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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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somehow something will happen just to extend -- they're not even praying for cures, most of them. those of you who are doctors in the audience, how many times you have heard a patient say give me three more weeks so i can walk her down the aisle or give me another two months, it's my first grandbaby, i want to see him or her born. it's a matter of hours, days, weeks, months and what we're doing here now is this is going to accelerate exponentially the kind of efforts we can make right now, things that are at our dispose al right now to extend life. ladies and gentlemen, i believe president obama and my colleagues in the senate, as i said, both parties are motivated by the same commitment that after whom this was named. president kennedy talked about going to the moon. the problem is there is only one moon. there's 200 some cancers.
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he said we are unwilling to postpone. all here are unwilling to postpone another minute, another day in doing what we know is within our grasp. it shows the government at its best, mr. president, and it shows that our politics can still come together to do big things for the american people. i see my friend senator hatch who i have worked with for years and years have stood up, junior senators, senior senators, everyone came together. jill and i are proud to stand beside you, mr. president, as you sign the last law into legislation and proud to have served with you and your commitment to change the way we deal with our health care system. it's going to make a big difference and this particular bill is going to allow people to live, live longer and live
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healt healthier, but most of all, mr. president, i think it gives people hope. ladies and gentlemen, i always kid the president that when he asks me to join him on the ticket and my daughter came home on lunch and she's a social worker and she said did he call? did he call? and i said yes. she said yes, didn't you daddy? i said yes, of course i did. she said this is wonderful. you know how you're quoting hope and history. i said yes. she said this is hope and history. i'm hope and this is history. >> thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you. please have a seat. thank you so much.
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welcome to the white house, everyone. it's december so it's holiday time around here and we thought it was a good occasion to have one more party. and this is a celebration worth having. i want to first of all thank joe biden and jill biden and their entire family who have been such extraordinary friends to us and what a fitting way for us to be able to signify our partnership as our time comes to and end together. it makes me feel very good. i want to thank david and kate grub for sharing their family's story. as david said, we have a lot in common and nothing more than the love of our children, our daughters. when i first met them in
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charleston, their story was unfortunately more common than we would have liked and i indicated a number of the people on this stage are people who have gone through tough times or have seen their loved ones suffer either because of opioid addiction or because of cancer who have bravely shared their story and channelled their passion into increasing the urgency all of us feel around this issue and so more than anything this is a testimony to them and an extraordinary commemoration to those they love. please give them a big round of
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applause. [ applause ] we're joined by a whole bunch of members of congress here today and it is wonderful to see how well democrats and republicans in the closing days of this congress came together around a common cause. and i think it indicates the power of this issue and how deeply it touches every family across america. over the last eight years, one of my highest priorities as president has been to unleash the full force of american innovation to some of the biggest challenges that we face. that meant restoring science to its rightful place. it meant funding the research
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and development that's always kept america on the cutting edge. it's meant investing in clean energy that's created a steady stream of good jobs and help america become the world's leader in combatting climate change. it meant investing in the medical break throughs that have the power to cure disease and help all of us live healthier, longer lives. i started the 2016 state of the union address by saying we might be able to surprise some cynics and deliver bipartisan action on the opioid epidemic. in that same speech i put joe in charge of mission control on a new cancer moon shot. today with the 21st century cures act, we are making good on both of those efforts. we are bringing to reality the
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possibility of new breakthroughs to some of the greatest health challenges of our time. joe's already indicated some of the scope of the bill, but let me repeat it because it's worth repeating. first, this legislation is going to combat the heroine and prescription opioid epidemic that is ravaging too many families across the country. this is an epidemic that can touch anybody. blue collar, white collar, college students, retirees, kids, moms, dads. i've had the chance to meet people from every stage of recovery who are working hard to sustain the progress that they're making. i've met parents like the grubbs who worked tirelessly to help a child struggling with addiction. it could not be clearer that those of us called upon to lead this country have a duty on
