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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 20, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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think. that is all we have time for. i'll be back tomorrow night filling in for sean. don't forget to catch "the five" every week night at 5:00 p.m. eastern. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we would have a chance to really increase participation in our democracy if we went to a bop larr vote. >> the left demanding the electoral college be abolish. what is really behind this point of view? hint, it has to do with race. talking points is on it. >> local media in berlin reporting police on the ground there saying this does seem to point to some kind of attack. >> with another terror attack in germany. will that country tell the truth about who is behind it? if they do, the merkel government may fall. ♪
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>> also ahead, reports are andre bocelli is too afraid of reprisals to sing at the trump inauguration. we will take a look at that. >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. abolishing the electoral college. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. after hillary clinton won the popular vote, the left in america is demanding that the electoral college system put in to place in 1787 be scrapped. but there is a hidden reason for this. as we reported, even though secretary clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million, the progressive state of california provided all of that margin. clinton defeating trump there by 4.3 million votes.
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so if the electoral college were abolished presidential candidates could simply campaign in the nation's largest states and cities, new york, l.a., chicago, houston, and rack up enough votes to pretty much win any election. that's what the left wants. that's what they want. because in the large urban areas and blue states like new york and california, minorities are subsubstantial. look at the landscape. philadelphia, dallas-fort worth, miami, in all of these places the minority vote usually goes heavily to the democrats, head to l.a., chicago, san francisco don't really have a national election anymore, do you? you have targeted populations. newspapers like the "new york times" and the "l.a. times" have editorialized to get rid much the electoral college they well know that neutralizing the largely white rural areas in the midwest and south will assure liberal politicians get power and keep it. talking points believes this is all about race. the left sees white privilege in america as an
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oppressive force that must be done away with. therefore white working class voters must be marginalized and what better way to do that than center the voting power in the cities. very few commentators will tell you that the heart of liberalism in america today is based on race. it permeates almost every issue. that white men have set up a system of oppression. that system must be destroyed. bernie sanders pedaled that to some extent hillary clinton did. and the liberal media tries to sell that all day long. so-called white privilege bad. diversity good. if you look at the voting patterns, it's clear that the democrats are heavily reliant on the minority vote. also on the woman vote. white men have largely abandoned the democrats and the left believes it's because of racism that they want to punish minorities, keep them down. so that's what's really going on when you hear about the electoral college and
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how unfair it allegedly is. summing up, left wants power taken away from the white establishment. they want a profound change in the way america is run. taking voting power away from the white precincts is the quickest way to do that. that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction with us here in new york city lisa booth and juan williams. all about race, juan, correct? >> i think there is a racial overlay to it. but i don't think everybody who is challenging the electoral college is doing so specifically because of race. i think you might also look at the urban rural divide in our country and believe me, there are a lot of minorities. you can go to rural alabama a lot of black people. there is what you said is absolutely true that if you look at the divide, the big cities tend to go more for the democrats and the rural areas more for the republican. >> you abolish the electoral college, lisa. then you have campaigning in the large urban centers. i don't think people understand this. new york city where we are right now, 16 million people
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in this metropolitan area. half are minorities. half. all right? 16 million. add that to chicago and l.a., you don't really have to do much else if you can sweep in and carry that crew. >> i think as you pointed out in the talking points memo what this is for the left is all about power. they are looking at 2,000. they are log at this election and saying look al gore would be the president if it was based on the popular vote and hillary clinton would too. about power, period. speaks to the arrogance of the left as well as the media essentially what they are saying is a system that has served this country well for over two centuries is fault request because their candidate didn't win. >> they don't think it served the country well. all right. that that's the crux of the matter, juan. the liberal point of view is that the country isn't worthy and it never has been worthy. we going to do mtv thing gutfeld and mcguirk at the end of the program based on white people are bad. and they have always been bad. because they have shut out the minorities. and they enslave the
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minorities. and they don't want to let everybody in. and they don't want to give people of color equal chance at the american dream. the white people are bad. this is, all right now, center force in the liberal precincts. >> i'm so interested in what you are saying. i don't see this but i always listen to you with such -- i really expect it. >> absolutely true. you see this as truly that's the dominant part of it: lots of people think it's one person vote. no matter where you live in america. your vote should have equal value. if you are living out in the sticks. it shouldn't be as the state now your votes worth 3.2 votes to a vote in california. >> it really isn't that way though. if you look at how the founding fathers put together the electoral college. they didn't want the power centered in a few places. it's not about an individual vote. it's about spreading out the
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electoral. >> the tent was two thirds human for black people and so the south. >> no, no, no. this is important. you are absolutely right. >> thank you. >> no. you are making my point. >> you think it's about race? >> right. right back to it. >> it was are a b. race with the founding fathers in the south as a slave holding group. >> the left never gets over that. never. go ahead. >> i think the left as well. essentially what they are saying by this as well. the "new york times," the editorial piece, what they're trying to do is take the voice away from rural america. >> white rural america. >> but you know what? perhaps hillary clinton the democratic party should have paid a little bit closer attention to the electoral college because the reason she lost she didn't even set foot in states like wisconsin. >> she was a bad candidate. >> she also ignored these people that she is slighting and the democratic party is slighting and their movement to abolish the electoral college they would remove the voice of middle america of rural america.
