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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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television or headline, send your evidence to us. you know the addresses. that's it for tonight. we are really glad to see you. have a fantastic weekend. donald trump up next. good evening. thanks for watching us tonight. you're looking at a live picture of the donald trump thank you rally in orlando, florida. right now the president elect is running a little bit late, but we will take you there as soon as he shows up. a little while ago i spoke with the transition team shawn spicer. president obama yesterday said he was considering retailatory moves against russia. he said i think there's no daughter when any foreign
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government tries to impact the integrity of our elections we need to take action and we will. does president-elect donald trump want president obama with 35 days left in his term to get involved with russia in any way, shape or form? >> i think president elect trump recognizes there's one president at a time. president obama has 30 some odd days left in his term and on january 20th this countriy will have a new president. while president obama is president he has the right to do what he thinks is in the country's best interests and when president elect trump becomes president trump on january 20th whether it's foreign or domestic policy you're going to see real change come to washington. >> does he want president obama to step aside and let him take care of it in 35 days or is he willing to deal with whatever obama decides to do right now? >> i think that the problem that we have right now is this, that we hear a lot of sources that
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say the following happened or didn't happen on november 17th, the director of national intelligence spoke to the house intelligence committee and at that time he said that they had no con exclusive proof that the leaks were tied to russia. if president obama has proof of that he needs to make decisions in the country's best interests. one thing is an attempt to say if russia or other intenentitie different sites where they send e-mails and try to find ways to break through different accounts into data, that's one thing. but there is zero proof they had any impact on the election in terms of the outcome and i think that's what's happening now is an attempt by folks on the left and some folks in the media frankly to delegitimatize the
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huge win donald trump had and i think it's sad because if you think about where we were 38 days going prior to the election it was the administration and others in the media saying we need to have integrity in the election and anyone who questions it shouldn't be taken seriously because we have so many voting systems there's no way you could compromise the integrity of the election. >> i find it curious that president obama today said we knew they were hacking yet he choose now to say in his words we will take action. >> i think that if we do -- one of the things that's really gotten lost in this -- i want to make it clear to everyone watching, any foreign entity or any entity that seeks to undermine or interfere in a u.s. election should be stopped, no question about it, but if you look at what happened, it was hillary clinton who had a secret server that wasn't in accordance with government regulations. it was the dnc that came up with
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the technology security measures that's been reported. it was david brock that wrote the things that got out and it was the mainstream media that covered it. this is not donald trump's fault. this is not the republican's felt. they have brought this scandal to their doorstep and now they are trying to do everything they can to deflect from what they brought to themselves. >> you've been floated as a possible press secretary. have you been asked? >> no, i haven't. >> how will president-elect donald trump and president donald trump's relationship with the media evolve? what do you expect going forward with that relationship? >> well, i think that it's a two-way street. for so long the media has held politicians captive because most politicians frankly need the outlet. they need the media to communicate a message.
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donald trump has shown that he more effectively than frankly anybody else, celebrities, politicians, you name it, can effectively get out a message to the american people and have a two-way dialogue with them in a way that no one ever has in history. i think it scares the media. he understands the media is a healthy part of the process, but he doesn't need them in the same way everybody else has worries them a bit. >> so will he restructure access the media has to the presidency. >> it's transparent. there's a camera in trump tower that shows everybody going up and down. we've allowed the press to have access. they're in a pool that follows him now. he understands they're a healthy part of the democracy, but he has the ability to speak directly to the american people like no one else has. >> so there's a thing called the trump way that we talked about and you've done things differently and you've won doing things differently. how do you think the
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relationship with the media should change and what should donald trump, president donald trump be tweeting? >> well, of course he should be and it's been effective. i think people don't like it sometimes because he does have this direct line to the american people and he frankly in a lot of cases is able to bipass the mainstream media. he has a way to have a back and forth dialogue with the american people that is something very very unique to him and it's something that he's going to continue to do. but he will continue to -- frankly the other thing is that i think the mainstream media has had a strangle hold on a lot of stuff and i've seen conservative media play a bigger role and they should be brought in this process as well. >> i thank you very much. donald trump having 30 million
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twitter facebook and instagram and followers. leave it right there. thank you. >> thanks. we're still waiting for donald trump to take the stage at his big thank you rally in orlando. when it happens, we will take you there live, but next right here, how should the united states and the incoming trump administration respond to the alleged russian hacking attack? that's debate is upcoming.
