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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 1, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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just proves those who think small actually get what they wish for. keep the feedback coming at tu welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk of the a city's giant christmas goes to vandals for the 35th time in 50 years. i'm sorry, but this is the funniest thing i have ever heard. and president obama said the democrats can't get their mess edge is out because -- message out because fox news is on every bar in the country. i'm sorry, but this is the funniest thing i have ever heard. and is it time to get rid of they ehectoral college? we can vote on it, but it won't matter.
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nay her last -- her last name is a keyboard. these last name is an irish dr. suess prove. professor of linguistics, john mchorder. and he knows 180 ways to kill you, but his preferred method is the gorgeous smile. president of diligence, llc, give me that smile. >> you are wrong there is 187 ways. >> and look who put away his megaphone. sitting next to ming the tv, writer, producer, rob long. all right. these ea start the -- let's start the show. every year a giant straw christmas goat is erected in a sweden town and almost every year someone sets it on fire. it happened again on sunday night. two hours after the town held its official welcome party.
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authorities set up security cameras and hired two guards. but a spokesman explained that one of the guards went to the toilet and then the perpetrator took advantage of the opportunity. one website reports that the goat has been installed in the town center for feft years and has been burned down 35 times. the spokesman laments, every year we hope he will stay with us and sadly he often turns to fire. the goat has its own twitter account. he tweeted on sunday, oh no, such a short amount of time with my friends. i shall rise from the ashes and see you next year again. that's actually kind of nice. >> it is sweet because you would think he would be in the burn unit at this point. >> is he a goat? >> it is a goat. >> it is a satanic symbol.
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>> the goat is on fire. >> you would think. a lot of people have their bonfires. >> so there is a guy who puts the goat up every year. every year he goes to the two guys he knows and he says, serious he. my parents are coming in. don't do this. okay, we won't do it this year. >> it is a giant goat. it is more than one guy. >> i think it is a goat made of sticks. one guy. >> it is a massive straw. >> or one guy goes to the bathroom and the other -- the other guard is like -- >> how about the fire when the guy went to the bathroom? >> well, they had -- when i read it well they can't let a guard go to the bathroom like that, but then there was another guard. do you think this was a set up if. >> i think he president whatted whatted -- i think he wanted roasted goat for dinner. >> i think they are starting to enjoy this.
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>> after 50 years and 35 times we are now starting to enjoy it. >> in scandinavia the swedes like a joke that the polish people are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. you know that joke? the joke in scandinavia that swedes are efeminists. maybe these people are trying to be maply. >> it is very manly to burn a boat. >> no reason to hate the swedes. >> you think they are crossing the border to light fire to the goat? >> that's what could be p thatting. >> -- could be p thatting. >> it doesn't seem scandinavian. >> what would you do if
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they -- for instance if they hired you to provide security. >> next year diligence has the contract for the protection. so our security services group for all of your security needs will besetting up -- we will push the perimeter out and harden the perimeter and we'll put personnel out there and it is a limited amount of time. we will have the drone off head and there are signals and intercepts and we will torture a few people. we'll get to the bottom of this. >> i think the three pigs went through this, didn't they? they learned you have to make it out of brick. >> it remind me of burning man. >> only cooler. >> i think burning man, doesn't that man stay burnt -- >> it is at the end. >> i thought he burned for months. >> it is at the end.
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>> do you notice the goat looks like the hindenburg? >> it is very similar. >> it is a very interest elect actual play on words there. >> in about two weeks -- >> they burned it down. it was only there for two days. i think that's a story problem there. there is no tension. they should let it stay up. >> exactly. >> and then it is at the last minute. >> there are these people who are doing it. >> vandals from the north. >> i can't believe we are still on this story. i keep trying to get to the next one. >> america is pretty divided and president obama knows why. it is the current state of the media. the presidential rolling stone in an interview, the challenge is people are getting 100 different versions of the world from a hundred outlets and that is ramping up
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division. it is making people exaggerate or say what is most controversial or peddling in the most vicious of insults and lies because that attracts eyeballs. i prefer to go back to the old days. obama was also asked what went wrong for democrats this time around. he said white working class voters turned out in huge numbers for trump. that part has to do request our inability to reach those numbers. part is fox news and every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country. it was fox news in every bar and restaurant and who could blame them. it is better for business. look at this bar in ohio. they seem like happy customers. look at those guys. show me the different cable newschannel.
