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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 28, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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next the bad. ed sheer han flashed by british princess beatrice. the ugly. a fire breather accidentally setting ayu crainian nightclub on fire. you don't want to do that. >> no. >> bye. it is monday, it's november 28th. we hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend with your family. i'm ainsley earhardt. hillary clinton joins a recount effort despite her saying this. remember? >> we've accepted the outcome when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. >> you should accept the outcome she says or she said. we are live as the first recount
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gets under way. >> funny stuff. >> meanwhile, the president-elect gets back to business today as he works to fill up his cabinet. speculation continues to grow over what, if any, role mitt romney might have in the administration. does mitt have a role and should he apologize? >> for not liking donald trump for a year? maybe. that could come up. finally, let's talk a little football. colin kaepernick greeted by a course of boos in miami for praising fidel castro. >> you hear the crowd immediately letting their feelings known. >> everyone is talking about the game ending play by the son of a cuban exile. >> awesome. >> ironic. let me remind you, thanksgiving is over but christmas is straight ahead. your mornings are better with friends. good morning to you and your
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family. hope it was a great one. >> did you have fun. >> let's hurry up so we can do online shopping. okay? >> you're ready? >> i'm ready. >> tomorrow is giving tuesday, fresh off of black friday. and small business saturday. >> i know it. >> it's a fantastic -- >> lots of people shopped. lots of money spent. our top story. it's round two this morning. wisconsin election officials are kicking off a recount. >> president-elect donald trump fired back on twitter defending his election. kristin fisher is live in washington with the details. kristin? recount? >> oh, yes, it's time. over the last 24 hours, mr. trump has gone on a twitter tirade. his longest since becoming the president-elect. he posted 11 tweets, all slamming the fact that hillary clinton has joined green party candidate jill stein vote recall effort. he said in addition to winning the electoral college, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who v
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illegally. he alleged serious voterer fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. why isn't the media reporting on this. serious bias problem. mr. trump has provided zero evidence supporting either of those claims. california secretary of state is calling the allegations reckless, absurd and unbecoming of a president-elect. but the transition team is arguing that what's unbecoming is clinton joining this recount. they're calling her a hypocrite and this recount a scam. >> this ridiculously fantastical that jill stein is engaging in in wisconsin and perhaps elsewhere. you have the president-elect being magnanimous to hillary clinton and her responding with joining into this recount. why in the world can't the democrats, quote, accept the election results? >> the wisconsin election commission will be meeting later this morning to schedule the recount. just when you thought we were done counting votes, here we go
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again. both sides conceive that it probably won't change the end result. brian, ainsley and steve? >> a whole bunch of money being spent and donated to jill stein. not many thought we could -- i wonder why hillary clinton needs to get involved in this. it was going to be happening anyway. what does she need to win there? >> talking about a lot of votes here. when you looked at what happened in florida in 2000, they were like 500 votes in between them. there were thousands of votes. >> tens of thousands of donald trump won in the three states. >> usually it's demanded. people are saying it's hillary's camp that put her up to it. >> it does sound like that. >> it's delicious because remember on october 19th, hillary clinton was just blasting donald trump for saying he might not accept the results.
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she's not accepting her results. remember this. here's a flashback. >> that's horrifying. every time donald thinks are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. that is not the way our democracy works. we've been around for 240 years. we've had free and fair elections. we've accepted the out comes when we may not have liked them. that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. >> here's the -- they will meet to approve a timeline. thursday, recounts to 72 counties. on december 13th, we'll get another result perhaps. right now, donald trump has got a substantial lead. >> that's wuchblt most surprising states. >> jill stein is on her website, donate, donate. donate. so many messages to click on. if you click on it, you see where the money is going.
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it doesn't promise the money goes to help it. they've raised more than $6 million. the goal is $7 million. it only costs $2.3 million do a recount. where is the money going? back to her party. >> back to the green party. they didn't realize in the state of pennsylvania, you actually have to prove that there was something going on. the administration has said there's absolutely no evidence that anybody hacked anybody. nonetheless, reince priebus said look, we had a deal with hillary clinton and she's not standing by it. watch. >> hillary clinton was the one to say it's time to look to the future. it was their team -- when the a.p. called the race, which they did. it was a total and complete hypocritical joke that the group of people thought they were nervous about president-elect
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trump not conceding are the people that are conducting the recounts in states where we won by 68,000 votes. >> i think there's a downside to even trump can't be bringing it up. reince priebus would -- donald trump tweeted out giving so much more focus on this. i know they're being asked the questions on the sunday shows. i think you're moving on because it's so ridiculous. in any other election, closer than this, when you have donald trump winning 9 of 12 battleground states, 30 states overall, almost all the counties, the 600-plus counties that barack obama won, if there's any election that does -- >> i think people on the left will get a lesson in federalism. there's absolutely no way to rig a national election. they're handled at the local level and there is no interconnectivity with an internet web where one machine is connected to another, to another state.
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it simply does not exist. what's going to happen, they'll have a recount. >> donald trump says it's a scam to get money for the green party. >> he's right. >> the most controversial quarterback in the world is colin kaepernick. he has not won one game as a starter. the worst year in the history of the 49ers. has stood up and sat down during the national anthem because he believes african-americans rpt given the proper rights in the country. then he showed up with a fidel castro shirt on. including malcolm x. he got into it with a reporter there. who happens to be a cuban refugee. do you know who you have on your shirt. you're supporting him? kaepernick said they have great health care and great education. we have too many people in jail. people much miami, next thing you know, fidel castro is dead. now everyone goes, who is that quarterback? he's playing the miami dolphins
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this weekend. >> pouring salt in the wound. not only does he not stand up for the national anthem, then wearing the castro t-shirt and some of the kids on the team, their parents were exiled. >> when kaepernick walked out, he was greeted with a lot of boo-birds. >> can you hear the crowd. immediately, colin kaepernick, it was a huge story this week about kaepernick wearing a fidel castro t-shirt and exchanging -- >> wow. >> here's how the game ended. kaepernick had a pretty good game until the last play of the game when cuban american nfl player by the name of kick owe alonzo stopped him at 29 yard line to win the game for miami. his father was born in cuba and fled the diabolical castro
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regime. >> he's actually almost cut down pretty hard by kiko alonzo. >> he's scissoring him. kiko is in the blue. he's the one scissoring kaepernick on the ground. >> the world came together against kaepernick. >> one of the reporters he interviewed his dad outside of the locker room and his dad said about kaepernick that he's immature, he has no clue about the suffering of the cuban people and what we had to go through. he said he's ignorant and castro was a ruthless killer. >> i agree with all of that. >> heather nauert has something else to tell us. >> good morning. >> hope you had a great thanksgiving. >> it was wonderful. >> i sure did cook. >> how did the turkey turn out? >> i missed you guys. >> deep fried in one of those -- makes those great butterball
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deep fried things where you don't have to do it in a garage. >> we did it outside. >> i'll check into that next year. great to see you again. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. we're back at work now. i have a few stories to bring you. a scare in the air for hundreds of passengers after a jet engine catches fair. the american airlines flight landing in albuquerque. watch. folks there applauding the plane was flying from dallas to las vegas. when passengers heard a loud thud and saw flames. no word on a cause. no one was hurt. passengers were put on another plane en route to las vegas right now. happy to be on the ground. desperate search for the shooters who sent bullets flying on bourbon street. leaving one dead and nine hurt. >> we'll go to the ends of the
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earth to bring them to justice. >> tourists and partiers sent running for their lives on new orleans busiest street early on sunday. they believe that shooting started. there was an argument between two people. the victims were not the intended target. >> love the story. drink beer and win big. bud light randomly hiding gold cans among their signature blue cans. steve and brian listen up. the chance to secure super bowl tickets for life. 38,000 gold cans are floating around right now in 18, 24 and 30-packs of 12-ounce bud lights. with a #ask me particulars for life. >> a grand prize winner picked on january 16th. how cool is that. those are your headlines. >> this is fun. >> that's the beer that i drink. maybe i'll get tickets for life and i'll share them with you guys. >> you didn't drink a beer today
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yet. >> it's early. >> not yet. maybe i did around midnight. i'm just kidding. i was asleep. i do like my beer. >> there you go. it is 6:12 here in new york city on a monday morning. president-elect trump's transition team split over secretary of state team. will it be rudy giuliani, could it be mitt romney or could it be a democrat? >> a democrat, really? >> or david petraeus. >> an incredible movement. 1,000 veterans strong protesting after a college lowered the american flag to mourn hillary clinton's election loss. their message to america straight ahead. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around...
