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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 8, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> it is good to be live. the hole sdooin it is pretty dark outside of new york city. good morning, you are watching "fox & friends first." i am abby huntsman. >> thank you for joining us as well. nice to have you. the president elect is on the verge of announcing two major picks. >> the transition team confirming retired general john kelly and scott crew. they have been tasked to fill critical kroels. good morning, garrett. >> good morning to you. this latest pick makes it three generals now that president tru elect trump to serve in his cabinet. john kelly has been asked to head the department of homeland security. official announcement is
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expected in the next couple days. the selection of kelly is another sign that mr. trump is serious about securing the borders. head of the u.s. military southern command which includes the southern border and regularly involved immigration enforcement. senior transition officials also refer mr reprefer mr. trump heading the uda oklahoma scott pruitt who may be the more controversial picks. he has been an outspoken critic of the agency he is now been asked to head and has repeatedly sued the epa to roll back environmental relations. despite the out cry from liberal and activist group says they are not worried about his confirmation. >> there are always going to be naysayers and krilt ticks. attorney general pruitt has a
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great record as ag in oklahoma. there were a number of qualified people. we look forward to the confirmation. >> one more cabinet selection we know of is former wrestling executive linda mcmahon has been nominated to head the small business administration. here's a look at the remaining cabinet seats mr. trump has to fill which has the tub lent selection of secretary of state, agriculture, labor, veterans affairs. heather and abby? >> there was a celebrity siting at trump tower. who was this special person? >> we seem to have celebrity siebtings almo sightings almost day. leonardo dicaprio even after this election his heart will go on. the oscar winning actor showed up to present a green jobs plan.
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it came one day after mr. trump met with al gore for climate change. >> leonardo had given a copy of the documentary of ef -- to ivanka. >> not on the radar as the nation faces the biggest threat. president obama claims isis caught him off guard. >> not so fast. he knew about the ruthless terror drogroup for years. >> good morning abby and heather. you have to believe this all to believe it. president obama's shocking claim that isis surprised u.s. intelligence officials. sitting down for an interview in the final days of office the rise of one of the worst terror organizations in history wasn't something he expected. >> the ability of isil to initiate major land offenses that was not on my intelligence
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radar screen. but intelligence officials followedal baghdadi since 2013. >> abu bakr al-baghdadi is a terrorist and is currently based in syria. his mission is clearly stated in his own statement. carve out a zone of governing territory from baghdad to syria to lebanon. >> the level of destruction they have and level of destruction they are doing inside of that country is terrible. >> from two years ago he was given detailed specific information about the rise of isis for a year before they started over taking large territory. with the information given to the president a policy maker could not come away with any other impression. this is getting bad. heather, abby, back to you.
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>> former navy seal karl higby slamming president obama for saying he is surprised isis. he had multiple aroundlings but was refused to admit it. >> anybody who told him isis was going to be a problem he fired them. all of the people that didn't speak up are the ones he got rid of. >> i know guys like general flynn told him this was going to be an issue. >> michael flynn has been named the new head of the national security council under the trump administration. >> offering a $30,000 reward on information on this man miguel limb burg. he is accused of opening fire on
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georgia and southwest university. nicholas smart was killed. officer smith fighting for his life at this hour. he posted this chilling message on facebook saying quote not going to jail. at the time of the shooting he was wanted for kidnapping. chaos and violence meantime outside of a high school in reno when a teen pulls oh the a knife and starts swinging at his classmat classmates. a police officer forced to shat when the teenager refused to drop his weapon. >> that 16-year-old is hospitalized in critical condition. it started as a fight between students. no one else is hurt. the police officer is on administrative leave. >> the desperate search is
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expanding overnight. something went wrong forcing the pilot to eject. >> two teens faces charges in deadly wildfires. 14 people killed and a thousand buildings and homes damaged in the explosive tennessee inferno. the teens could be tried as adults. dolly parton's friends stepping up to help. reba mcintyre will perform next tuesday. american astronaut icon john glenn is being treated at the hospital. it will doesn't mean he has cancer but they aren't releasing any information about the
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astronaut. he later went on from astronaut to be hoe oohio senator serving than 20-years. >> a wall of snow. plunging into the 7 foot high powder to escape her north dakota home. >> it is part of a vicious polar plunge dipping temperatures down to 30 degrees below normal. the cold weather is headed to the east coast now. >> janice dean is live for us with all of the chilly details. >> it is here. we have machiinus 9 in prince ge and minus 4 is saskatoon. it is moving as far south as the gulf of florida. the dangerous part of this is the windchill. there's the current temperatures single tig gets. that's the current temperature. you have the witnessed chill
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minus teens and 20's across the board here. dangerous cold. it is sinking southward. the blue is below freezinged bing below zero. our next weather maker is moving into the west coast bringing feet of no along the wes coast. that will move toward the northern plains the midwest the great lakes maybe the northeast this week. there are your winter storm advisories. also freezing advisories for parts of the northern plains and the rockies. forecast precipitation feet of snow in the mountains and across the midwest and great lakes. have to see what happens as we head into the weekend.
