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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 15, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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the lights are always shining bright right there. good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this once morning. -- wednesday morning. >> i am heather childers. t this is a fox news alert. a p brand new twist in the alleged russia election hacking. new claims vladmir putin was directly involved and donald trump knew all about it. >> outrage is boiling over after an intelligence briefing is canceled. >> good morning, peter. >> the house intelligence committee had to cancel a behind the closed doors meeting about russian interference because nobody from the cia wanted to brief members. this as trump advisors are accusing intelligence of spinning this to score points. >> you had a briefing and no sooner did people walk out and
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people were talking to the mead yaw. that's unfortunate. at some legal it could put all of us at risk. for what purpose? to politicize or have favor are the mainstream media. none of that is worse than leaking secrets. >> voters don't fwhooi reports that the cia concluded that russiampact the ted the electio. 59 percent don't think russian interference had any impact on the election. less than a third thinks some interference helped donald trump. 1 percent say it could have helped hillary clinton. mr. trump has been hanging on russian hackers. >> the republican nominee calling on russia to hack his opponents. it might be an indication that he was obviously aware and concluded based on whatever facts or sources he was -- he had available to him that russia was involved. >> the chairman of the house
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intelligence committee says it is unacceptable the cia won't send anybody to brief lawmakers about cyber attacks today. the national intelligence says they have been getting regular briefings about this a month. >> interesting 59 percent. stay tuned for that. house intelligence chairman devin munez slamming the cia for skipping out on the briefing and he is not the only one. steven hayes editor in chief of the weekly standards says they are fed up of the inner workings of the obama administration. >> the context here that you see in the minds of man rerepublicans intelligence over the years particularly at the cia through out the obama administration. if you look back at the kinds of inti intelligence product he was providing is consistent with what the president wanted to be true particularly with respect to al qaeda, isis, the war on
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terror. we are providing intelligence product that was fit to map what the president's ideological conclusion is. the people of the cia had been leaking these kinds of accusations they have an obligation to go before the over sight committee and explain it. >> do you think russia interfered with the election and does it even matter? join our live debate after the show #keep talking. new overnight president obama was easy to sign off against the most terror friendly country in the world. decades old legislation against iran was renewed at midnight even without the president's signature. the white house arguing the move would upset iran undermining that controversial nuclear agreement which president elect trump strongly opposes. >> turns out the muslim team who claims a trio trump supporters
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called her a terrorist and attacked her on a new york subway lied. they are arresting her and charging her with a fake report. the details were on facebook for. she made the whole thing up for attention. >> a judge declared a mistrial for a dramatic murder for hire case. he will head for a third trial after a jury couldn't agree on a third split 3 to 3. she is accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband. that would be killer an under cover cop. >> dippolito claims it was an act for a reality tv show. prosecutors are promising to take her back to court. her defense team says they look forward to that.
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>> like father, like son the father sparked national outrage saying the son was too rich to know the difference between right and wrong. fred couch sentenced to probation after pretending to be a police officer during the fight with a neighbor. his son ethan couch was 16 when he was slapped on the wrist for killing four people in a drunk driving crash back in 2013. >> nice family. now to a breaking fox business alert. 1 billion user's accounts stolen in what could be the biggest hack ever. >> let's get to cheryl casone. big trouble for yahoo not the first time. >> that is right ladies. 1 billion accounts compromised in the latest preach according to yahoo including 150,000 government and military employees. a massive amount. could be the biggest hack ever. chief information security officer brought lord.
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in 2013 they stole data associated with 1 build user accounts. they did not include pass records didn't include texts or bank account information. the data stolen includes phone numbers birthdays and security questions. the hack taking place in august of 2013. news of the breech sending shares of yahoo down 2 and a half percent. trading on wednesday. this is more bad news. they are in the middle of a sale. it was closed back in september. 500 million accounts were compromised. >> consumers need to be diligent when it comes to their online lyes. >> they are different pass words. they are routine for every account and a lot of people do unfortunately. >> yahoo is currently in the process of notifying potentially effective users. if you are in a group you got an
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e-mail they want to secure the accounts. they are working on it guys. another example of a war between companies and hackers. in the middle of that is personal information. the story is to continue. >> it is not too personal because all of the information that is available to you can be looked up like the pet names. >> they are slammed with a massive ex cripple nation lawsuit. the employees were forced to place them in india and fire the 30 tech employees also claimed they wouldn't receive severance if they didn't do the training. they are calling it complete nonsense and vowing to fight it. >> they are sitting down with top silicon valley leaders. they tried to reboot its relationship with mr. trump. notably missing? twister. that is because the company refused to make custom cracked hillary emojis during the
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election. the trump team firing back. >> the conference table was only so big. there were a lot of companies. if you go down the list of the top tech companies i guarantee you you will find additional ones that weren't there. it was not an intentional slight and it is ridiculous you are sitting around, there is only so many people that can sit around a conference table. >> another transition team member saying twitter wasn't invited because it is not big enough. >> she already has a seat speaking of seats at the table, but now reports are circulating that evan kau trump will be taking over the white house office reserved for the first lady. the trump campaign shooting down saying no decisions have been made about ivanka's involvement. this is coming after the future first lady melania trump says she and her son will not be moving to the white house until after her son finishes school.
