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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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twitter and let us know what you think. don't forget to catch the 5 every weeknight at 5:00 p.m. eastern. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here is an interesting interesting and potentially significant story. suing harvard university. they say that affirmative action hurts asian students and they have the numbers to prove it according to a study by princeton universitiation applicants must score 140 points higher on the sat. 200 points higher than black students and 450 than frerp students just to have the same shot at getting in. is that fair? joining us with someone who think it is fair harvard alum who supports affirmative action. part of a group fighting a lawsuit we just mentioned and he joins us live. jay, thanks a lot for coming
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on. my question is really simple what would you say and if you are a father you could be in this position some day. what would you say to a kid applying to harvard or elite school in the united states who doesn't get in because is he held to different and higher standards because of his skin color and says to you that's unfair because, of course, it is. what would your response be? >> well, tucker, i am a father so this is a discussion college admissions i will have. what i will say is the elite institutions. the acceptance rates are already so low. when i applied to harvard it was 10% acceptance rate and today it's 5%. taking holistic view and race is never going to be a determining factor whether or not you are going to get in. so many other aspects that they look at. furthermore, i would let my son know that we don't live in a colored blind society. you can't ignore centuries of discrimination, of racism, slavery, policies
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like the intermeanted japanese americans and chinese exclusion act and expect everyone is starting off equal spot in the race. racism is still here and last election is demonstrative of that where it was probably the most racially divisive election that ever occurred. the president-elect was elected despite or maybe because of some racist rhetoric and. >> i'm sorry, let me just ask, you haven't answered the question which is if you are against racism and racial discrimination, why are you supporting explicitly supporting a system that penalizes people for the color of their skin, which you are? how you can say you are against racism and still penalize people because they are the wrong race? >> well, tucker, the students who apply are not being penalized because of their race. the application process is entirely holistic. they look at a lot of different things. they look at test scores but test scores aren't the one and only thing that matter
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because of college applications. they look at leadership. they look at extracurricular activities. so race is but one factor among many that are considered. >> sure. >> i would also say that there are other advantages that come to, let's say the white community and there are other advantages that are confirmed, for example, harvard accepts 35% of harvard student body they come from private cools. while only 10% of american students go to private schools. you can look at harvard's admittance of northeastern students which comprise 40% of harvard's population but only 17% of america lives in the northeast. these are all advantages that white students will also benefit from. >> those are all non-seq. sector. i wouldn't defend any of those things. i'm not here to advocate for them. you are here to add i have indicate based on race. i'm not saying race is the only criterion taken into account by harvard's admissions. you can't tell me that a kid
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who has who score 540 points higher because of his race. is not being discriminated against. again, why is that fair? >> well, i think adds a lot to a person's life experience. i think, you know, a student at my community college who has to worry about whether or not his parents are going to be deported because they came from mexico has a significantly different experience than a white student who doesn't have those worries. african-american students who has to worry about whether or not is he going to be shot by a police officer or wearing a hoodie or something else, these are experiences that are deeply engrained with race that not everyone has to experience. but. >> but asian american dispiewnts are disproportionately poorer, disproportionately likely to come from immigrant schools. the you speak for and yet 540 point deficit penalty on the sat? you are punishing the
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weakest, actually. >> well, actually affirmative action benefits asian american students. i know many graduates of hard who say that they are beneficiaries o of affirmative action and within the asian american rubric you raise a good point. we have pacific islanders who come from communities that are far more impoverished than even latino and african-american communities. and affirmative action actually will help them. affirmative action does benefit asian american communities. if recognizes that the asian american experience is not all the same. >> okay. but that's all gobblably gook when it comes right down do it. harvard has a quote system for asians. it's illegal. they do for all races. they had last year 11.8% of african-americans were. it's about 20% asian. that has remained roughly the same over 20 years as the population of college
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age asian applicants has doubled. there is no argument, no reasonable argument against the fact that they have a quote system as they did against jews in the 20's and you are defending that. why? >> tucker, they don't have a quota system, first of all, it is unconstitutional. secondly when i was at harvard the percentage of asian americans was about 16% to 17%. today it's 1%. so it's actually increased by 30%. just since the time that i graduated. so it can't possibly be a quote system unless the quote numbers are changing and then it can't be a quota system. >> unless the applicant pool has doubled, which it has. it's doubled. that number has not doubled, as you know, and by the way the numbers for other racial groups have remained constant because there is a quota system. everybody is aware of it let me read you a quote from a man who does this for a living. his name is brian taylor. he runs a business that helps asian students get into elite colleges. he said this to the "boston globe" last year. he said we will make them, the asian applicants appear less asian when they apply. why would he do that? he does that because
