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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> "outnumbered" starts now. >> fox news alert, we're awaiting the release of redacted copies of the search warrant that allowed the fbi to briefly reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails days before the election. clinton's team blames her loss on the last minute decision to reopen the probe after a trove of e-mails belonging to anthony weiner, the e-mails contained no new evidence of wrongdoing by clinton. we'll bring you more once the documents are out. >> there's that, and then this fox news alert as well. world on edge after three
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attacks in cities in and around europe within a 24-hour period. in turkey, the russian ambassador was assassinated while he was at microphone speaking the the opening of a photography exhibit. we were on this yesterday at this hour. witnesses heard the gunman shout god is great in arabic. in switzerland, a gunman shot three people at an islamic center in zurich. and in berlin, the news still breaking with a manhunt under way after apparent stolen tractor-trailer plowed into a crowded christmas market. more than 12 people confirmed dead. another 50 hurt. german police now saying they may have the wrong man in custody. this is "outnumbered". i'm harris faulkner. here today meghan mccain, republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa boothe. commentator and the national
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spokeswoman rachel campos, and the brand-new car smell editor and chief of weekly standard and fox news contributor steve hays. you're "outnumbered," but wow. congratulations. >> new car smell is better than other smells. >> that's good. they want that! >> it's good. are you excited? >> i am excited. the magazine has been there 21 years, i've been there 16 years, i've learned a ton from bill kristol, he's sticking around, writing weekly editorials. i'm excited to do new and interesting things. >> part of what you've been writing about is aleppo, syria. glad you are here. begin with the horror in germany, days before christmas, german authorities are searching for the driver who rammed a big rig into a christmas market in when they consider an act of terrorism. senior foreign affairs
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correspondent greg palkot is in berlin. reports they have a man in custody but perhaps not the right man? >> a man in custody, harris, you are right, they are not sure he's the one they want. a city on edge right now, as people mill around here, we are standing in front of a scene of terror when a 7 1/2 ton truck ran into a christmas market filled with people. more information about the casualty toll. 12 killed, 6 germans, 1 polish, we don't know about the nationalities of others. 48 injured, 18 seriously. waiting on nationalities of them as well. yes, we don't know who did it. police think they had the right guy, a 23-year-old pakistani asylum-seeker who was seen fleeing from the scene, they thought he hijacked this truck and rammed it into the crowd and left, but now they're saying perhaps he isn't the right person, perhaps they need somebody else, perhaps they
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have to wait on dna to confirm one way or another. he's denying it and they're not sure. they're also not completely sure what group is responsible for this. there have been no solid claims of responsibility from isis or other terror groups. this has all the hallmarks, we were there in nice, france, and this looks like what happened there. a truck smashing through people, injuring and killing people. and alerts from the state department and authorities here, they should look out for this kind of thing, and it could be tied to isis, but they're waiting for the responsibility, but the authorities here are almost positive it is terror, but they still have to put a few other pieces together. and the political fallout too, finally, harris, angela merkel, the german chancellor on the hot seat as we speak. her policy allowed almost one million refugees, immigrants
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into this country last year, a lot of people feared that increased the insecurity in this country, and a lot of people fear that perhaps this incident could have been tied to that again. we don't know. she was here laying flowers at a memorial, a makeshift memorial saying germans cannot live in fear, they have to live in freedom. but tonight in berlin right now, harris, there are a lot of people on edge and people trying to find more answers of this horrible, horrible attack, back to you. >> greg, thank you very much. as we come out to the couch to speak about this, steve, donald trump obviously had an immediate response to this, and we'll get to that in a moment. i want to ask what all this means in the big picture? >> the question that you keep hearing is, is this the new normal? and we hear that question so often they think the question answers itself, right? in the stens is the new normal, we keep having to ask that question.
