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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 11, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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don't forget you can respond on twitter andok. set your dvr. see you back here tomorrow night. we'll see well -- welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk. >> comp up, donald trump's never ending tour of gratitude continues. and santa claus tells a 9-year-old kid to layoff the burger and fries. this from a man who needs magic to fit down a chimney. and tom breaks down the tom tweets of the year. if you don't want to wait you can go to levey. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she is a bottle blonde and by
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by that i mean she drinks her liquor straight from the bottle. comedian allie bean-brean. and he was the only comedian able to read "the great gatsby." he is the ever constant gentleman, pan up, pan up. always holding the door for ladies, ben kissle. and his favorite movie is "down periscope." >> subtle, but good. >> an -- an -- anthony coul mia. anthony coul yaw. >> the campaign is over, but the rallies aren't. donald trump continued his thank you tour on thursday night with a prime time event in des moines, iowa. the president- elect, or is he
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president? i can't tell. he says he feels good about his cabinet choices so far. >> i believe we are in the process of putting together one of the greatest cabinets ever assembled in the history of our nation. do you like it so far, everybody? >> nice to see michael moore in the audience. trump spent time reviewing his triumphs. remember utah? >> remember utah? this unknown person said he is doing so well. remember? he said, utah is in play. now month republican -- now, no republicans ever lost utah. i went to my people and said we have a problem. utah is in play. this guy is supposed to be doing well. and it was like we are tied. they actually had hillary in third place. this is a case where i wanted
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her to be in second place to be honest. this guy was supposedly in second place and they said texas, right, texas, very close, georgia very close. they had us so close, too close to call. this was before the election. there is a lot of dishonesty out there. the polls open and they go texas goes to trump. georgia goes to trump. utah -- it was right at the beginning. >> on election night trump did well in many demographics. >> the hispanic community incredible. now with the males i set records, but who cares, right? who cares about the males? >> who cares about the males. that should have been hillary's slogan.
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>> this is fantastic and he is not even in yet. this is just him. i look forward to these thank you speeches. it is like i used to look forward to christmas. the gifts we are getting are fantastic. >> will he keep doing it? >> he can't not do this. this is what people don't understand. this is not him trying. he can't not be this guy. >> allie, obviously it is entertaining. we have people who want to see him. >> sure. i mean, i'm glad he is doing a thank you tour. he is gracious. he could go to the states who didn't vote for him and do an f-you tour. that woulds not be a surprise and i would watch. it would be fantastic. >> is he in des moines now? if he runs for re-election he will need these people again. >> not the males. >> who cares?
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>> who cares about the males. >> that's it, harrison. dodo you think he will govern this way? >> like a comedian doing little towns? he is open mic-ing material. he is trying out bits and just seeing if they work. >> i have been watching these rallies on the thank you tour and he won't say his name, but he loves talking about mcmullin. it is a comedian who is worried about a comedian. he is the headliner. he calls it the thank you tour. >> i don't know. i can't even wrap my mind around that one. ben, obviously he likes it. i mean, i don't -- whether it works or not, if it makes him happy, why can't we just let him do this?
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>> we just want our president to be happy at all times. he treats evan mcmullen the same way the people of springfield treated freddy kruger. don't say his name. i agree that it was a ridiculous bill crystal ruse. if you look at the background it is orwell meets rockwell. it is a bizarre portrait of america around him. and if you notice the heavy set kid was behind the kid who on every other day was giving him a swirlie. he has all kinds of lights behind him. >> the prediction will be huge. he will be a meme. >> we all noticed him. i am suspicious. it does look like michael moore. michael, you won't guess who is president in 2016. we need to go to the future!
