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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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corporate crux. happened 15 years ago today. should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on. the dow is down just a little bit. overall kind of flat on the session. "your world" starts next. >> welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. a conundrum for the trump team. 4.6 unemployment in the country. 4.6%, the unemployment rate. now, shep just pointed out you can talk about the asterisk bus that's half what it was when barack obama assumed office, on top of the jobs gained. today a steady stream of improving numbers that will be hard to beat by team trump. the action at the trump tower meeting with advisers but much of his economic team is in place. to gary b. smith who crunches the number, threat going to be very tough for them to top if
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you think about it because whatever you say about that 4.6% rate, gary, how much lower can you go than that? >> well, i think you are it can go lower to be hospital -- be honest with you. still seeing a vast percentage of people that want to be in the labor force are not there. we're down into the mid 62.7 lab you're force participation. the problem is that donald trump and his team seem to want to interfere in the market, differently, but still the same as the obama team. they favor industriesed just like we railed against back to price controls under nixon we railed against obama moving or favoring green energy companies, we should be railing against the fact that he is interjected himself in business decisions such as ford and carrier. >> he seems to be saying, that,
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look, that is going to add more jobs and protect nor jobs, going to be positive. unemployment rate comes down. my argument here -- i'm not dismissing the numbers but they are what they are and we use the same mitt track tricks -- metrics for any president. the president said this unemployment rate has been sliced in more than half since i became president. didn't win votes for hillary clinton so you raise a good point. but how does team trump play on this and show broad-based improvement? >> i think they have to honestly get out of the way, neil, and not go for the small victories but go for the larger victories. the bigger -- if create jobs, you can make carrier that builds gas furnaces by hand without any machinery. ten times the number of jobs. this job of the president is not to create jobs. the job of the president is anything is to create
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prosperity. that's what happens when you allow a carrier to build gas furnaces cheaper. people then pay less for those gas furnaces and can spend the money elsewhere. go for these little victories and it looks great, thousand johns here, 500 here, 200 there. i'm betting, that at the end, it just based on like-for-look, forget about tax policy, might even create less jobs than under the obama administration. >> gary b. smith, we'll see. what gary was talking about here was the commitment that the president-elect got from carrier and its patient, united tech nothings to protect 1100 jobs in indiana. those jobs would have gone away, period. they're not now. so net-net that's a positive. well, dealten on how you look at it and read the headlines and the reaction to this, you would think that he was lucifer and just made a deal with the devil.
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which is impossible for lucifer to do with the devil because he is the devil but i die agrees. brent bowsell is here and we're riffling through some -- the media praising president obama but not so much when the president-elect donald trump doing it. >> anything donald trump accomplishes will be met with this. >> your point? >> absolutely. it really wasn't that great of an accomplishment. yeah, thick it's interesting in june of 2016, not that long ago, barack obama was asked about this and dismissed donald trump and this issue, saying it could never get done. he didn't have a plan. so, if i'm a journalist, covering this issue, why am i not covering the fact that the president-elect succeeded, the president who is stepping down ridiculed him for this. that's a real story. and you're not going to see that
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covered. with fox had it -- yeast r. >> what's really bizarre and i understand the market purists who say don't interfere. but he saved 1100 jobs. 1100 folks will have a christmas and be able to look forward to better times when its looked dire for them. so net-net, can we just say, nice job? >> i don't think the -- i really don't believe -- i believe that the media don't believe that donald trump can accomplish anything as president. >> as president-elect. >> they don't know how to handle this. i believe in their heart of hearts this guy is a buffoon and not ready for primetime and a fool. what did he do right off the bat? he's not even president yet. and he saved those jobs. he did that with barack obama red calling him. -- ridiculing him. anything he does is going to generate this kind of response from the press, from here on
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out. for the next four years or eight years, if there's an accomplishment, they're just going to minimize it, say, well barack obama did better even if he didn't. >> that old line that that comes around when jesus was walking 0en water, you say he got his feet wet. misquestion -- >> where do we go with that. >> i don't know. one of the arguments the white house made, josh earnest, who said, let's see if he can keep dog this, and takes 804. i immediately thought, that's a fairly low barment ifover talking about 800,000 jobs over the course of eight years, i think it's a do-able one to beat. >> what does any one of those 1100 people today think of josh earnest, who is so dismissive of the fact they have christmas now? i just think there's this let them eat cake attitude in washington ask you have to
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understand, i was talking to folkeds today. what the press doesn't understand this -- what happened on election day was not political. this was a cultural upheaval against people like josh earnest and their dismissive attitude and the fact that president-elect donald trump reaches out to those people he promised, whose jobs he would say and immediately does its, that's why he was elected by the people who elected him. to doing and this, and i'm telling you, they're fist-pumping right now and saying that's why we put him into office. >> if the president had done something like that's, that's a remarkable accomplishment and -- >> if president obama had done this before stepping into the white house, there would be smelling salts being passed -- >> i would also be saying if you call as a president or president-elect, a ceo, in this case to remind them, before you do what you're doing, i'm going to cut taxes and regulations, give me time to do it, there's
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nothing wrong with that. >> i like the idea that this wasn't a threat or punishment but saying we're going to give you those weapons that are going to make you thrive in the united states. that's why watt will happen with the next the treasury secretary, an explosion of wealth in the country. i believe it's going to happen. >> fingers crossed. thank you. if you think he is giving a different view, you're not hearing, certainly the mainstream media, wait until you hear from coach bobby knight. we put him on as bit of delay her in case he gets raucous. i'm kidding. and microsoft legend, steve balmer, what he makes of all this and the fuss over how activists, a president, let alone a president-elect, should be. i'm terrible at golf.