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issue during an interview. >> i think there's no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections, that we need to take action and we will. >> joining us now from washington with reaction, michael ruben, author of dancing with the devil and from houston national security analyst. let's talk about that. earlier today president obama in his long press conference said our message to russia don't do this to us anymore because we can do stuff to you. that doesn't sound like there's a lot of teeth in that threat against retaliating against russian hacks. >> president obama apparently told president putin of russia about a month ago that he needs to cut it out, actually about two months ago right before the election, told the russian president that you need to cut out these interferences and
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meddling into our election. here's what happen >> or what? here's the problem. cut it out two months ago or we'll do stuff to you today. i don't know, if i'm putin, okay. i'll stop right now. >> well, we have plenty of tools in our arsenal that we can hit the russians back with. here's what happened. there are a few sacred rights as an american, right to free speech and assembly and one of those sacred rights is the right to vote and make sure that system that's the system is protected and safe. russian governments and senior intelligence officials in that government and now we know president putin himself, because of a personal -- >> i want to go to mike -- >> they leaked it and they leaked it and they leaked it -- >> but there's no recourse. i have a teenager and you know what teens respond to? punishment. they don't respond to idle
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threats. stop doing that or else. the or else is what really counts. your thoughts? >> obama has no credibility on the international front. he should start leaking the details of putin's bank accounts right away. he has no accountability on the domestic front because when the chinese stole files from the office of opm, obama refused to name the chinese because he was afraid of it and he's got no credibility when it comes to security because he hasn't punished anyone for leaks in this sort of operational security. >> what about president obama admitting today that, yeah, he was aware of the russian hacking, but they haven't done anything and now he's leveling a threat on this day? >> you know what children do respond to threats, but they respond to rewards and the best reward the russian can get is a russia friendly white house and donald trump is going to promise them that. that was a main theme in his campaign. people he is appointing and has
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appointed are russia friendly. president obama in the past couple of years has waged a very strong campaign of sanctions against russian occupation of ukraine and annexation of crimea. they were certain that hillary clinton would have a tougher policy against russia than donald trump would have and for this time that we're talking about this, 17 u.s. intelligence agencies are confirming that senior russian officials, including vladimir putin, were trying to influence the u.s. election to support donald trump. >> why is that? why is that? so you just tell me that they respond to rewards. we've rewarded russia by not sanctioning them. >> we have not. >> we sanctioned them heavily. >> guess who wanted to lift the sanctions? tillerson wants to lift the sanctions. donald trump wants to left the
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sanctions. >> these sanctions are no teeth. let me bring michael in. >> absolutely what needs to happen here, first of all, it's one thing for obama to say these intelligence agencies are on board with the assessment, but is he refusing to brief the house intelligence committee that's been asking for the evidence because they haven't been given it. i'm suspicious of russia is we need for congress to assert its oversight and call out the president no more announcements without the intelligence to back it up and when it comes to rex tillerson if congress wants the sanctions in place, they got to play hardball with the state department and a game of good cop, bad cop can go a long way. we had a strategy. >> what about that? michael makes a good point. i know james comey decided he's signing on board with the cia. i get that, but where's the evidence? can the american people at least
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see the evidence when we're talking about this if they're all in unison? >> i certainly hope that the president would declassify as much of this intelligence as possible before donald trump takes the office and i hope to see a bipartisan commission. this is not a trump versus hillary issue. the russians have influenced and meddled in elections in ukraine, in many places around the world, especially in eastern europe. we should not allow them to do that on u.s. soil. let's have a bipartisan to address these issues and get to the bottom of this. i urge this administration to declassify as much as he can, because you know what, to be frank, i have very little faith in a republican controlled house and senate that for so long have hesitated to actually
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investigate these allegations. >> president obama said we will take action. 35 days left until he tosses the keys to donald trump. should he take action in those 35 days against russia? >> absolutely. i promise you that there will be action and there will be action in those 35 days. hopefully donald trump will not reverse those actions because he would like to actually show a nicer face to the russians. yes, president obama should declassify intelligence and should take action and if i were the president and his national security team i would start declassifying those documents and i would start urging congress to appoint a bipartisan commission to get to the bottom of this. >> michael, should president obama take action with 35 days to go? >> absolutely if he has the proof and amen to a bipartisan commission to look into this. we have to play hardball for russia. for us diplomacy is how to get to yes and for russia it's a zero game and we can't blame our
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predecessors. >> got to leave it there. you can go to bill o' to bid on this iconic make america great hat again hand signed by president elect donald trump. 100% of the proceeds from this auction will benefit the fisher house and also the bill o'reilly ticket store is open. the chance to see bill remain for the shows in tulsa, k ta co. we're still waiting for president-elect donald trump to take the stage in orlando. we're going to take you there live when he begins, but up next michelle obama causes a stir after taking a not so veiled shot at donald trump's election victory. back with all that.