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>> i don't think that's true. >> what do you think, juan, of this white privilege movement, okay? that has arisen in the last two or three years to a crescendo, white privilege. if you are white, you are privileged. and that's got to be done away with. and i mean, that -- i have been doing this for 20 years, that's only three or four years old. now that is really a part of the left's curriculum. >> you know, this is bogus to me. >> you don't think that's a part of the left's curriculum? >> i think it is part. i think it's bogus to say we are in a society that's all about white privilege. but i do think. >> make yourself clear know. >> no, i'm very clear. >> that is really what's driving these debates. >> and the aftermath by the way, one of the big arguments is about identity politics and saying the left has got to get away from identity politics. but you know the counter argument, bill, whites have persisted in identity politics slavery, reconstruction and into the 20th century and to this moment to the 21 gl s
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hillary clinton did do that she pandered to black lives matter. >> oh, no. >> pander? >> yeah, she pandered. >> by saying those have a will hlegitimate argument? >> she did not connect with minority voters the way. >> that's a hell of a comparison. obama mat first black president. >> donald trump did better with african-americans than mitt romney did better with hispanics as well. hillary clinton was a horrible candidate devoid of a message that resonated with the minority americans. >> but when i say she pandered to black lives matter. >> yeah. >> all we have to do we have to leave now google hillary clinton and police statements and what she said about the cops. that was all off the black lives matter stuff. it was bad. >> sensitivity doesn't matter? >> cops and hillary clinton. >> i will check it out. we will continue. >> take a look. all right lisa and juan. miracle government another vicious attack. the problem is they might suppress the truth for political reasons.
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>> isis claiming responsibility for the terror attack yesterday in berlin killed 12 people, wounded 48 others. so far there is no suspect in custody. postal man found dead in the
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truck. he was murdered before the truck was turned into a terror weapon by a lone man. the problem with the information flow is that the merkel government is in deep trouble. the facts may be suppressed. we will take you back to last year's new year's eve in cologne germany when there was a mass sect attack on hundreds of innocent women instigated by middle eastern immigrants. german authorities do not want to pinpoint that crime for political reasons eventually the facts did emerge but it took a long time. joining us from washington is lieutenant colonel ralph peters. >> hi, bill. >> you speak german, pay attention to what's going on over there and number one i don't have any faith in the german media to tell us what really happened there even if they know. >> no, they will. it's changed. they did try to suppress the truth about a number of immigrant crimes for a long time. but, the cologne rapes and attacks exploded that. and now while they still lean politically correct
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they know in the internet age you can't get away with suppressing the truth. i'm seeing a much more open german press than did i before. >> the merkel government obviously under heavy pressure because prime minister merkel wanted hundred thousand refugees to come to germany some say for racial reasons has been the most liberal politician on the continent in accepting middle east folks now the german people are paying somewhat of a price for that, are they not? >> they, indeed. angela merkel remains the post trusted politician in germany because there aren't alternatives. her political party the cdu sort of the eequivalent of the republicans is much more likely to take a hammering at the polls than she is personally. bill, we talk a lot about angela merkel. people don't understand who she is. she is the daughter of a lutheran pastor from the old east germany where being a
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devout christian really cost you. she takes very seriously christ's admonition to help the distressed. the problem is in this case distressed are pair barians who want to destroy our civillation. >> you have to understand who she is. >> let me challenge you on that, okay? >> sure. >> if mrs. merkel were so interested in helping the distressed why doesn't shy help the u.s.a. in afghanistan or in iraq or in syria? the generals loathe to do anything. loathe. they won't help. they have the most powerful country on the continent. i'm thought sure i'm buying that, you know she is so concerned about suffering people. i haven't seen it? >> i think she is. germans, look, we fought the germans twice. i'm not so worried about passivist germans to tell you the truth. they have helped us in places like afghanistan.