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we have had such help here, bobby knight -- nobody in indiana ever heard of bobby knight how great is bobby knight. >> bobby knight, rings a ball, hall of fame, college basketball coach, greatest of all-time. don't know but i know he's here, and coach, it's great to have you. how are you doing? >> doing fine. >> what do you make of this -- no sooner does donald trump gain 1100 jobs for workers who would have lost them, many in media are picking it apart, coach. >> people -- >> what dot you think? >> let me tell you about the media. i spent a lot of time listening to various people in media, and i'll guarantee you there are as many idiots as there are good people. and let's concentrate on what donald trump wants to do rather than what somebody that is
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reading bugs bunny funny book thinks he ought to do. there's nobody i've ever been around in my lifetime, 76 years now, that has a stronger feeling about what is best for the united states than donald trump. and we're going to see a guy, as he moves into this presidency, that is just something that we were hoping for, and hoping for, and you trust me, we're going to get that from donald trump. >> do you get a sense that he is just not going to be cut any slack. no water what he does they'll complain about this is crony capitalism, npr. the "washington post," inintrusion in private business. on and on. >> so easy "somebody to write, this isn't the way it should be. what do they know about it? they don't know anything about it. i tell you this. donald trump is a very, very
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smart man. and that's been shown and has been reshown and will be continued to be shown throughout his entire time in office. the guy is very bright. and the guy is so dedicated to the united states. i remember when obama's wife said it was the first time she had ever been proud to be an american, after several years. well, that doesn't happen with donald trump and he people surrounding him. his whole approach is, let's see what is best for the united states and then let's get that done for the people of the united states, and hes no a hell of a lot more about it than anybody in any press report that i've ever read. >> coach, let me ask you. you know something about getting a team jazzed and even a crowd jazzed. in an arena. a lot of this, i think, is also getting americans jazzed and
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looking forward to stuff. we have seen that reflected in the market. they've been racing. a lot of people are saying, we have a business friendly president, going to do very well. how do you avoid, even as a coach in your day, getting people cocky, overconfident. what the balance? >> what you do is -- the idea of you talking about coaching is a good one, because that's something that i thought went into everything that we did, or anything i was a part of with mr. trump. the saying is, like going from the airport to the site of his presentation that was just absolutely jam-packed with people. kids, moms, dads, grandparents, and i don't think the other people ever understood the appreciation and the thinking that people had put into donald trump, what he talked about,
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what he meant, what he wanted to do, until we got into the election and they found this guy knows what is going on, and i think that it's just a matter of people getting a chance to see what he does, understand what he is doing, and i think they're going to find that here's a guy that's number one concern is the united states of america and its people. and that will be shown very quickly through this selection for military people and how our military will be not only treated but how they will be thanked for what they've done and accomplished on our behalf. >> all right. bobby knight, great. the great thing about being you, you can look into any camera you please and do anything you want, and no one will even blink. a great honor having you. thank you very much. >> i appreciate the opportunity to be able to talk about a man
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that i have spent a lot of time with, i watched him, i watched how he treated people, and i can't think of anybody that i could consider that would be more -- do more good, more things, and be better for all of us american citizens -- >> good point. >> -- than saint donald. >> you were with him early on. instrumental in indiana and job. good having you. have a great christmas. >> thank you, same to you. >> meanwhile, passion not support like that for the president-elect, and that stuff matters. jazzing crowds mattered. get can them psyched matters. leave it to a former computer guy, a billionaire in his own right and now the owner of the los angeles clippers, steve ballmer, to prove it. i thought i married an italian.