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the other looks like a slightly bit of jon voight. >> hillary did that as well. you can tell she had her rainbow coalition behind her. >> that guy looks most likely to purchase a gremlin. he is going behind trump. >> we got another clip? >> let's see it. >> by the way, some of the people i put on to negotiate are some of the most successful people in the world. one newspaper criticized me. why can't they have people of modest means? because i want people that made a fortune. now they are negotiating with you. >> it is actually a pretty good argument. what is the problem with rich people working for him? that's going to happen anyway, right? >> when you have a secretary of commerce that is worth $2.5
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billion i think, yes, he knows how to wheel and deal. he made himself some money. perhaps he can do the same for the country. we have been eight years with obama and looking at those people likeville -- like villains and so it is interesting to see how they will be in charge. >> it is kind of an f-you tour to people, but he was traveling the world apologizing for everything he did in the early 2000's. >> wait, wait! >> it is refreshing to see the president thank the people who voted for him instead of apologizing for the world. >> he just redid the route that lincoln took. he was re-doing that map on a train. donald trump is re-doing his own campaign route. he is doing a tribute to himself from last year. >> they are waiting for the locker up. they want to hear them talk about billionaires in the
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cabinet. >> they still want to attack hillary. >> they want to hear build a wall. >> they only want to play the new cd. >> i like that. if you go to bob dylan now he sings about cars and directtv. play the hits. no one wants to hear the new stuff. >> trump's cabinet is filling out nicely. this week he announced two bigwigs. linda mcman, from world wrestling entertainment and posner. a restaurant exec who owns carls junior and hardee's will be labor secretary. we are well on the way to having all of my fantasy cabinet picks come true. now all we need is ambassador john bolton as secretary of state and anthony cumia to head the fcc.
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back to linda mcmahan. that's his business casual. linda mcmahon will help create jobs. at the wwe she created many jobs. for wrestlers like mantar. of course the mayor of amity. >> mayor vaughn. >> would you expect pics other than this? he has linda mcmahon. >> i want to see that in the state of the union. >> we can't show the clips because the wwe owns everything. >> do you remember when trump
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shaved his head? >> it was a shave your head match. >> well he won. >> are you saying it is all prearranged? >> it is amazing. >> i don't want you to -- it is christmas season. >> it is a wweceo and the owner of hardy's. 12-year-old ben kissel will have the exact same cabinet. i love it. >> this guy is a fast-food ceo. there is something funny at first. >> isn't it strange because donald trump was only eating at mcdonalds. he is putting people in his cabinet who may disagree with him and it could lead to a
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better democracy. he is crossing the aisle when he goes to carls junior. it is the most popular pizza hut. >> after that it is the most successful fast-food business. >> were you aware -- i forget they are the same thing. >> they have the ads with the girls in the bikini. >> it will make the labor jobs report so much more entertaining. >> a lot of people are going after the guy. no one is talking. linda mcmahon is the ceo. i had a gay friend and we watched for different reasons. nobody is criticizing linda mcmahon with men half
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dressed. >> and i would like to see him get hit with a folding chair. moving on, santa is making a list of which kids could lose a few pounds. a 9-year-old boy named anthony went to see santa last week and asked for an ipod it up. >> when i got done he said layoff the hamburgers and french fries and it disrespected 3450e and -- and i felt awful. >> i guess santa can't have opinions. anthony's mom said she was destroyed by the fat shaming comment and he tore up a pick 250ur -- picture he had taken with santa. the boy has a message for santa. >> you made me so mad i was crying until i went to bed.
