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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 13, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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this. they posted a giant sign on the manger reading please help. mary missing. joseph doesn't want to be a single dad. it's not a nativity without her. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good tuesday morning to you and your family. look at all the christmas lights behind us. december 13th today. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a news alert. two huge picks added to the cabinet today including the most anticipated job yet. the secretary of state. we have the scoop for you. >> res niece are big league names. >> how would hillary clinton feel if somebody questioned the outcome of our democratic election? >> let me respond to that. that's horrifying. >> that was then and this is now. looks like somebody forgot to tell her campaign chairman. john podesta is making an unprecedented demand to try to
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change the election results. if you are one of the people who cannot accept that donald trump won the election, have no fear. government sponsoring therapy and especially here in new york city. it's on us. let me just remind you, mornings are better with friends. cheer up. ♪ he's going big and he's kind of -- pete hegseth is having pancakes and punditry at johnny b's in west allis, wisconsin. >> christmas decorations up. good morning, pete. >> it's incredibly festive. >> donald trump will be here in stal is later today to talk about -- for his thank you tour. we're talking politics in the diner. asking how donald trump is doing. i've been looking at the diner.
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there's something called the king of johnny v's. ten eggs, hash browns, three bacon, three sausage and ham. if you can eat it in an hour, you get it free. >> that's not for an entire table, just for one person? >> just one person. >> expensive. >> man oh, man. >> thank you, pete. we look forward to talking to you throughout the show. >> can't wait -- >> is that a guy thing? i would never try to do that. >> it's not a guy thing. it's one of those things, bottomless shrimp. >> i think it is a guy thing. there's a young man who used to live at my house. when he was in high school, he had a bet whether or not he could eat the ben and jerry's vermontster. it's a pail of ice cream. >> did he ever do it? >> he ate it. sick for three days. >> right. >> it's definitely worth it. it's bad for you and you threw
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up. >> he's still up on the wall in richwood, new jersey. just saying. >> news that's happening today. how do we know? donald trump tweeted it out. it's coming out. maybe even on the show. >> tillerson is going to be offered the secretary of state position. if it passes through, he will be the next secretary of state. when you think about an outsider, absolutely an outsider in business. however, when you find out that bob gates and both former secretary of state condoleeza rice recommended him, there must be something there. >> yeah. >> apparently, he has been doing business with exxon since the yeltsin days. according to transition officials, the reason he impressed donald trump and there were a parade of people up for that job, he had made some deals across the world that were trumpian, that was their word, in nature. big deals and donald trump really likes that guy right
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there. >> donald trump says he's able to sail through the confirmation process. there are some critics that are in congress that say maybe not so much. we're not in support of this guy because he has ties to russia. he got an award called the honor of friendship that vladimir putin gave him. >> he did a big deal, he was able to secure the arctic drilling rights for exxon and then the russian national oil company was able to take part in some exxon concessions around the world. good for both parties. >> the problem is, maybe it's not a problem, he has done deals with countries that are not -- they are authoritarian or communist. he looks for stability in order to get his deal done. now he's got to answer the questions, can you put the country where you put exxon? the answer is yes, he'll get through. meanwhile, let's talk about mitt romney. he is officially the runner-up for this position. >> that's right. mitt romney posted this on facebook. he says it was an honor to have been considered for secretary of state of our great country.
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my discussions with president-elect trump have been enjoyable and enlightening. i have very high hopes that administration will lead the nation with greater strength and prosperity. this is good news. he was not a fan of trump. he called him a phony. now they're buddies. >> which is terrific. i saw something in gateway pundit this morning that said according to roger stone who has been an ally with donald trump through the years that donald trump really wasn't intending to make mitt romney a serious contender. he said he was toying with him. that's what it said there. >> that's highly unlikely. >> there's a general friendship there that has developed over the last month or so. you get the friend, rudy giuliani, nobody was more loyal to donald trump in the runup to the election. rudy, as it turns out, he took himself out of contention a couple of days ago. >> it was probably one of the few positions that many people
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felt was perhaps a reach for rudy giuliani. although it's hard to imagine him not doing a great job. he and donald trump seem to have the same mind-set. it's important too, mitt romney having a job in the administration. this is a taxing position. after a couple of years, a lot of people rotate out. i think he's on deck to do something or do some of these -- >> were you surprised when we got the word that rick perry was going to be energy sector. he went from governor of texas to "dancing with the stars" to energy secretary. >> i think it was in 2012 when he was asked to name the three government agencies he was going to abolish, he said education and commerce and he forgot to mention energy. >> he doesn't want to get rid of that one. >> he understands the energy industry. he talks extensively at it. >> he's from texas. >> he ran that state.
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>> it's also important to know, this was another guy, he went at it personally with -- on many levels, donald trump was impressed with him. >> when we traveled with him, rick perry was always there, rudy giuliani was always there too. >> let's talk about the effort to delegitimize the president of the united states incoming. as it turns out the recount didn't work out for the democrats. so now they've moved on to it's the russians were assisting donald trump. keep in mind yesterday we told you that the cia thought there was a connection. but the fbi said they can't prove it. now, actually the head of all the government intel agencies, the office of the national intelligence does not endorse the idea because there's no evidence that moscow actually did it. >> there's no evidence but they said they don't know the intent. they believe there was hacking there but they don't know the
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intent of the hacking to help trump, hillary or rand paul. >> they're never going to know. >> unless you find the guy or woman that did it and said here's my focus. >> it's going to be the same for both parties. donald trump was tweeting this, this morning or last night. he said the final wisconsin vote is in and guess what, we just pingd up an additional 131 votes. the demes and green party can now rest. scam. >> the recount is over and that didn't work. now john podesta put out a statement saying it was all rigged and he wants the electoral college member electors to get a special briefing before they cast their ballots on december 19th. he says this in a statement. >> despite our protestations this matter did not receive the attention that it deserved by the media and the campaign. this should distress every american. never before in the history of our republic have we seen such
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an effort to undermine the bedrock of our democracy. this is not a partisan issue. >> keep in mind, too, there's very few people who have done more to hurt hillary clinton than john podesta, when it's exposed by a phishing scheme that could have lured in everyday americans, he's the most important person of that staff, it was exposed by a staffer of his and you know what it really revealed, behind the scenes they have little respect for their candidate and it revealed that they were working in cahoots to make sure that bernie sanders made absolutely no legitimate progress to get the nomination and alienated the supporters. that's pretty much on him. >> the white house said after the election, there's absolutely no evidence that hackers impacted the election. since all this stuff has come out, we realize there's no information there. my question to everybody is, if and it's a big if. if the russians did hack in to impact the election to help
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donald trump, what information was the smoking gun? there wasn't anything decisive in the information we got from the e-mails that we saw that swung the election. the election was won in those blue states that went red because donald trump's message was of jobs and of change and that resonated with america. whatever information was got from the hacks, i don't think -- >> they were hacking our pentagon and the white house from 2014. >> separate from what we're talking about -- >> let me finish. if you were that upset with the hacking by the russians/china, now the president of the united states is scrambling to help john podesta and everybody else instill doubt in donald trump's legitimacy. if you're that concerned about the hacking of national security, where was the hacking that affected the white house and the pentagon and the investigation and the retribution of that. we never sent north korea a
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message. now we have to get to the bottom of an overwhelming electoral victory of donald trump. >> we've heard from the producers, they're telling me that rex tiller son, this is a fox news alert. he will be the next secretary of state. we'll be talking with reince priebus in an hour or two. in the meantime, it's 6:11 in new york city. >> let's hand it over to heather with headlines. good morning. i hope you're having a good morning. pure chaos at two different planes packed with passengers. forced to make emergency landings overnight. it was a terrifying scare on a san francisco-bound flight when it started losing pressure midair. the american airlines plane which left from charlotte diverted to phoenix. that's where crews checked the plane. police giving the all clear to a lufthansa flight. the pilot immediately landing
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the plane. the jet, the world's largest passenger plane was carrying more than 500 people. a busy night in the skies. a man accused of shooting two georgia police officers arrested overnight after an hours-long manhunt. gordon opened fire on officers who pulled him over in a stolen car near the border with south carolina. gordon was out on bond for an attempted murder charge. both officers thankfully will be okay. six georgia police officers have been shot in the past week alone. two in a drug raid early monday morning and two others killed were responding to a call just outside of atlanta. a letter from president nixon predicting mr. trump's victory will soon hang in the oval office. that memorable note after the president-elect's appearance on the phil donahue show back in 1987. if this all sounds familiar, that's because mr. trump showed it to fox last month. watch this. >> it's a letter from richard
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nixon written in 1987. it was just amazing that he wrote it. >> mr. nixon writing in part, quote mrs. nixon told me you were great on the donahue show. she predicts when you decide to run for office that you will be a winner. mr. trump remains close with the nixon family today. and those are your headlines. how about that. about to hang in the white house. become a winner. >> no kidding. >> the highest office. >> thank you very much. >> first nixon, then churchill. that's a woman being dragged off her flight flat on her back. wait until you hear what happened that led to this. >> don't jump the line. what really happens at the top of trump tower once you board the golden elevators. that's our next guest. congressman zinc i. ♪
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prevnar 13® is approved for adults 18 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. the most common side effects were pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. get this one done! ask about prevnar 13® at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. fox news alert. president-elect donald trump officially nominated exxon-mobil ceo rex tillerson as america's next secretary of state. this is a growing list of politicians to make the trip to trump tower this week. among them is republican congressman ryan zinc i, an early trump supporter. met with the president-elect yesterday to talk about a wide
3:18 am
range of issue. it was back in may on this program you declared you were throwing your support behind donald trump. now you're going over there to chat about a possible job or just ideas? >> it was an interesting conversation. my wife went with me and we talked about a wide range of issues from women in combat to land policy to indian bureau of affairs to the v.a. and veterans. he's very, very inquisitive. when you walk out, i don't know, if the president asks to you do something, it's very difficult to say no. certainly his picks thus far, mattis and of course the secretary of state, he's a deal maker. >> sure tillerson. >> we've fallen sort in trade deals and in our coalition partners about making sure we have an alliance. i think it's a good choice. it's certainly different and shakes things up.