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perhaps some of this will move to the east west. >> the holidays are right around the corner. >> it has been warmer than average. we need a little bit of snow. i need to make my first official snow angle of t angel of the se. >> i love that. >> the time now is 10 minutes after the hour. now an about face why hundreds still have to pay up. >> remember raum em mrahm emanu vowed to defy the president elect. >> what went on behind the scenes at trump tower when the two met face to face. >> a christian board game who rule christmas jesus or santa?
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>> the bent gone attempting to right their wrong. but they are forced to pay cash
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bonuses they were paid decades ago. thousands of troops risked their lives in iraq and afghanistan were given enlistment bone nises. they were over paid but say they dug deeper now. they only want 700 of the soldiers that were paid to pay the money. also a document dump revealing the worst va documents in the country. they ranked them from 1 to five stars. the worst offenders texas to tennessee where hospitals only received one star. massachusetts and new york had some of the best five stars. they allegedly died waiting for treatment had just one star. >> rahm emanuel pleading with president elect trump to protect illegal limb grants. promising this. >> to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a
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sink ari sky. you are safe, you are secure and you are supported in the city of chicago. >> mr. trump threatened to strip funding from sanctuary cities. emanuel says we should be embracing illegals. >> where i stood as other mayors stood on immigrants because we welcome them because they are striving for the american dream. i spoke out strongly about what it means to be a sanctuary sky where we support and secure the people that are here. >> the president elect in a time magazine article said he would work out something for illegal immigrants children. >> should president elect trump soften his stance ton immigration in sanctuary skies? log on to foov of forx & friend
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first for a live debate. the liberal filmmaker asking protestors on twitter to quote disrupt president trump's swearing in. disrupt the inauguration. the majority have spoken by nearly 2.7 million votes and counting. silence is not an option. the filmmaker predicted mr. trump's victory well before election day. a blam berg politics show showing a bloomberg rating the highest it has been since he announced a presidential bid. >> they have become more optimistic about a trump presidency since election day. >> oo republican representative shawn duffy is talking. liberals are shocked that america is starting to give president elect trump a chance.
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>> their hair is on fire, they can't believe the evil donald trump is warming up to the american people only 28 percent of americans want democrats to work with us to secure the border and healthcare and gree the economy. they want to have some of the big initiatives done fury after not one but two flags are set on fire. a a look somewhere else for a couple of months he would be hap pea to come back here. >> where the outrage is now boiling over. >> still have holiday shopping to do. yes, i have a lot to do. brett larson is here to help
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>> pre dom on fire. the flags flying outside two different gyms burned to a crisp on the anniversary of pearl harbor. he defended the flag and what it stands for. >> america is the best place
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whether you want to accept that or not. >> it has so much opportunity. >> go somewhere else for a couple of months see how many rights you have there. >> both of the flags stay in place while police track down who did it. we first told you about the heartbreaking story out of new mexico early this year. purple heart recipient robbed a $340,000 by diane zeman and joe roscoe. someone recognized their pictures on tv. >> your kids toys might be spying on them. >> what's nayour name? >> a complaint against that doll my friend kayla and ique robot.
