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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 27, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> brand new hour of "america's election headquarters." >> and president-elect donald trump is back in manhattan this evening, amid growing speculation and division in the g.o.p. on his possible choice for secretary of state. >> there are mixed reactions around the globe over the death of cuban dictator fidel castro. we will have a report from havana as cubans pay respect to their long time hard-line come 50 leader. >> violence in new orleans as shots ring out on bourbon street with the latest on early morning shoot that left one dead and nine injured.
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>> but first we start with president-elect donald trump. he is heading off to new york city this evening. after spendth thanksgiving holiday in palm beach, florida. the plane departed from the palm beach international airport and the president-elect keeping quiet this weekend about any possible new appointments as speculation grows about his cabinet picks. but he has not held back opinions on the recount that will be ongoing in wisconsin and possibly in two other key battleground states. the clinton campaign is joining the recount attempt of green party candidate jill stein calling it "ridiculous and scam," but they cite foreign intrusions into the election system and possible voting machine problems. we are bringing more from the newsroom. so the response from the trump campaign on the recount is,
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what? >> good evening. look, president-elect's team is calling hillary clinton and her team hypocrites and crybabies because what they say is this recount effort is exactly doing what they said that trump was threatening to do clinton attacked trump during the campaign for essentially saying they would, he would contest the results of the election and he would not accept the results of the election and it appears now, perhaps clinton is doing the very thing she attacked him for threatening to do. a lawyer revealed on saturday that they will participate in the wisconsin recount started by green party candidate jill stein and they said they would join the recount efforts in pennsylvania and michigan and trump won the three states by 107,000 votes total, today, on fox news, reince priebus attacked stein and the recount process. listen. >> this is ridiculous a fundraising notoriety-driven fraud by a person who won 33,000
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counts in wisconsin to built from who won 1.4348. so we have a person perpetrating a fundraising scheme that has last by over 1.35 million votes in wisconsin attempting to undue a 28,000 vote lead. it is never going to happen. >> stein said she simply wants to check to make sure there was no hacking or frauds during the election and trump's senior advisor cell is saying the effort by the clinton team is undermining president obama and his last eight weeks of his presidency and his legacy because the fact is, president-elect donald trump and president obama had a 45 minute conversation over the phone yesterday, they respect one another, they are getting along nicely and he has seemingly send the results of the election and it is time that hillary clinton's team does. that is kellyanne conway today. >> they are at 200 power -- at
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trump towers. before he is hope three took to twitter in the last couple of hours about this. what did he tweet? >> yes, president-elect donald trump has called the recount effort sad and noting something will change. now it seems to be that he is over this idea that his presidency is illegitimate because he didn't win the popular vote. he started tweeting in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct million whose voted illegally, worst have been easier to win the popular vote if i only campaigned in three or four rather than the continue states i visit i would have won more convincingly but smaller states are forgotten. he is saying, look, nothing will change from the recount but on the other he is suggesting there were millions of fraudulent votes for clinton.
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to be clear there is no evidence of white-spread fraud or any kind of illegal hacking. hillary clinton is leading the popular vote around the nation by over two million votes. >> there is in confirmation of the supposed illegal votes or that many. we certainly will be on it and talk to david hawkings about the recount effort. thank you. >> arthel? >> yes, pickup truck will be holding a sears of meeting at trump tower in new york city tomorrow. as he prepared to make decisions about severalling cabinet positions, this coming amid reports of an internal split offer his choice for secretary of state. we are in washington with the latest. we are told that the split is centered around governor mitt romney. is that the case? >> that is right. this is going on behind the scenes for some time. today, it burst out and the open because of the sunday show appearance by newt gingrich and senior advisor kellyanne conway.
