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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 21, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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me. >> no, he said -- >> where have you been all my life? >> no. >> sounds like he was hitting on you, stella. >> he was. >> he just said, are you coming with me? >> are you coming we me? >> you're going to be in the after the show, show. thank you very up much. bill: good morning, everybody. rapid developments in the berlin attack this morning. police to be identifying tanasian refugee, isis praising the killer, isis soldier, something they have done after other events as we say good morning, i'm bill hemmer. heather: busy day, heather childress in for martha macallum. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani it's proof just how serious the threat of terrorism has become worldwide.
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>> almost seems like ten years of terror attacks, doesn't it? i think what we are seeing how much more dangerous the world has become. is the world was dangerous the day before or after september 11th, the answer is yes. it's like a cancer and we have allowed it to happen because we didn't keep our eye on isis. bill: where are we today? greg with the latest from there. greg. >> bill, you're right. important new developments. it looks like we have a new manhunt for a new suspect of a mass murderer, reports and accounts are saying that the police are looking for tanasian man, they found i dean -- identity papers. he came to germany last year in
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the big wave of immigrants, reports that he was trying to get asylum in germany but also on a danger watch list. he was considered a terror threat. he had contacted fed with chief isis recruiter in germany who was just arrested last month. he was said to be under surveillance but went under ground in the last couple of weeks, this, of course, as you recall that isis claimed responsibility yesterday for the attack and the person responsible, a soldier of the so-called islamic state vehicular killer. remember, it was her policy that allowed into this country something like one million refugees last year. she's already getting a lot of heat. there's a thing called welcome culture in this country but a lot of politicians here, maybe the welcome has worn out, bill. bill: details are what on that,
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greg? >> this is amazing stuff and dramatic stuff, bill, overnight the results of an autopsy, the driver originally in charge of the truck that was hijacked, after the autopsy was done, yes, he was killed by the attacker, but he also put up quite a fight. looks like initially 3 miles from where the truck was hijacked, he was stabbed but not to death, just injured. after that, there are signs from his body, the blood in the cabin that he put up a heck of the fight as the truck was into this christmas market here in berlin at the very end just around the time of the attack it turns out the attacker took out a small gun and killed him to prevent him from preventing this attack from happening. the attack happened and as we all know, 12 killed, 48 injured.
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casualties including polish man, six germans and we are still waiting on nationalities of the other that were killed. 14 still in the hospital here in serious conditions. bill: the driver was the best eyewitness and he is dead. heather: meanwhile chancellor angela merkel facing fire storm, a million refugees in africa have poured into germany in just the past few years and new report that is the berlin terrorist was part of that wave, some critics are asking if merkel has blood on her hands. we will talk to adam kissinger when he joins us minutes from now. bill: also this morning we have brand new video of assassination of russian embassador in turkey. it begins only moments before the attack with the soon to be killer, off duty police officer standing only feet away from the embassador under a car loft and kuami puts his hand and draws his guns before firing six shots
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into the embassador's back. we will not show you that part, the gunman yelled, remember, aleppo, remember syria, he was eventually killed as well by turkish police. heather: president obama planning more 11th hour executive actions. two officials telling fox news, transfer 22 guantanamo dye -- detainees. that's not all. christopher is life in washington with this. kristin, let's start with gitmo. >> let's not forget that president obama promised to close guantanamo bay back in 2008 and he's been trying to shut it down ever since. with less than a month in office, it appears certain that he will not be able to keep that promise. right now there are 59 detainees at gitmo and 27 too dangerous to
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transfer. remaining 22 have already been approved to transfer to other nations, though, none will be allowed to enter the united states because congress will not allow it. of those 22, the obama administration intends to transfer 17 or 18 of them. this is what white house josh ernst said about it last week. >> i wouldn't rule out additional transfers between now and january 20th. >> if all those plan, 40 prisoners at guantanamo baby the time mr. trump takes office, he's promise today keep the prison open and fill it with some quote, unquote, bad dudes, very sharp departure from the ongoing efforts of the obama administration to shut it down, heather. heather: turn to the coal industry now, how is the white house targeting the coal industry? >> on monday the obama administration set final rules to reduce, these are rules that are designed to really reduce the environmental impact of coal-mining on the nation streams, not only would it
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maintain buffer zone blocking all coal mining within a hundred feet of streams but also impose stricter guidelines for exceptions to that rule in a statement enforcement, that's a mouthful, so that quote, the updated scientific moderate rule will make life better for a countless number of american who is live near places where coal is being mined. but republicans call it a job killer and they're already vowing to overturn it once president-elect trump takes office. heather: big pushback from the coal back industry to hillary clinton during the election. bill: lets get a bit of analysis, getting ready for christmas day. hello, sir, good day to you. this was the first order, president obama signed in 2009 and he will leave with gitmo still open. >> wouldn't it have been a different story if he would have found a way to do it with congress, but he didn't, he tried to do it by himself and
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congress fought him in the beginning and he tried to steam-roll congress. he manage today get most of the people out but it is still open and donald trump inherits a functioning military prison, that's ready to go in guantanamo bay ready for him to use. so president obama failed because he failed to get even his own party on board with his plan. bill: likely to be more populated with president trump. now on the oil executive orders here, can that be reversed? i'm reading different things based on the order that was signed, chris. >> sure, it can, but it would-it's harder than most, i guess the way i would put it. the president is really trying to jam up his successor here in the way that this is structured, but i'm pretty confident that the next administration and lawyers will find a way to undo
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it, this is, of course, dates back to the beginning of president obama's tenure and we remember the deep water incident and the great embarrassment and anguish for him as the leak kept going and going and there was nothing they could do to stop it. the offshore drill issue climate changes and other things, also issue to the president's fault, first failure the deep water horizon. bill: what indications that president-elect trump will govern the same way or similar? what has he said thus far? >> he has said a lot of things but here is what we at least know, that president obama hopes that trump does not follow in his footsteps in an interview with public broadcasting, that last week the president was talking about how he saw trump's role in what he was going to do. encouraged him to work with congress and collaborative, hey,
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i don't know whether you remember all of the times that you said i have a pen and u phone and i will do whatever it takes. so he's hoping that trump looks tat world, treat it is world differently, do as i say, not as i do. bill: president obama said the republicans in congress stopped working with him and in that same interview he bent over backwards to find compromise. at the end of eight years, chris, what is the evidence in washington suggest on that point? >> it's limited to two parties, basically there's only a bi in ary choice. it was good for republicans for barack obama fail at things. bill: thank you, sir, merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas, to you, brother. >> analyzing as he does. [laughter] heather: president obama with some advice for the president
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elect as we just said, lay off the executive orders and it's better to go through congress. someone called the irony police, though, we will get reaction from sean spicer. that plus this. >> the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. bill: that from mid-august. terrorist came to berlin as refugee. does trump's plan sound different in the american ear, check it out. plus there's this. heather: dramatic new video at a fireworks factory. death toll it is now rising and we will tell you what caused that deadly blast.
