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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 11, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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hello and welcome to justice. i am judge janine pirro. we have a big show on tap and all of the latest on the trump team develop ams including the russians. did they interfere with our presidential election. but first my opening statement. look, it's time to it take sides. the election is over. you are either with us or against us and that is with the united states or against the united states. y we have a new president-elect. his name is donald j. trump and so move over barak.
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move over hillary, harry and jill and all of you namby pamby pathetic losers that are crying in your double shot skin canny lattes. there was a time we united behind the flag and in celebration of the new.. we did so in 2008 when obama was elected and we had high hopes of the united country irrespective of the politic and it is time for the left to show the same dignity and class to the 45th presidentex length. but no. this woke, the president himself, obama announces his intention to investigate whether russia interferred with the presidential election, assigning our intelligence agencies to conclude the task before he
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leaves office. seriously? why now, mr. president? you have been watching the release of information from wiki leaks for months. you have watched the release of hillary clinton's e-mail and in fact some were even sent to you. and watched the release of john podefta's e-mail and the double talking mainstream media outed for providing questions to your hanpicked successor, hillary clinton, for months and you never say a word. but now, it finally hits you your successor of choice has not been elected, which would be you yourself said would be a personal insult. and now you decide it is time to investigate? and the suspect russia? why are you talking about this now? you had a chance to put an end to the hacking and interferrance
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assuming that it might impact the election before the election. we have the best metric's operations in the world. and if all of the warning signs were there, long before the election, and now a month later you weak up and you decide, not only are you going to investigate, but you are going to investigate russia. using the same bozos, the ones who said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destructions and the same bozos that said we're defeating isis and the same intelligence geniuses who gave us the benghazi bs. a politicalized intelligence group. this is not about the election, is it, mr. president? this is about domestic politics. it's not about november 2016.
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it's about jan 2017. and your attempt to pro vent donald trump from a smooth transition of power and your inability to accept the electorial college win that the american people win. ironic since you and your want upon to be successor was so fired up that he may not quietly accept hillary's ascension to power. you say nothing about the jill stein phony recount nonence and wasted taxpayer dollars that pay for it and the division that it is creating. why are you so obsessed with russia? you who cut a deal and were made of by the world's largest sponsor of terrorism, iran. and the one that buzzed
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hesbollah and hamas that yell death to america and you gave billions to and secretly sent them 4 billion to on paulets in an unmarked plane. you are obsessed with a russia who at least is a christian and himself obsessed with killing isis and a russian who had his own problems with muslim terrorist and told us twice about the boston bomber and your administration was too dumb to follow-through with deadly consequences with the americans. and even hillary hates the russians and she can't believe that americans can see through her lying money grubbing. and harry reid. the one all in to the what he
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said nothing to cowith money and solar power and the son-in-law, the chinese, calling for jim comey to step down because he said comby and the fbi knew the russians were hack nothing the election. i got a nows flash. everybody's been spying on everybody else for years. even obama knows angela merkel's hair appointmentes. remember how angry she was when she found out he had her e-mails. don't be fooled bite narratives. it is all part of an orchestraed effort to prevent donald trump from making america great again and building a accept with a country that is fighting isis and don't get me wrong, i despise all dictators, but between a dictator who thinks i
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am an infedell and you and i and our families should have our heads cut off and the dictator for whom i simply want to keep my distance and might warn me of our common enemy. the choice is a no brainer. and that's my open. comment on my facebook page or twitter hash tag judge ja nine. and president-elect trump attending army/navy football game and army broke the 14 year losing streak. and the president-elect reflected on his becoming commander in chief. >> it is humbling and a great honor, but it is a great responsibility. when you see incredible people, we just want to be strong and they want to be strong. it is beautiful to see. and it is a spirit. you don't see it at any game. you don't see this kind of
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spirit anymore. it is just amazing people. >> joining me now army lieutenant colonel allen west. and former florida congressman and compat in iraq. you are an army goichlt how do you feel? >> i feel great. for the the first time in 14 years, i don't have to get back talk from a bunch of sailors, but i listened to your opening statement and if you are paying attention to the army/navy game. after of the things that happens. loser stays on the field and they listen to the alma mater of the victor being played. that's what you are talking about. we can have a hard fought election but we are still american and those young men go out and fight together on the battlefield. being as navy and sailors and marine and army soldier.
