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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 6, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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delivering trees for 500 military families. thanking them for their service. trees are very expensive this year. did you know that? no, i did not. bill: new york for you. martha: 24:00 o'clock -- 2:00 o'clock and 9:00 o'clock. ♪ ♪ ♪ jon: we are awaiting new announcements from president-elect trump on choices of senior positions in the new administration and the key opening right now secretary of state with a list of candidates growing longer by the day. good morning, welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. jenna: lots of others for roles in the trump administration as i'm sure you can only imagine as the president elect heads to north carolina later this afternoon and his continuing victory tour. mr. trump will speak along side
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retired general mattis. peter. peter: jenna, two big surprises so far this morning. first the president elect picking a fight with boeing because he thinks that costs are out of control as they build the next generation of air force one and second, the president elect coming on down to the public lobby of trump tower which he almost never does to talk about it. >> well it's totally out of control. over $4 billion for air force one program and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make money but not that much money. peter: just a few minutes ago, officials said mr. trump was a boeing shareholder until june and that's when he sold shares. president elect is going to meet
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with democratic mayor, she's upstairs right now. iowa's republican governor will be here shortly and so will secretary of state henry cis -- kissinger and also secretary of state contender, exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. >> he's putting the interest of the nation first. he's going to listen on an ongoing basis a broad range of counselors and i'm confident that he's going to choose a secretary of state putting america first in the world stage. peter: tonight, mr. trump will be on his way to stop number two of the thank you victory tour. it's in fayettville, north carolina. james mattis will be by
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mr. trump's side. transition sources are saying mattis is likely to say a few words to the crowd and, remember , we got unexpected announcement that mattis was the pick to run the pentagon. so tonight anything can happen as usual. jenna. jenna: peter, thank you. jon: mr. trump's cabinet choices single a sharp move to the right as he choses conservatives long oppose to president obama's policies. let's bring in carol', buckle up, carl because this transition to a new administration is going to be awfully interesting, isn't it? >> it is. it's already is. as you mentioned, there's the number of cabinet picks that president-elect trump has made that are very conservative that would make the republican base very -- have made the republican base very happy. the thing that's interesting about is that there's been a lot of talk about how donald trump
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is softening some of his positions on various issues whether it's climate change or whether support torture, you know, prosecuting secretary hillary clinton and so if you take that and you set it aside and you look at the steps he's made in terms of who he is going to be advised by, this is a very conservative group of individuals and that has made the republicans very happy and perhaps that's one of the reasons why we haven't seen the kind of backlash from trump supporters that maybe some would have expected as he softens some of his position. jon: jerry cites in the wall street journal it's impossible to divine any left or right moves in this administration because, you know, paraphrasing him, he says the president elect trump is just sort of scrambling everything in terms of our politics. >> he is, if you look at any -- he did this during the campaign where he took a trade position on trade that was different from
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traditional republican party position. if you take that and you take the way he's approached business issues, you know, the way he's, you know, he's getting pushback from republican that is are more free market and he's intervened in the carrier company to save some jobs there. and so it's not hard -- it's very difficult to kind of pin down and put him in a box in terms of this is where donald trump is ideologically because he's not really ideological in that sense. jon: one of the issues he did won was to crack down on immigration, jeff sessions, the senator from alabama, he's chosen to be attorney general, assuming he's confirmed, he has been a long-time advocate of cracking down on illegal immigration. it would seem that at least on that score he's running true to the platform on which he ran. >> for sure. and that's one example where you see, you know, there has been discussion about is donald trump
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committed to some of the policies that he articulated during the campaign on immigration, for instance, the wall, he's saying there will be doors through the wall and there's been questions raised about where he stands on that, but if you look at who he chose as you mentioned as attorney general, this is somebody who really is tough on immigration and will actually be setting some of the policies and closely advising then president trump and so it sends a message that he is serious about some of the things that he said during the campaign but we just don't really know exactly what kind of positions donald trump is going to take once he is in the white house. >> what about this morning's controversy. he's slamming the boeing company for 4 billion-dollar plus contract to build a couple of brand new air force ones. boeing built those right here in america, supports american jobs, why go after that particular company? >> well, there's several