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colleges don't want too many asians. you know this really well. yet, you ever defending it. i don't understand that at all. they are discriminating against asians, they are open about it everybody knows it. and, yet, that's okay because why? >> well, like i said, you know, there isn't a quota system because the numbers have actually increased. and i believe they have actually increased. >> not proportionally increased in applications. >> no. you are right about that. tucker, that is a whole another segment worth exploring about this arms race of parents trying to get their kids into schools and applying to far more colleges now than they did before. so the population has not doubled. but the number of applications being sent out has. and colleges like this because it increases their numbers. >> that's actually -- let me correct you there. population has grown dramatically. add the international applicants not just people pushing harvard on the common app. people qualified to go to harvard. straight as and head of student council not getting
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in because of their race. you haven't addressed this though. if college counselors are counseling their students to pretend they are not asian. they do this for a living. they have no incentive to lie about it you have discrimination going on. you are pretending it's not there for some weird ideological reason. what is that reason exactly because race has taken place in america in years past. >> i think these are antic total. an dick total. antidotal. most of the students i have interviewed who have gotten in have been asian. from my own personal experience i haven't seen that the reason why some people might do that is because there is so much divisiveness where people are being told to that okay, if you are asian, you are being discriminated against and there are consultants who will make money off of, you know, the desire of parents to give their children the best opportunity to get into college. >> so it's the parent's fault. >> they believe that will heighten their chances. i don't believe it will. >> really? because when princeton university in a study that i
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think we both accept is real says you need to score 540 points higher than other students in order to have the same chance of getting. in i think it's a rational conclusion to believe that there is discrimination. let me ask you one last question. you noted a bunch of painful periods of american history, both of us abhor them. japanese internment. james crow. why are they bad? they are bad because people in power hurting american citizens based on their race. how is that different from what harvard is doing? >> well, tucker, a lot of people will say that affirmative action in which african-american and latino students who are given admission over asian students who have higher scores, they say that that's reverse discrimination. so then what do we say about the 60% of white students at harvard who also are getting in to harvard despite having significantly lower scores than asians? >> that's bad. i'm not here to defend that i believe in a meritocracy.
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i asked a simple question. is it okay to discriminate people based on race? the numbers are -- i will tell you exactly why. because it is the hardest position to be in as an asian student. of all categories, if you are an asian girl, it's harder to get into these colleges than if you are anyone else. so, or pick the worse example. i can pick many examples. my question remains the same is it okay to discriminate based on the basis of race? i was raised to believe it is not. you apparently this it is. is it? >> no. i think we have to recognize that we don't live in a vacuum and that racial discrimination and that we have to account for the fact that some people have a head start. en reinforcing the head start that some people have part of the solution. >> is it racial
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discrimination to not let somebody into college based on his race. is it? >> if that is the sole criteria someone is not releasereleased into college because of that that is not the way it works. they are not admitting students based solely on race there are other factors involved. benefited people such as legacy, such as whether or not you went to a private school. if you are from the northeast and there are a lot of advantages that white students benefit from. >> you are diverting from the question and you know that you don't have an answer to this, but if racial discrimination is wrong and i believe it is, then it is just wrong. a moral element here, i think, right? >> i agree that racial discrimination is wrong, but to say that you are starting off from a clean slate as an. mexican american student and you are worried that your parents might get deported by the next president, you have a significant experience than caucasian students.
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children are not for the sins of previous ages, okay? responsible for slavery or jim crow or the sins of america or punish for those things is grotesque, you would agree with that right? >> i would agree with that but why do bad things seem to happen disproportionately to races in the past. you sont say it doesn't exist. i'm saying that. >> i wouldn't disagree with you. i'm just saying the answer is not more racism. i guess that's the point. this may be going in circles. jay, thanks for coming on. appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> just a short time ago donald trump spoke to reporters outside his estate in march largo. peter doocy is still reporting from there.
