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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 10, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. >> first an update from the fox report. a front runner are for secretary the front-runner for secretary of state hahas emerged. tillerson the apparentt run tore run the state department but first. [crowd noise] an exciting game. army beating navy. first time in 15 years and watching from the stands,
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president-elect donald trump. and we have live team coverage for you. we start with leland vitter from the bank stadium in baltimore. what a night it was. >> reporter: what a night it was especially if you are an army fan, julie. you can imagine the emotion to bring men and women to tears. that happened on the field and stands. a number of army veteran and west point alumni saying we have finally won after 14 years and last play of victory formation. and in the stands, the future commander in chief of the united states, donald trump taking in the game. he is the first president-elect. y we believe and continued the tradition of sitting on one side for the first time and navy on the second half.
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he told everyone i am neutral. >> it is humbling. it is a great honor but it is a great responsibility. when you see incredible people, we just want to be strong and they want to be strong. it's beautiful to see and the spirit. you don't see this at any game. you don't see this kind of spirit anywhere. this is just amazing people. >> reporter: the spirit was evident on the field. army cadets rushed the field. and certainly someone who was not neutral was the army chief of staff who all but guaranteed victory. >> this is. it today is the day. 14 year system a long time. this is the year of breaking records and big upsets. >> reporter: some of the cadet and army a lumnotice had explanation. they say what we in the army call tactical patience.
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>> and patience is a virtue. army boating navy in baltimore and before the gam president-elect trump met with ceo of exxon tillerson. he is head of the world's largest oil company with prayings in more than be 50 countries if nominated, tillerson may face tough scrutiny from the senate for long- standing ties with russia. brian joins us with more. hi, brian. >> reporter: the exxon ceo rex tillerson met with donald trump at trump tower. and president-elect trump was hugely impressed with tillerson in it the first meeting on tuesday. and now he emerges as the leading candidate to be the secretary of state, but not without controversy, mainly
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because of concerns of tillerson's ties with russia. tillerson made billion dollar business deals with russian state- owned company and has a close relationship with russian president putin. 2013 putin awarded him the order of friendship and tillerson opposed u.s. sanctions after russia invaded crimia. he's been ceo of exxon for a decade. it in an interview with chris wallace that airs on fox news sunday tomorrow, president-elect trump said tillerson's interactions and relationships with world leaders that makes him an attractive candidate to be the nation's secretary of state. listen. >> let me ask you about rex tiller areson. >> okay, head of exxon mobile.
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why does a business excutive make sense as chief diplomat? >> he is much more. he is a world class player and in charge of the largest company in the world. he's in charge of an oil company that doubled the size of the norrest competitor. and a company that is unbelievably managed and he knows many of the player and knows them well and he does massive deals in russia and for the company. >> reporter: mr. trump said he is close to it a decision about the coveted position. rowdy guiliani with drou his name and the remaining possibilities are governor mitt rom no and corker of tennessee. general david poet pete, former ford ceo and ambassador john bolton. we hear that president-elect
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donald trump could make a decision of secretary of state as early as next week, jowly? >> thank you very much. so the dnc raising a red flag over tillerson's ties to russia saying we are in unchartered territory. never has a foreign power taken a to thehold in the american president see. and for president ronald reagan and chief strategist for the great pnc. the dnc counting on tiller son's name. >> the co thing the dnc is taken a terrible beating and it is coming out against the strong people that president-elect trump chose. they are controversial to democrats. and the fight to go on. there is a 52 margin that the
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senate has and they have to get democrats to get the people through. let's talk about tillerson's eligibility for secretary of state. people are going to it be questioning whether or not he has what it takes. we know he is a successful businessman and net worth of ceo of exxon mobile is worth 150 million. he does have foreign experience working with exxon mobile. >> he is new on the political scene. and a major business leader. and most of people have not thought of him as secretary of state. it is his views, if they are all pro kcan rem linand then he will have a hard time f. he can prove he will be able to handle in a tough way putin and other leaders that he did business with, he will be just fine.
