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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 30, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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thank you tour 016. that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. , o'reilly is next. be sure to watch it see you tomorrow. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> we like to thank you for doing what you said you were going to do. >> big win for donald trump. the carrier corporation will not move 1,000 jobs to mexico. we'll have the inside story on what happened there. san francisco is doubling down on defiance of federal immigration law with the proposal to fund a universal deportation support system. >> the city of san francisco taunting president-elect trump. how will he respond to the sanctuary city mess? >> why did you remove the american flag from campus? don't you realize the whole country is laughing at you right now? >> also ahead, watters
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confronting the president of hampshire college who is now refusing to fly the american flag over the campus? >> that flag belongs to me, too. and i just wish we would start caring about each other. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. big win for donald trump. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we have stated, mr. trump won the election because of his economic vision. he promised to stop american corporations from sending blue collar jobs overseas. >> companies like carrier are firing their workers and moving to mexico. ford is moving all of their small car production to mexico. when i'm president, if a
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company wants to fire their workers and leave for mexico or other countries, then we will charge them a 35% tax when they want to ship their products back into the united states. and they won't leave, believe me. >> well, now, the carrier corporation says it will stay in indianapolis saving 1,000 jobs. no question president-elect trump using vice president elect mike pence put the arm on carrier. the president can do a lot of damage if he or she chooses to. carrier wised up fast and the folks know trump is the reason. >> i would like to tell him th you for going out of your way and taking your holiday away from your family and working on the carrier employees deal and sticking to your word and going to bat for all of us at carrier. >> now, if mr. trump continues to fulfill promises he will gain much
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needed support in congress. right now no republican would dare defy trump after a victory like carrier. in the long run, there are two things that donald trump needs to do to achieve a successful presidency. first is to foster an environment where good paying jobs are created in the u.s.a. and the second is to stop the chaotic enforcement of immigration law which by extension protects us from terrorism. now, it's quite clear to talking points that the obama administration and hillary clinton put the needs of immigrants, the needs of immigrants, some of them here illegally above the needs of working folks. for the past 8 years, president obama has encouraged illegal alien amnesty for certain groups, sanctuary cities, and a collosal welfare state. meanwhile, the folks out in indiana and other places are being laid off because corporations want to make a few extra bucks by moving to mexico or another foreign country.
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trump said enough he won the election. summing up, donald trump off to a good start with the carrier deal. he might though adopt a new motto with the nod to teddy roosevelt. tweet softly but carry a big stick. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction. joining us from miami. bernard goldberg. you are not a big trump guy or at least you weren't. you modifying your opinion a bit? >> you know, when people say i'm glad you asked me that question? i am really glad you asked me that question. it's not so much that i don't think you get it, but i want to make this statement to the most loyal trump supporters. i'm not an idealogue, okay? when donald trump lied during the campaign, when he was vindictive during the campaign. when he mocked people that didn't deserve it, i pointed that out. and if he does it again,
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when he is president, i will continue to point it out. and, when he does something good as he did in indiana, when he saved 1,000 jobs, that belong to real people who won't be out in the street, i am gladly, gladly congratulating him for doing that. >> it's more than that, and let me frame the question this way. if hillary clinton had won the election carrier would be going to mexico. right? would you agree? >> that's right. >> hillary clinton doesn't give a bunny's butt but jobs going out of this country. i can't even remember her even addressing the issue. so, what trump promised he, at least this time null filled. >> absolutely. >> therefore, as a politician, not a tweeter, not a businessman, but as a politician right now, you have to say his status is moving up. is it not? >> absolutely.