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different aspects to this that are interesting. there's one, it's very usual for a president elect or president to single out a company in this way and particularly if donald trump is a businessman, so it's probably unusual for him to do this, however, this is the kind of thing that people who voted for him really like. you know, he's saying, this is a lot of money, you're getting a raw deal and i don't support this and we are going to take a second look at this and you're not going take advantage of us. that's the kind of position, at least posture that a lot of people who voted for donald trump expect and like. secondly, i would say that this issue of air force one is always an issue. no president or president elect -- it's a very hard thing for them to get behind because it does cost a lot of money, it's taxpayer money and can easily be seen as a target for overspending or government overreach and so you would
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expect this in some ways. president obama in his first term had to take a second look at the marine one fleet, for instance, because it went to around a $141 billion and senator john mccain said, are you going to give this up and he eventually did. there's a number of different issues here. this is an aircraft that has to carry the president of the united states. it needs to be outfitted and very specific security ways, it needs to be be able to refuel in air, it needs to basically be the equivalent of the president working in the oval office in this aircraft. and so there is an cost that accompanies that. jon: yeah, it's not necessarily just the airplane, it's all the communication, gear and everything else that has to go in it to make it a flying white house. carl lee. >> thank you. jenna: new information about future plans of trump administration and possibly showdown with iran on the horizon. we will see. what areiranian president said he will not president-elect
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trump scrap the nuclear deal. something the president elect has said he will likely do. christian fisher joins us, christian. >> but he refused to even say trump's name yesterday when he made these remarks and se simply referred to him as some man. listen to. >> some man has been elected in the u.s. and any plans he might have will be revealed later on. we will continue to make our own math. he may desire to rip up the deal, do you suppose, we will allow that, will our nation allow that? >> that's not the only threat coming from the iranian president.
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rahani says it's a clear violation of the iranian deal but the white house argues that president obama is well within his rights to sign it. >> in this case because of legislation doesn't undermine the deal, the president does intend to sign it into law. >> now, mr. trump said multiple times on the campaign trail that his intention to rip it up or at the very at least renegotiate the iran deal, at times his number one priority. he hasn't spoken about it publicly since election day. his number one are repealing and replacing obamacare and creating jobs and tackling immigration. it remains to be seep where the iran deal will fit first in one hundred days but iran is certainly watching and waiting. jenna. jenna: thank you. jon: fbi makes a gruesome discovery in tennessee, an update on the disappearance of an indiana woman trying to get away from an allegedly abusive
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husband next. also president-elect trump criticizes china for its actions in the south china sea raising concerns in bay gypping after his phone call with taiwan's president. we will take a look at what mr. trump's action could mean for future relations with china
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jon: right now crime story. police in tennessee found the remains of indiana woman who vanished while trying to get away from her allegedly abusive husband. her husband jarvis madison was arrested. no charges have been filed. california mom who disappeared for three weeks before she was found beaten and bloody on a highway has left her home with husband and children. sherri are staying with family elsewhere and probably won't be coming back. jury selection in the murder for hire case, defense attorneys in
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florida has garnered so much media attention. the judge says the move is premature. >> i can confirm that u.s. officials including senior officials have been in touch with chinese counterparts to reiterate our country's continued commitment to a one-china policy. the adherence to and commitment to policy has advanced the ability of the united states to make progress in our relationship with china and, of course, benefited the people of taiwan. taiwan, is the ninth largest trading partner in the united states and they certainly benefit from peace and stability in the straight. jenna: white house josh ernst reacting to president-elect trump's phone call with president of taiwan. the on oop administration warning that relationship with china could be undermine if sovereignty is raised.
