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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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within a few hours. i asked everybody about their best dance moves. mercedes is the only one. she is awesome dancer. good night from washington. "tucker carlson tonight" is up next. ♪ >> we want to take you to a fox news alert right now donald trump's second stop on his u.s.a. thank you tour. it begins in just a minute. we're going to bring it to you the moment it does. here on "tucker carlson tonight." the president-elect is just minutes away from taking the stage for a huge rally in faithville, nort -- fayettevill, north carolina. trump made some surprise appearances in front of the golden elevators inside trump tower. we want to get back to the thank you tour in a minute but, first, we want to go to fox news senior national correspondent john roberts who is in fayetteville. >> tucker, good evening to you. donald trump will be taking the stage 45 minutes from now. one of the big items of
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business tonight is he is going to introduce his pick for secretary of defense general james mad dog mattis to the nation. he announced he would be his pick at the first rally thank you tour in cincinnati. something trump decided kind of out of the blue to finance himself. his staff was unaware he was going to do it. they all thought he was going to wait until this week. general mattis running into head winds on capitol hill. he has only been retired from the military three years. he retired in 2013. under u.s. law you have to be out of the military for seven years before you can assume the civilian position as head of the pentagon. so donald trump needs to go to congress to get a special law written to allow mattis to become secretary of defense. the last time that happened was in 1950 when general george marshall was appointed to head up the pentagon. back then the statute was ten years. but here is where we run into a little bit of a problem. congressional republicans fearing that democrats may try to use this as some sort
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of a tool to try to either hold up or derail the mattis nomination. thinking of attaching a rider to this week's continuing resolution budget bill that's supposed to come out on friday which would grease the skates, pave the way for a much easier waiver of mattis when it comes down to it nancy pelosi, the houseç democratic leader today, said that she is absolutely against anything like that. she believes trying to full and fair scrutiny. congressional scrutiny of mattis. she may fight this idea of including that in continuing resolution. you mentioned that trump made a couple of surprises trump tower. he threw a monkey wrench into the air force's plans to replace the two 747s that replace the primary aircraft for air force one. went to boeing and said can you develop us up a couple new generation of 747s. boeing gave them a contract of $700 million to research
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and development. further develop these. no air planes from been constructed. when trump found out the total cost of the program was going to be $4 billion he, he took to twitter to say cancel the whole thing. boeing says it is trying to keep costs down.nts these aircraft's we will see where it goes. trump continues search for secretary of state rex tillerson exxon mobil ceo ducked in the back door. didn't get any pictures of him. this is indication trump is not going to stick with politicians or military leaders as potential secretary of defenses to reach out to the business community to do that. also met with another businessman created 100 billion-dollar technology fund. he plans on spending according to donald trump 50 billion of that in the united states that could create some 50,000 jobs. one other piece of business that we expect to hear about the next 24 to 48 hours.
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terry branstad, the governor of iowa is the top con tender. trump is all but settled on him to be the u.s. ambassador to china. longest serving governor. plenty of business dealings with china. and is he very close friends with chinese president ping. that's why he wants branstad tto be ambassador. from security or economic standpoint somebody close friends with china's president to keep the lines of communication, tucker, between the two countries open even if the two leaders don't happen to agree with each other. so that's a quick wrap of what's happening in trump world today. tucker? >> there's a lot requesting -- g on. appreciate that you just heard john roberts report last week at his rally in cincinnati that mr. trump announced james mattis, the 41-year veteran of the marine corps will take over duties at the pentagon. general mattis will speak tonight at the rally in fayetteville a town build it