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i don't think it can be allowed to be the new normal, but when you have the kinds of policies, i think, that have led us as a country and led us as the west not to take seriously the threat, particularly the threat posed by radical islamic terrorism. you're likely to see a proliferation of these attacks. >> we mentioned the wrong man that authorities think they picked up. they don't think he's the driver. the first person they arrested was identified as someone who was a refugee, who had problems in country from pakistan, so on and so forth. he may not have been the driver but raises the issue that greg was talking about within the country, that weakness in security, the immigration policies have put into force. >> this has been an issue that's been dominating european politics over the past couple of years, in particular, in germany where angela merkel made a show of welcoming
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refugees and suggesting they don't present much of a threat. the view is increasingly that there is a threat there, common sense tells you that there may be an increased threat there, and no doubt if that's what turns tout have happened even more into the debate. >> you know, meghan, this was -- there were several things going on. the turkish ambassador from russia was there and he was dealing with kind of navigating outside of what he was speaking, navigating the idea of syria's and russia's involvement there. he had a big job. witnesses say the man who shot and killed him was talking about syria, screaming about it. >> he was screaming we'll die in aleppo. the one thing people don't want to confuse is different political motivations for both terrorist attacks. this is -- from everything we can garner from the reports so far, motivated by russia's involvement in syria, aiding terrorism. i would assume recent bombings
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of hospitals by russian planes. the post one is the new normal, terrorists taking large vans, shoving them into groups of people. >> what we saw inis. >> angela merkel is patient zero in the forefront of letting the refugees in on. we have talked at length how they ran out of pepper spray, so many women were sexually assaulted on the streets. the last couple years of progressive policies not only in this country but globally as well. this is the chickens coming home to roost. if i'm a german and can't go to the christmas parades everywhere, i would be furious, and i think there's a picture going on which is viral where she was the last progressive world standing, i'm curious if it's going to last. >> interesting what you say to, rachel, what meghan is saying, this is iconic, built post world war ii and sat in the shadows of iconic world war ii church. >> church. >> so it was very famous.
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>> interesting that donald trump has not held back. his statement yesterday was this is isis, and this is an attack on christianity, and the west, and we focus so much, the media on how scared the europeans are of a trump presidency, i have relatives in europe. if you read the british papers and look at comment section, people are looking forward to donald trump coming into office and having somebody to lead what appears to be a rudderless global leadership that we have right now. so i think that that kind of clarity is going to be welcome, and you're right, the german people are angry and so are all the others. the priest murdered at an altar, this is an attack on christianity. >> i'm going to take this moment to move along and get on with rachel's point. the bloodshed got a quick response from donald trump and sharp response from president obama. note the wording he used.
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not hesitant to blame radical islamic terrorism. interesting, considering he's not been using that term. this time around officials have not actually linked any of the attacks to isis or the islamic terrorism we've seen around the world. mr. trump posted this on social media about berlin, germany. innocent civilians were murdered on the streets as they prepare to celebrate the christmas holiday. isis and other terrorists continually slaughter christians in the community as part of global jihad. and about the assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey. mr. trump posted this -- and he hit twitter saying -- your thoughts, lisa? >> absolutely. we're seeing the destabilization across the world, because it's not just
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syria, right? it's iraq as well. it's the russia being embolden, iran being embolden, and you see under a lot of this happening under president obama, whether it's the failure to leave the status of forces agreement in iraq, the failure in afghanistan as well, the deal with iran, the failed russia reset with russia, and now we're seeing all of these actors become embolden in the destabilization coming across the country. i think president-elect trump, he's inheriting a very dangerous world, and there are so many challenges he's going to be facing as he enters into the administration. >> how significant is he's saying radical jihadism and radicalism. >> president obama? >> president obama, and the fact that to me it looks like he's been pressured by donald trump staying over and over again. >> and the rest of the country. >> and the rest of the country as well. that is historically significant. so many of us have been frustrated by the fact he won't
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name our enemy, how can we defeat it if he won't name it? interesting moment in the last four weeks of his presidency. >> he has the pattern of waiting four days, we have to get all the details and always been the fact that -- >> the fact of the matter is and see him willing to use the term but jump out before anybody has taken responsibility. >> yeah, to me, we have this discussion all the time after these attacks. >> is that political? >> this is not that complicated to me. wait until you know what happened. when you know what happened, talk about it clearly, we shouldn't -- >> otherwise, this looks political. >> yeah. i mean when you have the president of the united states saying things like this when it breaks a pattern, what we've seen from the president in the past, it does. at the same time, we shouldn't jump out and call it radical islamic terrorism, if we don't know that it. is this is clear. wait until you have the evidence, address the problem in a forthright way. what we haven't seen from the president is him doing that. in the past, not that he's
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refused to call radical islamic terrorism what it is. he's downplayed it. remember going back to the christmas day of december 2009, we had a confession in december of 2009 to the fbi he had been involved in al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and the president suggested he was an isolated extremist. you can't have that but shouldn't jump to conclusions either. >> i want to ask about the idea that donald trump gets in, president-elect gets in, his secretary of state pick has happened. not confirmed yet. he hasn't taken office, we don't know what his policies will look like. is this maybe an indication he had his hand on the pulse of things that people didn't know. that was a quick response. and we'll have to see if the facts bear it out. >> i think that the donald trump's victory was a rejection of the weakness of president obama. if you remember president obama and his first 100 days he had apologized to three separate continents.