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have four worded words for you. i love this company! yeah! >> you can do that when you're worth $24 billion. steve ballmer, former head of microsoft, a ceo from 2000 to roughly 2014 and well known for engendering passion and at every sold-out game of the l.a. clippers. he is there front and center so admires that aspect of president-elect donald trump who can get a crowd going. caught inwith the billionaire, doesn't get a chance to talk to the media and his advice are
1:22 pm
vials for donald trump. take a listen. >> for me to give advice to the president of the united states, whole different thing. do think it is fun for people who are leaders to both have a chance to be thoughtful and serious, also kind of feel it a little bit and show people that you're in and you're excited and in general i think that's a good thing for leaders who are supposed to be all -- instead of of being all stiff and formal. don't want to look like a mad man who has no real thoughtfulness. >> and i'm not blowing smoke but you could keep people really glued to their seats in an audience and that is because you did physically grew them into their seat -- glue them into their seats. kidding. the idea is you're trying to jazz a crowd, tying to get them into what you're talking be, whether developers or clipper fans. there's not much difference
1:23 pm
here, keeping them engaged. right? >> and i think it is really important. when you have a group of people in front of you, they've come, yes to hear your message, but they also kind of want to be there. they want to be excited. i want to be inspired. and you are right. bring people to a computer conference and you want them, not only to understand what you're saying and want them to follow you and be enthusiastic. we get guys to clipper games, the number one thing i care about on the business side of the clips is how loud we can get our fans, bumping and thumping during the game, because i think it's excite fog are the fans and by the way it's great for the team. >> and it's sold out every game since you have had them so you're doing something right. let's talk about now in this post election -- i have no idea who you supported or votes for. now you're wife, connie ballmer, donated to hillary clinton earlier in campaign year.
1:24 pm
how is she fairing now? >> well, she and i both actually were focused on our issues, and for me it's like when you're run microsoft. you're not a democrat or republican in your business. you're all about whatever company you lead. the issue we're very focused in on is how do kids who are born in tough circumstances, get a shot at the american dream? and their literally are communities in this country where 50% of the kids are the are the probability is 50% the kids are not going to do any better than their parents and i just think, i think people either deserve a better shot whether we have republicans in office or democrats in office. we're working with everybody on that particular goal. >> the markets and their response since the election of donald trump, obviously all key sectors have benefited.
1:25 pm
the aggregates have benefited. people think it's a sign of more robust activity to come. interest rates backing up. what do you think about this? >> well, i think there's an excitement about what might be. i think if you just take a look at what the incoming administration talked about, it's talked somehow about reduced taxes which means more money to go buy things. that should propel stocks up if you will. >> do you think it's a good idea -- >> more spending, pardon me? >> do you think that's a good idea, reduce taxes in all brackets? what's what donald trump is talking about. >> i will say, my -- it's a complex system. if you ask my general opinion, independent of the facts, in the long run i think it's nice if the budget balances, and there are a lot of ways to get the budget to balance but democrats or republicanned administrations, this citizen,
1:26 pm
not this presenter of facts, this citizen would like to see the budget balanced and prod and his team have to figure oust what they think about that and how to get there. >> you don't think you can do it the way you presently telegraphing it. tax cuts. >> i actually don't make that comment. as i said it's very complicated. even the tax system is complicated, which is partly why people like to simply identify it. i likes the budget to balance and there may be other ways to get there, but i think running deficits is just -- i understand the debt financing and all that kind of stuff. it just makes me nervous. don't like to have debt. hope our country is not holding that much debt because at the end of the day the debt the country is holding is debt that the citizens owe. we're borrowing mow money from our children and doesn't seem right and fair to me. >> dependses if you like your children on a given day.