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let's look at what he did that hillary clinton or barack obama or bernie sanders probably couldn't do. if barack obama or if hillary clinton had won, or if bernie sanders had won, went to an american corporation and said you're not leaving this country, conservatives on talk radio and some on this channel would have been all over obama or clinton or sanders saying you can't tell a private company. >> oh, i don't know about that. >> what to do. >> not in this economic climate,. >> hold on. >> but just -- i don't think they would say -- i think conservatives would have attacked barack obama. that's what i think. but just as nixon was the one who opened the door to china, if mcgovern had won in 1992, 1992, not 19 -- 1972. >> right. 1972. >> he could not have opened the door to china because conservatives would have
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said he is codin cozying up to a bunch of comiew p communists. he did what would have been difficult for barack obama or hillary clinton could do. >> the left would not have the had the will to do it. that's the difference. now let me get on to something we reported on on monday. 275 nuts, white power guys, show up in washington and who is there to greet them? 50-5-0 journalists, most of them national people. 275, 50. farrakhan and we used the clip of him routinely goes out and talks to thousands of people, all right? nobody shows up. same kind of crazy rhetoric. same thing, just a different color scheme. can you explain that to me? >> i think i can. i think i can. journalists are attracted to stories that conform to
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their own preconceived notions or biases. so, if they think and a lot of liberals both in the media and outside see america through a very dark lens. they think there is far more bigotry in this country than there actually is. so you have 275 idiots out there spouting off hitler stuff. and you have -- according to the "the washington post," 15 reporters. that would be funny if it didn't tell you as much as it does about journalism. bill, i have the latest fbi statistics on hate crimes. from 2015. only hate crimes involving race or ethnicity in a country of 330 million people or thereabouts, there were 4,216 hate crimes. that's 4216 too much but it represents a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of 1%. but if journalists believe that this is a country
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that's filled with racists, they will cover the idiots. >> make trump look bad because this whole narrative that trump is a white power guy, they love that narrative. i have got to run. bernie goldberg, everyone. next on the rundown, san francisco actually taunting president-elect trump. we'll have a factor investigation. then later, watters confronting a college president who will not fly the american flag. up ahead. "credit karma, why are you checking your credit score?"
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"you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you?" "credit karma huh?" "yeah, it's free.' "credit karma. give yourself some credit." in the impact segment tonight. president-elect trump has promised to punish cities and counties that do not cooperate can federal authorities on immigration law. in the face of that san francisco is basically thumbing its nose at mr. trump. >> whose country? >> our country. >> our country. thank you very much.
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[cheers] >> reaffirming its reputation as the sanctuary city of all sanctuary cities. san francisco is doubling down on its defiance of federal immigration law with a proposal to fund a universal deportation support system. legal assistance for illegal immigrants. >> we are proud to be a sanctuary city. and we're not only proud to stand up for that, but we're going to invest the resources needed to make sure that the 44,000 undocumented people who live in the city and county of san francisco have at a minimum legal representation if they're taken into immigration court. [chanting build the wall] >> president-elect donald trump said he will deport convicted felons in the country illegally and throughout his campaign pointed to the 2015 shooting death of kate steinle on a san francisco pier by a repeat felon and multiple deportee. critics of sanctuary city policies say making life easier for illegal immigrants make americans vulnerable. >> we have seen for the past
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two administrations at least encouragement to illegal immigrants. what we need to be sending a message around the world, a message of discouragement to reduce the flow to our border. that will make securing the border easier. >> i was a detainee. >> former detainees say they deserve the same legal rights as anyone else. and that their lack of a lawyer turned their lives upside down. this woman says when she was jailed after passing a bad check in 2014, her young son became suicidal and still suffers from ptsd. it's so important to get the lawyer and get these families back together because the american citizen children of america will get affected extremely when they wake up and their parents are not there. >> city leaders are now considering a proposal to spend $5 million to hire lawyers to defend illegal immigrants who are facing deportation. but eventually they will also have to consider which city programs will need to go because president-elect trump has also vowed to cut federal funding to sanctuary cities and here that could
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total more than a billion dollars a year. in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. >> joining us now from austin, texas, carl rove who as a top vo to president bush the younger had to deal with sanctuary cities. so now i'm appointing you as advisor to donald trump. what would you tell him to do about san francisco? >> well, first of all, i wouldn't be caught in dealing with san francisco's stupid idea of taking $5 million of local taxpayer money and spending it by providing private legal counsel to private individuals. i mean, forget that don't focus on that. let them wrestle with the idea whose essential services they are going to cut and who taxes they are going to raise for that i would keep focus on the bigger, more dangerous problem which is a growing number of sanctuary cities that have decided that the definition of a sanctuary city includes refusing to let the federal government know when they have an illegal in their custody who has committed a felonious
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act and this is what we saw with kate steinle. when it came time for the san francisco county jail to let out her killer, they should have turned him over to the federal government to be removed out of the country. and instead they refused to cooperate with the federal officials by notifying them. that's the problem and what he ought to be focused on is what can he do in terms of legislation. >> i don't disagree that that's the focus. you have got to give me some solutions here. there is also another thing in play. san francisco is going out of its way to challenge trump. this isn't an accident they did in this week. they are basically saying we don't care about what you, the president says. >> look. don't get in a fight over something which. >> give me a specifics. >> go pass a law. go seek from congress a law that allows when cities refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials by turning over violent felons who have been incarcerated in their city or county or stale jail.
