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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  December 4, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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julie banderas is up next. >> an enormous fire and a warehouse party killing nine people, crews are still searching the scene for more victims tonight. good evening, this is the fox report. fire crews first called to the scene before midnight last night to find an electronic music party filled with heavy to smoke and flames and they are investigating whether people were living in the building illegally. that investigation is ongoing as the party was going on. weeks before the tragedy they were concerned about the people living there illegally.
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the fire chief said she never experienced anything like this fire in her decade's long career. here's how a neighbor described. >> i pulled him out and there was a lot of stuff in the way and the flames were too much. too much smoke and i had had to [bleep]. i had to let him and i haven't sewn him. and there is flames shooting out for 30 minutes. so. i don't know. i hope, i hope he's okay. >> claudia is live in oakland. claudia, have crews got inside of the building yet? >> reporter: yes, it is slow going because the building is unstable and authorities brought in big lights to had help them as the sun begins to set in the west within the hour.
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work is continuing meticulously. right now the death toll is officially at nine. but the coronnor is preparing for dozens of falitalities and 25- 40 people were not affected for. they were attending the oakland ghost ship and the roof collapsed and many people were trapped. the only way to travel from the second floor to the first was a stair. >> and many people are saying that the investigation will take time because of the damage and right now, their focus is on a grim recovery effort here. >> what do we know about p the building, claudia? >> reporter: it was described as a artist warehouse and laid out as a maze. you can see the pictures of the
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oakland ghost ship it could have been confusing for someone it navigate the corridors and artist studio and the building was filled with furniture and mannequin and lamps and no working sprinkles. and neighbors had complained to the city about trash and debris. >> i had received recent complaints about lights in the property and that is ongoing. >> permits would be needed for people to live in the building and they were not issued. >> reporter: there are reports that the family was live nothing the warehouse and the father is unaccounted for. it is not a crime scene. but a special task forces assigned to the incident. >> inside of the building there were a lot of things wrong.
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no way of calling the fire department and no fire alarms? >> reporter: there were no working smoke alarms or sprinkler system. that's what i am told by authorities. gaerngs this investigation is just getting underway. >> it is devastating and no smoke alarm and hard to report a fire until it is too late and as you mentioned they were living illegally as squatters? >> that sounds like it could be the case. but we don't know for sure. officials are not confirming that. people are come here for the underground dance parties, that's what we are hearing. on the other side of the country , a massive fire in cam bridge, massachusetts. flames engulfing at least seven
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buildings that started with a coup and he will it has grown. it say monster fire. it was a nine alarm fire and blazing and seven buildings in all caught on fire. the heavy smoke seen for miles. a police spokesman said injuries have been reported but none serious. displaced families are staying at a near by youth center and unclear how or where the fire began. we'll bring you the latest on this fire. >> and now to politics. president-elect donald trump doesn't seem to be backing down after he risked angerring china and spoke to it a leader of taiwan. and in 1979, the united states agreed to honor the policy. and cut diplos with with the island. since then no u.s. president or president-elect has spoken to a leader in taiwan.
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that was until yesterday when president eect donald trump accepted a congratulations call from the taiwan leader. china has filed a formal complaint and urging the u.s. to handle the issue cautiously and properly. brian is live in trump tower. hi, brian. >> reporter: good evening, the most sensitive topic is not trade, but it is taiwan when is comes to u.s./china relation. it is an issue 60 years in a making and no president or president-elect call canned a taiwan leader since 1979. and that call rattled a complicated relationship with china. and china filing the formal complaint through the foreign minister. we urge the relevant parties in the u.s. to a boyd by the
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commitment to one china policy. and avoid unnecessary interfering of the u.s. relation says. the taiwanez leader call canned to offer congratulations and spoke between the ties of taiwan and the united states. it is it a potential major signal. taiwan refers to historic conversation and the two spoke for roughly ten minutes about establishing a close relationship. trump is it not know what all of the hoopla was b. it was the polite to do. interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of military
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equipment but i should thought accept a congratulatory call. >> the dnc said donald trump is too incompetent threatens our national security or doing it deliberate because he wants to build hotels in taiwan. that is assertion that trump denies. and kelli nan conway knew the ramifications when he had had the phone call. >>'s brief conference there after a warehouse fire in oakland, california that killed nine people. >> that is nine that we know b. and as i stated earlier, we expect the death toll from this event to it rise. so we are working with families right now that are missing loved
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ones. and we have seen these events take place throughout the country over the year and it is it a very trying time for them. we are working with those family and we have counsel can -- counseling and support set up. i can't tell you how great the red cross was to help us out. we are working hard and update you at 6:00. in the meantime we'll be here doing our job and dealing with families. >> [inaudible] we'll make multiple points of entrow to get in to the spots we can't get in now. there is twisted debris. it is hard to describe like a maze. there is wires and beams and metal and wood, it's all, it's all fallen on top of each other.