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we don't know at this point. tillerson would be paired with former ambassador john bolton for day-to-day management of the department and that is a potential. something that we have not heard of in sometime. >> john bolton is fabulous. he is one of the fox contractor. >> but pairing up as secretary of state. >> this is a big bureaucracy and if you don't know the state department tit is easy for secretaries to get swallowed up by the people who are there. and john canned can chlor knows the player and he knows who is a good servant for the american public. you are representing american's responsibility for here on out. and donald trump didn't talk about the foreign policy. and two of them together will
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have to correctively lay it out. and it is not pro putten alone. >> it is it an interesting concept. you think of the secretary of state position. rudy guiliani and then mitt romney who people thought was a top contender. is mitt out? >> i assume so. i can't assume that mitt would take anything but secretary post. there was opposition to romney mainly because of the opposition to it romney early on. he went way beyond. i think if you put the chief executive of mobile put bolton in there to make the game work well. >> you look at the administration and the wealthy men, could that hurt or discredit? >> it depends on how they perform. they are all big name and
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outstanding cast of characters that is put on there. and one of the richest people on the cab nit is linda mcmann who is run a huge entertainment company. it is not just white males that are rich and successful. time price is going to be head of hss. and very important. and couple of other congressman they are are talking about and senator sessions which is key as attorney general. >> we talk about successful rich men look we elected one. and look at the stock market. >> you need people like bolton and others to show them. >> you have the business savvy and one with foreign policy guts. thank you for coming in the studio with us. don't miss chris wallace's sit down interview. log on to fox
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at the center of this plan, is a massive middle-class cut and lower from 35 percent all the way down to 15 percent and bringing new companies to our country and to your state. >> those are highlights from president trump's thank you tour. we continue with the speaker of the house paul ryan. we'll go seven brackets to three. >> right. >> and we'll have hopefully 15
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or 20 percent and you talked to donald trump about that. pump bump care is one of the first on the agenda. >> yes tis. transitioning. >> it is where you buy what you want to buy. it is a huge component of that. and one of the best advocates for health savings account is tom price. it was a law in 2003. we want to give options and choice and competition and choice that drives down choice and increases people's ability to by what they want to buy. there will be a transition and no one will have the rug pulled out from under them. a better system with lower prices. it is. we see more carriers. united pulled out and aetna
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pulled out. the deductible is so high and not like you have insurance in the first place. and that is a death spiral and that is a term they use for saying it is going down. >> it took spics full years to implement obama care. how many years. >> we are trying to figure out. >> less than two? >> we are trying to figure it out. tom price is not there yet. and so those people who are inte gal are not in those positions yet. we'll bring relief immediately and repeal legislation immediately and a good transition period and people don't have the rug pulled out from under them. and my biggest concern and people who write me and call my radio show, their biggest
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concern is trillion for infrastructure. you were asked on 60 minutes how you would pay for it. there was a guy who brought business in the golden triangle in mississippi. it was the private sector. they build sewers and it created over 12 or 13000 job and revenue in the government went way up. my question is, how do you spend a trillion in infrastructure. >> that is not money for hard- working taxpayers it is lever edged in the private sector. and that is public and private partnership and people put private money into rebuilding our airports and there is a lot of innovative ideas out there. and not a trillion dollar
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government. and it is not washington. >> how much would washington spend? >> that is something we will figure out and negotiate as we go. the goal is not taking taxpayer money and throw it at programs. but leverage resources in the private sector. they will push lean and mean infrastructure send it to the actual road to making improve sxment we have to clean up that it mess that the obama administration made worse and a dollar spent by the private sector in private investment, so much much more gets done. >> i would argue if it goes to the dc bureaucracy and guys are fighting for it. >> we don't want to pork this up. we want it private sector. and so we can have better job and more money in the
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infrastructu infrastructure. >> why is america more than ever. opac and middle east and saudi arabia drove out of business the tracking companies and others. how quickly will you put p on the agenda america energy independent. >> that's whatty we are working with the transition team on. there is a legitimate point there. the american energy renaissance that could be there for us but for our government, was threatening to opec and other energy producers. we are sitting on a store of oil and gas that is tremendous. america, this country can be the dominant producer in the world, think of that for job and prices and for heating our home and every car. and electricity and you name it.
