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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 15, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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you are welcome. actually i disagree with you,e1 karen. butxd i enjoy the thought. to welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show donald trump leaves twitter off the invite list. can't wait until he tells us why. probably in his 3:00 a.m. tweet. and the mlb's new anti-hazing laws ban players from dressing up like women. shame on you major league baseball players. don't let the league tell you how to feel. and they are facing off in the most intense contest this year. the thrilling conclusion that will rock your world, pay --
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paper your world and scissors your world. >> can't wait. let's welcome our guest. she goes to yoga to find her far left of center, jessica tarlof. his album is called tense and uncomfortable. comedian paul hooper. if he calls your play over rated you have probably hit the big time. author of razzle dazzle. the author of theater and columnist. michael reidle. and he has per changed color. from the brilliant idiot pod cast. let's start the show. >> on wednesday donald trump met with some of the most successful of the tech companies. larry page of google and
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clippy of microsoft. the meeting began with trump telling everyone they were the opposite of losers. >> well, i just want to thank everybody. this is a truly uh -- amazing group of people. i won't even tell you the hundreds of calls asking to come to this meeting. i want to add i am here to help you folks do well. you are doing well right now and i am honored by the bounce. they are talking about the bouncer. everybody in this room has to like me at least a little bit. we will have that bounce continue. >> one major company not represented at the meeting is twitter. a senior ran session official told fox news, quote, they were not invited because they aren't big enough. that's the official line anyway. politico is reporting that twitter was bounced in retribution for refusing during the campaign to allow an emoji version of the # crooked hillary.
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it would have shown small bags of money being given away or stolen. >> because you can't tell the difference between given away or stolen. especially when it comes to hillary. >> three different kinds of bags of money. look, i missed that hillary hash tag. >> it just passed you by? >> twitter isn't that big. they think they are really big. >> donald trump lives off twitter. >> as a huge company. >> they don't make money. >> i don't know what the numbers are, but they are small. >> i want to say what i want to say even though i don't know why i am saying it. >> have you ever seen an ad on twitter? >> i don't think so. >> look, obviously he has a love-hate relationship with the platform. what did you think of the tech leaders. the only one was the -- he was the only guy who supported him so what do you think?
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i mean they looked happy today because it is an exciting thing and it is a new presidency and we should all get in line and be supportive and we want to make it through the next four years and make a lot of money and donald trump loves a lot of money. but everyone is pretty devastated in that room by the outcome and that's fair. i think it is great that they are doing this. >> trump said they have to like him at least a little bit. >> why? >> because of his bounce. he was president ordering them to like him. michael, he was saying they probably like me because their companies are worth more in value since he has been elected. >> there is no sight that cheers my heart more than a line of billionaires heading to eat humble pie at donald trump's table. i loved every minute of that and i just like the way he is being nice and being kind. but you know he is just going
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to tweet them into oblivion. i can't wait. the reason the twitter guy didn't go is because at one point he said if there is hate speech he would take the twitter away? >> it was in response to a question. he said would you take his away. >> he said he violated the terms like anybody. why did they go? if they were so sad about this they didn't have to show up, right? >> this is like symbolic, right? it is a photo shoot for the 20 most unrelatable people in america. a christmas card for the recession proof. it is a photo op. >> doesn't it show you. >> in all seriousness because when the masacre happened in
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san bernadino he said they should go into encrypted accounts to get information. i think these guys are concerned if that is what the policy of the administration will be. they want to be involved in those conversations about getting into encrypted devices. >> let's take a look. i want to see their faces. they didn't look to be the happiest bunch of people. >> you have to work it. >> look at those three. >> that's a perfectly shaped head. >> she is leaning in for this. >> she looks to be leaning back, jessica. and that is -- >> i am a billionaire. >> schulz, what do you think of this meeting? and should they be excited about trump? >> when you are a billionaire it is nice not to talk to
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thousandaires. it is nice to be around billionaires and you can talk about things like non-consensual sex. that's a fun billionaire combo and everybody can relate. even the girl who was on there she was like, yeah, sometimes i grab a joint. >> she is well behaved. >> until she gets into that meeting. >> donald trump may have been the poorest person in that room. everybody in that room has more money than him. >> he has several billion dollars. >> so he says. >> was everyone a billionaire in that room? >> look at the tax returns. >> too late! >> finally i give up. fair and balanced be gone. >> welcome!