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the rapper walking away with this souvenir an autographed copy of the president elect time person of the year cover. mr. trump writing to kanye, you are a great friend. thanks. the wrapper tweeting out to the nearly 27 million followers. >> the time now is about 9 minutes after the hour. the pc police say strike again. saying so long santa. even thinking about serving christmas tree cookies. the university that is taking the holiday out of party. >> shaking things up in the white house press corps. why this room is going to look a little bit different when mr. trump takes office. >> the world's most powerful people. first a look at the weather across the country. it is a cold one out there today.
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>> the trump administration has just two cabinet positions left. the supreme court the president elect will have it almost immediately. >> new year, new president, mr. trump not expected to waste time nominating a justice. on the campaign trail he announced a list of 21 conservatives.
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it is now whittling this down. >> we are going through the cabinet process right now. they worked with the federal society. >> got it down to just a few. the names are names they will love. >> the nomination will solidify conservative majority on the supreme court since his death last february the court has been operating with the 4, 4 split. president obama nominated judge garland to replace justice scalia. president elect trump said his choice would be pro second amendment and anti apportion. >> the new supreme court isn't the only big shake-up. reince priebus says the white house press corps should expect
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some big changes. >> we have been looking at things called the daily ligwhit house fábriefing. i can assure you change is going to happen. >> priebus also mentioned assigned seating but didn't out looney specific changes. this bench operating sparking outrage. why? it has the word god on it. the memorial in oil city, pennsylvania violates the establishment clause of the constitution. the controversy is all over a quote by william pen a founder reading this. if we are not governed by god we must be governed by tyrants. they will fight to keep the bench free of charge. then there's this, the phrase holiday party is offensive. according to a college sparking outrage for asking students and staff to not use the words like christmas or holiday.
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they are not politically correct enough. the university uses words like end of semester or end of school year. no red or green samples christmas trees or rudolph. >> now to your health. a possible break through in the cause of autism. women who had low vitamin d levels when they were 20 weeks present were more likely to have autistic child. most prenatal vitamins of what they see but they could not con taun enough. >> could this be the key to happiness? >> i need to feel you jerry. >> show me the money! show me the money! show me the money! >> great scene there. it turns out that it is actually
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more about this. >> you complete me. >> a new study revealing healthy relationships make you happier than money ever could. >> researchers study over 200,000 people and it was love that made them more blissful than if they were to double their income. >> very true. the time is now 17 minutes after the hour. the truth comes out. we just found out the real reason mitt romney may not have been given the job as secretary of state. >> i don't want to. >> and good news. if you don't like that gift that you get this holiday season, the fast food company will put it to good use and giving you free food in return.
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>> good morning to you. certainly not sorry you joined us on fox & friends first this morning. the truth comes out. why didn't mitt romney get the secretary of state job? there are now reports out this morning that because he refused to apologize for this. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> mr. trump reportedly asked mr. romney to publically apologize if he wanted to be considered for the top dit mat position. romney refused and did not get the job. >> russian president vladmir putin named the most powerful person in the world. the russian leader topping
2:23 am
forbes list for a 4th year in a row. taking second police president elect donald trump. jumping up from 72 last year. angela merkel coming in third place. outgoing president obama plummeting way down to 48. last year he was number 2. >> it is one of the most highly anticipated movie of the year. >> what chance do we have? >> it is the latest installment at theaters today. let's head into fox light. michael tammero sat down with director and members of the cast. >> i sat down with them and they told me what it was like to be a
2:24 am
part of the famous movie franchise. >> i do it to protect you. >> my name is daniel. >> what is it like as a director to step into the shoes of star wa wars. >> trying to make a film that sits next to the shelf is a high bar. a strange things happened. i grew up with kids my age playing with the toys watching the movies. you feel like a kid and you have gone back home and it is really a comfortable place to make a movie. >> when you got the cut to be in star wars universe? >> i became a 6-year-old. i started crying, shouting.