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i would have said to him -- like my mama said, you don't want to disrespect a 9-year-old no matter what shape or size. it doesn't matter. >> santa apologized and tinderred his resignation. do you remember that? >> he was nasty. >> consider judyism. i never was told to layoff food at the celebrations. >> it is true. jewish holidays is all about the eating and not the drinking. >> jelly donuts and the jealousy of kids who get to celebrate christmas. >> i think you were this boy. >> i was. the best thing was losing 160 pounds. if you are too fat for santa, you have a problem. that's a major issue it is
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advice for healthy living. >> how is santa different from michelle obama some. >> pizza friday. >> he was probably joking. as a kid he said you shouldn't -- layoff the burgers. >> his job is to have children hop up on his lap. >> he said layoff the -- he wasn't name calling. >> you candice respect a 9-year-old. you respect a 39-year-old and disrespect a 9-year-old. >> he probably gets bullied
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every day at school. he probably gets to meet santa and says he won't bully me. >> and then he gets there and says layoff the burgers. he is not nice. >> santa is not real, but diabetes is. >> i don't think he is getting bullied in school. the minute somebody said something he went to the office of management with his lawyer. >> he tried to get santa fired. >> he wanted him fired. >> he's the bully. >> get off my knee. >> santa should say do you want to be me! the kids should -- i don't think he should get a drone or nordictrac. >> the left gives uh christmas
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song to rage against after the break.
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fox newschannel. >> you remember the favorite "baby it's cold outside." here is the original from "neptune's daughter." >> ♪ i'll take your hat, your hair looks swell ♪ >> ♪ i ought to say no, no, no ♪ what's the sense of hurting my pride ♪ ♪ but it's cold outside ♪ >> the song depicts a playful back and forth as he tries to get his date to stay longer by the fire. they fear the lyrics depict co
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webs. coercion. they say nothing is like pressuring a woman to do something against her free will. they said they found the original lyrics to be aggressive and inappropriate so they gave it a rewrite making it consensual. now she says i really can't stay. >> and he says baby i'm fine with. >> she said i ought to say no, no, no. and he said you reserve the right to say no. can't they see fun and romance in anything? next they will tell us things like "under my thumb" and" brown sugar" don't have strong messages for women. allie, you're a woman. >> thank you, yes. >> before all of this stuff -- this isn't one blog.
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huffington post and buzz feed came out against this song. >> are they not listening to music right now. rekwan gnaw's [bleep] better have my money. it is this idea young people, college students now are obsessed with this idea of consent and having everything 50/50. they rewrote the lyrics to make sure they have equal power in the song. that's not what romance is. >> this is meant to be a cutesy song and not a plan to seduce a woman. >> if you are following this as a blueprint this may be a problem. i don't think anybody is using it like that. >> the names of the characters are the mouse and wolf. this relationship is about as innocent as oj. >> report we wolves?
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>> she said no, no, no. what's in my drink? bill cosby should be covering. >> maybe it is because i am jealous, but "baby it's cold outside" is rapey and a little racist. "santa claus is coming to town." i know when you are sleeping and i know when you're awake. >> anthony, what's in this drink? i will tell you what is in the drink. she said i feel a little tiz sw y. she wants to know. she trusts herman to make her a nice drink. >> this is a wonderful evening. seduction means you need to seduce. a move has to be made in the room.
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like once the girl is harmonizing beautifully. >> i always say when she is doing the harmony -- did you notice the guy who was singing that? >> no. >> i thought you would know. it was ricardo montalban. >> is he from the "naked gun" movies? >> he is one who tries to kill the queen. so concept is fronter and we all know that. all you have to do is switch the roll. you would say baby it's cold outside can i stay? >> in the movie there is a second version of the song sung by the second dash -- not
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the main characters and the woman is doing the seducing. >> this man is trying to save her from frostbite. at the end of the day we can call him a hero. uber negates the whole thing. >> if he was like, grab a shovel and get out there. that's worse. >> networks like mtv that is one of the petofilic things. for them to pick this out and during the holiday season it is as ridiculous as yelling to them because they don't have the cup they like jie everybody likes to be annoyed. it is that time again. half time with tv's andy levey.