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places that we can't get into. we are talking about bring nothing dogs to help us out and remote technology to get in the spots that are really tight. there is a lot of work. we'll use technology to our advantage and make sure we get to every spot in the building. [inaudible] the shoring and the engineering people are work nothing there as we are inside. and they don't stop what they are doing. reenforcing. and moving as they slowly enter into the structure. there is several people. fire personnel are experts in this field and do this every day. and we have our search and rescue people who are experts in getting in tight spaces. they deal with urban rescue and
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we have all of the experts to get the job done but it is time consuming. >> the beside were covered [inaudible] >> the floor is totalled. >> [inaudible] >> yeah, we are going to roach in from the west side of the building. and so bar tracks here. we are going to bring in debris box and take that debris and put it in box and breach holes in the building and we have to worry with about the structure integrity so that nothing collapse and so there is a lot going on. [inaudible] it is hard. the building, how it is now. is notes inially how it was at the time, right.
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and so those windows have been broken out on purpose to battle the fire. a part of the recovery efforts is what you see now. [inaudible] >> no, there is not at this time. and so we are actually literally taking finger prints and rushing those finger prints to the central identification bureau and doing it the mint minute we role fringer prints and identify them and contacting families and that is very you know, systemically. and respectfully to the families. we'll go stloe. and as soon saz we get a victim out and identifying through finger frints. if they are available. not everyone has finger prints on file. and that is where it is
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important to have the connection with the families when we start getting into that. >> you have information on the size? >> no. i don't. the fire chief explained earlier that there were two entrances and exits to the building and maybe there was a third entrance that somebody had cut a hole through the wall that they used to get through buildings. that is not something that everyone would know about. there is two known entrance and exits. most people would know that. >> one is in the front and one in the back. >> just to confirm, four of the nine totals, correct. >> nine total, yes. that we identified so far and there is all of that debris and
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floors have collapsed and the roof collapsed on the top of the second floor and collapsed in the first floor. and we would imagine more victims in that wreckage and so that's why we are using technology and people to get in those spots. at least a couple of dozen upon. ality least a couple of dozen people we need to figure out their whereabouts. >> have you identified the ones that you brought out. >> not yet. we are running finger prints. >> is there is a central location. >> we posted that. >> so there you have the fire chief from the oakland, california fire department offering grim news. they have found nine people died. four bodies were recoveried and
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earlier there were 25 unfound victims. and so, of course, that victim toll, and that death counted could go up. more on this tragic breaking
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ed >> breaking detailses in the the push for recount in pennsylvania. green party is dropping the court case seeking a statewide retaly of the votes. it wanted to explore whether the voting machines were hacked and election results manipulated. green party presidential candidate jill stein upon spearheaded they recount in michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin. states where donald trump won over hillary clinton. trump and the pennsylvania gop publicly spoke out against the
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recount. and the future of the democratic party is uncertain. they try to regroup after crushing losses. members are searching for new leadership including the next chair of the dnr. howard dean dropped his bid to assume the role. minnesota congressman is meeting with resistance. kristin fisher has more from washington. >> and he is the congressman that was elected to the sixth term. if he wins the race he would have to split his team between the two roles and he is accused of being anti- israel and anti- semitic. he said that israel is controlling u.s. foreign policy in the middle east. this is a clip.
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>> the united states foreign policy in the middle east is governed through a country of 7 million people. a region of 350 million all turn it on a country of 7 million. does that make sense? >> ellison who was the first muslim elected to congress said that was selected and taken out of context. they call his words deeply disturbing. >> south carolina democratic jamie harrison and new hampshire chairman ray buckley. the vote doesn't happen until february whichlies plenty of time for candidates to jump in and that will be taking place in february. >> all right. thank you very much, kristin.
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>> president obama taking action to protect the affordable care act. a big part of had his legacy. and repealing and replacing it though is high on the republican list of
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>> president obama reminding congress to get behind. repeal and replace is the rallying cry since the law took affect. here's more. >> the closer we get to inauguration. repealing and replacing the
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affordable care act is at the top of the to do list for them. president obama is trying to make that impossible p. he urged americans to sign up for health coverage and mobilize against the republican efforts to overturn the law. >> millions of americans rely on and raise preiums. don't go back to the days of where you can be denied insurance. >> reporter: they warn 20 million americans could be affected congressman tom price who is the nominee for secretary of human health and services. he is an outspoken critic of
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obama care. and it is a clear sign that they are serious. >> it is clearly out lined by congressman price but our leadership on the republican side. >> reporter: there is a lot of the support for keeping coverage for those with preexisting condition and children staying on their parent's insurance until they are 26. >> thank you, president-elect donald trump call would bu bergdahl a no good traitor who should be executed. and bergdahl is asking for a pardon before he leaves office. he is accused of endangering the troops by walking away. he was exchanged for five taliban prisoners in 2014.