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and we also had after the orlando shooting, the redaction of the 9/11 calls, and had the obama administration just weeks after saying that al qaeda was on the run before a presidential election, lied to us about the origin of the benghazi attacks as well. i think it's not only weak frns the policies, but the failure to call it what it is, is a further representation of sort of the weakness we've seen under president obama, which i believe was rejected in this last election. >> you know what i think is fascinating, rachel, we would wait sometime days, sometimes longer for president obama to react. and not always waiting for the facts, just waiting for him to react. with the new president-elect, not so much because of social media. what are your thoughts on that? >> what do you mean by that, harris. >> it was quick. >> that's been his style. i think he has -- we all kind of -- >> is that good for the country? >> it's a breath of fresh air. there's something else that donald trump said during the
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campaign that resonated with people. he said we want people in our country who love us, who want to be part of us. i think the europeans are feeling that right now. they have been more than welcoming of all these people, and then, they have this kind of reaction, so there's one, poor vetting, and two, lack of assimilation, lack of a plan, and americans ought to look at this and go, not just are we vetting the people coming in, what is the plan by our government to properly assimilate these people into their culture. >> i would say this, coming from the worst situation ever. meghan, and you and i have talked about this. 890,000 refugees the germans have taken. can you have the best plans at hand, but leaving everything they know. it presents all sorts of challenges. can you do a last quick word? >> just what you were saying about the tweets with president-elect trump. i love it because i get so angry and i say things i could never say on television because
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i would be pulled off air every time there is a terrorist attack. i like my anger is validated. so much of the last eight years, we need to think about, it need to be open-minded. no these people are going to kill us, we're going to kill them and donald trump is on the same page as i am. >> we will bring you breaking developments. you may have noticed tightened security here, a report on that is ahead. and president-elect donald trump won the electoral college vote, yesterday. officially securing his spot as president of the united states. some in the mainstream media make it sound like there's a chance that might not have and will democrats ever face the results of the election? you like to accept our invitation to join us online after the tv version wraps up. atop the hour, we're at and tweet when you get the
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. meghan: president-elect donald trump win issing the electoral college vote securing spot as the 45th president of the united states of america. leading up to the votes, some in the mainstream media kept pushing the idea that things could flip, and hillary clinton could still somehow win. watch. >> seems that people are still holding out hope that the electoral college, when they vote tomorrow, will somehow miraculously decide that hillary clinton is the winner. >> when the founding fathers created the electoral college, they put it in place as a failsafe against a demagogue
9:21 am
like donald trump. >> these are the criteria, with which the electors should be voting against trump to be inaugurated. >> the next question is should we? >> the patriotic americans. >> joy behar, you and everyone else were wrong. in fact, more electors defected from hillary clinton than mr. trump. quoting -- i'm going to go to you first, steve, harvard professor larry lessig ran for president, saying 20 electors were going to switch to hillary. obviously, he was wrong. why do you think so many people bought into this? >> the first clip, martha raddatz and the abc clear claiming they did it in jest, clearly they took it seriously, the irony is this takes place in the broader discussion of the fake news. you had people leading viewers and radio listeners and readers
9:22 am
on suggesting this was likely or possible even when pretty much everybody understood that it wasn't going to happen. but i will say, there's one bright side of this. it is nice to hear joy behar and whoopi goldberg talking about founding fathers with reverence. [ laughter ] >> or at all. but i mean, that fake news element that you're saying was leaving out the details of the story. it wasn't created for donald trump or anybody like him, as i understand it, the electoral college was created so if there was not a clear vote-getter and all of the electoral votes, the house of representatives would then decide. like john quincy adams, it's a easy read. donald trump isn't in there or anybody like him. am i wrong about that? steve: i don't think the founders necessarily anticipated donald trump. they found him as a buffer, i think there's a lot of things the founding fathers would be