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they argue that if trump picked romney for secretary of state, it would be a slap in the face to many trump loyalists who felt betrayed by romney during the campaign. >> speak for most of the trump supporters, while we will support president-elect donald trump in whatever he does, we would be enknoxly disappointed if he brought mitt romney into any position of authority. >> i am for party unity but i am not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. >> kellyanne conway added she works of course, support romney in that is who is picked to be the top diplomat. >> how unusual is it for a convenience your advisor to publicly share opinions like this? >> well, it is unusual enough that it was tweed "i have never, ever, seen any aide to a president elect of the united states publicly try and box the box in like this. extraordinary." that is according to axelrod and
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then went on to say i wonder in real donald trump appreciates being manipulated in public like this and it is not only democrats weighing in karla ramirez-segoviano rove called -- karl rove called this "unseemly," for someone about to become president of the united states. i on get this resolved. and move on. this stuff with tweets from his owe staff members, commends from his sure gets, this is just not making him look strong he needs to resolve there and move forward. >> some of the other top contenders are former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and john bolton, and tennessee senator bob corker. >> thank you. and david pet address -- petraeus. >> fidel castro's death has
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promised mixed reaction. some in little havana in miami, celebrating the departure and many in havana, tonight, are preparing to pay their respects. cuba will respond the next two days honoring castro, who died on friday night at age of 90. we are in havana, cuba, on the reaction and the plans for castro's funeral. steve? >> so far, the reaction here in havana has been quiet. we have eastbound some makeshift memorials of a small scale but the real ceremony will be tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. a 21 gun salute and at revolution plaza a huge line of people to walk past the picture of fidel castro, monday and tuesday. he was cremated on saturday. his ashes will make the trip across the country. they will be heading east to santiago where the revolution began in 1959a backward path to make their way across the
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country. fidel castro is again but he leaves his brother behind and in charge. ram is -- raul is 85 and will retire in two years so there could be a generational shift in cuba the next few years. a key question, how will relations go forward with the united states? in the past two yours under the obama administration we have seen a real thawing of relationships and the united states embassy should down for 50 years is back open but we heard grumbling from president-elect donald trump's administration there could be real changes to reverse some concessions the united states has made to cuba and demand political and religious freedoms which would be a nonstarter with the country cuban leadership. cuba lost support from venezuela and they may need to open things up soon. >> thank you, steve, from
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havana. >> arthel? all the busy hum of bourbon street replaced by sirens and screams and police are investigating the deadly shoot ing that erupted along the most popular areas. >> and the vetting of mitt romney is ruffling a lot of feathers in the republican party with many outraged over the potential nomination. will that sway the opinion of the president-elect? at outback, steak and unlimited shrimp is back! just $15.99 for a limited time. try unlimited garlic herb butter, or crispy shrimp for just $15.99. and hurry in for a free ten dollar bonus card with every fifty dollar gift card... at outback.
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>> as congress heads back to capitol hill tomorrow, president-elect facing a divide among republican lawmakers about would should serve as secretary of state. he reportedly considering former governor mitt romney for the position as well as former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and several others. some are pushing back against the idea of mitt romney taking a spot in the cabinet pointing to his sharp criticism of donald trump during the campaign. >> governor he went toward the governor romney concept but that should tell all americans about where president-elect's head is,
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a place that will put the best possible people together for all americans no matter without are, what religion, whatever your opinion. >> and a north carolina congressman is joining me from the house of representatives oversight committee. >> arthel, great to be with you. >> listen, 53 days before president president trump takes office, which nomination is he likely to milk this week? >> it is the diagnosises that obviously are president-elect donald trump's to make and those closest to him in part of the transition team will decide that. i'm sure we will hear some additional decisions coming but as you talked abut the real tuck among grass roots is all about this divide offer whether governor romney should be the is the state or not. kellyanne conway has talk about the grass roots and their