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their behalf, that we have to stand by them. that all too often they feel as if they're fighting this fight alone instead of having the community gather around them and give them the resources and the access and the support that they need. so today i could not be prouder that this legislation takes up the charge i laid down in my budget to provide $1 billion in funding so that americans who want treatment can get started on the path to recovery and don't have to drive six hours to do it. it is the right thing to do. families are ready for the support. second, the cures act provides a decade's worth of support for two innovative initiatives from my administration. the first is the brain initiative, which we believe will revolutionize our
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understanding of the human mind. when i sign this bill into law, we'll give researchers new resources to help item wdentify to treat, cure and potentially prevent brain disorders like alzheimer's and epilepsy, traumatic brain injury and more. we're also going to support what we've called our precision medicine initiative, an effort we started to use data to help modernize research and accelerate discoveries so that treatment and health care can be tailored specifically to individual patients. this spring, with the help of this legislation, the national institute of health plans to launch a ground breaking research cohort, inviting americans from across the country to participate to support the scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow. number three, the cures act improves mental health care. [ applause ]
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it includes bipartisan reforms to address serious mental illness and takes steps to make sure that mental health and substance use disorders are treated fairly by insurance companies building on the work of my presidential task force and it reauthorizes meaningfully suicide prevention programs. many of these reforms align with my administration's work to improve the justice system and enhance the data steps to take steps that we're not incarcerating folks who actually need mental health assistance. fourth, we're working to modernize clinical trials so we're updating rules and regulations to protect consumers so they take into account this genetic biodemeantech age and w
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making sure that patients' voices are inkorp ycorporated ie proce process. and finally, the vice president's moon shot and the senate came up with a better name when they named it after beaux biden. joe said beau loved me and i loved him back. like you, i believe the united states should be the country that ends cancer once and for all. we're closer than a lot of folks think and this bill will bring us closer in imimproviproving v and fighting cancer. as joe said, that time counts.
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in this effort, joe biden has rallied not just congress, but he has rallied a tremendous collection of researchers, doctors, fill patients, he's sh us with the right investment and the inbegamerican people, theret anything we can't do. i would like everybody to join me in thanking what i consider to be the finest vice president in history, joe biden. go ahead and embarrass joe.
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go ahead. why not. so we're tackling cancer, brain disease, substance abuse disorders and more wi. and none of this work would have been possible without bipartisan corporation in both houses of congress. a lot of people were involved, but there are some folks who deserve a special shoutout that includes senators alexander and murphy. representatives uppoton, malone
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and green. and of course we couldn't have gotten across the finish line without the leadership of nancy pelosi who is here, as well as leaders from both houses, speaker ryan, leaders mcconnell and reid and senator patty murray and the members of congress who are sitting here that i can't name otherwise i'm going to be here too long and i will never sign the bill, but you know who you are. i want to thank all of you on behalf of the american people for this outstanding work. these efforts build on the work that we've done to strengthen our health care system over the last eight years covering preexisting conditions, expanding coverage for mental health and substance abuse disorders, helping more than 20
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million americans know the security of health insurance thanks to the affordable care act. it means they have access to some of the services that are needed. i'm hopeful that in the years ahead congress keeps working together in a bipartisan fashion to move us forward rather than backward in support of the health of our people because these are gains that have made a real difference for millions of americans. so this is a good day. it's a bittersweet day. i think it's important to acknowledge that it's not easy for the grubs to come up and talk about jessie. it's not easy for joe and jill to talk about beau. joe mentioned my mother who died of cancer. she was 2 1/2 years younger than i am today when she passed away.
