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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> steve hilton. knows about a show. >> we are talking about strong pro-life women in the media. an interesting conversation. >> good to have you, have that tomorrow. let's go to "happening now".
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himself teaching a valuable life lesson instead. >> it isyqbía[0wztñ all "happe >> a great hour and we begin with welcome to our second hour of i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. ço(( sq'e department of veterans@ox affairs. we are hearing newuiru names fo what is one of the toughestptym cabinet jobs. peter+++
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focused on national security and the president-elect received the presidential daily briefing something that is a lot of discussion b. he thinks that briefing can be repetitive. the only reason he is receiving the pgb he won the election and this morning on social media, he took time to remind democrats how he did it. he wrote this it first. campaigning to win the electorial college and much more difficult than the popular vote. hillary focused on the wrong state and i would have done better in the election if that is popular. and finally, i have not heard the pundits or comment attors discussed fact that i spent far less money on the win. and allies explain whyy he
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tweets about campaigning. >> they are not getting used to it the idea because he is horr areifying. he stands for free enterprise. >> who? ? how? >> he stands for defending america and if you are a left winger, you you look at trump and think oh, he can't be the next president. and they live in a delusional word and why they lost the election. >> and they are indicating a new front runner for veteran affair system dr. to bey hargrow he was here for a long meeting with with the president and apparently left a good impression on him. we are told that right now, the president-elect is spending the afternoon on the patio with with personal friends. >> thank you, peter.
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>> nice place to spend december. dow is closing with with record highs. there is 19963. and what does that mean for your retirement fund? we have a former financial intelligence for the treasury department and officer. and adam green is a democratic strategist and co-founder of campaign change. would the dow be doing this well if hillary had won? >> i don't know. it is clear why it is doing well because republican establishment and sabre rattling and doing what president-elect trump is against. privatize social security and medicare. wall street stock is going up is not synonemuswith the economy going good.
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but the wall street bankers being at odds with the american people. this represents betrayal of trump's voters. >> one of the stocks is home depo. you can't get more america's backyard than america home depo. >> most americans are invested in the stock market and i don't see the correlation with what the guest just said. it is business owner and owners of stock realize there is going to be a few things that upon happen. lower personal and corporate tax and deregulation and there is a now other things that are also on the horizon. you will see massive infrainstructive spending bills and you can see what the fed is doing with interest rates rising. that is good for bank stock and
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soing it rally. every america should cheer and that helps all of our retirement plans. >> adam, that's what democrats are on board with? right? >> democrats have talked about that for years and that is corporate give away and calling it jobs. but be clear why the stock mark is up. agree at the prospect of republican elites cutting and privatizes social security. and the second reason is that republican and the trump white house with with the goldman sack bankers will deregulate wall street. they will save compliance and that's where we were. irreresponsible people defraughting and the economy collapsing and that's not good.
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and that is right here. and the americans are invested in the stock market and especially they retirement plan. >> [inaudible]. >> excuse me. the elizabeth waren and bernie sanders wing of the party that's clearly your guests talking points. american people and businesses rejected it. and they have faced uncertainty and why corporations are holding back on cash and problems with full employment. we'll see in the past eight years we had a government that is hostile to business and now a new set of four years and people who are focused on
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business and invest nothing the u.s. economy. >> you really think they voted for more wall street banker and government. and that's the man date of the trump presidency. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> hold on. >> and let her answer the question. >> and exactly. i don't know how much time you spend in business. probably none. but every business owner and person dealing with deregulation is cheering on when the environment is incent vived. the workers can can make more money and invest in their retirement. >> when we heard about donald trump being elected the stock market tanked. good discussion. >> thanks. >> president obama is in the
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middle of a 17 day in hawaii. fox news learned that he want uponses to transfer up to 22 gitmo prisoner and excusing executive powers to pan offshore drilling in the waters of the united states. and they are in hawaii and traveling with the president. kevin. >> reporter: you are right. the president is trying to burnish his legacy on the way out of the doors and leaving the congressional law makers with a lengthy clean up to do list once he is gone. and a number of the things we heard the president doing. among them he will continue to try to empty the prison. nearly two dozen detainees are
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approved too leave. many gop leaders want that prison open for now. >> his goal is to have the number be so low he tries to get congress in the future, boy, we are spending money for folks and there is no matter to save american people. he is trying to reduce the prison population. 78 pardon and 153 commutations and bringing to 148 the number of pardons since he was in office on. and you pointed out yesterday. the executor director that bans oil exploration. the president talking about the deal with canada it said that agreement would reflect a scientific high safety standards the risk of an oil spill are significant
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and our ability to clean up from the spill is limited. and we didn't get bot fact that the administration is trying to tie federal funding to the states on capitol hill. clearly the law makers on the hill will have their hands full. >> germ man authorities confirmed the identity of the man responsible for the bombing. the 20-year-old tunition man has six alias and on a police watch list. he was rejected in july for a sylm. >> and a north carolina legislature holding special session on the so- called
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bathroom bill and limits lgbt rights. and we'll have that story. plus a plane crashes machines after take off. what investigators learned about the deadly accident.
