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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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in fact, they never lived here in the first place. tomorrow night, mean tweets, they're back. send your cruelest @ tucker carlson email us at "tucker carlson tonight" @ bill o'reilly is next. don't miss that. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we're facing the worst refugee crisis since the end of world war ii. and i think the united states has to do more. >> that crisis was caused by the obama administration and now donald trump has to figure out what kind of immigration program he will put forth. tonight, talking points has some suggestions. >> donald trump from the very beginning had an instinct about what was really troubling the american people. >> what has happened to rudy giuliani? he seems to have disappeared. is he still being considered for secretary of state? we'll have a special report on that. >> what do you want for christmas? >> i saw this really pretty crystal bracelet over there. are you buying? [ laughter ] >> also tonight, watters, the christmas gift advisor.
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>> don't you think getting your doll reinforcer is stereotype? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. coming to america, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. one of the reasons donald trump won the presidency is that millions of americans now believe they are being conned on immigration. hillary clinton and the democratic party had absolutely no interest in being responsible on the issue of people traveling to the u.s.a. illegally. or even protecting americans from vicious foreign criminals already here. in fact, the far left wing of the democratic party actually wants open borders. and blanket amnesty the undocumented living all across the country. that are would create a dangerous security nightmare
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and run up far more government debt. liberal zealotry sees america as a nation driven by white privilege and wants to flood the u.s.a. with new citizens the fewer restraints the better it doesn't matter that hillary clinton might not be that extreme. she put forth no vision on immigration other than the status quo which has been a collosal failure. thus, trump's tough guy approach to enforcing immigration law, propelled his campaign despite the unending charges of racism that came his way. so now the question becomes what is a fair policy ins this most emotional of arenas. for that we turn to australia, a nation of about 24 million people. but with the land mass almost exactly the same as america's. and we have 325 million people. so there is plenty of room
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to roam down under. if you are caught you are forcibly taken by the aussie military to remote locations in the south pacific where you can either sit for years or to be deported home. australia accepts less than 15,000 migrants a year on a humanitarian basis. recently announced it would take 12,000 syrian refugees on top of that but even more recently the obama administration said it would take more than 2,000 refugees currently languishing in the south pacific, human beings that australia refuses to bring to its mainland. now my question is why not? why won't the aussies take these poor people? surely desperate people in south asia or central america for that matter deserve far left demonize
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those on illegal immigration saying they are bad people. that's what the sanctuary city movement is all about. you don't hear much condemnation of australia. and inside that country, both political parties, liberals and conservatives support the tough immigration laws. there is little moral debate. by the way, if perth, for example, declared itself a sanctuary city have big trouble with the aussie military which as i stated actually enforces immigration law. and a general reports directly to the governor in cambara. undocumented my grants destabilize their country and cause themselves at
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greater risk crossing oceans to get down under. they created a generous welfare state that works for a small population. that entitlement culture would be overwhelmed and go broke if mass illegal imgralgt congratulation was accepted as it has been here in the u.s.a. simply put, australians do not want the enormous disruption that immigration causes. sending 2,000 poor souls here they should assimilate and barack obama is happy to take them. are we churches? or are we the most compassionate nation on earth? president trump will have his hands full trying to figure out how to get things under control on the immigration front. here is what talking points recommends a moratorium on refugees for one year until trump's new homeland security department can reorganize and set up intense vetting procedures. right now, under the obama
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administration, the feds cannot properly investigate refugees who want to come here. the system is broken. all undocumented people already here must register with the feds at their local post offices within six months. it becomes a felony if they fail to do that. and immediate deportation if they are caught unregistered. by the way, we told you very early on in the presidential campaign that mass deportations would not take place if donald trump were elected president. speaker of the house paul ryan confirmed that yesterday. >> we're not working on a deportation force. here's what we are working on with respect to immigration and securing our border and enforcing our current laws. talk about criminal aliens, that's just enforcing laws for people who came here illegally and came and committed violent crimes. we should enforce those laws. >> once the federal government knows how many undocumented people are here and their circumstance, a fair system of evaluating migrants can then take place, right?