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it is asking kids for personal information like their parents names and where they live. so creepy. >> and controversial christmas board game pitting santa against jesus. they put two players on two teams santa and jesus. they compete to win the most believers. it triflallizes christian values and beliefs. we christmas shopping to do or you haven't started but are you dreading all of the drama? >> he is somewhere. >> not here. >> with only 17 days left until christmas things can get a little crazy. don't worry. there's an app for that, right, heather? >> brett larson on sirius xm115. he is here to help all of us be a smarter shopper.
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don't look at anything once you finally get to the store. finally this is the biggest problem most of us face when you are done shopping. don't get stuck asking dude, where is my car. say your parking spot when you park snap a photo for visual cues share the information with someone else sw someone pick you up because you are at that tired and you will find your car wherever you left it when you are done. you hit the mall parking lot after a busy day of shopping. >> every time you say i am going to remember where i park the car. same thing after you walk out i have no idea. >> they are like a key chain. the time is now at 27 minutes after the hour. the pc police strike again. you will never guess who has to go through transgender 101
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classes now. he is saying it would be an honor to dress melania trump.
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>> on the road again donald trump head to go iowa, the third stop on his thank you tour. the president elect giving a thumbs up to three new members with the positions that are left to fill. >> shock and awe. president obama admitting he was surprised the pririse of isis. really? what about these warnings from 2014. >> syria has become a huge maggette nor extremise -- magne for extremists. >> we talk about the use of syrian territory by al qaeda. >> the level of killing they are doing inside that country is terrible. >> the brand new backlash for
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his final days in office. >> you can bet the men and women we honor today and those who died 75 years ago never took a knee and never failed to stand whenever they heard our national anthem being played. >> that's powerful. wait until you hear the crowd's response. fox & friends first continues right now. ♪ >> great song for the moment as you wake up this morning.
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it is thursday december 8th. >> live shot of times square for you. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. >> i am abby huntsman. it is 32 after the hour. the trump administration on the verge as two more picks are made. >> scott pruitt and flynn are picked. >> good to see you. good morning. each of these picks are interesting. it tells us a little bit of what the next administration will look like. scott pruitt is an interesting example of this. senior transition officials tell us he's expected to be announced as president elect's nominee to head the epa. pruitt has been an outspoken critic of that very agency and has sued the epa to for
2:33 am
regulations. pruitt also suggested the debate over global warming is far from settled. environmental activists are already criticizing the nomination which will be in the next several days. >> there will always be naysayers and critics. attorney general pruitt has great qualifications and great record as ag of oklahoma. there were a number of qualified candidates for that position that the president elect interviewed. we look forward to confirmation. >> president el lejt asked john kelly to serve as secretary of homeland security. while an official announcement is yet to come on that as well the selection of kelly is another indication he is serious
2:34 am
about securing our southern border. he has regularly dealt with smuggling drug trafficking and immigration enforcement at the head of the u.s. military southern command which includes the southern border. rounding out the latest cabinet pick is former wrestling executive linda mcmahon nominated to head the small business administration. there are still a few high profile cabinet seats remaining led of course by secretary of state followed by secretary of agriculture, energy, labor and veterans affairs. >> we are waiting on the edge of our seats with the remaining picks. >> not on his radar president obama claims isis caught him off guard. what about all of those warnings>> what do you know about this? >> a shocking claim as the president spends his final days
2:35 am
at the white house. the rise of isis was a surprise. sitting down for an interview detailing his time in office president obama says the rise of one of the worst terrorist organizations in history wasn't something he expected. >> the ability of isil to initiate major land offensives. that was not on my intelligence radar screen. >> but they have been publically warning about isis and deadly capabilities since 2014. >> we are seeing the appearance of training complexes in syria to train people to go back to their countries and conduct a terrorist act. it is a level of destruction they are having and level of killing they are doing inside of that country.