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>> wolf blitzer just reported that the goat burned down. >> kyle, what do you think? what do you think of obama's assessment? >> well, i think that if fox news is in every bar in america, those bars need to hire a dj. it is really hard to dance to sean hannity. >> really? >> unless you're drunk. >> i have done it -- i do it all the time. play the video. i'll show you how we dance to hannity. >> ♪ sean hannity ♪ nobody calls sean hannity ♪ i spoke to sean hannity >> that's possibly the best remix. >> she said dance on sean hannity. that's mostly what you do. >> that's how i got my start. >> you start with the dancing and then you catch the
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football. >> is that a euphemism? >> i used to catch a football. how do you think i broke in over here? >> somebody throws the football and somebody has to catch the football. >> obama is missing something on this. to the extent i watch television cnn is on as much as fox. what he is talking about is it is easy to miss a certain kind of voter and i will say openly i am appalled, but a certain kind of voter will think because trump says incorrect things that he shouldn't be voted for. i don't think hillary clinton saw that coming and a lot of people i know, including me, saw it coming. it is not that fox is on in every bar, but it is that i don't think the democrats know people as well as they ought to know them. the priority of those people was whether or not somebody was going to save their jobs and that's a question as to whether or not trump can do
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it. republicans were better about hitting that note. it is not what is on at a bar. a person may not be a bigot or archie bunker, but he could get jobs back. we are still reeling from november 8th. >> i am not reeling, but i am surprised. >> i don't see fox news in bars and restaurants. >> that is the truth. i am on the road a lot. not that i spend uh hot of my time on the road and in bars. >> you have to protect the people. >> cnn. >> msnbc. >> airports for sure. i think the president sill me stopped after that -- the president simply stopped after the first part and said we had a failure of reaching out and effectively getting to the people and then just stop. he cooperate help himself and
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he can't help himself. it is always somebody else and it is always -- it is not their policies and not their fault. it is always somebody else's fault. >> that's a perfect diagnosis for a lot of people who fail. it is they blame some kind of communications problem. we weren't communicating with them and they weren't listening. they were listening to the wrong people. the problem is not that the people weren't lis eping to them, about -- listening to them, but listen too much. if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan. the connection wasn't broken. the people who voted for donald trump knew exactly what the democrats with up to and knew exactly who hillary clinton was and what they were going to do and they didn't like it. this is not a question of messaging. the message was received and rejected. the minute that party or whatever the out party accepts that, then they will come back and actually have maybe a
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winning election. >> if hillary had done a little more communication and made herself somebody concerned with the factory and the hollowed out town it could have made a difference? you think she wasn't concerned enough? >> she isn't that person. that's the problem. the idea that if you have a picture in your mind of hillary clinton trying to be joe six pack your head would explode. it doesn't work. >> she is not a performer. that's not the thing she does. >> the voters go the it. >> since then she has been running around the woods with no make up taking selfies. all of a sudden she is a regular person. >> she better be careful. she may beset on fire. >> hillary would have pro eblght -- protected the goat. democrats are still trying to burn trump down.