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this morning president-elect trump gearing up for a new round of interviews. his decision still split over secretary of state. >> i think there was a never trump movement and then there was governor mitt romney. he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. >> i think there's nothing mitt romney can say that doesn't sound phony and, frankly, pathetic. rudy giuliani would be a great secretary of state. >> is rudy a top pick or will romney apologize to get the job or will he cross the aisle and go for gabbert, the
3:18 am
congresswoman from hawaii. >> this battle theme played out over the airwaves and over social media from twitter inside the trump camp. what's behind that? >> i think that's totally staff-driven. it seems to me that donald trump, if he really had his own choosing would probably go with mitt romney. those are the comments that we're hearing from him. he says he looks the part. he's very impressive. it seems to me that rudy giuliani badly wants the job and that he's really only in contention through his own making and because some of donald trump's staffers seem to like rudy giuliani. i would point out that donald trump's communications director, jason miller, had a similar job in 2007 when rudy giuliani was running for president at the time. >> what do you mean he had a similar job? >> he was i think deputy communications director for rudy giulia
3:19 am
giuliani's presidential bid and a lot of the staffers liked rudy giuliani better and don't like mitt romney as much. >> do you believe kellyanne conway was sitting around the table on thanksgiving, heard, that was the big talk on thanksgiving. heard him talking positively about mitt romney and tweeted out to get pressure on her boss. >> i know there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there that donald trump just wants to see mitt romney apologize and wants to publicly embarrass mitt romney. but the look at the other evidence that we have. he's not going to pursue any kind of investigation on the clinton foundation. he doesn't want to hurt the clintons. i'm not sure that the conspiracy theories that he just wants this public apology are true at all. >> i don't think a public apology would work to anyone's advantage. it may be setting him up later on down the line. on the other side, there's david petraeus. i think the bbc last week, if
3:20 am
sdd he'd serve. he had a problem with the cia. he was being charged and investigated and all that. the fact that he's not interviewed yet, do you think that means he's eliminated. >> i'm not sure it means that at all. it's probable none of the names we're talking about, bob corker who leads the foreign relations committee, i think he's very much in contention. it's probably that they're sending out the -- that we can find someone else at the very end. >> and kelsey gabbert, a veteran. >> doubt that one. >> and very respected on both sides of the aisle. erin, thanks so much. >> thank you. it's going to be the most intriguing thing that happens this week. hillary clinton joinings the recount effort. a fair and balanced debate coming up. ♪
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we have quick headlines for you. four isis fighters are dead, killed after launching the terror group's first direct attack on israel. the israeli military targeting the jihad is. israel largely avoided getting directly involved in syria's civil war. in his final weeks in office, president obama is pushing a flurry of executive action. the white house is reviewing nearly 100 so-called midnight regulations that could be implemented before president-elect trump takes office. mr. trump pledged to repeal
3:25 am
every single executive order. steve? thanks, ainsley. remember when hillary clinton said this? >> that's horrifying. every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. that is not the way our democracy works. we've been around for 240 years. we've had free and fair elections. we've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them. that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. >> that was then and this is now. she's apparently no longer practicing what she preaches. her campaign now joining the green party recount effort in a couple of key battleground states. is this just a fundraising scam? a fair and balanced debate. our democratic strategist and 2008 clinton camp adviser. former deputy assistant to
3:26 am
president george w. bush, brad blake man. richard, let's start with you. do you think this is really a good idea? >> is this -- donald trump got less than 47% of the vote. he lost by over 2 million votes. is there a single viewer out there who thinks this was not the other way. if hillary clinton had won the electoral college but had squeaked by, by a point or by a fifth of a point in all these states, that donald trump, who boasted about the fact that he would not respect the election results even if they were clear, is there a single viewer you think you have right now who doesn't believe that trump would be screaming bloody murder. >> do you really think the russians rigged the election? >> here's what i say. >> just a yes or no. >> what we know is that the russians put out fake news and wikileaks. we know they tried to influence the election to help donald trump. we know that.
3:27 am
in the fact that donald trump has responded in this fevered way. >> the rest of us don't. it's made more questions than we had before the weekend started. >> ultimately, what do you think is going on here? it's one thing if the person who finishes second calls for the recount. in wisconsin, jill stein finished fourth. >> this is hillary-driven. jillstein is just a pawn to legitimize the victory and to raise money. it's the biggest scam that we've ever seen in politics. the bottom line is we know the russians did not fix the election. richard knows that. the american people know that. donald trump won. he won fair and square. yet, democrats, because he did not win the popular vote, think it delegitimizes him as the president. i think it's awful for their party. they should move on. they have infighting in the leadership in the house.
3:28 am
they have infighting as to who will be the next leader of the democratic party. they have bigger fish to fry than this. it's demeaning for their party. >> richard, take a look at this. fundraising page just keeps changing for jillstein. attorney's fees likely to be a million. attorney's fees about 2 to $3 million. as it turns out, they have $6.1 million i think. i think the total cost would be $2.5 million. she's already got money in the bank to help train future green party candidates, which this is what they were going to do with the leftover money. it does look to some, including bradley, that it's a scam. >> here's what -- fp she does not only have the recount challenges in wisconsin, but michigan and pennsylvania and doesn't spend all this money for recounts, yes, it was a scam. incidentally, this was not hillary clinton's initiative. this is something that once jill
3:29 am
stein, as is her right. not doing anything outside the law. as long as she pays for it and if she does, hillary clinton is saying fine, i'll go along. my 46-plus million voters probably look to me to show an ability to win this thing if i can. that's all. >> brad, ultimately, don't you think the democrats are trying to cast doubt on the presidency of donald trump? >> there's no doubt about it. >> richard, here's what i want to know. who is donating to this effort? i want to know how much they donated. would you agree this should be totally transparent and we should know who the donors are and that will tell the story whether it's organic or people, individuals concerned giving $5 or $10 or george soros just writing the checks. >> great questions. richard and brad, thank you very much for joining us for this first debate after thanksgiving. >> yes indeed. >> coming up on this monday, more celebrations in miami after the death of the cuban dictator,
3:30 am
fidel castro. but in washington, new questions about what president-elect donald trump will do. we're live today in little havana. 1,000 vets strong protesting after a college lowered the american flag to mourn hillary's election loss to half-staff. >> i fought for this flag. i live for it. >> well, some vets not happy with that. pete hegseth is here with his reaction live, next. good morning pete. happy birthday to ed harris. he's 66 years old today. nothing says "treat yourself" like red lobster's holiday seafood celebration. so try new dishes like the new grand seafood feast, and the new wild-caught lobster & shrimp trio, with a lobster mac-and-cheese topped lobster tail. come treat yourself to feast fit for the season before it ends.
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following the death of former cuban dictator, fidel castro. a nine-day period of mourning is under way for the brutal dictator and memorial service is set to start in a couple hours. >> rick leventhal is in little havana with the latest. hey, rick. >> reporter: good morning guys. we're outside the cafe versailles which has been the unofficial capital for the exile community for decades. this is where they come to discuss all things castro and where they demonstrate as well. we've seen that since friday night. large crowds spilling out on to the street. waving american and cuban flags, chanting and singing, honking horns. banging on pots and pans and celebrating the death of a dictator. a man who i am prisoned thousands of people and ruined lives in cuba and a man who they had no love for here in the united states. in march, as you may recall,
3:35 am
president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba in some 80 years. he opened diplomatic relations with the castro regime. he lifted economic embargoes and allowed commercial flights through executive order. but on "fox news sunday," president-elect donald trump's incoming chief of staff told president obama that that deal could now be in jeopardy. >> if he doesn't get whatever it is he wants would he reverse president obama's opening to cuba. >> absolutely. he's already said that would be the case. what that deal is, is yet to be determined. there is going to have to be some movement from cuba in order to have a relationship with the united states. i think the president-elect has been very clear about that. >> it's still unclear if any u.s. officials will attend fidel castro's funeral scheduled for december 4th. former house speaker newt gingrich says under no
3:36 am
circumstances should president obama or vice president biden or secretary kerry attend both obama and kerry have released statements in support and offering condolences to the cuban people. >> all right. rick leventhal live in little hava havana. thank you very much. >> be interesting to see if president obama shows up or vice president. >> a lot of people saying he really can't. pete? >> i showed up. >> you did. >> glad you did. >> pete hegseth. >> the president-elect has been down in mar-a-lago, his estate in palm beach for the last four days. he's back here. tying up traffic on fifth avenue. got a bunch of people he's going to be talking to today. what are the names -- there you see a lot of names, including david clark, second from the left on the top. who would you like to talk about? >> who everyone is talking about now is the secretary of state. he took the weekend to get information to get more input. to ponder the decision. the critics are saying, oh, my
3:37 am
goodness, political discourse and folks coming out and he wants that tug of war. he's going to make the decision. he's a confident guy. general petraeus and obviously romney who is in the mix. ambassador fulton. general petraeus, all of those are quality names. he wants -- this process is a crucible. how people react tells you a lot about that person. they'll call it delay. i would call it being deliberate and confident. i want the best person to govern. i want romney to -- >> who do you like the most out of all the lists? >> i love general mattis for secretary of defense. still outstanding. i love general petraeus. i think the picks he's made, general flynn, k.t. mcfarland. >> president obama has pushed
3:38 am
out that ethos. be strong, be tough. make sure the military is prepared to be a war fighting institution and diplomacy. war is a an extension of diplomacy. it's critically important and should always be on the table. >> what's interesting is governor huckabee with us on tuesday. ripped into the thought of mitt romney being secretary of state as did newt gingrich double down even sounded more anxious about that prospect. >> kellyanne conway over the weekend, came out she was going to -- the tweet was no mistake. listen to kellyanne conway this weekend. >> i think that there was a never trump movement and then there was governor mitt romney. he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. >> i think there's nothing mitt romney can say that doesn't sound phony and frankly, pathetic. rudy giuliani would be a great secretary of state. i think it's as much a reflection of the fact, the presidential candidate did everything to undermine the
3:39 am
republican nominee. republican nominees being gracious in donald trump saying come on in, we'll meet. i think it speaks a lot to trump that he was willing to say, this is interesting -- he was a thoughtful guy. the loyalists and those who work hard for trump say man this guy not only worked against you and but threw you under the bus. this is clearly something that donald trump -- let's see how it works out. all these guys are in the mix. one person that will makecall i trump. he'll make it when he wants to. >> might get through the easiest. where do you want your battle. do you need to have rudy giuliani. his international business ties to other things might make it a pitch battle. ambassador bowl den was a recess pitch of -- or do you want to make something that will make it easier. >> advisers will debate those things. you got to save your political capital for the right moments in the right positions. my speculation, i don't know
3:40 am
this for sure would be that mr. trump wants to pick the best person for the job and go to battle for that person. probably feels like with giuliani, the business problems are over-hyped. you can lock in republicans and get a lot of democrats -- >> lost her son fighting for our country. her daughter-in-law and named the son after her child. thanksgiving weekend, the lady was in tears, i was talking to her. the book signing this weekend. people were so pro trump, they were pro fox news. they were pro veterans and then i was talking to her, i said what do you think about this school, hampshire college, what do you think about the school when hillary wins they put the -- >> i mean when she lost. >> saying no american flags can fly on that campus. >> these are -- flying the flag proudly. here's a veteran at the protest, what he had to say. >> raise your flags everybody.