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♪ ♪ get up to $2500 customer cash on select 2016 and 2017 models for these terms. see your lexus dealer. bill: they are hunting for a killer right now. chancellor angela merkel paying respects and she's under a lot of pressure as reports emerge that it was a tanasian refugee. trump transition adviser
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kellyanne conway on the topic. >> it talks about extreme vetting, he talks about all those countries that harbor and train and export terrorist where we have very little vetting process. you and i know that isis has promised to come in through the form of refugee, syrian refugee and others, they are making clear that they just started. bill: serves as pilot also in the international guard, sir, welcome back to america's news room. >> thank you. bill: are you framing the story based on the new information we have thus far today? >> well, look, i mean, obviously i think germany, i think europe at large made a mistake when they opened the flood gates. germany has this case and they've had it for a long time post world war ii guilt. in part they said let's open flood gates and it's not just what it does, there's a massive culture clash that's going on in germany and in europe at large but the other thing it did was
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drain the middle east, the very people we are going to need to resecure the middle east. look, i think it was a mistake for europe to do what they did. what this country, what the western world, what the whole world needs right now is what i call a churchill in the street moment where he walks and says, we are not going to be shaken, a george w. bush moment, you can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings but you can't shake the foundation of american resolve. for the last eight years, we have been licking our wounds and that the russians are our competitor, thinking that, you know, terrorism can defeat us or make us retreat. this is a huge opportunity for president-elect trump to come out and have that george w. bush or churchill moment. i hope he does it. bill: europe has really had a sweeping change if you look over the past two years. look at the numbers too. top five countries seeking asylum, syria, afghanistan,
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60,000, asylum seekers in germany over the same period of time are almost 800,000. now, what do they do, do they change course, there's an election coming up next year? she's under awful lot of pressure. how do they assure that the government has their interest at heart? >> i mean, that's a question for her, you know. i think one of the problems and one of the things that terrorists are trying to do and doing successfully is they are making all of us turn knives on each other. the germ anticipates are going to have to decide if that's the policy going forward. as a world, as a western world, as the broader world, we are going to have to come together and say, we need to have the political discussions and make political changes as needed but we have to make sure we turn our knives against isis and terrorist and against the people that think they can push us around and up to this point, i
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put a lot of the blame on president obama. he's never talked about the reason to take the fight in afghanistan, it took him a year to recognize the rising threat of isis. he said that easy easy was a jv team and eventually we see that now they have people spread all over the world and we are caught flat-footed. president-elect trump has a huge opportunity not just for himself but for the country and the world and everybody's watch. i think a lot of what he says as president elect when it comes to terror has been good. when he's inaugurated an has a different feeling. he needs to unit the world that loves freedom, the right that people have to freedom. i think he needs to talk about that we are going to unit and destroy this cancer and frankly that we will not be shaken, again, like george w. bush, you can chatter steel but you can't dent the steel of american
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resolve. that's that kind of talk that we need. the idea that we are going to be pushed around by russia or the chinese or anybody else, we are the united states of america for goodness sakes, we are the world's leader, greatest country that god put on this earth and we will not be pushed around. if he does something like that and he could be a fantastic leader in this -- bill: strong commentary. i don't know how it's possible for this terrorist to get away. if he's driving the truck crowded with people all over the place, defies logic how he can run away and escape the scene, i can't figure it out. >> i can't either. that's a question for the germans. one of the questions that you have to be concerned about and i'm not saying it's happened now but i know happened in the past, overconcerned about profiling, somebody looks and say this person looks tanasian or muslim but i don't want to necessarily accuse them immediately of that because i will look like i'm guilty of profiling. the same problem we have why people don't alert law enforcement when they see something suspicious next door.
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you know, it's time -- treat people fairly, understand that people that are obviously muslim, there are many good people that are muslim but at the same time we have to recognize that we are fighting a real war and a real war against people that want to kill innocent people. but we are not going to be pushed around. bill: isis claimed him to be a soldier but often times they want to die for their doing and this one apparently did not and on behalf of germany, we hope they find him very soon. thank you from the state of illinois, thank you for your time. 20 minutes past. >> merry christmas, brother. heather: the warrant that reopens the hillary clinton investigation goes public. did the fbi have probable cause here? bill: question with the trump administration begin tenure in washington with the showdown over immigration, more on a looming fight over sanctuary cities. that's next. >> they are screaming, they want
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the wall, we are going to build a wall, don't worry about it.
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heather: welcome back, president-elect trump with just two cabinet positions left to fill. two to go and new names on secretary veteran affairs but first the battle with former president bill clinton continues. peter ducey in florida with more. hi, peter. peter: hey, heather, the president elect donald trump is now going after the former democratic nominee, his competition hillary clinton. he posted tweets, the first one says this, campaigning to win
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the electoral college is much more difficult and sophisticated that -- than the popular vote. i would have done even better in the election if that is possible if the winner was based on popular vote but with campaign differently. finally, haif not heard pundits or commentators that i spent far less money on the win than lost. yesterday he made with davita who worked under george w. bush and also on the trump hispanic advisory board. luís quiñones, reports indicates one of the toughest jobs to fill.