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lieutenant colonel, i was struck by the title of your book. i wanted to ask you about that because obviously we are seeing a different style of diplomacy. do you think it applies, warrior diplomat to what you're seeing for donald trump? absolutely i do. what we are seeing here from president-elect trump that is so critical is the signal that he's sending by taking the call from the they -- taiwanese leader. business as usual and we would not recognize taiwan, we would recognize the one china policy and that china, on the other hand, would, live up to its end of the bargain in terms of trade, relations in the region, north korea and other international accords and, i
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think, what the president elect realizes and the signal he's sending is that that deal needs to be reset. china is militarizing. they have been been helpful with north korea and they certainly haven't been helpful when it comes to cyber-attacks on our intellectual property and our on economy. jenna: you're not concerned about the fragile diplomacy that has been ongoing between the united states and china of it being disrupted in some way? >> well, you know, look, i'm concerned to a degree but, on the other hand, one could argue that the last three and a half decades of this relationship really isn't working for the united states and i think that's the signal that president elect trump is sending. he's put the chinese government on notice and he is essentially taking the position that the united states is no longer going
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to be passive on a host of issues from cyber attacks to our critical infrastructure and the office of personnel management which was the largest theft of government documents in our history to militarizing the south china sea and building military bases with missiles on reefs that control one of the largest trading routes of the world. jenna: your point is well taken because we have to ask ourself the question, do we like the results so far, do we want different results? it's a simple question and that's what you're pointing out whether or not we can could get results from china. one phone call is worth so much news over the last several day. what's your thought on that? >> well, you know, look, having -- having worked in both the pentagon and the white house and knowing that leaders around the world are watching, literally every tweet, every sentence, you
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know, president-elect trump knows that too and, again, it's the signal that he's sending. you know, look, at the end of the day the democratic elected leader of taiwan called the democratic-elected leader of the united states and congratulated him and they talked about things like democracy, free trade and a liberal international order that the united states has protected and promoted for the last 50 years. that's okay by me. jenna: good to reduce it to that bottom line. something for us to think about. thank you so much for your insight. we look forward having you on the program. thank you. >> thanks so much. jon: firefighters as you know risk their lives just every day but they don't preponderate to get shot while trying to save a burning house. now a fire fighter is injured and police are looking for whoever opened fire. plus more candidates looking for a foot in the door at the white house visiting trump tower today. a closer look at the transition process with someone who has been there as the secretary of
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jenna: right now a firefighter is recovering in ohio after being shot after trying to save a home. he was in the scene when somebody opened fire hitting the firefighter in the leg. police immediately searched the area but didn't find a shooter. the fire, he didn't think the shooting was random and police are looking at whether or not it's a targeted attack and bullet holes were found in a fire truck. jon: from election's headquarters and the transition to a trump administration, we are awaiting details from today's conference call on the team's progress. meetings at trump tower today
8:24 am
include a visit by the ceo of exxon mobile who is on the growing list of candidates to be secretary of state. iowa governor and radio host laura engram. let's bring in andy carr who is familiar with transitions, he was chief of staff per george w. bush and directed transition from george h.w. bush's transition to bill clinton after the '92 election. how do you think it's going? >> donald trump is going a good job of filling cabinet. i'm tired of the auditions that are so much in the public domain for secretary of state, i tend to feel that those should be done quietly so there's a winner and no lose e. the person who becomes secretary of state is secretary of state and the other people shouldn't feel as if they didn't become secretary of state.
8:25 am
i don't think this is a popularity context or a situation where you want to create a climate where there's one winner. it's actually the president elect should be seen who is best qualify to complement with an e what he is looking to do as the leader of the free world. jon: yeah. >> i don't really like public display of who is on first and who is on second, what's going to happen? beyond that, the transition is going remarkably well. they are ahead of schedule actually. jon: we started basically four names on the list, governor mitt romney, general, rudy giuliani and senator bob corker, now you have five more people, many of who we just mentioned, john bolton, senator, retired admiral james. that's pretty far group in terms of expertise. >> well, i certainly support having president-elect trump taking a look at candidates, i don't like that it's playing out
8:26 am