3:19 am
you look at how are we in position to our foreign partners, our adversaries? we do need a person that can negotiate these things. >> it looks like the trump diplomatic approach would be more cooperation with russia and more concessions with china regarding security and trade and sufficient like that. >> i don't view russia as, first of all, our enemy. i view russia as an aggressor. china as a competitor, certainly. you look at the hacking. russia is an equal opportunity hacker. they look at vulnerability. they hack everything they can. china the same way. you look at our weapons systems. why do they look really close to ours? the reports are maybe $200 billion of intellectual property taken by china. hacking is not -- this is the not the first time something has been hacked. >> you think about the suggestion that russia hacked into the democrats and what not to help donald trump win the
3:20 am
presidency? >> concern would be hacking into miss clinton's server. at the time she was the leader, the presumed president. hacking into her systems for leverage. i think russia does what's in the best interest for russia. if there's something they can get into it and look at it for possible leverage, they will. >> what do you think of the mainstream media and essentially it looks like to discredit or delegitimize the incoming president, look, he's president because russia helped him. >> i think that's folly. what's the motive at the end of the day? overall, i sit on the house of armed services, emerging threats of cyber security is an issue. we need to make sure we can deal with it. what happens now, when we get hacked, it's forensic. >> absolutely. >> we just find out, well, this is what burned down and what do they get? we have a guess. but we don't respond. if someone hacks us, especially
3:21 am
a foreign country, we need to immediately retaliate. >> absolutely. congressman, thanks for stopping by after the golden elevators. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. >> we need to step aside. more "fox and friends" in two minutes. r... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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we've got quick headlines. a massive security breach exposes the personal health information of 34,000 people. medical lab company, quest diagnostics which does my blood tests, says hackers for cholesterol -- >> we know what type you are now. >> hackers breached their internet gaining access to names, birth dates and lab results. all those affected have been notified and there's no indication any information has been misused. just for your information, my cholesterol is 190.
3:25 am
your comments have been pouring in about brian williams claim about fake news and the election. >> fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience. >> last week we had mentioned that hillary clinton blamed her election loss on fake news. but clarified this is what she said. >> it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. >> okay. fact check organizations are currently calling on facebook to crackdown on fake news, while facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says they take misinformation very seriously. that's some of the real news. >> some of the lives, cyber talk this week, the cyber titans are coming to trump tower. >> tomorrow. >> it is the heart of the rust belt. wisconsin had not voted republican for nearly three decades until this year.
3:26 am
>> today president-elect donald trump is thanking them as part of his thank you tour in west allis, wisconsin. >> that's where pete hegseth is talking to the voters in west allis. good morning to you, pete. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. the president-elect will be here tonight in west allis. we're getting the pulse of the people as we always do. politics and pancakes. how do people feel about what he's done so far. what do they expect him to say so far? we're filling up johnny v's. right now i've got rick with me. how are you doing? >> good and yourself? >> i'm doing well. you're an independent and you voted for gary johnson. what are your hopes for a trump presidency? >> for me it's relatively peace. no major wars. kind of stay as almost as is. >> you want to see him succeed or how do you feel about the pushback he gets from opponents
3:27 am
right now? >> it's kind of fair from some of the stuff he said on twitter. you want to see the guy succeed. you don't want to see any guy fail in that role. >> the recount in wisconsin, what do you make of the recount where trump came ahead? >> i was fine with the recount. it was privately funded by jill stein and that. for me, basically, there was some difference in the votes which for me i wanted to get to the bottom of. why it wasn't exactly as before. there was some difference. so all the candidates either gained or lost votes. >> there's going to be discrepancies. we're going to keep eating. thanks, rick. >> jessica, how are you doing? good morning. >> good morning. >> you're the manager here at johnny v's. tell us quickly about this spot. >> so it's been here for about 24 years. it's ran by the son and daughter of mo and john. it used to be open 24 hours.
3:28 am
now it's just open -- >> it's a great spot. you're a republican, voted for donald trump. how do you feel he's doing so far? >> i feel like it's getting real exciting. i feel he's going to bring something different to america. i feel like it's going to be positive. >> how do you feel about the picks he's made so far on the transition for his cabinet? >> i feel like they're different. it's very -- we're going to have ceos of different companies and people that are successful helping to build america up again. >> what do you make of, there's been criticism of ceos don't have the political experience or they don't have -- do you think it's an advantage instead that they come at it from a different angle? >> i think it will be an advantage. i think he will come at it from a different angle and bring out their knowledge and share it with everybody else. >> absolutely. there's something on the menu called the king johnny vs, ten pancakes, eight eggs. do you think i can finish it?
3:29 am
>> i think so. >> a prediction that i can eat and get my picture on the wall and get a free t-shirt. >> free t-shirt, that changes everything. >> right. >> can the packers make the playoffs? >> can the what? >> the packers make the playoffs. >> that's the real question. >> i want to see that displayed on the counter to see how much food that really is. do you think they can make it for you. >> we'll do it for you ainsley. >> it's coming up soon. >> i want to count the number of eggs. >> it's wisconsin. then we'll recount the eggs. >> that's cute. >> we'll see you shortly. >> straight ahead. on this tuesday. a college professor bee rates his co-workers for supporting the president-elect and then our own tucker carlson schools him. >> i know what a weasely inference is. say it out loud. >> tucker wasn't finished. we'll show you more. >> will he be a man about it? >> the video is insane. that's a woman being dragged off
3:30 am
her flight flat on her back. wait until you hear what she did. then led to this. >> but first, happy birthday to dick van dyke. he is 91 years old today. what do y'all remember him for most? >> chitty, chitty bang bang. >> dick van dyke show. mary poppins. he fell over the ottoman. best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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♪ protecting us for nearly four centuries and today the national guard celebrated its 380th birthday here on our plaza, ainsley. >> that's right, brian. joining us now to celebrate is the chief of the national guard. general joseph lindell and chief
3:34 am
master sergeant mitchell brush. sergeant, general, thank you for being with us. what does this mean to you? >> we're just happy to be here. we're proud of who we are. the national guard has changed a lot in 380 years. we're deployed all over the world. we fight our nation's wars and build partnerships all around the world. >> it's amazing we got you here. you predate the starting of the country. >> i think we're pretty good at it. we got a lot of professionals here to protect our homeland every single day. >> over the last number of years shall it's been tough to be in the national guard because you wind up getting deployed and getting deployed and getting deployed. >> that's what we do. that's what people signed up to do. i'm here today with task force empire seals from new york city and you see them in grand central station, penn station, the airports. they're here to keep people safe and they do that all around the country. >> we really appreciate that, too. >> as you keep us safe, would you like to have the ceremonial --
3:35 am
>> get up here. >> there's the cake. >> the commander. they're going to help cut it. >> we're going to cut a piece. >> there we go. >> yea. >> happy birthday. >> cut a piece right here. >> the youngest. first class schwartz is going to have a bite for all of -- >> he's 22 years old. >> 22 years old. >> he's going to have a big bite snie snieft. >> private, can did you join for the cake? >> i joined for a good cause. >> does it taste like a 380-year-old cake? >> not at all, sir. not at all. >> sergeant, what's the special challenge to serve in a national guard in these times? >> it's a balance of trying to figure out how to get your civilian job. 70% of our force are traditional
3:36 am
guardsmen. they come in on the weekend and balance your military job with all the requirements that we do. whether it's homeland or overseas someplace. fighting our nation's wars. >> you need cooperation from the private sector to -- >> we absolutely do. we have to thank our communities and our families and our employers for giving the great support they do to the men and women through our service members. >> we're going to step aside. he needs coffee to go with the cake. >> thank you very much. thank you so much. >> happy birthday. >> let's toss it inside. heather has news for us. heather. >> i certainly do. good morning and happy birthday to the national guardsmen out there. tucker carlson taking on a professor still furious over president-elect donald trump's min. tony mack u la is his name and he sent an e-mail to 600 employees at the state university of new york in geneseo asking them to defend why they voted for the man who
3:37 am
embodies the "white power movement." carlson grilling macula over his message. check this out. >> i never called anyone a racist. i didn't make any assertions. don't you know the difference between an assertion and a question. >> i know what a weasely inference is. if you say the guys who support him, you're inferring that he -- he you're calling him a bigot. don't pretend. say it out loud. be a man about it. >> there you go. macula has received several messages asking him to stop whining and get over the fact that donald trump won the election. on a delta flight, a woman is arrested and dragged down the center aisle like a ragdoll after she skipped check-in. the shocking moment caught on camera as police officers pull her down the aisle by her ankles and wrists. that flight was on the way from san diego to detroit. one passenger reporting that the woman was tased after she
3:38 am
stormed past gate agents and on to the plane while ranting about lose -- faith in the -- a dentist busted accused of lying through his teeth as he extracted patients pearly whites without a license or anesthetic. police in sarasota, florida say he pulled out ten teeth on a reclining chair in his living room at his house. he charged -- thanks to an undercover sting he was caught for practicing dentistry without a license. ouch. bill de blasio creating a safe space for anti-trump employees. mental health support services are being offered for municipal workers. the liberal mayor who publicly supported hillary clinton accepteding an e-mail that reads
3:39 am
that many new yorkers may feel distressed or vulnerable following the election results. we have seen concerns expressed on the social media and we're monitoring them closely. you can go to therapy if you're still upset about donald trump's election here in new york city. let's head outside to janice dean, somebody who needs no therapy there. >> good morning and happy birthday national guard. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming. what's your name? >> donna. >> where are you from? >> new york city. >> what do you think of this weather? >> i love it. >> she loves it. why do you love it so much? >> i love the cold and the winter. >> it loves you. let's look at the temperatures. let's going to get colder, my friend. the arctic plunge is on its way from our friends in canada. we're going to feel single digits and teens by the end of the week. are you still going to love new york weather. >> i love it. >> i love you, national guard. here's the temperatures across the northern plains. this is what's coming. look at the windchill. minus 24. >> i don't mind it. >> she doesn't mind it.