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>> third call back. >> that's the triple call back. they are launching an assault on on the electoral college. they are planning to file lawsuits in the 29 states that prohibit the electoral delaware gets from voting their conscience. the goal is to get them to vote for hillary. meanwhile, al gore said it is time wee limb fated -- eliminated electoral college. gore who won the popular and lost the electoral said our democracy is being hacked. >> what do i think of your gore impression? >> i think you should update your act. >> i've been working on that for 15 years. >> if you are a 40-year-old person right now. >> it gets better response than eisenhower. >> al gore is very charizmatic
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and he puts americans to sleep when he speaks. >> in person he is really charizmatic. >> everything he has done for climate change. he has top positive things. >> you like him if. >> i don't think he is the best speaker. >> what about the electoral college? he was happy with the electoral college. he said the system is the way it is. >> here is the thing, tom, me like many americans i thought the electoral college was an actual college in the bronx. >> i am a product of the public schools. >> if you actually thought you would watch -- >> well, i think it is a viable discussion to have even though doing work to try to change the electoral college will not change the results of this election. it is a fair conversation to start and why what is it founded? i think it is a totally --
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>> we will come down on the side -- >> why are you yelling at me? >> i didn't do it. >> it is a good idea. i think it is true that those electors if donald trump lit a goat on fire they could change their mind. at no point has he done anything different or new or fresh since election day. >> that man is a goat on fire. that's the problem. it is the electoral college that will not do its job standing up for donald trump and saying no. the idea was there was supposed to be some kind of flex built. flexibility. this is an out of date institution. hillary would have won. >> it is like my two youngest boys when they are not winning. what do they do? they change the rules. i am not winning so i will
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change the damn rules. there is no way in hell the democrats would have a problem with the electoral college if they had won. >> it is true nevertheless it is clear the person who gotti elected -- >> it is the popular vote. if you set the rules to begin that it is an electoral victory count, you don't get out the vote efforts and state you will win off well willingly. california and new york vote off well willingly democrat. you can get the same number electoral votes for them. usually the candidates deploy their resources they think they can win. that is the way the system works. to say now that is a bad system because of the outcome -- >> but you are making it sound like we can't have a conversation about it.
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i don't think it should be a conversation. i think it should be a conclusion about why it is set up and it is now the distant past. i am not going to say a word about slavery. it is an antiquated system that does not make sense in the present tense. >> people did not play it right. >> let booy pose a question -- let me pose a question to you. >> he won the popular vote in 30 of the 50 states. isn't that what is so beautiful about the electoral college -- >> if you think math is beautiful. more people voted for hillary clinton. the idea was supposed to be an idea of fixing the states made more sense 200 years ago. it does to make sense that people in certain states have so much more influence given that half of the reason was because of things that don't matter to us today. we are just used to the way it is. it was played wrong.
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that is to be eliminated. >> baker, this state gets a lot of attention. you guys have uh hot of representation out there if idaho. >> that's right. >> that's good. also, president do you love coloring in that map every year? who will win? red and blue, it is so fun. >> i do. >> this was a funny election for you? >> how can we tell the kids they can't color the maps anymore. >> if you look at outdoors, you hook like a well preserved old lady, you know driving the subaru and going to the whole foods. >> he looks a little like bea arthur. >> i saw him speak and actually when he is relaxed he is actually a very engaging speaker.
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you never would have known that 16 years ago he rocked the house. >> those ted conference audiences are tough. we don't like you. >> you really have to win them over. >> coming up, they are getting rid of discipline and they can't get rid of rulers too. hallelujah.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanej. president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence are headed to indiana today. they are announcing a plan to keep the air conditioning company carriers indiana open. it will save eye00 union, woulder -- 800 eun yes, sir
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workers whose jobs would be sourced to mexico. mrs. pelosi is surviving a challenge from ohio congressman tim ryan despite widespread frustration over the election results. dozens of protesters are taking to the streets of charlotte, north carolina of a prosecutors cleared a police officer in the shooting death of an armed black be ma. black man. several people have been arrested although it was peaceful. the family of keith lamont scott, the map killed, say they are are disappointed in the decision. and the death toll is rising following a tornado outbreak in the south. five people connish ifed dead this morning and a dozen connish ifed twisters causing widespread damage in alabama, louisiana, mississippi and tennessee. it happened as firefighters started to get control of the wildfires in gatlinburg, tennessee. it killed seven people and
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wiped out 150 homes and businesses. the pilot of a chartered plane that crashed into the andees in columbia told air traffic controllers he had run out of fuel. on a leaked recording the pilot can be heard requesting permission to land immediate he. monday's crash killed 71 people and six survived. the victims included a brazilian soccer team and journalists traveling with them. i'm jackie ibanez and now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines go to you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. one of the biggest problems many schools face is discipline. it is time that should be spent teaching goes to unruly students. some schools are trying a new approach. now they basic he do nothing. basically do nothing. the expulsions are not helping students at all.