3:41 am
raise them high in that air. >> stands for all the veterans around the whole nation. everybody who fought for this flag. it's more than just a symbol. >> i would die for this flag. i fought for this flag. i live for it. you all live for it. >> the college president said they're no longer going to actually fly a flag on the flag pole at hampshire college because it's not worth the trouble. >> thank god for the vets. they're not white, brown, black or otherwise. they're americans. the flag is a symbol of unity. on college campus, it's seen as a divisive issue. they teach our history is imperialism that america is not a special or good country. when that happens, you get administrators and students and then eventually voters who don't think america is a special place. that kind of a rally is what donald trump is speaking to. our flag is special. america is a special place. it shouldn't be -- that's not
3:42 am
what we should be debating. we could all stand for the anthem and disagree about the things that don't work. thank goodness the vets are doing it. it's for every american, not just the vets. >> the v.a., the denver post has a great op-ed out called why american vets can't wait for slow change. what it says is that incremental change doesn't seem to be working. >> that's right. they've -- denver post supported incremental change. they're looking at the wreckage of the last 2 1/2 years. they say it's time for an overhaul and it's time to fire people who aren't getting the job done. go to the private sector doctor and bills in congress and real bills that kr teeth to it. we have to start supporting the bills that really matter and donald trump creates an opportunity for the veteran to be at the center. vets first. when you do that you pick the right person.
3:43 am
>> i'm sure he will. >> thank you very much for joining us live. coming up -- >> still ahead, he's a country music icon. the man behind some of brad paisley's top hits. whispering bill anderson is here. he joins us live. for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, this is big. a chance to live longer with opdivo (nivolumab). opdivo demonstrated longer life and is the most prescribed immunotherapy for these patients. opdivo significantly increased the chance of living longer versus chemotherapy. opdivo works with your immune system.
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3:46 am
black friday is seeing green. stocks closing at record highs for a third straight week since mr. trump's election victory. >> huge sales expected to drive gains when the market opens at 9:30 eastern time here in new york city. >> how long will it last? i asked steve and ainsley. >> author nicole. how long will it last? >> i think it's going to last quite a long time, guys if
3:47 am
friday was any indication. online sales in particular. top $3 billion. that's the first time we've seen it hit that mark. now, retailers were stress testing their website because we're going to see more of that today. it has been -- assuming that the ten minutes off line for major retailers can equal $2 million in lost sales. >> you know, i saw all the -- on the television coverage. it looked like the stores had good coverage as well. some people were at the stores. the price they were looking at, at walmart or k-mart or target was the best deal out there, right? >> yeah. we're not shopping like it's 1999, guys. cyber monday is not one particular day. it's been like a cyber week. we've been seeing those lines that we're looking at right now dissipate a little bit. off about 10%. online shopping obviously up
3:48 am
about 20% now. it has been dethroned. cyber monday is no longer the online shopping queen i will say or king of the week. but the night is young for me in los angeles. the day is young, of course. so 75,000 deals on amazon alone. we'll see what ends up happening. >> i think they're going to change them every five minutes. nicole, thanks for joining us live from l.a. thanks nicole. the holiday season gets so busy. this is my biggest problem. i'm too busy and at the end of the holiday, i'm like oh, i got some money for christmas, i need to spend this on tv. at the store, it was half off. >> i feel very bad for the life you're living. there's a lot of stress, ainsley. let me change gears for a second. he's a country music icon who started his career as a singer. did you know that whisperin' bill anderson billow owe he's so very close.
3:49 am
walking past our curtain. (vo) black friday may be over but the best cyber monday deals are at verizon. because a deal is only as good as the network it's on. verizon gives you the best network and a lot more. great deals on our hottest smartphones. like the droid turbo 2 by motorola for $10 per month. or the iphone se for $5 per month. our lowest price ever. the best cyber monday deals are at verizon. shop online all day. hurry, and get it all at
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3:52 am
he is one of the most decorated song writers and performers in country music history. ♪ on the tip of my finger, what's that after all this time ♪ you are still on my mind
3:53 am
♪ >> that takes you back, doesn't it? after more than five decades of run-ins with the biggest names in nashville, bill anderson has many stories to tell. he writes about them in his autobiography. why music? why did you decide i'm going to making my mark in music than a regular job? >> i knew i was going to do some kind of writing. at the time i was a sports writer. i wrote in atlanta. i thought i'm going to either be the world's greatest sports writer or maybe if things fall in the right place, maybe i can write country music. that's what i ended up doing. >> you had 29 singles in the top
3:54 am
ten. i would say you hit pay dirt. >> don't you love him. he was born in columbia, south carolina. which is where i grew up. we love him automatically. what stands out the most out of all you done? >> i think the fact that i'm still doing it. the book focuses mainly on my song writing. i wrote songs mostly by myself for 25 to 30 years, in the early 80s, the music started changing and i wasn't sure i was going to be able to change with it, i embarked on a career as a game show host and came back to music some 10 or 12 years and been blessed with a more fruitful career the second time around than the first. if there's any kind of mark i leave on this business or this life, it will be my song writing. >> i think it's also interesting is one of the hottest performers
3:55 am
is brad paisley. you are not just listening to him. you are working with him. >> we wrote a new song a few months ago and he called me two days before thanksgiving and he already recorded the song, he said i want you to go to the studio and put my -- your voice on my record. he heard in his mind a little talking part, a little recitation thing, he asked me to go in and do it and that's how i spent part of my thanksgiving weekend. >> were you in vegas with elvis? >> he did the next best thing. i had a song out called "still" this is a career-identifying song. he mentioned it and turned to the audience and turned to the
3:56 am
band and they struck a chord. >> everybody else in country music is drinking and breaking up. >> unless it's backwards. >> isn't it good when you experience something that indelible? >> is that song true? it's hard to make the truth rhyme. you have to embellish it. the first three lines might be the truth but the last line. >> it's so true when you go through the hard times, country music is the best. >> liquor is also. >> if you don't want to drink about it, you can sing about it. he's going to be at the grand old oppose pri -- open pri when -- opry, i'll be hosting.
3:57 am
will you help me? >> i will. >> congratulations on your book. >> coming up straight ahead. does tim tebow have a future in politics? our friend and the former quarterback is here. we're so excited to answer some -- p is for permission to indulge. o is for out of this world. l is for loving the seasonal cuisine. a is for access to everything, including the aisle. r is for reclining in tailor-made bedding.
3:58 am
and i, must be dreaming. s... so long, jet lag. polaris, from united.
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again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. good morning to you and your family. it is monday, november 28th and because i'm reading first i get to say it. get dressed! are you jealous? >> you are not allowed to say it. >> my name is ainsley earhardt and the rust belt recount gets under way today with hillary clinton's support. remember when she said this? >> that's horrifying. we accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and this is what should be expected of anyone who is standing on a debate stage during a general election. >> the hypocrisy is not getting past president-elect donald trump. back to business. the president-elect returns to
4:01 am
new york city last night working to fill up his cabinet. speculation growing over mitt romney's role in the administration. should he have one? should he apologize? we're going to talk about that. and sanctuary cities shut down. liberal leaders vowing to defy our next president by protecting illegals. one governor is laying down the law, texas governor greg abbott. he you be veiled his plan. when you were told to get dressed by the woman on the show, as the guy, i can say your mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ we could be heroes ♪ tim tebow coming up this half hour talking about his next book "shaken." >> it's really good. it's not just about sports. >> such a great book. i can't wait to talk to him. he's going to be sitting on the
4:02 am
curvy couch with us talking about his career. >> he talks about how close he got to making the patriots. that would have been the perfect team for him to be on but for some reason the wheels came off. >> he has a whole chapter on it. it's the cut. third time being cut. talks about his struggles. >> he's coming up in a half hour. straight to our top story on monday morning. it's round two, wisconsin election officials are quicking -- kicking off a recount. >> president-elect donald trump firing back on twitter defending his election. >> yes. i cannot believe we're here already. kristin fisher is here with tweets to review. >> the trump transition team is calling hillary clinton a hip -- hypicrit.
4:03 am
listen to what reince priebus said yesterday. >> this is ridiculous. this is a fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin to president-elect trump who won 1.4 million. >> news to this led to 11 tweets in one day from the president-elect. in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. he then claimed serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and california, so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias. big problems. mr. trump has provided zero evidence supporting either claim. california secretary of state is calling his allegations, reckless, absurd and unbecoming a president-elect. but kellyanne conway argues that what's unbecoming is hillary
4:04 am
clinton joining the recount. >> if this gets ugly, you might donald trump might rethink the fact that he might pursue an investigation on hillary. >> it's crazy. he won by tens of thousands of votes. when they did the recount down in florida, they were separated by 500 votes. it's a pipe dream. >> so what the democrats and in particular the members of the green party want us to believe, that the russians rigged the election. okay, do you really think that is possible? the administration does not think so because the administration said they detected no hacking and the election was free and fair from a cyber security perspective. so while the administration says they weren't hacked, the green party says we're going to spend millions of dollars to do that. ultimately, though, you got to figure what they are trying to do is just cast doubt on the future presidency of donald trump right from the get-go.
