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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 4, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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with el come to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, donald trump kicks off his thank you tour in cincinnati, ohio. he got the most applause when he called marvin lewis up to the stage and said you're fired. and students at a kaw made yep -- canadian university want to ban men from the gym one hour every day. but then how do they exercise their male privilege? and nasa unveils food bars that will feed long missions. please do not believe the rumors that the bars are made
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of the mission's crew. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. i envy her. position and surgeon and the national review institute, dr. kelly powers. it includes waking up and putting on pants, comedian dave smith. he is the decider squared. >> and he is like a cult leader. sitting next to me is the host of the anthony cumia show, anthony cumia. let's start the show. donald trump is back doing what he loves, making deals and holding rallies. the president-elect kicked off his usa thank you tour 2016 sponsored by trump steaks with
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a massive rally on thursday night at the uz bank arena. he doesn't think globalization is that great. >> you hear a lot of talk p how we are becoming a global liesed world. the relationships people value in this country are local. family, city, state, country. they are local. we'll compete in the world. we want to compete in the world. but we'll compete in the world where it is a two-way road and not a one-way road. the advantages are doing to come back to our country and they haven't for many, many years. there is no glow pal answer and no global currency. there is no certificate of global citizenship. we pledge allegiance to one
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flag and that flag is the american flag. >> later trump in a surprise move extended an olive branch to the media. >> breaking news, drum -- donald trump has won florida. whoa! and we won it big. but then the people back there, the extremely dishonest press said -- [booing [. very dishonest people. how about -- how p when a major anchor who hosted a debate started crying when she realized we won?
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tears -- no, tell me this isn't true. you know what she doesn't understand is that things will be much better now? >> trump loved the crowd and the crowd loved him back. >> thank you. i love you too. some guy. look at this guy. and i do love him. he is a rough looking cookie though. >> look, anthony we're enjoying it and we are watching it for the first time. it is amazing this is the future president of the united states. i was hoping for this stuff and never thought it would be this trumpish. and for that early a
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juncture. we thought he would easy back into trump. now he is still disguised. you have to love the insults. is he campaigning against the recount? we loved it as a candidate and now he is giving it to us again. he has to be him. and yet he loves this. he is what psychologists call sensation seeking personality. he needs to be out of the office and he needs the crowd. if you are a down the line republican, it is happening how he beat hillary. there is an upside to this and an upside. you think at this point maybe this is the only part he likes is the showbiz. maybe mike pence and the white house staff and the congressional staff does the policy making and he does this. the downside is this is what
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he did the first night. fourth or fifth speech he will talk p classified briefings about area 51 and then we move the country for six days. there is an upside and a downside for this. >> do you see the downside, dave? >> this is amazing. >> i have never opinion a trump supporter, but i love trump as president-elect. as long as he never controls this dpoft, but liberals just get to know that he is gonna be president. i love this moment. i think george w. bush campaigned on reducing the size of government and having a hum pell foreign policy and nonintervention foreign policy and barack obama cam inpad on ending the war in iraq and the most transparent government in history. they went 180 and lied to their voters and did the opposite. i am waiting to see if trump will do the same thing. it seems like everyone thought he would stop being trump and
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it doesn't seem like he is. the statement p fidel castro and this stuff, i find it fascinating. >> we all know he has grudges with the media. can you blame him for sticking to this their raw -- narrative? >> i had so much prepared for this and i think i threw out all of my talking points. >> what did you expect him to do? >> i know we have been -- he has opinion criticized as far as he is arrogant and bullying. this is his thank you tour. i was excited for the gracious and humility. it wags -- it was an interesting watch in the green room. when the president wins they go on a thank you tour. >> it will be interesting on night two. >> he was thanking the people who supported him. he had to difficult them -- he has to difficult them what they want. that's part of the thank you
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tour. >> are we watching celebrity uh tren tis? >> he was announcing mad dog and it is mad dog m atis. it was everything relove. >> it was fantastic. >> can we roll that secretary of defense? >> mad dog! >> you were in there you wrote speeches for george w. bush. there was some speech writing. >> you can see him bouncing from teleprompter to teleprompter. there is no global anthem. there is only one anthem. that was good speech writing. >> it was well written and it is putting a shape around these sort of insipient
