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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the dow has been in a red spot. inveryposts notç impressed. maybe their talking to relatives who can't find jobs. we'll let neil take it. could he the pause that refreshes or the pause that just keeps a stop going on the quest for 20,000. you're watching "your world." a world of confusion now around a president-elect who seems to be doing the right thing when its koles to sending a populist message, and ail of this on the same day he is forming a national trade council that he says would look after american corporations and not corporate honchos interests. donald trump as president-elect has sent a message to the corporate titans whetherrer in
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the favor of republicans or not, i'm watching you. i'm watching excess and watching your contracts. >> it's a dance. get the cost down, get it done beautifully. >> the conversation with boeing produced results. >> i think so. we had the chairman of boeing, ceo, and i thinkç looking to ct a tremendous amount of money. >> i said to some of the folks, companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. not going to happen. not going to happy. >> now, he has been criticize bid maybe who said this is all theater, and some something that won't yield reassaults but we hat a getment from the head of boeing the air force one deal that is so precious in washington and has seep escalating costs in washington, might not come in at the
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$4.2 billion and may be less. then lockheed martin that the 35-35 contract which the president-elect says it's excessive. these are signed and sealed and presumably done deals 'apparently not. to anthony scaramucci. anthony, there's so many levels on this defense thing alone that bears focusing with you. is he letting all government contractors know, don't care what you signed and committed to, it's not done and if that's the case, byç citing two defene guys, is he reminding everybody, yeah, even the defense guys near and dear to traditionally republicans. >> i don't want to go that far. i think he is saying he wants to look at things clinically and take another cut at the behalf didn't onon the behest of the
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taxpayer. my guess is some contracts are fine the way they are but some of them had some excess costs built in there. you and i are old enough to remember the $800, $900 hammers. >> -but i wasn't born. >> but you were in kindergarten, and that grades commission exposed a lot of this creeping costs, re-assign independent the -- re-assign independent the pentagon. you have to've the spirit of the president-elect. out there pushing on behalf of the american people. sending a message. i don't know if you read the bully pulpit but it's rem necessary sent of teddy root. >> a lotç of people have linend -- likened it to the bully pulpit. what signals do you think he is
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sending. >> his goal he wants to put the american work and met middle class first. and the said fat cats -- teddy roosevelt said you robber bar rones, you have to stop the nonsense and put a system in place so the middle class can have rising wages, and he said we'll allow these people to be able to make enough money to buy the cars they're actually making. want to make sure they're in nice houses and good public school systems and so with that the social contract gets reinforced, and there's no place and harmony in the republic. so rump donald trump is committed to that. what i love about this stuff tech not to get too cheeky -- in the ceos see him coming. he'll take out a scalpel when he needs a school pep -- >> high did the boeing ceo talk
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to the press --ç the lockheed martin -- >> they have different public relations strategies. >> i think you're blocking. she was angrier than the boeing ceo. >> i don't know. different public relations strategies and some people more conservative thans no terms of hough they speak to people. you and me we have a ten den city overtike -- a tendency to overtime. >> speak for yourself. >> well, let me finally go -- this idea that with this trade council, some talk he hold that as the president-elect to tariffs and the like which that that's raised eye buybrows about countries he thinks are not paying fairly, and is that true and does that worry you? >> not true. say that's unfounded and peter
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navarro and i spent a lot of time in trump tower and we're looking for more fairness, looking for cross-border stuff. but bmw shipping a car over here, they'll rebate theç 22% t tax but -- because of the tax structure in germany. it's hard for us to give the same rebate. so we need a tax border reconciliation, figure out the repatriation of the income taxes -- >> anything of that stuff going on here. >> i don't think so. you talk to wilber ross, a friend of your honor. talk to peter, these are bargaining chips on the table -- >> peter has been very critical of china and how it plays a rigged game. >> the has because the system is unbalanced. the state department and treasury made it unbented to create burgeoning middle classes
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around the world because they thought it would give is economic -- its has hurt the middle class in our country and so we're sending a message, we have to look out for these people now. by the way, if we look out for those people there will be more demand from products from the united states, the largest market. we'll get this right. we're spending a lot of time on it. merry christmas to you and yourç family and happy hanukkah to sure viewedder. >> i knew you when. anthony scare much chi. >> back to kindergarten. >> the, my friend. in it is unusual as we said at the outset for a president-elect to being this stuff about not not unusual for
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presidents to do this, but it has been done. consistently. before i get to my next guest, because he wrote the book, i want to get an example of this with john f. kennedy taking on steel industry over price increased he said were grossly unfair to all the american people. 1962. take a listen. >> simultaneous, an identical actions of the united states steel and other leading steel corporations, increasing steel prices, by some six dollars a ton, constitutes a holy unjustifiable and public interests. >> i should point out that conservative publications like the "wall street journal" warm -- and is were agood at that a present of the united states was telling a company what to do.
