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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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died at the age of 98. the franchise owner came up with the burger nearly 52 years ago. it went over so well that it spread to others before going national. everyone eat one today in his honor. high noon on the west coast, 3:00 p.m. in new york city where more of the trump team is coming in place. filling top spots on his cabinet, but the secretary of state job is still up for grabs. and while mitt romney is getting a whole lot 6 attention and a nice meal, we're hearing more about three major players in the mix. plus the billionaire now promising to step back from his business empire. he will apparently let his kids run it while he's in office. so will that be enough to avoid potential problems? and why conflict of interest laws are not of concern for any president. also disappoint for democrats on election day, but in the house it seems they are not looking for change because they just
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voted to let nancy pelosi keep her job. we'll see what that signals about that party's future. so let's get to it. trump transcript sipition team t has narrowed its search to four candidates. reince priebus told fox news the team is considering bob corker, david of david petraeus, rudy giuliani and mitt romney. romney and the president-elect had dinner last night at a restaurant of course inside one of the trump buildings here in manhattan. reince priebus was also there and they let the press take a picture. it was the second meeting between romney and president-elect trump that we know about. the two men slammed each other during the campaign. trump called romney a stone cold loser and a choeg artist.
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romney called trump a phony and fraud. some republicans have called on mitt romney to bomb guy to the president-elect and his supporter. romney's done that so far as we know. but after dinner last night, romney said trump is the very man who can lead the country. >> it's not easy, i know that myself. he did something i tried do and was unsuccessful in accomplishing, he won the general election. and he continues with a message of bringing people together and his vision is something which obviously connected with the american people in a very powerful way. >> reince priebus told fox news there is no quid pro quo when it comes to any potential apology from romney. >> there is obviously a comfort level that needs to take place and that is sort of the piece that is being worked on right now. and they had a great dinner last
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night, very encourage ppg but again not a done deal, but positive. >> president-elect trump today announced his picks for two other cabinet positions, former gold man sax chief steven mnuchin on the left there for secretary of treasury, and the billionaire investor wilbur ross on the right for secretary of commerce. peter doocy is at trump tower where they are still conducting transition meetings. what are we hearing about these new cabinet picks? >> reporter: we're hearing that cutting taxes will be a big priority for the top financial team that you ran through the names of. in fact steve mnuchin said this morning on the fox business network that the transition team is working on a plan right now that would have uncle sam taking less out of business profits and also out of workers' paychecks. >> we will have a major tax reform, biggest since reagan. and it won't be just a cut in
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corporate taxes, but also a very large middle income tax cut that will help this country. >> reporter: there are just four people still under consideration for the open secretary of state slot, but only one has been taken to dinner that is mitt romney. the one who said donald trump's foreign policy ideas would make america less safe. he was treated to a meal that featured garlic soup with frog legs, lamb chops and chocolate cake. and of after the check was paide said this. >> from what i've seen through these discussions that i've had president-elect trump as well as what we've seen in his speech the night of his victory as well as the people's slegtsed as part of his transition, all of those things combined give me increasing hope that president-elect trump lead us to that better future. >> reporter: we still have not heard from the president-elect how he thinks dinner went.
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>> the president-elect did tweet that he plans to cut ties with his businesses, but do we even know what that means? >> reporter: we don't yet. we just know that legal documents are being drafted and that there will be a formal announcement made by the president-elect with his adult children by police side about two weeks from right now. donald trump jr., ivanka and eric expected to take expanded roles once the chairman leaves to become president of the united states. but an ethics watch dog crew thinks that everybody is missing a major point. they say what he does that seem to realize or does not want for admit the is that the conflicts rise from his ownership of the trump organization. we expect to gept texpect to ge details at a press conference december 15th.