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>> a cargo plane crashes on take off in eastern colombia, the bog 727 seen tilting to one side and
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veering off the runway right before or as it was trying to liftoff. the flight operated by a colombia carrier. a flight technician survived and now in the hospital with unspec foyed injuries. >> we are waiting for reacademies on a controversial law. known as the bathroom bill. they support upon the repeal. it is in the hands of the state government in north carolina. john? >> reporter: jenna we are waiting to see how it is going to go. the house promptly recessed until 1:00. they are not back yet. and back in february, the charlotte city council passed an ordinance to allow people to use the bathroom they would like. it is hb-two that stipulates
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with the bathroom only as what is on the birth certificate. pay pal decided not to open the house in the state of north carolina and brous spring ten and other performers cancelled shows. this and the city council was offered to once in may and cent. we'll repeal if you repeal the ordinance and then after the election, a democrat was elected governor and beating pat mckrory and they said we'll repeal our ordinance if you repeal hb-two. this is what the governor said. >> sudden reversal with little notice after the gubernatorial ended sadly found it was all
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about politics at the expense of charlotte and the entire state of north carolina. >> even though he agreed to it hold the special session there was resistance from the gop members of the state of government. the lupt governor dan forest. i support hb two and did not favor the repeal. there will not be going to prevent org city or county to take us down this path again. this may be the arguments that we will hear for repealing hb-two. republicans want it in place and charlotte's repeal is defending on the repeal of hb-two. we may end up where we are are today, jenna.
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>> thank you. >> talk about the grinch stealing christmas. the driver goes long for a dangerous ride and michigan's attorney general filing more criminal charges linked to the flint water croisis. >> there are people out there that know they have done wrong and we are coming after them. have a merry christmas. have a merry christmas. canned can chlory there, startih for the right used car? i am! you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new but, i don' want one that's had a bunch of owners just say, show me cars with only one owner pretty cool it's perfect. that's the power of carfax® find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing start your used car search at see me. see me.
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>> right now police in glendale, arizona found a fed extruck. the driver holds on for his life. the van was recovered son after.
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a fed- exspokesperson said they are grateful the driver was not hurt. and the water chris is. two emergency managers marshals and charged now with felony and the this was when the city of flint began to draw money from the river. and they complained about smell and rashes and other problems and they offered detroit a chance it reconnect and 2015. doctors urged the city to top using the river water after fining high levels of lead for the children and rick snyder acknowledged the action and governor snyder declared a national emergency and handing out water and filters and they
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are reporting improvement and residents are continuing to use the fulters. he will file criminal charges and putting cost savings ahead of public health. >> the tragedy that we know as the flint water crisis did not occur by accident. no, flint was a casulty of arrogance and disdain and a failure of management and an absence of accountability and shirking responsibility. and we will prosowed. we'll hold those accountable that broke the law. president. we have our attorneys. it is a felony.
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and what dew mean charging someone as an intent. snshg the criticinal charge that they are facing and false pretense and the mischaracterization to acquire money or property. this is what they obtained a bond with the understanding. and we understand that this investigation is going for sometime and they are charging lower levels. and i believe they are cooperating with the investigation and official and may be providing. and that is a different water source.
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that doesn't sound criminal. where does it go from trying to save money and something that is misleading in a way. >> you buy cheep, you buy twice and perhaps they were doing that in tight consideration. but to say they intended to poise know the water system is something else. it could be a difference of opinion and how to address moving water whether there is a pipeline or monday. but to it say they had the intent to poison is a high level of and difficult to prove. >> and what do you mean? it is something that they done care that people were getting poisoned and they were saving money. is that what they need to see to be guilty of the charges. >> we don't know what the lower officials are saying and cooperating with the investigation.
