of imprisonment, of exile, which is what his legacy is all about. >> senator, it'd ed henry. i wonder if the person going to have to deal with charting the way forward for america and approach to cuba and all these other hot spots around the world obviously will be president-elect donald trump, and as he decides on nominating a secretary of state, someone
6:48 am
that you as a member of the senate obviously will be able to weigh in on, what do you think about these reports that mitt romney may have to apologize for some of the things he said during the campaign if he wants to become secretary of state? >> well, that would be an internal matter for them to handle. i don't know those reports are true or not. i've been around if not long enough to know a lot of times what was reported out there is one person's agenda, not necessarily accurate. but i have no insight to that. i like mitt romney very much. i think he's highly capable. it's up to the president-elect to decide who he wants to serve him. and then it's up to us and the senate to ensure it's the right person that confirmed them or not. we're going to wait for that process to play out. >> okay, donald trump was very aggressive in his rhetoric, remember, during the campaign about saying he wanted to roll back some of president obama's openings to cuba. would you recommend moving forward that he actually roll some of that back so that you get a fair deal in your estimation? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> how would you do that? >> well, that's what i look
6:49 am
forward to sitting down and talking through with the administration is be strategic, the objective is not to punish. the objective is to achieve a difference in system of government. i'm not saying i want cuba to look like new zealand in the next 24 months. it's obviously a place that's been a communist dictatorship for over 60 years and it's going to take time. but you want to see steps moving in the right direction. you've seen places of that around the world where incrementally work with the right measures. so we want to ensure we're not doing anything to reward the castro regime, we're not doing anything that allows this system of government to become permanent or accepted. you're doing everything possible to support those on the island who are fighting for freedom and liberty and basic human rights. and you want to make sure you're doing something that specifically paves the way for what i hope will be a new generation of cuban leadership that will bring about a more political opening on the island. >> senator, you and your family have experienced that oppression firsthand. you did address earlier how raul castro's an extension of fidel
6:50 am
castro, but for those who maybe haven't paid attention to cuba for years, what is life really like there who live under this regime, who may romanticize or be tempted to romanticize the legacy of fidel castro today? we're already hearing from some leaders doing that. what's it like? >> that's one of the things i'm most concerned about. this is now an opportunity for all the apoll gists to come out and talk about what a great guy fidel castro is because people know how to read but yet, you know, their fathers and mothers served 20 years in jail. so there's been different stages in the exile experience. my grandfather, for example, came from cuba in the mid 1960s after going back basically because like many cubans he thought fidel was going to be good for the country. there was a lot of hope for fidel castro when he took over. expectations were high, people were very, very hopeful. he himself had said he was a democrat, he was going to bring about democracy. within three years became -- that first generation people lost their homes, their properties, their entire lives. you talk about doctors, lawyers, engineers, businessmen who
6:51 am
overnight were washing dishes on miami beach. they lost everything. people in prison, people executed without any sort of trial. that process continued up until through the mid '80s and beyond. >> we have to leave it right there. you just heard senator rubio.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
right now, celebration of the death of the communist dictator fidel castro. >> joining us to react former ohio congressman dennis ka kasinich. champion of social justice, what do you think of that, congressman. >> as fiery as the people in
6:55 am
cuba who love fidel castro, we should console them -- >> who are those people, congressm congressman, who love those -- >> let me finish. the exile community has to be listened to as well. and i think that if you're looking at cuba, the thing we don't want to do is restart the cold war. we realize that what castro did was overthrow a corrupt dictatorship, but then castro took a government in a different direction that was anti-american. but america tried to knock him off. we got to remember that. so if we're going to talk about castro, we have to talk about history. and the history has -- cannot be colored by ideology. >> so what's the way forward for america now? what would you suggest? >> i'd say that we have to have diplomatic relations. now, as far as the contours of those relationships i think people like senator rubio and donald trump are going to have something to say about it. but we should not turn back the clock. we should not make cuba by our actions more hospitable to those who are unfriendly to the united
6:56 am
states. it's 90 miles away. we need to have diplomatic relations with them. i think president obama did the right thing. i don't always agree with president obama, but he did the right thing in trying to normalize relations with cuba. >> congressman, who would you send to the funeral if you were president obama? >> i think the u.s. ought to be represented. the communities of the world will be there. doesn't mean -- you go to someone's funeral -- look, i'm in politics. i've been at people's funerals. i've been to funerals of people i did not agree with but out of respect for those who are mourning i showed ep. the u.s. should be represented there. we can't withdraw from the world community. and we shouldn't be taking a political position just simply by having someone there. we're mourning with those who are mourning for him. >> former congressman dennis kucinich, we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. more "fox & friends" coming up next. d. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed.
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6:59 am
president obama saying at this time of fidel castro's
7:00 am
passing he says we extend a hand of friendship to the cuban people. we thank dana for being here today. >> someone just said what fidel castro said about ronald reagan when he died, he said he should not have been born has died. well, good riddance to fidel castro today. more to come. targeting our economy. black lives matter protesters trying to shut down chicago's magnificent mile retail district. and $15 minimum wage protesters planning strikes at several major airports next week. now, some here say trying to ground key parts of our economy will backfire on the protesters. hi everybod for brenda butner. this is bulls and bears. joining us this week, john, morgan, chuck and a warning to all you gentlemen ready to take morgan on, she's in the navy


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