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peter? >> tucker, today at mar-a-lago, art of the deal expensive airplane edition. the president-elect sat down with the ceos of two companies, boeing and lock lock keyed martin that he has criticized on twitter for going over budget on expensive contracts. told us the last meeting of tonight was about the notoriously expensive f 35 military jet which he previously had name dropped as a program he wanted to drop to cut costs at the pentagon. he said a little while ago he thinks he is making some progress. >> we're going to see. just beginning. it's a dance, you know, it's a little bit of a dance. we're going to get the costs down and going to get it done beautifully and these are great people. they are amazing people. >> your conversation with boeing. >> i'm very impressed with them and good negotiators, too. >> we actually got to hear from boeing's ceo today. he came out to the microphones after his meeting with mr. trump.
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they came a few weeks after the president-elect publicly complained about boeing going billions of dollars over budget on the next generation of air force one. the latest word is that the next generation of presidential planes will be produced for less than the $4 billion price tag mr. trump publicly announced he was afraid of. >> we're going to get it done for less than that. and we're committed to working together to make sure that happens. and i was able give the president-elect my personal commitment on behalf of the boeing company. >> the president-elect spoke today on camera for the first time about the terrorist truck attack in berlin. he said it was an attack on humanity. when a reporter followed up and asked if what happened in germany at that christmas market has made him rethink or want to revisit proposing a ban on muslims entering the united states, all that mr. trump would say is that we know what his position is and that he thinks he has been 100 percent right about everything so far.
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tucker? >> peter, it's great to see you. thanks a lot for that report. the democratic melt down over trump continues tonight. entire portions of the you were west side of manhattan, parts of malibu in cambridge, massachusetts remain in a state of mourning and denial tonight weeping, nashing of teeth, sack cloth, ashes and all the rest. and, of course we are going to include the american media in that why the long faces? joining us is the man who might have the answer. andrew stein, lifelong democrat. burrow president and the head of democrats for trump. mr. stein, thanks a lot for joining us. >> thank you for having me, tucker. first of all, congratulations on the show. yeah, i think that meltdown is unfortunate because donald trump is our president. i think he will be a great president. i was -- i know him since 1973. originally, i asked him when i was manhattan burrow president to redo the rink which the city took 10 years
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to do. they couldn't do it. donald did it in six months and under budget. that's what you see he is doing with the with the plane. is he going to watch the people's money. he is going to cut marginal corporate tax rates. going to stimulate the economy. going to undo iran treat dr. which i think is the worst thick the president has ever done. going to be a great president. >> he is not conservative in the way that republicans have been conservative since reagan. he is a real departure from that is he closer, in fact, to a lot of people in your neighborhood, yet they hate him more than anyone if ever lived. if e.d. amine showed up on the you were east side they would hate him please than they hate trump. what's the ideology in that. >> i think it's the mainstream media the mainstream media has been so vicious and unfair in their attacks on donald. they -- and most people don't really read and hillary was sort of the
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darling of the left. the vanity fair. the whole thing that they painted donald sexist, misogynist, all this nonsense. i connected with the middle of the country. he spent the whole summer in hamps and in hollywood where donald trump was out in the midwest making four or five speeches a day to real people. the hatred when i came out and wrote a piece in the "wall street journal" saying i was for donald trump over hillary for president. you can't imagine in manhattan the intensity of the feelings that i got. >> i can't even only the door man nice to you after that. >> experience. >> so, you have heard from the very beginning people say trump is a bigot. is he against this group or that group.
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certainly against women. you have known him for 40 years. is there any truth to that at all. you are obviously biased but i'm interested in hearing your perspective. >> there is absolutely no truth to it donald is as open-minded and is as embracing of everybody based on what they are like, you know, personally, their merits as a person. i knew his father. donald is the least racist person i know. that's why when the mainstream media tried to paint him in this boss it's ridiculous. now they are talking about 150,000 women are going to march on the inauguration. it's a disgrace, tucker because is he our president. i have two boys. all i care about is that the country is safe for those kids. these democrats should give him a chance. see what he does. disagree with him when they do. but give him a chance to show that he can do. i think he is going to be one of the great presidents
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ever. >> i certainly hope. so andrew stein, thanks a lot for joining us. great to see you. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ >> now it's time for twitter storm. our nightly forecast of social media's most intense weather patterns. it is always stormy on twitter. last night we posted an mtv news video. mtv news hilarious. that proposed new year's resolutions for white men. the twitter community not so tweeted this. mtv doesn't want buy or watch concert items. no problem. paul joseph watson says mtv deleted that 2017 white guys video but the internet never forgets, which is true. some of us learn the hard way. jack murphy tweeted this double standard is insane. mtv can white guy withs that's not racist to the left. this is out of control. mtv needs only new year's resolution for new year's
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get cancelled. that's tonight's twitter storm. michelle obama says hope is gone. tammy bruce says hope did not deliver on the promises it made in 2008. she is here next with a list of broken promises. also, the suspect in that horrifying german truck attack has been under surveillance. how did he carry out his rampage? there is lot going on in germany tonight. it could have ramifications here. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet? asmy family tree,ing i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard... it was her french name.