9:23 am
surprised about. lisa: the other thing that backfired they tried to do this with scott walker and he won by a greater margin on the second time, just like hillary lost electors in this recount, sore whatever you want to call it. but listen, joy behar, the celebrities were the ones leading this, it wasn't necessarily people like martha raddatz and shows the narcissism, they actually believe that theirs is the only opinion, and i talked about this earlier on the show in wisconsin when they had the electors, protester stood up and said this is my america! and that's the feeling they have. they think it's theirs, they have forgotten the red states in between, and we matter too. lisa: earlier, last week at one of donald trump's thank you rally, he hoped there is more
9:24 am
help, it is a perfect ending for donald trump when you know, once again this narrative that has been driven that's oversensationalized, overhyped and hillary clinton is the one that ends up getting more defectors than donald trump. there's a problem and a danger for the media, because i think because they have been so inaccurate and blatantly blind in hatred for donald trump, they are rendered irrelevant. most people watching the news don't believe anything more that is said. the media obviously serves a purpose, but you know, there's just not trustworthy anymore. >> so funny and what you're saying, it's like the democrats are assuring, even though donald trump may not have gotten a mandate. he could if they keep recounting. [laughter] >> i keep telling people, pay more attention to the process, to all the democrats whining and crying, and joy behar saying she's the only opinion that matters. you need to get local officials elected.
9:25 am
pay attention to who your congressman says and state officials are and go there. if you're not reflecting what messaging you got wrong i don't know what else to do. republicans regrouped, did an autopsy report and started from the ground up and complaining and whining and talking about how it's unjust or a scandal, i find -- . steve: the republicans did an autopsy and totally ignored it. meghan: they did ignore it. steve: not fair to say that we saw donald trump coming or that people accurately predicted that donald trump would win it. donald trump himself said he didn't think he was going to win, on election night. the media got that wrong but a lot of people got that wrong, i think what they're doing now is trying to give people the sense that donald trump is not a legitimate president when he won the election. harris: what is the point of doing that by the way? steve: to damage him, to make him weaker. harris: he has problems he
9:26 am
could solve, you take away the power to do that. why do you want to damage the person in charge of doing the job. rachel: it's i think that, you know, democrats think you get a participation trophy for these things and you don't, you lose. meghan: all the precious snowflakes, trump is our president, live with it. american cities are stepping up security following the deadly attack at a christmas market in berlin. measures we're take at home? and despite berlin and recent attacks around the world, president obama is continuing efforts to empty guantanamo bay as much as possible before he leaves office. could this threaten our national security more? we'll discuss. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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. harris: fox news alert as we continue to cover the story what's happened abroad with respect to terrorist attacks. cities across america are tightepping security after a deadly attack after a truck plowing into the crowd of shoppers killing 12, injuring many, many more. there is no specific threat in the united states right now, but police are upping their presence in new york, chicago and boston. nypd moving heavily armed critical response command officers to christmas displays around manhattan. so this is something that you are going to notice in the cities. julie banderas at one of the places in union square. julie? >> reporter: that's right,
9:31 am
harris, as it always does, any time a terrorist event occurs in the world, the nypd keeping eyes close on that and trying to tie it together in new york city. i will reiterate, there is no credible threat but nonetheless they are taking precautions. case in point like the christmas market in union square, earlier a large police presence, as i continue to talk about it, they roll from one to another to another, they're not predictable, they are there to give a strong warning for anyone who might consider doing something as horrendous as what happened in germany yesterday. no credible threat. the shoppers going about business as usual, despite the fact critical response units have been deployed until more is learned about yesterday's attack in berlin. >> we see an attack in germany, our european posts and flashback to contacts say how was it done?