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24 hours after that the steel increase went away. larry sack tow. its that what donald trump is doing, using that bully pulpit before it's his bully pulpit? >> yes. it feels like his presidency has begun. november the 8th. but he is using the time well, and it's the spotlight aspect of the presidency. a president can put the spotlight on people or things or issues and elevate them into the public dialogue and have an impact by sending a message to everybody else in the same category. so i think, yes, trump is -- i don't think he is consciously following the kennedy model but kennedy sent a very important message to business in 1962, a little over a year after he took office, by objecting strenuously to theirç 35% increase in the price of steel, and steel truely
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was the back bone of our economy. he had some choice words for the steel executives i cannot repeat because you're sensitive. >> very sensitive. >> fast forward when reagan was taking on air contractioning control -- air traffic controllers who were threatening a strike. some said he was making a bigger statement. this, again, as air traffic controllers were getting ready to strike. let's go back. >> i must tell those who fail to report for duty this morning, they are in violation of the law and if they do not report for work within 48 hours, they have forfeited their jobs and will be terminated. >> indeed they were. what did you make of that? >> well, he took a big risk because something could have happened in terms of an airplane crash, something like that, but essentially he was right.
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they were federal employees and they did not have the right to strike. what was really interesting about that, early in his presidency he sent he message sayç what i say and i mean what assay and it wasn't just heard domestically but the soviet leaders at the time took notice because they were stunned that he would take such a risky, dramatic action. they began to realize that they had to take him very seriously at his word. >> so, when you talk about sending a message, real quickly, this idea that maybe there's another layer to donald trump taking in and taking on the big defense contractor guys, that, look, even though defense is seen to be sacred to republicans and we're never open to cutting such as one $800 hammer, i'm open to that. they're waste or overruns or contractors are getting greedy,
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i'm going to chase them down. that has a very effective effect. doesn't it? >> well, it has already had an effect. if the boeing executive is to be believed about the overall cost of the two air force ones, but go back to the carrier deal. the fact that the president-elect would, along with the vice presidentç elect negotiate that kind of deal. what kind of message did it send to business? i better think before i send a lot of jobs overseas. i might get a call from the president. so the spotlight effect can have an impact, at least early in a een a pleasure,m. with all your help and guidance this year. merry claim, my friend. >> merry christmas, neil. have a great one. >> kellyanne conway responding to the fact she is going to be conclude counsel to the president, and people say you can't do that with four kids.
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yes, it's funny. we talked with juan williams and he was questioning, kellyanne has four kids and he was creamed on twitter. what, a woman with four kids cap do it and a man can? so what? >> i would say to everyone, not juan, because i don't want him to be creamed but i don't play golf and i don't he have a mistress so i have a lot more time than men. see people on the weekend. they spend a lot of time with their golf games and that's their right but the kids will be with me. we live in the same house and they come first. >> did she really say what i think she said? she did. a lot of people are applauding those words. others say, ooh.