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on the borders, all of those, all of them caught trying to enter illegally will be bused back into mexico or canada after being fingerprinted. second offense, six months in jail, bang. six months. then another bus ride. a congressional man democrat on ho --mandate on how many shod be allowed each year. let's get a number that number should be generous. legal papers have to be renewed every year. and actual citizenship will have to be earned over a substantial period of time. a new law that suspends all federal transportation money to individual states that tolerate sanctuary cities must be passed by congress, must. texas now in the process of outlawing sanctuary cities, punishing them financially, every state should do that and if california says no, finance your own infrastructure. same with all other defiant
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states. no money for transportation. nothing. from the federal government. you will see how fast they change. finally build effective barriers along the southern barrier using army corps of engineers. the barrier designed to stop of flow of people and drugs illegally into this country. come on, enough is enough. if i could help every poor person and abused person in the world i would. but i can't. so i do what i can without making things worse by supporting policies that hurt the country at large. australia has figured this out. we can, too. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction. later donald trump threatening another company who wants to modify to -- move to mexico is mr. trump pushing too hard? that report up ahead.
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continuing now with lead story. a fair immigration plan. joining us from washington charles krauthammer. fair is the key word here. any quibbles with the memo, charles? >> well, there is a lot in the memo. let me just say i think you have got to divide the problem in two. the first is to secure the border. meaning prevent new illegal immigrants from coming. in the second is what do you do with those already here? i would postpone the second half of that because i think if you could secure the border, you would get a rush, you would get a national consensus to be generous and humane and legalize the overwhelming majority of those already here. but you have to show americans, the american people that this is the last time it's going to happen. remember, they got swindled with the reagan amnesty in 1986 they were told we are going to secure the border. the amnestied three illegal illegal immigrants. the amnesty went through. shutting of the border did
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not. i would emphasize a couple of things. i would include -- i agree with you about the barrier. i think it should be a serious border. either a wall or fancy. i have advocated this ever since 2006. but, also, have you got to do interior enforcement, bill. some of the illegal immigrants are people who overstay the visa. you have got to have a visa tracking system. and the second is everify. if people come across the border and they are coming here to work. if they can't find work, because an everify system auto mates the checking to see if they are legal, they are not going to come over. >> not a full system as you though know. last week we did a phony document segment on this program. very easy to get. can you get a three pack in l.a. everybody knows where to get it. i like the everify trump has to present himself as a man who is not vindictive. would you agree with that?
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he is not vindictive. i just want to protect the nation. right? >> well, i think you can make that case -- by the way, on the everify. what you're doing is you are doing layers. you don't expect any layer to catch everybody. that's why you done doo one layer. >> i understand that. >> people think it's fool proof and it isn't. >> it doesn't matter how you present it you have got to have result. if i were trump, i would institute these steps right away. working with congress you have got the majority. do it, finally do it. >> punish the sanctuary cities. >> absolutely. >> jerry brown, hey, jerry, you know, hey, jer, you are not getting any money for l.a. or san diego. san diego is not a sanctuary city, i don't think. san francisco, you know, you are not getting any money. so you and your high tech train that you want to build, can you forget it all right. you will be lucky if you have a skateboard when we get through with you. >> first of all, bill, the
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high speed train, i would cancel one way or the other. it's ridiculous. but, second, you notice how these liberals who want to do the sanctuary cities are speaking the language of the southern segregationists, the language of nullification and inner position which incidentally was the language of the confederates. >> that's interesting point way over my head. >> we live in a federal system. >> way over my head. i can't grasp what you are saying. so let's get back to something can i understand. okay. why isn't australia a racist nation? they have got 24 million people and we have 300 million more people it's the same land mass. and now we have to take 2,000 people that they shipped off to some island? we have to take them? they can't take 2,000 people? what's going on over there? >> look, you are right about the racist. until a generation ago australia had beings police sit policy of white australia for legal immigrants. >> they don't do that
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anymore though. >> no. a generation ago. but, nonetheless, it's not something that you would have had here. but, look, i think people understand if you can be generous, once have you secured the border, you can be generous with the people here. i would not ask them to register, bill. >> i would. >> you are going to cause all kinds of social -- unless you have got a plan. >> i have a plan. >> what's your plan? >> my plan is you register with the federal government. all right. now we know where you live and how are. we crosscheck and the criminals won't. okay. so this gives you amazing -- a felony right off the bat. the street. and the law abiding migrants that are here, we know who they are. we know if they are paying taxes and we can regulate them. nobody knows where they are, charles. they are running all over the place. that's not right. that's chaos. >> so your plan would agree with mine and you would legalize all those who are not criminals. >> we would register them and we would take a look at the situation. after the border was secure as you suggested. >> take a look.