2:36 am
it is terrible. >> they had specific information about the rise of isis and the daily briefings for at least a year before they started over taking large territories. a source claiming that was information given to the president. a policy maker could not come away with any other impression. that same year 2014 when president obama referred to isis as a jv team. remember that? >> we remember that one. homeland security chairman mike mccall slamming the obama administration's less than left tract ticks fighting islamic terrorism. >> the second pillar of our counter-terrorism must be to stop radicalization from within from within the united states. >> first we need to repeal and replace president obama's failed
2:37 am
politically incorrect policies. he wants to reverse the damage of the last eight years under the trump administration. a massive manhunt is underway for an escaped inmate wanted for stabbing a police officer in california. he is accused of attacking a female officer with a knife after he breaks out for armed robbery. he responded to a shoplifting call she is now hospitalized and in stable condition. and investigation just launched for the deadly plane crash in pakistan. the airline saying the pilot made a mayday call about engine trouble before lasing radio contact. the crash killed all 27 people on board. the flight recorder is now being examined while crews work to identify the passengers and the crew. the three lawsuits now being
2:38 am
filed in the tennessee school bush crash that killed six children. the suits filed parents claim the bus company was grossly neglect for hiring johnthony walker a man with prior arrests and known for speeding. one mother claims her child suffered a traumatic brain injury from the crash. he had been speeding down a curvy road off the designated bus route last month when he lost control and flipped over. he is charged with vehicular homicide. what a catch. border patrol seizing 120 pounds of marijuana found on a boat near san clemente, california. they had several large bags with pot on board the 25 foot vessel. it has an estimated street value of $1.2 million. a lot of money. >> the time now is almost 20 minutes until the top of the hour. he over saw guantanamo bay prison. >> is likely responsible for building mr. trump's border
2:39 am
walls. >> we are going to build a wall. trust me we are going to build a wall. >> everything you need to know about retired general john kelly the leader of our homeland security department. >> what do you want? a snot rag? >> it could be a theme from bad santa but this was no laughing matter. why a little boy left santa's lap in tear. that is coming up. stay with us.
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>> 10 down and 6 to go. president elect donald trump naming another cabinet member or nomination anyway. retired four star marine general john kelly chosen to lead the department of homeland security. he is here to break down this
2:43 am
pick as a member of the house arms service committee rebecca heinrich. good to see you. >> good to be here. thank you so much. >> the first thing you think about is what are the qualifications? are they qualified for the job. you can go down a list for john kelly. retired four star marine general former chief of u.s. southern command served 40 plus years in the marine corps just to name a few. >> right. i tell you what, if your goal is to pick somebody to blow through the bureaucracy and quit the sort of left wing political correctness that has been so dangerous i think in not only fighting terrorism but fighting our borders general kelly is your man. he as not sihied away from agena driven policies like women in combat, closing guantanamo bay, et cetera. >> he also lost a son didn't he at war? >> he did. he and his wife lost a son, a
2:44 am
marine who paid the ultimate price. so he is very intimate with the high price for what we are trying to do fight the enemy. >> general kelly would be the third general nominated. general petraeus possibly for secretary of state. what kind of indication does this give in terms of what donald trump is looking for and the direction he's moving? >> you know, i joke mitt romney was known for having a binder full of women. donald trump has a binder full of highly qualified people some of those are generals. he is looking for highly capable highly competent people with exceptional character. many of the people are marines. one is general kelly. i understand people's concerns looking at generals. this is a civilian controlled military and country.