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and so it's not always easy to remember, but being able to honor those we've lost in this way and to know that we may be able to prevent other families from feeling that same loss, that makes it a good day. and i'm confident that it will lead to better years and better lives for millions of americans, the work that you've done. it's what we got sent here for. it's a good day to see us doing our jobs. with that i think it's time for me to sign this bill into law. [ applause ]
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everybody gather around here. get close. those of you who have not attended this before, i have to use all these pens. it works for us, right? i don't care what other people think. there we go. [ applause ] president obama's 60th and
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we're told final public bill signing ceremony, signing a bill into law, this is the 21st century cures acts searching for treatment and cures for cancer named after vice president's son beau who died just last year. this will not happen again under president obama. the 60th time he's done so, many fewer than the last two presidents, but certainly a bittersweet day as he's able to make $6.3 billion available for research and treatment of cancer across the nation. right now it's time for reporting. the trump transition team is racing closer to the finish line as it works to fill the president elect's cabinet. after meetings and phone calls and speculation, the president elect hours ago confirmed he has
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chosen on the exxonmobile rex tillerson to be secretary of state. donald trump praised mr. tillerson and said the oil executive's understanding of politics makes him an excellent choice and his relationship with leaders around the world are second to none. analysts say one of those relationships could spell big trouble for tillerson's confirmation process in the u.s. senate. critics on both sides of the political aisle say they are very concerned about his close ties to vladimir putin and russia's oil industry. tillerson's friends told wall street journal of the 300 million plus people in the united states there are few if any closer to the russian leader. "the new york times" reports exxonmobile stands to make billions of dollars if the u.s. lifts economic punishments against russia. tillerson is opposed to those sanctions but the u.s. has
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projects in russia that those economic punishments have allowed. the trump team has been lining up conservatives to vouch for tillerson. robert gates called him a global champion of the best values of our countries. politico reports that he is recommended to team trump transition. rice and gates are partners at a consulting firm that includes exxonmobile. they tell fox news that the president elect plans to pick rick perry to head up the energy department which is interesting because you may remember that that's the same department perry forego t for got he wanted to eliminate in 2011. >> the epa needs to be rebuilt. >> you can't name it. >> i would do away with
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education, the -- commerce. let's see. i can't, the third one i can't. sorry. >> it was the oops heard around the world. rick perry and donald trump slammed each other during the presidential campaign. perry called trump on a cancer on conservativism and warned the campaign was nonsense that will lead the republican party to par dish. donald trump accused the former texas governor a horrible job protecting the boarder and said he puts on glasses to people will thing he's smart and it doesn't work. rick perry endorsed donald trump in may and then rick perry joined dancing with the stars and the judges booted him in the second round of eliminations. the president elect has been holding another round of meetings at trump tower and a visitor, the rapper kanye west
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after a public meltdown. donald trump and west came down to the lobby together after the meeting. >> what did you discuss in the meeting today? >> just friends. just friends and he's a good man. doing well. long time. we've been friends for a long time. life. >> no comment about your meeting with the president elect, the president elect of the united states, nothing to say? >> i just want to take a picture. >> the trump campaign says kanye west requested the meeting with donald trump. there is no time for the news conference the president elect had scheduled for thursday. it is not rescheduled and no date has been given but they did tell us sometime in january so we won't get specifics on his business ties and plans to avoid conflicts of interests, in fact we're not getting specifics on anything, but we will get to david lee miller who is live outside trump tower right after this.
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we learned three important things today in the donald trump transition. one the exxonmobile ceo is the new secretary of state nominee. two, the former governor of texas is the nominee for secretary of energy. three, donald trump made time for a meeting with kanye west today, but his news conference scheduled for thursday, the first since the election is cancelled, rescheduled for sometime in january. david lee miller is live outside trump tower with the rest of today's developments. hello. >> reporter: hi. it would seem now that president-elect donald trump is bracing for a battle to win the nomination for his nominee rex
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tillerson. soon after trump announced he was nominating tillerson, they put out a release with high profile names. they say tillerson is the right man for the job. they called his nomination inspired and say he will bring critical skill and knowledge into that role. these were sentiments echoed by vice president elect mike pence who spoke with reporters here at trump tower. >> we couldn't be more grateful that someone of rex's proven leadership is willing to step forward to serve our nation as the next secretary of state. >> reporter: critics are concerned that tillerson has ties too close to russia and vladimir putin. they question if tillerson would have a conflict of interest after spending decades at exxon.