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response. she is not overstating it. i can tell you that there is a groundswell of people that are reaching out to their members of congress and saying, how in the world can you pick governor romney for secretary of state? that being said my job is to make sure that we prepared for a new administration. we going to support the president-elect in any decision he makes. certainly it is a new day arthel. one of the interesting things is, we are hearing a senior advisor they the president-elect actually articulating the fact that they are listening to the membership. what a novel concept something they would some do on a regular basis. >> you say it is a if you day, a new day with respect to the republicans having or get behind trump post election wanting to rally for cohesiveness, with that in mind, he has senate majority this, do you think he is going to have a lofts difficulty get his nominations through? or are they not going to rubber
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stamp his every suggestion? >> there will be robust debate. each different committee has their committee of jurisdiction as we look for the advice and consent part of the upper chamber but as we start to look at that, the quality of the picks we have seen so far should not make it through with much opposition. there will be the normality partisan rancour as with any nomination process but the mes he has so for speak very well of his ability to not only get talent but to be ready to govern on january 20. >> i will talk as a member the freedom caucus that voted to stop spending. period. i would like your take on his idea of spending $1 trillion on enough structure? >> i serve on the transportation infrastructure committee and the freedom caucus is more for responsible spending and make
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sure our national different does not continue to grow, that we want a plan to make sure we balance. even with that, there will be a number of freedom caucus members and we have not taken a formal position on anything, but i know a number of us have signed ton a bill a couple of conges ago where it was an infrastructure legislation, so whether it is that or a combination of unand private partnership --. >> a you are okay with $1 trillion on infrastructure? >> if we look at our failing infrastructure system it is in need of immediate repair. i don't see it as a jobs program, i see it as an 51 vestment to credit jobs and in doing that, finding a way that doesn't just increase the deficit, that something i believe house conservatives are willing to work with the new administration on and i'm optimistic we can get there. >> thank you, congressman for your time. >> thank you, arthel.
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>> bourbon street in new orleans is usually bustleing and busy and overnight sadly it became the sight of another deadly street shooting. gunfire rang out in the famed french quarter leave one person dead and nine people wounded. chaos unfolding as the tourist packed street, people were panicked and ran for their lives. we have the latest. will? we have just listened that the two gun men responsible for the carnage are still on the loose. it comes as hundreds of thousands of family and tourists were in new orleans this past couple of days for thanksgiving and the classic includes a popular college football game and a saints game today and bourbon street was packed early morning when shots rang out at 1:30 a.m. witnesses say it was pure chaos people running everywhere, some even got trampled. >> you were shoulder to shoulder
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and could not walk and everyone was running, and pushing each other and. asking. >> surveillance video shows a woman who was shot getting help from a fan before she falls and the police chief said everything started when two men got in a fight on bourbon street. it does not appear anyone who was injured was responsbile for the shooting. the man killed had a bright future and they say he was an inent biextender. they say they did arrest two machine at the scene for illegal firearms and one was shot. they say this is not much more that law enforcement could have done to reveteran the violence. >> we had a very robust plan. everything we could do we did. everybody that was supposed to happen happened. the state police and e.m.s. workers and first responders all responded quickly. everything nasa was designed to happen in the event of an emergency want according to plan. this is the act of prison could you wars would tooked actions
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into the hand and their choice and we have to pursue them and hold them accountable. >> members of law enforcement will go to the end of the earth to catch the two gunmen. back in 2014, there was a similar shooting on bourbon street the same number of people were shot, ten people, and recently the gunman was sentenced to 6 yours in prison. >> the mayor called it senseless. it is that. so knowledge extra -- so senseless and tragic. all the mayor now is mitch landrieu. >> i know them as i am a new orleans native. i am very saddened by this story. >> great city. >> it is. it is we will talk about this, president-elect donald trump pushing become after the clinton efforts to recount votes in
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wisconsin and why members of the trump teal -- team will be joining the effort. >> and reflecting on a special tribute after being award at the house with the highest civilian on. >> an architect like frank geary and i am a sports announceer, it was a humbling response when i say that.