4:05 am
just sullying him. >> they can't understand why michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania went the other way. pennsylvania is not going to do. wisconsin is doing it starting today. they will get a format. it will be done by the middle of des. remember when hillary clinton said this. >> that's horrifying. every time donald thinks things are to the going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. that is not the way our democracy works. we've been around for 240 years. we've had free and fair election. we've accepted the outcome when we may not have liked them, and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. >> all right. so she's a hypocrit. she was saying donald trump was -- >> when you go to the website, she breaks down the numbers and
4:06 am
total for all three states it's $2.2 million. >> she's raised $6 million. >> she said if there's extra money, that will go back to the green party or go back to prevent rigged elections in the future. >> five people went on her website today, it will be five more than were on it before. >> they got to respond. >> they could respond, we're moving on. we're not acknowledging it. reince priebus and kellyanne connie were all over the sunday shows, listen. >> hillary clinton was the one to say it's time to accept the results of the election and look to the future. it was our deal that cut that said when the a.p. called the race, they will call within 15 minutes and concede. they did. it was a joke that the group of people thought they were nervous
4:07 am
about plect trump -- president-elect not conceding, it's a the same folks. >> they want criminal illegal immigrants get out of the country. they are not for these sanctuary cities. greg abbott tweeted this out over the weekend. i'm going to san a law -- sign a law that bans sanctuary cities. i'm issuing an order cutting funding to sanctuary cities. >> it's fascinating. we know how donald trump has been moved about that those who have been long. i'm wondering when president-elect does it, does he take on de blasio and rahm emanuel and every city in california right away, like the gitmo signing that barack obama famously had the first day. they say the funding is gone tomorrow if you don't declare sanctuary cities yesterday's news. >> it all started because
4:08 am
somebody asked greg abbott down in texas on twitter, austin said they are going to continue with sanctuary cities, he responded i'm going to pass a law and cut off their funding. will donald trump do essentially the same thing? same tuned for that. >> we'll find out if the president-elect will actually do that and when in fact he will do that because that might be a stand-off he wants to avoid or does he want to lay down the gauntlet, i'm going to show you exactly i will do as president. >> does he have jurisdiction to do that? greg abbott republican, of course you are going to hear that from texas. >> if there's federal money going to california, he can say until you comply, you are not getting the money. make up for it somehow. >> in the meantime, we've got news with heather right there. >> certainly do. >> hope to have you are off to a great monday. moments ago, hundreds of passengers finally reached their destination after a long and horrifying night of trax.
4:09 am
the engine on this plane catching fire mid flight. someone on board tweeted this video of the american airlines jet as it finally landed in albuquerque. passengers relieved. [ applause ] and you can hear them clap right there. that plane had flying from dallas to las vegas when passengers heard a loud thud and saw flames. luckily no one was hurt. new overnight, a potentially deadly terror attack foiled in the philippines. police detonating an ied just feet away from the u.s. embassy. a person saw someone place something in a trash can. it was the same type of explosive as the one that killed 15 people in a market in a philippines earlier this year.
4:10 am
fidel castro's death is renewing calls to bring back a cop killer back. joanne desamar escaped prison in 1979. she fled to cuba and was given asylum there in 1984. police leaders urging the president-elect to reverse the shameful white house policy of friendship with a despottic government allowing convicted u.s. fugitives to be harbored and given safe haven. >> do you remember this kid climbing into one world trade center while it was under construction? he broke into another building under construction, a high rise near new york central park. he recorded and posted the whole thing on social media. yeah. doesn't seem like a very good
4:11 am
idea. those are your headlines. >> and the first responders are upset because if he gets into trouble, who are they going to call and they are going to put their lives in danger. remember when hillary clinton said this to her supporters. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> well, apparently her supporters didn't all listen and are sending death threats to michigan elect tors. one of those is going to join us live coming up next. colin kaepernick boo'd by thousands of fans for praising fidel castro, what does tim tebow, the miracle met, think about it. he joins us coming up.
4:12 am
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4:15 am
just one day after the election, hillary clinton had this message for hersupporters. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the
4:16 am
chance to lead. >> okay. but apparently many of her followers are still refusing to accept the results, even going so far as to sending death threats to members of the electoral college demanding that they switch their vote. michael vanarian is one of those electoral voters. it started pretty much immediately after the election. what kind of messages were you getting? >> obviously, you got the fellow republicans and trump supporters that gave me some well wishes, but unfortunately right after that, i got inundated with facebook messages, emails, tweets, actually letters to my house. i'm getting like four or five every day, and a lot of hateful, agery messages, death threats, death wishes. it's been quite the experience so far. >> you know, i wouldn't have the first idea where to start locating members of the
4:17 am
electoral college. did somebody put your address and your numbers out there on the internet or something? >> yeah. a lot of that information is public and essentially what happened is some big groups came together. they collected all of our information, compiled a list and put it out on the internet and encouraged people to contact us, so that's how they got that information. >> so folks understand the kind of threats you are getting in addition to four or five a day, a number of death threats. we're going to show some of them. first one, michael, i'm not going to argue with you, man. he's the president. deal with it. person you support, bigotry, hate, and racism, i hope you die. michael,u so ignorant, it's depressing. thanks for wishing my death. the person wrote back at you. you got a lot of these. how did that person wind up with your cell phone number? >> that was a facebook message and obviously our names are public so they punch it into facebook, sent a message, and that was kind of how it happened, and i haven't gotten any text messages.
4:18 am
i've gotten facebook messages, tweets, emails and letters written to my home address. >> here's another example of a threatening texas. the person wrote, hey i'll find you and put a bullet in your mind. you and your republican party, you are a bandwagon member, cause last i check you was. >> want me to send this threat to the police? >> like i thought you blank. there were a lot of awful people out there. >> a lot of them coming out of the woodwork after this election. >> the tolerant left is not so tolerant, are they? >> the hypocrisy is astounding. i watched hillary clinton talking how awful trump supporters are.
4:19 am
electors across the country are being harassed by people who can't accept the election results. >> we've heard famously electors are going rogue. you will proudly vote for trump. >> we're not even allowed legally to change our votes. in the state of michigan, if we try to change our vote from how the popular vote was made. it's a pointless endeavor, to do that. >> thank you, sir. all right. it is 7:20 here in new york city. he's known for training s.e.a.l.s like chris kyle and marcus lieud, lutrell. up next, hear from him.
4:20 am
and president-elect trump has a new hat with a new message. that's not it. we'll show it to you coming up. ♪ ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you.
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it is time now for your news by the numbers. first, 21 years. that is how long former marine brandon blackstone could spend behind bars after stealing this former marine, casey owens, story of valor on the battlefield in iraq. he was exposed by another marine who didn't buy his story. next, 3.34 billion dollars,
4:24 am
that's how much american shoppers spent on line. the major made through mobile devices. >> finally, $81 million. >> what? it's actually maui shape shifter demmei god shape shifter. i interrupted from the top. >> disney's moana dominating thanksgiving weekend box office, new movies, starring brad pitt, warren beatty, bombed this weekend. no matter how difficult and dangerous the task may be, how did the navy s.e.a.l.s become such an elite fighting squad. we get an inside look at the new book "american commander" which is really about you, congressman, and thank you so much for joining us in studio and everything you've given to the country already. >> i would say the book is not about me per se. it's about the exceptionalism of
4:25 am
the fighting force. >> which you saw up close? >> and i had the opportunity and the honor to witness these magnificent fighting forces and help train them and i think at the end of the day, when you finish the book, it should make every american proud that we have people like this that sacrifice and are committed to excellence. >> no one had to sell you on that, scott, because you helped write "american sniper. "you were good friends with chris kyle. you knew there were similarities and traits. >> i think this is a continuation of the message from "american sniper." ryan was in the charge of training men like chris, marcus lutrell, and lug other -- including other teams like s.e.a.l. team six. we got the best of the best here training. ryan was one of the guys that made these guys what they are. >> congratulations on your reelection.