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>> you know who they are, where they are. >> okay. come on. >> all i would do. i have got to move ahead now. you have changed your mind on trump at all since he was elected? >> no, i haven't. >> nothing? >> when he was elected, something happened, the question went from being should he be president to what's he going to do as president? once the people have spoken, and they spoke, unequivocally, he is the chosen. is he now going to be our president. he has a legitimacy, and i would even say the majesty of the office. which i respect. >> you haven't softened up on him the way he has conducted himself? >> i have a completely open mind. i'm judging him by what he does. >> and he hasn't gone up a little bit in the dr. krauthammer meter of approval? >> he has con things since he has been elected, since he won the election that i actually am encouraged by. >> all right. >> some of his appointments. some of his moves.
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and i -- if he is going to govern like this, i would not hesitate in the slightest. >> we will check with you every few months and see if the meter of approval is going up. where is rudy giuliani? i thought he was going to be secretary of state. the guy is in a witness protection program. where is he? >> i have no idea. i don't think is he going to be secretary of state. >> isn't that strange though that he disappears? >> well, he will be back. they all come back. >> but why did he leave? you must know. >> well, i'm not exactly an intimate of donald trump. >> but you know everything. where is he? >> no, i don't have the powers of demonation pull out a ouija board where is the world in rudy giuliani? you tell me where governor christie is. >> who? >> chris christie. >> he's in jersey. >> is he a little bit harder to hide.
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>> hard to get across the george washington bridge. is he in traffic. >> one more thing who do you think is secretary of state material who would you like to see real quick. >> i think the most qualified would be john bolton or david petraeus. he may not be. you asked me who is the most qualified. the second choice would be david petraeus. >> both good choices. charles, thank you. directly ahead, another american company threatening to move to mexico. we will tell you what's going on. later, watters advising folks on the christmas gift situation. those reports after these messages. ♪ sthot oh, hi sweetie! how are you? give a keurig brewer this holiday and they will think of you everyday.
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>> impact segment tonight. donald trump were stopping the carrier corporation from moving nearly a thousand
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jobs to mexico is a major buzz in the american corporate structure. now a company named rexnord also from indiana says it would l. fire 300 workers and move ball bearing business to monterrey, mexico. mr. trump has tweeted that would be vicious. >> i'm praying god, just give me something that i can hold on to, some hope. and then he tweeted a and then a small sign. >> joining us now from boston marian march and here in new york city katie pavlich. governor sarah palin, a conservative, is against all this strong arming the corporations and if you move you're going to get slapped with a 35% tariff and all that. that's a conservative side. liberals say trump is a gationist or whatever. what do you say?
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>> well, the left is going to complain about anything that donald trump does at this point. >> yes. that's why i led with palin. >> on sarah palin's aspect there is a very serious conservative economic principle here and that is that it's great that donald trump is able to keep some of these companies here on a case-by-case basis that's not sustainable long everywhere it. he has to be able to level the playing field for all companies in the country so everybody is able to make decisions. >> we will lose because of worldwide economics. >> that's not necessarily true. >> these not true. >> sure it is. the reason this ball bearing plant is moving counsel to monterrey cuts labor by a third. >> let's look regulations by the obama administration, 21,000 new regulations. >> it's labor costs. >> labor costs, too. that's a result of regulation. these overtime rules the president has put in place. just blocked by a judge. costs businesses money. there are things that you can take away to level the
5:25 pm
playing field. >> you are against trump twitsing these people's arms and threatening with a tariff. >> i think he should level the playing field. >> i don't know what level the playing field means. you are against the 35% tariff yes or no. >> i'm against picking winners and losers taxes 35%. that will be ultimately passed on to consumers. >> nobody will buy them because not everybody go s. going to get 35%. >> the costs have to be paid for somewhere. >> marianne you say. >> i'm for anybody trying to save anybody's jobs like the blue collar jobs like the folks in indiana every single time. as charles said in the last segment what's trump going to do now he set a precedent for every company who threatens to leave the country come to him with lance ransom note and says here is what it is going to cost to keep me here and trump is going to have to try to pay it again and again and again. >> you don't know if he will do the same thing every point. >> that's the point you don't know what he is going to do. >> you know what is he going to do on one front what i just grilled katie about. is he going to charge
5:26 pm
companies who leave the united states 35% when they try to sell back to america from mexico or ireland or china or vietnam. wherever it may be. that is what he wants to do. do you favor that? >> no. it's going to hurt the very people whose jobs he tried to save because it will get passed down to the consumers. >> as i just said, very astutely to indicatey. you won't buy the ball bearings from those people. they will buy them from other people who don't have a 35% tariff. this is a free marketplace. >> it's not sustainable because company after company is going to do that number one. >> no, they won't do it if they add the 35%. >> it does nothing to stop companies as they go to trump every time to try to get these incentives. they will go and build their manufacturing in other places. expand their operations in other places. >> they will pay the 35%. i favor that go ahead. you asked what does level the playing field mean. if he is going to tax
5:27 pm
certain companies 35%. those people will buy ball bearings by another company not paying 35%. if you tax everyone equally that's level playing field. business friendly corporate environment. >> it's too theoretical. >> no it's not. so many things donald trump can do to make business more friendfully america. >> let me impart wisdom to you. in the last 50 years, united states has lost manufacturing jobs to china and other third world nations whose labor costs are much less. >> and regulation is less. >> no level playing field going to compete with that not in america. you have to earn a certain wage to live. all right. very good, ladies. i think i dominated that and i'm sorry. i apologize. >> it was your segment, bill. >> my show, i know. i don't want to be a jerk. >> that's all right. >> that's all right. >> pavlich. that's all right. we know he is a jerk. >> i'm glad we got that squared away. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening.