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let's get the read from jessica, neva,ç elly, and patrice. patrice, what did you think of her reaction. >> if would font want to have been at the receiving end of this. i'm tired of women asked whether he can mapping the work life balance rather than whether she is qualified. female ceos face this all the time and it's kellyaway, who shy be a posterior for being the first female to win a presidential election is facing this. >> jessica? >> thought she was hilarious, i loved that sense of humor. i did my due diligence and i called juan and he said that kellyanne mentioned she had four kids and you have to become that when you're taking a job like that and her husband has big
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child. men and women should both thinking about child care. i'm excited she is taking on the roll and is super funny. >> when you hear this stuff -- it is asked disproportionately over men, who also have children and rely, theç argument being,n the woman to take care of the children. but she put it out there by add thing mistress thing. >> i think that she is doing a great job. going to do a great job, and this nothing to do with her -- she was funny. she said it the way its. everybody has a different point of view. but she, her children come first, he job is going to come with having four children and he's going to do her best job. nobody we should be questioning off her how she is going to do her job because she hat four women's. the women's i know who rowe --
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who are ceos and every and we should stop shaming her. >> there's a broader issue here which i about the policies and the way the u.s. economy works, that may make it -- kellyanne able to pull this off, others happen a harder time in terms of child karr. two-thirds of people on the minimum wage are women. donald trump doesn't want to raise the i minimum women. that's a broader policy -- >> if hillary clintonç had won and would have a female president and she would maybe be looking disproportionately to having women in her cabinet, the same issues raised or would they? >> it would be the same across the board. every woman, whetherover a ceo or making minimum wage, you are still struggling to figure out how to put food on the table and find fulfillment in work. the phrase was it takes a
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village, but truly women of all ables and socioeconomic conditions, they rely on different sources of support. so i mean, i'm not going to broaden it to the broader policy -- >> why not? >> because i -- >> kellyanne conway has a lot of money. her husband makes a lot of money. that's talk about the average woman in america who can't pay for child karr. >> that's that's issue of how much money she have or a guy would have never came up. just the assumption she hays woman. >> and she is going to do a great job and going to be a great mom, period. >> at the end of the day whether you're making a lot of money or not. we need more opportunity for women so they can afford good,. >> sounds likeç jessica is beig a chauvinist. >> i'm the worst. >> i thought so. i assumed as much. >> people all the time say, well, how -- we hear it all the time, how could you be a ceo or run a business or have children?
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why would you ask that question? why judge a woman and not judge a man. nobody should be judged for doing the best we can and all juggling a lot of balls. people need to stop shaming working women and working moms. >> a lot ofes stro jean up here. -- estrogen here. >> maybe mainstreet miami ya saying donald trump wants a ban on all mull us mull -- all ms. limits. that's what he said. who needs facts? we thought you did. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion.
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following that terror attack in berlin the mainstreet media headlines will tell you that president-elect wants a complete ban on all muslim immigrants. politico fears he'll have the ban. a apparently my next guess says you do not know my plans. he says his plan doesn't ban all muslims but calls for extreme vetting of immigrants, period, from hotbed countries. very good to have you. i was reading a lot of headlines and thenç said, wait a minute. i follow what he said and that's not what he said but they went full throttle saying this is going to be the antimuslim administration. clarify. >> that's exactly right, neil. frankly, "the new york times" needs a new motto, all the fake news that is fit to present. all trump said i've been 100%
1:25 pm
right in whack to what happened at the berlin christmas market and you know my plans. that means extreme vetting and going to suspend immigration from some countries where there's been an isis or an al qaeda problem until we can find a way to vet them. the "new york times" made up more of the story. >> clarify it to me. is donald trump still looking at a way to pause or slow muslim immigrants into the country? >> kellyanne conway talk beside this on several news shows today and was very clear the word "muslim" is not part of the equation. there's going to be a pause in immigration from certain countries where that's an agoç done -- al qaeda and isis influence. >> they go back to when a couple of incidents there was -- he
1:26 pm
raised the possibility of maybe slowing or stopping muslims from coming into the country until we sort it out. has he evolved from that? >> well, i think we're seeing a position here that has been developed over a number of months. but "the new york times" cannot get away from trying to claim that trump wants to have a religious test or stop muslims from coming into the country or making every muslim in united states join a religious rem industry. that's not true -- registry. that's not true. part of the left-wing narrative but that's where he is. >> what fuels is it what happened in berlin and this fact, presumely a reef roof from tunisia, had gotten into the country as a refugee. now they can't find him. now we're getting reports that when germany wanted to ship him back to few nearby. she tunisia didn't want him because the said he didn't have the right paperwork, and
1:27 pm
confused me. if the doesn't have thatç paperwork to satisfy the country where he comes from, how could he possibly or anyone like him get clearance in any other country where he is going? >> this was an enormous policy and intelligence failure. the guise was on the u.s. no-fly list. there's evidence this guy was in contact with isis over the internet and nothing was done. >> they can't find him yet? >> it is a monumental intelligence failure. the biggest failure is a policy failure, letting in one million undocumented refugees. something the german government did. that's what trump has called chancellor merkel on and he has to be accountable for it. >> well, i in his waning weeks in office barack obama is enjoyingç possible alert and enjoying a chance to get back at
1:28 pm
those he said were really never big fans of his and skewered his message. one of them is fox. he doesn't like us. i'm bond vealing vulnerable.