4:26 am
congressman, also, the perception, i understand, of special forces when you first got in. >> no one knew what a s.e.a.l. was when i got in. over the course of time, books written, movies, now, being a s.e.a.l., special operations, everyone knows what it is. if you ever said the words, s.e.a.l. team six, you were out. >> you like that time better. >> you were given more flexibility in the field. as a commander, you didn't have to ask permission 15 layers up. i talk about how restrictive the rules of engagement have been and how frustrated the troops are in the front line. if you are in arms way, you need the right equipment, right training and right rules of engagement to win decisively in the field of battle. >> doesn't that come out from the top? >> it does definitely. i'm glad ryan is in congress now. we have to send more ability for our troops to use rules of
4:27 am
engagement that make sense. we've had so many incidents and we have so many loss of life because the rules of engagement don't allow our troops to engage when they know they have got an enemy coming in their direction and protect themselves and have a situation that we have like extortion 17. we lost an entire platoon of s.e.a.l. team six men, millions of dollars of assets, lives that should not have been lost as a result of rules of engagement that did not allow them to engage at that time. ryan, said if we send our men into battle, let them do their job. >> serving a country fighting and we've learned how we've evolved. what kind of command you get up top as president-elect trump puts together his team and looks at general flynn and general mattis. >> i thought with general mattis in fallujah. i don't think there's any better
4:28 am
person that understands the core of our force, the sergeant, petty officer and the chief. we focus on what's important and that's delivering what they need at the front line and mattis is a warrior. i think we're too heavy in bureaucracy in the dod. there's too many layers of decision. push the decisions back to the front line where they belong and mattis is the person for that. >> thank you so much. you are continuing the serve the country as congressman and we're better off for it. >> you wrote a book so i had to write one too. >> you've been trying to live up to me your entire life. >> yeah! >> it's a great book. it's a great book. >> it is a great book. >> appreciate it. and meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, disturbing new details about the mother held hostage for three weeks after being kidnapped while out on a jog. you are going to hear new police audio of the moments just after she was found and get this, colin kaepernick booed again by thousands of fans for praising
4:29 am
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time now for your shot of the morning. talk about a sharp-dressed man. president-elect donald trump sporting a brand-new hat with a big usa across the front of it and look at that, number 45 on the side. in honor of him being our 45th president. >> he's growing the apparel line. it might be time to put those make america great again hats that mr. trump made famous during his campaign away perhaps and go to the newfangled gear. >> i like that.
4:33 am
no word if this new fashion statement will be made available for the public. at all the trump places, you can buy the make america great again hats but now, stay tuned. >> i bet someone just sent it to him and he like it and he wore it. >> believe me, those hats are going to be for sale. the ornaments are now out. they are selling out on amazon. >> how many did you buy? >> it depends how much money i had with me. there's a lot of people who like to have it for christmas 47 million people who voted for him. that's a lot of ornaments. >> there's got to be a cheaper way. it is 27 minutes before the top of the hour. we've got news and in a memo ainsley is going to sit down with tim tee woe. >> -- tebow. >> i know what to get you all for christmas this year. i have brand-new chilling details and a very serious story
4:34 am
about the california mother who disappeared for three weeks after she went out for a run. sheri papini captors let her go on thanksgiving morning. the chilling audio from the moment police found her has been released. >> she's advising she is heavily battered and is confirmed kidnapping. chp is on the scene and advising she is chained to something. >> police are now hunting for two hispanic women in connection to the kidnapping. they are believed to be armed and dangerous. we'll continue to follow the story. a county sheriff says ellen force the law to clear out dakota access pipeline protesters this after the army corps of engineers ordered demonstrators to leave the camp by next monday but the corps say they have no plans tom forcibly remove them after that deadline. hundreds have been arrested after months of protest.
4:35 am
they worry the pipeline could contaminate water in the area and it is on sacred ground. anthony michael hall could be going to prison. the star of "the breakfast club" faces seven years behind bars for an alleged attack on his neighbor. he shoved a man to the ground, broke his wrist and this isn't the first time that hall has gotten into fights with neighbors. and you see this one this weekend, poetic justice for colin kaepernick. he's been ripped for wearing a fidel castro t-shirt and now supporting the dead dictator. he played in miami on sunday. a city who is home to many cuban exiles. this is how the dolphin fans greeted him. >> you hear the crowd immediately letting their
4:36 am
feelings known. >> booing i am in miami. and and then on the final play of the game, kaepernick tries for the game-winning score but he's stopped by kiko alonzo who just happens to be the son of a cuban i am grant. dolphins win. 49ers officially eliminated from the playoffs. what do you think of that? ainsley. >> perfect guest to react to that story. former nfl quarterback and author of the new book, it's called "shaken." it's so good. i'm so proud of you, tim. there are so many things. we're going to talk about your career and your book. what's your reaction to colin kaepernick? >> well, i think it's just unfortunate when you are able to hurt -- when you hurt someone's feelings like that, but i got the chance to play with kiko and he is a really good guy. it was fun for him to make big plays in that game. for me, my goal has always been able to bring faith, hope, and love to people, especially in
4:37 am
their darkest hour of need and what we need right now is bringing people together in this country more than separating people, so i think that's my goal. >> let's talk about your goal a little bit. you tell some amazing stories. you start it with a chapter called the cut and you talk about being cut, and you were cut from three different teams and you talk about how hard that was for you as a christian and as an individual. >> and as a player. >> and as a player. >> i think it's difficult because it cuts into your pride. it cuts into your goals. it cuts into your dreams and when all of that feels like it's shaken, how do you react? how do you handle it and for me i felt like, hey, going to the patriots was going to be a dream come true, play under tom brady and when he retired, and then play under bell i chick. what do you do when you get cut? i have no house, no car, no one wants me to do what i want to do, what do i next, at moments
4:38 am
like that, that's when you find out what your identity is all about and what defines you. >> you talk about how hard it was to read the headlines, making the call to your family and tell me them you were cut. what it was like to learn your career may be over and maybe having a uniform on again. >> that's really hard, and especially when you feel like you had worked so hard to get to a point and this was it. this was going to be the opportunity, this was going to be the dream come true and it gets shattered right in front of you. that's very difficult. >> people love about you that you are a role model. you are not afraid to share your faith. doing the tebow, that became such a phenomenon. your wish foundation, i'll talk about that in a little while. there was a story that struck me in the book. you worked for coach belichick. you were offered a million dollar endorse many to a one-time commercial for a company. you went to him and said should
4:39 am
i do this, for any other coach, you wouldn't have asked. he said i wouldn't want you to do. a few weeks later he cut you, you could have made a million dollars. you tweeted how proud you were to be a patriot. how much you loved the coaches and the team? what was going through your mind? >> i didn't want to be a distraction to the team. i wanted to be another guy in the locker room. i didn't want to be a distraction. that's why i called coach belichick. what do you think about this? this is a great opportunity that i'll say yes so but i want to do what's right for the team first and he appreciated me calling but, said, hey, listen, i will prefer if you didn't do, of course, i didn't, put the team first scprks that's not something that i look back and regret at all. it was, you know, me trying to honor the team and if i could do it again, i would have done the same thing. >> some people say that your faith is a distraction and maybe that's why you have not landed with a team for a long time and
4:40 am
i plawd you for that because you are putting your faith above the sport. i think that's awesome. what about baseball? it's awesome to see how god is using you in another field or sport? >> i love it. i've had so much fun being on the diamond and being in the arizona fall league and have such a blast. such a huge learning curve for me but i'm enjoying every single day. can't wait for is spring training. it's fun to take on a new challenge and i'm having a blast doing it. >> you are saving lives, we watched you save that guys life. you saved another life on the airplane, some people on the studio said one more life saved and you are going to be a saint. >> i don't know about that, but i tell you what, i've kept in contact with the young man and he's doing really good, even though he's a georgia bulldog fan. >> you love all people. >> yes, we do. gracious fosh everybody. >> the wish foundation, what's your slogan. >> to bring faith, hope, and
4:41 am
love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. >> you are such an amazing person because you love all of them. share one quick story of the book of one person that's impacted your life. >> it's hard to choose one because we have so many stories in there of young people who you talk about being shaken, you talk about going through adversity and obstacles and they have gone through more than i can ever possibly imagine, and whether, you know, it's been cancer, whether it's been cerebral palsy, brand tumors, on and on. these kids so much heart and resilience and they understand what it means to, you know, have a relationship with god where you are not shaken in the midst of all this adversity and one of things i love right now israel one of the girls i write about in the book, her name is robyn, we have another wish girl named kate might have only a couple of days to live in ohio, robyn is writing letters to encourage her right now. they have become best friends and it's awesome to understand
4:42 am
what it means to have people around you that love and support you and, you know, robyn is writing that, going through her adversity. she's encouraging another one of our wish girls and it's really encouraging. >> so many women want to marry you, are you dating win? >> i'm not dating anyone right now. >> what about the key around your neck? >> this is made by a sweet girl in houston does a lot with our night sho shine. this is a way to support them. >> he allows some of the special needs individuals to go to prom night and when new year's eve rolls around, that's what he's doing, making a difference, going down to haiti and helping kids in orphanages. everyone buy his book. it's called "shaken." santa's reindeer will be hauling more than toys this year. where in the world are they being trained to deliver pizza
4:43 am
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4:46 am
wee got some quick headlines for you. rudolph has got a new gig. domino's in japan is taking a page out of santa's playbook and training reindeer to deliver pizza. in snow storms. not making it up. look at these images. each will be fitted with gps so customers can track their orders. #probably a gimmick. and the pc police raise red flags on no shave november. >> you're beard is so ugly, when you try to take a bath, the
4:47 am
water jumped right out. >> the month long men's health awareness campaign that encourages men to skip shaving during the month is too manly for some. it's not inclusive enough, leaving out women and perhaps men who cannot grow a full beard. >> oh, my goodness. >> and that's the news that fits. >> u.s. government nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt, but that's not stopping them to use your money on things like that gourmet gas station snacks. it only gets worse. here to break it down and ruin your monday about the federal fumbles is the report that everyone talks about, and today's spokesman is oklahoma senator james langford. always great to see you. let's talk about something that graefts you that you want to stop. the gourmet gas station food. >> we listed a hundred different
4:48 am
ways we got out of control grants, coordinators, it starts with us what we call gas station tofu. the u.s.d.a. wants to have more healthy food choices. they are imposing on convenience stores and other places to say you have more healthy options. they are selling them they have to sell tofu, goat cheese, almond milk, rural america, most areas, you may have to drive 15 or 20 miles to get to a grocery store, so people who are on snap and others are going to get their milk and bread and meat from a local gas station, they tell them no, unless you sell tofu, they are not going to provide it at all and those folks will have no option. >> i ooubl -- usually go for a power bar. what about this very important medieval smells? you have a look at a 85-day
4:49 am
exhibition of a sense of beauty where we look at medieval art and smells. >> this is not just a museum study. this is three different agencies that combined their money to do an exhibit on medieval art and smells, so people can experience this. one agency to do that, i understand that. three agencies, it really raises your ire to say why are we doing this. >> $500,000. now the other has glacial identity studies which sounds as ridiculous as you would think. don't chew tobacco texts. >> telling them they shouldn't chew tobacco or a study that was multiof thousands of dollars to look at glaciers from a feminist world view and the man ice glacial relationship.
