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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  December 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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. donald trump says he likes tough-talking generals. he wants to talk tough to our enemies and sometimes tough talk isn't the way. so should we worry? >> oh, my god, a tough-talking general! we're all gonna die! all right. shut up! stop it! so thursday night saw trump's thank you tour. thank god there was no gloating. >> and that person was saying for months that there's no way that donald trump can break the blue wall, right?
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we didn't break it. we shattered that sucker. we shattered it. >> and at least he let bigones be bigones. >> although we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? people back there, the extremely dishonest press, how about when a major anchor, who hosted a debate, started crying! >> all right. let's be clear. he was gloating. but was he gloating for himself or for them? those people in that stadium put their faith in him. so trump went there to let them bask in their victory. he rarely said "i," only "we." he also made news. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense.
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but we're not announcing it until monday, so don't tell anybody. mad dog. he's great. he is great. >> he is great! now people like carol costello think, oh, my god, a mean general, he might hurt isis' feelings. what if al qaeda gets really mad. sorry, lady, they're already beheading people. i can't see how pissing them off more matters. and so what if mattis is scary? that's great! his nickname is mad dog. that's great, too. what would you prefer a general's nickname be? corporal tin boots? captain fuzzball. sergeant cuddle buddy. besides, old warriors are often the least war-like, as they see death up close. but really, mr. trump isn't assembling a cabinet, he's re-making the wild bunch. it's like "the expendables," but
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with better actors. the question is, will mitt be among them? donald had mitt for dinner. it was as awkward as puberty. with the relaxing appeal of a rectal exam. and at their side was reince, like the child of divorced parents, hoping that they might match it up. the menu, frog legs and marshmall marshmallows. the chef called that the lena dunham. so is mitt -- is mitt really up for a job, or is trump trolling? did trump say to himself, you know, when i win, i'm going to force mitt to come to new york and stuff his face full of frog legs and marshmallows. a very specific sort of revenge, but i get it. so how is newt taking mitt? >> i think there's nothing mitt romney can say that doesn't sound phony and, frankly, pathetic. he made his case. he made his case all year. he did all he could to help
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cause trump to lose utah. >> he's like the kid whose mommy brings home a new baby brother. but trump's team is shaping up, but he's not draining any swamp, unless that swamp is the fox news green room. seriously, he's snagging all of our best guests. soon we'll be back to interviewing dick morris. anyways, as trump builds a team what do the democrats do? they re-elect this. >> i have a special spring in my step today, because this opportunity is a special one to lead the house democrats, bring everyone together, as we go forward. >> yeah, she has a spring in her step. that's what happens when you eat nothing but slinkies. so the democratic donors are freaking out because now investing in their dismal party is like adding a basement to a port a potty, and trump keeps winning. he saved those carrier jobs. it's a victory, perhaps
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territory. you know, it's like taking your go goldfish to the vet. maybe you bought it an extra week. automation, artificial intelligence, robots. most job losses today come via technology. but the real lesson here, carrier is another example of where trump stole the left's weaponry to beat the left. it was always the right who had to sit and grimace. now it's the republicans playing santa claus and the left have to sit and take it. >> this is good news and obviously we welcome that good news. i guess what i would observe is that if he is successful in doing that 804 more times, he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs that were created in the united states, wile president obama was in office. how does it feel, josh, to be the grinch? so trump hasn't even been sbowo in and he's getting crap done. it's not capitalism to pick winners and losers, but for now
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this is something until we figure out what to do next. and it beats this. why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. >> that was close. >> period! 33 >> let's welcome tonight's guests. she's so sunny, vampires are terrified of her. he's so smart, mensa takes the tests to get inside him. rob long, executive producer, founder of her favorite color is satin. "national review" reporter, fox news contributor, kat timpf. stop crying. and it's official, he's now a fox news contributor, tna wrestler, tyrus, yes sclp! all right. let's just go down the line here with you, kennedy. what did you think of last night? was he gloating or was he giving? >> i thought that he, you know,
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he went to a place where people made a stand. they wanted change, they wanted something different, they wanted something anti-establishment. they don't want protocol, they don't want business as usual. and i'm actually kind of sick of hearing, you know, this is how trump is supposed to behave, because this is how everyone has b ba behaved. that's not a gf reason. you may disagree with how he delivered some of his main points, but the fact that he went back when he wasn't campaigning and dluelivered the to people who gave him a win, i think it says something and i think it's okay to get rid of some of these stale traditions. >> you know what, you're right. i think what kennedy is saying is that finally it's okay to be a [ bleep ]. and by the way, as someone who has been up with, rob, for so long, now i don't have to hide! i can come out of the closet as an a-hole.
