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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 14, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> if you get a perfect 10. would have won "the voice" and "american idol." >> thank you. >> we'll be singing on television, "winter wonderland." >> how do you know that? >> there are new questions today what is being described as a last-ditch effort to overturn donald trump's election victory. are democrats attempting an electoral coup? very serious question as we start this wednesday morning. hope you're well at home. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." nice to be back. martha: good have you back. hello, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. we'll have much more on that in just a moment. first president-elect donald trump took the big thank you tour to wisconsin last night. two well-known locals, paul ryan and governor scott walker. reince priebus was there as well. mike pence on the stage. lots of wisconsin guys and one from indiana in the vice president. mr. trump singing praises of his pick for secretary of state. there are indications there will
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be pushback here. he spoke very favorably of exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. >> rex will will be a fierce ade for america's interests around the world and has insights and talents necessary to help reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disasters. [cheering] you're winning with health care. we're winning on the border. we're winning with isis. because we are going to get isis out. we're going to win so much, you will go to paul ryan, you will go, mr. speaker, please, please, we can't stand winning this much. we can't take it. and he is going to come to see me and he will -- mr. president, the people in wisconsin are tired of winning so much. >> more on that today. start with team fox coverage, david lee miller at trump tower in new york. begin with fox news digital
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politics editor, chris stirewalt. reverend, good to see you. figure out for the audience at home. you talk about the stages of brief after the loss. what is the process with the electoral vote that in question now by >> some democrats for electoral members that want to see involvement of russia in democratic emails or to undermine the u.s. election. this is obviously a bid, coup is probably too strong a word but to subvert the elwction. some called for a a revote. this is reflection how hard the democrats are taking it. how bad it is for them. hillary clinton's former campaign chairman john podesta supports the movement. says it is more than fringe weirdoes. bill: irony is rich with that history says it doesn't matter
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much, right. >> gnaw -- nah. donald trump won 306 electoral votes. you need 270 to win. is it conceivably possible that 37 electors would be what we call faithless? it has happened in the past, that one or two or here there, faithless in protest, not voting the way the voters of the state have ordained. this is, remember a federal republic, not a direct demock estimate they have agency. now they face consequences at home. every state has a different law what the penalty for an elector who doesn't follow state laws are. but let's say you get that many electors, some brag, may be as many as 20 that would be faithless. let's say you got it all the way up to 37 that you need to push trump under 270. then the election goes to the house and trump wins it there anyway. this is all cockamamie. bill: "wall street journal" writes this. what should really distress americans that the losers are
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trying to overturn the election results based on little more than anonymous leaks and innuendo. whatever russia's harking motives no evidence that the emails it turned up were decisive to the election result. >> doing so undermines confidence in institution the undermining confidence in institutions further enhances the russians efforts here. this is doing what your enemy wants you to do is to undercut the legitimacy of elections, to undercut these things. voters knew or had the opportunity to know about the fact that russia was meddling in this election. fake news had been discussed. these propaganda stories that people from russia, affiliated sites were pushing out. we knew about russian hacking. we knew about wikileaks and julian assange. all this was discussed in the election. the fact that voters didn't care as much democrats wanted them to is something bad for democrats but not cause to undermine the
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institutions integral to keep the union afloat. bill: there was fishing expedition. his team responded to it. remember this a month ago this legitimate email. this is the email to john podesta when he inquired about this email about a password change. john needs to change his password immediately. now they're saying it typo. that is one whopper of a typo, chris. >> it's a tip poe typo that cost them how many votes but sure cost them vote. saying legitimate instead of illegitimate. that was his sentiment. you have to change your password. when he said legitimate instead of illegitimate, there went podesta click, let the russians right through the front door and they harvested all that email out of there. tortured hillary clinton with them for the rest. campaign. bill: spell check is the advice of the day. chris, nice to see you sir in washington. chris stirewalt. thanks. martha: latest live from trump tower this morning where the president-elect has a very busy
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day ahead including a meeting with some of silicon valley top executives. trump tower. good morning, david lee, who do they expect over there today? >> a long list of special guests, martha. in fact you might best be calling trump tower silicon valley north. a number of titans of tech will be arriving in the next few years. invitees include representatives from apple, amazon, google, microsoft and ibm. the priority item on the agenda is expected to jobs, and the special visas. bill: issued by the government that allow many foreign tech workers to hold positions here. the president-elect's chief strategist steve bannon in the past expressed concern there were too many silicon valley ceos that hail from south asia or asia. at least one company will be bringing some welcome news. ibm announced that it plans to hire 25,000 tech professionals in the u.s. one tech titan
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conspicuously absent from the invitee list though, argue hably the president-elect's favorite tech company, twitter. they are not expected to be represented here today. in other news it is now official. mr. trump is going to nominate rick perry as the energy secretary. in announcement just a few hours ago this morning the transition team said the former texas governor helped his state prosper by developing energy programs as well as infrastructure. and fox news has learned now that mr. trump plans to nominate montana republican congressman ryan zinkte as secretary of the interior. he is a former navy s.e.a.l. he met with mr. trump earlier this week on monday. the president-elect though still apparently looking for his agriculture secretary nominee. growing speculation is mr. trump is eyeing north dakota democratic senator heidi heitkamp the job. if offered heitkamp might turn it down.
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a special election would have to be held to replace her and likely to favor a republican. lastly, still no word on mr. trump's choice for secretary of veterans affairs. veterans groups are calling for mr. trump keep robert mcdonald in that position. he had the job now for about two years. and many veterans groups say that mcdonald, a republican, has implemented the types of reforms they would like to see and hope that he continues to hold that position. martha? martha: we will see. david lee, thank you. mr. trump's pick for secretary of state, rex tillerson, face as rough road to confirmation mostly because of his ties to russia. is this an advantage or disadvantage for him? this is first faceoff between the trump white house and senate republicans opposed to this. how will this go down? a packed show beginning a senator from tennessee bob corker who was up for that job, one of the people under consideration. the chairman of the senate
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foreign relations committee. they're the people who will hold tillerson's confirmation hearing. he will be here in a few minutes. we look forward to that. we'll get thoughts from trump transition team spokesman jason miller. who will be here as they work on convincing skeptical republicans that tillerson is the man for the job. this is the first showdown likely to happen for one of these spots. bill: trump had merry christmas on the lecturn last night which was really nice touch. we added our own nice touch, martha. christmas trees. the poinsettias. martha: we love christmas spirit and love having this around. bill: we do too. merry christmas. could this be another record-breaker? market set to open in 20 minutes. dow looking for a major milestone. 20,000 today? maybe? maria bartiromo is here to talk about that live in a moment. martha: it dances around it but will it close above it, that is the question? it's a meltdown of humanity, the
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images, video, the voices from aleppo will break your heart. we'll show you what is going on there as cease-fire unravels when we come back. >> the civilians are stuck in very small area that doesn't exceed two square kilometers with no safeguards, no. save aleppo. safe humanity.