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>> peeter, thank you. coming up, we'll talk about the issues he could face. but first a white house reporter for the associated press. what is happening there, josh? >> reporter: well, for all of those trying to figure out from trump what his new administration will look like and how he will govern, they are getting conflicting smoke signals. on the one hand, we have some of the picks that you have been discussing, traditional republican conservative big business, favorable to wall street types that are what you'd expect from any republican administration and that instills a lot of faith for republican members of congress, wall street and elsewhere. on the other hand, we still see trump dragging in to his transition some of the same erratic behavior from the campaign that caused so much people concern. he's still fwootweeting at all different hour, like the flag burning.
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so that has raised fresh concerns about his style is something that we can expect. >> we p really haven't seen that. normally they have moved to the transition office. there is actually a transition office in washington that the taxpayers pay for. he's also not informing people about what is happening with details which apparently he doesn't have to do either. he said from the beginning that he was going to be a different kind of president and he's certainly a different kind of president-elect, there is no doubting that. >> reporter: there are officials working at the transition office. he is doing morning calls with some of his staff to brief reporters on some of the latest of what is going on in the transition. but handful of interviews. so people on the outside who are concerned, there have been a lot of waiting and the transition period has been filled with
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uncertainty as trump is hold up in his tower discussing with aide who he will pick to fill his governance. >> one of the parlor games is trying to figure out what is going on with mitt romney. will he berate him in the end, was the dinner a real thing? when they let the cameras in, which almost never happens, it almost probably means something. >> reporter: we know donald trump clearly wants to be talking about the fact that he's considering mitt rocmneyromney. you don't invite him to dinner and have reporters if that's not what you want. but we've also had prominent aides out publicly saying that romney would be a bad choice for secretary of state. so it's difficult to ascertain exactly what he's trying to do, but we do know that his officials are saying that it's now down candidates, petraeus, romney, senator bob corker and rudy giuliani for the secretary of state position.
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>> is there any word like whispers about -- i keep hearing that corker might be the safest, giuliani might be the most out there pick and romney the most controversy. >> i think corker is looked at as the safest choice and giuliani as the riskiest. the others are both strong candidates who would probably enjoy a lot of support on capitol hill, but they both have major down sides. for mitt romney, it's the fact that he spent most of the last year publicly berating trump and telling voters they shouldn't vote for him and for general petraeus, it's the questions about leaking cralassified information which makes it more difficult for trump to say he's draining the swamp particularly after he was so critical of hillary clinton and the classified information issued during the campaign. >> it's all been nontraditional. and i wonder as you wander among your colleagues who cover these
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sorts evof things and what they're witnessing out of new york, what sort of sense are you getting from those who do the reporting? >> reporter: i think everyone is just very a wear that this is a different type of experience. they were not used to this playing out so publicly with candidates being floated, multiple candidates competing against each other in the media, talking about their own candidates for these roles, why they would be good for various cabinet positions. it's very unusual. it it's indicative of what we've seen from 2ru6r7trump, the real show style and what people are assuming will be a characteristic of the trump white house that we will see next year. >> good to see you, josh. thank you. reporter for the associated press. donald trump says he's already saving american jobs keeping 1,000 positions or so in
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donald trump and mike pence claiming victory in keeping a company from shipping jobs to mexico. carrier is an air conditioning
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manufacturer and tweeted we are pleased to have reached a deal with president-elect trump and pence to keep close to 1,000 jobs in indy. and trump said big day for indiana and the great workers. we will keep our jobs in the u.s. thanks carrier. critics went after carrier for announcing that it was sending 1400 jobs across the border and trump pledged to keep companies from doing that sort of thing. the state will give incentives to the company according to local officials. we don't yet know how many jobs might still be going to mexico, but we could learn more tomorrow when donald trump is expected to make an official announcement about the deal in indiana in a sort of kickoff of the transition team calling a thank you tour. matt finn live in our newsroom. this has to be a big relief for those plant workers. >> of course. i mean you could say this is a life changing early christmas gift for these workers who no longer have to deal with the grief of a pending job loss.