4:50 am
>> you have the costly coin toss for $50,000. senator, what can we do to stop it? how do we stop laughing at this and start doing something about it? >> this book every year is our to do list for our staff. when we walk through this, we see the things and doing our own investigation, we expose them. there are areas we this i -- think need additional oversight and media attention. we've taken care of some them last year. we have the touchdown areas. fumbles in the beginnings, touchdowns in the end, where we identify areas we saw last year we fix during the course of the year and there's many more to go. >> he's one of the most productive senators in washington. thank you so much. straight ahead, black friday is known for causing chaos. this morning, the action is online. and on this day in 1975, the monkeys were topping the chart with their hit "day dream
4:51 am
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4:54 am
we've got a fox business alert for you this morning. after a record-breaking weekend for retailers on line and brick-and-mortar stores, cyber monday is finally here. give a cheer. >> we're live in the middle of the chaos at amazon's distribution center in robbinsville, new jersey. what is in store for us this year. >> how about 629 items shipped per second? that was last year on expect to break that number this year. roughly $3.36 billion. that's how much all of us are
4:55 am
going to spend on cyber monday, just cyber monday, and that doesn't take into account that for instance has 75,000 deals all week long. so 3.4 billion roughly. when you consider who is shopping, 49% of us, according to adobe. 49% of us are going to do our online shopping at work and 3% of that 49%, figure this out, that 3% are going to do their shopping during one-on-one in person meetings. how would you like that? you are talking to the boss and you are on the phone ordering something. and real quick, i want to show you some hot items this year. this is love to learn elmo, usually $70. you can get it right now $32.99. not to be confused with last year's hot item, tickle me ainsley. this is one of the hot sellers they have right now. >> it flew off the shelves. >> don't even open that can of
4:56 am
worms. >> adam at the location you are at in new jersey, do they ship to the whole country or just to the northeast? >> what has done is set up these fulfillment centers throughout the country. this one opened in 2014, so there are these fulfillment centers throughout the united states, but in some metropolitan areas, you can order the stuff on line and get it shipped to you within an hour. for instance, this place can do that. one million square feet. we're talking 28 football fields. i'm a browns fan so i don't want to talk about football right now. >> by the way, that's a lot of bubble wrap, am i correct? >> a lot. >> i'm going to buy it right now for my little girl. i don't want them to sell out. raise your hands, let me see if you all are ticklish. >> i'm ticklish but i don't think that helps the show. >> you are laughing like my dad used to do to me and we will laugh he knew he was about to
4:57 am
tickle us even though he hadn't touched us. president-elect with another full day of high-level cabinet meetings, as the rust belt recount gets under way. that's tucker carlson. he just did his hair. attention: are you eligible for medicare?
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5:00 am
then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. good morning to you and your family. it is monday. it's november 28th, and we have something to tell you about. it involves a recount. hillary clinton joins a recount effort happening today, but what did she think about recounts before she lost? listen. >> that's horrifying. you know, every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. >> all the new developments this morning. meanwhile, controversies this morning over president-elect donald trump potential secretary of state pick. his own team not perhaps on board with the boss. >> i think that there was a
5:01 am
never trump movement and then there was governor mitt romney. he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. >> so does mitt romney pictured right there, screen right, have a chance? tucker carlson with more in seconds. it's the contest you want to hear about this morning. how to win super bowl tickets for life. you are welcome. let me remind you, mornings are better with friends. today is kind of a weird morning for me. >> why? >> why? >> it's the first day in five days that i haven't started the day with pumpkin pie. i ate pumpkin pie every morning. >> that's not fair. how do you stay thin? how do you stay thin and you eat pumpkin pie for breakfast and hamburgers? >> turkey bacon and
5:02 am
turkeyburgers. >> moderation. i don't do anything. i just chit-chat and choo -- chew. >> tucker is going to be with us in about a minute. maybe two minutes. actually, how long is the news cast, heather? >> just about a couple minutes. i have to confess, i had a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast. >> today? >> no, the day after thanksgiving. it was delicious. good morning. good morning to all of you. i've got a couple headlines to bring you right now. hungs of -- hundreds of passengers finally reaching their destination this morning after a long and horrifying night of travel. the engine on their original plane catching fire mid flight. one passenger tweeting out this video of the american airlines jet as it finally landed in albuquerque relieved. [ applause ] that plane was flying from dallas to las vegas. passengers hurd a loud thud and
5:03 am
they saw flames and no word on the cause is and thankfully no one was hurt. a potentially deadly terror attack foiled in the philippines. police detd nay an ied 60 feet away from the u.s. embassy in manila. the bomb was left inside a trash can by someone riding in a taxi early this morning. police say it was the same type of explosive at that killed 15 people in a market in the philippines earlier this year and a desperate search under way right now for the shooters who sent bullets flying on bourbon street. leaving one man dead and nine more injured. >> we will find them. we will go to the ends of theering to make sure we bring them to justice. >> they were sent running for their lives on new orleans busiest street. the shooting started as an argument between two people. all of the victims were innocent bystanders. and this is a terrific story. we love this one. starting today, drink beer and
5:04 am
win big. bud light randomly hiding some gold cans among their signature blew cans for a chance to secure super bowl tickets for life. 38,000 gold cans are now floating around in 18, 24, and 30 packs of 12-ounce bud light containers. you have to take a picture and post it on social media with the #fb tix for life. a grand prize winner will be picked on january 16th. those are your headlines. how terrific is that? >> that can in the picture look green to me. don't throw it away. if it's not a true, true gold and it's a little bit of a lime green. it could be a winner. >> it tastes great. tucker carlson what did he do over the thanksgiving vacation? >> let's ask him. >> tucker, what did you do? >> i drank bud light waiting for that special gold. no, i went fishing in florida as
5:05 am
always. >> buckler is a great nonalcoholic beer, isn't it? >> yes, sir -- yes, it is. >> they might be drinking over at trump headquarters, jill stein has thrown an ied into the whole party over there with this recount request. do you really think that she thinks the russians rigged the election? >> thank you for saying that. that's what it's really about and most stories covering this don't mention that, the underlying get us for this recount is the idea that the voting machines, the electronic voting machines were somehow rigged or controlled by someone outside the government, most likely the russians. that's a pretty big allegation. i don't dismiss anything. there's no evidence of that. i'm open minded. this recount doesn't bother me. i don't think it's likely to change the outcome and in there's a suggestion that happened, let's find out. trump is also making a suggestion that the election was rigged saying that two to three
5:06 am
million voted illegally. that's also being dismissed as a crack pot theory and maybe it is and there's no evidence of that either, but both of these together add up to something significant, people don't believe in the veracity of the election results on either side and that is a massive problem. i really think there needs to be some kind of investigation into the results, not to overturn them but to reassure the rest of us that the system works. >> no, tucker, there's no way, this recount does nothing but more doubt, more grist in the mill. it does not do anything but hurt the president-elect. for jill stein to do this is unbelievable to me. >> the perspective from of jill stein is not to make sure the system is one of integrity. the effect might be to delegitimatize in some of the minds of those against donald trump. take three steps back and make
5:07 am
sure the average person believes in the system. makering sure that only people eligible to vote do so. do you mean how many states require proof of citizenship? zero. only kansas tried. that requirement was overturned by federal judges. there is obviously a massive ensigntive on the left for them to vote. we have over ten states issue drivers license to illegal aliens. there is the capacity to fraud. >> if let's say the russians did hack into the wisconsin voting machines, would you have the wisconsin secretary of state do it or would you have the nsa do it? maybe they are calling the wrong people. >> that's exactly right. i mean, look, this is a major allegation that a foreign power somehow by remote controlled american voting machines. by the way, if there's any proof at all, any suggestion that that's actually true, that's a
5:08 am
five-alarm fire in the center of our democracy. we need to get on that. it's a pretty outrageous thing to say if you don't have proof to allege or imply, which they absolutely don't. shouldn't somebody say let's take a sober look. not necessarily recount the vote but at the voting machines and press the people who are pushing this. what exactly are you saying? >> there should be more proof. >> let's talk about the transition team but kellyanne conway and newt gingrich were on the sunday shows talking about how they are not for mitt romney. if trump chooses mitt romney she's risking a lot, what if he chooses mitt romney, what does that mean for her? >> i think she's a very brave person to say that. she clearly means it. if this is the new era we're living in, everyone in washington is scofg how dare she? she's making a real case and
5:09 am
it's two parts. the first is if mitt romney had a lot of support among republican voters, he probably would have been the nominee. he doesn't. therefore, he wasn't. so there are a lot of trump voters who don't want to say this happen and second more significantly does mitt romney agree with donald trump's foreign policy position. that's a basic question and i think the answer is probably no. so for her to say this, i thought it was great. >> it's funny you say what the reaction is from folks in washington, the establishment, everywhere else in the south, they are all applauding kellyanne for saying that. they are mad at him because he didn't support donald trump. should he apologize? >> should romney apologize? you would have to think there some kind of reckoning, if you guy a say is too immoral to be the president of the united states and you say i'm going to serve in his cabinet, i mean, you know, there's got to be a transition from one to the other, but i think, you know, kellyanne fitzpatrick, saying
5:10 am
what she thinks, something we didn't expect to happen. >> i hope i meet kellyanne fitzpatrick. is that her maiden name? >> i've known her so long. >> she's married. >> you know, before -- i beg your pardon. >> the other thing is the word is that donald trump is not happy that kellyanne conway did this, so i'm wondering if they anything him in in doing it. wrong with mitt romney it's just that mitt romney came out and went against donald trump. so you have so think it's going to take a couple of years to convince people in a few interviews that he's not and when there's a transition, maybe that will be a good time for romney if there's an opening that he like to go forward. the last time we heard him talk he was begging us not to vote for donald trump. >> and again, on moral grounds. he's like disgusting, you can't vote for him. >> let's talk if we can about
5:11 am
sanctuary cities. among the many things that donald trump says he's going to do is going to stop it and to deny federal funding for those cities that do it. where is is that in the thing to do list if tucker carlson handed donald trump a things to do list? >> i think it's maybe number one or two. what's so remarkable to me is someone who has been paying attention for the last 20 years is for generations liberals have said the states do not have a right to ignore federal law. that was the lesson of the civil rights era, that's why president eisenhower was right. liberals and me too have said yes, that's exactly right, and now they are saying, you know, if there's a federal law that we disagree with, we ignore it and there's nothing you can do about it. the two cannot co-exist. so as a theoretical as a matter of principle it matters, but also as a practical matter, you can't have cities where people who are totally, you know, unknown, their origin is
5:12 am
unknown, are floating around and living. it's a threat to national security. we know this from the 9/11 report. six out of the 19 hijackers had violated the immigration law and one of key recommendations is you got to know who is living in your country or else there's potentially bad consequences. that's common sense. these mayors for little reasons are ignoring that and that cannot stand. >> governor of texas, greg abbott, hey, the city of austin just will reinforce they will be forever a sanctuary city. the governor says i'm going to san a law that bans sanctuary cities. also i have issued an order cutting funding to sanctuary cities. that's really what donald trump can do as commander in chief. he can cut off the funding just like that. >> well, it's a little much to say to the federal government, look, we don't -- we're not going to obey your laws. we reject your laws, man!