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>> no recounted wisconsin for you. >> don't ever feel pressure. >> next season major league waitresses won't have to dress up. there will be an anti-hazing practice that covers the practice. the policy prohibits requiring or encouraging players to dress as women or wear costumes that is offensive based on race, sex, nags mall tee and gender identity. the vice president of mlb said the new rules were drawn up in light of social media which in our view sort of unfortunately publicized a lot of the dressing up of the players. not all costumes are banned. the rookies can be forced to be dressed up as batman and spider-man. some current and former players are dismayed by the move. >> seriously? i have to wear a customs
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outfit and wear it proudly because i was in the show. >> he looked at it as a badge of honor. >> people don't realize how bad this is. you dress them up as women toy mass skew late them. when you dress them in dresses it is worse. >> things are going in -- once you stop dressing them up as women -- the mlb is personally responsible. >> stay away from the batting cage. >> we either had to cut that one time or five times. >> you dress up as a woman all the time. >> that's not funny because of the number of people who watch fox and think i am a tranny. >> look --
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>> it is a trans woman just to let you know. >> really? >> yes. a tranny is looked at as offensive. >> i apologize to my fellowance women. >> they are flirting with you. >> i never get it it. in real life i don't get it. i think they should not ban this and not because of the bus. i think it is funny and they are making fun of them. it is not like they are saying women are ugly. it is big duding with hairy chests. >> the mlb said it has to do with social media. he basically was saying i'm sorry we have to do this, but it was the idea that these photographs -- it was never meant to be such a public thing to go out. >> is it a private hazing? i am all for the ban. i am not a big fan of teamwork at although. so i can't believe whether it is a baseball team orie ridge general or most families i
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feel like it is terrible rituals coming out. it is more proof. the damaged fraternities -- two men should be allowed to meet together. i am all for -- i mean, by the way their uniforms are dumber than the costumes i think. >> they are already in spandex. >> charlie's los angeles angels. a grown man shouldn't bewaring a woman's dress. there is some infantile hazing thing they go through. >> he knew when he went through it that it was kind of supposed to be humiliating and silly. it was humiliating. for people who get into a fraternity they do that and they get through it. >> there is always a horror story. they end up getting really sick. >> because they can't wear dresses. if fraternities would be allowed to dress people -- my
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friend was in a fraternity an et walk. do you know what that is? >> no. >> an elephant walk is when you [bleep] and then you all walk. >> do you know what show you are on? >> that's real life. we are talking real issues. >> glad i never joined a fraternity. >> i am saying put them in dresses so you don't have to walk around like elephants. >> we better move on to the next story. to less pressing matters it has been awhile since the earth was hit by a catastrophic fireball from the sky. 65 million years actually. according to a nasa scientist, we are due. these events, like the kind that wiped out the dinosaur happen every 50 or 60 years. >> when you are talking about things like dinosaur killers they are 50 and 60 years apart. you could say we are due.