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themes. one of which is the -- what we talk about the presidential bubble. it is in the context of the white house. when you go and do these kind of events and gauge the way the public feels p you -- feels about you, it can give you the wrong sense of where the country is at. the other thing is i say this as a presidential speech writer, put most presidents talk too much. they are everywhere in the media and the country is sick of them quickly. he will have to guard against that. >> a politician though, that's what you base it on. >> they tuned into his tv show to say you're fired and all of that other stuff. i don't think if it was a standard politician you might think that. we all want to see -- i want to see the next rally like i want to breathe. >> and say that's true that
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people to the sick of politician -- got sick of politicians when they talk too much. maybe it is because they are talk pg policy. if he sticks to the off the cuff thing -- >> kill a man and they will love you for it. >> dave, also, you had -- you used to say -- when the campaign was doing on you said i want trump to win so i can wake up and see the reaction of the liberals. has it lasted? >> oh yes. have you seen the video of the public at this time -- the pundits reaction? watching everybody on msnpc deal with trump being president is the best thing i have got this year. >> we have people switching to watch it. we don't want it. >> it was the first time i checked that network out. >> the whole watching george
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clooney saying there is no way donald trump is going to be president. >> the compilations are amazing. it is fantastic. i love when ann coulter and it was a longtime ago on bill maher's show and she said donald trump and the place laughed. it was the funniest thing they had ever heard. mike pence toured the carrier factory. trump convinced carrier who makes air conditioning and heating equipment not to relocate to mexico saving 1100 jobs. in return carrier will receive $700 in incentives. as part of a deal the white house hillary move their solar panels and install beautiful carrier air conditioning. it is in every window. it is fantastic. that graphic was worth it. he has already begun to make america great again. >> even before he is sworn in
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he is keeping jobs here in the united states. >> incentives and the actual deal, i think it is okay to do those things to keep companies in the country and keep jobs here. it equals out because you have people working and paying taxes and feeling better about the company. >> incentives. >> that's why they call it incentives. >> i bet your libertarian sense testify -- sensitivity you don't like this. we have incentives for film companies to film here and it does increase the amount of filming that happens in new york and we end up benefiting. >> pause we have the highest state taxes and we need these other programs. you don't want to create businesses by having a government forcing misses in. you want an environment that lures businesses in. when they talk p cutting taxes, that's a great pass. that's the best way to get
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misses to come. the idea we can bribe every company into keeping their jobs they kill cost more than losing losing -- dash they will cost more than keeping their jobs. >> it was sacinct and well put. critics say it will cost other companies to threaten to move to mexico so they can get a sweet deal as well. everyone is looking for a handout. >> and they are totally right. that's exactly what will happen. it is one thing to say i am going to cut taxes and regulations. you can't scale this. it creates a corrupting incentive which is to say when you have a standard by which they get support and their closeness to politicians you are inviting the crony capitalism and not only will they make threats, but compaq for more. this is what happens. it starts in one place and then ramps up.
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i live part of the time in nashville which is the city that does these production tax credits. >> they shoot the show in nashville and they upped it. they can't rename the show. they come back and it is an ugly cycle and it does nothing for you economy wide even if it props up in one individual company. >> the parent company, they have a lot of federal contracts and a lot of people think that's the reason that they are going to -- they made the deal with trump because they rely on the on the federal government. >> i imagine they are cooling down the pentagon. >> i get what you are saying and there is merit there. he is keeping his word. he said he would do this and he said he would save these jobs from these thousand or 1100 people.
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maybe i'm just being in the holiday spirit. they have their jobs and they don't have to worry p this -- worry about this holiday season. yes, i am being all mary pop tins -- mary poppins right now. >> he is trump still. he is not a politician. the next company that does that and says where is our money he goes wrong. >> i am not doing it for you. you are like, wow, okay. i'll shame you. >> isn't that the critique that everybody wants to jump on the ban wagon. this is a start. that was the criticism. everybody will want to do it and there are tons more to go. >> but there is bad pr announcing you may want to leave the country anyway. at the carrier factory trump told employees why he decided to pursue the deal. >> a week ago i was watching the nightly news. i won't say which one. i don't want to difficult them
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credit because -- i don't want to give them credit because i don't like them much. they did a story on carrier and i said wow i want to see that. they had o gentleman, a worker a handsome guy, he was on and it was like he didn't even know they were leaving. he said something to the effect like we're not leaving pause donald trump promised us that we're not leaving. and then they played my statement. i said carrier will never leave. that was a euphemism. i was talking like carrier and all other companies from here on in. they made the decision a year and a half ago, put he believed that that was -- and i can understand him. i actually said i did make it, but i didn't mean it quite that way. so now because of him, who ever that guy was -- is he in the room? that's your son? stand up.