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other va contenders are admiral michelle howard, pete hegseth, veteran and former of america and former massachusetts senator scott brown who is also one of the -- mr. trump's earliest endorses. heather: and quiñones is a vietnam vet? >> correct. bill: with just about a month ago before the inauguration, major looming on immigration. from la now to los angeles, william, good morning. >> well, right now, bill, there are two big issues, asylum and sanctuary cities. let's start with the bored. right now agents are on pace to apprehend almost 600,000 illegal immigrants, that's the highest in eight years led by the continued surge of central americans. in wasn't month agents apprehended 7,000 children,
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15,000 families, almost doubled last year. but instead of being sent home the majority are allowed to stay. treated by this president as victims of trafficking and persecuted immigrants. right now ice spending $700 flying to fly with family. the surge won't stop. the second issue, sanctuary cities. monday los angeles allocated 5 million taxpayer dollars to hire defense attorneys to fight any attempt to deport illegal immigrants including those who commit crimes. >> we are seeing that the good and law abiding immigrants are friends, navy base, they belong here and we will fight for them. >> but according to the attorney general cities cannot stop local
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cops from helping ice deport illegal immigrants and those cities are on notice, they can lose federal money if they don't cooperate. >> the president can cut off their money at noon on january 20th if they do not change sanctuary policies and hand over criminal illegal aliens in their custody to be deported. >> the question, bill, will trump play hardball and how that's going to play out in the border and cities like la and new york and chicago. >> more to come on that too. thank you, sir. fox news alert waiting the opening bell. two minutes away, the dow closing in on 20,000. she's proven to be a stubborn thing. 25 points of the milestone. the dow has never hit 20,000. flirted all day with that number. three days before the holiday break. where will she go -- heather:
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such a flirt. high profile singer backing out of trump's inauguration. is it because of pressure on the left? democrats are being intolerant. >> the unloving and intolerant left. they seem to be pretty accepting when their narrative is pushed. heather: we will debate it. fair and balance. bill: latest breaking news. adam berlin, police confirmed looking for a new terror suspect, the one they arrested yesterday, apparently has no connection. what we are learning now in the case.
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bill: 9:32, latest in europe as we know. police have not killed the killer of the massacre. the manhunt has now gone nationwide. police are looking for tanasian in early 20's. isis claiming responsibility for the truck attack in berlin praising the killer as one of their own soldiers, they say, again, a dozen killed nearly 50 other injured, more on this story as it develops throughout the day. heather: unloving and intolerant left, the tolerance is really one sided, bill, because they
6:33 am
seem to be accepting when the narrative is pushed but somehow it goes to the other it's unacceptable and he has a psychotic breakdown because he's a trump supporter. you must be a racist, you must be a by got, you must be in the basket of deplorables. i'm still wondering when they're going to accept the fact that he's going to be our president. heather: con -- conservative commentator. intolerant and unable to accept mr. trump's win over hillary clinton. now there's a new poll that suggests that trump's voters are more respectful of the opposition than clinton voters are. former official with the democratic national committia and blake. >> good morning. heather: we are going to get to those polls in just a minute. let's begin with what lauren is talking about. the celebrities that are refuse
6:34 am
to go reform at the inauguration, shouldn't that be something that they are honored to do, brad? >> well, they should be, but look, it's better off without them. celebrities give themselves a lot more credit than is due in the election. people appreciate their music, perhaps their acting, but that doesn't transfer to political behavior. we don't follow celebrities into the voting booth and that's a good thing in america and i think that they need to get over it and understand that donald trump is going to be the president of all america and if you just give him the chance and they should be welcoming a new president and not have the attitude that he is not our president. i remember standing out in the mall in january 2009 with my republican friends, we weren't there to protest barack obama, we were there to celebrate him. heather: absolutely, pablo, when does it end, when are the democrats, when are celebrities going to accept that mr. trump is the president elect and give him a chance? >> well, i think the important thing to underscore is that the
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tremendous challenge that donald trump has in bringing the nation together, what we have seen since the campaign is a series of whistle speech that is reup the negative rhetoric and some of the posturing that's going on as candidate trump. but what we haven't really seen is a concerted effort to reach across the aisle. i think it's important to remember that he's a person with a disability. he's blind and that people with disabilities have every right to feel disenfranchised by the rhetoric from the campaign. heather: president trump -- president trump's team is actually saying that he -- that it was mr. trump that -- bocelli, he extended his invitation to perform and it was mr. trump that said, thank you, but we don't need you. >> well, i think that underscores that donald trump is a deal-maker needs to make the deals. at the end of the day there are going to be ample opportunities for celebrities to perform at progressive events too.
6:36 am
150,000 women are going to be marching during inauguration. i think you're right. the president elect was elected by our american american democratic processes and it's important for progressives and people from the left to remember what president obama's message to america was when he met with donald trump in the white house and that was that when the president -- when president trump succeeds, america succeeds and we need to do everything we can to make sure that he has a chance at being successful president. heather: you mention that had donald trump should reach across the aisle which i believe he has done, brad, what about from the other side, what about hillary clinton, what about president obama, should he be more vocal in telling people, hey, he won? >> what they're trying to do is delegitimize his win in the protests that had absolutely no chance at the phoney recounts. the rhetoric does not match their actions. rhetoric initially was bringing america together but their actions speak to another result and that is to delegitimize and charge on
6:37 am
washington, 150,000 women but to protest him. he's not the president yet. as president elect he has done more than barack obama in his time in saving jobs and creating an environment by which americans are going to do better under a donald trump economy. why don't we give the guy a chance and if he does something that you don't like as president, then, of course, exercise your right of free speech and demonstrate, but not now, we should be celebrating him because we won a free and fair election. >> brad makes a good point. heather: pablo, i do want you to respond to this. we talked abpolls at the beginning of the segment. let's take a look now. fox news poll show that among trump voters, do you respect clinton voters, yes, 67%, 67% respect clinton voters, take a look at this, among clint open voters do you respect trump voters, 50% say yes. it's a matter of respect from both sides, the trump supporters
6:38 am
are a little more respectful. >> i think that donald trump has every opportunity now to reach across the aisle and create a better environment. wasn't thing that brad and i both remember from the 2009 inauguration, 6-7 million people turned out for the event. i would like to see the president elect create an environment from now and the environment where people can come together to celebrate and -- and express their right for free speech. >> he's done that. he's done that already. heather: all right. >> how has he done that? >> rehash of the rhetoric of the campaign. >> to bring america together to solve problems. that's what he is saying. why don't you embrace that? >> i mean, honesty, a lot of my community is living in fear, he said he was going to deport millions of people. he did say that he was going to make a deal for the dreamers,
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the young immigrants who were brought to this country undocumented as children. heather: the point being, pablo, i have to cut you off, the pointing being we have to give him a chance what he's promised to do. >> i agree. when the president succeeds, america succeeds. heather: all right, merry christmas. bill: brand-new interview kellyanne conway the women who came forward accusing bill clinton of abuse in years past and then showed up at the presidential debate conway argues they had a significant impact on hillary clinton's performance in those debates. she made those comments to me yesterday during a podcast at trump tower. >> hillary clinton defended that rapist and got him a plea deal and laughed about the polygraph test and the evidence. bill: to this day that -- >> i know it did. i know it did because they -- listen, this is somebody who is very scripted and when you're
6:40 am
scripted and you're running against the most unscripted x factor to ever explode in the political scene, at least in our lifetime, bill, it's not in the script. you know a robot has only so many micro chips and that one wasn't in there. bill: that's not all she said. conway looks at the critical moments in the final four months of this campaign. she says a lot. so if you would like to hear it go to in the section of hemmer time. we take all the critical moments. debates, the convention, mike pence, access hollywood and we go through all of it up until election day. i think it's a fascinating way to listen to how she frames the election and her own words. check it out. heather: long time with a lot of things that have happened. bill: push it out on my facebook page.