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>> the guy looks like charles mann son. >> we are all due to be killed. >> we are unprepared to deal with a large asteroid or comet. i believe that is a photo composite. what we need is dr. rocket that would deflect the giant rock heading our way. he suggests nasa build one now and that's if we care at all about saving humanity. >> sounds like a good infrastructure project to me. it is a good thing for trump to be doing. >> it is something that could destroy the entire human race. we probably should prepare for it, right? >> yes, i suppose so. but there are many things to lose sleep over, but an asteroid hitting me on the
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head is not one of them. >> he is not worried, but what do we do? could this be something that would bring the world together? >> maybe. but didn't mast saw step away from this -- but didn't nasa step away from this comment? he was not speaking on behalf of nasa. >> she saw what he looked like. >> i think they all looked like that. i watched "the martian" again and they looked great in that movie. >> oh my god it is crazy. and they can live off their own poop. >> did you say poopy? it is 3:00 a.m., what are you thinking? should we do something about this or do like the movie asteroid where we send out
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guys like bruce willis? >> finally, finally. how do we stop it is not the question. how do we speed up the comment. >> what is there? >> let's go. >> what about the -- what was the professor's name again? >> what about the idea of preparing bunkers. you want to go underground. that's the idea is that it ruins the atmosphere. >> then the asteroid wins. i don't believe in letting that happen. first of all i don't believe in asteroids. >> you don't believe it exists? >> everything is set up in space. >> that was a longtime ago when space was figuring itself out. everybody found their lanes. you have one on the inside and one on the outside. we are going in circles. everybody, let's go.
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>> it is a solid argument you will hear on this show. coming up, college kids want to get rid of shakespear. see if the school will give them their pound of flesh. that's the break. ♪
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez in new york. evacuations from eastern aleppo are finally under way. the first to leave are wounded civilians and wounded fighters. some are being escorted out. the evacuation was to have begun yesterday. it was delayed when new shelling broke out despite a cease-fire deal between the
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government forces and the rebels. reports from aleppo indicates the final hours of fighting claimed many more victims including women and children. the rebels agreed to return control eastern aleppo after four years of battle. closing arguments are set to begin in the trial of dylann roof. he is the man accused of gunning down 9 black parishioners in a south carolina church last year. roof's attorneys rested yesterday without calling any witnesses after the judge ruled they could not present evidence about roof's mental health. he is on trial for hate crimes and object struck of -- obstruction of religion. and late yesterday a school district near colorado springs voted to allow teachers and other staff to carry guns on campus. the move is aimed at protecting students. the hanover school district is not the first to do so. they have passed similar rules since the 2012 masacre where
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20 children and six teachers are killed. the senate foreign relations committee plans to hold an open hearing to look moo the possibility that russia medalled with their presidential election. the hearing will be presided by bob corker and maryland ben cardon. now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines, log on to you are watching the most powerful name in news fox newschannel. have a great morning. >> a portrait of a dead guy has been hanging at the university of pennsylvania for years. apparently he wrote some plays or something. the students recently took it down and dropped it in the office of the english department chair. they replaced it with the photo of audrey lord, a black female writer. let's look at some of their work.
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first him. he keeps his watch in every old man's eye and where care lodges sleep will never lie. okay so no idea what that means. and now ms. lord, caring for myself is not self-indulgence it is self-press -- preservation and that is an act of political warfare. that's something i can wrap my mind around. students need to learn to be good to themselves. he said the students deciding to tear the poster down and replace it with one of their own came from their, quote, commitment to a more inclusive mission for the evening lish department add -- english department adding we invite every to join us in the task of critical thinking and the changing nature of authorship and the political life of symbols. no idea what he means by that and then again i have trouble figuring out what the other white guy is saying.
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michael, some old guy, you are probably familiar with him, right? >> i wish it would hit the college and all of the students who took his picture down is once again the nonsense of the pinko elite that run the university and into the heads of these kids and he deserves not a place anywhere on their campus. if they knew about him they would say he is by sexual and gay and if they mu that the picture -- if they mu that the picture would go back up. that's how ignorant they are on this campus. >> have you heard of this gay writer? >> he is my favorite gay writer. >> supposedly it is dedicated to a young man. >> in the old days -- >> el at the present time. elephant.
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elephant. >> i want to go to you. >> he said pinko-comme. >> he supports this philosophy. wouldn't you agree that this is where your folks have gone a little far with this kind of stuff. >> totally. and we talked about this a lot. i don't understand the idea of rewriting history. you don't learn anything. you will have a generation who doesn't know important things like when they want to rename the woodrow wilson school. have a conversation about it. come to terms with it and talk about why racism is bad. don't try to hide it. people are going to run into it. the real world doesn't work like that. what i would have liked to have seen these students do is put up a picture of the black author who i am forgetting her name.