3:40 am
why don't you stick around the rest of the day today. >> okay. >> we got to go. me and cake. it's dangerous here. thank you for coming everybody. >> thanks for having us. >> wave to everybody at home. >> happy 380th birthday, national guard. we love you. >> janice, send them inside. we'll take a picture on the curvy couch on a break. >> do you want to take a picture with brian kilmeade? >> sure. >> one quick picture and it's off. >> never ask a question unless you know the answer. >> they'd rather stay outside in 22 degree weather. >> the way she asked it, sounds like that's what you were asking. come on in and take a picture with me. >> so lonely. it's just me in here. >> still ahead. a message from first responders to you. >> we'll run into a burning building to save your life. >> though i do not know your name, i will take a bullet for you. >> well, that prayer has gone viral.
3:41 am
this morning some of them are going to join us live with what they want every american to know. >> and the president-elect blasting reports from the cia's russia tried help him win. it seems the fbi agrees with mr. trump. what's really going on here? judge andrew napolitano takes us inside the intel battle, next. live from new york city. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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so, how much longer do you think this will take? i'll over-explain the process, then give you an unrealistic timeline. i'll nod in agreement so my wife thinks i understand what you're saying. i look forward to questioning your every move. okay, well i'll leave your house in shambles and disappear for six months. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. tried to play the russia cia card. it would be called conspiracy theory. >> the cia standing by its claims. they say there's no evidence.
3:45 am
here to break it all down is judge andrew napolitano. judge, also the office of the director of national intelligence does not endorse the cia finding because there is no evidence that russia tried to help trump. >> you're right. but let's start with a couple of basics. there are 16 known, publicly known intelligence agencies of the federal government. there are god only knows how many not publicly known intelligence agencies filled with all kinds of people with all kinds of political views that sometimes they disagree with each other. sometimes a team goes off on its own and do something management is unaware of. somewhere, somehow a team in the cia expressed an opinion that the russians could infliens the election. how could they do that? there's leaking and there's hacking. leaking is when somebody on the inside spills the beans or somebody from the outside gets in there and reveals what is there. >> that's what julian assange says. he says it was an insider. >> correct.
3:46 am
>> not a hack. >> correct. that's what happened to mrs. clinton. that's what happened to john podesta. that's what happened to the whole clinton campaign. every day. another 3,000 or 4,000 things. technically, hacking is when someone remotely gets in the operational system and controls it and alters what's in there. there's absolutely no evidence that's been produced yet, brian, and -- >> hacking isn't going in and taking me e-mails? >> no. hacking is affecting the integrity of the system. there's no evidence that that happened here by anybody for any purpose. >> is there any evidence of leaking? >> of course there's evidence of leaking. somehow all the e-mails of john podesta -- >> that's not hacking. that's leaking. hacking is controlling. influencing, changing, altering the operational system. leaking is revealing what's in there. >> having said that, what does -- donald trump have a case
3:47 am
when he said this played no role in the election? >> yes, donald trump has a strong case. the best case the democrats have is some people were disaffected to mrs. clinton when they read the snarky e-mails of her staff. what donald trump is talking about, there is no evidence that the russian government did something that affected the outcome of this election. he's absolutely correct. >> what's your reaction to donald trump's tweet then? what if the roles were reversed? >> if the roles were reversed, it would be very, very serious issue. >> the fbi an the cia not on the same page. i thought after 9/11, though, they were supposed to be together. >> you know, they were. but there's still institutional rivalry. here's the interesting thing. they all rely on almost the same body of intelligence. it shows you how inskrutable
3:48 am
intelligence can be. two teams looking at the same raw intelligence can see the same thing and interpret it 180 degrees differently. >> judge, thank you very much. >> all the best, guys. >> straight ahead, fox news alert made it official. rex tillerson is his pick for secretary of state. the incoming white house chief of staff, reince priebus joins us to discuss at the top of the hour. a prayer to you the people that they protect from the first responders. >> god bless each of you who we fight for. >> live for, die for. >> so they are praying for us. some of the heroes who joined forces for that video are going to join us live next.
3:49 am
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♪ first responders delivering a very powerful message to the people that they protect, you and your family. >> i don't see you by religion. i see you as a fellow american. >> the same god looks out for us regardless of what you call him. >> many have come before me. many have sacrificed more than me. >> before i leave for work, i kiss my family good-bye. i pray i will return to them. >> but we share in the difficult knowledge the moment may come where i may not. >> for now, i live each moment in appreciation that i can serve and protect. >> firefighters and police officers from manchester, connecticut, joining forces to share their message and has gone viral with more than a million views. here with more on how this video came to be is manchester fire chief don moore and mark
3:53 am
mananotomi, am i saying that correctly? i put it on my twitter account for folk at home. it's worth watching. how did the video come to be? >> well, we were in -- approached by kyle ryes and he is donating the services to put together this message to put together for the public. >> he's a ceo in your hometown. >> he's a ceo in our town. he volunteered his services to help us get the message on the street. the message basically was i think public safety gets a bad rap nowadays and 99.9% of what we do is positive, so we wanted to get the positive out there. >> don, he put together all of your video. all of you had your stof in the -- staff in the video. you all know everyone. i was impressed with some of the messaging. we run into a burning building to safe your life.
3:54 am
we take a bullet to safe your life. we don't see anyone by race or religion or sexual preference. what was your reaction to -- i mean, millions of people have seen this. what was your reaction to that? >> it's very powerful. and it's what we do every day with guys on the line and women on the line, put their life on the line all the time, and they don't think about it. we think about making sure that citizens are safe in our community. >> let's show our viewers at home a little nip pet of it. >> i will run into a burning building to safe -- save your life. >> though i do not know your name, i will take a bullet for you. >> though we've never met. >> i believe in duty, sacrifice of self. >> on my honor, i will never betray my badge. >> why was it important to make this video for you? >> like you said, i think that the public has a misperception particularly as of late of what public safety really does. public safety is a lot more than
3:55 am
just throwing bad people in jail. we're the ones who pull you out of the burning car. we're the ones who respond when you are having a medical -- we've become all things to all people, and i think we've kind of gotten a bad rap recently, so i'm glad this message says something positive and i'm glad the reaction to it was positive. >> dave, the responsibility that you guys have is -- you see in that video, you guys are talking about kissing your families good-bye, your children good-bye in the morning and not knowing and praying that you are going to come home safe at night. what is your message if people are watching that are anti police or anti fire department or anti first responders? >> i believe there is a lot of negative attention to first responders at this point but what we tried to do with this message is that these are real people. these are not just a badge. it's not just a uniform and in the video, they are not actors, they are not models, they are
3:56 am
not professional spokespeople, these are real people that are highly motivated to come out and serve mankind. it's a very noble calling, and this is something that these individuals love to do. >> not only do you sacrifice your lives for all of us, you also are praying for us. so thank you so much for everything you do. you are just amazing individuals. >> thank you. >> merry christmas, god bless you all. have you heard president obama has a new criticism of the president-elect? he says that mr. trump is flying blind. the incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus is standing by at trump tower to join us live on that. and hide your eyes. the cross on that christmas tree could be offensive, could cause irrepresent -- repairable harm? the lawsuit to get it down and the big decision to get is -- is just ahead.
3:57 am
should it stay or should it go down? i know how you all could answer. for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer
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visit your local infiniti retailer. >> good morning to you and your family, it's december 13th. i'm ainsley earhardt. the president-elect just made it official, rex tillerson is his pick for secretary of state. right now preeb bus is standing by at trump tower. >> how would hillary clinton feel if somebody questioned the outcome of our democrat election? >> let me respond to that because that's horrifying. >> well, it looks like somebody forgot toell her campaign chairman. this morning, john podesta is making a new and unprecedented demand. plus "the view" it's still on. unhinged. >> the hammer and sickle on the american flag before we stand up to this guy?
4:01 am
>> please. joy behar wants donald trump to step down. i wonder if trump will. can we get a line out there? let's get john roberts up. your mornings are better with friends. ♪ that's a great song. >> yeah. >> i love sugarland. that's it. is that the big boy breakfast? is that the johnny bs. >> that is for one person, right? not an empire baseball team. >> this is the king of johnny b's challenge, ten eggs, pancakes. i got an hour to finish it. >> we need to see it all. >> how many pancakes are there? >> eight pancakes and ten eggs.
4:02 am
>> you are going to need a personal loan. >> you did two tours. you can do this. >> i'm working on it. >> how much is it on the menu? >> $18. it's the best deal you can find in west milwaukee. come on out here to johnny bs. >> it's free if you finish it. we're going to be talking to voters about politics. donald trump coming to west allis tonight and we're going to ask about his new pick and how he's done so far. >> thanks a lot. i think he's got to fail miserably. >> i think he can do it. >> i don't. joining us now is the future chief of staff for president-elect trump, reince priebus. >> joy behar wants him to step down. do you think he will? >> i think he's putting together one of the greatest cabinets that an administration has seen in a very long time. he's doing great. he's having -- he's enjoying it
4:03 am
and it's also a lot of work and i think a lot of people are very proud of what's happening here in new york and can't wait to bring it back to washington, d.c. and get started. >> the big name today is rex tillerson, the ceo of exxonmobil, it sounds like it's going to be his official nomination. why is that guy getting a job and not mitt, no rudy, not corker, any of those other guys? >> first of all, it starts with a vision. it starts with chemistry. it starts with how all of that will be implemented. look, i think it's very clear that this was a pick that president-elect trump took a long time to make but also a deliberative amount of time to make. look at the people he talked to. he talked to john bolton, mitt romney, rudy giuliani, david petraeus but at the end it was rex tillerson, sort of the business but also the vision and also the fact that rex tillerson
4:04 am
has maintained these relationships across the world through many administrations, both republicans and democrats, and at the end of the day, it's putting america first and donald trump and rex tillerson had a connection on that issue and we're excited about today and what rex tillerson is going to bring to the table. >> we know he could get a great table in yemen. he knows the best restaurants. he's that connected in some of the worst spots in the world that happen to have oil. the question is can he put america where scon was? ask -- can he understand america's interests? >> it requires someone at the top of the -- at the top to say look we have to have relationships with people who may not always be are the greatest people in the world but people i have to get along with.