2:25 am
then they said you can't tell any one. >> the fact that he is blind. then he gets the crusade. >> i fear nothing. all in and reports will finish >> looks so good. it is incredible. people calling this one of the best star wars of all time. it was shot so beautifully. >> the scene behind the scenes was stunning. it is out today. >> whole thing tomorr-- i am se tomorrow with a bunch of friends. follow me on twitter or instagram. >> i have a feeling people are already in line.
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>> you bet. you bet. >> thanks, michael. >> you say to watch it, michael, we will head there. >> the time is now about 25 minutes after the top of the hour. calling it quits. one town's entire police department walked off the job, all of them. the dubious demands as they pushed them right over the edge. america under a trump presidency. brand new fox news polls reveal how voters are willy feel and they are upset over hillary clinton. we will analyze them up next. claer clear
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. >> it is thursday december 15th. tensions boiling over. the cia refusing to brief congress about evidence of russian hacking in the 2016 election. >> just absolutely disgraceful. this violates all protocols. it is almost as if people in the
2:30 am
intelligence community are carrying out disinfo in the campaign against the president elect of the united states. >> if you ask the white house it is all donald trump's fault. we are live this morning in washington. >> we have a chance to stop trump with the electoral college. >> desperation hitting a new low as the ladies of "the view" try to hatch a new plan from keeping the president elect from taking office. >> holiday delivery game changer. amazon delivered its first package by a drone. you won't believe how fast it got there but did it end up in one piece?
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>> a live shot of the studios you are watching "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. >> i am has beabby huntsman. a p brand new twist in the allegations that russia hacked the election. new claims that donald trump knew about it all along. >> the outrage is boiling over as they get canceled. >> we are live in washington, d.c. with more on this. >> good morning. it is hard to have a briefing about cia conclusions regarding cyber attacks nobody in the cia actually wants to come to the briefing. that's why the house intelligence committee had to cancel a meeting today about cyber attacks. the chairman devin nunez says it is unacceptable the directors
2:32 am
would not fulfill the house intelligence committee to request to be brief on the cyber attacks that occurred during the presidential campaign. our panel has been looking into reports of cyber attacks during the election campaign. we want to clarify press reports that the cia has a new assessment that it has not shared with us. another republican congressman peter king from new york has a warning for whoever is going public with privately shared intel about the election. >> people in the intelligence community are speaking out with information in the campaign against the president elect of the united states. if they are not doing it it must be someone wifrom the house and senate would be doing a full investigation of this. >> press secretary josh ernand of egging on hackers during the campaign. they stopped short of the
2:33 am
campaign saying hackers are the reason that mr. trump won the election. thank you. peter a brand new fox news poll giving us a closer look of how people feel russia attempts to influence the election. breaking it down for us president and partner thank you for being here. >> have we seen you since the election? >> we have just that week. >> this is for the first polls we know about how people are feeling since then. >> it is fascinating. people are excited and optimistic. it is not necessarily what you are seeing in the mainstream media. >> let's take a look at the first poll. this is russia's attempt to influence 2016. who did that help? was it donald trump or 32 think that, hillary clinton just 1 percent. not impacting it at all 59 percent. >> i think this is a really important thing for people to notice. 59 percent that is well more
2:34 am
than half. it did not impact the election. >> not if you listen to sflienl media. >> the total russian influence is going to be donald trump version of hillary clinton e-mails. people are going to be talking about this. it is so shocked at the election outcome they need to explain it somehow. they are going to keep coming at it. there's not yet real evidence that donald trump knew and i think it's important that everybody remember that most people don't feel that this had an impact on the election. >> that relates possibly to the next poll where people are hopeful now. this is from the election outcome feelings. 59 percent hopeful, 50 percent are relieved thank god it is over, 45 percent embarrassed, 43 percent excited then you have empowered, scared, angry and depressed. 37 and 30 percent at the bottom. >> you can see most people are more on the positive side.