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and just to show you how terrible of a shock this was, let's show everyone cellphone video that was captured inside the plant when carrier first made the announcement. watch this. >> move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterrey, mexico. >> on thanksgiving day trump announced on twitter he was talking with carrier executives about staying in the u.s. and now just days later, carrier employees are thanking president elect. take a listen. >> i would like to tell him thank you for going out of your way and taking your hl day away from your family and working on the carrier and 34r0iemployees and take sticking to your word and going to bat for the employees at carrier. and like to thank him and mike pence for doing it so quickly. >> now, this deal suggests that
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the majority of jobs at this plant will be saved, but there could be hundreds who will still be laid off. >> what do we know about how this came together? >> we reached out to carrier for more information and so far we have not heard back from them. both sides quiet about the details. carrier has taken advantage of indiana state economic incentives before and that is reportedly a part of this new plan. of course trump made keeping american businesses in the united states his signature economic issue and promised heavy tariffs up to 35% on those who manufacture overseas. and as you mentioned, we will bed a donald trump's trump event in indiana where we expect him and carrier executives tobe a donald trump's trump event in indiana where we expect him and carrier executives to release more deals. president-elect trump said he is leaving his businesses in total and he will make it clear in about two weeks. and then there is judge andrew
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20 past the hour. more on president-elect trump's tweeted announcement that he plans to leave his million dollar or multimillion dollar business in total as he put to focus on running the nation. the tweet came early this morning. trump had previously sid he'sai in the process of handing it over to his three older children. but with all of them on the white house transition team, some analysts say this really is a conflict of interest. trump has called the arrangement a blind trust. it is not a blind trust.
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a true blind trust would be run by an independent manager, not family members. that is thinking but blind. the president of course is not medically bound by federal conflict of interest laws. no president is. reince priebus told fox newscal conflict of interest laws. no president is. reince priebus told fox news this morning they are working out a plan and really smart ethics lawyers are involved, but he would not reveal any other details. here's the question. if it's still a series of trump properties with the trump brand run by trumps, wouldn't the business and he still benefit from the power of the presidency? judge andrew napolitano is here. seems like an easy one. >> and the answer is yes. this is not a blind trust. now, is he breaking the law by giving control of the business to his children over whom he obviously still has moral authority?
12:22 pm
no, he's not. because the law thdoes not appl to the president. from because s >> because say the governor of michigan could say i have a business that makes concrete and you're working on a bill, why don't you use my concrete or you do it just to curry favor with the governor. that is illegal. you have to divest from those interests. but not as president. >> if the president is on the phone -- i'll give you a hypothetical -- with the president of brazil talking about a trade deal and at the end easy says by the way, we're having problems building the next trump tower in rio, can you make those problems go away, that is not illegal. it's just political. at the time this statute was written, it was decided to exempt the president. but we have never had a president with the vast property interests that donald trump has. he owns real estate or he owns shares of stock incorporations
12:23 pm
that are part owners of real estate without getting overly in the weeds here in 20 different countries. those cooperatirporations make money, return on investment to the shareholders, of which he is one, by building on it and selling what they have built or leasing what they have built. the question is, is he going to -- will there be the perception that when you work on a trump property, to follow my hypothetical, in rio de janeiro you are conferring a favor upon the same trump that is the president of the united states. i think the answer to that is probably yes. >> to take it a step further, if he needs this help and asks for this help which is fine because it's political and then he does something as a gift from the united states in one way or another be it some sort of favor or some sort of statement or something physical, that would be illegal because would that be a quid pro quo? >> yes. >> but that quid pro quo would
12:24 pm
always be illegal? >> right. that quid pro quo -- if he were to do that, it's the same thing that his campaign accused mrs. clinton of doing when she was secretary of state, did you make decideses as secretary of state intended to benefit your husband's foundation. so that is called public corruption. he is not exempt from that. >> and we're not suggesting that that is happening. this is a hypothetical. >> correct. and we probably will never know. i've argued he will be a happier president if he puts everything in a blind trust. he will avoid all the political, all the investigations, all the allegations. but he doesn't want to do that. >> well, why do that? there is no -- you don't have to do that. why share everything with everybody else. and if you have businesses over that can you pick up the phone with argentina and say where don't we build two of these things, what do you think.