2:45 am
i don't think we should be concerned about general kelly. >> there are some people that are concerned about him. what is some of the criticism of him? >> some of the criticism is he issous spoken not pol cloe correct like putting women in all combat roles he has said that's going to weaken our military because it will lower the standard. he has been very blunt very clear about the threat from islamism. there are some things that are unpopular and ruffle the feathers inside washington, d.c. >> he has had experience on the southern border. we have heard so much about building this wall. he will play a key role in that. >> he is in lock stoep when sten it comes to understanding the southern border or drug
2:46 am
trafficking. no one understands it better than general kelly. he is serious about ceiling the border in the most effective way possible. >> thank you so much appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you for breaking it all down. >> to dress melania trump care lena herrera would be honored to dress fell lan yaw trump. ford boycotted the next first lady since her husband's presidential win. ford whose dresses start at $5,000. did make a custom dress for nirs lady michelle obama to wear to buckingham palace in 2011. >> brad pitt denied. said no to seal documents in his custody battle with ang leaniel jolie. he wanted all of the documents sealed to stop jolie from broadcasting their divorce
2:47 am
details and shield their kids from public scrutiny. jolie's lawyer is trying to protect himself. >> let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." so far president elect trump has nominated three generals possibly another one as secretary of state. >> draining the swamp, huh? >> absolutely right. marine john kelly tapped to be secretary of department of ho-- department of homeland security. there are a couple more generals they are considering. so many military figures in the cabinet is bugging a democrat from california bay the name of adam schiff who is a congressman. listen to this. >> what may tip the balance for me is if the president elect populates even more positions with the administration without
2:48 am
military figures. i will have a lot of heartburn about this. >> he isser king a couple more generals. also coming up sheriff david clark, jen nie garth from 90210 is cooking with friends. >> love her. >> you know what she is going to be cooking? >> it is a secret. you have to watch. >> also the big news yesterday was mr. trump being "time's" person of the year. >> any reaction? >> read it and yesterday he referred to it as snarky. it was a little bit snarky. the same issue of time magazine referred to as hillary clinton as moses. goes to show you their priorities at time. >> they referred to president
2:49 am
trump as president of a divided country. >> we will be right back. stay with us. from the moment you met you wanted to surround them in comfort and protection that's why pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals
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♪ and that is a live shot from here in new york city. the sun has not come up yet. but you still have light shining bright here. i hope that you'll have a good day. thank you for joining us here. we are talking about michigan now and their vote totals. they are final. the judge who ordered the recount is doing an about-face about donald trump's win. the judge said jill stein who
2:53 am
requested the recount had no evidence of voter fraud, just speculation. the recount is also backfiring on the green party candidate. so far it shows donald trump was under counted. and this story, a navy admiral gets a standing ovation at the 75th pearl harbor commemoration. the admiral takes a swipe at colin kaepernick for refusing to stand during the national anthem. >> you can bet that the women we are remembering 75 years ago never took a knee when they heard the national anthem being played. >> that brought the crowd to their feet for a lengthy applause. and the u.s. navy officers will now undergo transgender training as part of the ongoing think space training series. the academy using taxpayer dollars to train staff and
2:54 am
shipman giving them the opportunity to display cards outside their door to show they support the lbgt community. a naval spokesman says the training is voluntary. outrage after a supreme court justice is snubbed from his rightful place in history. justice clarence thomas is only the second black man to serve on the high court, but he's not include in the national museum of african-american history. angry gop leaders filed a bill calling out the smithsonian. the facility is suspending their decision saying it can't tell every story in its exhibit. and five minutes before the top of the hour. and it could be a scene from "bad santa." watch. >> what do you want? >> well, come on, what do you want? a snot rag? >> this was no laughing matter. why a little boy left santa's lap in tears.
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two minutes before the top of the hour, and before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. the urgent hunt for a cop killer across georgia. a $30,000 reward now being offered information on the man considered armed and extremely dangerous. he's accused of killing an
2:59 am
officer on the right and injuring another officer. and president-elect trump is meeting with victims and first responders of the osu terror attack. after that, he'll head to a rally in des moines, iowa, tonight as part of his thank you tour. and hillary clinton is headed to the capitol for the first time since losing the election. clinton is speaking at a farewell event for senate minority leader harry reid who is retiring once his term is up. the time is now for the good, the bad and the ugly. at the san francisco internation airport, this bpig helps to kee patients calm before flying. i love that. and this jaguar spotted in arizona could be one of two living in the united states. the jaguar used to call the u.s. home, but they were driven out to protect livestock. and a little boy said old
3:00 am
saint nick this little boy cry. >> he said something to me that really disrespected me. >> that's horrible. bye-bye. good morning on this thursday. one more alarm clock. it's december 8. brian, i see you smiling. steve, isn't that great news? i'm ainsley here with steve and brian. listen to this, general outrage. donald trump set to name another general to his cabinet putting three top military men in his inner circle. and the left is freaking out about this. wait until you hear what they're saying this morning. and maybe it is time for a different approach, because the obama administration just said this about isis. >> the ability of


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