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active duty military and their families. thissen the day mr. trump seemed to pick a fight with major defense contractor boeing. washington bureau chief at the "new york post." peyton the politics reporter at the federalist. great to see you both. >> thank you. >> you just heard john say that there is talk in the congress, democrats trying to block daniel the nomination of general mattis. that seems like a no go. why would they even mention that? if all the potential nominees that you would go after, why general mattis? >> something really technical they arç going after which is, you can't by law have somebody who has served in the military in the last seven years. that's what they want to -- the republicans are trying to -- they're trying to shove this through right now. they don't want to wait until the next congress. and the democrats, their position right now is just wait until the next congress. he does seem to have overwhelming support. i don't think it's going to get much traction whether it happens in the next couple weeks or whether it happens in january. it's not really -- i mean, is he such a popular general
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and is he so well liked it's not really a smart play. and by the way there is a lot more controversial that donald trump has for health and human services dr. tom price who is well-respected, certainly, among conservatives but you can see how there would be a strong liberal argument such opponent to obamacare, steve mnuchin treasury secretary spent a lot of time. i don't think this is their fight. i think they are going to back off when the time comes. >> i have seen something i have never seen before in many years in washington a president-elect going after a major defense contractor boeing and saying now famously on twitter no, this is too expensive. $7 billion too expensive for 737s. county president unilaterally cancel that contract and what do you make of it? >> i think this is really more of a negotiation tactic. i mean, i don't know much about planes and i don't know about a lot of the security measures that need to go into this plane. what i do know and what a lot of other americans do
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know is that washington spending is totally out of control. and i have to say i appreciate a president-elect who is going t to baluk at the sticker price. he is the second time in a week he has really gone after a domestic company and said basically, you know, you do this or you're going to be punished. you haven't seen this sort of aggressive posture toward industry from any republican that i can remember. >> look, a lot has changed. there is this new poll from you gov 55% of conservatives say the free market is failing and only 31% of ricials agree. there is this huge reversal that's really happened since donald trump. >> liberals are more likely to support the market than conservatives. >> liberals according to this poll and who knows how accurate polling is, of course, according to this poll liberals are more likely to say that the free market has helped this country and that has helped this nation and the people are rising from it rather
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than conservatives. and i think that's a huge, huge change. something that we haven't really wrapped our heads around, how that works itself out. what donald trump does. whether he is able to harness it and whether his policies are effective and whether they work and, whether you know, one carrier save 1,000 jobs, how does that work beyond the ripple effects i think in the next couple years, i just -- we are looking at these huge transformations. >> it's amazing number. the republican party is the party of markets. >> it was. it's no longer. >> if you look at who has benefited from the market economy in the last 10 years, it really has been hillary voters people who make over 200 grand, higher education levels those are democrats now. capitalism among its many benefits. down side it generates massive socialç change that displaces people. is this a really surprising poll? >> i don't think it's surprising that a president who spent his entire lifetime working in the free market and working as a businessman is now going to turn around and this way.
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right? our government is our economy i should say rather, is set up in this rather cronyistic manner and he has operated under that kind of a structure. telling that this same person turning around put you because have you been pushing back on me and i have been pushing back on you. this is the relationship that we have had over the past 50 years. >> but i mean if you talk to any of the conservatives and think tanks in d.c. for the past, i don't know, decade they said crony capitalism is the problem. government picking winners and losers. and now that seems to be, i'm not criticizing it by the way, but it seems to be exactly what the president-elect plans on doing. >> hey, look, there is also this realization that has it worked? has the economy at the last 15 -- >> -- that's a great question. >> 15, 30 years, has it worked? where has it left us? on the one hand we are the wealthiest nation we shouldn't lose sight of that there are a lot of people
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who have not benefited to the same degree that donald trump has. >> because of this huge inequality. >> huge massive inequality. there is a lot of people who are -- who aren't happy with the system the way it works presently. >> boy, they said there was going to be a transformative year. twitter storm. nightly forecast of social media most intense weather patterns. tonight a twister of hypocritical sexism is sweeping up madonna and pulling into the air. last presidential election. in the an interview with will bored madonna said she didn't get a good night women voted for donald trump betrayed us. she also opines that women hate women and that is why hillary clinton lost. not surprisingly, not