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and so i don't know why you can't have both and you can't be part of the contribution these writers have made to literature. i absolutely don't understand it. >> i heard both of them and i don't need to understand it because he is boring. >> do you think -- what is most telling to me is that the faculty came out and they just completely ago we -- a -- acquessed. >> he did say that. the administrator said look we are going to teach shakespear at the school. they are not kicking him out of the school. they just are ago we yesessing to the students taking him off the wall. >> i he will be fine. >> do you agree? >> take him down.
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he makes no sense. i'm with you. the shakespear guy -- >> i was kidding. >> i am not. >> it was totally worth fighting a war against the evening lish so we don't -- evening lish so we don't speak like that. >> i know this is your thing, but we have to sopa. >> i am appalled. i will take you with me to henry power parts one and two and you will learn to like shakespear. >> you said a lot of numbers and i don't know what is going on. that is another shakespear problem. get to the point. i meed simple, de -- i need simple, declarative sentences. >> students of today don't believe there is anything -- there is no high art and low art. they don't believe elevating language. >> they have teachers who are morons at the university who don't let them appreciate art is art. >> to be or not to be. >> just say be.
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>> to be or not to be. >> and if those kids read their shakespear they would know the things hot on campus like gender issues and gender policy. >> it is all in there. coming up, a special half time with tv's andy levey and a new episode as the "red eye" pod cast is available.
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hi, welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey. tom, you said you don't buy that twitter wasn't invited because they refuse to make the crooked hillary emoji that politic0 claims. he said he absolutely did not do that. he told msnbc that a lot of companies couldn't be invited. the conference table was only so big. >> that's right. >> to me it is more -- if you look at the list of companies represented, apple, microsoft, amazon, they all make things or they sell products. like thisy are different han twitter i think maybe that's
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what it was. >> no staff at twitter either. >> it is like five guys. >> he didn't invite anybody from tinder because he doesn't like america's culture and wants to make america date again. >> shakespear over this. >> i thought about that before the show. >> i said i just shot of a really bad line and that's when i ran over. you said -- oh i am skipping that. you said it was a photo shoot with the 20 most relatable people in america. tom shillue wasn't there. >> you suggested trump may have been the poorest person in that room. poorest not the tim cook is
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worth a mere $785 million. he is not even a billionaire. >> i can't believe they let him in. he is not the richest. y plan musk is 11.5 billion. >> i should have voted for him for president. major league baseball says hazing can't involve dressing like a woman. paul, you said you were all for this. >> yes, the hazing idea is outdated. i am against teamwork more than -- >> i understand that. >> i think hazing is generally stupid, but it seems like one of the less offensive hazing things. >> i am not really offended by it. it brought up my hatred of teamwork. and then group meetings. >> do you only watch tennis and stuff like that? >> i like individual sports. i am an only child. when people get together and they try to play together it upsets me. >> i am with you on that. i am a golfer.
12:34 am
>> i am really surprised actually that you are a golfer. >> i am a republican. >> all right, i take it back. >> jessica, you thought this ban was stupid and i thought it was interesting that they basically blame social media which to me sounds like they are saying they don't really have a problem with it. they just don't want it to be public and that's the problem. >> the whole thing was confusing. it didn't seem like there was that much backlash against it. i hadn't heard about it and usually when there is a social justice warrior thing i get a bleep into my chip like oh this is is a problem -- there is a problem. this was nothing. dress like a lady. >> if you -- unless you are reu paul and you are grown man wearing a dress you look ridiculous. i guess that's the point in. >> you will not see me, a, in a fraternity, and b in a dress.