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if he gets his new job he's going to take a substantial cut in pay. right now he's earning about $23 million a year. the secretary of state earns about $200,000. >> david lee miller outside trump tower, thanks. let's turn to our political reporteder from the associated press. often during transition times we get an idea about how a president elect will govern by the choices he makes for his cabinet. do these choices tell us anything or give us any ideas? >> reporter: so far i think it's safe to say that trump seems to be really favoring people who some ways look like himself and that are successful business people from lots of different industries. he's going with a more untraditional cabinet in that sense in that we're seeing fewer former elected leaders and more former or even current business
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leaders. so that will be interesting to see if -- how those people govern when they're coming from a business background. >> give us the level of concern from both sides of the political aisle regarding the pick of rex tillerson for secretary of state. >> reporter: well, without question this one has garnered the most attention from congress so far. you've got three really high-profile republicans speaking out to say tough questions are ahead for rex tillerson. those are senator marco rubio and senator john mccain and senator lindsay graham. none of these republicans are going so far to say they would block tillerson as a pick. we're expecting lengthy hearings on tillerson after the first of the year and really to learn quite a bit about his ties to russia and how he did deals when he was over at exxon at ceo. >> how much reporting is there on those matters and i've heard
12:30 pm
him described in various ways, but largely as probably the american closest to vladimir putin. >> reporter: you know, it certainly does seem that way. there is lots of reporting from russia about sort of warm feelings towards tillerson and there's no question he has been able to strike deals in russia when it's at a very unconventional time. there are warm feelings both ways. does that mean that tillerson sort of understands the russians and can explain that to congress as sort of a positive? that's what we're hearing from the transition team and other top trump surrogates that say they view tillerson's understanding of russia as a net positive, but there's no question that he will be grilled on these matters when he comes before congress. >> the matter of rick perry, the former texas governor as secretary of energy, that's the
12:31 pm
new nominee as we regardported was rick perry in 2011 forgot it was the department of energy on the debate stage and bright lights and it's difficult, but he forgot that's the department he said he wanted to eliminate. it's notable you would choose a department of energy secretary who didn't want to have a department of energy and i wonder if there's a thinking among reporters about what that tells us. >> reporter: we think that it really matches in some ways some of the other trump picks, people who are going to go into their various agencies with a really critical almost prosecutorial eye towards slimming down the agencies or making them much more efficient or in the case of rick perry and the department of energy maybe looking at ways to not only eliminate it all together. many groups say they hope that
12:32 pm
perry moves forward with his promise to eliminate that department, but i think without question some of these new incoming cabinet secretaries will have a much more sort of sharp focus on right sizing the agencies. >> jewthe flag at half staff bed her in honor of the late john glenn. thank you. more ahead on the president elect's plans for his business empire when he takes office. donald trump says his sons will take over. we'll speak with a journalist who says that may not be enough to avoid the conflict of interest, but there may be no easy answer. that's coming up. or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like this...
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a marine aircraft has crashed with five people on board. it happened this morning off the coast in japan. two people are reported hurt, but a military spokesman said
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everybody did survive. it takes off like a helicopter, but flies like a plane. it's the second marine aircraft to crash in less than a week. bill cosby back in court today in a hearing in a sexual assault trial he seemed to make a joke on the way in. cosby's lawyers are asking the judge to limit the number of women who can testify against him. while prosecutors are trying to prove he had a pattern of drugging and molesting women. cops at detroit's airport dragging a woman off a delta flight. the women stormed on the plane without checking in and demanded space in the overhead bin. cops arrested her.