9:32 am
it was a truck, a christmas market. we go to the new york overlay, where are the christmas markets? we've got our list, they're here, here, here and here and appoint resources, hercules teams, critical response teams and put that layer while we try to learn more. >> reporter: last month, the state department issued a travel alert on europe urging caution at, quote, holiday festivals, events and outdoor markets. the nypd's teams will cover high-profile locations until more is learned about the motive behind the incident in berlin. at this point, officials haven't gotten any answers from a suspect they took into custody yesterday who was picked up about a mile away from the scene. we are learning, however, berlin police may have arrested the wrong man, and a search for the driver is ongoing. therefore, no one can confirm whether it was an accident or attack. however, german officials are investigating it as a terror attack. and, of course, nobody knows terror and terror
9:33 am
investigations like the nypd. so new york city officials urging there's no credible specific threat on christmas markets in the city. they asked shoppers to go about business as usual, but nonetheless taking this attack in berlin yesterday very seriously as they do every terror attack. our eyes are always watching as they happen. back to you. harris: julie banderas and thanks to our new york's finest for keeping us safe. meghan: as we learn more about the attacks in berlin, turkey and switzerland, president obama is ranting up plans to clear out more gitmo detainees before handing over the keys to the white house. the "new york times" says he informed congress of plans to transfer 17 or 18 of the remaining 59 detainees at the prison if all goes as planned. president-elect trump will inherit 41 or 42 detainees on january 20th. but according to the latest report by the director of national intelligence, 30% of all transferred detainees have
9:34 am
been confirmed or suspected of reengaging in terrorism. so steve, to you first, donald trump said he was going to, quote, fill it with as many bad dudes as possible. what do you think of the last-ditch effort to get rid of the detainees? steve: these are the worst of the worst, there's a reason they remain in guantanamo today. senior al qaeda figures, people who played roles in attacks, responsible for targeting u.s. troops and u.s. interests abroad. you look at the way president obama handled this, it's emblematic of lack of broader seriousness of the issue. it's inconceivable he would be releasing seasoned veteran terrorists back into the world even if he's transferring them monitored which doesn't happen often while fighting this threat, while this threat is
9:35 am
increasing. the president went preelection and told us how al qaeda was decimated, on the run, and then senior terrorism adviser gave a speech in 2012 said we're not going to have to deal with this threat by the end of this decade. disastrously wrong, the threat has grown exponentially, greater than it was. you hear this from people like director clapper, president obama's top national security and intelligence official, and we're still releasing bad guys. inconcity ofable. harris: this is one of the first executive orders he signed during his first 100 days as president. so you say he's not taking it seriously. he may very well be taking legacy points more seriously. steve: he started this way. he started this way. the first article they wrote during the obama administration was a piece about guantanamo and how difficult it was going to be to empty guantanamo given the problem we have with yemenis that are kept there. this is the problem today, many of the people he's transferring
9:36 am
now are people we wrote about in february of 2009 as major threats. harris: look at size of the battlefield now in 14 countries. meghan: he's doing this in the name of legacy. rachel: it flies in the face of common sense. as meghan pointed out, the recidivism rate is 28%. the worst of the worst are left. like khalid sheikh mohammed, the mastermind of 2010, if you pointous isis has branches in at least 18 different countries now, because of that, because we've left iraq and syria, seeded them as breeding grounds of terrorism. you know so all these things done in the name legacy as opposed to common sense and the safety americans. meghan: unfortunately, we have to move on, this issue is definitely not going to go
9:37 am
away. the blame game continuing in clinton world, bill clinton's world, the former president blaming for his wife's loss now? hint, it's not hillary.
