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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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it is good if you're looking for a dose of inspiration. hope you'll check out. "settle for more." thanks for watching. tonight -- >> some people could say you gave a tax break to carrier so they would only send 700 jobs overseas. >> the mainstream media melts down showing how out of touch they are. >> why do we let him more f and distort the truth. >> newt gingrich is here to respond. and cnn continues their unprecedented bias towards donald trump. >> he kind of dised hillary clinton, the cloud chanted lock her up. thedoes a thread of fake ne
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on the web help elect donald trump? >> the left pushing global warming. >> climate change is real, it's urgent and america can take the lead in the world in addressing it. >> monica crowley and bill cunningham weigh in. all of that but geraldo rivera eni and i go one on one over the kate steinle. the left wing mainstream media keep proving how out of touch they are. that's tonight's opening monologue. the abuse ily biassed press don't get it because outlets like the clinton news network, they were caught colluding with the clinton came pan. they don't know what was going on in this country. donald trump gets it. that's probably one of the big reasons he gets it. and you the american people obviously get it. but the at left mainstream media
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continue have a clue and they tonight want to. this comes from jech zucker's stenographer. he's been arguably the most biassed offender towards president-elect trump. let's take a look at his latest smear. >> we're at the point where we have to talk about what it means to have an authoritarian as opposed to a democratic president treating the press this way? >> talk to international correspondents who say to you this is what authoritarians do. i think we need to start using those words on tv at least to discuss the possibility before us. the way donald trump lies has people rethinking some of the basic premises of journalism. when he lies so casually, so cynically, the news isn't the false things he said, it's as if he felt he could go ahead and say it, go ahead and lie to you. that's the story. why does he bend and flex and twist and warp and distort the
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truth? i'm curious. u think trump does it differently than past presidents. his lies are different. >> cnn is not a real news network. a and stealther is completely biassed. now i don't remember him ever calling hillary clinton a liar and i challenged him to do some on twitter and maybe he should report how his own network colluded with hillary clinton campaign. what did trump do, took a phone call, a congratulatory call from the leader of taiwan. they completely lost it over that one phone call, not a policy position. and the press failed to report that every administration since 1979 has sold weapon to taiwan. according to "the wall street journal," bill clinton let taiwan's former president give a
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speech at cornell university. well the media doesn't get it on the economy. look at nbc, meet the press, chuck todd, they wanted to turn a great story into a bad one by grilling vice president-elect mike pence over the carrier deal. >> the only reason carrier is staying in the united states is because donald trump was elected president of the united states. >> this is a government sbo intervene in the private sector. >> sno. >> why isn't it the government intervening? >> a lot of hoosiers have -- >> 700 don't. >> i couldn't be more grateful for that and the people of indiana couldn't be more happy. >> 700 don't. >> i know the glass is half empty according to the media. >> hitting the media is a crutch for you. >> overpaid media leads by
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chicky todd, they don't care that job were saved and probably never would. i spent 20 years of my life doing blue collar work. obviously trump needs to go back and try it. fortunately president-elect trump understands they're never going to be in his corner. that's why he says his focus will be on fixing the broken economy for you, the american people. he's going to follow through on his promises by lowering the corporate tax to 15 wrs, reducing regulation, repealing replacing obama care, moving toward energy independence and more. this will require thinking outside of the box, not trusting washington bureaucrats that coomb up with solutions they have failed so often in the past. last night i was watching "60 minutes." the program interviewed joe max hagen. the coach. he created 6,000 manufacturing