2:35 am
they are optimistic, hopeful, relieved. but the thing is there are people who are angry, embarrassed, et cetera. republicans have to remember that they need to bring these people along. they are in many ways angry and scared. when that happens people are emotional can't necessarily make rational decisions. i think republicans are going to have to make emotional appeals that will make them trust things are going in the right direction. we are already seeing a big shift in how they are feeling before the election and after the election. many people are coming along on the trump train so to speak. getting excited and enthusiastic liking the moves he is making whether it is technology summit or ceo summit. >> the cross-section of people coming into and out of trump tower directing to the people that i am sure making a difference. >> this thank you tour is something that even though they are covering as a victory tour, it is making people excited,
2:36 am
optimistic. it is reminding people donald trump is committed to being president for all americans going out there not stopping with the election. they are focusing on the what house and tv. no i am going to go out there and help the people. >> also going directly to them on things like twitter to thet them know what's going on first sometimes through the media. finally, donald trump's dealings with. you think he was too accommodating with russia? 50 percent say yes. too confrontational with china 43 percent. >> i think this is fascinating about how they feel. half of the people feel it is accommodating with russia they feel they are doing the right thing about russia. people are so concerned about how we are dealing with russia. most people are actually okay with how he is dealing with it and moving forward.
2:37 am
just remember he is not even in power yet. give the man a chance. i think they are really coming around and as they lomove forwa it is more and more comfortable. >> speakinger moving forward, the last part yes, believe trump's will. repeal obamacare. start with that 68 percent believe he will do that. revised trade deal 62 percent say he will do that. stop corruption 49 percent with that and 34 percent build a wall. >> i am really encouraged. people are believing he is going to do what he says and say what heans. if this is something that is really important he will go along with it and trust the president and believe he is going to do what he has promised. often times what happens is a lot of people run election
2:38 am
promises and all of that but they feel like they are not going to live up to them. donald trump has already acted. he has been doing things about the job, economy. people are really excited about what he has been doing so far. this is a very encouraging number and i think we are going to continue to see a lot more momentum. >> as you said last night, jobs, jobs, jobs. that's what he is going to focus on. >> thank you so much, lee. >> great to be here. >> nice to have you back. >> thank you, ladies. maybe this is why she lost the election. hillary clinton's campaign reportedly ignored warning signs from her ground team in michigan. political reporting staffers were convinced she would win the state by five points over donald trump. they were so confident they tossed voter information right in the garbage. they were wrong and mr. trump ended up winning that state. >> the ladies of "the view" still refusing to accept the results of the election. >> we have a chance to stop trump with the electoral college.
2:39 am
>> that is joy bahar bashing arguments on reports of russian interference. the co host sara haines quickly turning the tables on that one. >> the people spoke and those electorates are obligated then to vote that voice. to me, the rules were decided before the game. >> also saying not fair to go back and rewrite the rules now. >> another big pick for president elect trump announcing who will be singing the national anthem at his inauguration. ♪ >> that's when she performed here on "fox & friends." i remember that moment. she was given the honor she will be i think singing at the inauguration. the 16-year-old will be singing
2:40 am
the world-renowned andrea bocelli. >> 39 minutes after the hour. only 10 days until christmas. that's the message. >> they just went above and beyond making sure the kids had more than just a safe ride to school. >> plus you have seen the commercials time and time again. >> my pillow helps you get and stay gets a good sheloop all nit long. >> i guarantee my pillow will be the most comfortable pillow you will ever own. >> does my pillow really work? we are putting it to the test. >> we will be putting our test outside. {off-lin {off-line} ed
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ing>> almost 15 minutes to the top of the hour. they are being threatened with evictions after their energy bills jumped from 0 to $500. one military wife claiming they aren't using any extra power at camp pendleton in california. most receive a basic housing allowance that is supposed to cover rent and utilities. the price hike may have to do with the pentagon energ conservation energy initiative. >> they have no police force after every cop quit in protest of the government. they asked them to dig up fellow members criminal history. the officers said they had to share one set of body armor putting their lives on the line. the counsel sul denying all accusations. a neighboring department now covering that estimate just in time for christmas, a drone, amazon releasing video of the company's first drone
2:45 am
dropoff. a bag of popcorn. a video streaming device in the u.k. well, the delivery arrived in just 13 minutes after the customer ordered. no word on when drone deliveries will begin in the u.s. since the faa is now banning them. worried you won't get you want for christmas? don't worry. burger king has you covered. >> i don't want to. >> the fast food chain is swapping bad gifts for a free whopper. then they will donate the items to charity. it is only happening at one store in miami on the 26th. but you can still take part on social media. post a picture of your gift with the hashtag whopper exchange. the first post will get a prize. i wonder what that will be. now let's check in with brian
2:46 am
kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> we have a great show. we have a huge feature coming your way you will only see here. 22 years ago today the first responders pulled off an incredible rescue out on the west coast. >> linda landing the sheriff's department helo. we have prepared a pad for her to land. blood pressure is holding up. he told me it was a freak night he doesn't know how he survived or how he made it. he doesn't want to spend more night here. >> before the rescuers got there the victim's co pilot trekked 5 miles 7 hours to call for help. all of them the first responders the co pilots and more reunite only for you viewers on fox & friends. get dressed. don't be naked.