in the public so much. remember, secretary of state position is a critically important position because it's really who helps to define how the rest of the world sees the united states of america. i do feel it's important that we also recognize that this is not a situation where the president is looking for someone who is going to be blindly loyal to him. we are looking for someone who will keep the oath of office which is an oath to the constitution and advise the president how best the lead the world and rather than please the president. the job is not to please the president in doing your job. >> it's been subjected that he's building a team of rivals in the white house and that's why he has offered positions to people who have been critical of him, governor nikki haley is one and
8:27 am
outreach to mitt romney who was very critical of him suggests the same kind of thing. now, you've been in a white house. you had the manage all of the players as chief of staff. does that approach work? >> it does, a team of rivals has proven to be a pretty good model. president george h.w. bush department pick all of his friends to serve in the administration. he had some people that were rivals and ronald reagan famously picked a vice president who had run against him and he picked the chief of staff who had been the chief of staff of basically the campaign manager for the person running the campaign against ronald reagan. it has happened before. it worked pretty well. it's up to the chief of staff to make sure the president gets good counsel and you don't want gang-think in the white house. you want challenging thought process so the president will make tough decisions because presidents shouldn't be in a
8:28 am
position to make easy decisions. they have to make tough decisions and you need people you offering firm counsel in conflict with others in the staff. that's a good thing. i used to create a climate where there were lots of different options to chose from or to make his decision. jon: has reince priebus reached out to him? >> yes, we had a couple of conversations and i have great respect. i think he's doing a very good job and he understands the responsibility. being chief of staff, you have to offer unvarnished advice to the president so the president has lots of options to consider and you have to manage the process, manage the people, but you also have to focus on creating a climate where the president will be comfortable making very difficult decisions and so you're always looking to have a president who is an optimist and the chief of
8:29 am
staff's job is to mick sure the president doesn't worry about little things, worry about big things. jon: and guard the door. you're a gatekeeper. jenna: fbi warning a terror attack targeting a major u.s. city's transit system. live with breaking details on this story. new drama on capitol hill where a government shutdown is looming, how lawmakers are raising to stop. key action happening today and what it could mean to president-elect trump.
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jon: right now a quick look at what's to come in happening now. a new app that let's trusted friends and family know your location in case of an emergency. a potentially dangerous situation in north dakota, a blizzard hits the dakota
8:34 am
pipeline strike but the protestors say they have no plan to leave. a live report from north dakota. lester is one of the few remaining pearl harbor survivors, we talk to him about his experience as he hit 475 years that led america into world war ii. jenna: breaking news out of los angeles this morning on a possible terror threat against the transit system there. police stepping up security near a popular tourist destination after an anonymous call warning at universal city today, an area usually packed with people. chief correspondent joins us live from los angeles, jonathan. >> jenna, there's obvious effort on the part of law enforcement to make the people in los angeles safe as they use the metro. there are many sheriff deputies, some of them armed with ar-15
8:35 am
rifles, they have been here for several hours making sure everybody that goes on the trains does, indeed feel they can ride them safely. we have been seeing random bag check taking place. earlier today in an effort again to make the people of los angeles feel safe, the mayor said he road the train from this exact stop before he boarded. i asked him what was the latest on the credibility of this threat, listen to mayor. >> there's no evidence that gives us anymore credibility in 12 hours. we have nothing to report further. we get threats like this all of the time and often times when we have more days to look at them, we do conclude ultimately that they're not credible. >> now, as for the origin of that threat it came from a phone call, we don't know exactly what country the phone call was made in. the fbi has not told us but they say it went through a tip line. it was a salesman and spoke english and specifically
8:36 am
mentioned this metro station in la and he said the bomb attack as he put it would happen today. the fbi is still tracking down any leads on that threat and they say the public should be reassured that every law enforcement agency, national and local is working together. listen here. >> we are taking all appropriate action to address this threat. everybody that needs to be informed is being informed with detailed information so we can follow up appropriately. not only as you see us here united in los angeles but also with international partners. >> and until the fbi has, indeed, tracked down the credibility or otherwise of that threat, you're going see this kind of security at this station and across other metros throughout the la area today, but the message from law enforcement, jenna, is if you see something, say something, but go about your business as usual, jenna. jenna: jonathan, thank you.