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bergdahl is set to go to trial and faces charges of desertion and misbehavior. if convicted he faces life in prison. >> mayors are getting ready to push back over the sanctuary status. >> administrations may change but values as it relates to enclusion is not. >> that is one of the battlefronts over immigration and border. >> president obama has a plan to create new jobs and how much create new jobs and how much (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. (both) yes! (vo) with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free and even carry over the data you don't use. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line. and, just for the holidays,
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>> i am julie banderas. this is a bottom of the hour. major challenges for inauguration day. and managing the national debt and improving infrastructures. it is a plan to end sanctuary city. and all of these pushing back. trump has threatened to with hold funding.
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>> a growing fight over the everywhere. >> and illegal immigrants. >> we have value and principles relating to inclusion does not. they have declared themselves sanctuary in deportation. while the definition is loose. the common thread is don't ask or tell about legal status. and republicans have eight years of federal immigration law may be coming to an end upon in a trump administration. what happens in texas portends what may happen soon nation wide. >> the thing i have done, i used my powers to with hold funds that are declaring themselves to
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be sanctuary cities. for example, the president of wes leian university fought mass deportation. >> it would have to be extra deritical cities. >> you can't deport 10 million people in 1 or 2 administrations. snfrns for cities, the amount would be greater. >> top ten immigration cities in grants. and that could be denied. funding for police enforcement and funds that the cities would not want to lose. >> reporter: trump vowed to deport 2 or 3 million law breakers. >> the others are terrific people p. but we'll make a determination.
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>> reporter: it may face a deluge of challenges and then the supreme court judge that donald trump will fill. >> donald trump wants to make improvementes in the infrastructure. ed henry takes a look at the plan and the price tag. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump is pushing legislation that would lower the tax to ten percent for companies like apple that are willing to it repatriot profits overseas. that is a job. and nominating is elane cha o
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may smooth paces of the infrastructure. again, if we cut the cost of goods and service by moving them efficiently that is money and reduce prices. shovel ready projects. >> later admitted his massive 831 stim tim bill did not pan out as process. >> shovel ready was not as shove isle ready as we expected mr. trump suggested he was okay to pull up the great date. it is for a third world country.
2:36 am
they are making sure it is not further blooms. and this is infrastructure and the profits will more than offset the tax credits to the invisitors. it is not just going to take billions of dollars. it would be trillions in new spending that is real money. the whopping number of debt reflects years of overspending and spanning multiple white house administrations. president-elect donald trump and republicans have vowed to it reduce the debate. will they be able to find a way without hurting the economy? we have the story from the washington bureau. >> reporter: nothing in current law is going to stop the 20 trillion national debt. and nothing in law will stop 25
2:37 am
or 30 trillion. and in the turn of the century, the federal government owed five and half trillion. and now nearly 20 trillion. >> the debt is highest it has been for any president in office other than president trumman and expected to grow faster than the economy forever. >> in that year, they add 590 billion to the national debt and the government took in 3.3 in tax accident. how did the government spend that money. half to government health care and social security. health care costs 1.1 trillion. and that is medicare and medicaid. government spent on social security and disability insurance. and a trillion on everything else that the programs for low income american and benefits for
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retired worker and transportation and education and federal affair and housing. and interest cost 250 billion last year alone. budget experts say 2016 campaign promises would drive the debt higher. >> chatter of tax cut and infrastructure and military spending and don't touch medicare and social security. it doesn't add up. mr. trump inherited a budget program from president obama. >> and consequences is higher are interest payments to those lending the government money and lower productivity and less flexibility to react to a y severe recession. health care costs would affect the debt and entitlement programs are the country's largest liabilities and making
2:39 am
them more sustainable means americans paying less for them or taking more from the government. >> the husband of a woman held captive after being abducted near her home speaking out about his wife's terrifying ordeal. hear what he has to say. >> and a brazilian community in mourning as the body the of soccer players killed in a plane crash returned to the home stadium. that is and the outrage and the string of human mistakes that may have led to it the deadly crash.
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>> my home phone rang. i pick it up. and it was a very mixed emotion and it was my wife, screaming in the background, yelling my name. >> that gives you chills. and the had husband speaking out the first time about his wife's
2:44 am
terrifying ordeal after she was abducted near her home last night. the she vanished jogging on of this 2nd. and she was found beaten and chained three weeks later frantically trying to wave down a driver on the side of the rod. will car has the update. >> reporter: still a lot of questions and not many answers in the case. the investigation is far from over. now, there haven't been specific details that are public. we know that sherry papini disappeared out in after a morning jog and showed up on thanksgiving morning throw weeks later. her hair was chopped off and lost 15 percent of the bodyweight and she was branded. this is how her cantors treated her.