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>> right. as if the sweater didn't give you away. >> speaking of sweater, you know who i wore this for? do we have that screen grab. i wore it for that lady there. isn't that nice? >> that's nice. >> so, rob, do you think we're going to see more of this kind of thing? >> look, full disclosure, i was not a fan, but he has every right to gloat if he wants to gloat. he won big. people like me were totally wrong. he was totally right. he won. he gets to gloat. but the second thing is, it's not like he's breaking tradition. barack obama went on this kind of tour in 2008. we all forget that. but now -- and now he's doing the same thing and he's reminding people, he can draw a crowd, that he's really popular. and that's a smart thing to do when you're president of the united states. the permanent campaign he's going to run is no different than the permanent campaign that barack obama ran or that bill clinton ran or all these people ran. it's fair. it's not new. it is not kat, it's like a mirre
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of obama, right? he's just a different kind of obama? >> very different. but everybody, when they're better than other people, wants to gloat about it, which is mean to other people. but you're better than those people, so you shouldn't care. >> that's true! >> people were really mean to donald trump and a lot of the negativity was very much justified. he was very mean back, and often the aggressor. but he won. and everybody was laughing in the face of him. it's like the little giants, you know, except he's the giant giant. kind of the same thing. when you win and you're not expected to win, you've got to say, "i won!" and do it as long as you can. gloat all you want. >> you watch every time when they celebrate when they win. the other team, when they pan around them, they go, well -- >> they say, i beat you guys!
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>> all right, tyrus, don't they? they get parades. so you can talk about this, you can talk about mattis, you can talk about carrier, go -- >> i think we're missing the point. trump's fighting back. i don't think he's necessarily gloating. have you seen the news? they're not covering anything he's doing. they're still crying about, we had the popular vote. and since you want to bring up sports, saying you have the popular vote is like getting your ass kicked but saying you had more yards. doesn't count. you're wrong. and everyone appointee he has, there's someone going, i can't in good conscience. so what he's doing, instead of giving the mainstream media the story, he's the story. so he'll tell his message his way and they have to watch it, and just the romney dinner real quick, since perot is apparently is not allowed on the menu, trump said, what's the grossest thing you have? we have frog legs and marshmallows. that's why romney's back to the camera. he's like, eat the food.
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>> trump had the waiter bring him chicken. he's like, can you just shape it to look like frog legs. >> he had the bucket under the table from kfc, peeling the skin off. >> frog legs taste like chicken. it's a chicken tasting dish. >> i think that trump will never, ever announce secretary of state, because he's having so much fun going out to dinner with mitt romney. like, relationships are two phases. there's romance and then there's roast battle. but in politics, it's like the opposite, i've learned. it will be like, you're a fraud, you be terrible for the country! and the next thing you know, you are eating lamb chops in a restaurant with moonlighting. >> or trump's like, two more bites and it's yours. >> i would love to hear what's going on. >> but you know what that meal cost? >> what? >> $1,000. and trump and mitt romney, they don't drink.