8:37 am
jon: we are awaiting new action on capitol hill about to get our first look at a spending bill today that will fund the government through april. it's already been a drama-filled process. joining us now scott jennings. adam green is also with us, democratic strategist and cofounder of the progressive change campaign committee. thanks both of you for being here. scott, we are not hearing anything about government shutdown this time around. is this bill done? >> this is a done deal. it'll be done this week. we are not on the brink of crisis and elections have consequences and in this case it's a good one if you're a conservative because we are going to get a short-term bridge to next year and next president trump working with speaker ryan and leader mcconnell will write a longer-term spending plan. for conservatives, this is a great outcome and we are not on the brink of any government
8:38 am
shutdown so things are working well in washington this week. jon: scott is happy, adam, how about you? >> i'm not sure conservatives should be happy. this week is going to show the hypocrisy of the republican elites and republican establishment. what this bill daus -- does is reinforce policies that fail today invest in communities, things that even donald trump opposes. what's really interesting as we pass this in a separate bill that's going to fund the opioid crisis, solving that, fund cancer research. every time you hear word that the republican congress is passing a bill in lame duck, that's confirmation that how much they have been proactively obstructing the last couple of years. if anybody is upset, the government is not getting anything done, every time you hear a bill passing under republican congress, that's an indication that they've been on instructing the whole time.
8:39 am
jon: adam, as you know, when barack obama, the both republican numbers have gone up and up in subsequent elections, does that say something about the direction of the country is hoping to go? [laughter] >> well, it's funny because obviously i think everybody knows at this point donald trump has lost the popular vote by 2.5 million votes. more people voted for democrats for senate, more people voted for democrats for the house, the lit real question is what direction the country wants to go. it's pretty clear it's not the republican elites but the way rules work. it is kind of a rigged system and unfortunately it's being rigged against us. the one bill passing this week is it clears the deck for a full throttle fight in january on nominations. what we are going to see treasury secretary steve mnuchin, second-generation
8:40 am
goldman sachs banker who profited for foreclosing on many homes. we are eager to have the fight because what we will see a lot of people who came out to vote for donald trump thinking they were voting for a better economic life for family are not going to be very happy in january. jon: scott, what about it, do you agree with adam in that this bill makes possible, you know, devoting january to nominations and getting the president's team thumbs up or thumbs down? >> yeah, i hear a lot of sour grapes and useless talking points from the guys who lost the election. here is the bottom line the government is going to be funded. come january trump is going to nominate a good cabinet and mitch mcconnell leading the senate is going to move -- >> you think we need more goldman sack bankers? jon: adam, he didn't interrupt
8:41 am
you, let him finish. >> and once we get the nomination process done which should take a couple of months should resume picking up the conversation with the trump administration about spending priorities for the next couple of years. so what american people want is for the government to work, they are tired of crisis. they are tired of coming into the brink of government shutdowns. they also want to -- as we know donald trump won the election, we have more republicans and elected office than at any time in american history, i believe, right now from top to bottom, federal all the way to local level. they want a more conservative outlook for the nation's policy future and that's what they are going to get out of the trump administration, ryan and mcconnell and we are going to see all of that come to pass in the first quarter. we are going to see a lot of major policy action and major shifts and spending priorities and it's good for the economy and the american people are going to be happy. >> as you say, people want the government to work. every time you hear about a bill passing right now, that's
8:42 am
vindication that relationships who are blocking the government from working. you're going to have a shift in spending priorities, you're right. it's interesting to see whether paul ryan and mitch mcconnell who have opposed massive investment in jobs, mazzive investments in community, would they go along with trump when there's infrastructure? jon: that's what we are about to find out. thank you both. >> thank you. jenna: donald trump's twitter, comments making news. now we have another chapter to the story with a response from a company that donald trump has put in the line of fire. donald trump this morning tweeting out this in review saying boeing is building a brand new-747 but costs are out of control. cancel order. he stopped in front of cameras and trump tower and said that
8:43 am
boeing is doing a little bit on a number of the united states. he wants them to make money but not that much money. now we have a statement from boeing. boeing putting this out on twitter. we are currently under contract for $1,470,000,000 to help determine the capabilities of this complex military aircraft that serve the unique requirements of the president of the united states. we look forward with working with u.s. air force and subsequent phases to allow to thrifer the best planes at the best value for the american taxpayer. you hear the 4 billion number. back in january of this year boeing was awarded a contract worth several millions of dollars to check out what this project would look like and so far it hadn't been publicized what the contract would actually be worth if there were new aifer ones to replace the ones that are quite old. the four billion dollar number is new in many cases and something we will look at today certainly going into the future.