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>> what's the policy if they don't? >> billing, big, big penalties. take a slice of every collar you give them under federal assistance, sanction them financially. >> all of that is written into the law? you must do this? >> absolutely. >> there is a felon illegal i will yens your jurisdiction immediately you have to tell us, the federal government, ice, immediately, you have to tell us once that conviction is on the rolls. and you don't this is what happens what happens? already on the peculiars the requirement that they notify. there is just no notify if they don't. >> that's right. but they don't notify. >> some of them don't notify. >> most of them. >> used to be sanctuary cities were more benign. you know. >> but now they are very aggressive. very, very aggressive. >> very aggressive. it just -- it boggles the mind that a violent felon. somebody who has committed an act of violence against the citizens of that jurisdiction they would not seek to keep that person away from them by turning them over to federal
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officials. >> they don't care. it's an open border play. that's what it is. so you would not -- see, i'm torn on this. if i were advising president-elect trump, i would say, you know, you have to make a statement here about san francisco. you have to do something dramatic. just like the carrier thing, okay? and send a message recommendation condemn it but the stronger message is pass a law that peent peoplizes any city that refuses to follow. >> that takes a while. >> he has limited tools other than to mock san francisco. they will love being mocked out there. they will be. >> i don't get mocked. >> he has limited tools. he can't under federal law extract a criminal penalty from them now. he can't extract bench for them doing what they're going to davment if they spend a million dollars of their own money, the president of the united states doesn't -- the law has to be passed and then vigorously enforced. mr. rove, thank you. need a phony social security
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exrd card so you can vote? we will report on how easy it is to get one. later recommendation miller on fidel castro. college president refusing to fly the american flag. those reports after these messages. ♪ p is for permission to indulge. o is for out of this world. l is for loving the seasonal cuisine. a is for access to everything, including the aisle. r is for reclining in tailor-made bedding. and i, must be dreaming. s... so long, jet lag. polaris, from united.
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factor follow-up segment tonight. illegal aliens voting. as you may know, donald trump tweeted that he believes millions of them did just that on november 8th. on monday, we told that you states like california give out licenses to drive to undocumented aliens and that can lead to illegal voter registration. what you need to vote almost everywhere is a social security card. joining us now from irvine,
8:23 pm
california, retired ice special agent in charge. essential document fraud. please tell me how this works. i apt bogus social security card, all right? do a variety of things. one of them is to register to vote. how do i get it? >> well, unfortunately, the demand is so great for counterfeit documents because the illegal alien population want to work. that's the majority of their motivation for coming to this country. and so there's a huge demand for all those documents that are required to pass the employment eligibility verification procedures. so, in every neighborhood where there's a significant illegal alien population, there are at least several document vendors who supply the service. included in that is a social security card. >> so i go down to, you know, the east side of l.a., and i make it known.