2:45 am
>> she was bound with a chain around her waist and left hand was in a vehicle chained to system. >> papini said the cantors were two hispanic women. we don't know if it was random. and he has no reason to doubt her story. >> both of the suspects spoke in spanish the majority of the time of her captivity. and they concealed their faces in an attempt to hide identities from her. >> and the question of money. first a random and turned in a six figure reward offered by a party. and go follow-upped me -- fund me. her husband told abc that rumors of a hoax and attempt to make
2:46 am
moneyy is disgusting and exhausting. >> wow. thank you. the funeral procession carrying fidel castro's ashes. thousands waves flags. and tomorrow is the funeral that would end the nine day period of national mourning and a day tour. >> it smashed mixed reaction in the world. some remembering him as a rev lougzary and others a decade of obsession. rain and tears in southern brazil. mourners honor the soccer players in the tragic plane crash. the tragedy may have been prevented. 20000 people filling the tiny stadium to it say final fare wells to the athletes.
2:47 am
the coffins draped with sheets with the team's logo. other passengers were killed as well. six members of our fox family who worked for fox sports, brazil. we are learning more about what may have brought the plane down. >> the flight was delayed so someone could search for a video game and then took off on a route that it was too long for the type of plane it was and crashed when it ran out of fuel. it was not built for a four hour flight. only a two hour flight. why did the pilots go ahead knowing in advance they would have not had had enough fuel to land safely? the president of bolivia called
2:48 am
for drastic measures on the aviation officials who signed off on the flight plan. >> president-elect donald trump makes history. he is already making himself different than president ps from the past. unconventional cabinet pick and fiery tweets. how mr. trump is redefining the president see and a young athlete making sure that everyone who needs shoes has them. sheep is going above a
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doesn't appear to plan on a conventional presidency. from his speeches to his tweet and cabinet choices, will mr. trump redefine the office and image as president to suit his personality. >> reporter: chalk up another unconventional first for the president-elect. his announcement for defense secretary was a surprise to his own staff. >> so i gave up a little secret. my people over there are probably saying, you weren't supposed to do that. >> this is the way donald trump communicates. he doesn't have a press conference. >> reporter: even though obama was a single president in race and heritage. he discharged his doubts with deverance to white house tra itdition and historians call it
2:53 am
wearing the suit. >> the individual takes on the mental of high office and it changes their approach and style and that does happen in most cases. but if there were an exception, it is going to it be donald trump. >> indeed from the visits from the aspiring cabinet member and release of a video with text graphic and outlining first 100 day and late night tweets and this president-elect will do things, many things very differently. >> they say it is not presidential to call up massive leaders of business. it is presidential. if it is not presidential, that is okay. >> can the republic survive a president that is not acting presidential. >> what is presidential?
2:54 am
don't be emotional and evasive and dance on ellen or blow a saxophone on the arsenio hall show. what is presidential. >> reporter: his behavior is in kfrnt ways to flout tradition. and if he wears a coat in toil in the oval office or dialling up leaders that the u.s. doesn't talk to will be a blepd of the calculated and improvised. a high school athlete in masses mass is helping others this holiday season. hay lower whites raising to collect 25000 pairses of shoes by may. >> it's a privilege that i get to wear shoes every day. and i took it for granted. and i did research and i wanted to be involved in.
2:55 am
she's working for soles for souls. and collected 1000 pair of shoe and they will go to it people who need them in developing country. good for her. >> wizarding world of harry potter to the big apple. we'll explain coming up next. as soon as i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis.
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>> jk rolling hit production of harry potter will be traveling cross the pond come spring 2018. multiy million dollars are in the work to renovate the lyric theater for the debut. the play tells the story of an adult harry potter 19 years after the famed book. it is expected to be a smash show here. tickets are sold out until the end of next year in london. >> and an oregon jail bird making headlines with a parrot. no, he is not a pilot. craig buckener showed up to
2:58 am
court thinking he would turn himself in later. it happened right there. and he brought his pet parrot along for emotional support and he was arrested andy he became worried. he posed with the buckener for the mug shot. officers found somebody to care for the pet while the owner is in jail. that's how fox reports this side eversaturday. if you upon upon you are going to get arrested leave your pet at home. thank its for watching.
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december 4th, i'm abby huntsman. we have our first look inside the warehouse that went up in flames leaving dozens dead. why there is a chance all of prevented. and forget mitt and forget rudy. apparently there is a new name in the running for secretary of state. the one person just added to that short list that has all of us on the couch this morning talking. and after duping her donors out of $7 million, green party candidate jill stein said she can't afford the $1 million fee for the recount. jill, where did all that money go? we'll dive into it because


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