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jobs in one of the poorest parts of the country. it's called mississippi's golden triangle. watch this. >> for some companies offshore wasn't as great as they thought it was or as it was portrayed to be. many of the companies said if it's going to be consumed in the u.s. we can produce anytime the u.s. cheaper and more efficiently than we can and bring it in. >> they save money by being here in m mississippi. >> uh-huh. >> right away he coached his staff and outwitted his competition by a bag of tricks. he can twist your arm or kill you can kindness. >> i tell our staff in you leave our office and didn't do something to make our place a better place, then you need to find another job. >> now in fact in my. he should hire joe to help him
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in places like cleveland and baltimore and chicago and all across the rust belt. the president-elect if he build it, so to speak, by creating the right economic climate, businesses and jobs will come and then he'll have the opportunity to create one of the biggest economic booms that perhaps america has ever seen. the president-elect may spend $3 trillion to rebuild infrastructure. you have to take it away from the wasteful inefficient bureaucrats and give it to people like joe who would spend it wisely and actually deliver results. joining us now, former speaker of the house, fox news contribute are, newt gingrich. this guy fascinated him. i sent you a note about him last night. he would fly over the golden triangle. they lost all of these jobs. they didn't have labor issues. he saw all of this opportunity. he literally forced a local government to invest in roads,
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sewers and even a huge electrical bit. he brought a helicopter plant there, a tire plant there, a steelt, they put in a special electric grid just to entice them to come. if we're going to spend a trillion dollars in infrastructure, i want him spending it, not the 535 clowns in d.c. am i wrong? >> i think you're on to a big thing. you're on to something that's very big. and i happen to be talked to dr. ben carson who sees the same vision for the inner city, of getting people who are successful job creators to come in and work and develop areas where people have jobs where the there's factory, employment and schools that succeed. i think the trump administration is going to be very aggressive beyond reaching beyond the
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traditional bureaucracy. i have a very simple rule which is to take the skating rink model, which it took trump $3 million and two and a half month to do what the city of new york failed to do with $13 million in six years. so take that formula, a trillion dollars in effect under a trump, you might get that for $350 billion because he's going to spend it so much more aggressively in such a hutch tough minded, let's get it done, be frugal, be practical. this is a guy who builds buildings and i think he's going to lead us to real job creation. >> i love his idea of allowing multinational corporation that park trillions of class overseas, repatriate the money, bring it back to america, 10% one-time tax. bring it back. what if he said i'll make it a 5% tax but you've got to nervous
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x number of dollars in factories, job creation in detroit, milwaukee, baltimore, cleveland and philadelphia? and other cities that need it. good idea? >> i think -- well it's exactly what jack kemp was advocating years ago in creating enterprise skoe zones, you dra kmat cli limit the regulations, give a good tax advantage, have a school that teaches people how to work, teach them to skills for the job. you put that together right you'll have dramatic economic growth. >> what do you think of the idea going forward -- you call it trumpism. you're about to give a speech to the heritage foundation. i don't want you to give your whole speech away but you defend part of trumpism, if you see something really stupid, change it. what are you defining as
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trumpism? >> well, first of all, i'm trying to learn from trump by watching what he does. and this goes all the way back to his book "the art of the deal", where i got the skating rink story, coming from rudy giuliani telling me about where trump got a golf course built in nine months whether neither mayor giuliani couldn't get it done. this trip to indiana, the carrier example is perfectly trump like. he sees a problem, thinks there opportunity, picks up the phone and gets the job done and then most on to the next topic. >> some say that's economic fascism. all 15 governors in the country -- i used to have often governor perry, governor abbott, governor scott, governor jindal,
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you know why they keep coming to my new york studio, they were trying to entice businesses to invest in their state and it work. >> let me say two things. trump is the first american president to realize that we're in a worldwide economic competition. just like the 50 states are in a competition. these guys, have they tried doing business in mexico? china? what are they talking about. i've read adam smith. i'm happy to debate the wealth of nations any time. and even smith thought you had to modify it. but i think the guys who are sitting around these academic centers are as much out of touch as left wingers who are spouting off their idea of ideological.