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but go army, beat navy. >> all right. let's talk about what is going on. this week, president obama says a month after the election. you know, there is evidence that you know, we, we suspect, what is it. the intelligence community probed and suspected foreign intervention in the election and concluded russia was likely involved in breaching and releasing dnc e-mail and i want a study by the intel community. does the intel community have any credibility? haven't they been politicalized by the president in one issue or another? >> you are right. and also in this week. president obama sat down with with a gentlemen from another cable news work and talked about how the intelligence radar screen did not allow him to pick
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up the fact that isis was growing. he said in the final 42 days, he wants the intelligence community to investigate russia potentially. we have no proof of this and being involved in our electorial system and the greatest islamic terrorism group and scourge we have seen on on the earth. he admitted he had no sense of it. and he had no intelligence reports that allowed him to understand is happening. we know it is not true. he didn't take the intelligence briefs. you can't have it one way and investigate the russian and this week, you can't understand and just completely caught off guard by the emergence of isis. >> what is amazing, if he concluded they were involved. why didn't he get involved earlier? if hillary clinton's e-mails were released dnc, and john
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podesta and all of the damaging information. he was silent during that whole time. we would have to assume julian assange was a russian agent, yes? >> we understand that it was president obama along with hillary clinton that came up with the russian reset button. it was president obama with an off mike moment who talked about having more flexibility after the reelection. and it was president obama and hillary clinton foundation was cutting uranium deals for the russians for the benefit and profit of the clinton foundation. this is all about undermining the election we had. and same as i said. score for army/navy 21- 17 and hard fought and it is over now same with the election and we should not have a president on the way out seeking to undermind the president-elect.
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>> colonel allen west congratulations and thank you so much. my next guest personally knows general mattis. ann kelli joins me with reaction. retired colonel david hunt. good evening, colonel. and a former army guy as well. what would you like to say about the army boating the navy? >> i think the people navy was a tough 25 team. it was nice to be on the winning side after 14 years and a great game and the young men and women deserve. it was a hard fought game and personally i never cared unless i played hockey against them whether they won or lost. glad they won but okay. nall right colonel, let's get down to it. we have general flynn, general mattis and general kelly and compare them to dod. and i want about mad dog
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himself. general mattis. the fact that you know, we have someone at the top of that pyramid, either in the department of defense, does that concern you? >> not at all. i mean, he will have to get a waiver because he was not out seven years. last one to get that was marshal. i think it takes 60 votes and going to take democrats. but the principle that the combat veteran is going to run the actual swamp. when trump starts talking about p the swamp, he's talking about the department of defense. there is a million plus and the pent dpon payroll. only a million 4 people in service. it is bloated and it would take someone like mad dog to straight ten out. he is a good marine and officer. and now they are going to have secretary of defense. and they are going to have a guy
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in homeland security. it is it a big deal. >> if eye former defense secretary pinneta and hagel all said that obama was into the minutia and get calls from battle fold and staff people in the obama administration. that will not happen with mattis? >> it might. but that's been happening for 30 years plus. it was 50 years where the white house, pentagon would call in down to a battalion in the field, and still happening. mattis can certainly help stop that. but he obviously, he shouldn't do it either and let the guys do the fight. but interference happens all of the time. we have phenomenal communications that allow its to happen but should not. >> but why is the defense department a swamp? different ideologies or
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politics. what is it? >> no. there is million 4 in uniform and million.1 work nothing the pentagon in logistic and intelligence support. that is it a staggering amount of support and overdone. 1 million people are in a support activity like the pentagon and in the pent combon gone and supporting 1.4. that is out of control and this is good people, but a massive bureaucracy that can't get it right and needs to be be cleaned half. and more than half need to go down the road. >> who decides the rules of engagement? the joint chiefs they are part of it. it goes all the way to it the white house. that rules and engagement mattis had 15 years and killing soldiers on the battle fold.
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there is permission to shoot the enemy? and they have cumbersome and legal. and there needs one rule. kill the enemy and that's it. >> you expect mattis to change it? you think he can. >> i expect him to. he can. >> colonel david hunt. thank you so much and look forward to seeing what happens. >> next, a big woke for president-elect donald trump. his billionaire cabinet could be the wealthyist administration in modern american history. will the washington outsiders be able to make america great again? david duvela is here to weigh in and don't miss tonight's street justice. >> i am here where everyone is shopping and i am finding out what people would buy donald trump and hillary clinton for christmas and i am riding
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sidesaddle, mom, not to worry. >> justice roles on in a moment. generosity is its own form of power.