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>> they don't pull triggers. >> right. they don't pull triggers. >> not even to save lives. not even to protect women and children. >> that's true. >> so, come on. >> bill, i'm just trying to explain to you who she is. i mean, you see the pastor's daughter and her fiscal tightness with greece. i'm trying to help people understand why she did what she did. >> i'm going to tell you flat out i think she is a terrible leader. i think she has destroyed her own country. i don't think she is a friend to the u.s.a. in any way, shape, or form and i hope she loses and is never heard from again. >> you and i agree she has been a poor leader at this time. she has made terrible mistakes. she is not an inform the u.s. vladimir putin is an enemy of the ghus if that's the friend, i don't want that friend. isis. >> i do. >> respectful gentlemen disagreement. obviously isis, france and germany top two targets because they know they can destabilize those two countries. this guy drove that truck into four people at the christmas market. i mean, this guy was a
8:17 pm
vicious animal. and the same thing happened to niche, france last summer. they know the world is watching this kind of stuff and it heightens isis's power. does it not? >> of course it does. and the german -- for the germans, this attack in berlin was a terrible psychological throw. >> yeah. >> and we are losing sight of the fact that we're becoming so numb this was an attack on christmas. by the way it wasn't an attack on a barracks or police station. it was attack on christmas market where families with children go. it was as cold blooded and monstrous as you can possibly be and, again, we're dealing with barbarians who want to destroy western and judeo-christian civilization. so, all i'm trying to do is help you understand why miracle has done what she did. but i have no mercy on these guys. terrorists kill them? i would torture them to death. >> merkel wouldn't. >> no, she would not. >> i'm not saying that i feel terrible for the german people and all the innocent people who are dead and hurt from this terror attack.
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but they have got to know and you have got to tell them because you speak german that their chancellor isn't doing anything. not a damn thing. last word. >> well, german constitution that we basically put on them is very strict. it's -- it really keeps the police out of private affairs. and now they are finding that it may have been too strict about some matters. the europeans are coming around at different speeds. they do realize that islamist extremism is a fundamental threat to our civilization. but we have to lead. we have to lead. that's the real problem. >> that is the real problem. we're not leading. we will see what president-elect trump does. determine, thank you. directly ahead. michelle obama says there were problems when her husband first took office. is that true? karl rove will be here to analyze. then reports are there are major problems getting entertainment for the trump inauguration inauguration. is that true? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. you can't predict
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>> transitioning from president obama to president-elect trump. in appear interview that aired yesterday, michelle obama that said this about her husband taking office in 2008. >> there were people in congress, there were leaders in congress who did not support his presidency, which was not something that was good for the country. it was good for politics. but it wasn't good for the country. and that wasn't the right way to approach it. >> joining us now there austin, texas, karl rove. i thought it was a fairly smooth transition in 2008. did i miss something, mr. rove. >> you left out the worst part of her quote in the sentence before that she said, you know, nobody helped us when we came in. and basically goes on then to say people were opposed to us. i would like to quote to her the words of president
8:23 pm
barack obama upon being sworn in. throughout the current transition president bush and his administration have extended the hand of cooperation and provided invaluable assistance. the day after donald trump was elected president obama went out and said president bush's team could not have been more professional or more gracious in making sure we had a smooth transition so we could hit the ground running. i have instructed my team to follow the example that president bush's team set years ago. >> yeah, i remember all that. and so that was surprised that mrs. obama i looked at the polls, 70% of americans supported barack obama when he took the oath of office and were rooting for him to do well i didn't see any overt partisanship on the republican side. i didn't see any bitterness about john mccain or calling for the electoral college to be abolished or blaming the taiwanese on subverting the election. i didn't see any of that i don't know what she is basing it on.