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>> cars can be. >> and foreign policy. selling europe our gas instead of them buying it from russia. it is it fantastic for foreign policy and jobs and everything. but for our government. we are working with a transition team what can they do on day one to clear the regulatory underbrush and barriers that the obama administration put out. and get rid of them and what they do when they get better place in the administrative branch that they couldn't do before and legislatively to deal with the barriers. we are working hand in glove with the transition team to do administratively and this is a day one project starting right away to get the energy renaissance under way. >> when we come back i want to talk about congressman floresc comments and vetting. and we'll have more with speaker
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of the house paul ryan and coming up tonight on hannity. >> the epidemic of false new and propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, so- called fake news can have real- world consequencement >> hillary clinton, sore loser blaming fake news and like when she came under sniper are fire? we'll have more on that straight
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>> welcome back to hannity. congressman floorez. seemed like he was speaking with you. let's go with the issues that the house republicans agree with and donald trump agree with and deal with the other issues later. i would argue that you might have disagreement on immigration and vetting.
8:23 pm
do you? >> actually we don't. we are fusing our agendas and working on a common platform of what to do for all of 2017. we are working on a 200 day plan. there is not a disagreement or problem. we are working on border funding right away. >> criminal aliens gone. >> we agree with that. just so you know, that is enforcing current law. >> i understand that. >> why would we be against if a person comes here illegally and does crime and remove them? >> what about dreamers. >> president-elect trump asked us to enforce the xurnt law and border secure and that's what he wants us focusing on and that's what we are working on. >> what about extreme vetting? >> i agree with extreme vetting.
8:24 pm
we agree with that. we always believed that you need to vet these more carefully and that is good sound policy. >> is there any issue that you can think of today after speaking to him and you talk to him every day. >> no, our conferrings revolve about getting the big things done and where our common ground is. we don't talk about what we disagree on. we are executing an agenda. obama care, it is hurting people and we need relief. comprehensive tax reform and clearing the regulatory burdens. >> a lot in the first couple of hour and more. we believe that our military took it in the chin. we have to rebuild the military and open up energy like we talked about and one thing to our agenda, he feels strongly about infrastructure and we
8:25 pm
honor that. >> you are saying that is not a trillion dollar check. >> from the federal government no. there will be federal dollars involved but leverage private sector money. >> if you agree on seven brackets to 3 and 15 percent. and repatriation. you agree on originalist justice and obama care and health savings account and energy independence and agree on the law and vetting and law. what is left on the agendament military. >> infrastructure. >> and va. >> we are the ones, house republicans, jeff miller, chairman of the committee uncovered the disgrace at the the va. we brought the choice program in place to give veterans a resource from the waiting list. that needs a clearing out. i can go on and on about it.
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>> will you give education back to the states i agree especially for inner city america. >> we made good progress. we passed title one with. got rid of common core and no child left behind and sent those dollars back to the states. betsy devoswho is a trailblazer in education reform on behalf of choice and charter schools which is a critical component of fighting poverty. we pushed the dollars back to the states and encourage choice and charter to take place. that's how you get people out of the poverty trap. >> is there an opportunity for a grace commission? business minds getting together and how to reform government to run like a business? we watch. >> there s. we want to get it done and do it. with are barrack obama we have
8:27 pm
been frustrated and progressives just want to grow, grow, grow. and rights don't come from god but government. and that's what we fought for eight years. we finally have a great opportunity that is given to us by the american people to get the country back on track. limit government and honor constitution and we don't want to wait for a commission. but get going. >> i am a deficit hawk. >> i am as well. >> this president accumulated more debt than 43 presidents combined. i know it is progressive and i am glad to hear every big agenda item that donald trump explained to me. can you do it without adding to the deficit. >> our spring budget which i have written eight budgets when i ran the budget. that is going to have to address the fiscal responsibilities.