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did you know actor bo derek once appeared in a glim president trump? we uncovered amazing scene. watters on christmas gifts. >> what kind of toys are you buying your kids for christmas? >> i got x box, 360. >> x box 360? >> how about a book instead. >> what? >> yes. >> no. >> we hope you stay tune to those reports. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. you found the perfect car foi'm a robot! yeti rawr ♪ jingle bells tents up guys. and used to find a place to service it at a fair price, too. signal, signal hey guys, how's it going? that's not even music. ♪ now when you're ready, you can sell your old car and find your new one all on
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you know us for shopping, and now we're there for every turn.
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j. >> as you may know marine
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star general james mattis has been treason by trump to be secretary of defense. a few years ago mattis and collapsed. he was relieved before his assignment in the u.s. central command was over. what was the source of that friction. joining us from washington congressman ryan zincky who knows general mattis very well. is he also the author of the book "american commanders worth fighting the country for." people don't know you a former navy seal served with general mattis in iraq. you are friends with him to this day. i need to know what the friction was between the general and president obama. >> well, multiple points, no doubt. first, the iranian treaty which in my mind is nearly reason to news. the commitment of troops were too late. remain toretoo light. if we are going to understand. then fight to win. >> let me stop you.
5:33 pm
let me stop you. so, general mattis didn't like the nuke deal that kerry put together? he didn't like it. >> i'm sure. multiple times he testified before congress he properly identified the threat is iran. it's always been the principle threat. and this deal that was made, the president lied about how bad it was. and we're still finding information. >> does mattis though believe that? does mattis believe the commander-in-chief lied to the american people? does he believe it? >> you know, is he going to be asked that question. i'm sure in his confirmation hearing. but i know he is upset and the other thing is mattis is, he understands the strength of our military. is he a sergeant and a chief. and when we don't have the necessary resources at the front line, you know, that concerns mattis. >> okay. >> and mattis is going to have to have one heck of a job. >> so general mattis is in afghanistan. and president obama draws down. and mattis objects to that drawing down? he didn't want to remove those troops from
5:34 pm
afghanistan? >> well, when you are going to fight, you have got to fight to win. if you draw the troops down so much. what you become is a defensive posture. you're not heavy enough to take taliban and go on offense. nor are you heavy enough if one of our troops gets hurt. bring them out with our honts. you need support and logistics footprint of moving the needle is significant. we continuously draw the troops down in numbers. even though all the military commanders are saying we need more on the front line. >> all right. but that goes against president obama wanting to end all these wars, bring back the u.s. military presence over there because his party wants that. they don't want to be in iraq and afghanistan. how bad was the friction between mattis and obama? was it personal? nasty? >> well, you know, as a four star. either you move up or out. and having a four star who doesn't believe in your policies, you know, on foreign shores is one thing.
5:35 pm
having them in the pentagon and at home is another. so i think the president, he certainly can choose his commander-in-chief. i didn't think he wanted general mattis around to dispute the policies. and first of all, what's our policy? the military is supposed to support a policy. we are rudderless as far as our policy. we don't have a policy in the middle east. what's our noel syria or iran or iraq. playing it by play-by-play without knowing where the end zone is and mattis is a type of warrior that number one respects policy and number two, tell me what the policy is and i will put the military in force to make sure that we win. >> all right congressman, we appreciate it. thank you very much. when we come right back. actress bo derrick trying to save animals all over the world. she also appeared in a movie with donald trump. we got this clip. you will see it nowhere else. ms. derrick will be here. watters on what folks want for christmas this year. those reports as the factor continues all across the
5:36 pm
u.s.a., all around the world.