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become a cardmember to enjoy these benefits. apply today. visit, or call 877-359-2291. welcome back. all week long we have been putting items to the test as seen on tv, like this one. >> it will align your back to your individual needs. my pillow will let you sleep all night long. >> up personally guarantee my pillow will be the most comfortable pillow you ever own. >> but we want to know, can you trust the my pillow promise? does it really work? here to help us put it to the test is mahar. thank you for being with us. >> we see this infomercial every morning. >> it is like, we want to lay on that pillow right now.
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but the thing is, does it work? that's what we want to know. >> we have two different pillows here. if you have a game, we'll test which one is the my pillow. one of them is, the other is a regular. >> okay. we are supposed to lay down to see if it works. >> the whole idea with the my pillow, it has this patented fill that is supposed to adjust to every person. >> oh, i can tell. the more you move, it will contour to your pillow. >> it must be yours. >> you're right. i think i know how this works. >> it contours to you so you don't have to slip it over. >> heather, you stay there. >> what is nice is in the summertime, people like a cool pillow. this my pillow stays cool. it absolutely stays cool. >> this is the my pillow. >> i like to fold it over like this, so it might work. >> and you can wash it.
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>> exactly. the next thing you want to try is the casper bed. so this is a bed that comes in a box. it is revolutionizing the way the mattress industry is working. >> it is great for new york city. >> and yet for college kids. >> the price point is $550 to $950 depending on which side. if you want to help me open this -- i think we'll do this in under one minute. we just pull it out. >> okay. >> and you take scissors -- and there's -- we're just going to cut this open. >> the countdown clock didn't begin. >> okay, starting right now. >> gently open the crease. >> oh, wow. >> you have to take a minute to cut it. you have to own it.
2:53 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> all right. it is going to take us some time -- >> we need sharper scissors, that's the problem. >> there we go. >> there we go. it will open by itself. >> what is great about this mattress is it is a mix of memory foam and latex. so it's soft and firm at the same time. it shifts to your house. you have 100 days. pull it down over there. there you go. okay. four, thing, two, one. you have 100 days to return this. >> even with the issue with the scissors, we did pretty well.
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>> not bad at all. >> okay, yeah. >> for the price, it's amazing. >> heather, grab the my pillow. >> this one was the right one, right? >> no springs. >> i like that. >> it's one option of firmness and softness. people are going crazy for this. ten-year guarantee. >> i might never get up. >> try it out. 100 days. and if you don't like it, they pick it up, free shipping, free pickup. no questions asked. >> looks great. >> i needed that when in college for sure. >> i might never get up. it's a bed in a box. >> you sleep, everyone else stay awake because we'll be right back. stay with us.
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♪ good morning. i love that song. it makes me want to dance. >> sure does. two minutes before the top of the hour, before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. closing arguments expected in the trial of dylann roof accused with killing nine members of a black church in south carolina. and a brand new report being released today blasting the irs on wasteful spending. the senate finance committee finds taxpayers paid $1 million
2:59 am
for luxury apartments and car services. and donald trump's thank you tour heads to hershey, pennsylvania, with mike pence to join mr. trump at the rally. now time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first a bus driver collected hats and gloves for his students after he spotted a 6-year-old crying after not having any. he is now providing hats and gloves for other people. i love that. and accidentally writing stpo on the california roadway, people there think it is funny, but they had to come back to fix it. and a mom was holding up the line in a grocery store for coupons. a man lunged toward the woman at a ticket counter in memphis.
3:00 am
she claimed he was mad because she was taking too long. >> it's that time of year. people are getting ancy out there shopping around. 'tis the season. thank you for joining us. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ where i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa ♪ >> it is ten-degree weather outside. >> we live in a great country. that's a beautiful shot of sixth avenue which heads right up into central park. you saw the american flag there. and it is thursday, which means you only have one more alarm clock. >> wait a minute, you're leaving something out. today is our christmas party.


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