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everyone on twitter agreed with that assessment, including u mass 33 who wrote that's pretty sexist saying women can't have their own opinions unless they agree with you? fair point. r.j. wrote the most demeaning thing a woman could have ever done in this election was to vote solely based on her gender. miller wrote madonna will realize some day that no one is listening to her. , we are. and posha said women who voted for hillary clinton hated men? she has real perspective sitting in high back velvet chair and silk pantsuits. she really gets that presuming that's sarcastic. judith taylor said women hate liars and corruption and self-serving fake people regardless of gender. good for women. that's tonight's twitter storm. next up, the crowd in fayetteville, north carolina, is packed with trump fans who see his speech live in just minutes can trump say anything that will get some democrats on
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his side. he said the purpose of the speech, will itç be ancillary benefit? as we await donald trump's appearance on stage in north carolina. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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>> well the second stop on donald trump's thank you tour is about to begin tonight. we're going to have it in just a minute. the president-elect will be in fayetteville, north carolina you will hear him as soon as he takes the stage. is this tour helping bring democrats on board with trump's vision for how to run the country? if not, why not? joining us now is eric guster a trial lawyer and political commentator and frequent guest on this
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channel. great to sigh tonight. >> great to see you, too. >> i'm struck that trump has rolled out all kinds of perspective nominees and taken all kinds of unexpected positions. not all of them are traditionally conservative. in fact many of them are not traditionally conservative. not many on the left haveç addressed them. i disagree with this, i disagree with that they are still caught up with donald trump is a bad person and immoral. it's not really an argument it's more an entha enthap. >> he is tweeting about snl on saturday night instead he should be studdingy isis and how to fix the economy. he has been doing these things himself. he has not talked to the left. heys not talked to the different positions that the left is traditionally very strong in as far as the african-american community. the lbgt community. no, he has not addressed those different communities and trying to bring them under his fold. he has just been on his oh i won this election tour so i'm going to go around and boast and brag about that
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and cancel contract with boeing and all those type of things. >> i think you may have been in isolation tent the last couple weeks. yesterday he met with al gore is that far left enough for you. >> he did meet with al gore. i will give that you one. what else has he done, tucker. >> urban policy he has been talking incessantly in interesting way about rebuilding america's cities, a direct pitch to african-american voters who didn't really give him much support in the election but is he still reaching out. i'm not saying it's going to work. i am saying he talked about it a lot. what do you think of the details of that plan. >> tucker, when he talks about african-americans he puts us all in this bowl of inner cities which that is, number one, very degrading for him to say that number two is actually incorrect. because the inner cities are many of them have a lot of -- cities are not filled with african-americans. they are filled with a melting pot of other people many of those people originally in the inner cities can't afford to live there anymore you look at brooklyn and chicago. >> generalizations here
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let's get specifics. >> no, those are specifics. >> here is one i would like you to dress. and far be it for me to flack for trump. i think it's important to address what he is actually saying rather than his snl tweets which i agree with you are probably a distraction. on education policy for example, betsy devotes dee dee . famous for charter schools and school choice. that's an idea that over 75% of african-american voters support according to the polls. naacp apparently not representing those voters disagree. so you have got to satan that issue which is not a small issue at all he is on the side of the majority of black voters in this country. why not celebrated is that that? >> that's one potential issue. >> kind of a big one, though no? >> i don't believe african-americans support charter schools. because oftentimes charter schools take away. >> maybe they are lying? >> no, tucker. a hot the charter schools will take away from the other public schools that does not really broaden the educational opportunities for all the children. >> it depends where you sit.