1:27 pm
but -- just a thought. what -- going to a quick break here -- the technology community, by and large, was not a fan of donald trump. i'm not talking monolith include, but they have since signaled they want to work with the president-elect. the patriotic thing to do. even apple talked about maybe building some of those iphone inside the united states, obviously that would make for much more expensive iphones but a what do you make of that? >> i think the theme that president-elect trump has come to, which is, hey,-can business think about doing more for job stimulation inside the country? that is not a bad theme at all. exactly where that goes and what to do will american citizens wind up paying more money for these goods that are produced as you pointed out with the iphone, it's kind of a
1:28 pm
complicated picture, but having the general theme out there, for companiesed to think about, i.e., can we figure out ways to lower and engineer our costs lower and still do great work in the united states, that's a perfectly great theme. doesn't mean there won't be things that happen outside the u.s. but i think it will force companies just to think a little harder. >> ever talk much with bill gates. you said we drifted apart. he has his life, i've got mine. where do you guyed -- guys stand. >> we drifted apart. i've said about what i would say on that topic. i'm fired up about what i'm doing, and i dub seems like he is, too. >> he's big into philanthropy. and warren buffet said he's going to give money to the bill and melinda gates foundation.
1:29 pm
what are you going to do with your billions? >> well, that's probably the thing that i have dealed up the most, since i retired. my wife spent ten years looking at child welfare i. i joinedded her focusing on issues of intergenerational poverty, what can be done by not for profits, by government, by philanthropy. to create -- if you're bon in the bottom quinn tile in this country and live in certain neighborhoods you're almost consignedded, 50% likely to stay as poor as your parents and that's not okay. so from a philanthropy perspective we'll use what are resources we took invest in not for profits, trying this wills which could lead to government systems retomorrows, what i takes to make something happen. sometimes new programs,
1:30 pm
sometimes new money, but a lot of it actually is getting communities focusing on the process and how communities come together to help their most disadvantaged kids and give them a shot. so, from a philanthropy perspective, that's kind of my wife and my single focus, and takes a lot of time. it's a big opportunity for us to contribute, but -- >> something -- >> all going to goo to -- >> all going to go to big things. john huntsman, the billionaire, told me not too long ago he was going to live all of his money, either to his foundation or charitable medical efforts, and nothing to the kids. and i always want to know how that thanksgiving dinner went down. but to do -- do your three kids know or -- that you are committed to this and they might not get your entire fortune? >> my kids aren't focused in on
1:31 pm
it. they'll -- i'm very proud of the way they kind of work on their own and very independent and want to be that. we'll obviously give. the something. the same time what i find the harder challenge is, how to really sensibly and impactfully deploy our philanthropic resources mitchell wildfire and i have been almost like, wow, what can we really do? it's not about handing cash out to people. that's a job only government should consider. so, how really do we use that money? are to be effective and wore working overtime on that and whatever we can put to use, we will. >> i'd have to have you book, we're out of time. i'm not a big clippers fan. kind of like the knicks, but that's just me. >> okay, baby, we'll get the knickers here later in the season. we'll talk about that.
1:32 pm
>> all right. that's our guy. we caught this fellow at the trump tower. chris christie arriving there with kellyanne conway. there had been talk that there might be a cabinet position available for him. not quite sure on it. he wants to be the next rnc head. still has another jeer to go -- another year to go in offers. but indications are that maybe he isn't shut out of the cabinet battle. we'll see. more after this.
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until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. >> now everyone is in on the recount stuff of stuff, including the trump folks who are saying enough already. to matt with the latest. >> reporter: a statewide recount is no easy task but workers in wisconsin are recounting 3.5 million votes after donald trump flipped the state and won it in the presidential election. wisconsin state law allows any candidate to request a recount but he or she must bay for the recounts if the loss is more than a quarter percent of the vote. enter jill stein who filed a lawsuit to challenge the results and front the 3 about $5 million for the recount. then hillary clinton's own campaign jumped in to participate in the lawsuit. now a group of trump supporters,
1:37 pm
including two pacs and a private citizen filed a new lawsuit to stop the recount in wisconsin, saying it's putting wisconsin's ten electoral votes in jeopardy. if the recount is not finished be the time electors cast votes. the trump lawsuit states because workers are moving at a quadruple rate there could be errors. critics say jill stein's efforts are in vain. scott walker weigh in, saying, quote, i think a lot of people no matter where they sit on the political spectrum scratch their heads on why someone would ask for a recount when they came in fourth, referring to stein. stein has requested a recount in pennsylvania and michigan. trump supporters there filing lawsuits to stop the recounts. all of this has to be figured out by december 13th according to federal law. >> time is awasting. thank you very much. in chicago, you heard by now that not all hollywood types are from the same petri test.