8:24 pm
>> mcarthur park is a good one. >> i make it known that i have money and i'm will to buy focialged social security card. what do they go for? >> well, typically, people buy what we refer to as a three pack. so that is a -- either a counterfeit resident alien card or work authorization card. a counterfeit california drivers license. and a counterfeit social security card. so, that three-pack goes for approximately anywhere from 120 to $300. depending on the quality of the documents, how much competition is in the area. >> okay. >> and you are going to get what you need. and it's just a matter of time -- you have the money, you're going to get it a matter of time. you might have to wait a little bit but it's coming your way. >> the same day. >> okay. the same day in mcarthur park. so then you have your social security card and you want to vote. california authority going to pick up the fabrication?
8:25 pm
they're going to pick up the counterfeit? >> well, not necessarily. you know, i don't know if they have any verification procedures in place. but to register to vote you don't even necessarily have to provide a social security number if you do it in person so, you know,. >> you can provide proof of citizenship though. so i'm going to assume that the proof of citizenship that you are using for the sake of this investigation is a social security card. but my question is, based on your expertise, you walk in to register to vote or you do it online with the number that you have, on the card, what are the odds that they say no, this is a fake? what are the odds the california authorities do that? >> i think probably pretty low. because nobody is verifying whether or not it's a bonafide social security number or you're using someone else's number. >> you type in the number on your computer. again, can you register to vote via internet in california. just type in the number. and nobody checks it. >> not that i'm aware of.
8:26 pm
>> and you would arable aware of it since you vacated fraud for a long time. so, i mean, there was a big sweeping bureau in california that that's what they did, try to track down firestone documents, i think you would know about it, would you not if there arnold? >> i can tell you this i worked in six locates across the united states. i routinely encountered people in possession of voter registration cards. as a part of my interview of them when they're arrested, i would ask them do you or you have voted? and often i would get the answer yes. so, you know, that's just not antidotal. >> all right. >> close to 100 people though encountered. >> the bottom line is it's easy to do it and it's being done. mr. arnold, thanks very much. >> that's correct. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this
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evening o. miller riled up 'the latest and the latest kaepernick presence. the college president refusing to fly the american flag. >> president-elect why did you remove the flag. >> i don't want to talk to you about it. >> don't you think you owe it to the veterans to explain yourself? >> i don't want to talk to you about it. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. like their photo claims tool. it helps settle your claim quickly,
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of a paragraph "watters world" segment tonight. the president of hampshire college guy name jonathan lash refusing to fly the american flag on campus. led to demonstrations against mr. lash and his school so we sent watts up to the commonwealth to talk to the folks about it also to see if mr. lash would talk with him. >> a lonely flag pole at the center of the hampshire college in ham hearst is also at the center of a new controversy after the college decided to remove the american flag in order to facilitate a dialogue about what old glory actually stands for. ♪ ♪ >> what the heck is going on in this town? >> well, a lot of people in this town live in that alternative world, alternative universe. it's really leftist. >> if did you go to the center of town and you look at the town hall, you will
8:32 pm
find that the townly nos the flag of the united nations. >> tell me what you know about hampshire college. >> the five colleges in this region it's definitely the most liberal. >> the flag was burned so there was a situation that we had to address. >> do you think there is any level of disrespect that's prevalent here in the community? >> oh, rampant. >> i think most of the people at the demonstration sunday were very disappointed in how insensitive some of the students are towards the flag. it was more of a group of people who came together because they felt so violated by what this student or students had done in terms of burning the flag. >> what would you like to see happen to the president of hampshire college? >> before the demonstration on sunday, he went down to the amherst vfw and he apologized for what had happened.