4:05 am
in order to have world peace, in order to have peace in the middle east, you know that you have to be able to bring people to the table that might not always like each other, but you have somebody that is capable of doing that and so having relationships with people that would otherwise not be the first people you would invite to your party might actually be beneficial to putting america first and that's what rex tillerson and president-elect trump want to do. >> what senator mccain and mendez have problems with is he's gotten the friendship award from vladimir putin. can somebody who has a friendship plaque on his office be tough on vladimir putin? >> rex tillerson is a really tough guy. you know what, athletes, astronauts, musicians, other americans, canadians, a lot of folks have gotten this award. but the truth is having relationships with people is not a bad thing. i don't know how we got to the place where having an actual
4:06 am
functional relationship with someone who might not be a person that we would first think of to have that relationship with is suddenly a bad thing. i mean, we have a lot of problems in this world and we're not going to solve those problems by making believe that people don't exist so america first. that's what president-elect trump lives by every day. that's what's in his head every day. americans first. america first. we're going to be tough across the world, and president-elect trump and rex i willer son and vice president president-elect pence are going to take every day with that mind set in place. >> what about secretary of energy? rick perry was named as secretary of energy. why did you guys choose him? >> that hasn't been formally announced. >> cbs reported that. >> cbs can report what they want to report. it has not been official. >> maybe why is he on the list? that's a better way to do it,
4:07 am
ainsley. >> if we did, no, i would say obviously we got a 14-year governor of texas that i think people know across the country as being a great advocate and leader. he's managed one of the biggest states in the country, but not just that, but one of the biggest economies in the world. so leading up the department of energy is something he could do very well. we have a lot of confidence in governor perry. he's a great friend. but obviously it's not a done deal yet, but certainly he's extraordinary. >> it's not a done deal yet. he's not president of the united states, and yet i'm sure you saw yesterday the legacy media going crazy over the fact that donald trump is not taking the daily presidential briefing every day. there's a lot of information that's all the same. if anything changes, let him know. here's a sound bite. i want you to listen to this. here's the president of the united states saying that mr. trump is flying blind without it. listen. >> they are full of
4:08 am
extraordinarily hard working patriotic and knowledgeable experts and if you are not getting their perspective, their detailed perspective, then you are flying blind. >> i believe he didn't take it every day either, but what do you make of his assessment that you are flying blind without the critical assessment of the people in the intel community? >> it's just not true. he's doing his intelligence briefings every day, and we do the presidential briefing. i think this week we'll have three presidential briefings in the five days. i mean, this is a little bit ridiculous and over the top. look, he's very prepared. we spent all day, every day, in his office, every half an hour meeting with someone different, whether it be about world affairs, domestic issues, interviews for cabinet positions. yesterday, he spoke with president obama as well for
4:09 am
quite a long time talking about a number of issues. so this is just a little bit, you know, look, people are slicing and dicing right now and it's december. it's ten days before christmas. it's interesting and everything is donald trump all the time but that's okay because he's ready. we're excited, and he's doing a fantastic job. >> all right. now let's talk about what's not going to happen and that is donald trump press conference to describe how he's going to disentangle himself from his business. what we do know is he's said eric and don jr will not add to the business. they will maintenance the properties that they have and it looks like ivanka and jared will be playing a role in the administration. but we didn't get the press conference we thought we were getting. what happened? >> well, first of all, you are going to get it and we're going to do it right after christmas, after the first of the year. but can we back up a second? i think you all know this. we have a person that's built one of the most successful
4:10 am
retail companies in the entire world. no one didn't believe when they went to the polls that the trump brand, the hotels, the golf courses -- all of it, wasn't something that was real and was something that wasn't going to be cut off instantly right after the election. this isn't easy stuff so what president-elect trump is doing with a lot of lawyers and a lot of people involved is just making sure that all government ethic are followed. that the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. that's all this is. it takes time but we'll get it right. >> would i say i'm accurate in that description that don jr and eric stay in new york, run the companies, don't buy anything else and just maintenance those accounts and ivanka will be playing some type of role in the administration? >> part of that is true but perhaps not all of it and i'm not prepared now to slice and dice it with you although i do
4:11 am
like you a lot, brian. it's not something that i'm going to do right now. but i will say what we talk about earlier about rex tillerson, it's america first, americans first, and we don't want to have any issues like this moving forward after january 20th, so it's going to take time and i can just assure you and the rest of the american people that president-elect trump is going to do everything properly. >> what can we expect tonight? he's going to wisconsin to thank the voters there to helped him get elected. >> well, i might see my house today. that would be an interesting sight. but i'm looking forward to it. it's a thank you event in wisconsin. you are going to see, obviously, scott walker, paul ryan, and other -- david clarke and others there that are excited. look, we haven't won wisconsin since 1984 and we have a candidate that was very uniquely situated to win, and i don't think anyone else could have won wisconsin but donald trump, so
4:12 am
he did it, and people love him there and we can't see to see everybody. >> it will be good news that you can actually do and do laundry at your actual house. before you go, what do you make of the legacy media talking about how, you know, the story that the cia thinks that russia helped trump, the fbi says there's no proof and now the office of the director of the national intelligence doesn't see any evidence and yet legacy media is saying it looks like positively russia helped trump win? >> well, first of all, there's two different issues. one is the hacking itself, which we don't like and think is ridiculous and we need to protect americans and businesses and entities from hacking. but the second piece which is terribly offensive is that somehow russia helped donald trump win. number one, there's no evidence that the result of whatever anyone did on this hacking actually helped donald trump win. the reason donald trump won was that he swept the country with a
4:13 am
message like no one has ever seen. he won because he crushed hillary clinton in the debates, especially debate two and three. he won because he was able to resonate throughout the midwest. he won because hillary decided to ignore wisconsin and michigan. i'm sure the russians didn't advise her of that. this whole thing is really a play by the liberal media to take away a legitimate electoral landslide from president-elect trump. but forget about that. we don't care. we're moving forward. we do want to avoid these sorts of situations in the future but there's no evidence that it actually helped donald trump win. he did it. the team did it. and obviously, we're excited about looking forward, not through the rearview mirror and that's what we're doing every day. >> i'm sure you are going to have a big day today as you announce the secretary of state and maybe the secretary of energy. thanks so much for joining us. appreciate it, reince priebus. >> thank you, have you fun at home today? >> that's right.
4:14 am
>> he could rake some leaves or scoop some snow. stu varney is on deck and he predicts a liberal meltdown. ota♪ at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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4:18 am
another goldman sachs bank era pointed to a key white house role, donald trump picking gary cohn. who is gary cohn and is he the right pick? here to break it down is stuart varney. he runs goldman. >> he's the chief operating officer. he operates the company. >> he has to leave the big salary. >> yes, he does. he's a wealthy man anyway. he's another hands-on business guy appointed to a top position by donald trump. he's not an academic. this is real economic. not classroom economics, and that's a big difference. number two, he's a goldman sachs guy. another goldman sachs guy. add him to the steve mnuchin and steve bannon. these are goldman sachs people.
4:19 am
you are talking about government sa sachs at this point. >> do you think that sends a signal to the stock market, we're going to start undoing dodd frank? >> absolutely that. it was passed by the obama administration which saddle ds them with an enormous level of regulation. >> they did deserve some regulation because they crash the economy. >> not necessarily that. not necessarily that. personally i thought you should have just broken up the big banks instead of regulate them to death. i want some change and these people may do it for us. number one thing, goldman sachs changed the rules back in september of this year about what -- who their top executives could support. they changed the rules so that those executives could not give
4:20 am
money to donald trump. only to hillary clinton. >> how is that legal? >> you change the rules internally you can do what you like. there you got donald trump going with the people who were not allowed to contribute to him. that's crossing the aisle. >> it's 20 minutes after the hour. later today we could actually hit 20,000 in the stock market. that would be unbelievable. >> today or tomorrow, it looks a distinct possibility. we're only 200 points away from 20,000. we will open this morning up 60 points. we've probably got 140-odd points to go. that's doable. >> coming up next on msnbc, the downside of prosperity. >> that was good. have you heard about this? two of hgtvs stars are calling it quits on their marriage. we'll have more on that.