1:38 pm
mark wahlberg has a message for his hollywood buddies. shoed are -- shut up. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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for the first time since the election of donald trump as the president-elect of the united states, jen hex is back. we have fox news contributor katherine, internet radio host and last but not least, attorney christi. interrupt, have anything you want. that my first thing in talking about mark wahlberg who had a serious talking to hollywood and stars whining and complain about the election. he is saying shut up. >> i completely agree with him. katy perry, we got it. something to say about
1:42 pm
everything. i like use of your music, not necessarily your political views. >> they're free to stay this. >> it's awkward, your paying a for a ticket and then forced like they're -- unless that's the forum you're going to hear them talk to about that. a band called rage against the machine but between every song they're lecturing that. don't care that. >> and you're alienating have your audience. >> there's so men other things to complain about. >> really. >> so many things to complain about. be more creative. complain -- >> at the ten-year note backing up derivatives having a -- sure. >> a little bit of mayonnaise and it's not available. so much mayonnaise -- >> has anyone moved yet? wasn't that the big threat -- >> somebody still crying, and lina dunham needs to shut up. all these people, chelsea handler, but nothing moved yet and i want to remind you, please
1:43 pm
live your mansions with me. >> one thing organizing protests for the inauguration, that kind of stuff, they don't give up. >> if anything, i go on different music tours, and red carpets and stuff -- >> really -- >> not to brag. >> and you ask them who their congressman is -- >> who do you cover that for. >> the gun shows, my music show, oar -- >> that's right. >> protesters and voting that came out, people arrested -- >> that was like the cast of hamilton that was ripping -- and number of the them voters. >> colin kaepernick, not going to stand for the national anthem and you find out i haven't voted '. >> but they're free to do whatever they want. >> just having a good time. i have people that were topless and i was trying to -- >> where? >> at trump tower. -- >> what is the specifically
1:44 pm
about you not having a shirt on that's going to change who the president is going to be. nobody seemed to be able to answer my question. >> these are women. >> they were. >> okay. >> me and mike were there all day. >> [overlapping speakers] >> item two, and this one surprised me. 68% of women believe they did the majority of the holiday shopping, 41% of men believe it's shared. >> i was first to admit my wife does all the shopping because she is better at it and one less thing i have to do. >> these guys come back and said, no, no, no, we beg to differ. >> those guys are insecure. >> yeah. >> the reason god made football for this time of the year. let the women do their thing. satisfy them in other ways -- >> do could you be soar are -- victim not married. i have a cat and he is a man and
1:45 pm
does none of the shopping. the men men a little bit because if people call them on the phone and say do you help your wife at all or just a deadbeat, they say we share it. >> people think men or stupid or useless. >> i can talk about everything. you think i should -- no. don't know what to buy. >> my dad has a story about the mountain dew and corn chips and coffee and red bull. are we having a wild party here? >> [overlapping speakers] >> the number of women who think they do it all is that low. >> i want to get this. this one blew me away. designers are refusing to dress melania trump. it's a beautiful woman. why not dress her. >> have to get over themselves. i read someone was like because our fashion would be few high end or expense simple.
1:46 pm
melania trump could walk rind in white codes and jump suit. >> can you -- >> they were okay with michelle obama, and they were dressing nancy reagan in these designers. >> too are too much of an stroke, people don't want to serve people because of what they believe and now people are saying bass their independents. don't understand why you're alienating -- you wares. you're doing business. >> soundses and looks like she has a lot of beautiful clothing already. >> able to dress herself which is an admirable quality for a person. >> obviously they have a preference for michelle obama, a very beautiful lady and very attractive but they won't share that same zeal for melania. >> so many backlashessed against the trump -- for the trump family and administration. >> does it botherout that melania in the first few months will be with baron, their
1:47 pm
ten-year-old in new york and not at the white house. >> she should be. >> thinking about the child. when you're that age, your parents are like, we're moving in a week and they say what about my friends. >> moverring to the white house. >> i'm sure hillary would have loved bill not being in the white house. >> lovely. going to be a little weird. >> it does make my walk home also more complicated when i walk back -- >> are in that neighborhood? that's a pricey neighborhood. >> my apartment is this big. >> the trump -- i don't live in the trump tower. when i'm walking around misneighborhood, the protests and security and living in trump tower must be tough. other than being very rich and having things that's nobody have you have to hey i.d. to go home. >> the put trump's name on the west side. so mad they took his name off and it was like the didn't open it. licenses his name -- >> i'm trying to get the benefit of the doubt, the licensing agreement was about to expire and all that.