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5:40 pm
all over the world. rhinos for their horns and sharks for fins. bo derek is special envoy for illegal trafficking all over the world. she joins us from washington. i follow this a little bit. i know what you are trying to do and what the state department is trying to do is discourage people from buying the ivory, from buying the shark fin suit or whatever the dopey thing is because these animals are being wiped out. what happened is the peta people. you know peta, right, the protection of animal people they become so fanatical or crazy like you can't wear if you arwearfurr can't have a bur. that's turned people off. that's hurt your cause. what say you. >> i agree. sometimes what i'm trying to do and i limit my efforts to, first of all, issues i can truly understand i need
5:41 pm
solution and hope. i think a lot of what they do makes us feel hopeful and afraid to move. i don't like being put into their category wildlife traffic something a 10 to 20 billion-dollar black market. and with it comes all the crime, the death and destruction. everything that goes with along with any black market. and i work with a group called wildaid that uses the influence of famous people, pop icons and they do these really slick ad campaigns in asia, particularly, because that's where most of the consumption is, and after 10 years, there has been progress already. sharks consumption is down 28% in china. just because somebody like jackie chan telling you this is not cool. it's more influential in a law than law enforcement. and i don't blame the
5:42 pm
poachers, funny enough. i think that the person who buys the ivory or has a bowl of shark fin soup or a tortoise hare jewelry trinket. they are responsible for the death of that animal. >> i do blame the poachers as well. you have been to after from can a. i have been to africa. they will kill you. if you are in between the ivory you are dead. >> that's true because someone is buying it and bounty on that animal. >> like the cope thing. heroin buyers who don't blame the pusher. huh-uh. they are both responsible. i any it's food that you are guiling people and raising awareness that you tonight need the ivory and this stuff from endangered feces it's foster add murderous industry. now we have to shift year -- gears a little bit. you are a rather conservative woman. i don't want to get into
5:43 pm
your politics specifically but i wanted people toe know that. in 1989 you starred in a movie called ghosts can't do it and many ghosts pictured you and ghosts were everywhere. >> yes, yes, yes. >> and all of that. but in the movie was a cameo with one donald trump. roll the tape. >> yes. >> in this room there are knives sharp enough to cut you to the bone and hearts cold enough to eat yours as hors d'oeuvreses. >> that's a sweet little. >> [bleep] >> you are too pretty to do that. >> you noticed? >> that was anthony quinn, wasn't it in the background there. >> yes, it was. >> yep. >> trump. so at that time, did you know trump? did you know who he was? what was the interaction on the set? >> i had met him a couple of times. i got a call saying that he wanted -- did we have anything in this movie we were making? it was a weird film. it didn't quite come together the way we planned.
5:44 pm
but he was wonderful. he was fun to work with. and we have retained an acquaintanceship since then. >> were you happy to see him elected president. >> i was very curious at the whole election like a lot of us. he seems to be the man the people want right now and i'm, in general, i'm -- i do like an insurgent and someone who is not establishment the idea of it. the idea of it i like. >> you want someone to drain the swamp. >> i like. >> if you drain the swamp there are gators down there though. >> no kidding. no kidding. >> we're not buying no shoes. >> he has been helpful already in a foundation he helped us set up in the galapagos disisland. >> he has been helpful. >> he has. and i look forward to working with him as with anybody. >> we appreciate your work with animals all across the world thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> watters on deck.
5:45 pm
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>> norman's christmas tree in rockefeller center, there it is, great decorations all over the place. we let watters rome around, let him out of the build so he could rome. talking about the folks about what they want for this holiday season. ♪ ♪ >> do you say merry christmas or happy holidays. >> merry christmas. >> wrong.
5:49 pm
it's happy holidays. be inclusive. >> have you bought your christmas tree yet? >> i have. it's artificial. >> clark, it's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. >> do you know how many fossil fuels are burned to make that plastic tree. >> i know but it will last forever. >> the environment won't. what are you asking for christmas. >> jewelry. >> with all of the heart break and devastation in this world, you want jewelry? >> not anything big. >> what are you guys asking for christmas? >> oh, gosh. my husband to watch the baby for a couple of days. >> where's bobby keep the extra diapers. >> what are you asking for christmas? >> savings account, save some money. >> and then donate it to charity, correct? correct? >> correct. >> i do donate, though, to a lot of animals. >> because your shoes are leather.