4:21 am
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time now for some news by the numbers. first 131. that's how many votes president-elect donald trump picked up in the wisconsin recount. mr. trump tweeting the final wisconsin vote is in and guess what, we just picked up an additional 131 votes. >> the recounts benefited him. >> the dems and green party can now rest. scam! 20 weeks, that's how long american express employees will now receive in paid maternity leave. the deal is extended to mothers, fathers, and even part-time employees. and finally, number one,
4:25 am
california topping the list of the worst state for drivers. a study finding the beautiful roads hugging the pacific coastline aren't worth the price of gasoline or insurance. worst state for drivers. president-elect donald trump has a message this holiday season. >> merry christmas, everybody. merry christmas. we're going to start saying merry christmas again. [ applause ] >> here to react is reverend franklin graham. thank you so much for being with us, renkd. >> good morning. >> merry christmas. >> i've got a shoe box with me. we're collecting 12 million this year. these are going to children in 130 countries. this one is going for a girl. we have about 300,000 volunteers. >> let's look at what else you got in there. >> crayons, toothbrush, a little
4:26 am
hat. school supplies. >> for some children, this is the only gift they get. >> it's called operation christmas child. we do this every year. the first year we started we had 11,000 boxes. this year it will be 12 million. so 134 million total, but every box, inthe children of the world to know that god loves them, that jesus christ came to this earth to take our sins and he died on a cross and god raised him to life and i want the children of the know that you can invite christ into your heart and your life can be changed for eternity. >> we don't have to pack that box ourselves. you have a system for people who can donate. >> absolutely. first of all, you got to samaritan's purse org. >> you donate. >> this time of year because it's getting close to christmas,
4:27 am
you can go on line and you can pack a box on line. it's called build a box. we ask people to help pay for the shipping. $7 to ship the box. if you took that to u.p.s. and send that to pakistan for $7. it may be $107. >> right. you've been doing this for many, many years. folks go to our website, fox and and we will link to yours. going back to the first sound bite we had. donald trump said we're going to say merry christmas again. for years, corporate america has kind of washed merry christmas from the public square along with government entities instead put in happy holidays. where do you weigh in for all of that? >> if somebody said happy hanukkah to me, i'm going to say it back to them. someone if it's another person holiday, i'll celebrate with them and say hechristmas, it's the name of jesus christ and for
4:28 am
christmas, this is a christian holiday. but what the world is, they hate the name of christ and that's why they want to take christ out of christmas. they want to say happy holiday. i'm going to save christ's name. it's his birthday. this is a christian holiday. when the muslims celebrate one of their holidays, i don't object and celebrate with them. >> reverend, the evangelical community, what do they want back? >> we would be at the table and speak to the issues, things like abortion, same-sex marriage, these are issues that are important to us, the moral issues, and i think he's picking a good cabinet. i support donald trump. i think he's going to make a good president and we need to be praying for him and i want to encourage christians who voted for him to keep praying that god would guide him, direct him, in all that he does, because the
4:29 am
decisions he makes is going to affect our lives for a long time. >> thank you. give your -- our love to your dad. >> merry christmas. straight ahead. you thought "the view" was off the air. it's always been bad. now it's worse. >> do we have to wait until the hammer and sickle is on the american flag before we stand up to this guy? joy behar is calling for president-elect trump to step down. >> politics sunny side up. pete hegseth is talking to voters. hey, pete, how is that coming? >> o my good. the challenge is going. we're going to be talking to some voters here at west allis at johnny bs and i'm taking on
4:30 am
the challenge right now. ♪
4:31 am
4:32 am
so, mr. harris, we have your fingerprints on the safe. a photo of you opening the safe. a post using the hashtag "#justrobbedthesafe" so, what are we supposed to think?
4:33 am
switching to geico could save you a bunch of money on car insurance. excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance woo! because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. you can use whipped topping made ...but real joyful moments.. are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. a fox news alert. former secretary of defense bob gates just issuing a statement on president-elect donald trump's pick for secretary of state. he says i strongly endorse the president-elect's selection of rex tillerson to be the next secretary of state. he would bring to the position vast knowledge, experience, and success in dealing with dozens of governments and leaders in every corner of the world.
4:34 am
>> so interesting because he's probably the most experienced person who has worked in more administrations than anybody else i know. he defined the establishment and yet you go outside the establishment to get rex tillerson and maybe backed up the story that he don't rsed -- endorsed him. >> he and condi rice talked to donald trump said hey if you are looking for people, rex tillerson, deal maker. he's got a lot of contacts around the world. ultimately that's what donald trump decided. they made it official with the nomination announcement earlier today. >> exactly right. it's the heart of the rust belt and wisconsin hadn't voted republican for nearly three decades until this year. >> today, president-elect trump is going to wisconsin as part of his thank you tour. >> pete hegseth is in west allis and he's going to talk to some of the folks.
4:35 am
some in sweater versus -- vests. >> what do they think donald trump of winning the state? how do they feel about how he's doing so far? good morning. >> good morning. >> what are you doing? >> i'm an inventor and consulta consultant. >> as a republican who voted for trump, how do you feel like he's doing so far? >> i think he's making great decisions so far. >> why do you say that? >> he's a man that's written paychecks before and he's bringing people on to his team that have good judgment, know how to solve problems, that want to represent the american people, not just their own selfish interests. >> speaking of selfish interests, what do you make of the recount effort, those trying to discredit mr. trump at this point? >> total folly. >> the vote didn't change. what are they trying to do? >> that will remain a mystery. >> if there's one thing you would want to see him accomplish as president, what would that be? >> two questions, if i get a
4:36 am
bonus question. one to make the va great again, that's an interest of yours and i would say the supreme court picks are paramount. >> thank you. what's your name? >> corey. >> what do you do? >> work for sales for a company called chris hansen. >> how do you feel about donald trump and how he's done so far? >> i think he's the type of leader that's going to sourned himself with the people that know a little bit more about those specific areas than what he does, so i think he's doing a nice job of filling his cabinet up with the type of secretaries that's going to hopefully try to move this country forward. >> as we were talking before, you said you didn't necessarily vote for him. in some ways it was a rejection of hillary clinton, but in light of that, how hopeful are you that he's going to be able to accomplish what he says he wants to do? >> i'm real hopeful that he will able to get done what he wants to do. i think as we consider where we're at with the country, $19 trillion in debt. i think it's a great move to
4:37 am
have a high who has actually written paychecks. >> what about the recount? >> wisconsin has been scarred by politics here since the walker recall and it changed nothing and it will continue to change nothing, but moreover, i think it value dated exactly what we already knew. >> changed nothing. it did change 131 votes but toward mr. trump instead. ma'am, how are you this morning? >> i'm good. how are you? >> what's your name? what do you do? >> i'm rochelle, i'm a bartender. >> did you vote for mr. trump? >> i did. >> how do you feel like he's doing so far? >> i feel he's doing pretty good so far. he's trying to tackle the issues before even getting into office, so that's great. >> what do you make the carrier deal? when he went in there and saved those 11,jobs? -- 1,100 jobs? >> i like how he came in and took charge. you need somebody in the white house that's going to do that. >> do you feel like he's almost already president? he's sort of stepping up to the mantel?
4:38 am
>> yeah. he is. he's already good. i mean, he's doing the steps and he's just doing a good job so far. >> the gentleman over here talked about how wisconsin has been scarred by politics a little bit. the attempt by some democrats and some others to make it win he didn't win fair and square. >> it's just proving what we already know, you know, besides 131 votes that we didn't actually know about, so it's a good thing. >> if there's one thing you want to see him accomplish what he steps into office, what would it be? >> just bringing a lot more jobs back. >> jobs. jobs issues and across the spectrum, there's been a lot of satisfaction with the picks that the president-elect has made so far. you hear outside the box, you hear businessman and ceo and success which i think really resonates with the folks here and they look forward to hearing from him from the podium tonight. >> that's right. and trump is heading your way out to wisconsin. pete, thank you very much. back to your gigantic breakfast.
4:39 am
>> it's always great to talk to the folks. that's real america. >> yeah. >> midwesterners are such nice people. >> because we're not real. >> you have a choice. on television, you can listen to the pundits or the people. the pundits got every single thing wrong with this election. ultimately it was the people who decided and it's great that pete is out there. heather, as we toss to you. i want to ask you a question. i believe pete is wearing an untuck-it shirt. >> i was given the wonder wallet. i believe pete was wearing an untuck-it shirt. >> it has air holes. looks. >> he fixes his hair. >> you have to untuck it. >> wow. look at all that food.
4:40 am
>> too bad that untuck-it shirt doesn't come with a bib. >> isn't the best to have elastic waist pants and an untucked shirt? >> one of the best things about being pregnant is getting to wear those stretchy pants? >> a lot of the mob sters do that. >> i met your uncles. i know exactly what you are saying. >> on my moms side. >> good morning. i hope you are off to a great day. a couple of quick head loins to bring you right now. an unpopular view. joy behar unleashing on donald trump demanding that he step down before inauguration day. she doesn't stop there. slamming mr. trump, alleging he has ties to russia. listen to this. >> do we have to wait until the hammer and sickle is on the american flag before we stand up to this guy? >> oh, goodness. well, of course the hammer and sickle is a russian communist
4:41 am
symbol. a cross on top of one town's christmas tree no more. official in knightstown, indiana, taking it down after one complaint that was parked by a lawsuit by the aclu. a man claimed that cross violated the first amendment and caused him irreparable harm. the town council said it would not win the court case. outraged incidents are placing wooden crosses all over town. a consumer alert. this is a serious one. thieves are targeting amazon customers in a brand-new email scam. they are sending out fake messages, telling buyers their orders can't be shipped without resubmitting their credit card or bank information. important to know, do not complete on that link. that site completely fake. if you did so much shopping on amazon, you need to be aware of that. >> the email, hover over the
4:42 am
return address to see if it's from amazon. >> i'm so glad i make my own gifts so i don't have to worry about that. >> over there in brian's shop. straight ahead, why can't the fbi and cia agree wornt the -- whether or not the russians hacked the election to help donald trump? could politics be playing a role? >> a former agent is here next. are you one of the people having trouble dealing with the results of the election? government sponsored therapy is here. hug somebody. ♪ ♪ if you're going to wish, wish big at the lexus december to remember sales event get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms.