8:28 pm
>> you disagree on entitlementes. >> we haven't had a conversation. >> it is it a big part. >> it is a part of the budget and more importantly these entitlement programs are going bankrupt and jeopardize the people who depend on them. we have to reform them and making them more solvent and if you do something soon, you don't have to change or affect the benefits of anyone in or near retirement. >> speak for yourself. >> i want my social security money. >> i am young. i am really there. >> and newt gingrich didn't upon balance the budget. >> we have gotten there. >> fiscal pressures are different. this is a government agency budget. we did that, too. >> and that is what that did. that was a part of that. and now, the entitlement programs have taken so much more
8:29 pm
of the budget and they are on autopilot. >> you are not a supporter of penny plan. >> it cut social security for seniors. >> a penny a year. >> every there. those programs are growing six percent a year. >> reduce the rate of growth. >> no, to make them work. you have to cut one percent p. that is a seven percent cut. the point we are saying, we can fix them without jeopardizing the commitments made to current were seniors who retired. it is a commitment that needs to be kept. but the younger ones. if we make more choice and competition, you can guarantee the benefits. >> i do believe that something has to be done. the numbers are what they are. we don't have a nondiscretionary spending budget. >> you don't have a big
8:30 pm
discretionary spending. >> we still have ten more trillion in debt. >> we have 100. and a long ways to go. >> do you think it is time and get rid of baseline budgeting? >> and rob woodall. a guy from texas and georgia, i brought the bills to the budget committee and offered up a bill and i am a believer in that. and automatic spending increase ands before you get to debating the program. it is built in that you are spending more. i agree with that and now that we have is a republican president, it would be a fantastic reform to run through. >> you ran with mitt romney in 2012 and heard that he is racist and huckster and fraud and went all in on helping admiral mullens and now seems.
8:31 pm
>> i like admiral mullen. >> he said he doesn't have a temperament. and now they are meeting every other day. trump supporters are like, what is he doing? are you surprised that mitt rom no went this far? >> the past is behind us. >> that was harsh and cold. >> donald said he punched him hard first, too. and the playground talk, i am impressed. >> and you want a friend get a hawk. i am impressed with how donald trump handled himself and how magnanimous and his demeanor and temperament and his cabinet he's putting together. he's picking good people for his cabinet and so those of us who are fighting against the liberal
8:32 pm
government for a long time. >> you didn't think he would win wisconsin. >> no, we didn't think so. and the way i look at it. why not stop underestimating donald trump. >> last thing i want to say and i it said to president-elect trump. only thing i care about. and i speak for the viewer and listeners. i want the country saved and i think obama made it worse. and the most important thing that both of you can do and i say it in a friendly way. keep your promises. what i love about the election we just had. we ran on ideas and specific solutions. and what that means is. and we ran on specific ideas and promise and now we have merged force and working together on a common platform. but the point is, we earned the
8:33 pm
right to put solutions in place and given that track by the country. >> you will be held accountable. >> all right. mr. speaker, thank you for keeping your promise to be here. coming up next on hannity. >> the epidemic of malicious fake news and propaganda it is now clear that fake news have real world consequences. >> hillary clinton and cry baby liberals over the play dew and now complaining of fake news she came under sniper are are fire and turned out to be be -- i'ts your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t,
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and her new mobile wedding business.tte at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. >> welcome bavenlth hillary clinton fake news for all of the world's problems. watch this. >> let me just mention one threat in particular that should concern all americans. democrats, republican and independents alike. especially those who serve in our congress. the epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that
8:40 pm
has flooded social media over the past year it is clear that fake news have real world consequences. this is not about politic its or partisanship. lives are at risk. >> yeah, forget isis and fake news is the real threat. here is lisa booth and charlie hurt. i don't know what to say to this. lisa, fake news, would that be her in bosnia saying she came under sniper are fire when she was handed flowers by children? and video lie by benghazi and cnn giving her questions before a debate; is that fake news? what is fake news phenomenon. >> one would think that is identified as fake news. but the left and media are doing everything they can to
8:41 pm
delegitimize donald trump's victory and the individuals who are decrying fake news are compliceit in spreading it. hillary clinton drove false propaganda about benghazi and said that at an event at harry reid. who lied about mitt romney's taxes. and the media is compliceit and driving a false narrative about the hands up don't shot. it is rich that the same player and actors who are driving fake news are now decrying it. >> charlie all throughout the entire campaign. people like us are under fire because we have opinions. everyone knows i am not a journalist but talk show host and conservative. it is a shot to the mainstream media. nbc, abc, cbs.