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bill: president-elect donald trump pushing ahead for his pick of secretary of state. exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson setting up potential showdown in the u.s. senate, including members of his own party who have concerns over ties to the russia leader vladmir putin. mr. trump heaping praise on his pick just last night in wisconsin. >> very excited about rex. you know rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't alongwith. some people don't like that. they don't want to be friendly. i am doing the deal with rex because this is what it is all about, tennessee north bob corker chairing the senate foreign relations committee leading you're on the short list. why do you think he went in a different direction? >> look, as, as i said when president-elect trump called me on monday night rex tillerson is
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someone known around the globe. he has run a huge operation. he knows these people personally. for what president trump wishes to do, i think rex tillerson was his best choice, i really do. so now he is moving into confirmation hearings. obviously bill, what people are going to want to know, rex under the hood, advising the president. it will be the president's foreign policy that is carried out but people will really want to press him what his views are of our relationship to russia, china. many of the people in the middle east and that's what these hearings are about. my guess is he will be very prepared. i just got a call from someone who will be handling his transition and, we'll have those hearings set. bill: you said in your answer there, for what mr. trump wants to do. what is that based on your understanding? >> well he's, look, let's face it, he will tell you himself. he is a prolific deal maker and
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i think people are going to want to understand towards what end? you know we had, bill, 60 or 70 years of policy towards europe since world war ii where they have been whole, democratic and free. putin obviously is trying to upset. what he is doing in the baltics, eastern ukraine, crimea. how he helped destablize with many of the just efforts that have taken place in europe and just the refugee crisis itself. so which he has helped produce through what's happened in syria. so, people are going to want to understand that. and even though rex tillerson is a businessman had to do business with these people and to me that is very understandable, of course he did, and the fact that he nose these people to me is certainly a plus but i'm going to want to know, everyone else is, on the committee is going to want to understand. so what will he be advising the president as it relates to those
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relationships, and the norms that we've had in place to keep us as an alliance in a very strong position. bill: okay you said a lot in your answer there and you know being friendly does not necessarily dictate a friendship. >> no. bill: as twisted as that statement may sound but you had your own colleagues, john mccain, lindsey graham, marco rubio especially, they already expressed mixed feelings. will rex tillerson be confirmed? >> so, i'm going to bet at the end of the day, again i have had conversations with him through the year, bill. this guy is a guy that exudes confidence, calm, strength, leadership. i assume, unless he is going to totally attempt to reorder the world as relates to our relationships, that he will be but again, it is not going to be your normal pro-forma deal. the last two secretaries of state were widely known, relative to their views.
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rex tillerson highly respected comes to this as a clean slate where no one really understands what those views are. people are going to want to know. i mean, look, putin has not been a friend to the united states. putin has not been a friend to freedom and democracy and western values and cometics. i mean that is just not who he is, and people are going to want to know, and it's accelerated or amplified by the fact that president-elect trump has said some things relative to russia that, let's face it, very different than where we've been. that alone has sort of amplified people's concerns about secretary of state tillerson but my guess is at end of the day he is confirmed. bill: are there concerns that you have, then? let's -- that could be a deep hole, sir, and i think you understand that. >> yeah. so bill, i began this with
6:19 am
knowledge that i have tremendous respect for this person. so i began there that he is competent. he's done big things. he has been at the same place for 43 years. he is a great american, okay, he is. so i began there. but i do want to probe these things and i got to believe if gates and condoleeza rice and dick cheney and steve hadley and jim baker, all people that i respect, i got to believe if they're behind him, they know that his view of the world is similar to it theirs and you know, so there is some alignment here. i go into this -- as chairman, you know, it is going to be a neutral application of the process and, yeah, i've got some questions that i'd like to have answered. everyone else does too. my guess is he will perform well. bill: okay. last question, you will hold hearings on russia and so-called
6:20 am
ties to our past election. do you believe moscow tipped the election in donald trump's favor? >> i have no way of knowing and that is why we're going to have these briefings and hearings, maybe even go a lot deeper. no question it appears they have hacked, bill. sophisticated countries do things to gather intelligence. i mean it used to be almost done by, always done by human beings, human intelligence, we call humint. there are other ways of gathering intelligence and countries do this around the world so should we have our hair on fire that hacking took place? no. i mean that's what happens. but then the question is, i mean we you should protect against it, don't get me wrong. as i said on another program, bill, every time i make a phone call i assume somebody from another country is trying to
6:21 am
listen in on that, but what was it they were attempting to do? anytime that someone like putin, an autocrat, can really cause americans to have this discussion or other countries as the integrity of the electoral process, he's winning, he's winning. if he can discredit the integrity of what we do here in the voting process in electing folks, he is winning. and so we do need to get to the bottom of it and understand what it was he was attempting to do. the dni has one view. the cia has a different view. the fbi has a different view and so we as policymakers need to understand what exactly has occurred here. bill: senator, thank you for your time. bob corker out of tennessee in tennessee. >> thank you, bill. bill: thank you. 21 past. martha. martha: a lot there. so president-elect trump pledged to stop companies from sending jobs overseas. now a major tech company with big announcement today bringing workers back home.
6:22 am
we'll tell you who that is. plus he was welcomed into our home as the all-american dad. family and friends now remembering alan thicke after his shocking death at just 69 years old yesterday. we'll be right back. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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martha: ibm pledging to hire 25,000 u.s. workers over next four years. the ceo making that announcement ahead of today's a tech summit at trump tower where she will be as part of the group there. the company has been trading higher on the stock market helping propel the dow because it is one of the dow 30, up 20,000. towards 20,000. let's bring in maria bartiromo fox business network global markets editor. anchor of "mornings with maria" and "sunday morning futures" on fox news channel. very busy lady. what an extraordinary run.
6:26 am
20,000 is that -- certainly it is within reach. is it sustainable is the question. >> we'll see what happens on inauguration. a lot of market watchers say, buy the market until at least donald trump gets in there but right now it is all on the expectation that earnings are going to get a real boost as a result of policies he is putting in place, rolling back regulations and lowering taxes. i remember when you and i both were on floor of new york stock exchange and we were celebrating 10,000. martha: 10,000. >> we're talking about dow 20,000. does 20,000 mean anything? not really. it is just a round number but at the same time it creates an excitement and creating an acknowledgement this is fundamental rally. this is not about noise. this is not about short selling or volume. this is about the fact that things are getting better and they are expected to get better. i told you earlier when we were talking the other day, one of analysts i spoke with expecting earnings to be up 20% as a result of corporate tax rate that pulled down to 15%. martha: yeah.