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4:46 am
the aisle calling for an investigation into a potential russian hack of the election, right? >> you had, you know, the cia saying one thing. i haven't gotten the briefings yet. the fbi something else. we need to get to the bottom of this in a fair, nonpartisan, nonfinger pointing way. >> so why can't the fbi and cia seem to get their story straight? let me factor in the national intelligence director also doesn't agree with either one of them. let's ask former cia guy, mike baker. does this surprise you that the cia and fbi have different conclusions? >> no. no. it surprises me that senator schumer, surprised thatd fbi and cia wouldn't necessarily agree. there's no rule and there shouldn't be that says the fbi, primarily law enforcement entity and cia an intelligence organization needs to come up with the same conclusions. in fact, you don't want that. you want them looking
4:47 am
information and drawing up assessments based on their informed opinion. >> "the washington post" said this on how they differ. the bureau true to its law enforcement roots wants facts and tangible evidence to prove something bee beyond a reasonable doubt. the cia is more comfortable drawing inferences from behavior. >> what this means that the agency -- the raw intelligence comes in from the officers out in the field. it gets into the system, inside the cia. the reports guys, they write it up. the analysts take it. they combine with all the other intel that's coming in from the very pieces and they make an assessment. that's their job. an analyst, that's his job. he or she makes the estimate -- the assessment, it goes out into the white house, and this is based on, you know, the tasking that comes from the white house. once it gets into the white house, once it gets with the
4:48 am
national security adviser and his team and her team, then, you know, that's where people talk about how it becomes politicized. sure, yes. there's an editorial process where they start picking and choosing what they are going to pay attention to and it's not just the current administration or the next administration. it's the previous administration and down through the ages since the beginning of the u.s. intel system. >> so, mike flynn, lieutenant general, he's going to be national security adviser for president-elect in 2015 came out and said listen the cia under president obama has been politicized, dismissing a lot of its conclusions. have you heard that? does he have a case there? that's before he got this job. >> right. and to be fair, general flynn who is extremely well experienced and very capable individual, he's had his differences with the cia, both when he was in the military and now that he's out. it's not always been a smooth relationship, and in part when he was with dia, the defense
4:49 am
intelligence agency, he was looking to put more responsibility in the dia. it was his turf and so he was trying to take some of that responsibility from the cia in a sense but he's had this rocky relationship. has the cia become politicized? frankly, people are expecting me to say this. no, i think at the very top you have a political appointee, director brennan who has been with the agency for a long time and has been working now with the obama administration. has a very close relationship with president obama. so people are going to say, well, that's political. and maybe it is, maybe it isn't. i don't know. it's above my pay grade. i can tell you the p people that work inside the agency march on with the tasking, whichever administration is in charge, those people work constantly just to deliver the intelligence through the system. once it gets outside the cia, yes. it's a political element to this, and the part -- the people on both sides are going to pick and choose this thing to death, and they are going to make their own case. >> all right.
4:50 am
mike, thanks so much. i know mike pompeo, a lot of people are behind him running the cia. i had mike baker and i put a lot of money on it and you cost me and my family. so i'm not happy that you are not running the cia. >> do me a favor, brian, don't cheap out this year on your secret santa gift, all right? >> i know. i got to hit the limit and i have done that in the past. straight ahead, a startling stat about health in america today. life expectancy plummets has obamacare prices skyrockets. is that a coincidence? one doctor says no, it isn't! pay definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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it is a startling statistic about health in america. life expectancy is now down for
4:54 am
the first time in more than two decades. we're not living as long. as the life expectancy drops, government health care rises. are they related? here to weigh in is dr. nicole sapphire. thank you for being here again. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> why do you think that is? why is it going down? >> it is true the best measure of wellness of a country is looking at the life expectancy and for the first time since early 1990s we're seeing a decline in 1993 is when we were dealing with the aids crisis and all these flu deaths and what we're seeing now is completely different reasons for our life expectancy to go down. i'm extremely happy to say that cancer deaths have gone down which really confirms what we're doing with our increased cancer screening and treatments are really having an impact. unfortunately, many other of our leading causes of death have all worsened, including cardio vascular disease, stroke, and
4:55 am
diabetes. all of those risks may be drastically reduced just with behavioral and lifestyle modifications. >> i thought with obamacare, more people have insurance unless you opt out, wouldn't you think life expect yancy would go up are they related? >> some people may think that they are. what we have seen is a lot of aca, millions of americans have gain health insurance that has drastically reduced health care debt. the da da is slow to come out to show that we're improving health and wellness. what has happened with the with the implementation of aca we're in the midst of a physician burn out and shortage crisis due to all these newly insured cases. >> are you in favor of the cures act? >> it's a sense that the
4:56 am
government is showing they are funding more health care services. it's wonderful that they are so dedicated in curing cancer and evolving all these new treatments. as we've seen our cancer rates of death have gone down, which is wonderful. unfortunately, what is happening we're taking a lot of funds from the very necessary public health programs like tobacco and obesity programs to fund this. what we need to be doing to improve health care in america we need to foster the doctor-patient relationship. we need to make our doctors happier and treat them better. we also need to hold patients accountable for some of their lifestyle choices that are negatively affecting their health. >> thank you so much. great information. we have a fox news alert. the president-elect made it official, rex tillerson is his
4:57 am
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there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ]
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but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. good morning to you and your family. the president-elect just making it official, rex tillerson, the guy right there on the right-hand side of the screen is his pick for secretary of state. laura ingraham is here in just moments to react. >> she will. and if you are one of those people who cannot simply accept the results of the election, have no fear, government sponsored therapy has come to new york city. >> yes. >> she has worked for new york city will get therapy. >> please hug somebody if you are in new york. it always goes well. >> okay. that's the first time she paid attention to my cold open in quite some time.
5:01 am
did you know in india, if you don't stand up for the national anthem, you get hauled off to jail? somebody tell that to cold lynn kaepernick? the quarterbacks in india always stand up. >> lock him up! >> mornings are better with friends. ♪ >> sun is coming up in west allis, wisconsin, and pete hegseth is there. >> is he still working on his breakfast? >> plus he's wearing a j. crew plaid shirt. >> you should buy untuck-it. you should buy the people who advertise on fox. >> i know. this is just a regular j. crew shirt. sorry. i'll square that away for you.
5:02 am
how about this shirt right here? >> i like that. >> the basket of deplorables proud member. i'm here with friends. we're talking politics and enjoying pancakes. it's outstanding. >> fantastic. another hour at johnny bs. >> we're having breakfast with friends. >> it's very rare when you can see somebody's expense report being devoured right in front of you. >> but $18 over a three-hour telecast -- >> that's all he gets. >> good value for the road. >> how long do you have to eat it within to become free? when it's free? >> well, i'm kind of in overtime right now. i'm taking extra time because we're talking, but i got another 15 minutes. i'm working. >> you can do it. meanwhile -- >> brian -- you still don't have any faith in him, right? >> no, i don't. he's just too fit to eat that much that early. and pr -- peristalis takes over.
5:03 am
you squeeze the esophagus until -- >> oh, my gosh. okay. let's go ahead. laura ingraham is going to be with us shortly. the big news, it has become official, we've learned that donald trump will tap exxon chief rex tillerson has his secretary of state. there's also a story out according to cbs that apparently rick perry who forgot the department of energy back in 2012. >> actually, fox news is reporting too. >> it sounds like he's going to actually head up the energy department as well. >> he outstripped joe manchin who interviewed for that position reportedly. the democratic senator from west virginia. he was there yesterday. and rick perry and donald trump hit it off. this is one of those situations where politics is politics. you call on me, i'll do it. he's going to be secretary of energy and man he knows that
5:04 am
sector. >> guess who knows a lot about lawyer -- politics, laura ingraham does. >> i think the tillerson pick is frankly pretty genius. >> why? >> because he's someone who is not ideological which frankly right now in our foreign policy, i think, is really important. in our foreignf pragmatic policy, both with the way we deal with the middle east, with china, and are -- with russia. the idea that these career politicians, some of them are really upset that rex tillerson hasn't been a career diplomat, i think to myself, we've had a lot of career diplomats, and some of them have made catastrophic decisions, and given advice that has frankly proven to be quite calamitous for the united states. it might be a time for this country to have someone in that position to whoes the players,
5:05 am
who knows the field, and is going -- he doesn't need to prove anything. he's already been the ceo of the top oil company in the world. he knows pretty much, you know, every major country that we're going to be dealing with, and that is incredibly useful for this nation. the career folks, it's like they are worried their secret world might be invaded by someone who might show them up. >> you know, laura, though, right now, you watch the legacy media, and all the concerns, you know, this guy who has had dealings all around the world, he's friends with vladimir putin. he got that award. of course, he got the award because he wound up getting the drilling rights under the arctic in russia for exxon and dealt exxon in with the russian national oil company but that fits into the narrative right now about the ties to russia and oh, by the way, russia rigged things so that donald trump would win the election. >> well, i have a lot to say
5:06 am
about that, but number one the idea that you're successfully getting russia to give up some of their territory for drilling that will help millions of american investors in pension funds, mutual funds, individual investors and the employees of the united states of exxon mobil. i don't get that. it seems that really smart. number two, the idea that he's going to be criticized, trump, for having this man rex i willer -- tillerson in this position when barack obama decided to push through this iran deal that now allows boeing to sell 70 or 80 commercial aircraft to the islamic republic, you could argue that both ways, i understand, but knowing what we know about the islamic republic, the largest state sponsor of terrorism, we decided to trust them with this flawed iran deal and obama was crowing about how this was going to be good for world stability
5:07 am
and now tillerson is the problem? i just find this to be ridiculous. when we needed the left to be really serious and helpful with the former soviet union, when we needed them back in the 80s, they were frankly siding against american interests. now that donald trump is president, now suddenly they are all tough on russia. i mean, it's just hilarious. >> con doll leeza rice put this on facebook. rex tillerson is an excellent pick for secretary of state. i know rex as a successful businessman and patriot. he will represent the interests and values of the united states with resolve. that's from the establishment from inside the state department to the outside and that was confirming basically the rumor that she recommended him. >> i think that both she and baker and cheney, they all like tillerson. i'm not someone who says oh, because the try up vir rant of
5:08 am
the bush administration supports him it's a bad thing. trump has had a -- president-elect trump has had really good judgment. you see all the intrigue at trump you are tower, the video of everyone going in. you look at most of these picks, i think he's had excellent judgment. he's taken his time on the one i think was most important. secretary of state. he put in fabulous people at defense. i think he's going to have more announcements this week. i think it's an interesting and frankly diverse experience that we're seeing in this cabinet. contrary to what you are hearing from, you know, "the new york times" and all the rest. it's pretty impressive so far. >> i wanted to ask you about this. hillary clinton's top political adviser, john podesta, we read all of his emails. said that the campaign is supporting an effort by members of the electoral college to request an intelligence briefing on the foreign intervention in the presidential election. what do you think?