12:35 am
>> do you think male actors who portray women look ridiculous? >> unless you are harvey firestein. >> you brought up the hazing ritual and you were correct in what it is. >> how is it for you, andy if. >> i have never experienced it. >> it is not that bad if you are at the front or back. >> i don't have a problem with that. i just want to point out to our viewers that it has nothing to do with the 1954 -- the delightful 1954 movie "elephant walk." that was actually about elephants trampling the plantation. >> wow. i have to check that one out. >> nasa scientists say the earth could be over do for an extinges level event. extinct shun-level event.
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>> i love personal accountability. >> a lot of them thing they are dead wrong and you are overdue. he said the solar system is more cleared of potential impacts than anytime in history. >> that's like schulz's theory. >> can i get some credit over here. >> how do you see it if space. >> help me please. >> we ask if you should do like in the movie "asteroid." >> somebody pointed it out. >> armageddon.
12:37 am
>> shakespear portrait removed and replaced. you said she was probably gay or by sexual. i don't know if we know enough to say probably. possibly may be more accurate. >> i interviewed him. >> did he ask you to do an elephant walk? >> i have no response to that. >> it would be with shakespear if i was walking. fair enough. >> obviously. >> who are your favorite riders? >> i love this quote pr one of the students. they say, quote, you don't need a portrait of shakespear
12:38 am
up. he is pretty iconic. do you think that's why his portrait is -- just a thought. i don't know. i don't have much else because of the whole elephant walk thing . >> took the wind out of you? >> i am just going to go home and maybe take a bath or something. >> wonderful. thank you, andy. coming up, how much is too much when it comes to christmas music? my answer? 12 days. the real answer is next. map .
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez in new york. a surprise move from president obama. the president refusing to sign legislation that would renew sanctions against iran, but letting it become law anyway. iran's leader warned his regime would retaliate if u.s. extended nuclear sanctions another decade saying it violates terms of a nuclear deal. the white house said obama would sign the renewal despite the pressure, but he missed the deadline. the federal reserve says three more hikes are likely next year. the central bank released updated forecasts showing a stronger economy and it will mean higher rates on some loans. frigid, arctic air is taking hold on the country.
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the cold is claiming one life in minnesota where the windchills are expected to feel like 23 below. while on friday boston is forecasted to feel like minus 9. many areas are under a windchill advisory. >> new york state police and my guys literally grab shovels and hands when they found the sled and started digging. i think with no exaggeration they probably move seven tons of hard packed snow in a matter of 10 minutes. >> yikes. lawmakers are expected to vote on a bill today that would cut a substantial portion of revenue for the press. they accuse chris christie of targeting the media from running them on local paper skins assisted posting them on websites. lobby gists said it would -- lobbyists say it would save money and they can get approval by monday. now back to "red eye."
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for all of your headlines go to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox fox newschannel. is there such thing as too much christmas my -- music? the wife of a hedge fund billionaire transformed the outside of her three manhattan townhouses to a winter wonderland playing christmas carols nonstop. here is a taste. >> nick wilder, the man suing her wants to end the music. he tells the new york post, quote, it is not like she plays it a half hour every day. it is on from 7:00 a.m. until midnight. she is a primadonna and she
12:45 am
thinks she can do whatever she wants. she is invading people's homes with elevator music. it sounds like somebody's heart can stand to grow three sizes. and an ai program at the university of toronto composed a christmas song by itself. it is actually quite beautiful. take a listen. >> what the heck is that some -- what is the heck is that? >> his song was written by the computer to be the most pleasing sound to the ear. >> i agree with you this guy who lives with this woman who puts joy out and about with her lovely celebration of
12:46 am
christmas and lovely christmas music. this guy is a scrooge and a grinch. i would put it on a loop 24 hours a day. the worst song of all time. the awful paul mccartney -- simply having a wonderful christmastime. over and over and over to drive that man out of his mind. >> i don't hear it as much as the other one. there has been a consensus on that song. there is something about it that is dated. >> the paul mccartney one? >> he used a casio. >> what do you think? should she be able to play the music? play the music. this guy is a spoiled brat. the guy complaining is a spoiled brat. he is complaining about music 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. he clear 3 has never lived in a latino neighborhood. if the music stops abuela has died.