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when you continue to make decisionses and know that the water is full of lead. you had an emergency manager overrule the vote 7- 1 and saying they wanted to stop using the river water and reconnect with the deit troit source and you overrule that. after the epa rennered it hazardous waste that is criminal. >> that is a valid point. but perhaps they were relying on information that showed the new water could support the city. it is one thing to say they are criminal responsible. and perhaps the solution here is a follow-upped to help young children that have health issues now. and they have politics at play in a lot of different levels.
10:27 am
but what about the people hurt by this? and by the children who did get lead poisoning. and what will legal repercussions for them. >> it is sad and horrendous and thinking about the lifelong effects kids are having to deal w. they will go to civil court and try to get a financial reward. what does that do for someone. and once you have lead in your system there is no getting rid of it. >> what can someone in prison do in prison. >> accountability. you keep making decisions when you know. >> they are low level player ares. perhaps other higher level are responsible and these were just following orders. perhaps someone else is responsible. >> they are going for the bottom of the totem pole and the governor needs to be charged and held accountage. >> that is amazing how far up do
10:28 am
you go? and we should mention flint water again not approved still to get in the water out on of the tap. jon? >> we take you to los angeles where robert durst has been wheeled in court for a hearing. the new york state real estate heir charged with murdering a friend susan burrman in los angeles. she anyhowy he had kill canned his first wife. and the body was never found. he was subject to the documentary called the jinx. and we'll keep you updated on all of the legal comings and goings in the robert dufrt case. >> more troops will be withdrawn
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>> we with are learning new information on the suspect in a deadly christmas attack in berlin. he had been under surveillance several months this year and considered armed and dangerous.
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and they are offering a reward for his arrest and he has six alias and also on a police watch list. he was supposed to it be deported and that did not happen. more on the story when we get it. >> the u.s. military plans to withdraw more than a thousand troops from afghanistan in the coming weeks. the taliban is pushing in to fill the void, gaining ground and getting stronger. five americans remain hostage including two small children. and luca s joining us live with more. >> jon, many people don't realize 12 americans have been killed in afghanistan since early october and five are held hostage. this has had the u.s. military is preparing to it take out 100
10:33 am
troops in afghanistan. in early december there were 9800 and now it is 8400 or will be by january 1st acting on the president's order over the sum isser. this as the violence in afghanistan continues. they breached the largest american base and kill canning five and wounding roughly a dozen. many wounded are still here recovering in walter proceed hospital inside of the beltway. it is not based on fact, but it is used as a way to essentially undermine the afghan government and alstory the belligerent.
10:34 am
this comes after the release of a new video shows a american and her canadian husband and children both born in captivity. they were kidnapped while hike nothing afghanistan. icate len was pregnant and the ha cani network is the most sophisticated terrorist group in pakistan. and in the video she was seen pleading to president obama "with don't be the next jimmy carter". they are holding an american professor and a man from massachusetts, jon. >> so many people would like to forget about what is going on in afghanistan but the war there continues, thanks. >> and a court hearing for
10:35 am
robert durst getting underway. you might remember him from the hbo jinx. and he deflies the allegation. jon thonment >> jenna this is the latest chapter in what is likely to be the most trials. l.a. prosecutors believe he killed her are because she was about to tell authorities what she anyhow about the unsolved disappearance. and dufrt has always denied
10:36 am
having anything to do with the murders. or the disappearance of his first wife. he was caught on mike and off camera saying this. [inaudible] kill them all, being. >> at his first court appearance here in l.a. last month, he once again claimed that he was not guilty of burrman's murder. listen again. >> and i want to say here and now, though. i am not guilty and i did not kill susan burr berman. >> reporter: one of the questions is an interview carry out by the l.a. prosecutor, when durst was first charged in 2015. he was appearing to be willing
10:37 am
to discuss's plea deal. i am not saying john this is it without my lawyer agreeing and i am very willing to talk to you. dufrt said because of his health issues, he has a life expectancy of five years. his life has been extraordinary. it has been shocking. his murder trial is likely to be both of those things throughout 2017. and we'll bring every bit p of it to you as it happens. >> we look forward to learning the truth. johnathon, thank you. >> we would like to welcome you to the first day of winner. the shortest day of the year. there also would be a lunar eclipse and one of the largest darkest night. there will be nine hours of
10:38 am
sunlight and meaning 14 hours of darkness. the day has six hours less light than you get in the summer solstice. that doesn't mean it is necessarily the coldest. chief meteorologist rick, has his finger in the win. >> i am depressed with all of those statistics of darkness. the days get longer and more and more light and that's how i like to it think of the beginning of winter and here we go. 5:44 a.m. and pacific time and that means that the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun. and with the majority of the winter weather type happens. and we factor our seasons from the first to the first. and if you are anywhere in the
10:39 am
u.s., you know that wint wither is solidly holding on. and 38 in rapid city and we are 60 degrees warmer than we were last week around minneapolis. and all of the southern stateses and yesterday at that time and noaha released the outlook for january through march. and that is a better than ever chance of above average temperature. and so is maybe that cold air will be out of here and the northern tier. we might see cold canner temperatures and making its way down in the northern tier. and precipitation average. and that is hopefully the last weeks are behind us.