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if you are rich enough to send your kids it private school, it's abstract academic problem we can debate. if you are stuck in some crappy school and you have an option to go somewhere else, you may be in favor of it. by the way that's not speculation. every poll i have ever seen on that question shows that african-american voters support charter schools. can you kind of see why. maybe they don't work. that's a separate argument. but they support them. why isn't that a meaningful position? where you send your kids to school is one of the biggest questions any parent faces. >> but you still have a candidate -- well he is not he is the president-elect who does these distractions himself, tucker. he is the one who is not talking about it he is the one talking about someone spoofing him on the "saturday night live" show. >> h he just nominated betsy devos for secretary of education. isn't it partly our fault in the press and in the commentariat. you can say betsy is bad or
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general mattis is wrong for these reasons. pretty do you mean aren't we missing the story this guy is not bhag like a typical republican at all. and that's a new and different thing. >> he is not acting like a typical politician at all. whether republican or democrat. >> yeah. so why is that bad? >> threatening boeing is one example example of that where boeing is supposed to do a new fleet of planes for a president who is not even him. so he wants to threaten this plane manufacturer from producing new air force ones which is not the right thing to do. and he is also. >> so it's -- hold on, slow down. wait, slow down. so you think that whatever boeing is charging for these two 747s, the replacements for air force one, that's a good number and it's somehow immoral to question that? is that your point? >> did i not say it's immoral to question that. >> then what's wrong with questioning it? >> is he canceling the order. that's different from canceling an order for them
4:20 pm
is a lot different than renegotiating a price. >> okay. that's -- >> am i right, tucker? >> i don't know that it is right. i don't know enough about and it i suspect you don't either and that's kind of my point. why should we, because it's never been done before say whoa, wait a second, i have never heard that before. i'm against it that's sort of we hate everything we don't understand. it's kind of an eighth grade posture not annual adult one, right? what specifically is wrong with canceling that contract, do you know? >> there is nothing specifically wrong with canceling a contract. no, no, no, no. he tweeted that he is going to cancel the contract. he didn't say he was going to try to renegotiate it this is for the president that is going to come after him. this is donald trump's fault for actually creating this media narrative of himself. he says he hates the media but he is the one who is really being the puppeteer fort mead i can't. he has controlled the message. is he trying to distract us from certain issues. and that's why you and i are here talking about it today. >> i'm trying to ask you
4:21 pm
substantive questions and you are the one totally distracted squirrel, squirrel by his tweets. right? >> but you have a president-elect who who is acting like a 12-year-old, tucker. why don't you admit that he is acting like a 12-year-old tweeting about someone who hurt his feelings. >> not my favorite way to communicate. but, let me just say. >> no, but answer that question, tucker. admit it for me just once agree with me that he acts like a teenager who i tweeting about some nonsense. >> whatever. i'm just missing my question which is isn't it incumbent upon us to assess what i is actually saying? and you are saying no.ç i'm so horrified that he is speaking through twitter rather than through a press conference. i'm going to ignore the substance of it you are also making the case it's wrong for him to cancel or say he is going to cancel a boeing contract which you refuse to explain why that would be bad. and my only point is i'm
4:22 pm
open-minded, i don't know, maybe it's a wad contract. >> and we have to start exploring those issues. i'm not saying we need to ignore the issues. >> what is he saying exactly. >> better job of explaining certain issues. the media does need to do a better job explaining certain issues. the pros and cons of both of them. and, yes, twitter is a big deal because that's part of the reason how he won. that's how the president-elect has communicated with people. so it is a news story that is very valid for us to discuss. that's coming from the leader of the free world starting in january. so, is creating the narrative. >> don't you think it's just easier to call him a racist and call it a day? racist, i don't have to listen to you. >> who called him a racist. i didn't say is he a racist. >> i'm not saying you did. i'm saying that's been the position of the hillary campaign. is he not worthy of being president. we're not going to think through anything that he says. we're going to ignore him because is he morally beneath us. i guess my point is -- >> -- no, no.
4:23 pm
>> you are going to miss a lot of changes which are pretty interesting. >> that question that you were stating implied that i was stating that he was a racist. i didn't say that. >> no, i'm not saying that. >> he is kind of childish and he has very thin skin. and i have said that on many occasions. and he needs to grow up and stop doing those types of things. but we do need to address certain issues with him. we do need to get into his policy that he hasn't really revealed much of that, if any, if he even has it he needs to do that and at media needs to do a better job examining that. >> i think i'm bringing you over, eric. >> bringing me over where. >> i appreciate that. >> to the right side. >> oh, man, please. >> good to see you tonight. >> good seeing you, too. >> up next, president-elect trump is about to speak as part of his thank you tour. you will hear him here right on fox as soon as he begins. is he in fayetteville, north carolina. his speech will be preceded by one general james mattis. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life.
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mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. welcome back. we're still waiting for the second part of donald trump's thank you tour in fayetteville, north carolina. the president-elect got into a feud with boeing, a massive defense contractor and builder of airplanes over air force one. here's what he tweeted, quote: boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one for future presidents but costs are out of control. more than 4 billion.