6:41 am
we will give you a chance to find it if you like. heather: i will find it, thanks, bill. president obama is getting asked a serious question about a key tool of his administration. >> should president-elect trump once inaugurated use his executive powers in the same way that you have? heather: president obama offering frank advice about the use of executive orders, this as the obama administration rushes to impose some new rules before leaving office. rnc spokesman will jointous talk about that up next. bill: apparently he thought he got away. the police say they now know who walked off with a tub full of those gold flakes in midtown manhattan on camera, no less.
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heather: do you remember this video of a guy walking away with a pot of gold. new york city and he just marched right off with it, police say they now have a name to put to the face. he is julio novelo and they think that he's in los angeles area, the theft happened in september, the release of the video leading to lots of tips and you can see him struggling with the bucket. it weighed 86 pounds, bill. bill: i thought it was an inside job at the time. apparently it wasn't, i guess. they have their guy. they have a name.
6:45 am
heather: in california. bill: 47th street is loaded with cameras. >> he got across the country. bill: you're correct on that. president obama offering good advice to president-elect trump, don't do what he did, whoa. take it easy, he said, on executive orders, just listen to this, first. >> my suggestion to the president elect is, going through the legislative process is always better in part because it's harder to undo and if he wants to reverse some of the rules, that's part of the democratic process. that's why i tell people to vote because it turns out elections mean something. bill: chief strategist for the rnc with me from trump tower, sean, how are you? >> good morning, bill.
6:46 am
bill: this interview done around the same time when an executive was done for drilling in the atlantic coast and arctic. how will the president trump treat executive order, will he try to reverse it if legal in. >> well, i think as the president -- president elect mentioned several times, day one is going to be a day of immediate change coming to washington. he has a stock of executive orders that will both repeal some of the actions that have been taken over the last eight years but also institute some of the reforms and action that is are needed. the lobbying ban for one is going to come right away so that people understand that they are serving the government and this administration and not themselves. the withdrawal from tpp and renegotiate nafta, all of those things are going to happen in day one under president-elect trump. bill: okay. that's a lot on day one. you know what president obama did on day one, he signed the order to close gitmo. january of 2009.
6:47 am
he's coming close to it but he will not get there at the end of eight years. if you say president-elect trump has a stack of orders, what else would happen on day one, sean? >> he has an entire team right now that's putting together proposals for him to review that will happen both day one and over the course of the first hundred days and part of it is -- he talked about the tariff that he would impose on companies that take jobs overseas, so there's a lot of things on that agenda and it's getting longer and longer by the day. bill: okay, now, president obama in that interview said, go through congress. it's a lot harder reverse the law once the law is passed. what do you think of that during the past eight years? >> a bit ironic but in some ways it's well taken. i think president-elect trump is definitely going to make sure
6:48 am
that he does that. bill: okay. all right, we are going to make an adjustment to your inner piece. everything okay? >> all good, thank you very much. bill: so now president-elect trump goes into the white house in the 20th of january and now you have a case where the democrats are reel, i think you can probably use that word in some of the election in sam of the fallout, chuck schumer fired the staff in the senate office responsible for media and you sent out this tweet. you said the following, sean on screen, someone is not in the holiday spirit, senator schumer fires video unit staff at politico. okay. apparently democrats want to reframe their message when it comes to video clips and social media. is that the reason they lost in november? [laughter] >> no. i don't think that the ability
6:49 am
of members of the senate to send out videos of their actions or messages to constituents is the problem. it's the message itself, it's the policies, it's the candidates that they have a problem with. they looked everywhere else but the mirror to understand the problems they face in november 8th, at some point i think it's going to happen. they blamed the fbi, they blamed every segment, except for themselves, their message and the policies, that's the problem. bill: remember when president obama said he has a pen and a phone? >> i do. bill: you spend a lot of time with mr. trump, what has he said about the comment, that form of government, sean? >> it's not just what he says, it's what he does. if you look at president-elect trump what he dade -- he did with carrier. it's not what you have but how you use it. it's a very different way of managing than we've seen in particular. president-elect trump is the
6:50 am
kind of guy that gets things don't and holds people accountable. he lays out the vision and goal and he tells people what he expects of them to get that done and if they don't, he holds them accountable. in the first hundred days or first year of trump administration, a lot of change but a very fundamental relook at how government works for the taxpayers and putting american people first. bill: got it. last thing. is there a decision on press secretary? >> my understanding he has not made any announcements on any additional staff. bill: trump tower, thank you, sean. >> thanks, guys. heather: tragedy near méxico city. watch this. dozens killed after an explosion just ripped through a fireworks market, but now report that is this wasn't the first time that it happened. we will have more on that up
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bill: bit of a dramatic rescue. plunged down a bank and landed this way, upside down in a river. police officer happened to be nearby, he led to the rescue and able to the rescue. >> exhaust looked like a pretzel sticking up. >> terrifying specially in the temperatures knowing that you can go hierp they -- hype thermia and you could die.