8:33 pm
>> then when he was probed as to his reasons, they were the same reasons that you hear all the time, fairness, justice, blah, blah, blah. >> i'm sure he has heard from a lot of folks, especially veterans i would support that feeling of veterans. >> i can't see a compel for a private or public institution to not find a way to fly the flag. >> what is he there for if he is not going to be a leader? >> you asked the question. he would have to answer that. >> now, after watters had that dialogue, he went over to try to speak with hampshire college president lash. here's what happened. >> hey president lash. ohio are you? jesse watters with the o'reilly factor, fox news channel, good to see you. >> not good to see. >> you well now that i have you here, why did you remove the american flag from campus? >> nice to meet you. >> don't you realize the whole country is laughing at
8:34 pm
you right now? >> come on. get your foot out of my door. >> president lash, why did you remove the flag? >> i don't want to talk to you about it. >> don't you think you owe it to the veterans to explain yourself? >> i don't want to talk to you about it would you please remove your foot from my door? >> you made a lot of people very upset. i think you owe the country an explanation. >> you are giving speeches. >> jesse watters joins us now from boston. i thought you handled that well with the guy. >> thank you. >> it's the same old stuff. you know, these guys are cowards. he is a coward. he had the courage of his convictions. he would stand up with you and say this why did i it. allow to you ask you questions a journalist was in a plight way. you were polite to him. is he a villain and a coward. this is historically a very, i think, am hers, massachusetts is the most far left place in the country. even worse than oakland. >> it's extremely far left. they are a sanctuary city. the town council here voted to impeach george w. bush.
8:35 pm
and as you saw they fly the u.n. flag over there hampshire college you can pick your own major. so people major in ultimate frisbee, in basket weaving. and there are no grades. so this is the kind of environment we are dealing with here. >> no grades at hampshire college overall? that's their policy? they don't give grades. >> they don't give grades and pick your own major. >> well, they're done. the college is done. you pointed out it's a laughing stock. people are laughing at them. anybody that goes that college now it's like going to kindergarten here are some blocks, go play. when we come right back, it will be miller time. d man riled up about castro and kaepernick. miller is next. ♪ ♪ i love my shop,
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but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. let's bring in the sage of southern california, joins us from santa barbara. now, i don't believe you were a big fidel castro fan, miller. and he is deceased. what say you? >> well, the one good thing
8:40 pm
is hell is not as hot as havana in mid august. so he has got that going for him. i always thought the castros true genius is the ability to keep the economy so down that a cat 5 hurricane could hit the island head on and only cause $44.47 in property damage. i see his brother raúl has demanded that all hot plates be put at half mast the next couple weeks. i also see surprisingly that was astro has voted twice already in the wisconsin recount. so he continues to live on. i feel bad for biden because they told biden he might get to go down to the castro funeral and he thought it was the guy who invented the castro convertible which he likes to nap on in the afternoon. i feel bad for jar jar biden. he was all excited. i get to meet castro. >> all right. now, on that and i have to
8:41 pm
preface that some people don't know. this but miller is a big sports fan. football, he follows what's going on. colin kaepernick who we reported on last night tied himself in to castro. roll the tape. >> impossible. fidel castro did do is highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system which we do not do here in the capable of doing that. >> so if you are on monday night football and you hear that miller, what's your commentary? >> i would say ironically kaepernick hasn't realized that he is a walking, talking, breathing indictment of our education system because i'm beginning to think the 49 on his uniform refers to his iq. you know what? with all the tattoos is he like quiqak from mowingy dick. theory instead of neck.
8:42 pm
afro like a halo of confusion around his head. he speaks so stupidly. i'm surprised the nfl hasn't placed him in concussion pro-coal. if he isn't bliss sponge bob. wooden spoon at this point. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. we love those -- now. now, let me ask you a semi serious question. remember jim mcmahon the old quarterback for the chicago bears? well mcmahon used to wear dopey head bands with little slogans on them to try to get attention. the league was on this guy. finding him. yelling at him. throwing stuff after the him. jim mcmahon was public enemy number one. this guy kaepernick is so -- brings so much controversial to the league and they don't touch him. they don't say anything about him. i'm just thinking what is jim mcmahon sitting there in illinois thinking about all of this?