5:09 am
>> before they cast their vote. >> this is out now bordering on utterly sad, pathetic, predictable. there is an inability on the left, on hillary supporters to accept that they lost this election. they lost and they lost handily in the electoral college. so the first thing they wanted to do is say that the electoral college has to be done away with. they wanted to say that. then they wanted to say that it was james comey's fault for putting that letter out to congress. then they wanted to say it was russia involved in the election. anything except their ideas failed and they have failed the rust belt of this country and the manufacturing base of this country terribly, and the political correctness, the identity politics, people are just tired of this, and they can't face that. so what they really have to do and what this is really about is they have to give these activist groups something at christmastime. look, we're still fighting for you, we have fight left in us
5:10 am
now the electoral college getting a briefing. i don't care if they get one 0 or not. donald trump is going to be president of the united states. what they have to do is raise a lot of money to show that they are still relevant in a nation that i think wants to move on. >> when is george soros going to be tired of losing money? democrats are trying to get together and get some group therapy going. mayor de blasio said this. many new yorkers may be feeling distressed or vulnerable following the election results. we have seen the concerns expressed on social media and we are monitoring them closely and they are going to provide this assets for people to tap into. so if you want -- if you are feeling bad, laura, you could come here and tap into some of our social services. >> when i'm walking into fox and i'm with you guys in the new york bureau at fox, i feel like i need a therapy dog to get me
5:11 am
from my hotel to fox because of the number of poor homeless people that are just strewn about the streets now this time of year. de blasio, look at the shiny object over here, so you don't focus on the fact that new york is at a gridlock of homelessness, increased crime, and let's not even speak of what happened to poor seventh avenue where you can't drive downtown anymore because of the pedestrian walkways and the bike lines. they are trying to show that they still have some fight in them and they are representing people, but in the end, either people's lives are getting better in a city like new york or they are getting overtaxed, overregulated, and it's just not as pleasant a place to live as it used to be, so i think that's a lot about what's going on and how are we the country that took the beach of normandy if we need a therapy dog every time things don't go our way? >> the good thing for new yorkers, by the way, new york
5:12 am
city went 80% to donald trump's opponent, hillary clinton, but the mayor has reassured new yorkers that he is going to stand up to that bully donald trump. whatever he tries to do in washington, d.c., mayor de blasio is going to resist. >> after 1ek a.m., he likes to sleep in and go work out. >> again, new york is such a wonderful, interesting, vibrant place, and i have to say there are a lot of friends of mine in new york who are a lot of trump fans and democrats who are not at all wild about de blasio to put it kindly. they are fed up with him and this just adds to the narrative what a goof ball he's become. he's a tall, looming figure but a complete and utter goof ball. none of it makes anyone's lives better, none of it solves the problems that new york is facing today. they are going to tax people out of the city. they are going to drive people out of the city. if you are a chinese billionaire or some other type of
5:13 am
multimillionaire, you can live in new york. if not, you got to move out of town. >> i live in new jersey. >> i live in my closet. >> have a wonderful day. go do your radio show in 45 minutes. >> i got to compose myself. fido come here. >> play books -- we can send you coloring books. >> i like light brights. have you heard, it's president obama's new criticism of the president-elect? >> if you are not getting their perspective, their detailed perspective, then you are flying blind. >> well, the incoming chief of
5:14 am
staff, reince priebus has a few things to say to the president about that. and pete hegseth is taking the pulse of the people in wisconsin. the voters there will helped donald trump do something that no other republican could do since the 80s at least. >> untuck-it. of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr.
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president-elect donald trump had his man for secretary of state. he's made his selection. >> moments ago, mr. trump officially announcing his pick. his name is rex tillerson. >> robert moses live from fox 5 in new york city is just outside trump tower with more about the guy who could be our chief diplomat. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. rex tillerson, 64 years old, a married father of four has been the ceo of exxon mobil since 2006. he's been with the company since 1975. he has no government experience. we have this announcement as well. sources telling fox news this morning that trump has also chosen former texas governor rick perry to be his secretary of energy. perry visited trump here yesterday. you may recall that perry had a memorable gaffe back in 2011
5:19 am
during a presidential debate. he was asked what departments he would eliminate? ironically enough, energy. carly fiorina, she is rumored to be in the running for the director of national intelligence. trump is here in new york this morning. later on today, he will leave for west allis, wisconsin. that's where he holds one of his rallies ton on his thank you tour. later on this week, he makes stops in hershey, pennsylvania, as well as orl -- orlando, florida, and mobile, alabama and already a very busy morning here at trump tower. >> back to you. paging kolen kaepernick, a dozen people arrested for refusing to stand for their
5:20 am
national anthem. i'm sure the oppressed quarterback is thanking his lucky stars and stripes he's not that in country. >> he also likes cuba. >> you have seen the commercial. >> what are you doing? >> it's literally like cooking on air. everything slides right off. >> but do the gotham pans really work? we are starting our texas right now. the results are straight ahead. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up.
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cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it. we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours. do you want to trust a bunch of black water marks? i mean the rush, i've never felt anything like it. if we stay here we're going to die. then we die.
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welcome back to "fox & friends." i have a breaking news alert right now. a police officer shot in
5:24 am
nashville, tennessee. the suspect barricaded inside a hotel. you can see a heavy police presence and s.w.a.t. teams at the scene. the officer was shot in the shoulder as he tried to serve a warrant at the hotel. he's at the hospital and is expected to be okay. we'll keep you posted as we get more information. this situation in nashville coming just hours after two police officers were shot in georgia. the suspect caught after an hour's long manhunt. police say that he opened fire on officers who pulled him over in a stolen car near the stateline with south carolina. gordon was out on bond for an attempted murder charge. both officers will be okay. six police officers in georgia have been shot in the past week alone and those are your headlines. more on that breaking news as we get it. ainsley, brian. >> thank you so much, heather. all week we're putting those famous as seen on tv products to the test like this one. >> tired of food sticking to the pan?
5:25 am
you try to scrape it and scratch it, you may as well trash it. not anymore. shelf daniel green here with gotham steel. made with ceramic and super strong tie tan wum. it's literally like cooking on air. everything slides right off. >> but we want to know do the gotham steel pans really work. to help us put it to the test is chris. she's a lifestyle expert and knows a lot about pans. >> >> does it really work? >> i'm here to show you if it really works. >> we'll put the cheese in at the beginning of the commercial. >> this is actually a $40 pan and you can see -- >> not going to work. >> stuck on. i've already ruined a pan this morning. however, with the gotham pans, it slides right off. >> look at that. >> wow. >> can you push it to the side like the commercial? >> it slides right off. >> fantastic. >> and that's no butter, no oil,
5:26 am
nothing in the pan. >> save money on the butter and the oil and this pan it's $19.99 and you buy one get one free. >> is that the bad part, when you drop it, it breaks? >> on the commercials, i forgot my sledge hammer today. they sledge hammer some of these pans. >> you have one? >> i don't. >> this often happens, i want candy but i like it hotter. i stick it in the pan with the wrapper on. >> the point is you can melt plastic in here and candy and it slides rite off the pan. >> wow. that will keep the kids hands off the mints. >> next time you want to put candy in wrappers in pans, you can do it. >> chris, i'm sold so far. so far, this is why they have sold over a million of these pans. >> so farther good. i'm going to convince you any
5:27 am
more. the marshmallows slide right off. you can stick this entire pan into the oven, into the broiler. >> in that commercial, they do marshmallows and graham crackers and chocolate. >> like a smoers dessert. >> it's time to cook the marshmallows honey. did you use the right pan? let's see if it works like the commercial. >> not really. >> no. it burned. >> it doesn't work with the marshmallows. >> i might have to use a dishwasher. >> and you can because it's dishwasher safe. >> okay. >> it might be because we burned them. >> it might be because we had them on there for too long. >> this is a horrendous smell.
5:28 am
this is awful. >> so the marshmallow test didn't work. >> for the record it pretty much works with everything except for marshmallows. >> who wants a snack? >> there you go. >> janice. there you go. >> don't leave. >> don't miss out tomorrow because we're going to -- we clean up this mess with the dutch glow cleaning tonic. have you seen that one? the dutch glow cleaning tonic. >> fantastic. i've never cleaned before. >> so many people hate the wax off the mints. not anymore. >> i'm hungry but not this hungry. >> this video is insane. it's a woman dragged off her flight on her stomach. wait until you hear what happened that led to this. >> pete peg seth -- hegseth is
5:29 am
in wisconsin. >> i tried the challenge. i don't know that i'm going to finish the challenge. ma'am being do you think you will? >> you might, but those buttons are going to pop right open. >> she's right. i'll be back talking to these folks at johnny bs.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
a neighborhood nativity scene turned crime scene after someone kidnapped the virgin mary. it says please help. mary missing. jeff doesn't -- joseph doesn't want to be a single dad. what do you think of that? send us your emails. it's the har of the rust belt and wisconsin simultaneously has not voted republican for nearly three decades until this past presidential election. >> and today the president-elect, donald trump, he's going to be thanking them as part of his thank you tour in west allis, wisconsin. >> pete hegseth joins us now. he's eating amongst the people in west allis. >> good morning. i was defeated by the challenge, but breakfast here is great and the people are better. no one ever really finishes that
5:34 am
pancake bonanza. what's your name? >> linda sorenson. look at this shirt. i love mike pence. what do you think he's doing so far? >> he's exceeding my expectations right now on how quickly he's getting his cabinet together. every pick he's done so far makes sense and it's really exciting to see it all evolve. >> there was a recount in wisconsin. you were an observer. did you observe any irregularities and straightforward? >> straightforward. no irregularities at all. >> there's a rally? >> i'm going right after this. be there or be square people. >> mr. trump, she's on her way right now. >> ma'am, how are you doing? except for that green bay sweatshirt, i really love you. your husband has got a fantastic shirt on as well.