8:24 pm
>> neither do i. remember, she came, in her husband came in with 60 democrats in the senate to 40 republicans. 255 democrats in the house to 178. the problem with that, he had too many. so he didn't think he needed to talk to the republicans. you may remember in february of 2009, the republican house members come down to offer their suggests to him about the stimulus bill. this is the famous meeting in the cabinet room where eric cantor begins to lay out the republican ideas and obama cuts him off by saying i won. end quote. i had dinner with one of the top white house. i have always been surprised we didn't get more support from the republicans on the stimulus bill. i said well, let me ask you something. did you ever go up there and solicit their ideas and what they would recommend? no, we didn't do that did you ever read about what they put out in the newspapers and publicly about what they would recommend? did you ever think about swapping some of those -- your elements out for what they were suggesting?
8:25 pm
oh, no, no. we had the exact right plan. i said were nut room when obama says to eric cantor i won and cuts him off? he said yeah. he said did you see anything wrong with it? he said no, no, we won. why should you be upset about not getting more upset when you sty people you're furniture you have no right to be involved. it wasn't just the house. it wasn't just once it was constantly. you may remember in 2009 the senate republicans and the senate democrats on the senate finance committee began to hold sessions to discuss the -- what they could contribute to healthcare reform and the affordable care act and the white house lead it be known that neither they nor the senate democratic leadership would be bound by any agreement reached by the committee members of the committee through which the bill had to go. so, look, right from the beginning president obama said, you know what? i know there is a loyal opposition but i'm going to treat it like it's furniture. think about what would have happened if george bush had done that in 2001. we wouldn't have gotten the tax cut pass through the
8:26 pm
democratic senate where the quarter of the democrats voting for the bush tax cut because we sat down and negotiated with them and came to an agreement. >> so, mrs. obama to put it politely is practicing revisionistic history although as you pointed out there was some opposition but it was policy-based opposition. it wasn't because the president was a black man or that he was a liberal democrat. it was basically the republicans wanted to be heard and you say they weren't heard and that's pretty much the consensus. >> not only that but, look, the bush administration bent over backwards starting in june of 2008 to work with both the republican and democratic presidential candidates to make them ready we asked for -- we got the fbi to agree to accept people from both presidential campaigns who could be cleared, given their security clearances at the time of the election. we sat up a software system to help them manage the hundreds of thousands of resumes that they would get. as soon as obama was elected and began to name his
8:27 pm
people, their office called particularly important in the national security and homeland security area. in fact, in early january of 2009, white house chief of staff josh bolton from bush administration suggested to his democratic counterparts that they have an exercise, a table top exercise it was called about the potential of a terrorist attack on the day of the inauguration. they got them together. they went through this exercise to help them understand what the available mechanisms and responses would be. and as luck would have it, or as luck would not have it, there was a serious credible threat about an attack on the mall on inauguration day and literally there is the chief of staff under george w. bush and the incoming chief of staff while bush is still president are in the situation room on a video conference coordinating this together. responsibility of the bush administration that he has drawn opposite number in. >> all right. well, i'm glad that you corrected the record there. because when i heard that when i heard mrs. obama say
8:28 pm
that didn't -- it didn't just add up for me. >> yeah. either a slander or she is calling her husband a liar. i don't know which one it was. >> no, no. i think she is misguided. i wouldn't assign any other motive here. president obama grants clemency to a whole bunch of drug dealers as he continues policy selling hard narcotics not a heinous offense. gutfeld mcguirk on mtv playing the race card. >> we all love beyonce and, yet, she is black. so of course she cares about black issues. i'm talking to you, fox news. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. all finished.