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and the pod cast available now. >> ♪ the evening has been ♪ so very nice. ♪ i'll hold your hands ♪ my mother will start
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welcome back. it's time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from andy levey. hi, andy. >> hi, tom, how are you? trump's thank you tour continues. anthony, you said you look forward to these thank you speeches like you used to look
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forward to christmas. this is going to be year-round, man. this is better than christmas. >> yes, we have so much to look forward to, the state of the union. the day he pardons the turkey next year will be great. the great turkey deserves the pardon. >> i don't think you should kill it. >> i want him to purchase it like oh that's perfect. >> bring in a foreign bird like emu. >> let the american turkey live! harrison it is like trump is getting ready for a network stand up session. do you think he will have a tight 30. >> i think he hag a tight 4 hours. his teleprompter was prompted. >> you can read it and he decides to rif and then he
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looks back. imagine tom cruise going off script like in "mission impossible." company going to -- i am going to rift. >> it is literally two different woises -- two different voices. >> he comments on the thing. america should be oh yeah. you agree with your own in realtime. >> kudos to you for the reference. >> i appreciated that one. i did it for you. >> i appreciate that. trump said he is putting together one of the greatest cabinets in the history of the country. do you think that was a shot at foreign companies like ikea? >> absolutely. he put together a better cabinet. i get it.
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for however long it takes to build a cabinet. >> i believe it was in 2009 when he was sworn in. >> according to my t-shirt it was 2009. >> i remember when motley crue joined him, guns and roses. >> linda mcmahon you said if he would just add it he would have had a cabinet. >> there was the woman with the boobs and the other chick and the mean gym teacher with the to bees. with the boobs. >> can you name actors? >> the guy in the hospital show. he has red hair. you know what he is talking about. >> kim catrell was in it. you mocked hardy, but it it is
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pretty big. >> they also have supermodels eating hamburgers which is like donald trump advertising for books or using something they never use. >> allie, will we see sexy ads for the department of labor? >> it would be a nice change. >> i agree. >> when a doctor tells you to lay off the burger and fries he is doing his job. when santa does it, he has to resign? >> harrison as a jew you never heard eat less at a holiday. yom kippor. then we complain about it. only just can make one day of fasting the most miserable. don't they do 30 days of fasting. they get to sleep. >> in l.a. it is four days a
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week. >> it is juicing. that's the jew in juicing. >> you candice respect a 9-year-old. i don't think i ever heard a 9-year-old say he disrespected me. >> it is a new generation of kids. i was verbally abused on a daily basis and i think my parents made the right choice. >> what was your name? >> it was just hipo. >> so you were a hip kid? >> no i was hungry. >> the way you ate your lunch. >> this show is fun to me. that's why i love coming here. >> my nickname is something i can't say. >> was the word indian-ish?
12:37 am
>> no. >> then don't say it. >> allie, you said the kid and the mom wanted santa to be fired. the city manager says the town santa gets a grand per season and the dude has been doing it. this is these rig -- his legacy. >> they should feel bad. >> as of now they have not yet selected a replacement santa. >> the "baby it's cold outside" thing. the only possibly problematic line in the song is what's in this drink? i think the intention of the song writers was nose she was being cosbyed. >> i dieded to make it a verdict. a verb.
12:38 am
>> she was looking for an excuse to say there and said what is in this drink? >> she said this drink is good. >> they didn't have if at my home. they don't have martha stewart. >> you said you can bring up music to make it rain. >> i was worried about. i don't know why people are not protesting that. thoughts ho -- those ho's. >> and lastly anthony you have to stop guessing david coverdale from white make. >> it is fan it is a -- fantastic. >> still looks and sounds amazing. >> turner i forget what country. he is huge in april eastern european country. >> whatever it is, it is not
12:39 am
america. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. >> the top tweelts of 2016. liz -- let's hope none are anthony's.
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to what was the most popular tweet of 2016? well, it wasn't my tweet. i'm on the five in five
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minutes. >> good tweet. >> it usually works. the number one tweet according to twitter was by someone you never heard of. here it is. that's right. 14 million retweets for the gaming utuber. >> she retweeted it for -- >> and harry smiles and the third most popular was by hillary clinton. to all of the little girls watching never doubt you are available and powerful and deserving of every opportunity in the world. >> bethesda wrote that. >> jill stein is demanding a we keep. according to rio 2016.