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their behavior is not changing. they would rather keep the bad kids in the classroom. the director of school climate transformation said removing students from a class does not diminish behavior. sometimes it makes it messy and that's where we are at. who does this hands-off method hurt? it is the ones that need order and discipline the most. the top students don't need it. they get it at home from their parents of the they are basically beyond hope as far as the school is concerned. whatever intervention needed can't be done. the ones people refer to as at risk in the name of protecting the most vulnerable, you ruin it for all of the students. i read this today and i decided to do it because you were coming on. i thought i would have an opinion about this. where am i wrong on this? >> you are correct. i could have written that myself. there is actually new -- well
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it is not even new. it is 40 years old. there is an ideology about teaching that actually says that the kinds of things we think of as rules have been called white supremecists. you can google it. there is an idea that this kind of discipline is cruel because people don't understand what they are going through. i am not surprised somebody said let's stop dislipping people -- disciplining people because they are being authentic and people can't help it. this is what is wrong with graduate schools of education. that's where this thing comes from. i'm sorry, but it is a serious problem. people are being taught it is more important to teach students to be good citizens of the world if a leftist center perspective than to say read or do math. the sad thing is that is colorful put, but barely. no, i don't think what you
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said was rhetoric. you were correct. it is a tragedy and it is real. >> where do we go now, rob if. >> i think you go to a hotel or something. go back to the goat. >> it is okay to push back a little bit. >> i thought he -- >> i thought he would tear by monologue apart and then i would go to you for help. >> i feel like we have a family dye will that mick -- family dynamic. i agree, but i feel like in our time here i would like to know if there is a memory here you are little tom shillue and buster brown shoes and there was a lot of noise in the class. ms. jones the boys are are i can maaing fun of my barber shop quartet again. i feel like we are in that category. pretend they are not here.
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>> they got all of the attention . will. >> it didn't feel good. >> that's why tom is a comedian. >> i have to sit there and smell their hair. >> it stopped there. especially all of the 80s hair and it it helped with the aroma of the shampoo jie i go to cvs and i go right back to 6th grade. >> kyle -- >> you are so creepy right now. >> so what do we do about it? if we are all right what will they do? >> i have three kids. i think that if someone else is disciplining my kids then that's more time for me to have a glass of wine or a bottle. >> you like the corrective? >> i do. i think more people need to slap the [bleep] out of their kids. i see unrule he kids all the
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time. i wish i could say something. you can't say something to somebody else's kids. if they are getting a little more discipline at school that would be ideal. i don't love the school is not disciplining the kids. at the same time, everything is complex. a lot of minorities don't often have the same opportunities and maybe they don't have a supportive family. >> baker, what do you think? >> i went to a school overseas and the old brit ter school systems. if you got in trouble you would go to the headmaster's office and he would cane you. you didn't screw up again. nobody wanted to get canned. i am not recommending this. >> sounds like you are recommending it. >> that's my experience. and that's from a guy who walked into cvs and got a phone immediately. >> coming up, andy levey.
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed in the "red eye" news deck. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> these ea talk about -- let's talk about the single most important story of the year, the goat keeps catching fire. rob, you said the goat is a satanic symbol.