9:38 am
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9:40 am
. >> a lot happening this hour, one of the things our news team is doing is poring through unsealed documents, the redacted search warrant that the fbi used to investigate hillary clinton's private e-mail server and now we're getting to know what was actually in it. it is unsealed. here are a couple of nuggets for you to know. the fbi's investigation established that 27 e-mail chains containing classified information as determined by the relevant original classified authorities have been transmitted through her e-mail server. so 27 e-mail chains, not just single e-mails but several of them, and then this is the other particularly interesting point, and our team is reading through this and we'll update
9:41 am
you throughout the day on fox news, this is what's coming forthright now. all right, so hillary clinton's adviser, huma abedin, had her phone uploaded to her husband's laptop. all of her information working for hillary clinton went on his laptop. that laptop was part of the investigation and we can confirm this, the u.s. government is saying the subject's laptop, anthony weiners was never authorized for the storage of information or national defense information. steve hays and i were talking on the break. that seems obvious and might have thought it. this confirms it, that is problematic, now we know that there was classified information that was on a device that no way, no shape or form should ever have had it. all of this is happening as more finger printing emerging from the clinton world. this time from former president bill clinton. watch. >> i've never cast a vote i was prouder of.
9:42 am
you know, i've watched her work for two years, i watched her battle through the bogus e-mail deal, secretary powell came out and she fought through that, she fought through everything and prevailed against it all, but at the end we had the russians and the fbi deal which she couldn't prevail against that. harris: the fbi deal that had all the 27 chain of e-mails of classified information as we now know. president-elect donald trump earlier today hit back at bill clinton after the former president in an earlier interview blamed fbi director james comey for his wife's loss and said mr. trump only knows how to appeal to angry white men. president-elect trump tweeted this --
9:43 am
steve, this is a lot. steve: it is a lot. i would argue they think donald trump is better off not engaging bill clinton on these things. harris: the house is on fire, let it burn? steve: must feel good to make the point. he's right in the argument he's making. but look the great irony what bill clinton is saying and so many clinton supporters are saying blaming the entity that had to investigate what hillary clinton did rather than hillary clinton for what she did originally. this is further evidence that she jeopardized national security by putting classified information in places it couldn't be, providing access potentially to our enemies worldwide. and it's astounding that they continue to blame the fbi for having to do an investigation caused by her actions rather than her. harris: rachel? rachel: i hate disagreeing with
9:44 am
steve, i disagree, as a republican, i am so happy to have a leader who is tweeting back on this stuff and punching back for once because this is the kind of bogus, using clinton's words, stuff they do. there was nothing boag bus what they've done. not that the classified e-mails existed on a server that they didn't permit. it ended up not just on any laptop, the laptop of a huge weirdo who could have been extorted. >> a pedophile. rachel: this is serious stuff. for bill clinton to say bogus, good for trump for getting them back. . steve: donald trump has a thousand people who could make the argument for him. the things we talked about in the first half of the show are the things donald trump should be focused on, focused on guantanamo. harris: two things about what rachel is saying, nobody with his bully pulpit. remember who came up with the
9:45 am
idea that anthony weiner should have never been near any of that information, it was donald trump. lisa: right, there was foreshadowing there. the democratic party is going to try to find the various scape ghosts as to why they loss. if the further mishandling of classified information that all of hillary clinton's problems begin and end with her. it was her actions, the bleachbiting of tens of thousands of e-mails that invited the criminal fbi investigation and the fbi chose someone and there were serious mistakes by her campaign including not visiting states like wisconsin. meghan: bill clinton did a lot of damage to the woman's campaign as well. remember when he was talking about what a disaster obamacare was, fight with black lives matter protestors and raised serious concerns about her role in his sexual whatever, and had a lot of young feminists, this
9:46 am
is not my version of feminism. he's done a lot of damage to her campaign as well. harris: quickly about the breaking news this hour, steve, as we learn what's in the search warrant. just button hole it for us, why is that important? steve: could be important if we learn why james comey felt compelled to send the letter again. a source of public debate in the country. democrats are trying to news that. harris: the late letter right before the election. steve: it's not the case that that caused the turn towards donald trump, the turn can you look at the polling started four days before the comey letter, but i think it accelerated the turn, it's important to give people context what he was looking for. harris: all right, white house press secretary josh earnest accusing president-elect donald trump of encouraging russian meddling in the presidential election, this as hopes for a smooth transition is falling apart. is president obama trying
9:47 am
to undermine his successor? we'll talk about it.