10:40 am
snrn and you beat. >> and new information on a story that we brought you with with buddy contrarez and he warms the hearts of everyone he meets. his parents tried to conceive. and he adopted. and they learned he has epilepsy and sereral pallsy. and the friends set up's go fund me. and it going for bubby's care. and we'll tell you fox viewers are coming through in a big way. $16, thousand. and most of them 5 or $ten donations and you have really opened your hearts to the little boy, and his family thanks you you. >> we look forward to that. and recapping, there is needs
10:41 am
that the family has. and they are are in a quandary of how to get the money and how to work. and maybe be you can explain. >> his dad was an electition. and they moved to houston to be closer to better medical care and his mom lost her job she had in houston. >> she's works overtime. and they go over the amount for the benefits they need. >> she works and he loses medicaid and happens twice a year. >> and it is a wheel care and could use help on the van 178000 miles on the van. and the trust is set up to help bubby with with his needs, and they will be able to buy a van to transport him around.
10:42 am
thank you fox vower ares. >> and you missed the piece on his twitter feed. and we'll make sure you are aware of the family. >> a youtube prank sper and claims he was kicked off of thes and it i can't believe it. i can't believe it. >> how the airline is responding and some are raising questions about the claim. we want to bring it to you. and the end of an eran in aleppo. we'll have that story ahead. [ crowd noise ] whoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working,
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your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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>> right now delta airlines is responding to a prankster that spoke ara bic to his mother. >> this is 2016. this is 2016. delta airlines are kicking us out because we spoke a different language. because you spoke a different language. thank you so much. you are racist. i can't believe my eyes. >>y we don't have the video from before that. and the 20 people told flight attend aren'ts they were uncomfortable with him and his
10:46 am
friend speaking ara bic. they are conducting a full review. passengers disputed that he was only talking to his mom. and there was a speculation it was a publicity stunt. >> and publicity stunt, maybe. >> andy reports out of syria. this is a syria government gave okay to send monitors in the war- torn city. john hutti is following the story. >> unmonitors are on the ground to make sure the people streaming out of aleppo are provided safe passage and food and water and medical aid. throw thousand people were waiting for the convoy to leave.
10:47 am
people have been packing on to those passes and carrying everything that they can can possibly manage to take. icrc for the international committee for the rend recess that number we told may beery we are weighting for more they are starting and hoping it will be finished by the epted of the week. winter weather is moving in as we is seen in the turkish, syrian border with snowfalling and temperatures are are dropping below freezing. that said. russian and, turbish and iranian officials are going over peace talkses to end the long- running civil war and the talks are
10:48 am
excluding the united states. >> you might get sticker shock. airlines are tacking on fees. this is a young student gets a lesson in life and fashion and a lesson to wear proudly. >> it is a presentation. and i am running behind.