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trump is a pragmatist. william james once said that pragmatism was the one unique american contribution to philosophy. what it means is you look at the facts and the facts tell you how to act. you don't have some grand theory which tells you what the facts ought to be. we'll have more with newt gingrich right about that. coming up, president-elect donald trump's list for secretary of state is now growing. who is he going to pick? we'll ask newt gingrich. later tonight. the problem was, you know, he kind of dissed hillary clinton, the crowd chanted lock her up. the crowd was mostly white. >> cnn continues to bash president-elect donald trump. we'll have the latest examples and michelle malcolm is back to respond to the out of control
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good evening, here's what's happening. russia and china blocking a u.n. draft resolution for a 7-day truce in the syrian city of aleppo. it would have allowed the evacuation of sick and wounded and give aid workers time to bring in food and medical supplies. a georgia man getting life in prison without parole for the death of his toddler son left in a sweltering car. the superior court judge sentencing justin ross harris yesterday. last month jurors found him guilty of malice, murder and
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other charges. he claimed paris intentionally killed his son in 2014 to escape responsibilities of family life. back now to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." the trump transition team remains at work. earlier today president-elect trump nominated dr. benjamin carson. and the president-elect is expanding the field for secretary of state candidates. back with reaction, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. he's moving so much faster than past presidents but he's inviting everybody in. i don't want myth romney chosen because i think you need loyal people around you. do you agree? >> i do agree. but i have to say the discipline, the way they're approaching this, they're way ahead of most presidents now in the number of cabinet spots that
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they've chosen. and here is probably his hardest decision. i think what's happening as he look at this -- i really admire the disciplined way he's approached secretary of state. could have chosen mitt romnerud. president eisenhower brought in a great international lawyer, wasn't a creature of the state department bureaucracy. but he was somebody who had actually worked internationally with big deals, getting things done. i wouldn't be at all surprised to see the president-elect reach out to somebody in business who's running a large multinational who's used to dealing with many many different countries and who brings that tough minded business approach to the state department. remember, and i think you and i totally agree on this, you have
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to have a secretary of state who fixes the state department while representing the u.s. overseas. they've got to do both jobs and i think it's important to have a great manager to do that. >> i think the burreaucracy of the state department, that's where the swamp needs to be drained. now in '95, bill clinton let the president of taiwan give a speech at cornell. george w. bush allowed the president of taiwan to visit in transit to countries in latin america. you would think this is the biggest, i guess, presidential faux pas because he took a congratulatory phone call from the president of taiwan. dick cheney said trump request transcend the media.
10:20 pm
he doesn't need these guys anymore. for example, does cnn really deserve a seat after being caught colluding with the clinton campaign? does nbc deserve a seat in the white house press office and dealing with the press secretary when we know they have an institutional bias or is it time top throw them all out and start over? >> well, those are two different questions. let me say first of all about taiwan. this was a deliberate well thought out specific signal. he accepted a phone call from the freely elected head of a democracy of 23 million people. and frankly, if it's okay for president obama to go down and hang out with the castro dictatorship, it ought to be okay for donald trump to talk to a democracy and he's sending a tough signal to beijing. this ain't the old order, we're not going to let you push us around, setting the stage for
10:21 pm
important genegotiations. in terms of the white house press auchs, it ought to be the american people's press office. we ought to use things like facebook, like twitter, a variety of other opportunities to let reporters from all over the country ask questions, to let experts ask questions and organize a whole new way of making that office serve not the elite media or the politicianpo serve the american people. >> rudy giuliani used to do a radio show every week and take call from citizens. i'd offer my radio stations and shows with let him take calls from all over the country and if the "the new york times" gets through, god bless them. >> i somehow any ththink they'r going to get through often on your shoup. but you've got the right idea. this was not designed to be the news media's office. >> that's what it's become.
10:22 pm
>> this was designed to be a way for the president of the united states to communicate with the people. and it's become a place where the filter of the news media in many ways distorts and blocks the ability to communicate with the american people. it would be useful to rethink it from the ground up and not assume anything about what we've inherited from the past. >> and it's become a fake dog and phony pony show between the press secretary and the media and the hostility in the room. it's a waste of everybody's time. up next tonight on this busy news night right here on "hannity." >> he did talk unity at his rally in cincinnati. the problem is he kind of dissed hillary clinton, the crowd chanted lock her up. the crowd was mostly white. >> really? we'll have more on the liberal mainstream media, negative coverage of president-elect trump. it is time for american to drain the alt left radical media swamp.