6:27 am
what's good for companies is not always good for jobs. we see an intense amount of automation, robotics going into a lot of these earnings numbers. ibm says 25,000 more jobs. she is part of the advisory committee to donald trump on jobs. they will all talk technology today, right? >> i think so. it is interesting with a little effort and with the messaging that donald trump has been putting out there, everybody gets into line. so here you have general my romiti going to trump tower today, before she gets there she announces she will create 25,000 jobs. i think it -- martha: after she gets in the door. put the offer right on the table. >> you make the right point. it is really skillsets out there. people have jobs openings, but can't find people that actually have skillsets required to fill those jobs. she send couraging donald trump to do more training when it comes to technology. that probably will come up today. martha: initially tech stocks sold off after trump was elected.
6:28 am
there was a bitter feeling that he was not favorable to that group, maybe to hardcore manufacturing and rust belt and those folks. how do you think it will go today. >> they were not favorable to him. entire election they were clearly in hillary clinton's camp. martha: wrote a big check. >> sketch bezos who owns "washington post." said they were folk to put 20 reporters on donald trump because they owe it to readers. they wouldn't put anymore reporters on hillary clinton. tech stocks traded down on the expectation. also because they were not expected to get favorable policies they have been getting under president obama. i want to be a fly in the wall on meeting. they definitely want to have h1b visas. they want cheap labor. hire people overseas give them less for jobs than they would. that is not going to fly for donald trump. martha: apple, for example that would be huge and one of the things that we see, everybody goes in there, seems to come out
6:29 am
saying, oh what a great guy. he has great plans. so he is very charming ability to win people over. we'll see how long it lasts. always the question. maria, thank you very much. good stuff. good to see you. bill: from a local campus to you at home. a professor in a major school banning words illegal immigrant. what is behind all of that? the choice for secretary of state getting a mix of praise and caution from congress. you heard from senator bob corker a moment ago. is there a showdown in the offing? what does trump team think about all this? jason miller is on deck live after this. >> i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets. certainly a cabinet with the highest i.q. that anybody has ever, i mean these -- [cheering] these are seriously great people. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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martha: pell pell says mr. trump's pick for secretary
6:33 am
of state, rex tillerson, is too cozy with vladmir putin and that should be automatic disqualifier for the job. that is preview of what we get for the confirmation process that lies ahead. senate foreign relations committee will hold a confirmation hearing. chairman bob corker with us a moment ago, here is what he said about tillerson's hearing. >> putin has not been a friend to the united states. putin has not been a friend to freedom and democracy, and western values and competition. i mean that is just not who he is and people are going to want to flow. it's accelerated, or amplified by the fact that president-elect trump has said some things relative to russia that, let's face it, it is very different than where we've been and that alone has sort of amplified people's concerns. martha: so what does the trump team have to say about this? jason miller, communications
6:34 am
director for the trump transition team. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> bottom line for rex tillerson does he believe russia is our friend or our enemy? >> he believes we don't have to come in on day one saying countries are enemy, whether we need to work together to defeat radical islamic terrorism. i had opportunity to speak with him at length and get to know him a little bit. this guy is a world class negotiator. he has gone in and negotiated toughest deals. he has relationships with finance ministers and business leaders all around the world. he worked in almost every theater of this entire planet. when the president-elect met with him, blown away at initial meeting. president-elect thought that mr. tillerson was one of the most impressive people he met through the entire process. he realizes we need someone to advocate for us on world stage. rex tillerson is that person. martha: got it. when you think about the other people they talk to though, bob corcoran included, also mitt romney, mitt romney said russia is the biggest threat to world peace and to our country.
6:35 am
and bob cork hears said similar things. he said in that sound bite that he questions where mr. trump comes down on russia. so the basic fundamental question is, does the trump administration believe that vladmir putin is a man of violence who has been behind the slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of people in syria? that he has relationship with iran that is questionable? is that in line with what the trump administration will believe? >> you're respectfully speaking looking at it through the wrong lens. i think we should be looking at where there are ways to work with other countries to achieve common goals. now does this mean russia is our great ally. not saying that. does it mean they're an enemy from day one? we don't need to walk in on day one immediately start crossing off countries saying they're enemies. martha: but you have to acknowledge the acts that have taken place as a starting point. you know the things that i'm bringing up, jason, are just because, this is what is going brought up by john mccain.
6:36 am
this is what you guys will hear at senate confirmation hearing from graham, rubio, mccain in the larger process when it gets to a full senate vote, when it gets through committee. these are questions he will have to answer. >> what we'll see rex tillerson is someone who stood up to vladmir putin and said no. he is someone to -- martha: how did he do that? >> in the process of negotiations with specific deals as he was rep ending exxonmobil. obviously mr. tillerson will represent american citizens. bottom line how do we get good results for our country? rex tillerson is someone done that if you ask people around the world what is the reputation of rex tillerson? what do people know him for? he is tough negotiator. i think this is one of the things that the president-elect was really attracted to about rex tillerson. he can go and do that. in a league that -- martha: i think that is understood. he is obvious hely someone who has a lot of respect out there. when you have condoleeza rice and bob gates and people of that ilk believing in him. >> jim baker, dick cheney. martha: he knows a lot about
6:37 am
russia. but the question in this hearing process everyone understands that as the ceo you have completely different responsibilities. people want to see those deals get done. but as representative of the united states you want to have a good feel whether or not he believes that at its root, putin is somebody who we should or can possibly deal with. somebody who has been very close to assad. someone who has been very close to iran. is that somebody we can negotiate or deal with? >> well, again the thing that i would say number one thing we need our secretary of state doing advocating for the president-elect's america first foreign policy. mr. trump won with overwhelming number of electoral delegates, biggest number for republican since 1988. people are buying into this america-first foreign policy will we send reps out -- martha: the question be that america first include alliance with russia, something maybe romney and corker sat down in the same meetings were not going along with?