6:55 am
heather: thank our officers that were there. take a look. at least 31 people killed after explosion ripped through a fireworks market. it's about 45 miles outside of méxico city. rescuers faced with ago onizing task, searching for more victims, adam housely is live for us in west coast news room with the latest. adam, do authorities are any idea what caused this? >> no, they don't at this hour, heather, also they do know it takes very lit toll set up a fireworks factory. we have drone video over the marketplace about 240 miles or so, san pablito marketplace. dozens injured, 11 people are listed as missing and other
6:56 am
remains found. they have not been identified. it looks like a war zone if you see from above. busy with shoppers. méxico has a history of fireworks, they are popular not only for mexican independence day but for christmas as well. seven minors killed in all, the government of méxico state which covers this area including méxico city, has vowed who or what is responsible for this deadly explosion. heather, you can tell this really has a lot of people very shaken as you might imagine in the area and you look at the pictures and it's just remarkable. the people were actually able to walk out of that market and survive the explosions. heather: this isn't the first time that this has happened at this factory, so the question would be why hasn't it been shut down? >> yeah, you know, that's another thing. safety in méxico fireworks is not two things that go together. by our account they have been four other locations in méxico in the last 240 -- 20 years
6:57 am
where there have been explosions like this. this is the third alone and obviously a lot of consideration when you've had three incidents like this, 60 people were hospitalized initially, 45 are still hospitalized, many of them with severe burns, many of them children, heather. heather: interesting you said who or what. all right, thank you. bill: shocking new hostage video from taliban, an american woman and canadian husband held hostage for years and two children born in taliban captivity, update on their condition, top of the hour
6:58 am
6:59 am
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him laura: a manhunt underway in germany for the suspect to drove into a crowded christmas market in berlin monday night. 12 killed, 50 injured. local media reports they are looking for 23-year-old tunisian refugee who uses several names. he was known to authorities and on a police watchlist, said to be deported earlier this year. we are watching these developers and will bring the latest. also russia, turkey and iran working toward a solution to bring the civil war raging in syria to an end but noticeably missing from the negotiating table is the united states of america. a significant vacuum of power in the middle east. brand-new hour of america's newsroom, thank you for being
7:01 am
with us. working all day. neil: 7 a busy day. officials from all three countries holding talks in moscow but the secretary of state was not invited and the united nations not consulted. richardson at the state department. the state department claims this is not a snub. >> reporter: the state department is saying exactly that. spokesman john kirby denies the united states has been sidelined or excluded but the us is acknowledging secretary of state john kerry was not invited to these discussions. a public position from the state department of these countries in moscow can find a solution in syria that is fine with them. >> it wasn't about being kicked out of the party. if it can be successful, if they can do something we have not been able to do on a multilateral effort that is so much the better.
7:02 am
>> reporter: kirby says russia and turkey are updating secretary of state john kerry on these discussions. neil: 7 critics say the us is sidelined in the conflict. >> they argue that essentially it is russia taking the lead, russia's goal is to maintain the power of syrian president bashar al-assad in these discussions and in the war in syria. one former us ambassador says the united states finds itself in the position of watching peace negotiations in the middle east. >> that is not in our interest to the interests of the syrian people to have the russian government which is bombing people in east aleppo in the drivers seat. >> reporter: this as the united states continues fighting isis. new data to present to you, isis inspired or conducted attacks in europe total 16 last year, we are seeing 11 attacks this year and that includes the truck attack in the berlin christmas market.
7:03 am
investigators are trying to determine who was responsible. isis has claimed responsibility. those numbers don't include us data or orlando and san bernardino which were the deadliest us terror attack since 9/11 in the united states. laura: a lot to talk about, good day and good morning. let's with angela merkel. you don't blame her, you blame isis, some suggest she is responsible based on policy. >> she's not responsible for the terror attacks in france or brussels or england. the hard right, extreme fanatical right back by vladimir putin wants angela merkel gone because she is the last one in europe holding anti-russian sanctions together, standing up to vladimir putin.
7:04 am
a lot of europeans went inside baseball. angela merkel made a great mistake opening germany's borders too far more refugees and economic migrants than they can or could absorb. she didn't have blood on her hands, isis has the blood on their hands. bill: this is a big deal in germany. you have this nexus with russia and iran and turkey and syria. what is the impact of this power vacuum in the middle east? >> no longer a power vacuum because russia and iran have filtered. what we have just seen in moscow with the declaration, we thought three regional powers, iran, turkey and russia divide the upper middle east and northern
7:05 am
middle east, turkey gets a free hand against the kurds and the turks we protected in the north, russia gets more bases, greater influence, and nothing can do about it. eight years of the obama presidency have seen unprecedented phenomenal collapse of american power eight years ago. iraq was convalescing, our military was respected and feared. now here radians, we are excluded from -- the conference in moscow, in the middle east. bill: you are right about vladimir putin filling that power vacuum. russia understands, nobody gives them everything. this environment with the us retreating to the other side can
7:06 am
advance is just a free for all. you also believe russians believe president trump will do what they want. you think that? >> vladimir putin, reading the russian press and their coverage of trump it is clear if you see the patterns, they are celebrating the nomination of rex tiller -- tillerson. vladimir that and expects to get his way under the guise of cooperation with a trump presidency. the important thing is the geo strategy is fundamentally changed. vladimir putin has managed i playing his hand so brilliantly, taken this nearly bankrupt rust bucket of the country, 11 time zones, tuberculosis aids and
7:07 am
poverty and turned it into the powerbroker in the middle east and beyond. bill: would you expect them to be successful? the soviet union, vladimir putin can do this and pull it off to a degree of success? >> to a degree of success. vladimir putin is expecting sanctions relief after the inauguration but he now has powerful allies. iran, nato member turkey, even more oppressive with his personnel and journalists and political opponents then vladimir putin has been in terms of raw numbers. he has jailed tens of thousands of people after the failed coup. he is clearly more comparable dealing with vladimir putin. assad is a monster. we know what the iranians did.
7:08 am
syria, iraq, iran, turkey, it is hostile to our civilization and values and vladimir putin is having the time of his life. bill: an obvious intersection, ralph peters in washington dc. jenna: an american canadian family kidnapped in afghanistan four years ago. caitlin coleman and her husband joshua boyle appear with their two children born in captivity. coleman appears to read from a script tweeting for help. what do we know about the american hostages at the terror groups holding them? >> reporter: good morning. the terror group holding the colemans are the how connie network, holding five americans hostage, three are in the
7:09 am
coleman family. you see a picture releasing this video showing caitlin coleman and her canadian husband with two young children in captivity the first time the network released a video showing these children who were born in captivity, they were kidnapped four years ago while hiking in afghanistan. coleman was 7 months pregnant at the time. the us government considers the network the most dangerous and lethal and sophisticated terror group in afghanistan and pakistan responsible for killing hundreds of american soldiers in the past 15 years. the state department reacted to this nasty video. >> reprehensible. it is reprehensible to hold them in the first place. they need to be released, period. to include children in the video
7:10 am
is specifically despicable. >> reporter: caitlin coleman is seen reading from a prepared script begging president obama to secure her release that her family actually saying, quote, please do not become another jimmy carter. we will see what the next steps will happen. heather: the looks on their faces. bill: a deadly plane crash caught on video. that happens right after takeoff. what caused that incident in a moment. heather: the suspect in the deadly attack in berlin a refugee who entered europe in last year's wave of migrants. in germany's open border policy lead to terror? bill: president-elect trump says we need to be more unpredictable in foreign policy, it has been done before decades ago, the
7:11 am
madman theory. how does it work? we will explain next. >> am i getting something wrong? what happened to the element of surprise? i'm talking to admirals in generals, that is what they do. i do other things.