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michelle mall kin will join us. also tonight -- it is true that the earth is warming even as we have climate deniers in the world today. it's true that human beings are contributing to it. so the left are whining about fake news since the election. but remember, it's those on the left constantly pushing a fake narrative line to you about global warming. billy see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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and welcome back to "hannity." earlier today president-elect donald trump delivered a message to the mainstream media. the president-elect tweeted if the press would cover me accurately and honorably i would have far less reason to tweet. i don't think that will ever happen. after all for weeks on the program we've covered the
10:26 pm
overwhelmingly unfair coverage of donald trump by the mainstream media including the trump bashing over the network. take a look at cnn's coverage in just the past few days. >> he did take unity at his big rally in sincincinnati. the problem is he dissed hillary clinton, the crowd her up. the crowd was mostly white. >> steve bonn nonis the senior adviser to the president of the united states. he has a website that terrorisms contend is their base. >> when i first heard that was tweeting about something that was on this broadcast a number of tweets, again factually incorrect tweets last night, i kept thinking doesn't he have a briefing book on isis to be reading. >> joining us to discuss the alt-left media's blatantly bias,
10:27 pm
the host of the upcoming series, michelle malkin investigates. i have not seen you. i miss you. so happy about your daughter doing better. congrats on the new show. >> i appreciate that. i have a lot to celebrate this holiday season, not just the election results. >> and your daughter is doing great. >> seeing you is a joy. >> cnn colluded with the clinton campaign rnls yes, they did. >> and they got caught. >> yes they did. >> and then they colluded with the dnc by getting questions from the dnc for trump. isn't that fake news? >> it is the textbook definition of fake news, manufactured, narrative. this is something i've been covering for as long as as i have been not only in mainstream journalism, i've worked in newspapers and tv. you talked about donald trump using twitter, using social
10:28 pm
media, circumventing the rest of the liberal media to get his message across. >> right. >> and they hate him for im. >> dick cheney says trump doesn't need them. >> yes. >> ever. >> that's right. and there's always been a dependent relationship between most of these establishment politicians and the washington, d.c. press corps. they matter less and less now and in large part it is because of citizen journalism and conservative bloggers. i was part of the generation of the first wave of a conservative blogger with hot air with my own blog. and we were the ones that called out the fake knew manufacturers at cbs who made up -- remember when they made up the national guard documents? and now this guy has nerve to be lecturing us about fake news ? >> i don't know what they think.
10:29 pm
cristhian that amman pour was on pbs this week. lie as often as you do, you have all of the freedom. but that doesn't mean you get access to every president, every vice president just because you work for a phony news organization. here's what he said. >> never in a million years could i have imagined myself on this stage in new york reappealing for the safety and the freedom of the american press. and i base that on obviously donald trump's rhetoric against the press calling us dishonest, despicable and other epitaphs that were hurled around. aye covered enough about my klugs who ened up in anyones in kangaroo court on trial for being sympathizers or associates or out and out flat out terrorists. i feel like i have to stand up for any own tribe in the united
10:30 pm
states. >> tribe? >> her tribe? >> pompous and sanctimonious and self righteous. >> and it's the condescending attitude that is rendering them more and more irrelevant. look, these people, especially on the left, do not think that anybody who doesn't think like them can practice journalism. it is not rocket science. it's not brain surgery. all you have to do is challenge authority, question authority. about that what the left always said. ask the questions nobody else will ask. >> who is going to stop her. why doesn't he call out her own network for bias. >> exactly. these people have no integrity. the problem in my mind has ever been that there are partisans in the press. it's when they're fakers and phonies. >> you're so on your game tonight. >> instead of talking about their agenda. >>. >> i'm a talk show host.
10:31 pm
i'm a conservative. i don't hide it. you don't hide it. >> they're colluding with the democrats and that's what we're doing at crtv. >>, michelle malkin investigates. four episodes come out on monday. congratulations. >> thank you. coming up next on "hannity." >> it is true that the earth is warming even as we have climate deniers in the world today. it's true that human beings are contributing to it. >> for years john kerry and other self righteous liberals have been pushing a narrative. why are they offended by the news they see? i go one on one tonight with the one and only geraldo rivera over the kate steinle lawsuit as we continue.