8:42 pm
and new york times. that is fake news to me. >> it was grubby for her to go to the people's house and make that charge especially after what i thought she delivered the finest speech of her career and a gracious one a month ago. and she had issued, it was a nice note of bipartisan ship and wanting to move on and so to do this now, is disgusting. especially as you point out, my goodness, the entire mainstream media of the coverage of the donald trump campaign was fake news. they called him a cheat, liar, a rapist, and a racist. they misquoted him. they did everything they could to smear this guy. >> i will take the shot here
8:43 pm
anyway. brian williams. >> king of the fake news. >> he talked about dead bodieds in front of the hotel. fake newings and buzz feed news of donald trump's own tweet and they follow back news stories to their root source they came from bright bart. >> did he see dead bodies floating in front of his hotel or not. >> it is low hanging. >> that is low hanging, yes. >> it is ridiculous. >> you have the left doing this. and last week with the hillary's communication director is pushing the the racist narrative and the republican and donald trump supporters were all
8:44 pm
a bunch of racist. it is ridiculous. senator chuck schumer is behind keith ellison and said black americans need a separate country. and made racist comments like that. it is utterly ridiculous. and look at ben carson and elane chao and nikki ha ley. it is low of them to push the false narrative and marginalize trump supporters and slander them really. >> last word. >> she is right. one of the biggest losers of the election is the mainstream media. all of the years that they have pedalled fake news, there was not an alternative media and no internet or talk radio and now people can fact check these people. >> i don't trust them. >> good to see you, thank you. >> up next on hannity. >> thousands of americans are
8:45 pm
marching in new york and washington and cross the country demanding a justice system that it applies the same to everybody and honors our value and we want you to know that our hearts are out there marching with them. >> oops. left pushing the hands up don't shoot lie. they are spreading the fake news. and reaction
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>> test test. >> test test. >> test test
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>> they are freak out about the rise of fake new and happy to spread the hands up don't shoot liechlt and remember that president obama defended flack lives matter. and take a look. there is always folks who say things that are stupid. >> i am fighting to reform criminal justice for every mother and father every day and their child will be stopped bite police just for being african-american.
8:51 pm
yes, black lives matter. and we care about everybody. and that is civil rights activist. your life matters to me. and we want the cop can and how do we get them in the white house with a presidential candidate of a party to support them. and they ran with this lie and way to it many americans believe it was the truth and sadly police officers were kill canned as a result of this lie. and the left is talking about the fake news. the fake is the left wing media. they are promoting the loys in the headline and news.
8:52 pm
obama said with the iranian deal. he was negotiating with iran on the nuclear deal. he didn't use it as a treaty and donald trump will not get the money back because the ransom was paid. and it i was a president of the united states in the last number of years, i think i would have spent time in chicago in the course of obama's presidency, 4000 people died. and this year alone over throw thousand victims of a shooting. where is he with those lives matter? why is he not helping to solve the violence in his own home city? >> it is where he got his political career started and where he engaged in politicses. he was a community organizer and
8:53 pm
he knew of the carnage and killing and black on black murders that are taking place for many, many years. and another tragedy and the president embracing it was based on a loy. it was all a lie. and eric holder. he said hands up don't shoot took place. >> if donald trump goes to the inner city where it was neglected and cities and businesses that need him a most would that change voting rise.
8:54 pm
>> they are having a temper tanned rum. and protesting and burning the american flag. and trump's policy are to help our economy go around and he talks about the issues that are in failing community and he want upons to turn those communities around. and that will propel americans to look at the policy he has to present to the country and will spur
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i'ts your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t, stream live tv anywhere data-free. join directv today starting at $35/month. no extra monthly fees. ♪ >> fwookt question of the day. watching our exclusive interview with speaker ryan tonight. dew think they will work with the president and get things done? that's all i want for christmas and that's all the time we have left this evening.
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don't forget you can respond on twitter and facebook. set your dvr. see you back here tomorrow night. we'll see you monday night. hello and welcome to justice. i am judge janine pirro. we have a big show on tap and all of the latest on the trump team develop ams including the russians. did they interfere with our presidential election. but first my opening statement. look, it's time to it take sides. the election is over. you are either with us or against us and that is with the united states or against the united states. y we have a new president-elect. his name is donald j. trump and so move over


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