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you did a food job. you did a good job. >> can we just watch trump for the rest of the show? >> i don't know why we are not sick of trump. i have been watching clips of him every day for the past year and a half. dave, how do you think trump's trump impression is? >> he actually went into trump and went big with the hands. he nailed it. that may be the best trump impression i have seen. >> anthony, i didn't follow his story, but he was a handsome guy. >> uh -- apparently a handsome guy. his little asides are so good. >> before we go to the break, anthony, you went to a concert last night. >> yes, i did. >> i saw it on social media. >> that was billy joel at madison square garden. >> you were up front. >> front and center. >> is that a taunt to your
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followers to show them how close you get at a billy joel show? >> no, i was going to take compound media to mexico. donald trump gave me those tickets to stay. >> are you kidding me? >> i wouldn't kid you. i made a deal. >> that's pretty close. i don't think anybody could beat you. maybe there is one photo that could beat the bragging rights. >> oh my god! >> when did this happen? >> maybe at his 65th birthday. >> oh man. >> what did you do? >> of course sang happy birthday. >> it is a hard song to learn happy birthday. >> coming up a college wants to ban men from the gym. i'll ask a cowboy, indian and a construction worker to comment on the tragic news. to .
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should gyms be segregated? some at carlton university in canada want men banned from the campus gym for one hour every day. a rep from the women's center, that is women with a y and center spelled weird too says the gym is male dominated. it is a male dominated space where many women and binary folk don't feel comfortable. the muslim community is supporting the proposal and one of ottawa's newspapers are on board as well. writing an editorial saying opponents should pea asking -- should be asking themselves what are they doing that is making others uncomfortable? what about an hour where dudes can be dudes. the women's center says it is not needed because men come from a place of privilege.
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that's so true. doctor, what do you think of this? as a woman do you think there is a time where no men are allowed in the gym? >> the last part i don't agree with. i do agree with an hour or so where it is just women. i think it is okay to do that. remember when we were kids and at the local pool and they had adult swim only? >> oh yeah. they still have it. >> i feel like it is the same thing. it is an hour and it is fine. the last part though p having the men -- i think they should equally have an all men's hour and all women's hour. >> why do the men need it? i don't think guys care. they don't mind women working out around them. they don't need a men's hour. >> they don't have to take it, but it should be offered if they should choose. >> i have a question, anthony. why did the muslims get in on it? >> i don't know. it probably has something to do with the muslim bikini problem in france, being covered or uncovered. something like that. the burqini.
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>> and women want to swim in the pool and not feel self-conscious. >> i don't agree at all. equality or nonequality, you can't pick or choose. a lot of men's clubs say they can't just pea men's clubs. just be men's clubs. as far as a men's hour for the gym, that would turn into something tragic. we just know how men are. >> troy? >> i was doing to ask dash -- is this why trump won? this is why trump -- >> i will say up front that as an act of solidarity to these women i just don't go to the gym. they can have it all the time. i don't know what the nonbinary is. i am for this because in any institution in modern life where you are exposed to other
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people's bodies, the gym, the bathrooms, i am all for just getting as many people out of there as possible. the more you can minimize to most people's disgustingness i am for it. >> i think the dressing rooms are too close. >> they should space us out a little more. >> i don't want to have to stand right next to the naked guys. >> it got personal really fast. >> is this discrimination or is it not? >> sure, kind of. i love the part at the end where she says men don't need an hour for just men because of their privilege. and this is the feminist line. we believe in equality and you say why don't we have equality? i just wish the feminists
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would say they don't believe in equality and they believe in preference for women. >> the thing is i don't know where i stand on this. i would like them to have women's hour. >> to say it is a male dominated space, there is a biology it is like a boxing ring. >> it is huge dye dominated. huge guy dominated. >> i am overplanking. >> you want the women, but you want it to be filmed. >> i want the women's hour. i want to check it out and see what is going on. >> a brand-new episode of the "red eye" pod cast is available.
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time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed at the "red eye" news deck. >> news deck looks different. >> we might try it again tomorrow night. but then i think we will go back to the old one. just a guess. >> you say it is the future president. i am not a fan of his, put it will be entertaining.