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but it is a scandinavian tradition actually. >> that is incorrect. you are trying to make it seem wrong. >> you are are not the shore runner. >> i am not sure if it that is true either. >> that is hs -- that is hs a fact. i would the not expecting a professor of lipping wigs sticks say that. the idea is once it key aith -- creates words. there is another word genuflective. >> i started that. >> you are like word royalty. baker, you said next year your company diligence has the contract are to the goat security. >> in 1985, and this is a true story. the goat was enclosed by a two
12:35 am
meter high metal fence and guarded by some of your buddies and soldiers from an infantry regimen. it was burned down. >> that fencing system doesn't work. they are not used to the high end security. >> that's a cheap shot at secure though. >> yeah, well. sorry about that. >> the history of the goat is amazing. i spent all day reading about this. in 1979 the goat was burned and they constructed a second one that was fire proof. it broke into pieces. the goat was burned down by a visitor who thought he was taking part in a goat-burning tradition. he spent 18 years in jail and in court he said he was no goat burner. he was fined 100,000 croner he country
12:36 am
without paying. >> 18 years in jail? >> a swedish jail? >> 18 days. sorry. >> that man is still in jail. >> 18 years in jail and it was worth it. >> in 2005 two men were seen running from the burning goat described as father christmas and a ginger bread man. and it was burned down after there was a denial of service attacks. i had a fun day reading about the goat. >> obama says fox news being on in bars and restaurants is a problem for democrats getting the message out. is having the "new york times" and washington post most of hollywood and new york? >> it is not enough. you can't just win with that. that is definitive. last time i engaged in a conversation and i got yelled
12:37 am
at. >> when you accuse be of lying on international tv. >> suddenly he is edward r rmurrow. you think cnn is on in bars. it depends on where you hi. on where you live. >> whenever you wind up in a bar it is cnn and you are are in a hotel or in the shower. i saw it in indough knee shu talking -- indonesia talking about international. >> it is in every hotel overseas. >> also you think it is more the democrats not knowing people as well as they thought they did. to be fair to the president his full quote was part is fox news in every bar and
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restaurant, but it is democrats not working at a grassroots level and being in this showing up and making arguments. >> can you just let me quote sometime? instead of making him seem well rounded? >> i can't. >> in this interview the president said his political director was looking at his facebook page and he saw links from high school friends who were passing around crazy stuff like owe paw ma you has banned the pledge of allegiance. it is hard to believe a kenyan born president would ban the pledge of allegiance. come on. electoral college stuff. he needs to update his act. of the story was about al gore. what impression should he have done? >> i apologize to you and to tom. please respect my privacy at this time. >> kyle, you said you thought the electoral college was an
12:39 am
actual college. >> you mean like trump university? >> i think it was a notch higher. >> john you said the electoral college needs to do its job. rob, you said that's not their job. >> a lot is burning the goat. their job is to weigh the candidate with an emphasis on who won their state and who they are assigned to. ing itdisqualifying comes up they cap vote against it. many people would say this president-elect is disqualifying. he is not qualifying for the job and anybody could have pre -- predicted it. the electoral college would decide, no, not him. the country did it wrong.
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>> john is right. the international news hour. >> you said there is no way the democrats would care about this if hillary would have won. that's true. i have been anti-electoral college on principals and that's one of the reasons i don't vote in presidential elections. my vote is meaningless. i'm done. >> the head of mi6 doesn't have a key job require meant -- requirement anymore.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters. i'm jackie ibanez. the trial resumed in the trial of a former south carolina police officer. the jury heard closing arguments on wednesday of finding him guilty of murder or manslaughter. he is the officer accused of killing walter scott, a black be ma of a the -- a black man recorded on a cell phone. they are taking to the streets to protest the decision not to prosecute a city cop accused of killing a black man. a two-month investigation determined officer bent he -- bentley vincent was justified in killing keith lamont scott. federal immigrationish ifs
12:45 am
are opening a second facility at the texas-mexico border to deal with the surge of immigrants. more tap 46 -- more than 406 towz people were apprehended in october and that followed 40,000 apprehensions in september. and good news just around the corner for thousands of national guard troops in california. they won't have to repay enlistment bonuses when they signed up to serve if iraq and afghanistan. as part of a deal they agreed as part of a defense policy bill. the final action is expected by next week. opec ministers agreed to cut oil production for the first time in eight years. it is an effort to stabilize prices. they will decrease 1.2 billion barrels a day. they are not a member of opecing but will cut 300,000 barrels from its daily
12:46 am
output. cyber monday beat out black friday. consumers spent $3. fee billion on on-line shopping. i'm jackie ibanez. james bond wouldn't get hired as a spy today. that's the head of britain's secret intelligence service. they explained in a rare q and a session. this contrast to james bond, for not partaking in immoral suspects. it is safe to say james bond wouldn't get through our recruitment process. today's mis doesn't need officers skilled with unarmed combat, seducing with el and golf. seducing women and golf. atkinson is always my favorite. rob, you are the expert. >> i get uh hot of opinions.