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they don't drink. so reince priebus must have been drinking so -- >> that's true! booze is made for dinners like these. it's for mending fences. both of them that don't drink, good for them, but it's like, i don't know how i would handle it. my point is like, if this is an historical first, we talk about obama being the first black president, despite bill clinton, but -- that's true. that's true. >> president trump is the first entertainment president. the first pop culture entertainment president, using the entertainment bubble. he can say anything he wans and you say, that's donald! that's what you do with an entertainer. >> what about ronald reagan. >> ronald reagan was a two-time governor before that. this guy walked off of a reality show and said, yo! but it's more than that. >> that's a direct quote, by the way. >> this guy is the most famous person ever to be president of the united states. >> yes. >> it is in his blood. he just knows how to handle it.
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every other president kind of learns to be famous late in their life, you know, when they're 60 and suddenly their famous. this guy has been famous since i was in high school. >> you know like the 50s. >> bell, not -- >> you walked into that bad joke. all right, coming up, more stories that will fry your mind, including this one. the ohio state attack, was a suspect radicalized before he came to the u.s. or after? we shall discuss. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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this week, a punk named abdul razak ali artan tried to mow down and kill his fellow students at ohio state u. until he was killed by a police officer, or what we call a hero. isis claimed artan as one of theirs, and law enforcement officials believe he may have self-radicalized online. meanwhile, back in august, artan was quoted in the school paper as saying, i'm a muslim, it's not what the media portrays me to be. if people look at me, a muslim praying, i don't know what they're going to think, what's going to happen? that sounds like he was taking a course in microaggressions, oh,
10:18 pm
wait, he was. reason magazine reports that artan was in a class called crossing boundaries and he had a assignment done this week, find examples of microaggressions and find out which groups were the victims. so when we say we want immigrants to assimilate to our culture. be careful, do we really want them assimilating to our culture of grievance. could it be that because america no longer offers a counter narrative to the anti-web hate that floods the web and instead force feeds immigrants classes on victimology, we create ready-made haters, fresh for a death cult? i'm not saying we are. but, yeah, i am saying we are, for god's sakes. >> period!
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>> class on microaggressions, i would call macro aggressions. they're telling him, watch out for verbal clues and he gets into a car and runs over people. shouldn't there be classes on macro aggressions. >> apparently you don't need them. he knows how to do them. this guy is like the kid who's like at home and he's sleeping late and he's eating his parent's food. he's saying, i just hate your values. these guys come, they debt radicalized. wherever they get radicalized. they would rather be radicalized here in the united states. actually, we should be sending them back to the -- it's hot out there, back where the -- it's dangerous there. and they should be send back to that. you want to have an aggression. you want somewhere where the russians are going to find me. >> kat, you've been covering this stuff for a lock time. is it -- i'm not saying a class like this is a cause, but it's a lubricant for victimology. it didn't cause this attack, right? >> no, it didn't cause the attack. the kid was obviously cuckoo a
10:20 pm
bana bananas. i don't care what happens to you, you don't run a bunch of people over and stab them. >> i could see you doing that after a bad relationship. >> well, we can talk about that later. i'm doing a good job right now. >> all right. >> there's cameras. but, you know, you don't -- you're not like a happy person who thinks the world is fair and doing something like this. no one's ever like, i have had such a great day and the world's beautiful and i need to go murder a bunch of people. so obviously it has something to do with it. and i think if you think society as a whole is doing something against you, this narrative that all white people are automatically racist, you can justify rike doing something like that to yourself. >> this is my point, campuses are not schools, they are now an industry of wombs. sounds like the name of a band, right? industry of wombs. because they're taking a healthy mind and churning out aggrieved, angry souls. >> were basically looking for instances of grievance. and i think that's exactly what
10:21 pm