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abandon all hope all who live here. that's what michelle obama told oprah after her husband
11:23 pm
leaves all joy will die. >> now we're feeling whatnot having hope feels like. what else do you have if you don't have hope? what do you give your kids if you can't give them hope? this past election was challenging for me as a citizen to watch and experience. it was painful. words matter. what we say, how we behave, we are modeling to the next generation. so if we want maturity, we have to be mature. if we want a nation that feels hopeful, then we have to speak in hopeful terms. if we want smart leaders then we have to be smart voters. we cannot vote from a place of fear. >> in other words, my husband was the embodiment of hope, is he gone, it's now the dark ages living in cages by february. radio show host tammy bruce wrote a great piece on it. >> nice to be back. thank you, tucker.
11:24 pm
it was this interview with oprah that was, of course, for a lot of people very confusing because the election is done and her messaging was this is the irony that, you know, we want hope for the american people but now hope is dead because we lost. and i began to receive phone calls from liberal friends, mostly in california who had actually were becoming physically i will because of the nature of the rhetoric, the fear mongering on the left. and i felt it was a good sign because they weren't calling to hector me like they were before the election. they were calling to ask me if i really thought he was going to do the things they were being told he was going to do which was, of course, cause armageddon and gay marriage, detroit environment, et cetera. what i told people is, of course, no, that's not the case. is he generally going to make things better. and this is about jobs. it's about the economy. so that all of us can live as individuals in the way that best suits us. >> it's so funny how -- it's hard to understand what a politician is going to do before he takes office, of course. >> yeah. >> in the case of trump there is this weird
11:25 pm
distortion that liberals have. i think it's sincere. there is all this hysteria about trump is the enemy of the lbgt community,est where is this coming from. in any kind of reality. >> no, it's not. he is the first nominee and first candidate. the first president-elect for the gop to actually embrace the gay pride flag in a public forum. this is a fellow really a imagine my ma tis. a populist. i find mr. trump to be, i think, somewhat ambivalent about the social issues. live and let live kind of the guys. covering the boeing situation et cetera. he cares about jobs. this is the irony of mrs. obama that hope is not a plan. hope is the thing you have when things are going wrong that real hope can't exist unless you actually have a job, you have an income. you have a future that you can plan for for your children. that you actually are able -- your health is not
11:26 pm
under water when it comes to its mortgage. that you have your health. you can actually get an appointment with the doctor that you know. those are the things that bring you hope. the obamas have presented it as though, look, this is the new normal. this is going to be awful. and we're going to just at least emotionally encourage you. the election was about actually wanting genuine hope built on action, that are going to allow people. >> when. >> when there are 95,000 people out of the workforce hard to sit about work lectures. weird we are the embodiment almost the ledge just posture. embodiment of hope now that we're gone nothing will be the same. what does it say about themselves. >> it's cult like a little bit. also the antithesis of what they claim to be for. if they really cared about the nation in existential way they would want the sensibility of hope to continue. it's also a feminist
11:27 pm
3.7 million women pushed into poverty in these last 8 years. the 95 million people out of the workforce as you mentioned. the suicide rate being at historical high. all of these things. and this is what the american people, that's about supposed to be about hope? we deserve better and we at least know there is a chance that we're going to get better coming up. so for every liberal i will bring you hope in saying there is action plan to actually make your lives better and that everybody can relax and have a fabulous christmas and be able to have a good time with your families because we're going to be okay. >> amen. that's right. thanks a lot, tammy bruce, great to see you. >> thank you, tucker. ♪ >> well, here's something new, the more social media platforms you use, according to a new study, the more unhappy you get. the analysis was published in the journal of computers and human behavior. something you probably haven't read this month. pretty interesting. found that people who use 7 to 11 different social media platforms had more than three times of risk of
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depression and anxiety compared to those of us who use zero to two social media platforms. the question for researchers iis it the chicken or egg. unclear if people who suffer from depression gravitate toward social media or if social media causing depression. i think common sense suggests the latter. log off once in a while and have an actual conversation that helps. next up, how dangerous are those allegations and you are hearing them constantly that putin stole the election for trump? next guess says it presents urgent discussion and may cause grave dangers to this country. one of america's preeminent russian experts