12:47 am
a lot of opinions. >> back in the day you needed somebody like james bond and those qualities, handsome, at health particular, smart, agile. current intelligence services say you can use dumpy and not good looking guys who have uh hot of gel on the hair. >> james comey is hot. what are you talking about? >> do you think it required more machismo in the the past? >> where to start? >> we should have started with this. i know andy will disagree with me after the show. but first of all it is interesting that we know who the mi6 director is. that didn't used to happen. now it is a more open society. >> are you saying it is bureaucratic if. >> it is a little bureaucratic and it is true, actually and it makes people laugh, but it
12:48 am
is true they look for people with strong moral compasses. his point about the ethical link, that's true. you are given a great deal of responsibility and things can head south quickly if your compass is not set prop he. we still need people who can play golf and do all of those things. >> unarmed combat and ski. >> i don't know about that whole women thing, but it is a great business. it is a great business. what i'm trying to say is don't be discouraged by tom's headline on this story young men and women out there watching this. the intel services still need you. >> i don't have a problem with a strong ethical core. i have a problem saying bond doesn't have it. >> i think so too. he reminds me of inspector gadget who is my preferred. >> you like gadgets? >> i love inspector gadget. >> james bond, what is his problem?
12:49 am
what is the problem with his -- >> it is exciting. and why did this guy bring up the james bond reference? it is so random. >> they problem be asked about james bond. >> i wouldn't hire hannah montana. they are trying to bring it out and shine this light and say, look, we are transparent and open. this is a -- >> it is not. the cia director for a short time longer until the next administration he came back out a few months ago. the agency does president -- doesn't steal secrets. of course we steal secrets. i don't want to talk too far down. i object to the idea that we are trying to do the same thing we are doing with safe spaces and no trans agrees. transgressions. i am blaming liberals for the
12:50 am
woosification. >> we only have 15 seconds. what do you think, john? >> socially awkward in my license. there are two things i don't know that bother me. i don't know the rules of football and i don't know what a down is. >> move to scandinavia. >> i have never seen -- i never got around to it. >> all the taylor swift your teen heart can handle.
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i want taylor swift and i want it now. directtv is answering the call with a totally taylor-ific channel called taylor swift now. hit me. ♪ >> are you ready? >> the channel will appear on at&t's directtv streaming service and will be devoted to videos, concert performances and behind the scenes footage and more from swift's archives. it is the perfect channel for anyone who wants to read a teenage girl's diary, but
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doesn't know how to read. swift is not the only one getting her own tv channel. i have my own channel. it is called tom shillue now. i am not supposed to show you, but take a look. >> are you ready? >> it is mostly behind the scenes at this point. >> that's how you start. you have to walk before you run. >> i don't have an archive to go to, but it looks exciting. what do you think of the taylor swift channel? >> i was gonna say i thought it was fantastic and then i saw the tom shillue channel, and now i don't know what i think. i know i will spend a lot of time on dvr. you are not doing the weird prancing the whole time though, right? >> that was my plan. i think we might expand it.
12:56 am
>> we will talk to middle aged men. >> go protect the goat. go protect the goat. >> that's hurtful. it is hurtful. you hike taylor, don't you? >> absolutely. i'm down with taylor. >> i heard it on your ipod. >> see. i'm down with taylor. >> haters gonna hate. >> she will also get you down to this sick beat. >> remember how it was always clear that michael jackson would not live to be an old man? you knew he would die. >> taylor is going to die? >> he wouldn't be 70. taylor swift you know what her talents are, but what will she do at 50? she needs to become a mogul. >> it has to be better than a kardashian. she is not as awful. >> that does it for me, tom shillue. let's see that goat again. cap we see it?
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until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. ambassador john bolton is officially back in the running for secretary of state as jockeying for the prized cabinet post entered apprentice-like intrigue. this as the president-elect gets ready to hit the road and is getting things done. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the man known for the art of the deal is preparing to announce a big deal when it comes to his company. another deal that fulfills a promise. president-elect trump says he will separate himself in total from his vast business interests in order to concentrate on running the country. the specifics of


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