12:47 am
>> ♪ p -- feliz-navidad. >> paul, you are a bit of a grinch. >> i didn't know this many things are banned. >> you can't have that 12 hours a day. 15 minutes tops. i heard something worse in that computer generated thing. i heard jimmy buffet singing a christmas song. >> you are not a parrot head? >> he is jim jones for sunburned grandparents. >> he is singing jingling bells and then this -- the woman should be locked up that has everything -- you can't have -- that's what happens when a billionaire's wife is drinking wine. she is locked up in that
12:48 am
mansion. let's let her have her project. >> where is the fight some. >> i have said poopy and played the elephant game. it would really annoy me. it is not 12 hours. it is 7:00 to midnight. >> 7:00 a.m.? >> 7:00 a.m. to midnight. that's crazy. >> i love christmas music and i love hearing it. i love when i go to the starbucks and you can hear christmas music. but there has been a thing against christmas music lately. >> there has been a thing about christmas lately. you can't say merry christmas and now they don't want you to may christmas music. >> the red cup is plenty red. i would like to get some happy hanukkah and i never get it. >> happy hanukkah.
12:49 am
>> we'll sing the dradle song. >> everywhere we go there are jews. we are area -- we're everywhere. >> in new york it is a multi-cultural celebration. >> shaw -- can we say the song on the computer was better than anything shakespear has written. >> i will send you two guys on a date to see shakespear in the park. >> we will do the elephant walk! coming up, rock, paper, scissors. you decide and we report.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" jill dobson and an thoon knee cumia and dave smith. the japanese take their sports very seriously, especially rock, paper saysers. rock, paper, scissors. we will skip to the end. they started with 100 and 95 have beeny eliminated. they are down to the final two. go. >> ready.
12:54 am
>> the winner! >> her life will never be the same. >> is it me or is something vaguely pornographic about this. >> they hold the tournament to decide which of their 100 plus members compete to determine the hype up for the next single. now it all makes sense. now do you get it? >> totally. >> now you can see the excitement. jessica, this is great. this is a great day. have you heard of the group some . >> no, but i am going to japan
12:55 am
for the first time next summer. >> you are? >> i am. >> brush up on your rock, paper, scissors. look at these girls. >> and i love hello kitty and i saw a lot in the crowd which is a good sign. >> you will be the first american in this group. >> well that's a goal. all right. >> i am getting you in this pop group. i think these women are great. i think this woman -- i am glad she won the rock, paper, scissor s. >> i mean, honestly as an only child, what is this? >> you keep asking for comments, but you don't understand when the comment comes down it destroys it all. >> i love the guy in the referee outfit. that's a nice touch too. i have to tell you that the costumes the girls are wearing are -- as a feminist don't you find it creepy what they are dressed like? >> what do you mean?
12:56 am
they are fantastic. >> i think it is fine. >> do you think there is anything creepy about the outfits? >> i like it if it is creepy. listen, japan is 20 years ahead of america and the rest of the world in terms of game shows. there is no joke there is a game show in japan where you have to sing karaoke while a girl gives you a [bleep]. >> what? >> this is nothing. that is better than rock, paper, scissors. tom shillue! >> you come from the streets. where were you raised? >> central park west. >> did you do rock, paper, scissors? >> we didn't do the just one. that is for savages. we did one, two, three. >> i saw it like that.
12:57 am
>> one, two, three, drop. i don't know what that is. >> very special thanks to jessica, michael hooper and michael reidle and shillue, tom. that's me. i'll see you next time.
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what america is feeling in the first fox news polls since donald trump won the election. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. americans have not yet made up their minds about what to think of president-elect donald trump. that is the takeaway from our brand new fox polls, our first survey since trump upset hillary clinton to win the white house. 59% say they are hopeful following the election but 31% believe donald trump's presidency will be one of the worst in history. the president-elect appears to be closing in o


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