6:38 am
>> we need to look at different ways to to work with -- we talk about defeating isis, countries acting in good faith want to defeat isis we should look to do that. that is absolutely silly to cross it off the table? absolutely not. will we stand up and be firm? we've seen it from the president-elect and seen it from some of his picks, people like rex tillerson. to cross people off we can't work with them to defeat someone like isis -- talk about overall geopolitical stability of region on the middle east. we're not in this by ourselves. there are a lot of other players. if we can't sit down to have a conversation we're not going anywhere. martha: people point to reagan and gorbachev what they were able to accomplish. gorbachev and putin very, very different people. he obviously needs to have his moment in front of he have one because america doesn't know rex tillerson and you guys have talked to him. so he will get his chance to you know, be presented on the world stage. people will hear from him self. that is very important part. >> very impressive person. so one who run one of the
6:39 am
world's largest companies, over 70,000 employees. he is literally worked in every region of the world. we talk about southeast asia and south america. understands the middle east and security issues. very impressive person. i think people will be really impressed when they start to really get to know rex tillerson. martha: everybody looks forward to that opportunity. thank you very much, jason. good to have you with us today. >> thanks, martha. ♪ >> what you did do night took rile courage, mike. i admire you. >> thanks. >> you sleep on it. >> good night, dad. >> good night, mike. >> thanks, dad. >> oh! [applause] bill: a lot of us waking up to the sad news a legacy of love and laughter for alan thicke. the veteran actor died yesterday.
6:40 am
at age of 69. apparently a heart attack. his tv career spanned five decades. stints as writer and composer and late night host. he was best known of course for playing the dad on the 1980s sit come growing payne. thicke's costar kirk cameron right writings on instagram friday, i spent monday through friday for seven important years with alan thicke as my tv dad. i am shocked at his death. he was kind and loving man. joy anna kearns played his wife. we change ad life-changing friendship. he is survived by his three sons and wife town y the world saying good-bye to actor alan thicke, gone too soon age of 89 years old. martha: 69. bill: 69. very talented. touched a lot of lives here and
6:41 am
about everywhere. martha: what a shock. playing basketball with his 19-year-old son. had a heart attack. he is so beloved. our hearts go out to him and his family as well. in the meantime we will talk about the fact that democrats are sounding the alarm over the alleged russian interference in the presidential election. harry reid saying it is just as bad as 9/11. really? we'll talk about that, fair and balanced debate when we come right back. . see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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bill: top democrat in the senate now, putting rush's alleged interference in the election in a category of its own. harry reid compares it to the worst terrorist attack in our nation's history. he said this: , this is as big of a deal as watergate and 9/11. they need a watergate type commission. this is scandal been uncovered. wow! what does he know? brad blakeman, former deputy assistant president
6:45 am
george w. bush, jessica tarlov, senior political analyst for shown consulting. 9/11. watergate. i don't know, what else do you want to put in that category? pearl harbor, take your pick on the hyperbole. >> good thing harry reid is old news. will not be in washington. he is not going to be governing. this is another attempt by democrats to delegitimatize the fair and free election of trump trump. russians were not the cause of donald trump being elected. it was incompetence of hillary clinton. bill: jessica, you want to take that on? >> okay. well there is a lot there. first of all i would like to say -- bill: start with harry reid. do you believe this is as bad as 9/11? >> obviously not. 9/11 in category all its own. hyperbole hurts our cause. i disagree this is democrats doing that. harry reid is only one opinion saying about that elijah
6:46 am
cummings, adam schiff, this investigation is bipartisan into what the russians are doing, if they're in our system. not because i think the election outcome is going to change, it is not. we need to know if they were some way tampering. we need to know how much information we have just like china and north korea. a lot of people want our stuff. bill: perhaps i may rewind and remind all of this from two months ago. the commander-in-chief said the following. >> there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even, you could even rig america's elections. and so i would advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. bill: funny how things -- >> yeah. what a difference an election makes. but one thing is for sure, we have a cyber problem in america. we are not as diligent as we should be. as a matter of fact, the experts have told us that cyber attacks
6:47 am
in america are more threatening now than a nuclear attack. we're not doing the kind of job we should be doing but we shouldn't be using this election as an excuse. bill: what is the proper way to manage that, brad? >> what we need to do, need in the confirmation hearings of defense officials and intel officials pin them down on what donald trump's position is going to be and policy on cybersecurity. that is the ultimate threat to america, whether it comes from russia or anybody else. but let's not use this election as an excuse. because that's not the real root of our problems in america. it is our national grid. our national defense. >> i don't disagree with brad. we were talking in the green room about leon panetta's speech he gave the intrepid four years ago he said next warfare front will be cyber. our grid could go. what if all heating in america suddenly goes out during the winter? we have no capability to fix something like that. but in terms of what is going on with the election, this is not just something democrats are
6:48 am
concerned b. john mccain, lindsey graham, richard burr. there will be hearings in house and senate of this and can accept the results of election still be concerned and talk about this and talk about the election way russians infiltrated our systems. we know that is possible. we need to be concerned that donald trump's attitude towards the russians and rex tillerson. bill: they're trying to make this whole thing look like it is not legitimate? >> the election, mandate question. bill: many, many republicans are already, you can't use this as a dog whistle. >> that's right. bill: to make it seem as if our democracy is on, is falling apart because of it. >> i think it is very dangerous. hillary clinton lost because of 80,000 vote in three key states. there were mistakes that were made didn't have to do with russians. spend your time in michigan, not in arizona. you win that way if you're a democrat. i think that is what we should be focusing on and refurbishing
6:49 am
party in 2018 and 2020, we have great prospects to win seats. bill: irony, podesta, he was hacked and fell with this phishing ex-pa dills. forwarded email so one of his staff. this is legitimate email. john needs to change his password immediately and apparently he did or they did and the result was a wide open door. >> check your auto correct all the time. bill: brad, that is rich with irony. last word. >> no question that our systems are you will vulnerable to russians and others but let's not use the election as the dog whistle. we have bigger fish to fry, that is our national security. that is what we should be concentrating on. that is with we should have hearings on, not the result. election. >> thanks a lot bill. yes, i'll remember. bill: i'm sure you will. cool. martha, what is next? martha: the word police are out in force on the campus of usc. controversy on campus. the professor who tries to ban a certain phrase from being used
6:50 am
by students when they write their final exams. what's that about? we'll be explaining right in a moment.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
♪ martha: university of southern california professor banning the term, illegal immigrant, on final exams. in an email that was obtained by campus reform sent out by the professor's aide, reading quote, to the students, so on your final exams please refrain from using the term illegal immigrant to refer to human beings. as the professor has requested or mandated. instead please use, undocumented immigrant, or, unauthorized entry, to describe folks's status. we are joined by sterling beard, editor-in-chief of campus reform. he keeps pretty good track of these type of stories. we like having him on. good morning to you.