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>> unresolved problem segment tonight trump inauguration. reports tenor andre a bocelli too afraid of reprisals at the trump inauguration. those reports have been shot down by the trump inauguration committee. we talked with them. but, the tenor will not be performing and he is a friend of donald trump. so it's apparent that some very powerful entertainment people in america do not want the trump inauguration to be a star-studded event. many performers are scared that they may lose work if they show up. right now there is no big named talent booked for the inauguration although the trump people say that could change fast. joining us from dallas tomi lahren host a program on blaze tv. so, kanye west appears with
8:32 pm
trump, right? and then west gets hammered on social media like crazy, right? >> you know, it's amazing that, bill, the unloving and intolerant left, the tolerance is really one sided, bill. they seem to be pretty accepting when their narrative is pushed. as soon as kanye ventures over to the other side that's somehow unacceptable and he doesn't hear the end of it now he has got psychotic breakdown because is he a trump supporter. >> i think that it was the breakdown was before though he met with trump, was it not? it's hard to keep track of breakdowns. >> of course. well kanye has had a breakdown since 2000 -bg9 who interrupted taylor swift at the vmas now that he went to trump tower and reached out to president-elect should be relishing that's unity. that's what she should want but of course not because it's president-elect trump. >> i don't go into the sewer, did west really get hammered on facebook and all the these other things. >> oh my goodness like
8:33 pm
crazy. >> yeah? >> he is not allowed to meet with donald trump. is he not allowed to get his photo taken with donald trump. time and time we see this. not just meeting with donald trump mind you, bill, it's meeting with anyone that's on the right side. meeting with anyone that's got a conservative world view. they don't like that. they don't want theirs to be missing with ours. it's amaze going do you think and this is speculation. i usually don't do that there is no other way to handle this story because the bocelli situation, it's foggy. i mean, we don't know if bocelli isn't performing because he is afraid that he will lose work or not. bocelli says that's not true. the inauguration committee says that's not true. published reports say it is true. do you believe that there is pressure from the entertainment people in hollywood and even nashville if you go and you perform at the inauguration, you might lose some work. >> well, bill, there are so many americans out there that failed to understand that donald trump will be our 45th president, that he
8:34 pm
will be inaugurated on january 20th. they vice president stepped that yet. if they can't accept that of course they won't accept entertainers performing at inauguration. this is an exciting moment for america. >> if there are veiled threats against performers that they would lose their livelihood if they went to a presidential inauguration. that's a felony. that's big time. bitterness over a vote, okay. we understand. but threats swirling around. that's really unamerican and unacceptable. >> well, of course it is. but i think it's kind of the side eye. the same thing that we saw in the election. oh, you are a trump supporter? you must be a racist. you must be a bigot. you must be in the basket of deplorables. we saw that we are still seeing it. i'm still wondering when they're going to accept the fact that he is going to be our president. then we can actually move on and united. >> they're never going to do that. >> of course they are not. they are foe getting the millions of americans that voted for donald trump in the middle of america that they conveniently ignore. we do have a voice and we made that known and we are continuing to make that
8:35 pm
known. >> they don't care about those people. you know -- >> -- they're gonna have to, bill if they want to win an election. >> maybe. maybe. they are just hoping that trump self-destructs, that's the hope on the left. >> tomi, thank you very much as australia. we appreciate it. is it legal? on president obama pardoning more drug criminals. legal is next. i want to pay more to file my taxes. i love paying extra to file my state returns. i want my tax software to charge me at the last second. there is nothing i can do with an extra $50. said no one ever. file your taxes for free with credit karma tax.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight. president obama pardoned 78 people yesterday. commuted the sentences of 153 others. mr. obama granted more computations than any other president in u.s. history by far. counts yesterday 1200 individuals have had their sentences rereduced. the reason is the president
8:39 pm
believes black criminals are punished more harshly than white crams on drug convictions. george w. bush granted 11 commutations 1200 to 11. is it now our legal duo. we have been investigating the people who have gotten their sentences reduced and we selected three of them to talk about them. anthony dwayne gillis, a virginian what did he do. >> fill his along with two brothers and a friend of his, they were in a -- they were in a ring where they trafficked cocaine and firearms. they basically had an exchange where they trafficked. they sold firearms for cocaine back and forth so you have got cocaine, i have got firearms. i will take one, i will take another. they did this with shot-you-off shotgunned. they kept this going for quite a long time. >> six years. >> until they got busted that he got 145 years. which was then commuted down to 20 years. >> all right.