12:46 am
pokemon go, uero sixteen. that's not true. i know who wrote this story. i can tell who writes the story. what do we think? we have top tweets. i have my top tweet. here is my favorite and the bottom is a news headline that says body works up on the beach used for olympic beach volleyball. i would have suggested they use use -- it was a misplaced modifier. >> it would be tough to bump it. allie, i ask you to bring some of your tweets. did you bring them? >> i did one.
12:47 am
i think this one is cute. >> can you come and pick me up from the rapp batter and did a devastating -- >> that's an oldy. >> that's the only one that came to find. to mind. >> did you do your homework? >> i think i did. >> let's see your favorite. it is out of a magazine. >> when was that from? >> 2013 before he knew he would be "time" magazine's person of the year. >> it is still around and flourishing probably because of trump you think. >> absolutely. >> kissel, i mean i got a tweet that if anthony wiener gets one more tap p he will technique he get a free
12:48 am
worker-dryer set. >> she's funny, right? >> she is very funny. qupg i follow her feed. >> hillary also threatened anyone who tried to have sex. >> that should have been number one. it was a delightful thing. did you feel bad when you saw that tweet? >> no. my favorite is a hillary tweet. on january 20th ask yourself what will life be like under trump. and it is fantastic already! >> we have another one for you, right. >> sign up to go to new york city. bring a guest. keep ea take care. the pets that you get to keep your stress level down.
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>> i think they are called cats. i am like an elderly woman. and there is nothing different about the -- you look at the old covers and you have to laugh. >> they canceled the fireworks the day before. do you think they had something going on there? >> i think is it was bad from an optics poi of -- point of view. she -- >> it is the turkey from "christmas vacation" and it deflatey. >> the guy who has the engagement ring in his pocket and finds out the girl is breaking up with him. >> at least i have the gift receipt. men over eat to impress women. cue the pig jokes. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" bill mcmorris and gavin mcinnes and seth herzog. >> why do men stuff their
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faces at meals? the same reason they do anything, to show off for women. a new study has found that men are more like he to over eat in social situations. dudes have to win at everything. even at a big holiday meal. the researchers noted in the end this exhibitionist eating may say less about american eating habits than american ego habits. if only there was another headline to back this study up. hmm. living legend is the first person to finish this 5 pound paw retoe in one -- paw retoe. take it away living legend. [applause].
12:55 am
>> wow. >> i didn't want them to speed it up. i wanted to do the whole block. i wanted to see it in its realtime. pretty impressive. >> very impressive. and he is not a fat guy. he was in shape. the most successful of those eating competition guys are in a kind of shape. >> they are skinny. remember hot dog guy? >> hot doc -- hot dog guy. >> he was an over weight. i think a big guy wrote the girls dig it when they stuffing his face. if you are covered in front of a screen. >> ladies, would you like to know how much cheese i can eat? >> when he is done with this, the next part, that's the choosest he will -- the
12:56 am
closest he will ever know what childbirth feels like. >> that is not sexy for women. that is the most -- it is like they are taking down a five-pound anaconda and you couldn't read the comments. they are the most sexist contests you can imagine. >> it is not the idea of being an over eater. it is the idea at a meal. when you go on a date women order less. give me the stake. give me a steak. they want to seem like they have a healthy appetite. >> it is more attractive to have a big wallet. it is not sexy if they order gluten free and salads. >> harrison, you are a salad guy i bet. >> i was vegan for awhile. i gave up meat and dairy..
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i am a vegetarian now. >> that does it for me, your frie can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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hello and welcome to justice. i am judge janine pirro. we have a big show on tap and all of the latest on the trump team develop ams including the russians. did they interfere with our presidential election. but first my opening statement. look, it's time to it take sides. the election is over. you are either with us or against us and that is with the united states or against the united states. y we have a new president-elect. his name is donald j. trump and so move over


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