6:54 am
good to see you this morning. how does she the professor get away with this? doesn't every student have the right to put whatever words they want in their essay on their final exam? >> well, absolutely they corks but of course that is always at the, there are always at mercy of a professor this kind of situation. that is the danger of having so many progressive in teaching positions students, whether they're conservative, moderate, lean liberal but want to talk about things truthfully, when they can't talk about them with the proper language to describe them, that is when you get this sort of situation. martha: when students push back in these sorts of situations, for instance, if someone were to say well, i believe these individuals broke the law and that makes them illegal immigrants, they would probably not get a good grade i'm assuming or get points off for using a phrase that wasn't supposed to be used? >> presumably not. that is so much of a problem in this day and age with political correctness, with professors using their power over students, demanding that they not use terms like illegal immigrant.
6:55 am
this is the sort of thing we see every day at leadership institute of campus reform. this is scary. this is how you get into the situation with fahrenheit 451. you can't talk about things properly. we don't do it for any category of crime. we don't call drug dealers, undocumented pharmacists. we ought to talk about people illegally living in this country illegal immigrants. martha: there is pushback on students on campuses who voted for donald trump, berated by fellow students and ostracized by fellow students. is there any indication what you study and look at all the time in this country this election is going to change any of the sort of things that we're seeing in this email? >> i think to a certain point but it will be from the students point of view. these are tenured radicals you've had in universities for years, if not multiple decades. i don't think you are going to see a tremendous shift on part of the professors. the pushback is going to come from students who will no longer be afraid to speak their mind because we have now entered the
6:56 am
i think, in a lot of regards, post-political correctness era. students are many about being less and less afraid to say no, this is wrong, this is illegal immigration, not whatever. euphemistic term you want me to use. this is what it is. this is what we'll call it. we'll see what happens next four to eight years on this. martha: i'm sure you will. you have given students a voice and a bit of a platform to stick up for their freedom of speech. thank you very much, sterling. we'll see you next time. >> absolutely. thank you. bill: president-elect trump apparently considering key democrats for some remaining positions not yet determined. what is his position based on? we'll examine in a moment. could one or both of these democrats be tagged next? more coming up on that top of the hour here on "america's newsroom."
6:57 am
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7:00 am
democrats into his administration but is it about more than people he has his eye on for the cabinet? come on over to america's newsroom. eric: how are you doing? martha: great. bill: looking like a game of chess as president-elect trump stocks his cabinet and his leadership team. two democrats have surfaced in their talks, north dakota senator heidi heidi camp, joe mention, both hold seats in red states that would be at risk if they step down to serve in the administration. martha: thank you, ed henry live in washington, some pressure on both mention and height camp to turn 9 the offer they are getting from the trump administration. >> senate democrats are scrambling in the building behind me behind the scenes to make sure neither of these
7:01 am
democrats wind up in the trump cabinet. joe mention swan west virginia, a republican leaning state even though he is a democrat, state carried by donald trump and he was up for secretary of energy, he did not get it, rick perry being nominated instead. but heightcamp also from a red state is up for secretary of agriculture, that had not been announced by donald trump in the mix for that, someone behind closed doors to talk to trump and the point is is it good to reach across the aisle, have a democrat or two in the cabinet to show you are bipartisan but this is truly, the reason senate democrats are scrambling, they are worried if she says yes and becomes agriculture secretary that makes it hard for democrats to keep that seat in democratic hands, likely to go republican and donald trump not just getting an agriculture secretary
7:02 am
but another republican vote in the senate for his nomination, his agenda like tax cuts and that is why this is multidimensional chess, not just about cabinet picks. martha: you have to wonder what the democrats are able to offer these two senators that is more enticing than a spot in the president's cabinet. >> reporter: it could be a committee post like the appropriations committee which oversees all federal spending, a seat on the finance committee which oversees all tax policies, that is very powerful also, putting together what is going to be the new version of obamacare, healthcare, could be something like that or leadership post, all kinds of things. here is something else to watch as we put together a list of all the democrats up for election in 2018 in the senate and in state carried by donald trump. the point is these are 10 democrats who could be very vulnerable because in some cases, michigan for example,
7:03 am
donald trump barely won that state. it was a surprise. there were other states where he carried it big like west virginia. estate like florida will be interesting for bill nelson who is up for reelection. who else is on this list? heidi height camp from north dakota. that is part of her calculation as well which is if i don't take this cabinet post and i listen to the democrats pressuring me to tell president know, i might face a really hard reelection battle and lose my seat anyway in north dakota. martha: thank you, good to see you. with more on this is senior editor of the "national review" and fox news contributor, thanks for coming in today. what do you make of that? >> brilliant and important for the trump campaign to take some democratic senators off the table. there margin in the senate is really narrow.
7:04 am
we saw this with the tillerson nomination but you have 52 republican senators everybody gets to pretend i am the crucial 51st vote giving everybody leverage was the more you can pass that lead to the republicans the more the white house has leverage over senators rather than senators having leverage over the white house but we do see this every administration where they try, there is a tradition of picking someone from the other party for one cabinet position. i also think this isn't just about cabinet picks. it is not entirely just about senators. it is about the image of the parties. one of the reasons why a lot of conservative democrat switched over and became republicans under reagan was the images of the party changed and we are seeing that again right now so you are seeing someone like joe mention, his state is essentially a republican state. is a popular lagging behind the trend conservative democrat. martha: a lot of people thought he might cross over. >> like jim jeffers had done.
7:05 am
so the image the republican party is now the home of politicians like joe mention or heitkamp is terrible for the democrats, they are having an identity crisis, we are just blue state lobbyists from san francisco and new york, they can start hemorrhaging all of their blue-collar -- martha: someone from west virginia and north dakota in the heartland. when president obama tried to get judd gregg to come into his cabinet and greg said yes, former senator from new hampshire getting a feel for what the economic plan was. i can't back this, can't do it, and left. it is tough to do but perhaps admirable to ring these people in and crafty politically. >> something i forgot about was in this moment everyone is accusing the other side of being paranoid the reason greg's nomination got killed was democrats were terrified a republican might be in charge of the census and that would steal
7:06 am
the election. the idea that this is something new to this moment is not quite right. martha: good to see you. bill: we are watching to see who walks through that door next. it will be a who's who of technology leaders from companies including amazon and apple, microsoft and google, facebook and tesla, big hitters in that crowd. big corporate names from general motors, jpmorgan, disney, walmart, pepsi, boeing, general electric. last night in wisconsin paul ryan patched up months of bad blood taking the stage with mister trump, very interesting rally. the latest stop on his thank you tour where mister trump focus on putting americans back to work, here is part of that. >> my administration will be focused on three very important words.