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>> if you have been been watching the news this past month have you heard a lot about allegations that the russians feared in our presidential election. we tried to get to the bottom of that what exactly are the agencies and are they true? tonight we are being joined by really one of the most famous russian studies professors in america. steven cohen. he teaches at nyu and princeton. he says those allegations actually have bigger implications that might cause international problems for us and for russia. professor cohen j now. professor, thanks for coming on. >> some would say infamous. >> certainly of long standing. >> i still worse i live on the weepy upperwest side i do have some hope. >> you follow this as close
11:33 pm
hely as anybody. is there evidence, real evidence that the putin government that the stole the election for trump? >> you have interrogated several people and purr pursued facts for that and haven't found any. i haven't found any. until they produce them the answer is no. >> that's a conclusion i am preaching. and, yet, the u.s. government, the obama administration, the president himself says he is in some unspecified way retaliating against russia. we are doing that right now. i'm not exactly sure what that means. what are the implications of that? >> well, let me tell you where i think we are with russia now. in my lifetime, it's the worst and most dangerous moment since the cuban missile crisis in 1962 our relations with russia are fraught with the possibility of war from the baltics in ukraine to syria. meanwhile, we are making these accusations against russia. i think part of the accusations, i can't be sure about this. but many of the people pursuing them are actually
11:34 pm
trying to stop president-elect trump's vow to establish a new cooperative relationship with russia. which i think is essential for american national security. i'm not pro-kremlin. i'm pro-american national security. >> yes. >> if you can discredit putin as war criminal as a guy who spoiled our democracy. how will trump get the traction to go ahead and begin what we used to call detente. by the way i don't know why trump hasn't mentioned this but detente or cooperation with russia in a time of cold war which we are again was a republican presidential policy again with eisenhower, continued by nixon. and, of course, ronald reagan to his eternal credit was the greatest pro-day taunt president we have ever had. >> so, it almost -- accounts in newspaper every day that there are some people on both sides, on the neo conservative side lindsey graham and democratic institutional democratic party side the clintons, barack obama, who seem to
11:35 pm
seek conflict with russia. not just prevent detente but engage in some hostile way with russia. what's the motive, do you know? >> i used to live among liberals and progressives so it pains me to say that the new cold war on the american side and not a little neo mccarthyism is coming from liberals and progressives primarily. i mean, the point is that i mean, i can't remember in my lifetime when a publication like the "new york times" would refer to the man who has been elected president of the united states as a lackey of a kremlin. where have we gone? when a "new york times" columnist says that donald trump is the kremlin's poodle and putin's puppet. we are libeling our own president. but it may be -- i mean, who can be sure that it may be that they are absolutely determined to prevent the kind of cooperation with russia that will make it safer. i will go one step farther and say maybe the horror or shock of some of your
11:36 pm
viewers that vladimir putin is potentially america's most essential, valuable national security partner. and i refer in particular to the war against terrorism and we always omit one thing, the terrorists are in pursuit of nuclear material. if you put those two together and nothing could be more dangerous today. >> well, i know that you are going to be tee announced as a lackey yourself of putin. everything makes sense and i would be interested in hearing the other side. i'm not sure there is one. very quickly, where is the potential flash point between the united states and russia going forward? where will we look for russia to start? >> we are flying warplanes and the russians are flying warplanes over syria, probably there but ukraine is explosive and as we talk, nato is undergoing a major military build-up on russia's western borders. let me leave you with antidote or at least
11:37 pm
something i hear in russia. russians say that never has western power been amassed on russian russia's western borders as it is today since june 1941. german invasion. russians are in high anxiety. nuclear weapons are on high alert. we are going crazy doe faming anybody who says shouldn't we debate or think this over? and it is really dangerous. >> i agree with that it seems lunatic actually to me. i really appreciate your perspective on this, professor, thank you very much. >> up next, one republican elector is putting anti-trump letters to good use. sheriff richard jones of butler county, ohio was republican voting electoral college the other day. he got thousands of letters trying to persuade him to change his vote from trump to the somebody else. what did he do with the letters. he lit them up. literally. >> no more letters today. we got electoral votes and new president.
