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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 23, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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the way. it's a great book to help you unwind over the long holiday break. hopefully you have one. thanks for joining us everyone tonight. merry christmas, happy knew year. i'm sandra smith and this is "the kelly file." welcome to "hannity." president obama stabbing israel in the back on his way out of office. i'm eric bolling in for sean tonight. former ambassador to the u.n. john boll on the is fired up. first, what many are calling the ultimate bre trail, the obama administration earlier today allowed the united nation to pass a resolution condemning israeli setmentments in east jerusalem and the west bank. israeli prime minister is reacting saying, israel rejects the shameful resolution at the
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u.n. and will not abide by his terms. netanyahu adding the obama administration not only failed to protect israel, it colluded with it behind the scenes. and president-elect donald trump is responding by tweeting this, quote, as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th. here now with reaction is former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor john bolton. thanks you, ambassador bolton. big day at the u.n. tell us, do you think that the u.n. security council colluded with the obama administration to bring this vote today? >> certainly the sponsors of the resolution, the egyptians, some of theothers, obviously had to consult with the obama administration to tell them what was in the resolution so that it was sufficient for obama to order an abstention. the united states could have killed this resolution by voting no.
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it did vote no on a similar resolution in 2011. but this was, and you said it exactly right at the top of the show, this was a stab in the back against the israelis. it was entirely predictable. i would say this for people in the pro-israel community in the united states who defended obama's middle east policy over these last eight years. you should have seen this coming and this is what you get for supporting barack obama. >> and this is a shot, i guess, to israel and also president obama had a pretty contention relationship with benjamin netanyahu. >> i think it goes beyond the personal. i think this was an effort to box the in-coming trump administration in. and it violates nearly 50 years of american bipartisan policy on the middle east going back to the iconic resolution 242 after the 1967 war, which blirkd the principle of land for peace. this resolution says basically
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israel's occupation is illegitima illegitimate, therefore it has no land to give back in exchange for peace. contrary to what the obama administration has said, this puts a huge thumb on the scale against israel. it does go to final status. it does affect israel's security. it undermines it in profound ways. the consequences of this resolution are going to be felt for many many years, all negative on israel and substantially negative on the united states itself. >> and let's be clear. there was quite a bit of bipartisan pushback to the u.s. abstaining from this vet to. they could have vetoed, could have killed the resolution. they didn't. on the right, paul ryan, john mccain, even on the left chuck schumer said that the united states should have vetoed this resolution. >> they would have been, particularly in the democratic party clearer on this going back for a long long time. this subject of what barack obama might do with respect to
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israel during the post election preinauguration period has been the subject of discussions that i participated in for two years or more. it was entirely foreseeable and now we see the consequences. >> let's talk a little bit about israel's response. will israel change any policy? will they stop building? stop developing? stop settling? >> not a chance, and nor should they. i do think, contrary to what obama says, the death now of the two-state solution. because it shows once again it's fundamentally unworkable. and i think netanyahu and a nearly unanimous israeli opinion will support him on that. with respect to the united states, i think it's time to stand up for principle. i've certainly advocated for a long time, which is votes in the united nations should have consequences. we've got two issues here, the 14 countries that voted in favor of the resolution and the united
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nations as a whole. personally what i i would recommend to the president-elect is once he takes off she would say this resolution is illegitimate and the united states is going to seek to repeal it. if that fails, we should cut our contribution to the united nation, perhaps in toto until this resolution is repeal. >> this is an interesting concept, ambassador bolton. right now we encompass 22% of the budget to the u.n. if it's not repealed you suggest we pull 22% of their budget. >> my experience with the united nations is there are only two as spekts spe aspects of american power that are respected, one is the money. i've personally engaged in telling specialized agencies in the u.n. and others that if something happens con tear to
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our wishes we'll cut the money off. we have done that. i remember well in 1991 when the security council authorized the use of force against saddam hussein's invasion of kuwait. yemen voted no on that resolution. jim baker secretary of state in the u.s. chair at the counsel turned to us sitting behind him saying that's the most expensive vote yemen has ever cast and we substantially eliminated their foreign aid budget. there are a lot of steps we can take here and i hope the in-coming trump administration looking at all of them. >> i think it was 14-0, a unanimous vote by the council. i guess egypt represents the arab league. who would be the most affected if we pull back or eliminate foreign aid to these countries? >> that's one option. i'm not necessarily saying we should do it in every case. there are some of the countries where we have no effective leverage now, like vensz wezuel.