8:40 pm
so, he is going to be out in, when? soon, right? >> he is going to be out in 2022. >> october 7th, 2022. >> it was life and president obama busted it down. >> 145 pretty much life. yeah. >> second man is calvin lavonne clark. he is a north korean what did he do. >> yes. african-american male, 37 years of age. his offense is possession with intent to distribute more than 50 grams of cocaine base, which is crack cocaine, the deadliest. and additional quantity of cocaine, possession of a firearm. both of these shared that in common. so weapons were involved which makes it a violent offense. furtherance of a drug trafficking crime in the eastern district of north carolina. original sentence 354 months of imprisonment which comes down to about 29. a years. period of supervised release after that five years. commutation grant was commuted to expire now on
8:41 pm
december 19th, 2018, companied upon enrollment in a residential drug treatment program but drug problem wasn't the issue. >> when he gets out 18 how many years he serve. >> 10 years. >> go into the drug program. is he a drug dealer not a drug user. >> he had guns? >> yes. >> that belies the fact of the nonviolent drug offenses which. >> and he pled guilty to this. he admitted his -- the evidence. >> third guy is butler. 42. what did he do? >> well, he sold drugs as well. the problem with one the government learned about his drug involvement. he actually pled to five or more kilos of cocaine they learned about him while they were investigating nashville's king pin of importing drugs from new mexico and texas in to nashville. >> kim bowl. >> they learned about this guy. >> they got the king pin and
8:42 pm
the king pin gave him up and what did he get? >> he got live imprisonment and that got commuted down to 20 years. the problem i have with all of these guys is that the administration set up a 6 point criteria, category. and. >> qualify. >> qualify because they would have to go through and see if you could qualify for this commutation. this clemency. if you did not have a criminal history one kimberly was talking about had career criminal history. >> convicted career criminal. >> second point in this is, second category is that you are a nonviolent, low level offender. >> none of these three individuals. >> not nonviolent and not low level. >> none of these meet the criteria. >> our job to point out what's going on. >> overreach. >> do we have the tape of the police officer in south carolina shooting the black suspect who is running away? because this was a hung jury, guilfoyle. >> yes, it was. >> i'm not figuring out why it was a hung jury.
8:43 pm
>> i will tell you why. we weren't present in the courtroom. the defendant did take the stand. which is the officer that you are seeing right there. and said that he was afraid for his life. >> how can he -- >> -- there was an altercation that we did not see on this tape. in fact, the victim, the deceased individual picked up the taser, attempts to use it on the police officer. >> was that proven beyond a reasonable doubt. >> listen, that was the evidence put in front of this jury. >> by the prosecution. >> yes. >> no, no, buyer the defense? >> well all of the evidence, the facts were put forth part by the prosecution. some by the defense. >> see, that officer, to us civilians, just watching this on television, is clearly shooting the man in the back is he fleeing and unarmed. >> right. >> now the jury can't convict this officer, slager of anything. >> is he going to be retried in the state and federal court is going to come up first. >> is it just one hold out? >> no. it looks like -- that's what we thought at first. >> one said for sure not guilty. five undecided. african-american foreman who said he was going to vote guilty for manslaughter.
8:44 pm
other choice was first degree intentional act. >> something that happened. >> dropped it. >> got around it. >> there is a piece of video that you see where you see this gray video where the officer is putting down an object, looks like the taser. on the man's body. that's the taser. put it beside the body. >> again, i can't try ton tv. i was surprised by the mistrial. ladies, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> gutfeld mcguirk on deck. mtv playing the race card big time. the boys after these david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪
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back of the book segment tonight. what the heck just happened. mtv news has a twitter account. and this week it features millennials lecturing white guys and how they can improve themselves in the new year.