7:07 am
jobs, jobs, jobs. it is time to help get americans off of welfare and back into the labor market. rebuilding this country with american hands with american workers. my administration will follow two simple rules. by american and hire american. from now on it is going to be america first. america first. bill: mister trump defending his choice for state department, rex tillerson and he will nominate rick perry for secretary of energy. several reports out today saying mister trump is expected to choose montana republican ryan zinc read to be interior secretary, he has a background as a navy seal and more. all this petrus that is pieces on the portraits are filling in day by day. martha: he called paul ryan and joe in yes last night. if he doesn't agree with me he will be in trouble, we are going to build a wall, paul. we will see how that goes.
7:08 am
great buddies on that stage. bill: change is for now. fox news alert. but five your syrian cease-fire collapsing in the last holdout in that country may be lost to syrian forces. bombs raining down, remaining rebel held areas of eastern aleppo just one day after a deal brokered by russia and turkey would have allowed trapped civilians and rebels to evacuate. john huddy is watching this live. good day. >> syrian president bashar al-assad said the cease-fire was meant to, quote, save the terrorists and block forces from getting into the rest of eastern aleppo and taking control of all of aleppo but a cease-fire is the aim of that, to get thousands of residents out and pay of the way, open the way for
7:09 am
bashar al-assad's forces to get in. now there is the finger pointing back and forth about who is to blame for the failed cease-fire. it was brokered by turkey and russia, announced last night and fell apart this morning when it resumed and an estimated 50,000 civilians remained trapped in a small pocket of eastern aleppo, rebel controlled arrows and opposed to shuttle out about 15,000 people and 4000 rebel fighters and their families were stopped or turned around so you have these people that are basically stuck on the eastern edges of the eastern part of the city, a deadly claim -- game of politics as the story continues. martha: new questions on democrats putting pressure on the electoral college to change their votes which they do on december 19th. is there an attempt to subvert
7:10 am
our elect oral outcome? not talking about russia. we will debate that fair and balanced coming up. bill: will rex tillerson be confirmed as secretary of state, remaining to be convinced. senator rand paul might be one of them. mister trump from last night again in wisconsin. >> rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world we don't get along with and some people don't like that. they don't want him -- that is why i'm doing the deal with rex because i like what this is all about.
7:11 am
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martha: a small number of electors who will cast a vote on december 19th want an intelligence briefing from the cia. more than 30 of the 538 want to learn a little bit more about russia's hacking into the election which they feel put the thumb on the scale for donald trump is one of those electors is nancy pelosi's daughter. here she is. >> if there is evidence that not only was the election tainted but one of the candidates knew about that and profited from it, that certainly is something the electors should know in advance. martha: and rollins joins me, joe trippi, campaign manager for
7:15 am
howard dean. good to have both of you here today. basically these electors wanted an intelligence briefing so they could learn more about the russian hacking into the election. here is a quote from the editorial in the journal that says john podesta released his statement that we support that issue. hours after 10 members of the electoral college send a letter to the director of the the and i seeking information at 4 different -- interference to judge if mister trump was, quote, fit to serve. there are a couple issues in that statement. what do you think about this effort? >> it is absurd, a part of democrats to continue to not surrender. there are 538 people picked by american voters to cast their votes and so far the way this works is they go on next monday
7:16 am
to the state capital in 50 states plus the district of columbia and cast a vote directed by the public in each state am a very clear that trump has had a big victory there and there is no defection. the idea that you will take 538 people and give them a national security briefing over the weekend, something that is an absurd challenge at this point makes no sense to me and it is purely partisan crybaby as far as i'm concerned. martha: what do you think? >> i don't think there is going to be a chance of anything like this happening. they don't get security clearances, but the bigger reason is only one republican elector has signed a letter asking for this briefing. they have a right to ask for the briefing but i don't think it is going to happen and nothing like this ever gathers any steam unless the winning party, donald trump's party actually starts to
7:17 am
see people, those electors make the call. nancy pelosi's daughter -- martha: sorry to interrupt. everyone feels it will not change the outcome of the election but the fact that john podesta is leaning into the saying we support this, it is similar to what we saw from the hillary camp in the recount. everyone knew that was not going to go anywhere as well but the clinton camp came out and ted we support it, we are open to you guys doing this. why not take the high road at this point? >> we need republican electors to ask for this and i don't see how john podesta or the clinton campaign leaning in helps to have that happen so i don't think -- i agree with ed, this is not something that will go very far. it is a separate question from should bipartisan committees in congress look into what the
7:18 am
russians were doing? that, i think is legitimate and the electors have the right to ask this. i just don't think, every democratic elector can ask for this even if they got the briefing or thought there was something there, doesn't change anything if republican electors all vote the way they are supposed to. martha: the hysteria over foreign cyberattacks is interesting in the journal touches on this given the point where this is, liberated during the obama years but the president never held any national government accountable even when officials fingered the russians this summer for hacks of the dnc mister obama did nothing but wag a finger. >> we had 58 election since 1789. every four years we have an election, someone wins, someone loses, some president are great, some are okay, that is part of the process is the electoral process was set up, we are not a
7:19 am
democracy, we are republic, guided by the voters who have spoken in these states that at the end of the day, mrs. clinton and her team ought to simply say election is over, thanks for those who voted for us, she wants a voice in american politics again she can, but she's not an elected official. martha: we are concerned about hacking and everyone should be on a broader level, that should be a bipartisan effort and can't come and go at the women's of elections you win or don't win. >> that is all true but the other side is the electoral college as the founders set it up as a deliberative body. they are allowed to make a decision within the realm of the top two or three candidates who should win this thing. they have a right to ask for the briefing. i just don't think it is going to change anything or they are going to get it. if this electoral college is not a deliberative body than let's get rid of the electors, not talking about getting rid of the electoral college but let's get
7:20 am
rid of the electors. >> you and i both know, you have been around the game a long time. the electors are picked just like nancy pelosi. political people who are picked by the candidates and pledged to vote how voters direct them. we have been in a lot of agreement. martha: good to have you both, see you next time. bill: members of the media going nuclear over russia, phrases like national emergency, calls to throw out the election. is it just over the top? howard kurtz will cover the coverage in a moment. martha: a heartbreaking situation unfolding in syria, many are just waking up to what is going on and it is being called a meltdown of humanity. >> everyone who can hear me we are here exposed to a genocide. this may be my last video.
7:21 am
more than 15,000 civilians who rebelled against the dictator assad are dying under bombings.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
martha: they are discrediting the cia. the president-elect of this country is discrediting the organizations that basically protects us from foreign invasion. he has to step down before the inauguration before they give him the nuclear code. bill: that probably is not going to happen. on sunday donald trump dismissing the assessment given by the cia or some at the cia suggesting russia hacked our election. many talking heads jumping on the bandwagon using the analysis to call the entire election
7:25 am
process into question. howard kurtz is going to be very busy, host of media buzz. what is your sense about the russian hearings? why don't we start there and ask the following question? how serious, how legitimate is that particular question? >> all the questions surrounding russia demand serious journalistic scrutiny. you have a new president who wants to have warmer relations with moscow, the whole cyberhacking disaster which although the media helped turn it into a partisan slugfest is basically an assault on our democracy, the new secretary of state rex tillerson is a friend of letter book, sanctions imposed after the russian incursion of ukraine, will those be lifted? that is serious business. martha: is there a media freak out? it strikes me this is the only thing people are writing about.