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>> developing tonight. meanwhile this week hillary clinton was whining about that fake news. you can't make this it stuff up, folks. a lot to talk about and let's get right to it with republican strategist. good evening, david. let's talk about hillary clinton. which i think this is so ironic. and let's see if we can hear this now. >> the epidemic of maricious fake new and false prop granda that flooded social med why over the past year. it is clear that so called fake news have real world consequences. it is not politics or partis an ship. lives are at risk and trying to do their job and contribute to their communities. it is a dangerous that it must p be addressed and addressed quickly. >> i have to tell you you, david. i will let you answer the
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question. but all people to talk about fake new and lie and this woman doesn't know the difference between a fake news and lie. and what is your take on her and the fight against fake news. >> you are right, judge. with all of the coverage of her e-mail and fake news and that she never did anything wrong. that was a lie and is that all fake when people reported that? democrats would do well if p they focused on ideas to get our country safer and ideas to create jobs and democrats who want to work with the incoming trump administration and republicans in the house and senate and 33 of 50 republican governors and 68 of nine state legislators. republican dominations in state government. and democrats who want to do something for our country and figure out ways to work on ideas
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with them and concerns that americans has and stop the fake news. >> now, we have donald trump and a lot of complaining that there is it so many millionaires. like wilmur ross and steve manutia. and is elane cha o, is she a billionaire, i don't know. and what do you think of this? success is a wonderful thing and that's what you want in the administration. and senate democrat jay rockefeller, i am too healthy to be bribed. interesting. interesting.
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>> and let's talk about. i want you to look at this. i checked the last few presidents. everybody is talking about donald trump being appointed secretary of state. and now there is a leak that it is a gentleman from exxon. but obama appointed the secretary december 1st. and bush on stomach 16th and trump would be ahead television. and clenon didn't until december 22nd. people can't think of anything that they are not ready to complain about. i think he's moving quickly. >> you are right. this is what he said about his selection so far. 12 selection and swamp cleaners. i will go and take on the status quo quo. and do what donald trump
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directed them to do and get focused on job and coping americans safe. there is a he is putting peace through strength by having mattis as a secretary of defense. and he put tom price in charge of health systems and he can replace with something that worked. and that is a mess. and that is exactly right. they are all solid picks that americans will be pleased to see the results and another thing to point out. all indications from what folks tell me inside of the trump transition. it is an administration where he sets hiss cabinet and they will allow their staff price.
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donald trump will not pick everybody who serves in every administration. he will fire competent people. >> next president-elect's choice of secretary of state turning in an ultimate guessing game. we'll have it, justice back in a moment. ‚ô™ibanas and now bac
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to justice with judge janine. >> another week of developments for president- elect trump and his transition time after significant announcementes and the secretary of state still to come. here to discuss it all with my political panel tonight. we have excutive director of
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democracy and charles chamberlain. and everybody, tuesday morning we wake up and find out that boeing contract is way out of line. charles, let me ask you this. didn't you feel good about that? you know, that is a guy who knows airplane and not looking to it waste our money, put politics aside. >> look it is fantastic and if i were able to produce more materials here in america that would be fantast and i can reduction in the cost of things like air force one that would be great. they are little change and he promised big change and he is putting the fox in the charge of the henhouse by putting in people of wall street and goldman sachs. and i don't see this as a president going to it fight for the little guy. when you appoint the exxon ceo
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or secretary of labor that doesn't believe in raising the minimum wage. >> what do you say to that? >> i have a lot to say. he is putting in individuals that are fighters and agents of change and individuals who know how to handle complex bureaucracy and successful businessmen and generals and politicians and individuals who are coming in and they understand donald trump's man date which is that of ensuring it is not politics as usual and bureaucracy will not be in charge and we'll see fundmental change within the government in washington d.c. that is very powerful. and the fact that he's putting in successful businessmen and generals and individuals who are hilo respected in their fields, there is it much to be said about that and that is it a positive change. >> earlier on the show, colonel hunt said that one of the