8:48 pm
>> hey fellow white guys. >> finance about a be a new year. >> things we can do better in 2017. >> first off, try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> also, blue lives matter isn't a thing. >> cops were born with blue skin, right? i mean. they weren't born blue. >> we all love beyonce and, yeah, she is black. so of course she cares about black issues. i'm talking to you, fox news. >> i'm not sure what that means but here now to explain further bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. number one i didn't know mtv had a news department. number two, the news department goes on twitter. that was all on twitter, right? >> i believe so. >> i love this. i'm convinced that donald trump actually created this to help lay the groundwork for 2020 because anybody who sees this will just vote for donald trump. i mean, they just created a
8:49 pm
new identity that transcends race and gender. it's called losers. but i will say. this good for mtv to hire homely people because homely people need work, too. >> now if we had or if mtv or anybody had said we have new year's resolutions for black people. >> oh, sure. >> or muslims. >> we would never do that or if we did, i mean, if you started talking about the crime, whatever, we would never do that but, yes, it would be horrendous. >> if you did it, you would be black balled out of the industry. all of that. >> yeah. >> this brings me back to the talking points memo, which i'm sure you guys were glued on. >> no doubt about it. >> one of the best. >> as always. >> when i said the heart of liberalism now, the heart of it is race. everything is about race. >> right. >> and how the white privilege people are the devil. >> yep, yep. >> here we go. this is another example of that. >> these spoiled smug, ignorant punks dweeb
8:50 pm
explaining shaming the white people. using white know it all's of the muscle tone of the geico lizard doesn't make it any less racist. stuck on stupid. thinly veiled cop hatred, white veiled cop hatred, white hatred is contributed to trump's victory here. i have a couple of resolutions for these mutts. stop sucking on your thumb and learn a trade. in of a foe, euro, gender study or whatever the hell it is -- >> the future at mtv news by the way. >> they're the leg warmers of 2016. the things you look back on social justice warriors are you're going to go, that was really stupid. >> watters goes down to florida where there's a menorah and dweeb to use -- up with the
8:51 pm
devil in there. okay. roll the tape. >> public sphere here and the nativity scene. >> along with baby jesus. >> and 20 yards to the left, you have this satanic symbol right here. how does this make you feel? >> it's very disappointing. i mean, i believe in everyone having expression and respecting everyone's religions, this is not respecting anyone's religion. >> so last night, vandals came in -- >> they did. >> with a truck, and destroyed the pent grom. >> and watters is denying responsibility. >> i had no idea they were christians in boca. i had absolutely no clue. listen, kudos to jesse watters for sticking up for baby jesus. i hoped he used it as a urinal. i'm sure he didn't. >> i didn't like that vandalism.
8:52 pm
i think that hurts the cause of the good guys. >> it could be a hoax to make the people look bad. >> it could be a false flag operation. the odds are, that's not what happened. so, when you're talking the law into your own hands, it hurts your cause, do you agree? >> what do you got against satanists? >> what do i have wrong? >> many things. he tries to coach you into hell. maybe for you it is, for most of us, that's the wrong path. >> i don't believe in red people. little evil red people. >> this guy who put it there was a teacher. >> middle schoolteacher. >> explains the knit wits in the last video. that's the kind of people -- >> and the guy runs away. look, he runs away. you pinhead, if you're going to do that, stand up and defend what you do. don't run away. >> he had to go to the bathroom. >> watters is fierce, they're
8:53 pm
all afraid of watters and he ran away, he's a coward. >> merry christmas you guys. >> merry christmas. >> gutfield, stay away from the devil. >> happy hanukkah too. >> christmas information for you. tip, moments away. ♪ my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ♪ as soon as i became a parent i changed as a person, drastically. ♪ i tried hard to quit smoking.
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yesterday, now limited next to us, but it's still around. and by the way, you've got to stop sipping the koolaid down there. reverend david berman, richard, new hampshire. please tell me how the russians hacked the election in favor of trump when hillary won the popular vote. nonsense. jamie, mr. o'reilly, bernie goldberg weren't tell you where you're wrong because you don't let mayhem finish a sentence and bully them. boring jamie, boring. been doing the same thing for 20 years. bernie gets a say every week. bill, phoenix, arizona, i agree that president obama could have disabled syria's air force after the poison gas incident. would have put the skids on assad's killing machine. bill, you are still tearing water for obama. is pot legal in new jersey? did i miss it?
8:58 pm
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9:00 pm and if you wish to apply. again, thanks for watching, i'm bill o'reilly, the spin stops here, we're definitely looking out breaking tonight, the apparent terror attack in germany causing zurt concerns around the globe. including right here at home. welcome to the kelly file, i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. this is a live look at berlin, germany where an active man hunt is under way at this hour. a terror group isis claims one of it's quote, soldiers, was behind the attack there last night. the only person taken into custody so far has since been released and officials say whoever did this is likely armed, dangerous, and preparing to act out again. the attack involved a person driving a truck into a crowded market killing a dozen people, wounding many, many more. almost repeating the style of attack we saw in


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