5:13 am
but we still want the subsiddy. you know what i mean. what are your teenage kids saying? i'm not going to obey anything you say and up yours, i'm giving you the finger but you still have to pay me $500 a month at my tuition. you can't have both, sort of, right? >> tucker carlson, great start to your show at 7:00 and this week somewhat controversial, you are going to do a best of tucker carlson, looking back at the week that was. >> it's early, yes. and i'm also doing an autobiography. >> tucker, congratulations for your success. >> and especially you, ainsley. thank you. >> i love you. thank you. straight ahead, celebrations over the death of cuban dictator fidel castro but in washington, new questions about what the president-elect will do now. >> there isn't going to be a one-way relationship from the united states to cuba without some action from the castro administration. >> okay. we're live with the deal that
5:14 am
could be in jeopardy coming up. and 1,000 veterans strong protesting after a college lowered the american flag to mourn hillary's election loss and now you are about to hear their message to america. >> stands for all the veterans around the whole nation, everybody who fought for this flag. it's more than just a symbol. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7.
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5:18 am
we're back with the fox news alert. a third straight night of celebration in the city of miami following the death of former cuban dictator fidel castro. >> in havana, a nine-day period of mourning is under way for the brutal ruler at a memorial service set to begin in less than an hour. >> rick is in little havana in miami, big difference. many in miami's community is calling for a change that fidel is dead but raul is still there. what's going to change, rick? >> good morning, brian, steve, and ainsley. miami has a very large and influential cuban exile community. they are certainly celebrating the death of fidel castro. they do believe change should come in cuba now that fidel
5:19 am
castro has died and they had a very emotional day yesterday at the bay of biggs museum to discuss a serious rally later this week that they say should protest the lifting the sanctions by president obama against cuba they say nothing has been done to improve rights on the island nation. they will support liberty and democracy in their homeland. >> a new country, a beautiful count country. >> everybody wants change now i think. >> the darkness of cuba is dead. is dead. a chapter has been closed. >> the organizers are hoping that thousands of people will turn out for that rally on wednesday afternoon and during that time, guys, as you meks -- mentions, it's also the nine days of mourning in cuba has
5:20 am
fidel's ashes make their way across the country. >> it's not mourning there. >> we know people will be there because the amazing cafe du cubano. we expect more crowds here today. because the cuban people want cuba to know how they feel about the death of fidel castro. we have seen them banging the pots and pans, celebrating, honking horizon -- horns and preaching liberty. saying that, you know, the death of fidel is a good thing and what needs to happen now is change, guys. >> yep. hopefully it does. let's see if anything changes. >> coming up on this monday, democrats tried to bait millennials with promises like this. >> tuition froou, tuition-free,
5:21 am
free, free, free. >> we love free, we might learn you might not need that free tuition after all. and a contender wants a separate country for black people. our next guest explains why. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. asmy family tree,ing i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard... it was her french name. then she came to louisiana as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. the ancestry dna results were really specific.
5:22 am
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generosity is its oyou can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood?
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i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. we have some quick headlines for you. in his final weeks in office, president obama pushing for a flurry of executive actions. the white house reviewing 100 midnight regulations but mr. trump has pledged to repeal every single executive order. it's the campaign promise that made bernie sanders so popular. >> public colleges and universities tuition-free. tuition-free. free, free, free, free. >> maybe we don't need free college after all.
5:25 am
in the last few years, at least 50 public colleges and universities across our country have lowered tuition for out of state students by more than 10%. that's great news. the left is looking for a new dnc chair but are they looking too far to the left? apparently, their top choice in that man right there, minnesota congressman keith ellison, he's taking heats for extreme comments from his past, calling for a separate country here in the united states for african-americans. is this what the party leadership has in mind? joining us right now is kevin jackson, fox news contributor and executive director from the black sphere joins us. good morning to you. >> good talking to you, steve. >> explain to us, if you will, i'm sure you did a little research how keith ellison suggested a black state. >> well, it's not so much that he suggested it.
5:26 am
you guys have pretty much teased that is what he said. i think the bigger implication is the idea that people call donald trump racist when this is the person that the democrats want to lead their party, a person who says black people should have a separate state and he's endorsed by bernie sanders. he's supported by chuck schumer. many of party leadership of the democrats support a person who wants to essentially peel black people out of a country, that we are an integral part of it and make a separate state. i would ask him what he thinks africans, why they come to the united states? they come to the united states not to be black. they come to the united states to become americans. not to become black. so this idea that the idea that the democrats condones these type of racist policies, quite frankly i'm happy to see keith ellison, i certainly represents them very well. >> you feel if he were to become the leader of the dnc, he will
5:27 am
pull the dnc so far to the left, it would be better for people in the middle and to the right? >> certainly, keith ellison is what i call an ethno-centric racist. everything about him has nothing to do with making america better. it has to do with essentially catering to blacks. the policies that donald trump and others will raise all the boats in the ocean. what keith ellison wants to do is pretend that blacks have some unique problems in america, which we don't. the problems that blacks face in america are problems caused by liberals, problems caused by democrats, and keith ellison wants to pretend it's something different. it's not. it's that. if all we need to do is get sanity back into politics. if you were to reverse this, if donald trump or any other republican had said what keith ellison said, do you believe
5:28 am
that we could be touting this person as a leader within the republican party or leader in the conservative movement. >> the answer is no, he should be considered blatantly racist. >> i don't know if anybody has queried him if he were to lead the dnc, if they would be behind this recall election, the recall -- the recount, that is to say, in wisconsin, that is being waged by the green party right now, which, you know, jill stein came in fourth. the democrat came in second and yet she's the one who is asking for all the votes to be recounted. it seems a little odd. >> all these things, steve, point to the desperation of the democrats. we're talking about a group of people who have lost an election fair and square. they believed in their heart of hearts that they were going to win because that's the fallacy of their belief stem is they think they are on the right track. many of america we're talking about this for years and certainly over the last year. what's interesting about this is
5:29 am
yet again the democrats have been talking about we ignored fly over here country. we ignored the blue collar white vote and what do they do, they want to put an ethno centric black racist in charge of the party because that's going to bring back the blue collar white vote, that shows you the level of idiocy that exists in that party. >> we thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. what do you think about that? email us. president-elect and his possible pick for secretary of state, mitt romney, once enemies now seem to be friends. remember this. >> donald trump is a phone y a froud. >> ouch. can those two really let bygones be bygones or does mitt romney has to apologize? what does that look like. ed henry has an update. pop singer ed sheeran
5:30 am
attending a knighting ceremony when things went terribly wrong. ♪ ♪
5:31 am
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and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin specializes in treating headaches. which is why moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] ♪ ♪ >> now, it's time for your shot of the morning. rudolph has a new gig. domino's pizza in japan is training reindeer to deliver pizzas in snow storms. >> but animal lovers, don't worry, because domino's is working with experts to ensure the welfare of the reindeer, including pinpointing the maximum weight they could hold comfortably. >> i don't know if i want that pizza that just fell off the
5:34 am
sled. each reindeer will be fitted with a gps device. reindeer like to work. they want stuff to do. >> aren't they supposed to be flying through the air? >> santa is supposed to be on that sleigh. >> that's so much money, it wouldn't make it affordable. >> he works in a couple of weeks. ed henry was working over the weekend. he joins us live. >> they put a gps chip in one of my ears and they kept pulling me back in the studio. >> it is. bottom of the barrel. >> the thing is people want you to work because the most exciting story right now in the transition is the most important position, arguably, and that's secretary of state. >> yeah. >> this thing is being played out in public. the latest report is kellyanne conway is doing this in defiance of donald trump. >> this is remarkable. this started on wednesday. mike huckabee said it would be ridiculous because mitt romney got this because folks like huckabee, giuliani and gingrich were saying we were really loyal
5:35 am