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people have talked about what wrur relationship with russia might be. russia is automobiles prepared to shaft the middle east, the united states in the middle east. it's been doing it under obama for aths yeaeight years. it's extremely distressing that even great britain didn't abstain on this resolution. and it shows just how much difficulty there is in the quite nationed to try to carry out a coherent american foreign policy. >> you bring up russia. talk to us a little bit about the back and forth today. vladimir putin gave trump a pat on the back and sent him a letter and trump tweeted thank u you. is it that bad to have a relationship with russia? >> it's a question of what our national interests are compared to russians. i think the exchange of comments today that's gotten the most attention has been on the nuclear front and i think trump was exactly right to say that he's not going to let the u.s.
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nuclear capability be second to anybody else, including russia. the obama administration has put us in an inferior position with their misguided new stark treadty that was negotiated and ratified in 2010, ratified with the support of a lot of republican members of congress. i think it's time to look at that entire relationship. i don't think we should be negotiating bilateral strategic arms treaties with the russians anymore. the world is a lot more complicated in nuclear terms than it was during the cold war when that was more sensible. and i think this goes to the review that our military needs to conduct of how to rebuild our deterrent capability in both convention conventional and strategic weapons. >> this is fantastic. president-elect donald trump says we're going to be the number one super power in the world and also by the way we get along with number two, it's not going to be a contentious
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relationship between the united states and russia. that sounds like a good deal to me. >> if we can sustain it. a lot depends on russia. if it stops military intervention in ukraine, if it refrains and pulls back from its really harmful intervention in the middle east and some of its other activities, then i think we've got a basis for constructive discussion. one thing that's shown is if you show toughness to them, they respect it. they haven't seen that in eight years. >> thank you very much. coming up next right here on "hannity" -- >> i am going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. >> president-elect donald trump is promising to do everything he can do prevent the kinds of terror attacks we're seeing in europe. and later, president-elect
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attacks of u.s. houses of worship over the holidays. this comes after a recent online posting by the terror group. sources tell fox news there is no credible threat to the homeland, the threat is in line with standard rhetoric from isis. i'm patricia stark. now back to "hannity." to protect our country from terrorism and extremism, we will suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed or vetted. you know, i've used the expression extreme vetting. extreme. it's going to be extreme. let me just say this as clearly as i can. i am going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out
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of our country. >> well, that was president-elect donald trump talking tough on terror and earlier tonight he tweeted about the berlin terror attack saying, when will the u.s. and all countries fight back. joining us to discuss this is what lean ferris. he serve as a foreign policy adviser to the trump campaign and fox news contributor julian turner. wally, let's start with you. we found so much out today. i mean, this guy, he pledges allegiance to al baghdadi, isis releases the video showing him pledging allegiance. when are we going to get tough on terror. >> that is the question of the evening, the eve of christmas. basically everything we tried under the previous administration simply did not work. 90% of the methods we used over the past eight years did not work. that means we have to change direction. we have to change strategies.
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one, we need to start addressing the issues before these people become political asylum seekers or refugees at home in syria. therefore what we need to do for syria or libya in the case. and second let's suppose individuals come and apply for political asylum. the vetting we're talking about right now is not did you serve with al qaeda or what is your police record. it's really about the ideology. >> how do you do that? how do you do that when you have someone who may not be afill yaltya affiliated with a group now b? >> that's the number one problem that law enforcement community in this country is having with this. how do you a, identify and b, target and try to stop folks who are radicalizing in their parents' basements or various parts of the country when they're not supposed to be here in the first place.