4:28 pm
cancel order. can he cancel that order and should he? doug mckelway is here to explain. >> he can, indge1ñ cancel this contract. whether or not there is some sort of a penalty clause that requires the government to pay for work already done we don't know. there is precedent of this. in the early days of the obama administration new fleet of presidential helicopters. he did so in part at the urging of senator john mccain. >> we all know about the cost overruns, your helicopter is now going to cost as much as air force one. >> the helicopter i have now seems perfectly adequate to me. [ laughter ] >> the contract was subsequently rewritten and awarded, again, to sacorsky aircraft. fast forward today to appearance at trump tower lobby. >> the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion for air force one program. and i think it's ridiculous.
4:29 pm
i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money. >> people are still speculating where trump got that figure $4 billion. the air force told us that it has budgeted 2.7 billion for this fiscal year but long time washington watchdog say trump may not be too far off the mark here. >> if the intent is to say we need to reform how the pentagon does business, then is he absolutely right. secretary luns fel rumsfeld tri. secretary georgia's has tried. perhaps this time, because many of the secretaries and other people that will be coming in with the president-elect have business experience, they can really fix the procurement process because it's completely broken. >> trump may is another motive in all of this to reinforce campaign theme just as did he with carrier to pressure american manufacturers to stay put at home. boeing and lockheed martin have both proposed plans to build f 18 and f 16 fighter
4:30 pm
jets in india. those jets are being phased out now for the f-35 domestically. lockheed martin says the end i can't plan would not result in a net loss of u.s. jobs. for big companies like boeing the trump pressure poses a real dilemma. last friday boeing ceo says the u.s. needs to take a leading role in shaping trade agreements. he said a quarter of all boeing's deliveries were bound for chinese customers. it's a market you don't want to alienate and if they do alienate it then arabs is waitin-airbus is waiting in the. >> all contracts are good contracts. thank you, doug, for that. >> my pleasure. >> all right, liz spate is the of the "new york times." said she should have held back more in criticizing some of her colleagues on this show last friday. spade's jobs is to answer public grievances with the "new york times." to her credit she had the courage to come on this show to answer a bunch of questions last week and was
4:31 pm
pretty honest about it. watch. this now, when you say that the journalists who walk in the front door of the "times" building are doing their best to be fair, i would believe you except for i know for a fact that's not true because i read their twitter feeds and i want to give you some examples. these are not opinion columnists and not gail collins' twitter feeds. these are michael barbero. freight forward news reporter. this is november 15th. pardon me for asking you about what qualifiesç jared katyushaner to have a seat at the table. number political white house qvc it has started. new president resembles a pageant. meant to stop men like trump from taking office. are you kidding? these are news reporters saying this stuff? >> yeah. i think it's outrageous. i do think that when people go over the line like that. and i think some of those are over the line that there ought to be some kind there
4:32 pm
ought to be some kind of a consequence for that. >> liz's position is if you are a newspaper reporter covering politics you ought to be fair and not let your personal views affect your coverage. seems like conventional answer. it sparked a backlash. journalists on the left were quick to attack her online and did they. a guy called lee fang who works for the intercept says the "new york times" really embarrassed itself by hiring liz spade as editor. he didn't explain why. keith olbermann tweeted in this appears to be from 1987 or earlier. sorry, get in the game or out. #resign. gotten out of the game as far as i know. mike isaac wrote this on twitter. very shortsighted. our politics reporters use twitter effectively especially when i can't keep up with all articles. i they thought spayd's willingness to come on this show to discuss her paper's coverage was brave and interesting. and if some of her critics would have the courage to come on this show i would talk to them nell any time.
4:33 pm
i would enjoy it david has been watching all this closely. david, it's great to see you. so, i don't think liz spayd made a particularly controversial point when she said readers have to be able to trust reporters working for papers like the "new york times" aren't acting out of their personal convictions when they cover the news. that seems like a pretty basic point, no? >> absolutely. it's actually quite short-site sighted to be critical of that point. i think in the scheme of the next few decades, we will see this obsession with twitter as further undercutting the already troubled image of the mainstream establishment media after all, journalists are held in about as much respect as bankers. we have seen opinions of journalists have since the late 1990s. and it doesn't help when journalists news reporters at perhaps the country's most esteemed newspaper are tweeting is that correct and tweeting snark comments.