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you haven't opinion awake for 18 months. >> he is campaigning again basically. >> this is the part that he likes. i said last night i think this tour could last four years. >> i think he also loves the job. i think he wants a successful term pinned on him. he has shown himself to be april animal as far as working goes, his work ethic. >> you do love trump as president-elect. i can't deny watching him drive people crazy. if everyone in the government had their position and there was no governmental power with it, you are like senator in name -- >> and your job is to give entertaining speeches. >> i would love that government. >> i'm all for it. >> you said prior to the
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speech you thought it is a thank you tour. have you ever been in your life. >> trump? >> have you ever been more wrong p -- about something? >> unlike him i was speechless for the first half of the show. >> you are going to events stacked with supporters. it is interesting to see him give a speech to people who president are fans. >> that's keep in mind. to your point this may pea all four years, but he may give the state of the union in the arena. >> that be would the first time in my life there would be
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an interesting state of the union speech. >> the carrier stuff. you said the deal he made is okay. >> once you pass a certain number of companies that you are just giving money to to stay in the country. >> who knows with trump? the next one he could say no. the next one he says we will just build a wall around you so you can't leave. >> tom youence inned the new york film and television program is great. they keep production here in new york city. who are they great for? >> they are from for the economics of the city. i get the e-mails all the time. maybe i would fall for their propaganda. they say thanks to the incentives actors crew work. >> it costs more tap the money
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generate -- it costs more than the money generated. >> i walked into another camera. >> in 2009 and 2010, michigan spent $100 million to generate $59 million. >> dave, i'm with you. bribing companies to keep jobs here is going to be food for us in the -- good for us in the longtime. i don't think trump is a capitalist. i think he is a mercantilist. he believes in innovation and building together with partnerships. it is old school 16 to 18. >> straight out of the textbook. >> it is called copy and paste. >> to be fair and i am a complete free trade dye. trade guy. all of these agreements like
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nafta, these are true free trade agreements. it is cronyism and managed trade. i would like him to rip up the trade agreements and have three lines that say no more free trades. we have tariffs. >> that's not what he wants. i agree that would be great. i do think next up we will colonize india. that's how this works. >> students at canadian university want man free hour day at the gym. you compare this to the pool having adult swims. they do something like that at the pool. they have women's only hour at the pool. they are saying they basically want the same thing at the gym. >> so i agree with that. i don't see a problem with giving them an hour. in fairness they should offer it to the men as well. >> i agree with that. anthony and dave, you both said this is discrimination. what if religious muslims,
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christians and/or jews at the school decide they are not comfortable working out around gay people. who said you have the right to be comfortable. why is it on a gym to create an environment to work out in your room. den it is the opening where they say you have to bake a cake for a gay wedding. what does a jew have to bake a cake for a nazi? why should it pea anyone else -- pea anyone else's problem? >> i am with you. have a women's hour and have a man's hour. >> the men wouldn't show up for the men's hour. they don't care. it would be whatever time and the men's hour and an hour of the women's hour. men don't care. >> i need women there. i can get distracted by a shot chick and run for 15 minutes. >> and it reminds you why you are working out in the first place. i am done.
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>> thank you, andy. the half goat and half demon. no it is not harry reid. it is crampus. cia stark and now
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pack to "red eye." in eastern europe some countries celebrate a different version of santa. meet crampus, half goat and
12:45 am
half demon. he is here for the holidays. according to german folk lore he abducts naughty children and carries them off with a pass set -- what basket and then beats them with a bundle of sticks. that's just like santa. thousands gather for a crampus celebration. performers dress as the evil beast and parade through the streets trying to intimidate spectators and even hitting him with sticks. for those not aware of the tradition it can be alarming. they have issued warnings to the newly arrived syrian and iraqi refugees. welcome to your new home, folks. meet crumpus. here is more info on crumpus. >> like santa, crumpus spies on you every day and every night with his big sharp teeth and his wide, gaping mouth.