happened with this person. and i know he was interviewed by the school paper at the ohio state university, and he said, you know, he was talking about how difficult it is to be a muslim and how he tries to pray in public and feels like people are judging him. but you know, what if an eastern orthodox christian i went to somalia or pakistan. and as a refugee went to pakistan for a number of years before he was relocated in the united states. would by accepted with open arms in countries like that? >> and anyone who was judging him, if that's true, was right. he stabbed a bunch of people. >> maybe they were good judges of character. >> tyrus, is this something that can be solved with immigration? what if he wasn't radicalized when he came over? >> here's the thing, every time, wherever someone's socially unacceptable or don't fit in or whatever reason, even the muslim groups, i think he had 12 friends on his facebook page, so
10:22 pm
he just socially was unacceptable. so a lot of times, when people are social deviants and don't get along, they attach themselves to things like isis. i'm pretty sure he wasn't getting phone calls, attack thousand, go. he says, that's what i belong to, because he couldn't belong to anything else. and when he acted out violently, and when you look at his pattern, it was built up over time. >> i'm tired of loners getting a bad wrap, rob. >> i know why you are, because you were one. >> yes, i'm the next-door neighbor that they always say, he didn't say much. >> strange smell and there was a leaking thing from above. >> but this guy isn't that different from the undergraduates we saw at mizzou -- >> you're making quite a leap, my friend. >> the one we saw screaming at the professor at yale. it's on a journey. it's not like they're on the opposite side. they're like a 6, that guy was
10:23 pm
an 11. >> i would be -- i wouldn't compare it to people -- to terrorists. i would say that grievance -- the grievance mentality helps no one, correct? helps no one? >> you know what i would compare it to? i would compare it to violent protesters. because there are people who argue that that's a form of terrorism. but it's the same with this guy and other people like him. they claim to have a list of insults and grievances, however, there's never a solution to it. you're never going to get anywhere. there's never going to be -- like, colin kaepernick, and i'm not saying colin kaepernick is a terrorist, he's just very annoying. but he's got so many things he's upset about. and will there ever be a daily where colin kaepernick says, you know, this is exactly what i wanted. the same thing with people who flow bricks at cops. what do they really want? they can't articulate it, because there's no end to this annoying journey. >> you're a right! and the industry of wombs creates an impossible solution.
10:24 pm
they're always going to be wounded. save that thought. >> i will. coming up, a story so strong, you might mistake it for my quads. but first, fidel castro's funeral is tomorrow. i wonder what colin kaepernick will be wearing?
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authorities warn there may be more bodies trapped in the wreckage. a party was being held on the second floor. the city of oakland says it received reports of people living illegally in the building. it started investigating those reports weeks ago. now back to "the greg gutfeld show." fox news channe channel. >> fidel castro is dead. it's about time he did something
10:29 pm
worthwhile. his funeral -- how tasteless. tasteless! applauding the death of a dictator. his funeral will take place tomorrow in cuba. since castro's death, cuba has put restrictions from playing music at restaurants and theaters, limited alcohol intake, and interfered with internet service. just to make sure that people properly grieve for a man who slaughtered so many of his own. yet many on the left continue to glorify this madman. why? because as long as your motive is fighting the goliath that is america, your actions don't matter. jill stein, remember her? she tweeted, fidel castro was a symbol of the struggle for justice in the shadow of entire. that's us. presente! t tommorelle, by defying yankee imperialism for 50 years, instituting the best health care, and being an unrepentant
10:30 pm
advocate for the poor and exploit, it is no surprise that millions will mourn his passing. goliath isn't always the bad guy just because he's big, and david isn't always the hero. bottom line, castro executed thousands, threw gays into camps, and confiscated wealth and property for himself. he was an awful, awful man. or in short, a leftist loved by [ bleep ] to ignore history. all right, tyrus, you understand where i'm coming from? because you're a big guy, people assume you are bad and i'm the little guy. people will think i'm a little saint. >> first of all, david got lucky. let's just keep that real. >> he had a slingshot. and castro is so beloved, someone's willing to take a blanket and a tire tube and hop in the ocean to get out.