8:44 am
so why are some demonstrators refusing to leave even in the middle of a blizzard? we are live with that story ahed
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
jon: right now protestors of the dakota pipeline says they have no plan to leave and blizzard conditions hitting the area this as president-elect trump supports pipeline but spokesperson is offering very few clues on how he would handle the situation. live in north dakota, william. >> jon, more concerns right now. an evacuation is underway in the camps.
8:48 am
we can't get there right now because the roads are closed. we have no transmission. we have about 50-mile an hour winds as you can see as i back into this kind of thing. blizzard conditions, they are going tent to tent right now inside the camp telling people to shelter in place until they can get them transported to get them out. the problem is as i said, the road, there's really one road in to the camp and right now it's blocked. when we came home last night we saw 54 cars on the side of the road. we have 6 to 9-inches of snow. snow just literally comes and you have to stop 5 miles an hour. you have a windchill of minus 21-degrees. that's what people are facing in the camps and why the governor warned last week an energy evacuation order that they
8:49 am
couldn't get you out because of what i just said as well as tribal chairman saying even yesterday the mission is established, get out, the conditions are inhospitable. people cannot simply stay warm in these conditions. you've got the state department of transportation is now to clear roads as fast as possible. i-94 cuts north dakota in half and they are putting them down reservations to try to clear the roads. law enforcement getting called on and setting up high schools as shelters for those individuals to get out of the camp. jon, i want to take you right over here to get an idea of what that wind is like as it goes across the planes, i mean, take our truck and blow it right off the road. jon: wow. fierce, fierce storm there. william, get warm, thanks. jenna: wow. tomorrow marks 75 years since
8:50 am
the attack on pearl harbor. next we are going talk to a survivor of that attack about his experience aboard the uss md when it comes to medicare,
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jon: time to find out what's ahead on outnumbered at the top of the hour. harris: it is that time, in fact. how is president-elect trump handling his transition? eye-opening poll numbers on his favorability. >> former house speaker newt gringrich says time to rethink the whole idea of the white house press office. are they right? harris: juicy. all that plus our #oneluckyguy
8:54 am
outnumbered at the top of the hour. jon: see you then. jenna: right now con -- commemorations underway in hawaii. more than a hundred world war ii veterans have been flown to hawaii to participate in a week event honoring courage and sacrifice in that of more than 2300 sailers and marines that lost their lives that day. he served aboard the uss maryland and was below deck when the bombs started to fall. he's joining me on the found, lester, great to have you on the program. how is it being in hawaii? >> well, it's nice to be back over here but nothing like it used to be. it's more like a jungle now. jenna: really? what do you remember being in hawaii when you were stationed there? >> well, i had a lot of fun when i was stationed there.
8:55 am
there was a lot of things to do. i would love to go to the beach and used to have events. there's a picture of me on tv now. [laughter] jenna: handsome guy there, les. what do you remember of that day and what do you remember of the attack? >> well, the only thing -- two friends of mine, we were going to lake kekee and we stepped on a quarter deck. about that time we seen a red plane go with a big red ball and i knew what that was. this is no bull, you know what. jenna: yeah. and what happened next? >> well, i didn't get to see much. i went down to my battle station was in a pit.
8:56 am
we felt the oklahoma, something going on along side of us and we helped the arizona when it blew up. jenna: it must have been so scary. >> yeah, the funny part of it you're in there and you don't know, when the second wave come up i was relieved. we only lost three men in our ship. we were lucky. jenna: we are seeing images. what do you want america to remember about that day, les? >> well, i don't know. to be american, that's what i like. i don't like the liberal stuff that's going on now. jenna: and so right now unfortunately we are going to have to go to commercial, we are seeing some great pictures, les. great to have you on the program and thank you for your service.
8:57 am
we hope you enjoy your time in hawaii. world war ii vet. we will be right back
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>> we'll being off on a special project this afternoon. see you tomorrow. >> we will. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, news editor for, katie pavlich is here, and today's #oneluckyguy, columnist for the "washington examiner" and fox news contributor charlie hurt and he is outnumbered. good to have you. >> thank you for having me. it is great to be here. sandra: looks like you finally got rest after the election. >> oh, man, literally five days at home with the kids. harris: that is rest. yeah. >> compared to this, it is. at least it's fun and, they're always hilarious, the kids.


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