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hi everyone, a europe wide manhunt under way for a quote violent and armed man with ties to islamic extremists. he's now a suspect in the berlin christmas market attack. new details on him. plus does president-elect donald trump want to drain the swamp? new comments suggests he's
10:52 am
focussing more on alligator. we're going to explain that. and '80s pop icon richard marx getting props for something he did with his wife on an airplane. that's all next coming up. queen elizabeth ii and prince phillip have decided to delay their planned christmas trip, both are suffering from heavy colds. the longest reigning monarch in british history feeling a little bit under the weather. so might want to send the queen some good wishes. we'll keep you updated. >> easy to gate cold this time of year. young student gets a roadside lesson in driver safety and a lesson in looking sharp. it seems trevor kinney was speeding in wisconsin looking for a friend to help him tie his necktie before a big class presentation. a police officer pulled him over and then showed him how to tie the perfect knot. >> i honestly don't know --
10:53 am
>> where's the tie? >> right here. >> while i do this, why don't you grab your proof of insurance and your driver's license quick. >> i mean, that's really nice, right? good news, the officer let trevor off with a warning and properly tied tie. no word by the way on whether it was a half or full windsor. trevor said his presentation went well. and we were just discussing on set that it can be difficult, you know, to learn this technique. so way to go, trevor. and way to go, cop. >> good for you, officer. if you're flying home or anywhere for the holidays, you might need to open your wallet a little wider on certain airlines at least. like spirit which is now charging passengers up to $100 for a regular sized carry-on bag. other airlines make you pay extra for the privilege of choosing your seat. we take a closer look at the
10:54 am
dollar that airlines are raking in. he's live at la guardia. >> reporter: john, just when we were getting used to the check baggage fees, now carry-on bags could be the next victim of the fees popping up when you fly now. and it could mean billions of dollars more revenue for airlines, and united is the first major airline to do this. introduce this for their basic economy fares joining spirit and others like that. this really could mean a lot of money. united expected to make another billion with the checked bag fee. and of course, these fees have really been adding some. up carriers charging for pillows and blankets on planes. most charge for the wi-fi, the in-flight television. billions made from ticket change fees. those are really big ones. they charge a lot of money to change your seat or which flight you go on. and many airlines charging you to choose your seat. when you get on the plane. now the privilege of sitting next to your family members, they found a way to charge for
10:55 am
that as well. demand for air travel though still increasing. so we might not see any end to the fees any time soon as more an more people want to fly and take the fees, but the fraugs administration is pretty clear when you talk to people at airports. >> we buy our ticket on kayak. you see the lowest fare, that's the fare you pick. the airlines can't raise the fares, so they get you on the fees. >> we're talking about a lot of money. if you take away the baggage fees and seat reservation fees and all the other fees, the airlines profits will be half. >> reporter: you can use southwest or a new operation called glow out of new orleans. they're coming up with the no-fee ideas that people are really latching on to. southwest says they saw a billion in revenue when they introduced they bags fly free program. that was years ago. congress looking at some kind of bill that they want to put in place to make airlines justify
10:56 am
those change fees that they charge people when you choose another flight. they want to see if they can justify those. they want to get airlines to justify them, maybe get those to go down a little bit. back to you. >> rob schmitt, la guardia in new york, thanks rob. notre dame's monday night win was sweet for one player. the emotional reunion for these brothers, next. >> i love you and i miss you very much. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon.
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time for the final 30.
10:59 am
emotional reunion when his soldier brother returned home from afghanistan early and surprised him on the court. after monday night's game, he appeared on the gum bro reason to in what looked like a video linked from afghanistan. >> mattie, i've been watching you tonight from here, for us, home is wherever we're together. and i look forward to being home with you soon. really, really soon. you've always followed your hopes and always followed your dreams. and i want you to know how proud i am of you. i love you and i miss you very much. >> you can see the whole thing not just the produced video on notre dame basketball page on facebook. it's quite the moment, right? they embrace and the parents come down and no one knew that he was home by the way. he was home for a week, john. he didn't tell his mother. she was a little bit upset. home for a week and well at least they're reunited for the holiday. >> it's hard to make mom mad around christmas time.
11:00 am
>> that's true. >> that is absolutely spectacular. all right. thanks very much for joining us. >> america news headquarters starts right now. this is a fox news alert, moments ago president-elect donald trump took questions from reporters at his mar-a-lago in florida. thanks for joining us. mr. trump speaking to reporters for about 85 seconds all focussed on the recent terror attacks. he called the ait can in berlin a quote attack on humanity. of course as soon as we get that tape turned around, we're going to play it for you so you can listen. another fox news alert, german authorities say the prime suspect in the truck attack should be considered "violent and armed" manhunt spanning the entire european continent now under way for the suspect who killed 12 people monday. german officials say he is a tunisian refugee who


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