5:50 pm
>> i know. >> so i hope you're donating to saving the cows. >> i feel sad like i do right now. >> what would you like to see stuffed in your stocking? >> batteries. i have kids. >> what do you need batteries for. >> their toys. >> what kind of toys are you buying your kids for christmas? >> xbox 360. >> xbox 360? >> yeah. >> how about a book instead. >> what? >> shoes for my mom and my sister and everything like that >> you know shoes are made by child labor. you're shopping at the donald trump store? what kind of things did you buy at the trump store. >> cuff links for my son. >> cuff links. >> and a shirt. >> ever heard of a prius? >> oh no. >> prius, huh. good mileage? >> outstanding. >> what would you like to get bill o'reilly for christmas.
5:51 pm
>> i would get him another tie. >> i don't think they like me because of my ties. >> what would you get bill o'reilly for christmas. >> cole. >> what would you get bill o'reilly for christmas? >> i don't know but you're super cute. >> what you could be asking is what would i get you for christmas. >> what would you get me for christmas. >> probably a nice suit. >> the name is james bond. >> you don't like my suit right now? >> the tie is beautiful. >> can i stroke the fur? >> yes, you can. >> you didn't kill any animals for this did you. >> completely fake. >> i love you. >> i love you, i love you. >> do you know who i am? >> watters. >> yeah, that's him. >> i'm watters -- >> and this is my world. >> you're still here? it's over. >> so you're the bieb now. >> i don't know who that is.
5:52 pm
>> when we last left you, you were terrifying the college of a university, and 36 hours after he invited you in for tea, the flag, american flag once again flew other the new hampshire campus. >> that is correct. >> coincidence? >> i am not taking credit for that. i any you should take the credit. you know what he said he did? he actually lowered the flag because he wanted to have a dialogue on how to dismantle bigotry and now he says he's been holding mutt. focus group sessions to make sure everybody comes together. $65,000 to go to the school. >> 65k, a bargain. all of you students out there, when you dad and mom pay 65,000, get a free american flag. >> comes with the territory. >> tickets for the spip stops here show star miller, watters
5:53 pm
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no, i do not. in general, with they despise him. mississippi, while i'm glad trump saved jobs in indiana, i don't like the strong arm technique. it's what it takes in corporate america. lupton, south carolina, what carrier extracted tax breaks not to mo abroad may start a costly trend. that's possible, myles, it's possible. kelly smith, texas, bravo to watters for calling out the president of hampshire college for not flying the flag. this kind of stuff is frightening. lake worth, florida, stalking the man in his home was classless journalism. lake city, florida, colin kaepernick took for sacks against the chicago bears yesterday than he had passing yards. o how fitting the game was at
5:58 pm
soldier feel. nice observation. in my 25 years of teaching first grade i've learned that children will decide for themselves if a good is good. my 3-year-old grandson won give please a chance three times in a row. thank you. once in a while a book comes along that you can't put down. "killing the rising sun" that that book for me. the top selling book in the universe after three months. thank you all. finally tonight, the factor tip of the day. now not to send christmas cards. the other day a neighbor sent me a christmas card. here's the problem, didn't have any name on the card or any greeting written by her. had the little card greeting but nothing by her. the envelope was addressed to me but that's it. here's the deal. you put dear so and so on the card. dear myrtle, when you write a
5:59 pm
short endearment like, i hope you're not in prison, merry christmas and then you sign your name. a personal touch. christmas and hanukkah, please. factor tip of the day, christmas cards that are like stamped and stuffed and then you get the picture of the kids. all right. you don't even know the kids. there's eight of them. and they're in thailand. just a perm touch. that is it tonight, please check out the factor news website. spout often about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly at fox news dot com. word of the day, do not be truculent when writing to the factor. now trump has another victory lap speech tomorrow. we're going to take a look at it. see what's going on. anything can happen, trump could
6:00 pm
announce anything. i'll be there live and that's what we'll do tomorrow. thanks for watching. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here because we are definite definitely looking out for you. breaking to night, democrats on the attack targeting dr. ben carson, the president-elect's newest pick. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly, reporting tonight from washington, d.c. where in less than six weeks we'll see the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. earlier today mr. trump announced that he had selected one-time rival turned surrogate dr. ben carson to head up the department of housing of urban development. he's been widely praised for pulling himself out of poverty to become one of the most successful neurosurgeons. but those on the left went so far as toab


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