4:34 pm
this is a debate about perceptions. news reporters ought to be doing everything they can to pedestal. it's actually too transparent. we are learning too much about the people covering our news. too much transparency is always disappointing. that's why nudist colonies are always a disappointment when you get to one. learning these people are actually kind of political activists posing as journalists. why would we trust what they write? >> used to be a news reporter became a clonist. i always knew that reporter had that opinion. that at least happened after the fact. i think. >> exactly. >> i think twitter really undermines a pedestal i want the "new york times" to have. i mean,ç i really really want the "wall street journal" and the "new york times" to be held in the esteem they wish they wish they were. but i think they further undermine the respect they so desire when they act in often childish manners. especially if it's not a -- the snark itself undermines the respect they so demand. >> sure, because the country
4:35 pm
this big and this diverse, this spread out as ours needs a news source or two that are commonly recognized as accurate. i mean, it brings the country together. and the opposite is also true when you don't have one. >> it's also, of course, completely ironic because the media has been extremely critical of donald trump for his use of twitter as a presidential platform. and while i'm not going to defend twitter as being presidential or donald trump for being presidential by using twitter in the path that he does let's be candid it's the reporters and journalists out there today across the media that trail blaze the use of twitter as the avenue for the public conversation in america. and let's also note that twitter is only read by about 15% of the public. and yet it's used by about 100 percent of political reporters. reporters really need to look insular and check their addiction to twitter. i think much of their
4:36 pm
criticism of president-elect trump is actually a reflection of their own vices. i wish the public editor stood by her comments fully for all these reasons. >> it's so nicely put it is, it's an addiction. it's a lack of self-control. it's the rat with the cocaine bar keeps hitting until he dies. pull back or they will hurt themselves. just a couple minutes from now president-elect trump will be speaking from fayetteville, north carolina. second night of self-described thank you tour. when he is not on stage he has made a priority, he is saying of saying american jobs. increase taxes on american businesses that move abroadest specially manufacturing businesses and any politico poll found 74% of all voters supported that plan. does that surprise you? >> in keeping with what we're seeing in the sort of opinion surveys. and i will say. this what we're seeing is that donald trump, while his presidential election doesn't give him a mandate. he certainly has a mandate on these issues of trade and
4:37 pm
on a degree of nationalism. that mandate transcends party lines and further shows that donald trump is really treading a third way in american politics. >> yes. because i mean the one thing that both parties have in common. the representatives in washington are all committed to libertarian economics. that the market should be basically unfettered. i know we talk about regulations and those are real and significant. but, i mean, the elite left the people that run the tech companies, for example, are every bit in favor of the free market as anyone at the heritage foundation. we just discovered the rest of the country doesn't agree with them on either side. is that a surprise? it was to me. >> it just captures how much has changed. first of all, the left, especially out of san francisco and the tech sector, this is sort of the high end of the service sector. they are benefiting from free trade. >> of course. >> obviously the old democraticç coalition has he stunted by free trade. a lot of that has to do with the wto and china entering
4:38 pm
the wto. listen, we -- obviously tariffs can be dangerous and donald trump -- we don't know how much of this is statements of principle or statements of policy. but it is something new and perhaps we freshing to see a president-elect lean his -- his bias lean the other way instead of the establishment global con consensus. bias leads towards a nationalist. i will look out for the american worker, brown, black and white alike. >> his views are literally the opposite of those of the people who run the republican and the democratic party. the opposite. and what i find so strike something they didn't know that. and if one of the other 16 candidates who ran for the nomination had just paid closer attention to what the population wanted on trade, immigration, economic policy, basically, i mean, that person would be the nominee right now, but they refused t to and i wonder why? >> so in some sense the free market of ideas sunder the republican establishment.