7:26 am
>> at the very least it seems to be a joy they heart freak out. forgive me if i don't take my foreign-policy from joy behar. a liberal comedian who cannot stand donald trump. last week she was saying the president-elect suffers from mental illness, now she is saying do we have to wait until we're living under the hammer and sickle? it led in unfunny directions but she is one example of a lot of journalists who in the media establishment who don't like the president-elect's new approach. there is a sort of hard-line default position that you have in the mccain lindsey graham wing of the gop among some democrats and among many in the media who are looking askance at the fact that donald trump said openly during the campaign he doesn't see why russia has to be our comparison. bill: trump is a different man, he took on the cia this past
7:27 am
weekend but the more it is written about, the more it is talked about do you find in your experience they drag the american public with them along with the story? or not? >> an interesting question. i think the american public has next feelings. a lot of concern about russia and its aggressive posture on the world stage. at the same time, trump made no secret of this, we got along better with russia maybe russia could help us in other areas of the world like syria and the middle east, foreign-policy experts are wary of that approach but it does seem to me that i think trump went a little too far in being dismissive of the cia on the leaks, cyberhacking and stuff about the election. he took it is trying to undermine his legitimacy as president but i don't think anybody seriously thinks that hacking, terrible as it was was responsible for donald trump winning the election. he won it fair and square but talking about these are the same
7:28 am
people who brought the don hussein's wmd, he said himself at odds with the intelligence community but at the same time this is probably the most important foreign policy issue. with everything else trump is going to do things differently. anybody gets used to that the public better get used to it. bill: a data point we will remember. thank you so much. covering the coverage, thanks. martha: donald trump said repealing obamacare is job number one when he gets to the white house, democrats think it will not happen. who is right? >> will republican support the choice for secretary of state. we will talk to senator rand paul about that and more next. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell and so many more and people are looking at this resume and honestly they have never seen a resume like this
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> rex will be a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world and has the insights to help, years of foreign policy blunders and disasters. >> the outline for a fight in the senate taking place with president-elect trump defending his choice for secretary of state. many democrats will oppose rex to listen and some republicans raising questions about his connections to vladimir putin in russia. senator rand paul serves in homeland security foreign relations committee, how are you doing? good morning and thank you for coming back. >> in the end yes. there will be some questions. hearings are good. we are supposed to give advice and consent and there will be hearings and we talk a lot about
7:33 am
this. it is unfair to prejudge mister tillerson and think because he had good relations in making deals around the world that that somehow makes him an unfit candidate. it may be the opposite. having good relations with world leaders and being able to negotiate with them is what you want in your chief diplomat. bill: did marco rubio go too far? he had concerns about the nominee. >> people prejudged he got an award from russia, therefore his chief interest would be russia. i presume his chief interest will be america and i wouldn't prejudge someone's patriotism or support of america by saying they have divided interests. when he worked for his company his first interest was making money and that is his job. you are by bob bound to make money for your company but making deals that are good. interesting thing about the business world is and you make a deal with another country or another individual both parties have to believe they made a good
7:34 am
deal, both parties gained the transaction, diplomacy is the same way. if you are negotiating the end of a war both sides have to save face with even the losing party has to feel this is the best outcome to make this deal. negotiation is real hard and we shouldn't prejudge tillerson before we hear more from him. bill: is he confirmed or not? >> likely yes. bill: nancy pelosi thinks i don't think they, republicans, will repeal the affordable care act meaning obamacare. is she right or not? >> she is dead wrong. we will repeal obamacare, we promised the american people, if we do nothing, it is unraveling before our eyes, it isn't working, isn't helping the people intended to help. if you were poor in america the price of your insurance is
7:35 am
rising, obamacare has high deductibles. it isn't working for anyone in the country. more choices, more competition and lower prices. >> it is not a political position but economic reality. >> economic reality is the government doesn't do a good job beating the mail, you don't have a profit motive, and they get government has much of healthcare as we can it replace with the marketplace. competition and lower prices. >> you are going to be busy. tell our audience about new
7:36 am
congress. and get through. >> the number one thing president trump could do and republican congress could do is repeal regulations that are killing jobs. president obama made this by executive order and regulatory order, president trump can undo it on day one. we can repeal by law with a simple majority and sends to president trump's desk. these job killing regulations once they are gone allow the economy to be growing again. taxes on businesses and individuals, american companies are leaving and going abroad because taxes are lower. if we fix that more companies will stay here and more jobs will be created. bill: regulations one and taxes one a. your relationship with him was rather curious during the primary campaign. how would you characterize it now? >> we had our moments but i have
7:37 am
thick skin. i don't agree with president-elect on everything but when i do i am happy to be supportive. i try to be a happy warrior even with president obama. i didn't agree with 90% of what he was for but the 10% i did agree with him on i was happy to say publicly, criminal justice reform, other things i agree with president obama on. i will do the same with trump but i agree more with president trump then president obama. bill: when you are walking down the street and someone talk to any restaurant and say how is this going to work out, how do you phrase what you believe president trump will be as commander-in-chief? >> very optimistic particularly on foreign-policy. he is now saying he doesn't want to build nations overseas but rebuild our country here. i agree completely with that. he doesn't believe in regime change, he thinks the iraq or was a mistake, a lot of things i agree with president trump on and on those i will be as helpful as i can. bill: that is a long way from
7:38 am
des moines, iowa. rand paul from kentucky to washington dc, thank you. >> federal authority is wrapping up their investigation into the deadly warehouse fire that killed 36 people in california. fire officials admitting they never inspected the ship as the building was no despite police and city officials receiving several complaints. national correspondent william lodging us with more on this continuing investigation. >> building inspectors dropped the ball by never thwarting those complaints to the fire department especially the fire department is not even required to inspect commercial buildings unless there is a change in use. the landlord never told the city she converted the warehouse to an illegal apartment building the city never inspected. ironically there was a fire station 500 feet away.