8:43 pm
>> i don't know what jim mcmahon thinks but i know what roger goodell thinks if he comes down on him he has big, big headaches. goodell he will say it's his rite to preach socialism. the fact is goodell is making $44 million a year to put out fires for the owners. every morning goodell wakes up all he cares about is in fact how much money can he make for that league. he might pretend he cares about health. why does he still have the games on thursday night when the players say that puts them in harm's way. goodell only cares about one thing. money. >> kaepernick is hurting the league. >> i believe the owner also free goodell up to do something up to this point. >> that's an interesting thing you might be right about that. you mentioned fires. flag burning, miller, big controversy, trump says got to be punished if you do it. you say? >> well, listen, i believe you can do whatever you want to to express your free speech. i will say this.
8:44 pm
it's public safety now. this country is so polarized. i really think somebody is going to get roughed up doing this or reacting to it. i think it's going to get violent. i would place it under the screaming fire in a crowded theater. you are not allowed to for public safety. flag on fire might be get to that point. i'm not someone who flag on fire. i would define people go to the national parks after he decided to close them down. whatever that fine was whenever he was in his fit of peek, maybe trump can do in his fit of peak. >> public safety situation. >> i think it's reaching that point, billy. i think it's reaching that point. it might fall under the flag on fire in a crowded theater. >> ms. martha will have more on flag burning in a moment. >> martha washington is on? you have martha washington on? >> no, miss martha maccallum. >> i'm sorry.
8:45 pm
>> ms. martha washington has been diseased for quite some time. >> update, all the spin stops here shows miller me and watters are approaching sell outs. get to bill o' where we will link you to all the offices. tacoma washington. make fabulous gifts. martha as i said maccallum not washington on deck. hillary clinton, donald trump and flag burning. moments away. ♪ ♪ today we're gonna be comparing these two truck beds. let's start over here with this aluminum bed. you put your toolbox up here... whoa! that's a big hole. that is unbelievable. now let's check out the roll formed steel bed of the silverado. same spot, same empty toolbox. took it way better. the steel held up. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock.
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tonight, did you see that? as you know, and as we've
8:49 pm
mentioned, donald trump is proposing that anyone who burns an american flag be punished. however the supreme court ruled that should not happen. here's what hillary clinton clinton said way back in 2006. >> this burning, this desecration that can happen to our flag is something that the people have a right to ask this body to try to prohibit and prevent. so i hope, mr. president, that we can pass a law that criminalizes flag burning and desecration that is constitutional and can survive supreme court scrutiny. >> wow. now fox news anchor martha mccallum. explain this supreme court ruling, it was scalia-written. >> yes. 1989. justice scalia says the first amendment uphold the right it burn the flag. he said if he had it his way he would put every sandal-wearing
8:50 pm
scruffy-bearded flag burner in jail. but no one forces you to revere the flag and that is kind of what makes america -- >> so that hadn't been challenged since then. >> '89 and '90, to different cases and they both upheld. anyone putting forward adds donald trump suggested, the supreme court would have to overrule previous actions. >> like miller just pointed out, there may be a loophole where you could say, it is now public safety issue in the age of terror. you frame it differently. hard to get them to hear it, the supreme court to hear it. >> i think it is a basic american right to be able to protest the flag, although most people are against it and rightly so, including hillary clinton. >> well, she was. i don't think that would be her posture now. eight years later. >> she hasn't spoken out about it. twhaens 2006. >> that's what i said. i can't imagine her going to the democratic convention and say we want it stop flag burning. >> but there is nothing and anything here that suggests that that's going to change. >> i was watching tv the other
8:51 pm
night, an don't watch a lot of tv. >> what were you watching? >> i don't even know. when i watch tv, i have books and periodicals. i'm usually reading beyowolf. and when i do have it on, it is factor, we love the commercials here. but i was impressed. roll the tape. ♪ because no matter how far way you roam ♪ ♪ when you pine for the sunshine of a friendly face ♪ ♪ for you can be home sweet home ♪ >> that's brad garrett, comedian
8:52 pm
actor, playing frankenstein's monster. >> i thought it was bill o'reilly -- >> oh now hey. did you see that? have i been that -- >> beautiful christmas bulbs attached -- >> yes. thought it was bill o'reilly. >> the heart warming moment when we found out the village loves him and they start singing together. see, there's you. recording off of your little music box. it was so moving. and the same thing happened to me. i was watching tv at home. we generally mute commercials too, unless they are on my program. and everyone looked up, just as you did. >> who put it together? >> a fuzzy time and we like to see this sort of sentimental commercials in there. they work. lance acord of park pictures, the third series he has done for apple over christmas possess. this is beautifully shot. look that. sort of scrooge like. >> that's where i live though. that's where my shall ais. >> here is bill walking down the street.