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we're moments away from donald trump taking the spotlight in orlando, florida. we'll bring you that. in the unresolved problem segment tonight, how the left is handling the incoming trump administration. no short, not well. case in point michelle obama's recent comments to oprah win fri. >> the election was about hope. do you think this administration achieved that? >> yes. i do because we feel the difference now. >> yeah. >> now we're feeling what not having hope feels like, you know. hope is necessary. it's a necessary concept. what else do you have if you don't have hope? >> those are some dire words so
5:23 pm
why are so many democrats still unable to accept the future president donald trump. joining us now to analyze a republican strategist and democratic strategist. here we are almost eight years later and now hope is vanishing? hope is vanishing because donald trump won the election? >> well, frankly i think a lot of trump's own voters are losing hope given what he's done the last couple of days. people went to the polls and voted for trump because they thought he was campaigning against the political establishment and the corporate establishment and instead he's served up nomination after nomination that shows he's fighting for giant wall street banks and giant international corporations at the expense of americans workers. when he appoints a treasure secretary who got rich buying up people's homes, people are
5:24 pm
losing hope when that person is put in charge of our economy. >> you know what's hopeful, at the end of the year when so many millions of americans open up their 401 k and say not so bad. that's hopeful. i'm curious at the time aing of mrs. obama's comment that hope is leaving right now. >> isn't it something that hope is leaving when he her husband is leaving. i had a flashback to 2008 when she said she never felt good about america until her husband won the presidency. now she's saying that hope is gone because her husband is leaving. this is a self absorbed family, a selfish family. she should be hopeful for the country. we had free and fair elections. donald trump is won and there's no uniting of this country like there was republicans and democrats when barack obama was elected. we all come together and gave him the benefit of the doubt,
5:25 pm
but they have no reason to do that for donald trump and it's sad and it's sad for the obamas that they feel they need to do that at this time. >> we are college professors giving students days off because they're worried about how they were feeling and another college, i think it was the university of pennsylvania, trump's alma mater suggesting here's a puppy to make you feel better because of the election stress. this is the left getting together and saying this thing is going to be so horrible. is it? >> it's really not just the left. i'm kind of curious, do you think a politician should keep or break their campaign promises? when he said he would not cut social security and right now republicans in congress are drafting up bills to cut or privatize social security and block medicare -- >> he's not even president yet. you can't say that. >> people go to the polls and vote for more tax, i don't think
5:26 pm
so. >> you can't say that the republicans in congress are drafting something with the president elect's consent. you know that's not happening. that's not fair. >> brad, go ahead. >> here's what's happening. the president elect is putting together a cabinet of professionals. these are people who have actually done something and you're not going to see -- professional who have worked in the best interests of their country and the best interests of their companies. >> you almost said the best interests of their companies. >> they were successful. you're used to hacks. you're used to hacks political professionals and that's what america doesn't want. >> do you think america wants more wall street bankers? >> there's a couple of guys who are bankers, but you have rex tillerson who was the ceo of exxon and the ceo of karl's
5:27 pm
junior. these are profession als. these are top of their field -- and guys i'm gonna have to hold you here for a minute. i'm going to talk to you in a little bit as we watch president-elect donald trump shake the hand of vice president elect mike pence who is about to take the stage in orlando for his thank you rally in orlando. let's take a listen to donald trump. >> thank you. thank you. well, let's start off by saying merry christmas, everyone. merry christmas. i'm here today for one main reason, to say thank you to the incredible people of florida. when a group. as you know, florida's my second home. in many ways it's my first home. and i love this state. i love the people.
5:28 pm
i love the people of this state. you propelled the victory of a grassroots movement the likes of which the world have never seen before. look at these people. how many people are here? man. that's a lot of people. they say we broke the record tonight, by the way, folks. we broke the record. incredible. incredible people. the patriots of this audience tonight stood up to the global special interests and delivered a historic win for the american worker. american worker. with your votes -- is that friend or foe? friend or foe? i think it's friend. a loud friend, but a friend, right?