12:46 am
crump will eat you! [screaming]. >> looks like fun. do you think it will catch on in the u.s.? >> i think we have our own weird -- we have this elf on the shelf, right? it is supposed to keep an eye on the kids. >> he is scary. >> i come from the crampus pelt so i have to be careful what i say. did you watch the clamation shows with santa claus and rudolph? santa claus was mean. he was scolding rudolph. it traumatizes the kids. >> he kicked out the elf. he just wanted to be a dentist. dave, santa is a [bleep] too. >> i'm jewish. this is how christmas looks to us normally. by the way, who is earn ked with -- earn ked p -- concerned p sending out a letter to people who just came
12:47 am
from syria. this will be the most at home thing they have seen. getting whipped by a santa guy. >> welcome to europe, right? what do you think, troy? >> i am so pro-crampus. the christmas mythology is for kids. for adults you drink too much when you are supposed to be shopping for other people. what sends the better message to kids. you have santa who teaches you if a strange old man breaks into your house there is something pleasant waiting for you in the morning and you have crampus who teaches you anytime you walk out on the street a humanoid beast may cane you. >> it is almost more american. i am surprised it is in europe. >> it really is. i think it was 96 i saw crampus open up for the peppers and they kicked ass. it was awesome. i don't know.
12:48 am
the description seems like john podesta. >> him and his brother, right? >> santa was rougher when we were kids. he was used -- i don't know for you, but santa was a threat from summer all the way until -- >> then he president would show up. >> if you really think about it, a strange fat guy coming into your house when you sleep, it is creepy enough. of. >> it is. >> there were always the legend he would give you coal. my family it was wood. did anybody have wood? was it always coal? >> i am a. jew so we always to e coal. >> so with a jew you don't have santa? >> we don't have santa and we don't have jesus. >> you take it to extreme. >> 12 days of crampus. >> doctor, i think we should have santa and crampus. we are a multi-cultural
12:49 am
society. >> i grew up in the house. the threats started in july. if i didn't keep myself in check -- >> santa had a helicopter. that's santa and he is looking at it for you. >> he ruined it for you. >> coming up, nasa invents a new breakfast bar. i hear they are out of this world. map
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" dpaf vin -- gavin mcinnes and nick mullen. >> nasa is developing new breakfast bars to feed astronauts. currently astronauts at the international space station have a variety of breakfast options seen here. but for longer journeys, apple jacks isn't viable because there is limited space on the ship. scientists have created food bars in four flavors.
12:54 am
banana nut, orange cranberry, ginger tortilla. look, when i was a kid, we always wanted the food that the space men ate. >> it was like in the toothpaste tube are on the break apart freeze dried stuff and tang. >> tang was the -- i used to love tang. >> or a drink that went to the moon. >> it was the only reason. i would mix it up and pretend i was an astronaut. >> they just took him off the south pole. put he is still alive. >> he is still food. buzz has it. i think they ought to market these to the general public. >> i feel bad for the guy at the bar telling the girls he is working for nasa. you are an astronaut? no. so you are an engineer? no. what do you do? >> i make these things like
12:55 am
granola bars, but grosser and way more calories. >> how do you know they are gross? >> look at them. look at them, tom. >> they have to -- they need to withstand harsh conditions. no bars are that delicious, are they? >> no. it looks like it sucks to be an astronaut now. you were talking about when you two were kids and everybody liked astronauts. then we got involved in world war i. but now a days no one cares. you can go to a bar -- like you said, you do out and say i am an astronaut. whatever, loser. this guy is big on vine. all you get is a crummy cereal bar. >> this is why nasa is good. the things they invent, they end up helping us. isn't there a lot of medical stuff? aren't they always doing that stuff in space? >> i have a question. i was thinking when will they invent the dehydrated red
12:56 am
wine? i would perhaps sign up for that. >> i pet they have it. they don't have it? they have to make wine powder. >> it is a good idea perhaps. >> they have it in the sippie cups. nasa showed this picture of a cheese burger. what about you, anthony? >> it looks like after my mom and dad got into an argument and what was on the wall after throwing dinner. >> it never looks food when you use the flash. that's it. >> you need a filter and it will look much better. >> people photograph their food so astronauts can do it too. >> because there is nothing cool out the window. >> that star again. >> they are out in space. special thanks to dr. kelly powers and dave smith and troy
12:57 am
senic and anthony cumia. i can travel in this studio. >> look at him do. look at him go.
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looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. right now on "justice" -- >> they are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. it's not going to happen. >> the inauguration may be two months away but we're already starting to win again. tonight in my opening statement, i'll tell you why it's a new day in america. plus -- >> as people get to know each other you realize, you know, maybe i was wrong about this. >> incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus is here with the inside scoop on president-elect donald trump, mitt romney and all


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