4:39 pm
they weren't paying enough attention to their consumers and their consumers saw that they had no product no candidate, the method demands and therefore they went to outsider. and therefore weigh got donald trump. so i think that's a great point on understanding how donald trump happened in the republican primary and i think that donald trump and these poll numbers, et cetera, show that there is really -- there is a wide constituency on the left among bernie sanders supporters and on the right among the working class republican majority. to take a more forth right, if not tepidly nationalistic stance on trade issues and jobs. >> do you think that explain the hysteria over race and unwillingness, for example, the clint seriously any of trump's economic ideas and, instead, focus on his personal shortcomings or on the identity politics side? because, if chunks of the old fashion left ever figured out that they kind of disagree on some of this
4:40 pm
stuff that would be a disasst disaster for the democratic party. >> we had two things going on. we have this phenomenon of the clinton campaign senior staff basically pointing to every excuse but themselves. and part of that let's be honest is about justifying their salaries, their jobs. >> of course. >> it's james comey. it's donald trump's racism. >> of course. >> it's white nationalism. it's not our fault. and i wish more reporters would call out this political industrial complex that obviously has something to do with all the defenseness among the clinton campaign that said and i think it's clearly and i think it's evident when you look at polling you see this. look at supporters in the primary and republican contest banders supporters and donald trump supporters came from areas most affected by the d industrialization of america. most affected by wage inequality. and it's not that economics was deterministic but absolutely the decimation of
4:41 pm
the american industrial effecter has a great deal to do with the upheaval on both sides of american politics. >> yeah. no,ç trade, has really hurt manufacturing, not as much as trump has hurt political consultants though. i hope you will come back for our series on "how much did they make?" we want to get to the bottom of that show us pictures of your house in barbados for losing another presidential campaign. i hope you will participate. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> we expect president-elect trump to speak in fayetteville, north carolina any minute. as soon as he takes the stage, we will take you there don't go away.♪ ♪ ♪ (toilet flush) if you need an opioid to manage your chronic pain, you may be sooo constipated it feels like everyone can go ...except you. tried many things?
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visit to join the fight. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. welcome back, we're still waiting for the trump rally to quinn, the second stop on his thank you tour since fayetteville, north carolina, which is really a huge concentration of active duty military and their families. it was supposed to begin at 7:00. apparently the plane was delayed. we are expecting it any moment. we will see the president-elect take the stage. meanwhile we will bring in
4:46 pm
danielle halper washington bureau chief of the "new york post" and millennial politics reporter at the federalist. it is great to see you both. i can't get over, danielle halper, again, his statement about boeing this morning. he was not taken seriously partly because it was on twitter. this is kind of a big deal and clearly was done for a reason, sending a message. what do you think the message was? >> well, you better shape up and we're going to -- you know, $4 billion in the federal government is not that much money. it's a lot for all of us individuals, but for the federal government is nothing. so the idea that he is going after even $4 billion and a plane that he likely will never use himself, except maybe as an expresident, i think it shows that he is one way to read it is is he going to take seriously and look at all facets of the government. what's interesting is the street didn't take it earlier boeing's stock tanked a little bit right off the announcement but
4:47 pm
ended the day 8 cents up. >> maybe investors felt it would be lien leaning would be good for boeing. >> interesting how the market got the entire election wrong. immediately able to rationalize donald trump and say trump fine when he won and not read donald trump at all. had no idea what is going on. interesting these are the experts as bad as political experts are. >> the betting market got it completely wrong as well too. the wisdom of crowds not always right. brey, it's the protocol of this that people in d.c. can't get over. he tweeted it. how dare he do that?ç how dare he tweet something? you're supposed to hold either a press conference or supposed to make a phone call. they can't get past the medium it, seems like, can they? >> the thing is the media is upset that donald trump goes directly to twitter to break news and isn't going through them he is making them irrelevant entity. i been so annoyed at the reaction. news broke.