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12:38 pm
law to do so i will leave my businesses so i can focus full time on the presidency. two of my children, don and eric, plus executives will manage them. no new deals will be done during my term in office. one cannot unknow what one knows about one's business and that's a problem. donald trump did not tweet about what role his daughter ivanka trump will play either in his administration or in his businesses. people on the left and right have pointed out potential conflicts of interest could face the president and the government's ethics office have encouraged him to separate himself from the business. let's bring in our chief washington correspondent. that would require a blind trust and even if you did put everything in a blind trust, i mean divesting from all of his businesses and everything else, that's not something that can be
12:39 pm
easily done, is it? >> reporter: no, not at all. donald trump has made clear he has no interest in completely divesting himself from the business, but even if he decided today to do that that process would take well over a year. we would be well into his administration. at this point his lawyers and lawyers for the trump organization are trying to figure out a way to create as little conflict of interest as possible. as you said, though, it's impossible to eliminate at least the appearance of a conflict of interest. >> back to the point you can't unknow what you know. you know what you own and you know if you make a deal somewhere or you make a law you have an idea of how that may effect your business and whether that came into your decision making process or not, there's this idea of the appearance of impropryty or the appearance of a conflict of interest and it sounds like eliminating that dr -- analysts don't think that
12:40 pm
possible. >> reporter: it isn't. not only can president-elect donald trump not unknow what he knows, world leaders can't know what they already know about his business holdings. in 25 countries more than 500 businesses and it's going to seem irresistible for at least some of them to patronize those businesses and push business towards them to curry favor and even if that is not something that president elect trump is seeking if that happens that creates the appearance of a conflict. >> checking indicates with irrespective of what has happened now in the year 2016, going back to alexander hamilton, the thinking at the time was you don't want to have somebody who might suddenly find himself or herself in power able to use the power of the presidency to person -- to effect his own fortune, maybe to in that vacuum and from alexander hamilton's perspective at the time to the detriment of
12:41 pm
the nation and people. that's what they were trying to avoid. >> reporter: yes that's in the clause in the constitution. i had to dust off my old law school training and talk to experts what that means today. the issue is this is all something that's really never happened before. we've never really had a president coming in with $4 billion worth of business holdings and figure out how to distance himself from that and we're not sure exactly how might there be lawsuits brought up for this, might impeachment be the only way to sort of enforce this clause. it's still unclear. >> i wish we had more time. the president's ceremony today cut our time short. i wanted more but i don't have it. good to see you. separately we can't know what businesses he has or whether the $4 billion amount is accurate. in fact, we can't know anything because we don't have his taxes and we don't have details of his business and we don't know much
12:42 pm
of anything. the president elect is taking credit for saving jobs at a carrier plant but some of his neighbors in new york city say donald trump could put them out of work. it's a mess on fifth avenue. that's next.
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the russian president vladimir putin showing off his softer side. he brought his dog to a news conference last week. we just got the images today. since he's so relevant in america we thought we'd bring it to you. he showed up with a massive dog by his side. this was days before he headed to tokyo to meet with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. japan gave putin that dog as a gift back in the year 2012. some journalists in the room said they were scared of the
12:46 pm
puch. it's the first time putin had a photo op with big animals. no, there have been many photo ops with big animals, this one from 2014 when the man petted an endangered snow leopard at a preserve in russia. no one can forget this. the year was 2009 vladimir road a horse while on vacation. clearly he lost his luggage. donald trump campaigned on the promise to bring more jobs to the country but in his backyard, on his own avenue, if you will, in the shadow of trump tower some jobs are in jeopardy. according to a survey of businesses near the pad 80% of them are losing money because of security in the area. not talking about fancy fifth
12:47 pm
avenue stores, but small town mom and pop shops where every sale helps pay the rent. the fox business network is in that hood right there on fifth avenue. some of these store owners say they're in real trouble. >> reporter: they really are. they did a survey locally here and they say the security apparatus here behind me is costing them so much so they talked to 50 of them around here, small businesses, and about half of them said that the security set up because of president elect trump is having a severe impact on their business. we wondered what severe meant and we went down the street to a local jewelry store and talked to the manager and here's what he told us. >> it's a frozen zone. people avoid the area and we're down approximately 50%. >> reporter: 50%. >> maybe a little more like that. a day like today we should have many customers. i shouldn't have time to do this. >> reporter: that's the point