5:29 pm
with your votes, the great citizens of this country declared to the world that from now on it's going to be america first. america first. let me also take a moment to really recognize and thank our terrific governor rick scott for being here tonight. and pam bondy who is in the audience someplace. she's an incredible person. these are truly amazing people. i also -- thank you. i love you too, darling. i even love the guy that said i love you. what can i say. and he's a rough looking dude down there. i also want to give a very special thanks to you, the men and women in the united states military
5:30 pm
we're in your debt and we will never let you down. now, you know we did very well with many, many different groups. we did fantastically well with the african-american community. we did fantastically well with the hispanic community. we have a lot of people here tonight from the india community. h h hundus. we did great with the hindus. there they are. i want to thank you. you folks were amazing. they went out and they voted and they were fantastic. we did well with women, women. but you know we -- by the way,
5:31 pm
how about the evangelicals? how good was that. a world record, evangelical christians. we set the all-time record in the history of elections in this country, evangelicals. we're going to honor our troops and it really begins with restoring respect for our great american flag. is that right? we're going to defend the flag. i don't like when i see people burning our flag. i don't like it. i don't like it and you don't like it and we're going to try to do something about it, all right. we're going to try to do something about it. we're going to rebuild our badly depleted military. we have the greatest people in our world in the military. we are going to rebuild our
5:32 pm
depleted military and we're going to finally take care of our great, great veterans. where are the veterans tonight? america's pursues this vast military power in the hopes that we do not have to use it, but we'll be prepared if we have to. there's rarely been a time when we've needed military power more than it is right now. and we're going to have it and it's going to be peace through strength. peace through strength. at the same time our foreign policy needs a new direction.
5:33 pm
we've spent $6 trillion in the middle east and now it's in worse shape than it's ever been before. years of horror and look at what's happening over there right now. $6 trillion and look what's happened. it's death. it's a horrible thing. we're going to do everything we can. we're going to get it straightened out one way or another. but just think of it, all of that money and all of those lives and i mean lives on both sides, tremendous lives, tremendous numbers of people, and we have nothing. it's 15 times worse than it was when we started. so we're going to start using our head. we're going to do things right and we're going to try to patch that up and we're going to try and help people. we're going to build safe zones. we're not having them come over. we're going to build safe zones in syria. we're going to build safe zones. and we're going to get the gulf
5:34 pm
states to pay for the safe zones and we're going to try and help people. we're going to try and we're gonna get it done. meanwhile at home our infrastructure is crumbling. our schools are failing. our workers can't find good paying jobs. you know that. oh, are we going to change that so fast your heads are gonna spin. instead of rebuilding foreign nations, it's time to rebuild our nation and that's what we're going to do. for too long we've been moving from one reckless intervention to another. countries that most of you have never even heard of before, it's crazy and it's going to stop. a trump administration will focus on the vital national security interests of the united states. that means crushing isis rapidly
5:35 pm
and defeating radical islamic terrorism. importantly america will also stand with the cuban people in the long struggle for freedom. and i want to appreciate -- i tell you what, their support has been unbelievable. their support has been unbelievable. thank you. the cuban people, we know what we have to do and we'll do it so don't worry about it. the numbers -- the numbers have been incredible. in fact, they gave me just prior to the election the bay of pigs award and let me tell you, that was a great honor for me. so i want to thank the people, the cuban people. to be a strong nation, we must also be a rich nation. a wealthy nation and we will be. whether it's exploring space or
5:36 pm
curing disease, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in america and right here in the great state of florida, right? and you know, speaking of florida, i don't know if you want to hear this, but should i discuss that one day, a day in the life, should we do that or not? i always say should we do it and everybody wants to do it. you probably heard it before, but we'll make it florida ori t orientorien oriented because this was a big, big win. we won easily. we won by a tremendous number of votes. if you want television, if you watch these very dishonest people back here -- man, is that a lot.