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i don't want to be all doom and gloom because i believe that the united states is in a much stronger position than a country like say germany. they have a distinct set of problems there that we don't have here very fortunately. one of those problems being that quite simply our intelligence community and law enforcement work together more seamlessly than they do over there. we're better off. >> but you only have to be wrong once. >> that's the scary part of this. you can get it right 10,000 times and get it sort of wrong once and people will die. >> in-coming president donald trump is going to have a policy. he talks about extreme and he says extreme vetting.that. but what's wrong with saying hey, hold off for now. let's not take people from -- let's not take immigrants from or refugees from countries with ties to terror? >> this could happen. actually there will be an
7:17 pm
internal discussion i assume in the administration, law enforcement agencies but also with congress and allies. and the result of that is going to be what have not worked before cannot work now and therefore if decision, the political decision is reached to stop immigration for a while from an area where the jihadists is penetrating is one. but that alone is not going to solve everything. we need to have a different view of this. we need to have the next doctrine, national security doctrine written differently from the last eight years. >> you're right and i agree with you. we keep hearing this, we need to attack the etiology of terror rather than the terrorist. is there is realistic goal and how do you go about that? >> first of all we need to determine what it is. if you don't determine what it is, nobody, nsa, cia, fbi, believe me i've been in the business for 12, 14 years, they would not understand how to do it if they don't know what it is. we have to have a debate on that one. when you do it, everything opens
7:18 pm
up. you with work with ngos in the community. now we've dismantled the whole resistant. we need to educate the public. we've seen so many cases where the citizens -- >> you're 100% right. the respect and moderate muslims can get involved. is this a realistic goal to solve the terrorism problem by attacking the etiology? >> it's realistic but it's not something that's going to happen in the short term or the median term. >> what do we do? >> as a starting point, it's about hearts and minds, partially some of the argument is financial. this is why you heard the obama administration talking a couple of years ago about jobs for terrorist terrorists. they got mocked for it but i think there's a kernel of something that's viable in there. part of what you have to do is convince the vulnerable populations that terrorism is not the answer.
7:19 pm
that joining an organization like isis is not the answer, not the way to a better future for your or your family or the people that you love and that's what really is hard. >> is there a way to do it or is it only going to be until you offer them something more. >> like incentives, like job or education. that's why it's longer term. because you can start to try to implement some of those things but this is like a decades generational problem as president obama says all of the time. >> what lead, is this an unrealistic goal? >> no. it's not unrealistic. 9/11 was a while ago. we need to have a long term plan and median plan and short-time plan. we need to start somewhere. coming up next, president-elect donald trump calls out 0 all of hillary clinton loving hollywood liberals who are apparently asking for inauguration tickets. we have reaction. and then later --
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>> my administration will be focused on three very important words. jobs jobs jobs. >> president-elect donald trump is laying out his agenda but where should he focus first? newt gingrich is here tonight to weigh in on that and much more. stay with us as "hannity" continues. sweeet... wow...
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welcome back to "hannity." president-elect donald trump is calling out hollywood liberals by tweeting quote, the so-called a-list celebrities are all wanting ticket to the inauguration. but look what they did for hillary. nothing. i want the people. of course may josh trump hater chrissy teigen is firing back by tweeting, hi, we're all people. you are our president too. i don't want you to be but you are. also, we all know you're dying without the approval, dear. crissy teigen is making progress by saying trump is our president. other liberals should follow her examp example. teigen was a huge hillary supporter and routinely mocked donald trump. so is flect trump right to be calling out the hollywood
7:24 pm
hypocrisy. joining us now or mercedes schlapp, charlie kirk and christen tate. i'm going to start with you kristen. crissy teague. was tough on the trumps and now they all want inauguration tickets. >> i haven't been able to stop smiling since november 8th. it's hilarious because these celebrities, they're so entitled to and for the first time we have a leader who will treat these elites with the same contempt that the average working class americans have been treated with by the very elites who say they're better than us and we are not paying our fair share. for the first time these beautiful people in hollywood and the liberal media will understand how conservatives have felt for the last eight years. i love this. donald trump surprises us every day and this is today oes surprise.