to donald trump and we're not getting the key jobs in this administration. why is this guy who called him a phony and a fraud getting maybe the biggest job in the cabinet and then i heard on thursday from someone very senior in the transition and we reported it over the weekend, that there's a discussion going on between president-elect trump and others about whether mitt romney should have to apologize in some public way, a letter, statement, or something, to try to clear the air after all of that and try to bring the party together. what i find interesting is that over the weekend i also heard that mike pence was involved in this, that the vice president-elect was on the phone with mitt romney. it also tells me that it's not over, despite the criticism from newt gingrich on this show yesterday. kellyanne conway on multiple shows. look, at the point end of the day, romney is still viable here because one man is deciding this. it's actually president-elect trump. and steve and i were talking in the haulway a few minutes ago. i asked george w. bush a question, in 2006 over all these
5:36 am
critics of donald rumsfeld and they wanted him fired over the iraq war and if you remember the answer was, i hear the critics, i'm the decider. his critics were all mad. you know what, he stuck with his people. he was loyal and at the end of the day if donald trump wants mitt romney as secretary of state, it's going to happen, regardless of what the -- >> if he does choose him, what does mitt romney need to say to the donald trump voters who are upset with him? >> i think look what mike huckabee said on this program almost a week ago, there's got to be some sort of acknowledgment. he said he's a bad guy. his character is wrong. >> he went out of his way. >> you have to do something and the estimation is not of me. i'm just reporting what people around donald trump are saying. they believe that there has to be some public mea culpa here. >> this is what i heard constantly among republicans, including lawmakers, i don't understand where this is coming
5:37 am
from. i tried to call him and talk to him out of doing this. we don't understand where this is coming from. two of the people who said it to me were never trumpers. i think he needs to explain himself. >> i think there are a couple of things that work. some of these same critics who were saying back in the campaign and during the beginning of the transition, donald trump won't listen to anyone, he doesn't want to hear other voices. he only wants a small kitchen cabinet around him. >> he's the decider. >> he's the decider and maybe he just thinks, i want to bring in someone who has within a -- been a critic, maybe unify the party, the country. >> he's measured, he's smart. he looks the part. >> mitt romney. >> yes. >> people also tell me there's something else going on here which is about rudy giuliani. he's been very loyal to donald trump but they are concerned inside the transition about his international business dealings. it doesn't mean he's disqualified. it doesn't mean that he might not get some other important job. rudy giuliani doesn't need a cabinet post to be important.
5:38 am
he doesn't need a cabinet post to have the president's ear. he's going to have it whether you put a title on his business card or not. >> i just think if mitt romney has a public statement or writes a note, a forgive note, i don't think people are going to buy it. you know what, he's just saying that to get the job. >> if you get the job, after being sort of on bended near -- knee there, apologizing, how do you go around the world representing the united states. >> i thought you said he was a fraud. >> you said he was a phony. >> i think it's interesting, kellyanne conway has said in the past, if i want to reach donald trump oftentimes we do it through television because that's what we know he watches. >> that's interesting as well. how is it is that kellyanne conway who had the confidence of the nominee donald trump now has the confidence of the president-elect, we believe, because she says that right after the election, victory, he offered her an important job. it looks like she's going to take. we don't know if it's senior adviser or something in the
5:39 am
white house. why can't she pick up the phone? >> it could be part of the strategy. it could be a good cop, bad cop. this way they are able to get both messages out. >> good to see you guys. ed, thank you very much. >> happy thanksgiving. all right. >> merry christmas is what you got to start saying. >> happy monday. >> sign -- cyber monday started last monday. it's now a week. it's two weeks long. >> by the way. that's not a great place to shop for your wife, but it's great to shop for your son. >> he loves nba. heth are nawrt is here. >> what did you get? >> a bag? >> for yourself. >> are you shopping for yourself or other people? >> good morning. a couple of headlines to bring you. serious story to start out with right now. we're getting brand-new chilling details about the california mom who disappeared for three weeks after she went on a run. sherri papini's captain tors --
5:40 am
captors let her go on thanksgiving morning on an interstate. the chilling audio now released. >> advising she is heavily battered and it is confirmed kidnapping. chp is on the seen and advised that she is chained to something. >> well, police are now hunting for two women. they describe them as hispanic. they believe that they are involved in the kidnapping. also believed to be armed and dangerous. 1,000 veterans protesting a college's decision to remove the american flag from its campus. hampshire college in massachusetts lowering their flag to half-staff after president-elect donald trump won the election and that sparked a whole lot of controversy. that flag was then found burned on veterans day and that prompted officials to remove it indefinitely, and that has outraged vets. >> raise your flags, everybody. raise them high in that air. >> this stands for all the
5:41 am
veterans around the whole nation. everybody who fought for this flag. it's more than just a symbol. >> i would die for this flag. i fought for this flag. i live for it. >> veterans at the rally say the school's decision disrespects former and current members of our military. and the singer ed sheeran may have the greatest party story of all time. see that cut on his cheek. he was reportedly slashed by british princess beatrice. ♪ such a great voice he has. well, according to reports, the princess accidentally sliced his face as she swung a sword over her shoulder. she was allegedly pretending to knight the singer at a dinner party: those are your headlines. >> don't bring a sword to a
5:42 am
party. i've always said that. >> when you are a princess, though, you probably have this all over the palace. >> thank you. >> i thought they bring peas. coming up, colin kaepernick booed again by thousands of fans for praising fidel castro. this photo of a cuban american laying him out on the last play, your comments are pouring in. we have the deals you don't want to miss. that's straight ahead. if you miss these deals, you might as well log off. [ cough ] shh. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. better take something. dayquil liquid gels doesn't treat a runny nose. it doesn't? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels
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5:45 am
well, you know that kol inkaepernick made headlines when
5:46 am
he would not stand for the national anthem. well, earlier, just a week ago, he was pictured wearing a fidel castro t-shirt. a couple of days -- i believe this was before fidel castro died. >> he didn't know castro was going to die. >> and then castro died. in this interview he did, he said castro was a great guy, did great things for education and public health. >> later he walk that back. >> of course, he would. he did this interview with a guy before he showed up in miami. >> so then he showed up in miami. he was wearing a malcolm x t-shirt. they met way.
5:47 am
you factor that castro died and his positive comments were there how he had a great education system and health care system and unlike by america, a lot of you reacted to this because in the end, kaepernick actually played very well. had a chance to win the game but he was tackled by a very special person, especially when you consider the person making the tackle is from a family of this visit -- dissident cubans. kiko along zoe --zo -- along -- alonzo stopped him. >> he cyst sered kaepernick down on the ground. >> we asked you what you thought
5:48 am
about that and the email machine and twitter lit up. >> lee said this on twitter. that's just americans practicing the same right that he has been practicing. reap wa you sow, colin. >> jim says he should probably stop kneeling and focus on winning football games. they have lost ten in a row. >> this is why i quit watching the nfl. politics does not belong in sports, plain and simple. >> andy says if he loves castro so much, he should go to cuba. kneel during their anthem and see what would happen. >> he's allowed to protest against his government. if he was a cuban and decided he didn't like his government, how tolerant do you think fidel castro would have been? go to jail or get shot. >> meanwhile today could be the busiest on line shopping day of the year. >> but before you log on, we have deals you don't want to miss. how do you know? we've seen them and we can't believe that we might have
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missed them. >> first we check in with martha. >> coming up at the top of the hour, the transition team battling over the secretary of state appointment. this one is getting very interesting. the decision though comes down to one person and that is the president-elect. it's an extremely important post given the troubling times we're living in. we'll talk about that and recount politics. you know, hillary clinton was flabbergasted that trump might not accept the outcome but now that the shoe is on the other foot, she's singing a different tune. >> we're talking about castro's legacy, we're talking about who should represent the united states at those services when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. we're looking forward to it. ay r but the best cyber monday deals ay r are at verizon. because a deal is only as good as the network it's on. verizon gives you the best network and a lot more. great deals on our hottest smartphones. like the droid turbo 2 by motorola for $10 per month. or the iphone se for $5 per month. our lowest price ever.
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6:00 am
this was us at the book signing. that was my literature teacher. love her. >> i'm sure she loves that. >> december 9th in jacksonville at the theater. thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates. go to -- bill: thanks everybody. back to business for america. back to business for president-elect donald trump. returning from the thanks giving holiday to a tug-of-war inside the transition team over who should be our next secretary of state. morning, everybody. hope you had a great break with your family and friends. i had really great times. martha: nice to have a few days off. everybody back to work and back to business. i'm martha maccallum. this seems like a pretty bitter internal battle that is going on in the transition team over the nation's top diplomat decision. all of this now going public over the weekend. latest reports report to two leading candidates. long-time trump supporter


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