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smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. >> and both hillary clinton and president-elect donald trump responded to the new calls for a presidential recount, form green party nominee jill stein raised $6 million for the effort and she file for the first recount in wisconsin. the state that donald trump ron. the clinton campaign is jump on board is said it will also be involved, poe financial recounts in michigan and pennsylvania, two key states, that they are initiated there, as well. and trump is calling this a "scam," and in the event the three states do flip, clinton would have enough electoral votes to claim the presidency. >> it is a hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought they were nervous about president-elect donald trump not
3:28 pm
conceding are the people that are conducting recounts in states where we won by over 68,000 votes. >> if it gives people more confidence that what happened happened, we need to let it move forward. it was now the clinton campaign that moved this forward, it was the green party. all the clinton campaign is on board. >> how could they not be on board? >> what will this accomplish? >> we have the senior editor at "rollcall." >> a lot of citation is, after the f.b.i., said two sites were hacked, they believe by russia and this sites possible voting machine problems with the screen, the town screen voting machines but what do you think will be the get and what can this achieve? >> when all is said and done the results will be same. the clinton campaign's attorney
3:29 pm
who is the one who actually pull out the statement they would participate in the recount, even he said that the, no recount at a presidential level has ever overturned a state that was as close as any of three states that we're talking about, minute, the difference is 10,000 votes, wisconsin is 20,000 votes and pennsylvania at 70,000 votes and we have never overturned in this country through a recount, never reversed the outcome of even 10,000 vote margin so highly unlikely that one let alone all three would claim absent some huge revelation about some sort of systematic problem. the odds are highly likely that the outcome stay the same. >> let me show you the exact numbers and to give you some perspective. in wisconsin you said 22,000 votes and three million votes were cast in that state, so you is a tremendous number of votes,
3:30 pm
and in michigan, donald trump has 10,704,000, but 4.8 million were cast and in pennsylvania, there is a bigger game 70,000 votes but, six million were cat and they are going to count the votes by hand. you get a paper trail and most voting machines and obviously there will be, i suspect, some differences, some irregularities and something they will find but certainly you think not enough? >> i think not enough. let's just note the most famous recount of all in florida in 2000 which was never completed, that was the fight, that ended up settling the supreme court it was over a difference of 537 votes, i will remember that number, so the difference in michigan is 20 times that. so, yes, in the grand scheme of things, these are small amendments of votes in the state
3:31 pm
but they are big enough votes that unlikely as i said absent a fundamental mistake or whole towns missing or some systematic problem, this will be reversed and the clinton campaign knows this but the lawyer is saying it would be essentially political malpractice to sit on the side lines and let the third party candidate run the recount by her sell. what i think is clear, even though donald trump and reince priebus who you show add minute ago, think this is a slam and a fraud, they are smart people politically, reince priebus is the chairman of the republican party, highly likely to me they will make sure a lawyer gets to wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania to pay attention. you don't want to walk away in a situation lick that, you want your people in the room and that is why hillary clinton's people will have lawyers in the room. >> you have elections that are
3:32 pm
half of 1% it kicks in but that is not the case here, and of course we have heard about potential hacking and voting machines and it is hard to hack a whole system-wide donald trump talked about being rigged in pennsylvania and the reality is, some of the districts, little divisions in philadelphia a couple of blocks, zero votes for because there are 300 people in a democratic neighborhood but let me show you video and we went down a couple of months ago to visit this guy a computer brain princeton ph.d prefer and what he is doing right there is a demonstration, a test and he switched out the computer chip it is only $5 in a voting machine and he had a test where people went in and voted and guess what, it did switch the votes. it actually did. a test. now, election officials have always stayed is impossible, it cannot really happen, they doesn't know if it has ever happen and they said it hasn't
3:33 pm
in real life but in is something that is decided by one of the coworkers, a professor in michigan. what do you think the possibility of that is, in is a snafu or potential interference with the electronic voting machines? >> i know nothing about the mechanics of the voting in the three states or the mechanics of hacking. i can barely log on to my own smartphone but clearly there is at the love suspicion and we know, we are confident the russians tried to influence the we we election with the wikileaks and the whose has sent out a signal there is no credible evidence of the hacking in which they tried to flip the votes in any of the three states. maybe the recount will suppose this.