5:37 pm
before we start, this field is massive and i'm looking back there, but with the lights you can't see, but i'm seeing -- there they are. look at that. that is a lot of people. man, that is -- i'll tell you, that is a lot of people back there. let's see if we can get the cameras to turn around and capture the size of this audience. they won't do it, but let's give it a shot. man, that's a big crowd. you know what we should have done, we should have had the cameras back and the people forward because we waste our time with these people. we should have had the cameras
5:38 pm
back. next time please do that. just move the cameras back. the equipment is so great these days we can micro scope it and they can put it all the way in the back and it will be nice for television. they're screaming move them back. do you believe it? move them back. you know what, here's the bottom line. they're very dishonest. they've written very dishonestly about us. this is a movement like they've never seen before and yet we won, folks. we won, right? and you see the other side is complaining. watch.
5:39 pm
they're all complaining. before the election, when they thought they were gonna win -- and i didn't . that final week was magic. every place we went we had crowds like this and you're gonna have 22,000 people here tonight and more. you have thousands outside that can't get in. that's pretty good when you can't get into a field, okay. and i spoke to the fire marshal and i said can't you let more people in in the back. they said no, why. i said there's no fire here. they said stampede. they're worried about a stampede. at least we know it's gonna be a friendly stampede, right? very friendly. i want to -- i really appreciate you being here. this is really incredible. this is really -- i had this idea. we won and we won very easily. we had 306 -- remember they said he cannot get to 270. there is no path to 270, right?
5:40 pm
i went to maine four times because i wanted to get one vote. maine had one. i needed the one because i believed these people. so what happened is this. we went out and we watched the media and we believed the media and the media is very dishonest. they were even dishonest in their exit polls, right? now, what's the purpose of being dishonest in an exit poll when you're gonna find out the truth in three hours? what are they doing other than tormenting us because we thought for about two or three hours we were gonna lose, right? but it started about three months before the election when we heard the great state of texas which i thought we were doing great in and georgia, what a great state, and utah and you heard it, georgia is in play. now, that means that, you know, like i could lose it.
5:41 pm
now, you shouldn't lose it as a republican. you lose georgia, you're in big trouble. so they said georgia's in play. he's even -- he's even in georgia. i said, man, i thought i was way up. texas, texas is in play. i said this is not good. and then we had the exit polls and my daughter and my sister-in-law called me and they said pop, not looking good. not looking good. and i really thought, you know i was already preparing in my mind, i was saying, well, if that's the way it is, because there were faulty polls. they were faulty, but they said ivanka -- has anyone ever heard of ivanka? she said -- she said, dad, i'm telling you -- don't worry about it, dad. it's okay. i said i can't believe it that we're gonna lose. i can't believe it because i've been -- i've seen these crowds. it just doesn't make sense. anyway, bottom line, the polls
5:42 pm
closed, right? and they go donald trump has won the great state of texas. i said what happened, like in two minutes. donald trump, breaking news, donald trump has won georgia. donald trump has won utah. now, these were states for two months they're talking about that we're even. and in fact, in utah i had this character that nobody ever saw before, nobody ever heard of him before, i said to my wife, that's correct, that's his name, he said evan mcmuffin, do you believe this? or something like that. i never heard of this guy before. nobody did. and the polls said he's even with donald trump. my wife said, she looked at the television and she said he's not even with you. believe me, he's not even. anyway, so we win.
5:43 pm
they all love melania -- isn't melania great? she's a solid rock great person and she loves you and she's enjoying herself, i'll tell you that. it's much better to win than to lose, do we agree with that? so utah, it gets announced very early, breaking news, donald trump has won utah. we didn't just win it, we look floored it. and evan, whoever this is, this person, remember he said we think we can win the election. we said but you're only gonna win maybe utah and you know what he would have done if he did, maybe -- it didn't turn out that way because we had plenty of votes, plenty of everything, but all he was -- i don't know if he's a lightweight. we should never say that. don't ever call a person like that a lightweight. boy, what a group. only in florida can this stuff
5:44 pm
happen. but we won utah by a lot, like a real lot, and it was a massive -- and evan didn't even come in second. hillary came in second, okay. so again i think -- i really believe it was dishonest polling, but you know, who knows, right? who thinks it was dishonest by the media? i do. i do. i do. so we open up with that. then all of a sudden ohio where they had us down for two months as even, we win by almost ten points. so we hear and we were supposed to win maybe by two points or one point or three points and i had a little hostile environment. i had a governor that wasn't exactly like the great rick scott. i had a governor who i said how do you win a state when you don't have the support of the
5:45 pm
governor. well, we won. i think i probably did better this way. so they go out and they say breaking news, donald trump has won ohio and with a very big number and then breaking news, donald trump has win iowa by more than ten points. that's unheard of, right? and then we come down to this beautiful piece of land that we all love surrounded by the ocean, right? surrounded. surrounded by beautiful seas. it's a place called florida. have you ever heard of it? has everybody heard of florida? i love florida. i love the people of florida. so all night long it's even, it's even, it's going even, even, and then they get to the p panhandle. i don't know who lives in the panhandle. not too many. did i blow them out of the panhandle or what?