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>> van could harassed on a plane. her sin? she is donald trump's daughter. imagine if this were one of barack obama's girls? hmm. back in 60. (sfx:starter pistol shot) ♪music ♪we lose our way, we get back up again♪ ♪it's never too late to get back up again♪ ♪one day, you're gonna shine again,♪ ♪you may be knocked down, but not out forever♪
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well, -- i might as well fess up. we're responsible for the higher insurance peoples your paying and the fact the health heck tee caused the raise of insurance. saying in the at lick, people who are trump supporters are respondingç to a fictional
1:32 pm
character called barack obama. now karl rove, i just want to cleanse my soul, karl and let pea nome i did hike insurance premiums and give them that sticker shock with high deductibles that sometimes run in exist of $5,000. and i cleared my conscience. what say you? >> well, neil, i'm sorry but it's not about you. fox news is collateral damage. yeah, he blames fox news for creating this climate of opposition to him but the real together he has in mind is the american people. this interview is jaw-droppingly con condescending and air -- air began. he says fox and rush limbaugh has an impact how a large voters see me and tapped the entire deepest action anxieties. we helped activate their fears.
1:33 pm
he says that as a result, white people voted for him in -- and that's okay, but they are people who have now been made afraid because what they're seeing and hearing. in other words, what people are racist if they disagree with me. you have had your fears and your anxieties activated by fox, not by the facts of the matter, but by your racism, your bigotry. the affordable care act, about your premiums going up, not being able to keep your plan, unless you're a bigot. you can't be earned about the weakest economic recovery since the country bag and the only recovery in which a median income dropped unless you're a bigot. this interview is -- sure, it kicks around fox and rush limbaugh but at the heart is an
1:34 pm
assault and air began assault on the good sense of the american people. only reason you can disagree with me is your fears have been alaska disvalleyed about the blackman named barack obama, but institutions that misled you. i'm great and if you disagree with me you're driven by fears and ang site -- >> impermanentate the entire democratic party. hillary clinton lost by pointinç out the popular vote gap and saying it was the russians -- >> jim comey. >> that is just has to come a moment where you you look and say there's something we did. i remember the president kept pointing the point, about his legacy, his issues, about a lot of stuff he had done and after the fact, no, it wasn't about my legacy, not any issues-wasn't about any of that stuff. >> look, we have two issue here's. we have at the dempark party --
1:35 pm
democratic party as soon as they reelize hi lost the eek, louse a message, lousy candidate, and they were trumped, the better off they'll be. i think it's going to be a long while before the wake up and start to face reality. then we have president obama, and president obama is doing what he has done for a long period of time, which is to construct a reality of who you are that says toes nobody who opposes him can do so an bay is so of reasonable disagreement about the policy or direction of the country. it's amazing, the straw men that keep popping up. you mentioned the affordable careç act and premiums going u. that's not why people opposed the affordable care act. the whole debate about obamacare was the way in which it was framed he tries to take some from you to give free stuff. i don't remember people saying that it was to give free stuff to people. people were concerned about being in control or their own
1:36 pm
family's health, their premiums going, doctors unavailable. the president says it's about something else completely unrelated to people's real concern. >> well put, karl, it's not about the color of the president's skin. more more of the fitness. mer are -- merry christmas. >> if you're looking to deliver something in time for christmas how does amazon with the two-hour delivery service -- we tested it today with mixed results. ♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now,
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test test test test test. test test test test test.