7:12 am
7:13 am
heather: five crewmembers are dead and one injured after a cargo plane in colombia crashed shortly after takeoff. this happened five miles from an airport in northeast colombia on a flight bound for the country's capital.
7:14 am
you can see the plane skimming a fence before slamming into the ground sending plumes of fire and smoke into the air. the cause of the crash still under investigation. >> the element of surprise, the great general douglas macarthur, right? spinning in his grave. the great general george patton. can you imagine what they -- let's assume they can see what is happening. maybe they are. can you imagine what they must be thinking? bill: president-elect trump planning to keep terrorism secret, increasing terror attacks, is that approach risky or is it on point? my next guest says the president-elect is channeling richard nixon's foreign-policy, which president nixon himself called the madman theory.
7:15 am
national political correspondent, washington post, how are you doing? welcome to america's newsroom. take us back a couple decades. frame the theory for us. >> it is with you, richard nixon comes in, vietnam is not going well, lyndon johnson has been president and he wants to bring the north vietnamese to the table to negotiate and what he tells the chief of staff is i want the north vietnamese and the soviet supporters to think i'm crazy enough to use nuclear weapons, that i will bomb the living daylights out of them and i want them to be scared that i am going to use every available resource of the us military with the idea that if they actually believe he would do that they would come to the negotiating table. everyone else seemed reluctant to use nukes and for good reason. the idea was to convey he wasn't totally rational, he might
7:16 am
overreact. bill: keep them on edge. want the north vietnamese to reach the point i might do anything to stop the war. we will slip the war to them. nixon obsessed about communism. we can't restrain him when he is angry and has his hand on the nuclear button. how does that apply? >> it applies all over the world. people think donald trump is crazy. he is crazy like a fox was his opponents underestimate him at their own peril and across the world. of the iranians think they can get away with breaking the nuclear agreement they will break the nuclear agreement. of the us doesn't need to be involved in syrian peace stocks, they want to involve the united states and all around the world. we have seen it in china. china has been aggressively moving into the south china sea because they don't think there will be meaningful consequences for the united states for their
7:17 am
act of aggression. russia interfering in our election and if these adversaries of the united states believe we may get hit pretty hard or we may get bombed or electorate may get shut down, they may be deterred from messing with us. bill: is that why the chinese gave the drone back? >> there is dispute about the timing but i think the general message, yes, with president-elect from calling the taiwanese, kept them on notice that he is not going to respect the long-standing norms, the one china policy, it may be dangerous but the chinese got the message that trump is a little unpredictable, and not as aggressive as they have been. bill: he was on and henry kissinger, here is what he said. donald trump is a phenomena and, foreign countries have not seen.
7:18 am
it is a shocking experience for them, they came into office at the same time, an extraordinary opportunity. what did you think of that comment knowing that henry kissinger has spent a fair amount of time with mister trump already? >> it is incredibly telling and henry kissinger the day after the interview sat down with vice president-elect mike pence to tutor him on the world to talk about foreign-policy. trump looks up to nixon, looks up to henry kissinger. they have been social acquaintances since the early 1980s and i think the fact that henry kissinger said that and is talking to trump as much as he is indicates trump is looking to the nixon model. bill: do you remember when donald trump took a full-page ad in the washington post? it was to criticize ronald reagan. what was that over? >> trump said reagan's foreign-policy lacked backbone. he thought he wasn't being tough
7:19 am
enough with the soviets, he was letting the us get pushed around. we forget because time passes but there is a difference between the way the real politics way, nixon approached foreign-policy and in an idealistic way that reagan approached foreign-policy which included more of an emphasis on things like human rights, trying to negotiate on the nuclear accord. trump, there is the nixon school of foreign-policy, the reagan school of foreign-policy and what the 1987 advertisement showed is he picked the nixon school. if you look at people in the national security council, they are nixonians. two people who worked closely with nixon including one when he was president, worked henry henry kissinger. bill: kt mcfarland and monica crowley next week you are making
7:20 am
the mistake that unpredictably works or it can. >> it can. absolutely ways that it can work. in a situation like the chinese, it is written if you look at what has happened the past couple days, the terror in berlin, the ambassador killed in turkey. it is a scary time. one of the problems with this theory is to make it stick you have to be unpredictable all the time, not just some of the time and there is a risk that our allies, nato allies and others worry we are not going to be there, not going to live up to our commitments. it is a needle you have to thread, reassure the allies and keep the adversaries guessing. bill: they are calling it black monday in europe. very interesting discussion, thanks for coming on, james homan, washington post, washington dc. heather: hillary going off after reports about the email investigation, why they say the news was unjustified and worst.