12:48 pm
that a guy like jimmie shouldn't be able to talk to us, but the reason he is is because of where we are. this is 56th. trump tower is just behind us. this street is closed off up to madison avenue so shops on madison coming up 56th to fifth are not seeing normal foot tras traffic. it's closed from here to sixth avenue. the bottom line is here that nobody goes to that restaurant because it's too crowded. the store owners are telling us even though there are so many people here, the people they want, the shoppers don't want to deal with this so they're not showing up because it's so crowded. >> the concern is it could be like this four to eight years. >> reporter: yes. it really could. it depends how much time mr. trump spends here, i think, to a large extent. but mrs. trump and their son are going to be here at least
12:49 pm
through the ends of the school year and we know what a motorcade looks like under normal circumstances much less if the president lives in the city. >> thank you so much for the extra work on that. we appreciate it. president obama criticizing donald trump over the billionaire's reluctance to take daily intelligence briefings. he said it in a vacuum. he said if you don't take these briefings, if you don't get their independent assessment of this, you are really flying blind. the president with a warning about the consequences. that's ahead. plus the house intelligence committee, the chair of that committee questioning reports that the russian government intervened in the election to help trump win. testimony from the director of national intelligence. we'll get to that in just a moment.
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president obama says any u.s. president-elect who skips out on daily intelligence briefings once he is in the white house will be flying blind. >> i think the president-elect may say one thing and do another once he's here because the truth of the matter is that it is a big, complicated world. it doesn't matter how smart you are. >> in a weekend interview with fox news sunday, the president-elect said he doesn't need daily intel briefings because they're often repetitive and in the words he used, he is a smart person. meantime, the house intelligence committee chairman is questioning reports that russia intervened in our election to help trump win. catherine herridge is live in washington. >> yesterday tension between capitol hill and the intelligence community escalated with the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee nunez sending this letter to national director of intelligence, james clapper.
12:54 pm
the letter asked whether the intelligence community position on russian intent to ensure a trump victory has changed since his november testimony. clapper told lawmakers the russian link to the clinton campaign e-mails is tenuous. >> as far as the wikileaks connection, the evidence there is not as strong and we don't have good insight into the sequencing of releases or when the data may have been provided. >> fox news is told clapper who oversees 17 intelligence agencies is not on the same page as the cia director john brennan and the issue comes down to hackers' intent and whether the evidence supports the analysis that the russian government meddl meddled to help that victory.
12:55 pm
and they should not be lumped together. short time as the white house spokesman says the president wants the intelligence public. >> when there's formal assessment to share from the intelligence community and something that can be shared publicly, that's something we'll try to do. the president does believe that we should particularly when it relates to something as central to our democracy as the conduct of a national election. >> the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee asked the fbi and cia to brief his committee before the end of this week and de-conflict different versions of the intelligence. >> thanks very much. >> you're welcome. we'll be back with the birth of a new business in colonial america when people including thomas jefferson could finally buy the musical instruments they needed and it happened on this day in history.
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marijuana sales in colorado hit an all-time high passing a billion dollars accordi. there are $1.1 billion. they were under the billion dollar mark last year. this year colorado gets more than $150 million in marijuana tax revenue, a lot headed to school construction projects. on this day in 1759, a man announced opening of the first music store in the american colonies. he sold instruments and song books and his business became pretty successful. he donated some profits to help america's efforts in the revolutionary war. one of the customers was thomas jefferson who reportedly brought strings for a guitar on a violin. he later became the first u.s. treasurer after he brought music to early america 257 years ago
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today. the dow on a tear today. less than 100 points away from dow 20,000. if ever there's a time to look at your 401(k), this might be it. we will be looking at 401(k)s and the stock market, but first the big fuss over an elector meeting six days away. democrats demanding election tors get an opportunity to see what role russia played and whether they hacked it or made minced meat of it. the implication being that the other agencies were involved. by pushing the election tors to see what they have, are they sending out a reminder that the election tors switched


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