11:38 pm
we got our trump sign here and we have got our towels over here. theover -- cows over here. they are supporting trump also. as you can see thousands of letters are going to be right here today in the old fire pit. god bless america. that, of course, caused a stir. a butler county democratic party executive chair woman called the stunt childish, not noting it was also very awesome but the butler county executive chairman says he proudly supports the sheriff's actions. of course he did and they roasted marshmallows at the end. massive manhunt meanwhile underway for the lone wolf terrorists. apparently lone wolf who plowed his truck through a crowded supermarket in berlin. a horrifying story. we're going live to germany next.
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by using the citi® / aadvantage platinum select® card, you can begin to pack more into your adventure. become a cardmember to enjoy these benefits. apply today. visit, or call 877-359-7825. >> we got a fox news alert right now. manhunt underway right now. across europe for newly identified suspect in
11:43 pm
horrifying berlin christmas market attack. according to the investigators the man had known ties to terror, not surprisingly. here in the u.s. president-elect donald trump talked to reporters about what it you will means. watch. >> attack on humanity, that's what it is. it's an attack on humanity. and it's got to be stopped. >> correspondent iris spitzer is live in berlin with more on what is happening in this investigation. ira, what's the latest? >> well, a 23-year-old man, a to your knowledgtunisia man ak berlin killed 12 people a couple nights ago by driving a truck into a crowded christmas market. he is the subject of a europe-wide manhunt at the moment. and what's really sort of shocking here to many people is that he was actually known to the german authorities. he apparently arrived to the country last year, applied for asylum in germany earlier this year and had
11:44 pm
that asylum application rejected. so, then he was slated for deportation. however, he could never actually be deported from germany. in one case, because he didn't have i.d. in another case because he couldn't actually be identified as definitely as a tunisia citizen. so he was under surveillance also because of his apparent ties to islamic networks here in germany. and even suspected of being a danger to the state. so, a lot was known about this man. however, they apparently stopped their surveillance in september. he then slipped under the radar and only resurfaced when they found his wallet in the truck that crashed into that christmas market. >> ire remarks thanks a lot for that appreciate it. sad story. horrifying, actually. remember last week when we had on one of the leaders of the california succession
11:45 pm
movement the group now claims they just opened an embassy. you will never guess where it is, moscow, of course. the group's leader who teaches english in russia held an vent. he says will not deal with diplomatic issues of course because california is not a country. instead act more as a cultural center to educate russians about california's history to boost trade ties and tourism. the group hopes to vote on the california succession by the spring of 2019 and you can be certain we will cover it extensively here. well, university of michigan student claims she was attacked by a trump supporter. one big problem that never actually happened. may be facing charges. kimberly guilfoyle responds to all of that then some personal facts you might not know about old k.g. when she joins us in the friend zone. that's next. plus, if you were king for a day and you had absolute power. if you were a diabolical dictator, how would you improve america? have a lot of ideas. keep them coming at "tucker carlson tonight" at
11:46 pm we'll be right back. test test.