8:53 pm
>> that's munich. >> you turn around and -- it's bill o'reilly. >> but there isn't any other message then. look. if people are different in your town around christmas time, be nice to them. >> it's a lovely message. >> apple, you did a nice job. thanks for dragging me into it. if people knew what you were really like. so nice. back to the tip of the day, what trump romney and priebus at at their lavish dinner last night. their tip, and they left a big one, moments away. ♪ like a human fingerprint, no two whale flukes are the same. because your needs are unique, pacific life has been delivering flexible retirement and life insurance solutions for more than 145 years.
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sms i want to thank folks who have written reviewis for killing the rising sun. pretty much the highest reader review level ever. very nice of you guys to take the time to write intelligent reviews. read some of them. obvious obvious obviously they aren't politically motivated like many reviews are. if you need get those orders in now to to become a premium member, get any of the books free of charge plus a free copy of the constitution. bill o'reilly christmas store open for christmas. you like to blame obama for radical terrorism like what happened at ohio state. that happen owned president bush's watch. not true. terrorists wam came in 2014. neither party has been effective in designing safe procedures. neither one.
8:57 pm
dean ryan, texas. if president obama pardons bowe bergdahl, can president trump unpardon him? no, presidential pardons can not be reversed. >> it is laughable how woefully uninformed you are about marijuana. you practically use reefer madness propaganda. the laughable thing is you don't use one fact to back up your statement. mr. o'reilly, i disagree with your assertion that the college professor should give their opinions. their job is to present both side and let students decide. not even close, elizabeth. challenging opinions is what kol college is supposed to be. jeff, auburn washington. my wife and i bought "give please a chance" for our nephew. pictures are amazing and message
8:58 pm
is timeless. thank you. designed for ages 2 to 5. great success. we hope you check it out. aj, sparta, new jersey. just finished killing the rising sun. i don't recall knowing 75% of the book and i have a master's degree. this is not the same stuff, it's new stuff. finally the factor tip of the day. eating large with donald trump. you might have seen in overexposed video showing president-elect, mitt romney and reasons priebus dining last night at jean-georges inside the trump hotel in new york city. very chic. here is what guys had. young garlic soup. i guess as opposed to middle-age edgar li edded garlic soup. frog legs. scallops with a caper raisin emulsion. don't know what that is.
8:59 pm
then the entree. trump and priebus had prime rib. i know what that is. romney add lamb chops with mushro mushro mushroom bu mushroom bowl nas sauce. then all had chocolate cake for dessert. eating well is good, i just hope when not paying for that. that's it for us tonight. the factor website is different from riley@fox word of the day, don be carious when writing to the factor. i don't think in my whole life i've ever heard anybody say the word carious. but it is a word, and it's lonely. it is never used. carious. all right, we are awaiting all kind of things from the trump
9:00 pm
campaign and we're on it, you guys. in next, i would say, week, going to be a lot of things going down. again thanks for watching us tonight. ererererererererererererer the right here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, just hours from now, the incoming trump administration launches its first big trip. first, to celebrate what president-elect calls a win for u.s. workers, and then to kick off a thank you tour. meeting with the folks who delivered the white house to him. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly reporting tonight from florida. one of the states penned in as possible stop on mr. trump's travels across america on this tour. the whole thing starts just hours from now. when president-elect donald trump and advice president-elect pence are expected to


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