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. welcomeback to "hannity." the left and the mainstream media are having a melt down. they've turned a blind eye to real fake news by global warming being pressed by the press for years. >> it's true that the earth is warming even as we have climate deniers in the world today. >> climate change is real, it's
10:38 pm
urgent and america can take the lead in the world in addressing it. right. >> it's one thing to argue about how the less than global warming it's another to deny that it's happening. there's overwhelming evidence that our climate is changing and with are in part to blame. >> climate change threatens to alter the way that we live, from the way we produce or food to where we live, how we live. >> the debate is settled. climate change is a fact. >> we face a pan tarn mj. we cannot just talk about it. we have to act on it. >> joining us with reaction, bill cunningham, fox news contributor monica crowley. bill, according to al gore, wasn't the earth supposed to have been destroyed by you? >> if you go back 15 or 20 years, florida is under water right now, alaska would be like a jungle and we know that this
10:39 pm
isn't the case. what it fits is the simple principle, the democrats want control of the economy, they want control of the jobs. through the epa they imposed a liberal orthodoxy. and if you disagree with them, you'll be marginalized and called names. a great newspaper, the motto is all of the news that fits they print. think our relationship with china is a-ok. normal people understand global warming has been going on and cooling for eons without human involvement. earthquakes, sun spots, avalanches, stsunamis all affec weather. >> if it's snows, it's global warming. if it doesn't snow, global warming. if there's an earthquake, global warming. if there's not one, global warming. doesn't matter. they blame everything. in the 1970s they were saying
10:40 pm
the next ice age is coming. we go from ice age to global warming to climate change. they've got an excuse. >> what this is for the left, and this has been the case since they started to make this argument three decades ago plus is a massive wealth redistribution scheme. >> how does this -- >> where they turn the environment into god. so it's a way of separating americans from god and organized religion -- >> let me ask you this. isn't it predicated on the belief that we're raising and pillaging the planet for profit and if we cut down a tree to build a house, somehow somebody is going to make a profit? >> it's part of the secular agenda. it does turn the earth into god and replaces god. but more importantly, it's about taking wealth from wealthy individuals in the western world and wealthy countries and transferring that wealth to the third world. and elsewhere, according to how the global elites see fit.
10:41 pm
this is nothing to do with the climate. this is nothing to do with the environment. >> this was al gore. al gore met with president-elect trump today and ivanka trump and here's what he said afterwards. >> i had a lengthy productive session with the president-elect. it was a sincere search for areas of common ground. i had a meeting beforehand with ivanka trump. the bulk of the time was with president-elect donald trump. i found it an extremely interesting conversation and to be continued. >> okay. so he still believes in this. bill cunningham, in 2007 "hannity" hidden cameras caught the big phony hypocrite getting off his gulf stream 3, which is one of the worst polluting planes in the sky and there were two people on a 14-set jet, him and tipper. they get off the jet and go
10:42 pm
right into their chauffeured limb seen. there he is, al gore gets off of his private plane from tennessee to san francisco, all of it into his chauffeur driven limousinli. and i'm like if it's so bad, why don't you lead by example. >> monica and i understand one simple thing. there's no money in global cooling. there's money in global warming. like in watergate, follow the money. think of the billions of dollars transferred from wealthier nation to poor nations. think of the control of fossil fuels and natural gas and pipelines. pooip lines are great, they're safe. no matter what happens in north or south dakota, either transport the stuff by rail or by truck or pipeline. pipelines are great. they should be used more often. there's no money in global cooling. the money is in global warming. and al gore is now a milliona e
10:43 pm
millionaire. normal americans know what's going on and i'm normal. >> got to let you both go. love you both. god bless us and god bless the united states of america. >> absolutely, sean. >> i stole your good-bye line. coming up, outrage growing tonight over a federal judge considering dismissing a lawsuit that was filed by the parents of kate stainly over her
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welcome back to "hannity." outranl growing tonight over a federal judge who is now considering dismissing a lawsuit filed by the parents of kate steinle over her death last year. you remember kate was allegedly shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in san francisco, a sanctuary city. the family is suing the city and two federal agencies accusing them of wrongdoing. joining us now, hera doll rivera. i'm going to appeal to the guy i know, geraldo. and you are the best family guy aye ever met, even your ex-wives, seriously, they love you. >> they're still part of the family. >> you love your children.