10:31 pm
thank you for the scarface movie. enjoy that. and i think it's amazing. this is what's cool about america. if you would have wrote that piece that he wrote about, let's say, kennedy, what he was to america when he died, he would have seen the warning. and rage against the machine, you never would have heard his songs. i think it's awesome when you sit on a mountaintop of success and money, how easy it was to say he was all of these things. ask those people in cuba who would go down there and say during his funeral, they all have to look sad, because his brother might see somebody smiling. that doesn't go on a trip. he's not coming back. before everyone talks about how great of a man he is, he was a dictator. and you stay a dictator not because you're popular, you stay a dictator because you're in power. and he was not a good person. and it's funny that america says, he was this and stands up to yankee imperialism -- yo ass grew up in chicago. go run green runs in cuba.
10:32 pm
we won't see you again. a woman? >> he put the [ bleep ] in dictator, i'll tell you that. rob, how do you think castro will be remembered? >> what's so weird about all of this stuff that it's all going to come out. you know, the guy said millions will mourn him. that's true. just not a million cubans. they're not going to mourn him. and we're going to know exactly what happened in the arms of one island camp. in the next five to ten years. the idea that somehow if they keep saying he was a great man enough, that people will, in cuba, will forget and not tell the story, that's crazy. he will be remembered for what he was, which is an evil thug. >> kat, you seem sad? >> well, i am, but it has nothing to do with what we're talking about. it just kind of reminds me of people tweeting about, you know, castro bad, but he offered health care, health care. it reminds of prison wives. where these women are married to serial rapists and murderers.
10:33 pm
and they're like, but he writes me really cute letters and he never cheats on me. and while that might be true, it doesn't even matter the reason he's not cheating is because he's in prison. >> he still might be cheating. >> he still might be cheating depending on -- >> excuse me, that's not cheating! >> it's not cheating if it's not consensual. but they just had this fantasy of like, well, i know what you think, but i'm so much more emotionally involved. and it's like, blah! stop it, shut it and get with reality. >> now you can stop. >> why do celebrities continue to think that this is somehow an edgy per ssonapersona. it's like the most predictable thing you could do in your fad borld. real braver would be to damn him. >> but then you would be confronted with the actual facts of his life and legacy, and that's a very inconvenient truth
10:34 pm
for people like tom morello. if they actually piped in rage and machines into cuba, do you think they would be longing for communism? no, they would be longing for capitalism's biggest export, which is music and culture. and that has to do with freedom of information and freedom of choice. those are two things in vastly short supply in a place like cuba. so if you want to go somewhere where -- by the way, all these leftists love unions. they love unionizes. and that is something that fidel castro never allowed. >> he died nearly a billionaire. the whole point of him seizing power was to seize money and power. and he still wore that, to hold on to his revolutionary persona, he always wore the green jumpsuit, which you know stunk. how many do you have? you know? you're in cuba, it's very hot. and it's hard to get good detergent. not that i would know. next, the story of the year or perhaps the next ten minutes,
10:35 pm
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see how at quickbooks-dot-com. he whined and maligned for one last time. who's to blame when your team loses the game? if you're president obama, fox news. he lamented that the democrats trouble reaching white voters. i think that, quote, part of it has to do with our inability, our failure to reach those voters effectively. part of it is fox news in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country. i'm sorry, the bars i go to usually show stuff like this.
10:40 pm
♪ >> nice! now, granted, the president did blame his party for sucking, but as usual, he fell back on the same old excuse for failure, evil fox news. worse, he revealed an amazing cluelessness. he thinks businesses across america show fox news? sorry, people, the only people who force feed politics down people's throat is progressives like yourself. that's the difference between left and non-left. the left digs calamity. we just want to eat until we puke. all right. where am i? rob. what is with president obama and fox news? >> i'm sorry? >> is he projecting? >> i'm sorry, i sort of stopped thinking when you said deep-fried mozzarella. when you lose something, you
10:41 pm
always ask yourself one question, did i lose it or was it stolen? and you always want it to be stolen, because then it's not your fault. if some mean guy stole it, it's not me, it's the other guy. so what's natural, what's weird is this guy has not been in a bar or restaurant in eight years. you know, he hasn't. he's never seen it. as you know, he walks around the oval offices and says, they're watching that fox news down there. >> like what bars and restaurant he going to? no, you're at your house and you're drunk. >> or secretly smoking. >> of course he smokes! and that's fine. >> that's how he's so trim. >> smoke. >> it is a dietary supplement more people with weight problems. >> i would really just to endorse smoking. no, i don't smoke. i don't smoke. i just really wish i could thank president obama personally for the attention. >> i have a point. people are watching fox news.