12:25 pm
>> well, do we really want the president of the united states -- >> it's not about what we want, is it? >> it's about what he wants. and he is the king of the hill. >> we knew what his deal was. none of these things were secret except what he owns and what he makes. that's a secret. >> right. i thought that was all going to be revealed now. >> well, there is an audit under way. i heard that. >> all right. so i think the conversation we're having, we and people like us will be having it for the next four years and maybe for the next eight years. >> i don't know if anybody will care. thank you, judge. at some point. >> yeah. after stunning loss on election night, democrats talked a lot about changing the direct of the party. got to have change, ingot to ha new leadership. no, today lawmakers decided to change nothing. again, voting in the same people whose losing strategy kept them in the minority if you choose to look at it that way. nancy pelosi says she has a
12:26 pm
spring in her step, but does everybody feel that way? plus an update on the attack at the ohio state university. brand new information about the suspect's motive on the attack at ohio state. bottom of the hour, top of the news coming up.
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so a complete republican sweep on election night, time for change, right? not for democrats. house minority leader nancy pelosi hanging on to her job today. house democrats reelected the 76-year-old congresswoman this morning. tim ryan of ohio ran against her. the congressman said he didn't plachb to launch his long shot the bid until donald trump cleaned up on election night in his ohio hometown. today congressman ryan got about a thid of trd of the vote.
12:32 pm
both law makers spoke. >> we know how to win elections. we've done it in the past and we will do it again. i have a special spring in my step today because this opportunity is a special one to lead the house democrats, bring everyone together. >> a lot of people felt like maybe they weren't getting heard and that now i think there is a much better chance that they will. >> ryan put it like this, said he was trying to pull the fire alarm after republicans won control of congress, both houses and the white house on election day. analysts predict that he was a long shot. she's led the house democrats since 2003. james arcan is a congressional reporter. good to see you. what was this about? i know she has a lot of power, but what is the thinking about how and why this happened? >> reporter: so i think first off it's that nancy pelosi, who has led it for more than a decade, is pretty well respected
12:33 pm
among a large group of her members. obviously faced more opposition than she ever has before in the past, 63 members voted against her, but the members who voted for her know that this is a precarious final democrats. and so they want an experienced hand, someone who has been in this position before, knows how to battle with republicans in terms of trying to be an opposition to their agenda, knows how to battle a republican white house. so i think in the end it was her experience while some saw that as a draw back, that was what really won the day for her. >> you wonder if they must not blame her for whatever happened in the house because usually if you blame someone in particular, you can toss them out. i guess they didn't do that. >> yeah that's the argument from nancy pelosi's allies, she is not to blame if p what happenfo in the house. when you look at how clinton lost to donald trump, their argument is democrats won six seats, significantly less than what they hoped to win, but they're arguing that to win six
12:34 pm
seats while losing the white house should still be considered a victory for them and that nancy pelosi isn't the one who should be to blame for the situation that house democrats are in right now. >> how are they feeling about 2018? because it's a local differewl different ball game. >> reporter: 2018 is everything for house democrats. and i thinks members who supported tim ryan thought their chances would be significantly improved to take back the house in 2018 if they had someone other than nancy pelosi leading the caucus. she's obviously been a wedge issue in some close house races. republicans love to run ads against her, they love to make her the boogeyman that they run against and they're really happy to see her stay on. but those who support pelosi think that she was the argue text that helped them take the house in 2006 and they think opposition to donald trump with her at the helm could potentially lead them back to taking the house in 2018. the question for those who supported tim ryan, is she
12:35 pm
really the right messenger to go to the trump voters and bring them back to democrats. >> we'll know soon enough. james, good to see you. thank you. vice president elect mike pence back to capitol hill today. he is set to meet with mitch mcconnell next hour. and later tonight, the house speaker paul ryan. vp elect also meeting with the former secretary of state condoleezza rice as trump tries to decide who will take that job in the new administration. last night on hannity he asked how donald trump plans to accomplish what he has laid out in his agenda. pence said he told lawmakers it will be a busy 200 days. >> this is a man of boundless energy and creativity. and he is absolutely determined to move that agenda forward and move it forward quickly. >> he also said the first thing out of the gate will be replacing obamacare.