10:49 pm
if this was your child or family member and you found out this guy had been sent back five times, just released from jail, not deported and in front of you killed your family member, you'd go nuts. >> i would. i want want to kill him with his own hands. >> you would. >> i would a literally want to kill him but but that's not the issue. >> that is the issue. >> you hurt me when you appeal to me with my heart than rather as a lawyer. and the essential question here -- and our heart -- it is so -- what happened to this young girl -- >> you're going to freeze your heart and be a lawyer. >> the family is facing a legal dilemma. they've sued the two federal agencies and the sheriff of san francisco for what happened to their beautiful beautiful kate. what happened to her was absolutely intolerable. >> is the government negligent? here's the question legally. are they partly responsible for
10:50 pm
that young woman's death, the answer is yes. >> the answer is maybe. >> yes. >> a enand ironically the immigration part is the weakst part of the family's case. the strongest part -- by no means is it strong. it hangs by a thread but the judge is considering it. whether or not the bureau of land management guy who left his loaded gun in his car was gross grossly negligent to the extent that the federal government would be liable. if the gun was in plane site when lopez sanchez -- >> i don't want to get distracted. i want to ask you as a father. a guy i know. this is important. if you were there and you found out it was illegal and he killed your daughter, you would lose it. >> i would lose it. i would lose it because he's a creep. he's the dirt under my feet. >> he doesn't belong her. >> a total scumbag. >> he doesn't belong her.
10:51 pm
>> all of that is true, shane. why does the lawsuit fail if it failed. maybe the man leaving the gun in the car. but now the splf released lopez sanchez despite the fact that the federal government said hold this guy for us. he gets out of jail, a felony, does four years in the federal pen. he gets out, gets involved in a marijuana beef. the cops bust him. then they decide to drop the charges. here he is, in local jail, they drop the charges against him. let me just finish. 15 seconds. now they have no legal reason to hold. . the federal government said wait a second, detain him because he's an illegal immigrant. but they have no arrest warrant. they never say to the sheriff we have an arrest warrant.
10:52 pm
>> if they knew he was illegal. >> totally illegal. >> but they are accomplices to what happened because of the negligent -- >> morally yes. >> legally yes. >> no. >> the law says you have to go. >> remember, there's no warrant. isis issuance of detainers to detain individuals without a warrant goes beyond its statutory authority to make warrantless arrests. it is illegal. it is illegal. >> a sanctuary city by definition is violatinviolating, abetting a, accomplices in the law. >> it may make them shuck but it doesn't make them lawbreakers. you are going to see an explosion of sanctuary cities, towns, colleges -- >> and they allow the federal government -- let me so seed
10:53 pm
from the union. >> you have to try to pass a new law. >> the law is what it is today that we send by illegal immigrants. that's what the law states. >> the law states according to three different federal judges that if you want a state or a city to detain an undocumented immigrant -- >> you have to have a warrant. >> you must show them a warrant. . >> he said 25 times he didn't have the constitutional authority for executive amnesty and he went against his own interpretation of the constitution, the rule of law, separation of powers, coequal powers of government and he did what he himself said is false because he knows he couldn't get the law changed. >> you are one of the most decent people i know and you have a strong moral come pus. but that is not what we're talking about.
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. who should president-elect trump pick now as his secretary of state? go to seanhannity and let us
11:00 pm
know what you think. kevin this, is yours. i i i i ih edamame. here he comes. ♪ ♪ >> oh good evening. and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. students at american university, $62,000 per year college in northwest washington, d.c. are demanding that one of the school's trustees be dismissed from his post for taking a meeting with donald trump. his name is gary cohen. the president of goldman sachs in new york and reportedly he is being considered for energy secretary in a trump administration. he sits on the invest and finance economy. one of the students dump trump. senior at au. thanks for coming on.


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