1:48 pm
you don't find any of this stuff weird. >> going to be hard for fifth avenue. if miami are -- people are mad about the secret service moving in on a floor. >> i don't was the secreted service as a neighbor. >> melania trump taking care of her child and michelle own telling me what -- michelle obama telling me what i can and cannot eat. >> but kids are slimmer. >> not cutting anyone slack. >> no worried about the controversy -- >> pathetic, especially designers saying, just so you know i'm not going to dress her like, okay -- >> people are going to eat their words. >> i think there's an unknown designer, would love to attach their name to her. >> there's a been. who doesn't want they're him in out. she will be at these eye amazing
1:49 pm
events and you can say here's my design worn by the first lady, and people go to february 21. get yourself a nice -- >> elitist. >> ivanka -- >> the hollywood celebrities and the designers and not all but there's a very dismissive kind of -- >> they're better and think they're holeyer than thou and that's what the back lark is about. >> mark wahlberg, provenning to your and if you don't line up with them, you're an idiot. >> they should listen to us. >> that would be scary. >> my vote counts. >> yes. just as much as -- >> i don't think you voted. >> that's a very good point. >> what did melania done to anybody? leave here alone. >> they're going -- >> don't judge hillary on bill's, as and don't tress mel lab ya -- melania because she is married to trump. >> thank you very much. well worth the very long wait.
1:50 pm
the president is still blaming fox for the loss. still. still. after this.
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some of you might have heard i went through open heart surgery this past summer. did i mention how rough it was 1234? so rough i missed a couple of days of work. okay, maybe more than a couple. did i also tell you how much in denial i was? how this couldn't be happening to me. i certainly didn't do anything to deserve this. but i did. i ate all the wrong foods, did all the wrong things. i ignored all the warnings. i'm not saying it was all me. heaven forbid. but i am saying ju ining tough to admit, it was mostly me. forgive me when i see the same reaction in president obama.
1:54 pm
not over a physical crisis but a personal crisis, this election. his candidate lost. and he cannot fathom why. me thinks he doesn't have the heart to admit he might be the reason why. in fact, he is in denial. to this day he is convinced it's not anything did he. it is anything and everything else. take it from someone who had his chest ripped out, it's time you figured this out. fox news didn't create this populist wave. your policies did. it wasn't us playing in bars that doomed you. but so many maybe going to those bars because of you. you said that this election was about your agenda before americans voted but seemed to forget that after they voted u. said maybe hillary clinton didn't work hard enough. but maybe your policies she was selling weren't convincing enough. you said it was her ground game or maybe it was continuing your record for which voters weren't game. you said americans loved your
1:55 pm
health care plan. they didn't. you said they could accept some surprised with it. they wouldn't. you said anger wouldn't win. but it did. and you were the reason they were angry. you were the reason they were anxious. boasting more government when maybe voters wanted less government. maybe bailouts when maybe voters wanted fewer bailouts. more time spent coddling illegal immigrants. you were so secure in your job but could never figure out why so many were nervous about their jobs. always bragging about numbers you could recite but seemed amazed americans didn't feel. we were barely off the mat. fox news didn't win an election, mr. president. you lost it. yet it is still lost on you. eight years into a job for which you have yet to concede a single mistake, still blaming a congress that always stopped you, a news network you said was always gunning for you, and
1:56 pm
outside events you said had nothing to do with you. you went after the rich and seemed stunned when everyone else revolted. all but called the other side racist. you failed to see the writing on the wall. just like you failed to see that voters didn't have a problem with the color of your skin, maybe just the thickness of it. just like you failed to see americans weren't chauvinist rejecting a woman for president. maybe just this woman for president. just like you failed to see giving her four years was like giving you four more years and voters really didn't want do that. none of this means you weren't a consequential president. just one who failed to see the consequences of his actions as president. the buck stopped with you. not some guys in a bar watching fox reporting on you. it is one thing to show no dra mra. another to show no heart. take it from someone who learned the heart way, the consequences of his actions, sometimes the
1:57 pm
toughest part is looking in the mirror. and the only guy looking back is you. good night. ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more h
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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. and this is "the five." president-elect trump kicked off his nationwide thank you tour last night in ohio, one of several swing states that helped him pull off his victory. he delivered his first major address since winning the white house firing up a large crowd of supporters. >> we are going to bring our country together, all of our country. we're going to find common ground. the advantages are going to come back to our country. and they haven't for many, many years. we pledge allegiance to one


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