7:39 am
firefighters and city councilman admit the city new people were living there illegally but looked the other way. >> we have no record of 131531st avenue being inspected, nor do we have any records of them applying for a special permit, change of occupancy, any tenant improvements. >> many called for the mayor and others like the fire chief to resign but none so far. >> in terms of the cause is there any new information how that started? >> the atf ruled out arson and faulty refrigerator. the focus is on overloaded electrical circuit. 2010 it's hench a hole in the wall of the neighboring building and were sucking power through a single extension cord that may have shorted and caused a fire. the da is investigating the owner and building manager for
7:40 am
their liability. >> we will work diligently. we will be methodical and thorough in bringing this case to justice. >> reporter: the landlord owned several buildings according to chronicle, she showed up with a monthly check with the managers say they told her about bad wiring, she refused to fix it, potential charges from murder to involuntary manslaughter. bill: we will hear about that story for a long time. the world getting a glint of the situation, grim situation in syria through civilian tweets and videos from inside the war zone. it is heartbreaking. how did we get five years down the road in a brutal civil war? >> a red line for us is we start saying a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around being mobilized, that would change my calculus.
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bill: abortions after 20 weeks illegal in ohio, john k-6 signing off the band. ohio the 16th state to limit abortions after 20 weeks, lawmakers in congress expected to push for similar bill next year. john k-6 vetoed a so-called heartbeat bill which would have banned abortions after six weeks into pregnancy. >> to everyone who can hear me we are here exposed to a genocide in the city of aleppo. this may the my last video is more than 50,000 civilians who rebelled against the dictator assad are threatened with execution or dying in the bombing. >> stand with aleppo. >> impassioned pleas for help from syria making their way to social media, the latest attempt
7:45 am
at a cease-fire has unraveled, the bombing continues to hammer the rebel held areas where there are anywhere from 50 to 100,000 civilians who are still stuck in the eastern part of aleppo. no way to verify independently these videos or eights, you can see them across the internet but they appear to match up with some of the situations in terms of what we are hearing, a young girl said to be trapped in the war-torn city has been well known. life tweet from an account she shares with her mother, just one of those today from the mother of this 7-year-old girl. dear world, there is intense bombing right now. why are you silent? fear is killing me, retired air force lieutenant general tom mcinerney, military analyst, joins us now. what a tragedy this has been. >> the worst in the 21st century, any person watching the
7:46 am
news would agree. it is an absolute disaster. the russians, iranians, the turks have taken advantage of the situation between our governments, caretaker government going on right now, so that is what has happened. they made decisive moves. >> i want to play the soundbite from hillary clinton who was secretary of state, watch this. >> president obama called on assad to step aside and announced the strongest set of sanctions to the syrian government. for the sake of the syrian people the time has come for him to step aside and lead the transition to syrians themselves. martha: that was four years ago.
7:47 am
>> they left it to the syrians themselves and the russian the year and a half ago, entered the fight, the president locked them and they are play a dominant role. we have focused in all fairness re-occupying western iraq, mosul and working against syria, rocco, where isis is. they worked against the rebels and is human tragedy, the greatest in the 21st century so far. how is the trump administration going to fix it. martha: there are hundreds of thousands of people who have been killed and millions displaced, the ripple across europe that has been untenable, the silence inom
7:48 am
this administration, what people answer for, in the years to come in terms of why they were not able to do more to support moderate rebels at the point it might have made it difference was the man being considered for the next job as secretary of state, rex tillerson. your thoughts on whether he is the right person to step into these shoes. >> this may be a perfect storm. rex patty: has global knowledge of all world leaders, they know him. he is going to work with the russians, their key into it as well as iranians and other middle eastern leaders. it is an extremely difficult position to be put in right away. i am encouraged that president-elect trump selected the right person to solve this complex problem and it is complex. it won't go back together.
7:49 am
we envisioned it 9 years ago the way the world was in the middle east. that world won't go back together but russia is involved with it, the shia crescent swept across the whole saudi arabian peninsula, from to run into aleppo, in damascus, that road is the road the lines of communication the iranians, the danger this administration left, the shia crescent across the arabian peninsula, very dangerous, we cannot let that continue. >> and alliance between putin and assad and it will be a tall
7:50 am
order to realign allegiances, big job and i see you believe rex tillerson is after the job. thank you very much for weighing in. >> generally coming up, quick preview. >> a big meeting at trump tower with the biggest names in pics for trump's cabinet. there has been so much critics are making of the middle of friendship. we will speak to another american, get the story from him and meet an adorable toddler. he did come face-to-face with the lion address for the location. we won't talk to the toddler. >> we are seeing the prosecution's case against bill cosby, and sexually assaulting a woman in 2004.
7:51 am
with the pretrial movement, revealing about this.
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7:54 am
>> the case against bill cosby running into a second day. dragging and sexually assaulting a woman 12 years ago. prosecutors want to 13 accusers to testify and defense lawyers expect to make their case against that today. rob schmidt outside montgomery county courthouse, good morning to you. 13 others, will they testify or not? >> big question there. the last two days have been about 13 other women the prosecution wants to bring in, to testify against bill cosby and make -- a pattern rather than a one time thing.
7:55 am
will they be able to testify? the defense is turning its argument, prosecution completed his argument. there has been a lot more plain than yesterday, turned into a shouting match inside the courtroom, got pretty ugly and there. gloria allrate is defending 10 of 13 women accusing bill cosby, 13 of the 50 or more that made accusations since the case was brought up. i said how critical are these 13 women to this case? she told me this is very important. bringing them into this trial makes it more than that he said she said argument which gives the prosecution a lot more leverage and could mean a victory in this case. is the most important hearing we have seen. bill cosby 79 years old walking into court today arriving a little before 9:00 looking healthier, was asked how are you, he said i'm fine, thank you, charged with giving andrea constance quaaludes at his home
7:56 am
in 2004 and having sex with her, considered him a mentor. they stopped -- tried to stop something that happened last week, there was a motion to allow recordings of bill cosby's deposition from the civil trial in 2040, those statements bill cosby made a going to be allowed in this case. >> outside the courthouse in montgomery county. >> titans of business and technology. it is tech day. entertainment day yesterday but today is tech day. they will be with president-elect as he finishes filling in his cabinet posts. the latest pics straight ahead.
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. . . . . >> when i started 15 months ago, i told my first crowd in wisconsin that we are going to come back here some day and we
8:00 am
are going to say merry christmas again. >> you have to unfan them. [laughter] bill: we are working on it. martha: it's looking pretty good. fabulous day, everybody. we will see you tomorrow. jenna: we start today with a lot of action on the transition front with the president elect tapping a former rival governor rick perry and energy secretary as mr. trump gets ready to host the biggest name of silicon valley for a tech summit. i'm jenna lee. >> hello, everyone, i'm eric sean for jon scott. former texas governor now with same department that he famously forgot in the presidential


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