3:34 pm
i am not person to ask. >> we will getans when the we count is finished. >> arthel? >> president obama awarding the medal of freedom to 21 people at the white house last week. and vince scully was among those receiving the highest civilian army the president can give. another legend sits down and talks about this. what does it mean to you? >> overwhelming. you feet inadequate. we because it is such an incredible award, there are no words federal you to use. in our business, in sports, you are aware of very awards and if you are a player you would go for it and even as a broadcaster there are awards but this award, it is something that you never ever think about and suddenly to have it, to have the president of the united states put it around your neck and you are in the white house...i don't know
3:35 pm
how anyone could get poetic because it is just about drawing a blank in your mind. >> when he was talking about all of the on years and he brought up your name what went through you? >> in all honesty what am i doing here? because the credits of all the others overwhelming. you talk about great scientists, you talk eight about an architect like frank geary and i am thinking and i am a sports announcer it was humbling, believe me. >> a you will be 89 in a few days. how would you describe the career and the recent retirement? >> i could say the grace of god he has help me every step of way. i did not accomplish 69 years of doing sports. he is the one who gave me the path to follow. i am so grateful. i give thanks to him every day. because, really, i feel it has
3:36 pm
been a gift and because it is a gift i don't feel like i should take a bow, it was something he decided and i just follow directions. it is great but it makes me realize how much i owe. >> to you loved by the public and to be the only sportscaster in history to get the medal of freedom to have that honor and is it yours, how will you handle that? >> i can't believe, loved by everybody? i can't believe that i have the award, they can't take it ambassador. i knew a few days ago i was warying about a recount. but they allowed know get it anyway so i would say i think i have it in the proper perspective as far as my life. it's wonderful but i'm going to put it away and that basically will be the end of it and its relationship. >> how does this happen?
3:37 pm
tell us abut the call and the whole process. >> in none should write a book you should write the preface and opening paragraphs because it was your efforts to get the ball started and bob costas wrote a beautiful weather and next thing i know i get a call from josh out of blue and my first reaction was, are you sure? i could not believe he was calling to tell me i am getting the award. i'm happy and you should be happy and i'm grateful to you forgetting the ball started. >> how did you management to withstand the test of time in a world where things change instantly? >> i do believe very much in god. my faith is very strong. whatever happens. figure figure it is in his hands i never let it go too high or too low and somehow that has kept me pretty on a steady path.
3:38 pm
>> when you started this 6 years ago, you covered -- 67 years ago you covered connie mack, he was born with abraham lincoln was in the office hooped you and during the civil war to think you now have broadcast throughout the span of people 154 years, can figure like this ever be duplicated? >> i cannot imagine, but, records are to be problemmen and all of that. i do remember the very first game an exhibition game and i walked in and there was cone mack looking exactly like connie mack and jimmy dikes was getting a shane, my opening scene in my major league career. >> vince, congratulations. >> thank you, gym, so very much for your help. >> what an american original! 67 years in the booth for vince
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scully. >> now how to keep the happy in your happy holidays you can shop online and. coming up we will have tip on how to do that safely just in time for cyber monday. test test test... [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> online retailers dreaming up a green christmas half of the shop done online this year. that is a 13% increase over last year for a total of $100 billion in online shopping. for the first time ever, we have tips to keep you from getting grinched. join me now is our guest the experience and chief marketing operator for retail.