12:36 pm
and that will be a tall order, isn't it, rich? >> reporter: it is and it will take time and focus. and as president obama can attest to, congress is where your agenda can thrive or it can die. congressional republicans say they're in consultations with the incoming administration to try to push their agenda. so vice president elect mike pence will be here today, he served six terms in congress. he will meet with the senate majority leader in a short while and then he'll walk down the hallway behind me and meet with house speaker paul ryan following that. you talked about their top agenda items. they voted for dozens of times during the obama administration to repeal obamacare. and that very much is a top agenda item for the republicans in the trump administration. >> we need to get obamacare relief to families as fast as possible. you have to remember, this law is hurting families in america. we have to bring obamacare
12:37 pm
relief as fast as we possibly can in 2017. >> reporter: republicans still have to figure out how they will phase out obamacare and phase in whatever replacement plan they have. we do have a hipnt of what they could re place it with thanks to the election of tom price for donald trump to lead his department of health and human services. price has written a plan that has focused mostly around giving age based tax credits to americans to buy health insurance. but there are still plenty details specifically how to pay for it and congress could be easily bogged down with those details. >> do we have an idea of what else is on the agenda there? >> reporter: he spent some time this afternoon meet wgt house financial services committee compare man jim hensarling. his committee will be working on any changes to the dodd-frank. >> all right. thanks very much.
12:38 pm
ohio state university talker bought a knife at walmart on the morning of the attack according to law enforcement officials who updated us today. they say they're still trying to fill in the time line and they're asking people to help them with that before abdul artan drove into a group of people on the osu campus and started slashing them with a butcher knife. they also said that they haven't found any evidence that anybody else was involved in the taeg or the planning thereof, but law enforcement says take they have found evidence of islamic state propaganda inspired artan. we reported yesterday that the investigators said a facebook post under the suspect's name also called dead al qaeda leader al awlaki a hero just before the attack. katherine harris has more. >> what we learned reinforces that there is no evidence so far artan had help in planning the attack, that it was not directed by an outside terrorist group and that all evidence suggests that he was self radicalized.