7:21 am
plus an unruly passenger disrupting a flight to the rescue. richard marx, those details up next. seeing is believing, and that's why
7:22 am
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7:25 am
seriously hurt. >> police releasing a search word that reopened the investigation into hillary clinton's emails days before the election after emails were found on a laptop belonging to anthony weiner and many democrats blaming fbi director james comey for clinton's lost with former campaign spokesman tweeting this, the emails revealed comey's intrusion on the election was as unjustified as we suspected at times. diagnosing these, howard kurtz is a fox news media analyst at host of media buzz. thanks for joining us. if it is not one thing it is another. we heard bill clinton say was comey's fault and brian fallon says this proves it. >> hillary people have a right to be upset at the flimsy
7:26 am
rationale for the fbi opening the 11th hour investigation, the part involving anthony weiner's laptop. it generated enormous media coverage on on the eve of the election reminded people, and ethics, that part of the investigation, part of a larger effort by hillary, former aides and democrats to point and engage in a blame game and find different reasons why she lost all of which don't seem to include the candidate herself. >> when no charges were announced they love the fbi. >> they love the fbi and liberal columnists love the fbi and people on the conservative side thought it was terrible james comey declined to bring criminal charges but this goes beyond the fbi, jennifer paul mary, saying
7:27 am
vladimir putin's fault because the russian hacking, the alleged russian hacking of the emails is an embarrassment to the campaign. that is the reason she lost. it was homea's outside counsel and hillary was too cautious. and harping too much. >> it was the angry white man, an angry white man. the video circulating on mtv that talks about the new year's resolution. a lot of the reason trump supporters supported him is hypocrisy because you accuse trump supporters of being racist and doing things like that. >> as a white man i feel under siege. this angry white man comment
7:28 am
from former president bill clinton is striking because in 1992, one of the reasons he won the presidency was what he called the redneck vote. casting about reasons involving donald trump and blaming the electoral college. baby it should be thrown out but everybody campaigned a certain way, getting to 270, won the popular vote, in the system, i think the media needs to do a deep dive examination because this is a seminal election about hillary clinton's lack of message, not connecting with working-class americans, and wisconsin and michigan, all of that has a more lasting impact on the democrats go from here, all this finger-pointing is about vladimir, comey and angry white men. jenna:
7:29 am
heather: thank you and merry christmas. bill: a berlin attack killed 12. the killer is a refugee from tunisia, still on the run at this hour. >> from september 11th until fort hood, it was no successful islamic attack in the united states. we had a number in the united states, western europe, has to be a record year. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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7:32 am
bill: a manhunt underway for the killer responsible for the kids to do this christmas a massacre in berlin, local media looking for 23-year-old refugee from tunisia who -- whose documents were found in the cab of that truck. renewing debate about refugee policies especially in germany and the former mayor of new york rudy giuliani. >> we have to turn safety first. if it doesn't tell us to put safety first we don't want to do when angela merkel did. angela merkel has taken germany which was a safe country and made germany into a dangerous country. bill: senior advisor to the trump transition team, thank you for coming back to america's newsroom. did angela merkel screw this up? >> i think her spirit was one of
7:33 am
generosity and so forth but the germans have let in 1.2 million refugees into their country, 500,000 have been turned down for asylum and they got 30,000 jobs for those. so massively overextended their spirit of generosity. one can admire their spirit but in terms of practicality, they are in very bad shape. they are in a situation where young women can't even wear bathing suits in a public swimming pool without having men from the middle east who are not used to seeing young women in bathing suits come be very offensive. this is affecting all aspects of
7:34 am
german life. it was a serious practical mistake. bill: there is an election next year in germany. a referendum on the policies. examine the contrast, the reaction, the white house and the following. the horrific incident appears to be a terrorist attack. president-elect trump meanwhile called it a horrifying terror attack almost immediately. now you know that the response to these incidents will be different starting the third week in january. >> it looks like mister trump will turn out to be right. he may move faster than would have been dictated by a thorough study but looking like this is what happened, and it is now something isis has claimed
7:35 am
credit for. it is really a terrible situation, europeans have done a very chaotic job managing law enforcement, they are not doing what i think is key in something like this, which is to get inside the terrorist organization and basically spy on it, not just wait for something to happen and that is sort of like having a championship soccer team and having everybody play goalie, you got to affect the bad guys at their source. bill: they change country to country. i remember being in france in november 2015 and president obama had a press conference on the west coast of turkey, policies not going to change, it is working, looking at what grip
7:36 am
the country. in the wall street journal, if you don't get any decisiveness, don't get any anger, don't get any passion, people need a little bit of that. they will get it next year. >> that is right. people do need a bit of that but also need strategic thinking and long-range planning and undercutting countries that are responding the terrorism such as iran, the world's leading terrorist state, sunni terrorists, not shia. - uranian the not playing substantial measure right now but hezbollah and hamas and all sorts of terrorist organizations, driving down the price of oil by letting other
7:37 am
substances be used for us to fuel our vehicles with that can compete with oil would bring real rounds to the terrorists notions of comfort because they depend on oil, they need high prices of oil and they get it in one way or another from terrorist sponsoring states or sometimes directly themselves and would make them very sad and that is what we would like. bill: james will see, ambassador, fbi director, thank you. >> get ready to pay serious fees if you are flying for the holidays, spirit airlines charging passengers up to $100 for regular sized carry on while others are making you pay extra just to pick your seat. rob schmidt is live in queens,
7:38 am
new york. could three carry on bags be a thing in the past? >> certainly seems that way. we finally got used to check the bags, now the airline see there is money to be made, maybe billions of dollars of carry-on bags and united airlines joining low-cost carriers and charging for carry ons for its cheapest tickets. it could continue down the road we are on. these fees mean billions of dollars for airlines, they cleanup on these fees, charging for pillows and blankets on a flight, airlines charge for movies, wi-fi, billions made from ticket change fees. they found a lot of money in these areas and utilizing that trick, many airlines, choose your seat, $50 for the privilege of sitting with your family on a flight or sitting with your spouse on a flight, the fees
7:39 am
keep coming, the demand for air travel keeps increasing as we are more globalized, more people need to travel to places and the fees won't stop anytime soon because they are getting more business, the frustration over the endless fees are palpable. you can feel it when you talk to people at airports. >> you don't have other options, they are amusing people because we have no other choice and we want to bring them back, and don't do it. >> we are talking about a lot of money and if we take away the baggage fees and all the other fees, the airlines profits would be half. >> airlines posting record profits, a third of the price, they are really cleaning up, experts say if you want to avoid the fees, go to the carriers
7:40 am
that are not charging fees, southwest says they made $1 billion money before the introduced bags but no fee structure -- >> they don't assign you a seat, you go online and try to get a seat and pay for the ones that are left. thank you so much. >> happened to me last weekend. ♪ bill: the soothing sound of rock icon richard marx. he helped restrain and unruly passenger on a flight from vietnam to south korea. the mtv dj daisy fuentes also onboard to the passenger went a little nuts attacking the flight attendant and that is when he and others stepped in restraining the passenger for the remainder of the flight.