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the bottom line, a lot people are shopping on their cell phone, on their mobile phone, how do you secure the purchases and make sure the grinch does not steal? >> tomorrow is a beg day for retail and we are excited, the biggest detail for retailers of the holiday season and our data suggests 50% millennials use their mobile phone and devices while shopping so we are certainly very excited about it and i have a couple of tips. first, partner with retrails and brands you know you can trust. if you download new shopping apps double load it from a trusted source, either directly from the retailer or from the app store google play. as you do that, be thoughtful of reviews and look what the feedback says to mechanic sure there have been no historical issues. if you decide to make a purchase
3:45 pm
on the monday phone, a tip that is potentially important is be thoughtful of your wi-fi connection. public wi-fi does not make sense if you are to make a purchase. be thoughtful how the data is scoured. lastly, be aware that cyber monday and most retailers are look at this in many ways so most deals available in the store if you are not comfortable making the purchase on the mobile phone can you go do a retailer are and find the deals there. >> sometimes you go into the store and they do not have it they will get it for you onreason at the cash register. now, tips, cyber monday, almost here for those on the east coast and rolling around for those on the west coast. >> it has started for most if you go to the inbox, so, my first tip is plan ahead. 90's of consumers spent four
3:46 pm
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3:47 pm
leaders before they can carry out their plans to kill us. the same military planners that founded obama and now may get more latitude to find terrorists no matter where they are. (vo) your love is purely thoughtful,
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the "washington post" is reporting they can carry out attacks on terrorist cells and leaders almost wherever they are. we are in washington with a counterterrorism analyst at the heritage foundation. robin, first off, if we dereact a terrorist cell or leader planning an attack some why, why is this plan an improvement? >> part of it is rebranding. there is an element of that. but it is just expanding the scope of what america can do and the local abilities to carry it out the prays across the world. we have to remember groups like
3:52 pm
isis, al qaeda, and the primary groups that threaten threaten a homeland today, they are transnational and they operate across boundaries and part of what makes them very effective. if america wants an equally effective response, it, too, needs to be able to operate across borders and that moons going into countries in the middle east and africa which possibly failed or are failing tates and carrying out operations in order to protect americans here at home. >> and we've seen that and the droning and the drones taking out terrorist leaders. especially the social media guys who are behind isis. that is really incredibly impressive they are able to do that. you are saying this is expanding that to other areas of the globe, not necessarily just in iraq, syria and libya? >> well, yes, because you have to think of the threat today. of course we have iraq and syria and of course we have libya. but think of the situation in
3:53 pm
afghanistan, in pakistan, in yemen, nigeria, somalia. the islamic in the sewell where there is a franchise there. and it is so diverse and across so many parts of the globe and america cannot just play defense in terms of trying to stop the attack, the threat when it comes to america borders and it needs to be proactive and take the fight to al qaeda and whenever they may be. >> and we've taken out terrorists there and the controversy over pakistan knew about osama bin laden and our raid. what do we do if a country -- and if we identify someone and go to another nation and say we want to have a military operation, do we do it any way or do we have to get their permission? >> i think you would have permission. with the case with drones in pakistan, for example, pakistan turned a blind eye to this and
3:54 pm
sort of feigned outrage that these were taken place, such as the situation in yemen and it is giving americans to do that type of operation. i think ideally you would have the permission and you would have the agreement and the acquiescence of the host nation in question. but of course, if it is a critical imminent threat and the u.s. needs to act to be able to save lives in the u.s. or its allies across the world, i think you have to say america would need to act unilaterally that that situation. >> and the nephew of muhammed, and master mind behind 9/11 and 1993, the plot to take down 11 airlines over the pacific and he was caught and it broke up in the philippines and would he be a example of a terrorist planning something that was
3:55 pm
taken out and not captured in the middle east but in the philippines. >> absolutely. and here is the thing. america needs to be able to -- it is able to rely on the partner nations as isis disburses around the globe some of the leaders will go to country where's there is counter-terrorism capacity like europe and regions like europe but there are failing states for isis to re treat to that don't have the authority and make it harder and can't arrest and control a terrorist threat and that is where the u.s. needs to be able to operate and hope this plan enables them to do so. >> if they run, they cannot hide. thank you. and we will be right back. ♪
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beautiful. all right, just called him nimble old st. nick and showing off his moves at rockefeller center, just a few steps from the studio and his classic red and white suit not slowing him down at all. >> and they were helping other skaters with their moves and also posed with plenty of pictures. >> look at him twirl. >> you go, santa, and he needs to get up there to the north
4:00 pm
pole. >> you are right, eric. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas, early. >> and merry christmas and happy new year and all of that. that does it for us. president-elect donald trump sounding off on a recount effort and now claiming that he would have won by more if millions hadn't voted, quote, illegally. i'm laura ingal in for harris faulkner and this is "the fox report." mr. trump on his way back to new york city tonight. after spending the long thanksgiving holiday weekend with his family in florida. but before he left, he unleashed on twitter. saying, quote, in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote. if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. now we should note, mr. trump did not elaborate on what illegal voting he was referring to and there is


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