12:39 pm
the police are doing a forensic examination of the knife to determine if it is the same weapon used monday morning and both the fbi and the ohio cops are asking for the public's help to pin down gaps in the time line. >> i don't have an exact figure but a several hours from the purchase until the attack. there is really no determination as to why ohio state, why that particular building, why that street. so that that is all the information that we're trying to decipher from any electronic signatures signatures that he's left behind. >> fox independently confirmed that artan's family has been interviewed and the car he used belongs to his brother and the fine is g fbi is getting a warrant for that vehicle. >> and still too soon to label this terrorism? >> one of the more interesting moments, because all of the evidence that is public and what we've learned through our contacts points to a self radicalized individual and dade
12:40 pm
today fbi confirmed that he was a follower of al awlaki. but as we discussed,de today fbi confirmed that he was a follower of al awlaki. but as we discussed, the new mexico born cleric is still radical eyeing from the grave because his writings are on the win an videos on youtube. and most people don't realize that the u.s. government had him in federal custody in 2002 until an fbi agent authorized his release. today they were asked about the isis claim of responsibility and the fbi agent in ohio was extremely cautious. >> any validity to isis claiming responsibility, we -- it is too soon to draw that conclusion. we believe he may have been inspired by al awlaki or isil, but they have been known to take credit for incidents like this when the assailant is deceased and cannot refute that. >> the fbi has also coffin firmeded that artan was not subject of any previous investigations. so unfortunately, the evidence
12:41 pm
is sort of compiling in a way that it's somebody below the radar, gets are a callized, decides to act and there is just not enough warning for anyone to intervene. >> all right. katherine harris, thanks. the pilot of the flight in a crashed in colombia told air traffic controllers he had run out of fuel moments before the jet slammed into the mountains killing 71, that is according to a recording from the air traffic control to you cherwer. it reveals that the pilot also reported quote total electrical failure. only six people survived monday night's crash. the flight was carrying a brazilian soccer club, championship club, on its way to the biggest game in the team's history. a tournament championship in northern colombia. six of our colleagues from fox sports were killed in that crash. investigators are working to
12:42 pm
analyze the black boxes. when a police officer killed a black man, it ignited protests. today prosecutors announced the officer will not face any charges. you'll hear why he made that call and we'll look at how folks there are reacting. that's coming up.
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12:45 pm
a police officer in charlotte will not face charges for shooting an killing a black man. that is according to the district attorney there in an announcement today. he says the officer's actions were indeed justified. that officer who also happens to be black shot keith scott in september in a parking lot. scott's wife caught much of this on her cellphone camera which is the reason it's such a big story. the image comes from that video. you can see the responding officers, scott is on the ground there. we blurred his body. scott's wife and family say that was not -- that he was not armed at all. but detectives say they found his gun and holster at the
12:46 pm
scene. earlier today, the district attorney andrew murray told reporters that officer brentsly vincent was justified pulling the trigger since scott was armed sfwlp what he saw was a man who had drawn a gun. when confronted by police, exited the vehicle with a gun in hand, and failed to comply with officers who commanded him at least ten times to put the gun down. >> scott's family's lawyers also speaking out today. john roberts live in our southeast news room. john. >> good afternoon. as you can imagine, an announcement like today potentially an incendiary type of event so the district attorney methodically walked through the details and results of his investigation. basically the conclusion all of the evidence pointed to the fact that keith lamont scott the had a gun and did in fact represent a threat to those officers. while none of the videos and there are a number much them
12:47 pm
actually show his hand when he exits the vehicle, police contend that he had a gun in his hand at the time that he got out of the car and that the video shows a bulge in his pants in his lower leg consistent where with a hole ter. in fact the gun had scott's dna on the slide and grip, it was cocked and the safety was off. officer vincent fired four shot, hitting him once in the abdomen, once in the shoulder. district attorney said the shooting was within the law and he wanted to take his time to ensure that the investigation was meticulous in its detail. >> confrontation between police and citizens are among the most important cases my office will ever handle. we have the duty to analyze the totality of evidence and circumstances and that means we must face difficult issues. >> the district attorney also
12:48 pm
said that eltd not hesitate to bring charges against an officer who acted outside the law, but it is his absolute belief that officer brantley vincent acted within the confines of the law when he shot scott. >> pretty detailed announcement from the d.a. there. and then did the family react after? >> they did. mostly through their attorneys. the attorney said the family was devastated, continues to be. though the district attorney says that the family was extremely gracious in meetings that he had with them. they're asking the public for patience, not to judge either keith lamont scott or the family because the family wants to conduct a thorough review, its own review of the investigation. and one of the attorneys also cautioned the community not to engage in the wake of this decision in the same sort of rye the rioting that gripped the city for two days. >> we would ask the media to assist us ine the rioting that gripped the city for two days. >> we would ask the media to assist us in the rioting that gripped the
12:49 pm
city for two days. >> we would ask the media to assist us inthe rioting that gripped the city for two days. >> we would ask the media to assist us in asking charlotte and the community to keep an open mind, to have a reasonableness, to remain objective. >> while we encourage them to express their feelings openly and publicly, to do it laufrlly a lawfully and peacefully. >> remains to be seen whether or not that happen because one group is angrily calling for demonstrations in front of the police headquarters tonight at 6:45. it's forecast to be pouring rain at about that time, so we'll see how many people come out. the family by the way has also not ruled out the idea of civil action. so we may not have heard the last of this just yet. >> thanks. right now people in east tennessee are waiting to find out if their homes are still standing. after wildfires blasted through the area. rain is giving firefighters is bit of help today, but the flames have already done so much damage. we'll have a live update coming up.