7:41 am
daisy and i are safe and sound, no big hero move just did what i would hope anyone would do in the same situation. thanks for your concern. can you name two sans richard marx did? heather: no but can you sing one? bill: we are not going to sing it. there will be a karaoke session. heather: president-elect trump campaign on change but president obama did too. how much has changed in washington? is mister trump going to be the real change president? we will debate. heather: lining up and camping out for the low-tech videogame as one can imagine. how about that you heather: atari.
7:42 am
7:43 am
. . .
7:44 am
>> these are smart people, these are hard-working people, these are people that sometimes haven't voted in a long time, but you know what, they saw, they heard, they wanted what we are all doing and we are doing it together. heather: this is president-elect trump on why he thinks he won the election. mr. trump campaigned on change and now can he deliver? op-ed in new york post that
7:45 am
reads in part, quote, even as president obama argued against partisansh idea that a president name must can decide issue on case-by-case basis but pushed liberal agenda and trump really might try the case by case approach. both are fox news contributors, thank you for joining us. >> we had president obama campaigning on hope and change. we had this time around with mr. trump followers saying, we want change and we need it. we haven't gotten it so far. so will he be the president, in fact, to bring change to washington, ed. >> he certainly would bring change to president obama. president obama became partisan and used executive orders.
7:46 am
trump basically is not as ideological as some might like but at tend he's a pragmatic businessman. he has idea that will work with congress and will get a loan done if he basically works closely with them and i think he will. heather: bringing people jobs, bringing companies back here to america. joe, what do you think? >> well, look, he's absolutely going to be about change. look, you've got to give him credit for that. this is a guy who literally demolished the establishments in both parties and beat two of the biggest accomplishment dynasties of both parties, the bush dynasty and clinton dynasty in terms of establishment core within the party. he did that. the question now is, a lot of those folks including own party are still in washington, how does he work with them to get to where he wants to go. if you look at the paul ryan budget versus what he will want
7:47 am
to do on spending and things, that's going to be the interesting thing. is he going to be be able to continue to challenge the establishment and his party and so far it looks like he will be or did we really kind of like knock out the elites an the wealthy elites in both parties politicianwise to get rid of the middleman. heather: speaking of elitist, i want you have you respond to this, this is what anthony scaramucci had to say in terms of misinterpreting things. what elitist interpret, entrepreneurs consider adaptability. mr. trump will be the greatest prague mattist and deal-maker washington has ever seen. he's already making deals. >> i think that's his -- he comes from a deal-making background.
7:48 am
the congress, republican congress had had a lot of things they wanted to do and the critical thing here is he has to feel like it's working and the economy work out for the michigans, ohios, the pennsylvanias that go vote for him. two years from now they have to appeal their logic better. the critical thing is he's not a guy driven by ideaology, he's been a democrat and now republican. heather: flexibility being the key. joe, what do you think about that? >> i think ed is right, part of that is -- look, we all were watching as the dow went from, you know, 10,000 to 19,000. heather: almost 20,000. >> no, no, michigan, wisconsin,
7:49 am
places where ed was talking about didn't feel any of that and now we are calling the trump rally to 20,000, can he deliver change, economic improvement to those people who are not -- they didn't take part in this rally and they didn't take part in it. that's where i think ed is right. can pragmatism, can that actually lead to change in the ground in terms of people's opportunities and jobs f he can deliver this, then or sell it, then i think that's going to be very important. if he can't it's just going to look like billionaires and millionaires worrying for themselves and i'm not saying they are. heather: i have to go. joe, ed, merry merry christmas to you and we will see what happens. bill: jon scott is coming up next on happening now. jon: the very latest on trmp
7:50 am
transition including a new front runner to run the veterans administration. fox news polling on how americans are feeling about the state of the nation. the manhunt of tanasian terror attack. a great christmas story. we will introduce you to a couple in texas who devoted their lives to one struggling child. bill: wow, looking forward to that. see you in ten minutes. electoral college officially making donald trump the next president. not everybody is thrilled about. [shouting] bill: so will the left accept, apparently not now. >> this is my america. >> you have sold us out
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
bill: effort to deny donald trump presidency falling plat. electoral college officially handing him the white house but the so-called never trump movement not done yet. he's not president for four and a half weeks. next idea, wow. for more my colleague, host of fox news&friends in the morning. >> you go around manhattan and you see the protests pop up, i don't know if they're going to get bigger or fade away. what's your feeling? >> my feeling is this, look for joe mansion, chuck schumer.
7:55 am
i think there's going to be a merger of moderate democrats that are going to deice some of the people that want to ice out donald trump. that'll do it. when it comes down to governing, people like chuck schumer who fired dozens of people yesterday in the video office in senate building, he understands reality that i have to deal with this guy. i have to get stuff done. he has opportunity to have a voice where the president that he knows pretty well. bill: my feeling that many on the left will never accept trump as president. we will see how that goes. now, you have looked back 200 years ago with thomas jefferson. you wrote very well about it. the book is out in paperback. >> yeah. bill: do that i have that's correct? >> you have that correct. bill: events of this past week in europe. >> islamic extremism back in
7:56 am
1780's and you look at the rhetoric that jefferson was told to them by the embassador, interaction in morocco. same thing that i found in mitchell's book, they have the same reason for killing us. very calm, cool calculated, you don't warship, allah, you don't believe in this, according to the way they are reading the quran, they have a right to kill us. john adams said, i don't want to fight these guys an thomas jefferson said, we have no choice but the fight the guys. ultimately we had to show strength. that's what stopped the attack, when i picked up joe mitchell's book, what other noted terrorists said, my goodness, this is verbatim. bill: you found the parallels? >> it's right there. you want to get inside the mind seght. the oppressing killed more
7:57 am
muslims than anybody else. two americans, two different philosophies. bill: i will see you in the radio. >> i can't wait. bill: how did heather did this morning? >> our show and then you, have you worn her out? bill: ten more minutes. heather: as long as it keeps on going and it doesn't stop. coming up a massive man hunt underway in germany to search for suspect of berlin attack upt
7:58 am
7:59 am
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heather: it's been great. bill: you made it. heather: bye. jenna: fox news alert and manhunt for the new suspect of the truck attack in berlin this as christmas markets reopen for the very first time sin the rampage. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: police are looking for a tanasian to ties with islamic extremists killing 12 people and injuring dozens more. this comes after isis claims responsibility for the attack. greg. greg: hey, john, there are actually signs that the christmas market behind us, the steam of all that carnage is going to be open up tomorrow.


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