5:46 pm
you know why? because the panhandle wants its jobs back, but the panhandle was unbelievable and we won florida big, much bigger than anybody thought, big. so they go, yeah -- you know, you had the other side. they were being interviewed saying we will win florida and we expect to win it easily. breaking news, donald trump wins the state of florida, right? right? and then -- and then we win south carolina and then we have north carolina. now, north carolina was supposed to be close. very hard for the republicans to win. a lot of reasons for that, but it's very hard, but we worked hard there and really -- my children were there and everybody was there. they were working hard. and then it comes out very strongly that trump is looking good in north carolina.
5:47 pm
and my opponent -- i won't mention names, but my opponent, they spent a fortune -- they spent a fortune in north carolina and their people got on television -- so terrible. you know, here's what's happened. i know because i did ohio. we did iowa. we did north carolina. we did all of them. last night hershey, pennsylvania. did you see that crowd? it's like thank you, florida. thank you, pennsylvania. we're doing a thank you. nobody's ever heard of it before. that's why we have more imagination than anybody that's ever done this, right, because we're not politicians. i'll tell you what i noticed. we go to ohio and we go to iowa.
5:48 pm
the crowds are incredible. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. amazing people. so here's what i noticed. four weeks ago just prior to and always prior to you people were vicious violent, screaming, , we want the wall, screaming prison, prison, lock her up. you were going crazy. i mean, you were nasty and mean and vicious and you wanted to win, right? now, same crowd -- that's right. deplorab deplorables. whatever happened to the deplorables, right. they're not so deplorable. they're not so deplorable anymore.
5:49 pm
in fact, the other side is trying to figure out in four years how do we get some of these deplorables to our side, right? but now it's much different. now you're laid back, you're cool, your mellow, right? you're basking in the glory of victory and we're already getting to work. you see what we did with carrier? we're saving a lot of jobs in many many places. we've got a lot of things going on, but we're going to do the big picture, but we sort of have to wait in will we get in office, don't you agree? i'm having a hard time waiting. i just make phone calls, listen, you can't move. but now you're mellow and you're cool and you're not nearly as vicious or violent, right? because we won, right? and now you're sort of laying back, although it doesn't sound like a totally laid back crowd, but that's okay.
5:50 pm
so the other side goes out and they say trump cannot win north carolina. that's our firewall. remember on television this is our firewall. unbelievable. and then you look at pennsylvania. now pennsylvania was always the state -- they say the bride that got away. every republican for 38 years. but every republican, they left and before the election everybody thought you're going to win pennsylvania. right? you know that. it didn't work out that way at all. never worked out that way. and we were campaigning in pennsylvania, we were getting the biggest crowds they've ever had, they've ever seen by far. and i kept saying we're going to
5:51 pm
win the state. but then i remember the statement over and over that republicans don't win it. they think they're going to win it and they don't win it. and they wouldn't denounce these crooked people back here. no, no. they wouldn't announce it. well, first of all, first of all, they were in a state of panic. they were in a state. because now we win florida and they were worried because we won ohio by so much more than we were anticipated to win and we won iowa so big and we won florida so much bigger than we thought. and by the way, by the way, just to go back a few months, how good did we do in florida in the primary, right? how good was that. oh, that was good. but i don't talk about that anymore. we don't talk about it. so now they're getting nervous
5:52 pm
on television and you see these anchors and they're like sweating and crying and throwing up all over the place. and you snownow a couple of the with the chart. nice guy, john king, very good with the chart. but now his king is getting a little -- because all of those months he's saying there is no path to 270 for donald trump. there is no path. so now what happens, we're leading pennsylvania -- 306 is right. we're leading pennsylvania by a lot and we have 1%, it's at 99%. and it was there for hours. i said why don't they -- in fact i considered it a win because the 1% was not nearly enough votes because we were leading by a lot. so what happened? they couldn't take it. but instead of announcing it like at 11:00, they waited until like like 3:00 in the morning. i think they did that for
5:53 pm
commercials, if you want to know the truth. but a couple of things happened that were a little surprising. we have breaking news, ladies and gentlemen, donald trump -- and now the guy is getting sick. he's ready to throw up all over. donald trump -- and this came out -- these people are incredible. i thought we were going to do well there. donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. now they're saying where did that come from. where did it come from. and then right after, ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won the state of michigan. michigan hasn't been won in like 38 years, right? and now the gentleman with the map which is just bloody, red, so red, so beautiful -- remember the map when they showed it? there was a lot of blue. that blue got knocked to hell, i'll tell you that.