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biggest bloated agencies the department of defense. and compared to the fact that there is over million support personnel in the department of defense in addition to 1.4 million. and it was over a million who are are out there in the service itself. and you know, that kind of in my mind tells me this is nonsense. don't you agree that someone, forget about the seven year waiverr, but someone who understands the military says it is hog wash. i don't need that. >> it is important to have rules that require civilian leadership in the department of defense. >> that's not where i am going. and the question i am asking. don't you think and we think he will get pass the waiver. we have had civilian leadership and it is the biggest swamp in
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the defense. the pentagon. who knows better than a general. i agree it is civilian leadership. but he gets the military. >> i think that if you look at what we have got. a government that is run by p corporation for year and donald trump a double down on corporations cross the board whether you are looking at military leadership or exxon ceo or fast food ceo. everyone of the appointment system more of the same. just filling the swamp with more of the same people we have had before. people in the pocket of major corporation. >> they are independently wealthy. they are not looking for a job or hand out. they don't need anybody. they hit the top. mercedes, response. >> and the little guy, all donald trump is talking about is
1:36 am
the forgotten voice and american worker. his plan to promote economic growth and bring in investmentes and capitol. he is telling the companies to stay here. that is a message for the american worker. >> he cares a fast-food magnate on top. >> he's trying to create and move forward and have less regulations so that you can have more franchises and people in work. >> guys, we don't have a lot of time. charles, didn't what donald trump at carrier wasn't that a good thing? >> donald trump is doing. filling his cabinet. >> no. no. no. we are are talking about the workers at carrier who are not going to celebrate christmas. >> that'ses in goal. >> you are not answering my question. that is filibustering. and the workers at carrier who
1:37 am
are going to it get a paycheck, is that a good thing. if you are true to your beliefs, is that a good thing. >> it is always a good thing when they get paychecks. >> and on to the next question. charles. okay. last thing real fast. michael moore wants everyone around the world to disrupt things on january 20th. is he a sore loser. what is wrong with him. we need a mobilization for world wide disruption. is that a good thing, mercedes? >> of course not. i think one of the things that republicans have to put up with in 2008 in 12. guess what the republicans did here in washington. they got out of town. and took a vacation. it is a peaceful transition of power and allowing supporters of trump to celebrate a historic moment. it is a matter of moving
1:38 am
forward. >> charles, what do you think of michael morsaying people should deputy around the world to disrupt because of trump trum being a president. namerica has history of peaceful protest and women fighting for the right to vote. >> and u.s. embassy, i should complain that donald trump won the election. >> people need to speak their minds and there is nothing wrong with peaceful civil disobedience and chance for free speech. that's what we hold dear and can't be lost under donald trump. >> well, then. >> people should be able to protest. >> but we want to see the peaceful transition of power. that's part of american history as well. >> perfect civil disobedience. >> thank you for being here. >> peace, judge, peace. >> it's the most wonderful time
1:39 am
of the year. street justice goes to brian park and what gifts would you give donald trump and hillary clinton for christmas. >> you were to bay donald trump forever christmas. >> a paint brush. >> and hillary clinton? >> a nonsquare jacket with shape in it. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian.
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so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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>> now the dangerers facing the united states power grichltd america's first legislation to protect the critical infrastructure of the home land passed the senate and expected to be signed into law by the president. and here to discuss this is arizona congressman trent franks. >> good evening, congressman it is a long and difficult strug toll get to this point. tell us where we are. njudge, we are on the very edge now of being able to see a land mark legislation that will protect this country against the dangerous electrical magnetic threats. it is it a long time. but you have been there from the beginning.
1:45 am
i want to express gratitude in my heart. it helped people like me to get traction we needed and that is significant for the country. >> i appreciate you saying that. but without people who fight the good fight, it would will never happen. what is stunning to me is that there are people in government. who resist the feature. and the segket mets that we had on this. and the dangers that are inherit.