4:48 pm
and you know they have kind of say we didn't make any money on the last air force one jet that we built for you guys. we are just this charitable entity when really we are subsidizinsubsidizingsubsidizint the wazoo. the largest beneficiary of the bank. acting like we were trying to do this nice favor for you guys and donald trump ruined it. >> i would be a little upset if i had a multibillion-dollar contract and somebody tweeted canceling it. >> i will be totally honest there is something about a president or president-elect tweeting major policy changes that rattles me a little bit. i can't decide whether i'm stuck in the past, probably. or there is some reason that we should be concerned about the way he communicates. >> i don't think it's the way he communicates. i think the question is did he think it before he communicated. so was there a study. did he start looking into boeing. does he know what this money buys? does he know what the alternatives are? does he know there are no other companies. you know, i think that's the question people have. i think it's a fair
4:49 pm
question. how -- what sort of follow-through does he intend and what is the actual policies? the policy just can't be about a single procurement from the air force. >> right. >> it needs to be something larger. and i think when he expands on that and get more details people will settle down. >> on air five nights a week. bree and daniel, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the president getting ready to step to the microphone in fayetteville. we have been promising you that all night.ich we will take you there as soon as it does. don't go away. we'll be right back. "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it.
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sixty-five may get all the attention, but now is a good time to start thinking about how you want things to be. go long™. >> donald trump moments away from stepping onto the stage in fayetteville, north carolina. we will get back to john roberts who is in the arena right now. john, where is the president-elect tonight? >> well, is he just a little bit laid in getting here. of course, tucker, the
4:53 pm
weather has been terrible all up and down the east coast. we were flying in morning and delayed for a while when they re-routed us. it's not surprising that he is a little bit late. one thing we have just discovered in the last few minutes and this comes from our terrific producer on capitol hill chad pergram. republicans have inserted language into that continuing resolution budget qualifying language give the waiver needed to general james mattis so he could become the secretary of defense. there is a lot of details that you don't need to know about. but what you basically need to know it will limit debate to 10 hours and require 60 votes for him to get the waiver. 60 votes probably won't run afoul of democrats but this idea of limiting this debate to 10 hours may. nancy pelosi believes the republicans are trying to shield mattis from scrutiny and full debate. we will see where the democrats come down on that. but it's going to be interesting to watch him introduce mattis tonight. he is a marine. this is a very big armyç
4:54 pm
town. 82nd airborne is just 8 miles up the street. everybody here very appreciative of the fact that a former flag officer is being named to secretary of defense. the motorcade i'm told is just outside the building. so we are probably about 10 or 15 minutes away from trump getting on stage. but some veterans in the audience tonight, tucker. very appreciative that donald trump has named mad dog mattis to be secretary of defense. so he is going to get a very warm, if not hometown welcome here. very warm welcome from all the veterans in the audience in fateville, tucker? >> mad dog mattis. i hope he goes by that as defense secretary. he is going to be opening up tonight apparently before the president-elect. do you expect any other announcements from donald trump at tonight's rally? >> the way that i have heard it is donald trump will take the stage first. he will introduce mattis. mattis will take the podium for a little while and hand it back to donald trump. not expecting any other announcements tonight, tucker but we weren't
4:55 pm
expecting any last week in cincinnati. the one thing we are hearing in the next 24 to 48 hours. iowa governor bran stat may be named ambassador to china. he, of course, has had a lot of dealings to china agriculture. very good friends of the president of china. those are a couple reasons why donald trump is probably just about settled on him and we'll find out about that in the next couple days, i'm sure. tucker? >> amazing. john roberts at the scene in fayetteville. thanks a lot, john. we're still waiting for the motorcade to arrive at the arena and we will be right back because we think it's almost there. stay tuned. ♪
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the motorcade has arrived at the arena in fayetteville, donald trump is mounting the stage right now. we're going to go to live coverage. thanks for joining us tonight. ♪ [cheers and applause] [i'm proud to be an
5:00 pm
american] american. [ >> and i gladly stand up ♪ next to you and defend her still today ♪ 'cause there ain't no doubt ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. donald trump speaking inç north carolina right this second. and we're going to go to him. take it away. [cheers and applause] thank you. [cheers and applause] [chanting trump trump trump trump] [cheers and applause] >> so the weather was really bad. really bad. and they said, you know, these are great peopl


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