5:54 pm
got knocked to hell. that was pouring red. and you know, they said you cannot break the blue wall. up by canada, right? you cannot break the blue -- i've been hearing this for months. i said how are we ever going to break the blue wall. we used to believe guys like walter crown kikron kite. but we don't have him anymore. we're listening to these people who are dishonest as hell. and they're telling all of us you cannot break the blue wall. so what happens is we -- not only did we break it, we shattered the hell out of it. so now we win wisconsin and now what happens? we win wisconsin, we win michigan. and i knew we were going to win
5:55 pm
michigan. aye been talking about cars being ripped out of michigan, i've been talking about it for five or six years. i got the man of the year award five years ago in michigan. all i talked about was you can't let the factories go. they said that's not the reason for the man of the year. i said i don't care. you can't do this. and they remembered. we won michigan. so now what happens is he's up with the red and his hand starts to shake. and he's gasping for breath. he can't breathe. he's choking like a dog, right? and for months he's been saying i have no path to victory. and you know the bad news is a lot of people probably believed him and they didn't go out to vote. it's called suppressing the vote. suppressing the vote. that's what it's called. you love donald trump but you figure, look, alice, i'm not going to go out. darling, he can't win because i
5:56 pm
believe these people when they say he has no path to victory. man, did we have a path to victory. so he puts down red for wisconsin. he punts down red for michigan. now i don't even need the rest of the states, right? they took all of the glamour and glory away from pennsylvania. they should have called it hours earlier. and he goes, i'll never forget. ladies and gentlemen, as he's going, ha. ladies and gentlemen, there is no path to victory for hillary clint clinton. there is no path. there is no path. incredible. [ crowd chanting ].
5:57 pm
and then he said, donald trump is the next president of the united states. [ cheers & applause ] it's you. you. it was an amazing evening. [ crowd chanting "trump" ]. thank you. thank you. congratulation to you. and you know, they never game pennsylvania the glamour of victory, they should have. those people were so incredible. i was with them last night. i said, they took it away from you, folks. but then pennsylvania came in and others came in and it was like incredible. we ended up with 306 and could have even been more than that. it was an amazing evening and they say the most historic ever. they say the most historic ever.
5:58 pm
but you know what's more important now? that we all together, that i, but that we all together do a great job. that's what's next. we're going to do a great job. for years the jobs and wealth have been ripped out of our country. foreign powers have gotten rich bleeding america dry. but that's all about to end, folks and it's going to end rapidly. the american worker is finally going to have a champion in the white house and it's going to be a champion for you. our economic agenda can be summed up in three very beautiful words. jobs, jobs, jobs. that's why we're going to lower our business tax rate from 35% down to 15% and you watch what happens.
5:59 pm
we're going to bring it from the highest in the world to one of the lower rates in the world. maybe some day we'll get it down to the lowest. and you watch what's going to happen. it's also why we're going to eliminate job killing regulations. a disaster. and we're going to lift the restrictions on the production of american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean clean coal. another critical element of our jobs plan is an historic $1 trillion investment in our very bad and crumbling infrastructure. it's time, folks. it's time. our bridges are deficient. our roads are in disrepair. our airports are like third world countries. our schools are a disaster. we are going to fix our country. it's time. we have no choice.
6:00 pm
it's time. i am asking congress to support the construction of new roads and bridges, airports, tunnels and railways across this nation and we're going to put people back to work in the process. believe me. it's going to be our people. it's time to help get americans off of welfare and back into the labor market rebuilding this country with american hands by american workers. american workers. my administration will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. at the center of this agenda is fixing our absolutely terrible trade deals. they have so bad -- i have studied them. i'm one of these people, i like reading trade deals. can you believe this?


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