1:46 am
but everyone assumes that politicians are on our side and we are not. we are not protected are we. >> no. but this is the end of the beginning. we have a man date to go forward and so does the manufactured. and it dove tails with the new administration. the trump administration understands this threat and said they will work to upgrade the grid and protect the grid. and understand it is a defense asset in itself. it is going to come at the right time. i don't think we would know what it would mean. shutting down food, transportation and water and sewer and electricity and banking and computer services. it would as you say, put us in the horse-and-buggy without the horse and bugy and would mean the loss of millions of live and
1:47 am
we shouldn't be that vulnerable. and bite grace of god we'll not be. >> thank you, congressman for all of the work you are done. we have the shield act that we have to get going. and i thank you for coming on tonight and thank you you for all of your efforts. >> thank you for everything, judge. and coming up, has president-elect trump and hillary clinton made the naughty or nice list? what do they want to buy hillary for christmas. she lost. the wait is over. street justice is next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable.
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you've been waiting patiently, and now it's finally time for your weekly dose of "my street justice." this week i went to the holiday shops in new york city's bryant park to ask what people would buy hillary clinton and president-elect trump for christmas this year, and boy did i have some fun. take a look. okay, if you were going to buy donald trump a present for christmas, what would you buy
1:52 am
him? >> uh, would be that's a good one. >> oh, my god, that is a loaded question. i would buy him a book on advice. >> what kind of advice? >> advice on humility and grace. >> and hillary clinton, what would you buy her for christmas? >> that's also a loaded question. >> for hillary, i would buy her, let's see, i would probably buy her a handkerchief. >> if you were going to buy a gift for donald trump for christmas, what do you think you would buy him? >> a new hair brush. >> and hillary clinton? >> a non-square jacket with a bit of shapeening to it. >> probably a book on foreign policy. >> all right, and hillary clinton? >> she's had enough money, a nice ranch, maybe. >> what would you buy?
1:53 am
>> boy, you don't want to know what i would buy for hillary. i would buy her an outfit and i won't tell you what color. >> if you want to buy donald trump a present for christmas, what would you buy him? >> a filter. let's go right to hillary? >> like a band-aid? >> yeah. >> what would you buy trump for christmas? >> a new hairpiece. >> what are we buying hillary? >> handcuffs. >> do you want for christmas? >> love and affection. >> you want love and affection. everybody. everybody. >> say it! it's your one chance. who is she? go ahead. >> michelle wood. >> you didn't have sty her last name. >> what would you buy her? >> oh, my gosh? you know, relax a little bit. she had a rough road she just traveled. >> where would you send her?
1:54 am
>> someplace tropical, i guess. >> i would buy him is a safety deposit box to put that phone in so he would stop tweeting. >> we would get him a bottle. >> he doesn't drink, so? so east not going to use it. >> okay, he can give it back to us, because it's impossible to get a bottle and i would love one for christmas. >> get me one. how about hillary? >> a conciliatory bottle of bourbon. >> she'd drink it, too. >> i'm here with some of the teachers from jamaica academy. they just polled their students, what would they buy donald trump for christmas? >> they said, tanning lotion. >> tanning lotion? >> yeah. >> and what do the kids want to buy hillary for christmas? >> balloons. >> why, where is she going? >> they just want to congratulate her. >> they want to congratulate her? guys, she lost! >> if i were going to buy a present for donald trump, which one would you suggest i buy?
1:55 am
that one for donald trump? oh. >> well, that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. no puppet. you're the puppet. >> it's pretty clear you won't admit -- >> you're the puppet. >> which puppet would i buy for hillary clinton? that one? you were going to buy donald trump a present for christmas, what would you buy him? >> i would buy him some page fly. >> going surfing, this one's for hillary. where is she going? >> anywhere with the sun and having a good time. >> how about saudi arabia? >> huh? >> what are you buying hillary? >> i'll buy her a necklace. a diamond necklace. >> a diamond necklace. >> and i went on the
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that's it for us tonight. friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter and on instagram @judgejanine. you've got two weeks until christmas. it's time to buy my book, "he killed them all." you can find it online. i'm telling you, it's a great book. if you don't like it, i'll give you your money back. see if you can find me.
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anyway, thanks for watching. we'll see you next week. same time, same place, it'll be me. banderas. absolutely. president-elect donald trump may be closer to filling a major piece of his cabinet puzzle. secretary of state. this is the fox report. president-elect trump met again with exxon mobile chief rex tillerson this morning. tillerson is a emerged as a front runner to run the state department. all of that in the background since army faces off with navy. first time in years army won. mr. trump is believed to be very first president-elect to attend the match up. the


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