7:25 pm
he just keeps getting better. >> at one point i offered first class airfare pun way for all of the celebrities who promised to leave the country if donald trump was the president-elect. and i haven't had one offer. not one single person. >> let me tell you, trump is trying to drain the swamp here in washington. it might be time for him to drain the swamp in hollywood. for crying out loud, these hollywood celebrities, they've been snobbish, elitists and they're disconnected from reality, disconnected from the everyday americans. this is what i like about donald trump. the fact that he's making this inauguration, the inauguration of the people. this is not the inauguration of the hollywood celebrities and those who think that they don't want to participate by the like rockettes that says oh my god, i'm embarrassed to go there and be at the inauguration. come on, give me a break. as tim allen said, these hollywood celebrities who have been anti--trump have been the most bullish of them all. they've bullied donald trump, they've bullied the supporters
7:26 pm
who have been oi longside donald trump and it's time for them to knock it off. it's a time of unity for our nation. we want a peaceful transition and it's time to move forward. stop being a sore loser. john stewart promised to move into another planet if donald trump was the president. he's obviously not going to be able to do that. alec baldwin, barbara streisand, it goes on and on. >> hollywood hypocrites say they're going to leave the country if he wins and now they want inauguration tickets. isn't it nice to have a president that doesn't cater to the hollywood elites, the $50,000 plate dinners. both hillary and obama did ridiculous fundraisers. isn't it nice to have a president that actually wants blue collar americans represented after his inauguration. this shows why trump won.
7:27 pm
he didn't pander to the elites that middle america felt so disconnected from so long. with elon musk's progress in getting us to mars in the next 100 years, john stewart better back his bags. >> kristen, how about we put them in yun ul inaugural ball, one room and pull the plug. >> i love it. you know, these celebrities, they are people like this woman says but they're deplorable people. they don't deserve to go because they didn't get trump into the white house. >> i think if you do the inaugural ball they're going to need boxes of kleenex tissues because they're going to cry their way through the inauguration. at the end as a nation we need to move forward and come together. i think that the hollywood celebrities have shown once again that they're not interested in what is everyday america in connecting with these communities. and they are disconnected from
7:28 pm
reality. >> wrap it up for me, charlie. >> i think we should have a safe space ball where we have the leftists together that need the safe space area, play dough and cushions. >> you want to say what else do they get? juice boxes. >> that's right. that's right. >> all right. that's a good idea. we'll leave it there. thank you very much. coming up next on "hannity" -- >> my administration will be focused on three very important words. jobs jobs jobs. >> president-elect donald trump laying out part of his agenda. newt gingrich is here to tell us what he thinks the president-elect should do focus on the first day once he officially becomes command near chief. stay with us as "hannity" continues. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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together we will raise incomes and bring jobs and wealth opand opportunity to our poorest communities. we will repeal the disaster known as obamacare and create new health care, all sorts of reforms that work for you and your family. i am asking congress to support the construction of new roads, bridges, airports, tunnels and railways all across our nation. we're going to do it. my administration will be focused on three very important words. jobs jobs jobs. >> that was president-elect donald trump on his thank you tour laying out part of his agenda. joining us now is the author of the best selling book "treason" former seeker of the house, newt
7:34 pm
given ri gingrich. so what would you advice be to president-elect donald trump. what should he be looking to get accomplished. >> he needs to finish filling the key jobs he's recruiting people for, an enormous undertaking, not just the cabinet and the sub cabinet, about 4,000 jobs all together. he needs to think about his inaugural address. th it will be one of the most important speeches in his career. it's a very very important speech. he needs to keep talking to foreign leaders, opening up the relationships because that's a new thing for him. and i think that he has to think through how he wants to handle inauguration week. he's going to be very busy. they're going to have an enormous crowd here to see the inaugural. and calista and i are looking forward to it. it's going to be great. but that's the same to get
7:35 pm
repeal executive orders, talk to congress about passing legislation and to make sure that his cabinet picks are going to get through the senate. he'll have a lot to do during the next few weeks. >> what do you expect to hear? what type of tone? what's the message? >> well, first of all, who knows. he's the president-elect. he gets to write the address he wants. but i think he made so much of making america great again, it was so central to his campaign but i have a hunch you're going see that come back up. and i think he's going to talk, if i was guessing -- and i clearly am because i don't know. i think he'll talk about making america great again, he'll talk about the roles of americans in making america great again and he'll talk about the idea that that greatness should not only apply to all americans but hopefully the world will see in watching us and participating with us that every human being can be great again and that you don't have to have the type of