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>> time now for the friend zone where we round up the coolest people here at fox news. they are all cool but we have some of the coolest on this show and invited them on and tonight we are joined by one of the coalest kimberly guilfoyle co-host, of course, of "the five" i have a story k.g. that i want your reaction to. muslim student university of michigan claimed recently that a man threatened to light her on fire, to emulate her after trump won. and it turns out it was a hoax, now what's interesting about this story is that it seems to have -- i feel like i have seen this movie before maybe several hundred times. what's going on here? >> that's the problem. seems like the thing to do
11:50 pm
when people are bored and run out of friends on snapchat or instagram get my hoax on. incredibly damaging. it causes a problem. family roomer prosecutor see people make false criminal allegations of such a serious nature really undermines the true victims that are out there that crimes happen to. it wastes valuable resources for the police department and investigators to try to go over these things. and it's sad. it's really just been a product of the mainstream meet i can't, the liberal left trying to demonize this election. demonize the president-elect and any of his followers that were called by the other candidate hillary clinton deplorables and irredeemable. very disturbing every time you hear one of these stories. and you say wait is, this the last one i heard and then there is another one on the heels of it. >> people get a lot out of being victims, the downside is it just makes everyone hate each other and increases the level of fear and dnd disunity in the country in a pretty dramatic way. that's a real sin to do
11:51 pm
something like that. >> i could not agree more and really the height of dishonesty and in terms of pushing forward an agenda of hate and fear. and really pulling apart the unity that we're trying to come together, you know, as a country, these people are committing acts essentially against everybody else by pretending to be victims. drawing attention to themselves and creating an atmosphere of fear and hysteria that is quite damaging. you know, to public safety as well. >> so this is a small point. but i have totally forgot it so the trumps are moving to town. there is this question what his wife going to do. of course, she is the first lady of the united states now. what's her role? you were a first lady. i completely of all the many things you have done in your life. >> yep. >> let me interject really quickly. kimberly guilfoyle is one of the people here at fox lived a life outside of television. you were first lady. >> yeah. started back way in the day. working out in politics and doing campaigns like governor and mayor and city council and all those good things and district
11:52 pm
attorney's office and i was able to meet who you see there gavin newsom. that's us on election day going to vote together. and the other picture was with his father judge newsome who was getting sworn in. there we are with sharon stone one of the hollywood elite at one of the function events that we hosted. so it was very interesting time. i was very happy to serve the city and council of city council as both first lady and head of the trial division for the san francisco district attorney's office. that's election night right there. >> i always -- >> -- very interesting they call camelot of san francisco. >> i always thought you were the brains behind the operation. just my view. >> he wouldn't dispute that is he very generous in his praise and opinion of me. so he is now lieutenant governor and is he running for governor of california. >> interesting. >> and that's when we had the royals there. kimberly's royal segment. prince charles and camilla that was their first official visit to the united states and they selected three cities and we were lucky enough to host them in
11:53 pm
san francisco for a number of days. woe had a wonderful time and prince charles is so fabulous and very generous. he used to give me his extra deserts all the time because he didn't finish them. are you going to finish that? i will take a bite. >> did you have a program? were you for literacy or gardening or no you were busy being a prosecutor. >> he likes assistance farming. funny you say that working as purity i took a leave of absence because they said that's too much power on one mattress. d.a. and mayor. essentially what happened was we ended up having special programs for me to be a part of. i worked with children's cancer groups which is very important to me at the various hospitals in san francisco like ucsf and it was really rewarding experience, yes, and education and outreach to disenfranchised youth and at risk juvenile offenders as well. >> man, i wish you had been mayor. that city could use you badly.
11:54 pm
kimberly guilfoyle one of our favorites. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. merry christmas. >> thanks. member dr. christmas. coming up next, you're almost out of time to tell us what you would do if you had absolute power. total power. you were omnipotent. tweet us at tucker carlson or email tucker carlson ♪ ♪ sweeet... wow... there it is. this holiday season, people have a lot to say about the chevy red tag sales event. this thing is a beast. steel or aluminum? steel. why? science. it's gonna hold up over aluminum, big time. you can get special holiday pricing and when you find your red tag, you get thousands more cash back. that's two deals in one. two deals sound better than one. that's a for-sure thing for me. during the red tag sales event, get two deals in one. find your tag for an average total value
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>> ever need to feel powerless when you watch this show because we give you power. absolute power. imaginary power. we ask the question if you had it and could do anything you wanted how would you improve this country? well, jess tweeted this i would make sure kellyanne sat in the office right next to our new president for 8 years. ultra ego wrote eliminate mtv, obviously. andrew jay falsenator make
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dvr the show and above all stay tuned for bill o'reilly. he's up next. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk. >> donald trump's doctor is not worried about trump's health saying if something happens to him, it happens to him. i'm starting to think med school is not as hard as i was told. and is the lonely heart going into the rock and roll hall of fame? some say no, and some say -- well, you know where i am going with this. don't turn off the show after half time like you normally do. stick around as tom has a new hash tag you can play with. tom? >> thank you


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