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>> the most popular season in tv newsç history; gen hex. amazon prime is promising two-hour delivery service. focuses on certain items at certain times in certain places. we test it -- tested it out with these results. >> i want ice cream. >> you really want ice cream? >> yes, do. >> i'll throw it over to dan, the producer. >> dan give me a thumb's up. >> there you go. it is news to you, it's news to
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dan. no chocolate, how much? cookie do you? and cookie do you. an hour. >> the stock is trading down on the startling depth. word they do not have macadamia nut ice cream. it's not here and you have now 24 minutes amazon, to get it here. >> the ice cream has arrived. welcome everybody, apparently -- now she is coming here with a bag that contains said ice cream, allç part of the amazon challenge. thank you very much. amazon says it will deliver anything you want except apparently tech macadamia ice kim. he had to make an audible. >> what i did was i got online and ordered macadamia nut ice
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ice cream from amazon. >> she said it's okay to eat all the raw cookie do dough you wan. on the front of the package do not consume raw cookie doubt and says your producer is trying to killout. isn't that wild? >> do non -- do not consume raw cookie dough, specially if you had heart surgery. >> ow hat your chest represented over and stopped beating for five years d horn.ctq d(>> oh,. >> indeed. so we tested it out. and it worked. they gotted here in under an hour. we ordinary doughnuts first, ice cream second. i would work on meats and
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cheeses because my cardiologist is watching this. we have internet radio sensation, mike, joining us. attorney krisy, your world producer andrew white, kat, what do you think? >> i was trying order some christmas presents for my sister who haven't gotten anything for it. is it just food -- >> no. anything and every but you have to be in certain cities. >> i'm skeptical. maybe the cavuto name got is expedited. >> you are so con con designeding. >> i did a same-day shipping thing -- >> when you should have been doing stuff for me you were ordering stuff. >> i needed dishwasher deterç
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deterrent. it was supposed to come at dinner time, didn't come. 8:00, system -- style not here. woke up at 1:00 in the morning -- nightmare about dirty dishes. >> it was there so two things happened i ran the dish walker at 1:00 in the morning and then i'm thinking who is delivering things at midnight? >> that was same day. >> so it kind of was the same day. was the next day. >> 24-hour period. >> same day. >> i'm in the same boat as kat. haven't begun my christmas shopping but i have seen "star wars" twice. >> why are you sow -- so left? nothing for imus. >> get the gift a month ago like my niece and now i'm screwed. >> what'sward about this.
1:44 pm
we're so -- what weird at this. we are so impatient and it's amazon's way of saying, just come here for your holiday shopping because we'll getç it out there. >> i buy everything -- i love amazon prime. get something for them every day. it's going to take thank you you hours to park at the mall and might have them deliver it to you. >> some of us can't drive. >> real ya. >> we're lazy. >> just ask the driver. next up. all right. the percentage of young americans who are living with their parents is the highest it's been in 75 years. 75 years. what do you think? >> i think it's no surprise. we have a lot of student loans. everyone says we're lazy but we're trying to be financially sparty, are you living with your parents? eyele and i love it. >> nothing wrong. you seem dirk. >> i don't feel guilty.
1:45 pm
who else is going to show them how to use the dvr. >> oh, my goodness, did you actually say that. >> she's a lawyer. >> doing well in life but it's too many people. left home when i was 17. my childhood -- jude the rick you out? no mybed -- bedroom is the room of my little sister's hedgeç ho. when i come home i sleep on the couch. >> it doesn't -- in the italian culture, generations live together. japanese, generations. >> the beautiful thing out our culture is you get to leave. >> in my mom's jewish home, everything is there. my tide kids are 10 and 7 -- >> part of this entitlement
1:46 pm
culture for -- specially minimum lenals, want to be in save spaces -- >> you kuo kick out of the house? >> no. i thought -- i always had this idea about life. i'd rather do something than not. and it's about -- it's your life so take the chance, but out of everybody graduates high school. have moved home. >> how do you party? my parents party harder than i do. >> when they're working the dvr. >> i fix theç dvr, they party. >> and then we have ivanka. she was harassed on a jetblue flight and i think was it eric who was dealing with something like this? its that fair? is that right? >> it's horrible. she had her kid with her. that's the thing, contain
1:47 pm
yourself. >> the woman who is distraught her father made it to the white house. thereby should be some sort of etiquette on the plane. the intolerant left. some of them are becoming mean. the inauguration, like at the gnawingation, not my aren't. they're not being -- the election is over. >> same people who kirk their kids out of the house. >> this man who did this, his husband was tweeting he was expressing his opinion, but in a previous tweet he said his husband was chasing them down to harass them. because he -- >> it was oddible. >> nothing calm about it. even admitted that wasn't their intention. you're going to be on plane with something you want as little communication as possible,ç let alone confrontation. >> wait. wait. you -- >> chat on a plane?