7:36 pm
organization that cuts off people's heeds. you can do it through the pursuit of happiness. you can do it through free in r enterpri enterprise. the exact opposite of isis and their ruling through terror. i think john f. kennedy's speech was only 1800 words. the inaugural should be relatively brief were moral, visionary, clear language and a couple of weeks later you two up to the joint session you have a much longer more boring speech. but there are two different kinds of commodities. >> gotcha. one of the initiatives that donald trump will have to do right away -- when should she do this? when should he nominate someone for the supreme court? >> oh, i would think within a week or two. i wouldn't be shocked if he did it the first day. he has the list. it's a list they thought about care think before they put it out. anyone on that list is going to
7:37 pm
be an outstanding choice. i know that he is thinking about it, talking to people about it. he's going to make a very good choice, a solid choice, and i think that person will get through because they'll be so respected -- this was a list of winners, of people with great great judicial reputations. and there's not a single weak person on that list. and i think conservatives will be e static when they see they're going to be an opportunity for justice scalia's seat to be filled by someone who shares his sound conservative principles. >> and he doesn't have to wait until he's sworn in to nominate someone. some of the initiatives that he'll have to undertake in the first 100 days or so, or not. let's go through them, jobs, obamacare repeal or replace, immigration and taxes. what should be the priority? >> well, i think first of all for the success of the entire
7:38 pm
administration, as he said in a speech recently, there were three words that characterized the goal of his administration, jobs jobs jobs. he got it right. if this economy picks up, if we take the trump rally on the stock market and we turn it into a trump reality in the economy, he's going to do very very well and he's going to win a big victory in 2018 in the senate and then he's going to win reelection in 2020. if he doesn't do that, if we don't have a real focus on economic opportunity, then i think we'll be in trouble. but everything i'm seeing with, the kind of cabinet he's creating, the things they're looking at for deregulation, the approach they're taking with paul ryan and with the ways and means committee, all of those things to me say that he knows he's got to pass a tax bill that's very projobs. he's got to eliminate a lot of the regulation that's killing jobs. that's got hb his number one focus. number one, i think he has to
7:39 pm
control immigration period. that's the issue that propelled him to the top. >> give us a day. when does the first shovel go into the ground for building the wall? >> i suspect it will go in the ground probably in april. he'll make the proposal certainly by early february. they'll have to get it to the senate. it will be something to watch. remember, donald trump is not a fa than sere. he's not a guy that sat down on wall street and invested. he's a builder. he's built buildings. he knows how to have on-2-job inspection. i suspect this will be the donald trump project. he'll know how to do it. the other piece then, if you're going to be jobs and taxes, then you're going to have immigration. the third piece will be to build a new and dramatically better health system to replace obamacare with something that increases choice, increases
7:40 pm
flexibility, which puts you the american in charge of your life working with your doctor instee. dr. tom price is going to be a great secretary of health services. they're going to do good things. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, sean recently sat down with the reverend frankly graham. we'll have that interview for you next. later, build home for heroes, helping out a military family that was injured last march in the brussels airport attack. we'll have that story for you and much more as "hannity" continues.
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welcome back to "hannity." the reverend franklin graham recently joined sean to talk about the work that his charity is doing. >> joining us is h reverend franklin graham with operation samaritan's chirng. how many years have you been doing this? >> 23 years gr and how many of these -- these are boxes. you've got a box for a little girl. i've got the boy box nlts yeah. >> you give out how many of these boxes? >> 134 million so far. 12 million this year. we go to 1 sp different cou113 countri countries. they're packed bik different families. every box goes to a child and gives us a chance to let the child know that god loves them, god hasn't forgotten them and they're special to him. these go to the poor children. >> here's the thing that really shocked me. look, i know we're spoiled.
7:46 pm
we forget how blessed we are. you took me to haiti and the dominican republic with you. when these kids get this box, wow. it's like they got a bicycle -- i want a motorcycle. they got a bicycle, they got monopoly, everything they wanted and they sere so happy. >> they are happy. we give them in every country that we can. we give them through the churches because i want the children to know that god loves them and the true meaning of christmas is that god so loved the world that he gave his only son. >> what did you get me this year? >> peanuts. >> that's a great answer. which he sends me every year. matchbox as a kid. what are the certain ages. you have 1 to 4, 5 to 9 and 10 to 14.