10:42 pm
hey, bartender, put on fox news. it's the people! >> except a lot of people in new york say, no. >> they don't tell me no. >> nobody tells you no. >> even after i explain that i want to watch my show. >> i want to get to this story. a big dustup between clinton and trump aide jennifer palmieri and kellyanne conway this week, both attended a forum in harvard. >> is providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician, i am glad to have lost -- give me a minute, david. when i am more proud of hillary clinton's alt-right speech more than any other moment of the campaign. i would rather lose than win the way yous guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. >> yes -- >> no, you wouldn't. that's very clear. how exactly did we went? go for it, jen. i would like to know. i've devoted the last four months of my month to do it.
10:43 pm
and we did it. >> and kennedy, none of their lips were moving the entire time. did you see that? it was all telepathy. >> that's how they communicate these days. jennifer palmieri, to vote kellyanne conway, she is full of crap. she knew exactly how the trump team was campaigning. she knew how they were reaching out to people. she knew all the nontraditional unorthodox ways that he was getting his message out there and it made some people uncomfortable throughout. but she also knew that as the race was tightening, before james comey made that announcement on october 28th, that the race was within a couple of points. and that means it was within the margin of error. and that means either person could have won, and that means trump could have won. therefore, if she didn't want to win the way they were winning, she wanted to lose. so maybe she's the one who completely turfed hillary
10:44 pm
clinton's campaign because she gave up and saw someone else was winning and they did. >> that is why she only needs one name. tice, you only have one name. we have a lot of one-namers here. >> it's just easier for my driver's license. you know, i'm taking this way -- i've seen this argument a million times in the clubs. this is what happens when you've been replaced. like, the white house was the man and trump was the other woman. and now she's -- he left his wife, which is the democratic party. and now they're at a park, so i'm going to say something. no, i'm going to tell her about herself. she messed up because she walked up to the new miss white house and she's like, go behind somebody's back. she's like, i got all the texts. she was calling me, he was at my house. he doesn't want to see you. don't hate, i'm in, you're out, bye, boo. that's what this conversation was. and homegirl had practiced that dissed statement. well, i was going to do racism, but then she stuttered. that's the worst thing when you
10:45 pm
tell hard at somebody. wheny like, let me tell you something, greg, your sweater's ugh and -- and the dude who's doung the interview is like, come on, let's go. right to get her in the car. because she's trying to save face. she's going to cry on the way momentum you lost! it's over, get your stuff out. delete your facebook. move on! >> i said this on the yesterday, friday, and the bigger pistol ran out of bullets. jennifer palmieri was there firing her bigot pistol. after eight years, he ran out of bigot bullets. >> sometimes people stay mad, i have somebody mad at me right now that should get over it. but you can't always control that. >> by the way, when you're using the bigot pistol and the ones you want to vote for you are the ones you're shooting, you're
10:46 pm
insulting half the country. >> the strange thing about it, the reason she lost ultimately is people did not trust her. they did not believe what she was saying and she never attempted to address that. >> exactly! >> a self-inflicted wound. it was the most thing i've ever seen. an act of political suicide, because no one could say to her, ma'am, people don't trust you. >> on that note, why one pretentious fashion designer
10:47 pm
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fashion designer and smarmy jerk tom ford says he won't be dressing former first lady melania trump because she's a big fat jerk or something like that. here he is talking about it on something called "the view." >> we have a new first lady, called melania trump. >> yeah. >> she's quite beautiful and she's fit. she's going to look good in the clothes, no? >> i don't know. i was asked to dress her quite a few years ago and i declined. >> why? >> she's not necessarily my image. even hillary, she shouldn't be wearing my clothes. they're too expensive. >> obama wore expensive clothes. >> michelle i dressed one when she was going to dinner with the