1:48 pm
you're not a chatter. >> no jew have some -- >> i love certain people. i see. >> beginning with herself. >> you have to look you'd for number one. >> you have to fly private. >> was she in first class -- >> no, in coach. some. >> some flyings you -- some flights. >> maybe that comes witch the turf, you're donald trump's kids. >> if i see tom brady on the flight i'm like, go jets. i hate the patriots. >> wow you would not. >> should not be on the same flight. >> that whole delatest thing. >> what do you do when people harass you on a flight? >> i'm nice to everyone, you know. >> you're a piece of work. >> but i tell you keep your distance from me. always travel so close. >> if aberdeen -- if everybody
1:49 pm
is get magged -- what that the guy passing gas or sneezing on the -- >> it wasç a very heated electo get over it. when you guys hear the people, maybe friends who say, he's not my president. >> he is. i went outside, freezing cold. didn't like it i didn't star screaming it's 85 degrees and sunny because it's not going to make a difference. >> shut up and move on. >> they're not moving on, particularly your generation. >> i have a friend who is a massachusetts -- as liberal as they came and he -- even he said it's time to wrap it up. >> but they're not. >> he was. >> what do you of all the fuss. >> my parents loved trump, too. >> that's how you work it out -- >> my mom is -- i really
1:50 pm
don't -- >> do you pay rent? >> i just work and pay new student loans. >> you're not paying them anything. >> i pay them nothing. >> help around the house? >> no. i really they spoil me. >> mop a floor? >> she's making -- >> i know. i love it.ç not even -- i'm paying my student loans. and saving to buy my own house. >> i've been replaced by a rodent. >> this is a separate thing we have to have another show with you about. i want to thank you very much. in the meantime, this idea about everyone thinking this year was going to end up the way it did, no one did. except people who watch this show. we had it sorted out for you. i want you to --
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1:54 pm
finally, i have a resolution to make. no, it is not about eating healthy. been there, had my chest ripped open on that. i got that. my resolution is actually for all of us, not to eat healthy, though it's a good idea, but to show healthy skepticism, not about what we eat but what we hear. and are told to believe. because everyone else simply believes it. i want us to resolve to question, even challenge consensus opinion. and i want us to remember why. because it's wrong, that's why. more often than not, a lot more often than not, it's wrong. not just a little wrong, very wrong. like when the consensus was that donald trump could never win the presidency. and he did. or the markets would tank if he did. and they did not. beware those who push these views and question you for dare challenging these views. remember the ones who said donald trump supporters would go nuts if he lost but said nothing
1:55 pm
about themselves if he won. remember how wrong they were and how foolish we were for questioning them. remember them, all of them and all they said and the data that they had to support what they said. remember howç they picked and chose that data. remember how they virtually ignored russian hacking before the election but said it caused third candidate after the election. remember how they quoted a cia report on the matter and swore by it. even though they were the same folks who ripped another cia report on weapons of mass destruction and swore at it. they made you feel like an idiot if you questioned, even though not more than four decades ago they were pushing the earth growing colder. remember how the consensus said isis isn't a threat until it was, how it was the jv team until apparently it made varsity. remember how they said president bush's executive orders went too
1:56 pm
far, yet obama's didn't go far enough. remember how the consensus said that america would tumble into a deep recession, even a depression, after 9/11. it didn't. or housing would never recover after the financial meltdown. somehow it did. remember how they got it wrong, how often they got to wrong. so many times over so many years. remember the nine in ten doctors who didn't much worry about smoking in the 1950s. until, well, facts çchanged. remember those who said health care for all was worth it, even if had you to pay through the nose to get it. remember those who said nothing about other president's cabinet picks but can't restrain them services ripping this president-elect's cabinets picks. how about obama had a team of rivals and donald trump a team of moguls. remember their consistent inconsistency. remember, history is defined not by things we think will happen but the things that actually do
1:57 pm
happen. things that consensus doesn't see. things the consensus doesn't want to see. things the consensus will laugh at if you challenge what they see. you see? you see what following the consensus gets you? not much. so the next time the consensus crowd laughs because you don't think they are the universe, remember who controlled the view the earth was the center of the universe. remember the so-called sages. remember when they said the world was flat and then i want to you ask yourself, how many times can you be flat out wrong? good night.ç
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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." the manhunt for europe's most wanted man is continuing tonight. finger prints were found inside the truck used to kill 12 people in berlin monday. dozens were injured. we learned today two of the inju injured were americans. suspect is from tunisia. it has renewed concerns about immigration here at home. president-elect trump says it proves the need to restrict some muslim immigrants from coming to america.


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