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. meghan: so much for the smooth, peaceful transportation president obama promised the country after his successor president-elect donald trump won the election. yesterday we showed you first lady michelle obama suggesting americans have lost hope since president-elect trump's election. she then took another swipe at mr. trump when describing what she thinks americans will miss when her husband is no longer president. >> having a grown-up in the white house who can say to you in times of crisis and turmoil, hey, it's going to be okay. let's remember the good things that we have, let's look at the future, let's look at all the things that we're building.
9:51 am
all of this is important for our kids to stay focused and to feel like their work snnt vain, that their lives aren't in vain. meghan: after josh earnest accused mr. trump for four consecutive days of encouraging russian meddling. here's one example. >> the republican nominee himself calling on russia to hack his opponent. might be indication he was obviously aware and concluded based on whatever facts or sources he was -- he had available to him, that russia was involved, and their involvement was having a negative impact on his opponent's campaign. that's why he was encouraging him to keep doing it. meghan: steve, to you first, my head has been popping off and exploding at the fact any democrat has cared about russia and the possibility of espionage and the possibility of putin quite frankly only
9:52 am
hawks like me have cared and republicans still don't care, the fact this is being politicized is nothing short of shameful on the part of jewish -- josh earnest and the obama administration. >> mocked mitt romney when he said russia was our greatest geopolitical foe, and no question they're egging things on and thumbing the scales. that said, i think the russians were involved in the hacking. i do think it's deeply problematic, donald trump will be much better than denying that reality than to say, it's happened, we ought not to let it happen again, whatever else he wants to say, just to recognize the basic reality that russia was involved, was trying to influence the outcome of the election and we don't want it to happen. pretty important for a president-elect to say. harris: he's missing an opportunity than to lead, he could take this out of the hearts of democrats, give them
9:53 am
no more talking points and you move on, and the country is better for it. >> and he could go further, he bottom of it. >> i'm going solve this problem and make sure these things don't happen. harris: it is disingenuous. steve: to listen to president obama talk about it as a major crisis where, has he been? harris: i don't know but he reached out. steve: six months ago or two years ago? >> it is disingenuous, not about the russians, putting a stain on the presidency, and josh earnest talking for four days about it, and axelrod said he could not have done that without the permission of the president just like he was aware of what michelle obama did on the oprah show. imagine the hypocrisy, imagine for a second if a white first lady, laura bush, had said we have to think about -- there's no more hope now that mr. obama is going to be the president.
9:54 am
just imagine this thing reversed. what kind of outrage there would be in this country if the bushes had not been as terribly gracious as they were when they handed it over. harris: i can't imagine it, she would never do that. rachel: why isn't the media calling out how classless this is. being aired on all the other networks as what a beautiful, soft interview by oprah, when, in fact, this is totally classless on the part of the first lady. lisa: and i would love for president obama to treat his leaving in the same way that george w. bush did which was done with such dignity and class and signs point to that not happening. trying to use the russian information to delegitimize donald trump, and left room saying if he thinks trump's policies are undermining our values and ideals which they're going to from president obama's haven'tage point because they are diametrically opposed has
9:55 am
left room for dialogue as well. as much as we like them to follow the same steps as george bush is not going to happen. meghan: the idea that he is reinvent history and the narrative that he has ever cared about what russia has done globally and what i consider my generations holocaust raging in syria, under his watch, the idea that now because it can be mrit -- politicized is shameful. all americans are getting so caught up in the politics of josh earnest that so many republicans are tuning out. harris: i want to, in point of fact, during the interview, mrs. obama said she and her husband would do what's best for the country and be there however to help donald trump succeed as america's next president. you mentioned how that could look. it could be in the form of
9:56 am
support. i guess in the form of silence, if they had to. >> i think they're not going away. steve: silence would be preferable. harris: steve? meghan: they'll be in hawaii, right? we're back in just moments.
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scripts after the show? steve: of course! >> merry christmas to you. we're going to pop up online in a few seconds. and can you join us facebook live, our handle is outnumbered fnc, we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. now. fear are and outrage after a series of terror attacks shock europe and the world. >> it carried on past us. >> ahead how u.s. leaders are responding and protecting us here at home. and a look at the scandal that team clinton said cost them a presidency. the new information about p the investigation that put


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