5:35 am
what do you think what the job mr. trump is doing right now? >> i like his plans. his first choice was mike pence and i just think that was such a wise thing to balance everything out. >> what's the first thing you hope he gets done when he enters the white house? >> i'm not going to say the wall, but -- >> you can say the wall. >> the wall. >> the wall appears to be a popular choice here. sir, what do you think? first thing you will like to see him get done. >> hopefully it's obamacare. get rid of obamacare. that would be wonderful. that's the medicine the country needs. >> what do you think? >> the costs are fantastic. the deductibles are unbelievable. people can't afford it. i don't see what good it does for anybody. >> and the recount that happened here, do you think it did good for anybody? >> yeah. trump got more votes. keep countying. >> a lot of folks tracking very closely the political scene and how mr. trump is doing. including these two gentlemen
5:36 am
that just came in. sir, what's your name and what do you do? >> jim crater, real estate and development. >> what do you think of mr. trump and how he's doing so far? >> we like him. both my brother and i are supporters and he was an early on supporter. i took a while to get on the bus but now that i'm on the bus i'm -- >> who did you like first and why did you get on the bus? >> i liked carly and ben both for different reasons, but mr. trump melded those personalities and some of their ideas into his platform, so -- >> as an early supporter, what do you hope mr. trump gets done right out the gate? >> like the other gentleman said, get rid of the obamacare and i hope he starts straightening out the banks for all these regulations that they have put on since -- for the last eight years. we need to straighten that out
5:37 am
so people can start getting money again. >> what do you do by the way? >> i'm a contractor. >> do you feel like business is going to improve with the environment he creates? >> oh, definitely. 'cause we develop also. we've got some properties that we cannot even get spec loans because the banks won't -- so we can start building again, you know. >> thank you very much for the time, both of you. a lot of optimism here at johnny v's. you both have going to the rally as well. >> yes. >> a lot of folks are going to the rally tonight. pete, we're tired of you winning everything you try, so i don't really mind that you failed at that. >> i failed. i failed straight out. >> all right. people of wisconsin, give him a hug, all of you. >> we'll give you some play-dough and some coloring books too if you need it.
5:38 am
>> 22 minutes before the top of the hour. >> that's an hour and a half away from oshkosh which is where heather nauert's mom is from. >> and they make jeans there, right? >> they used to be make jeans. >> oshkosh by gosh. i hope you are off to a great day. swiping his successor. president obama criticizesing not getting president-elect's not getting intelligence reports. >> earlier, chief of staff joined us with his reaction. >> this is ridiculous and over the top. look, he's very prepared. we spend all day, every day, in his office, every half an hour, meeting with someone different. >> well, this weekend mr. trump
5:39 am
telling fox news he doesn't need to be told the same thing every single day but he wants to be informed when something changes. quite the scene on a delta airlines flight as a woman is arrested and dragged down the aisle like a rag doll after she skipped check-in. the shocking moment caught on camera as she's pulled down the aisle. one passenger reporting that the woman was actually tased after she allegedly stormed past gate agents and then on to the plane while ranting about needing space in those overhead bins. colin kaepernick has been ripped for kneeling during our national anthem. if he did that in india, he would be in handcuffs. a dozen people were arrested for not standing during the anthem in movie theaters. last month, they ordered that the anthem be played before
5:40 am
screened unless and they are to stand up unless they are not. and "flip or flop," cristina and tarek el moussa are calling it quits. >> they have been living separately and seeing other people for a few months now. back in may, police were called to their home. they decided to split after seeking counselling. they are continuing their professionals careers together. >> sonny and cher did that for a while. they had a successful variety show and they broke up and they still sang "i got you babe" and we believed it. >> their go up. >> and cher so much taller than sonny. >> is that why they didn't work out? >> i'm pretty sure. i don't know if you could have that type of height disparity.
5:41 am
>> you are going to want to check your kitchen cabinets after this. a major recall that's affecting millions of people. >> that's right. will. plus president-elect donald trump promising to be the champion of the african-american community calling a meeting to address some of the biggest issues. darrel scott is sitting down on the curvy couch before he heads up to the trump tower. he's next.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
you look good. thank you, i feel good. it starts with eating right, that's what mom always taught us. that's why i bring amaz!n prunes with me now, they help keep my body in balance. yeah! you want one? mmm, they're delicious! hey, mom also said to share! sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. quick headlines for you. two major recalls before you head out, holiday shopping today. first, qeesen heart recalling millions of food processors. dozens of people reporting mouth injuries and even broken teeth. the blades can break off in your food.
5:45 am
they are offering free replacement blades. and recall number two. yankee candles, the company says the glass jars in their luminous collection can crack and cut you. you can return any of the recalls for a full refund. president-elect trump says he promised a new deal for african-americans who have been suffering under democratic leadership and today president-elect trump scheduled a meeting to discuss fixing the big issues they face along with some big names in that meeting. transition team member pastor darrel scott will be at that big get together at trump tower and more importantly you are here, pastor. thanks for joining us. >> it's overdue. i keep trying to get on. you keep telling me -- >> what do you hope to happen today? >> i'm spearheading this meeting. mr. trump is very committed in his outreach toward the african-american community.
5:46 am
he made campaign compromises -- promises. he said what do you have to lose? he would actually saying give me a chance and as i've stated to you, there's a large number of african-americans that did not turn out for hillary clinton. they didn't vote for trump. they didn't vote against mr. trump. these are the ones who are saying we're going to give you a chance. so continuing his desire to make good on his campaign promises. we've had dialogue about this and ongoing conversation. i have nfl hall of famer jim brown that's going to be with me today, lewis, and curtis martin and others. jim brown has a program that's called amolecular mer -- amer-i-can program. it addresses most of the issues that face the african-american community now. entrepreneurship, education, gangs, violence. a number of other components. so me being familiar with the program and me being familiar
5:47 am
with mr. trump's desire to help the black community, i think it's a good match. i think it's a good marriage. jim is coming in today. we're going to discuss his program. my desire is the administration gets behind it rather than trying to create a new vehicle to enhance the african-american community. we have a vehicle. we need to put some gas in it. we can drive this vehicle. it has all the major components. >> we've covered it and we did it in prison. we went into the prisons and we saw what they were doing. you are saying the program has migrated out of that. >> it's not simply a prison reacclimation program. it deals with minority entrepreneurship, deals with gang violence, education, a major component of it, drug use and abuse, drug resistance, and once again all of these things that we said. we want to take chicago as our ground zero. hi the ground running, gets some
5:48 am
boots on the ground in chicago and deal with that problem that exists. african-americans are dying in large numbers there. it's like a war zone there. we're going to approach that very proactively rather than being reactive, the last years we've been getting reaction and not pro action. >> what is your message? how do we come together? the race relations in this country now, i feel like we're so -- just separated, and as a christian, i want everyone to love everyone and come together and i know that seems, you know, fluff and bubbles and all of that, but what is your message to donald trump to get us together again so that we can become one country again? >> first of all, as a christian, i believe the book of acts, the 15th chapter, god is made of one blood, all nations to dwell upon the earth. we're all family. the human family. so in saying that our nation has been fragmented especially
5:49 am
during this political process. the political process, i believe the race card was played against donald trump a lot simply because it appeared to be effective until it got old. that racial narrative. we need to get past that racial divide and we can come together and realize that we are all citizens of one country and we need to unit. that's why we have the national diversity coalition. we founded the national diversity coalition together and we have so many different ethnic groups represented in this coalition and we're all working together for the benefit of the american public and mr. trump is behind it. he's hadn't it 100%. >> thank you very much. we know you got a very busy day. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for what you are doing. >> maybe we'll get you and brown here tomorrow. >> yeah. tomorrow morning. there's a new film out this christmas that's breaking tradition. we have two stars of the film
5:50 am
called "believe." . and speaking of stars, martha mac callum. >> get ready for a battle on this one. we found out what rex tillerson in february about his relationship with putin. we'll play that sound bite for you and we'll talk about what you think about that at home.
5:51 am
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♪ >> you can call me c.j. we've been praying for you and we don't even know your name. >> i'm payton. >> this year i'm the big guy. >> i don't think the pagent is possible anymore.
5:54 am
>> all things are possible to those who believe. >> there's a new movie out this holiday season that's all about faith and family and we'll show you what it means to believe. >> joining us right now are stars from the film "believe" ryan o'qin and ryan isaac brown. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> the movie is called "believe." believe in what? >> at its core-size a movie about hope for sure. we think it's timely this time of year. there's a christmas element to it. we can't get away from the message of jesus inherent in this film. it's a film for the entire film. >> isaac, how did you get involved? >> you don't get a lot of scripts that come across you about christ because hollywood has that genre of how they want kids to be. they want kids to be smart
5:55 am
mouthed and disrespectful. when you come across a kid who really -- who is really strong forward in his faith, you can kind of really relate to that and that really put me in the middle. >> sure. so ryan, this movie takes place in grundy, virginia, it's a town down on its luck. >> yes. it's about a business owner. my character is a business owner whose business you find out goes belly up the beginning of the film. he has to lay off the entire town and ruins christmas for everybody. and we filmed it in grundy. >> where are you from isaac? >> i'm from detroit, michigan. i've been in california. >> what was happening in that scene? >> in that scene, you see -- he gets beat up. along comes a little angel
5:56 am
claimed clarence joseph, he comes in and he rescues him and along with him and his mother they come and they really save him. you know, you know what i mean? they come in and they don't save him physically they kind of take him -- lead him on that path and belief in faith. >> the beautiful thing about this movie is we don't get many really good message christmas stories anymore. so on behalf of the movie-going public, thank you very much. >> thank you for saying that. it's certainly -- if you were to ask the writer, director, billy dixon it was inspired by things like it's "a wonderful life. >> isaac don't ever lose that faith. you are so precious. >> thank you very much. the movie is called -- >> "believe." again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
5:57 am
. .
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5:59 am
♪ >> what will tomorrow bring? today going to name two members, secretary of state an secretary
6:00 am
of energy to his cabinet. what will he do tomorrow? we should have the answer. >> if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio. huge guests, ceo of shell oil. >> and after the show show. martha: thank you, guys. great show. president-elect donald trump making it official, exxon ceo rex tillerson a name we talked about, is his pick for secretary of state. there are signs this may be a bit of a battle. we'll show you some of the reasons why. good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum. live from "america's newsroom." eric: good morning, martha. good to see you. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. very busy morning at trump tower as mr. trump has confirmed rex tillerson will be his nominee for our nation's top diplomat. sources telling that former texas governor rick perry will be tapped at


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