10:51 pm
queen. i thought that was appropriate. >> i am willing to bet that that voice is fake. nobody is born sounding like that. he practiced that in front of a mirror since he was 15. he's from texas! all right, imagine, you're on "the view" and you say, i'm not going to dress michelle obama, the clothes are too expensive. >> i didn't think of it in those terms. >> are you kidding me? joy behar and whoopi goldberg, they're headed to an -- what's left of their brain, it's like everywhere. it's like there are fireworks, roman candles, but brains instead of sparks. >> they would be brain candles. and those are the worst kind of all! >> exactly. >> no, it's -- no, it's really funny to me, because, you know, you think nancy pelosi lives in a bubble? you know, and that's obviously why hillary clinton lost. because she completely lost
10:52 pm
touch with most of the country. not the middle of the country, not the flyover states, but where most people live. and they have no idea how they do it. and the same goes for barack obama. he's got soft hands. he hasn't bit into a bar. he wouldn't go to a county fair unless he were counting on someone voting for him and his legacy. tom ford is so completely out of touch. but the funny thing is, the bulk of his business don't come from women who spends $15,000 on couture gowns. it's someone who spends $120 on a pair of sunglasses from but people who can afford that will look at that and say, what a jerk knob job. i have no entiredesire to be -- >> he just said, don't buy from me, i'm a big [ bleep ]. anyway, rob? >> i think -- go ahead. it's weirder than that. as you know, i'm kind of an expert at fashion. >> you are, you are. >> fashion blogger, whatever.
10:53 pm
what do you call it? >> a lifestyle expert. >> like the modern potsy. >> the morrissey that eats meat. >> i think it's actually bigoted. he's basically saying, is she eastern european? that's what he was saying. >> i think it's worst than that. last year we heard that the worst people in the world refused to bake a wedding cake for people they disapproved of. and we told those people were awful and it was illegal. yet here's this guy who says he's going to refuse what he does, bake a dress cake, i guess, to someone he disapproved of and everyone likes him. maybe they're both heros or both jerks. >> they're jerks. >> okay, so it was bad and the way he talks is incredibly annoying and his clothes aren't in my image. please shut up and stop talking. but he's not as bad as someone
10:54 pm
like sophie tea posted on twitter, completely unprompted, just so you know, i'm not going to dress melania trump. what are we like 5-year-olds? just so you know, you're not coming to my birthday party at the discovery zone, you're not invited. >> something tells me you've heard that. >> i have heard that! and they weren't invited to my party either. >> she's a billionaire, right? if ford doesn't do it, have chevy do it? who cares? >> also, i dress myself every day. bragging! >> final thoughts, coming up.
10:55 pm
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10:59 pm
maligning the pretentious works of tom ford, i think we should be applauding tommy hilfiger and diane von furstenberg who said it would be an honor to dress the first lady. and melania can buy them all and send them to he-double hockey sticks. >> i think we should take the next seven weeks out. we're going to get really crazy when the inauguration happens. and i can't handle this level of anxiety and stress. >> it's unbelievable. tyrus? >> i want to -- go! >> i want to let everybody know kanye west is out of the hospital. apparently there's no cure for being a jackass. >> oh, terrible! all right, last word, kat? >> i don't like christmas music, because i think it makes the lonely feel more lonely, and the not-as-lonely feel like co-dependency is the answer. and i think we need a season that play shaggy's boom bastic
11:00 pm
on repeat instead. he once said he thought music could cure isis and i mocked him at the time but now i agree. i'm they were in carrier air-conditioner. and the first cable interview. this is the first time you have been on since. >> has it hit you, the magnitude of all of this? >> it hits me and so much work is to be done. we worked out with carrier and keep 1100 people in the united states in this casen


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