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it was like driving into hell. that's how a tennessee firefighter described the ride through the flames in the foothills of the great smoky mountains. wildfires killed four and injured dozens more. emergency workers say 14,000 people have evacuated. the towns of gatlinburg and pigeon forge. heavy rain is now bringing some relief, but look at this. >> [ bleep ]. god. >> two guys shot this incredible video as they drove through a wall of flames in gatlinburg. tree limbs and buildings burning all around them. flames lining the roads. seems they were trying to get out and the way was blocked by the flames. they had to turn around and go right through it. jonathan terry is about 20 miles
12:54 pm
or so from gatlinburg. how is this rain helping? >> reporter: well, it's certainly helping firefighters control some of hot spots. you can see some of the burned out homes still smoldering. but at the same time, the very same storm systems that have been bringing much welcome rain to these drought parched regions of tennessee are also creating heavy winds. listen. >> we're still having because of the winds trees that are falling, taking down power lines. that is limiting our access into some of these areas. >> reporter: also the large amount of rain that has fallen in the short period of time is causing problems creating small mudslides and rock slides which much of the vegetation burneded away. there is simply not a lot of stuff to hold everything in place. >> you talked with some of the folks who escaped the fire? >> reporter: yeah, i did.
12:55 pm
talked to some residents who came back to their homes while the flames were approaching or burning around the homes. they did so for different reasons. some wanted to guard their home, some wanted to rescue valuables. and we spoke with one gentleman who had pets inside, so he came back to get them out. he got out safely, but he had some harrowing moments. the flames were so close, that the heat actually melted the plastic molding on the side of his suv. >> i honestly thought we were not going to make it back out. i called a friend which is about 20 miles from here and i told him i don't think i can get back out, i want you to know where i'm at. >> reporter: and two days later, residents are coming back, assessing the damage. and some, their houses are still intact. and others, this is what they'r. folks in the southeast bracing for tornado possibilities after
12:56 pm
deadly twist he ters in alabama tennessee. meteorologists have spotted a tornado just outside the atlanta area. you can see some of the watch and warning areas up on the radar. no reports of anybody hurt. right now parts ever georgof ge alabama and florida under tornado watches. local emergency worker in dekalb county, alabama says some of the storms hurt seven people. we'll be right back. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;
12:57 pm
as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, talk with your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible.
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on this day in 1954, a meteorite fell on a woman and she survived. she was taking a nap on her couch. space rock smashed through her ceiling and hit her in the thigh. left a bruise, but otherwise she was fine. the air force took to study it and gave it back to her. and a woman woke up to find a
1:00 pm
space rock in her living room next to her thigh 62 years ago day. the dow still up, oil up almost 10% today. opec will cut back. that means prices going up. here's cavuto. all right. for all of those who have been complaining about donald trump and he has to do a big old press conference, he has to talk to the press en masse, he will do just that in about two week. on december 15th, he will have his kids with him and it will be a big event for him. and maybe one of mixed emotions. he will be surrendering his company, the trump organization, a company he built from millions to one worth billions. that was then, this is now. donald trump tweeting earlier today that it is visually important as president to have no conflict of interest with the various businesses. again


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