7:47 pm
>> that's right. >> what about the shoe boxes, the plastic ones. >> those are great. >> this is for a boy, a football, a matchboxcar, a puzzle, crayons that could be used for whiney liberals that are upset that donald trump won. i can't help myself. it has a sharpen near, a toothbrush, a bar of soap, a book and a washcloth. all things that these kids need. >> this is for a kid. every girl, i hasn't seen a girl yet that hasn't wanted a doll. of course the first thank they do is they hug the doll. >> i saw that first hand. it was amazing. >> i know you've been doing this how many years? >> 23 years. >> when i went, i was surprised. i wasn't surprised at the magnitude of it. i was surprised at the reaction of the kids. >> yeah. >> look, i'm a hard hearted person. i'm not as soft hearted as you. but it makes your heart melt.
7:48 pm
this is so worthwhile, so great for them. >> your family has participated. you have helped us. again, sean, it's christmas and it's about god giving his son. and he gave the gift of man kind. that's his son, jesus christ. this is to go out to the children of the world to try to touch as many as we can. 12 million children. the key to this is i ask people to pack the box to pray. >> over the box. >> pray for the child that's going to get that box. i don't know who's going to get it. god does. we know that god will hear the prayer of one righteous person. can you imagine 12 million people praying for the children? this year is the most. >> every year is the most prchl . >> it is. it keeps growing. >> i'm lazy, i just send you a check and you can do that. >> absolutely. >> and you can buy boxes and
7:49 pm
people at samaritan's purse put them together. >> you can go to samaritan's and it's called build a purse. you can do it online. >> you can do the whole thing online? >> yes, sir. the samaritan's purse build a box. >> how is your dad doing? >> pretty good, sean. >> 98 years old. >> getting pretty quiet, doesn't say much anymore. >> you saw him recently. >> yes. the nurse reminded him that i was sitting beside him and he said, hello, franklin. >> was he following the campaign? i'm just interested. >> i think a little bit. and of course when donald trump won, i went down to see him and told him and he was aware of it. >> well, i know you spend all of your time flying around the world helping people in their poor countries. this is one of the greatest ideas. obviously millions of americans have responded. it's great work and if people want to contribute or help, how do they do it?
7:50 pm
>> go to samaritma samaritan's . it's not just operation christmas child. all of our projects around the worl. we're getting ready to put a hospital in northern iraq, right outside of mosul. >> and you fly to all of these dangerous places yourself? >> i do. >> could i keep this football? would that be stealing from a child? >> you can't steal from a child, sean. >> good to see you. god bless you. appreciate you being with us. coming up, a charity sean has been following for several years, build homes for heros. helping out a military family that was injured last march in the brussels terror attack. we'll have that story for you next. stay with us.
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welcome back to "hannity". sean has within been following a special charity called building homes for heros. we can't let christmas go by
7:55 pm
without taking a look at another life changing project. >> during his military career, kato martinez has seen combat across the globe. in august, he and his wife celebrated their 21 anniversary as a couple. they left his nato command for long-awaited trip to disneyworld. >> we were heading out to disneyworld. >> they were passing through the brussels airport when tragedy struck. >> chaotic scene. >> chaos. >> suicide bombers detonated near the american airlines check in desk just feet from the martinez family.
7:56 pm
gail died shielding her kids from the blast. >> we lost her, we lost her. >> everybody else was critically injured. the road to recovery was long, and made harder by the fact that gail, the rock of the family was now gone. >> mama was the main thing for us. >> physically we'll get there. emotionally, will take a long time. it's something we do one day at a time. >> as they recover, the charity "building homes for heros" built a brand new, mortgage-free home for the family. >> we received a call from special folks high up in the military, they said can you help? he said i will pay for the home myself if i have to. we're going to build this home and stay close to the family. >> this is so important.
7:57 pm
focus on family. >> when they can leave the hospital... >> we arrived. and we were given the house. >> i can't thank you enough. >> everything designed for all of their injuries. his oldest daughter is still unable to walk after 14 surgeries. thanks to the stair lift, she can get to every room of their beautiful custom home. >> been in combat. but when you lose your wife you're not prepared for that. i walked into the home the first time without michelle i knew this was my wife's home. >> the folks never considered
7:58 pm
the job done. >> gail loved christmas and holiday season. >> she embodied the spirit of christmas. >> they face their first christmas without their mom, the community came together to be there for them and decorate their house. >> family tradition. >> christmas eve we'd go into the living room. >> we'd sing. >> that is where we got the idea of brown paper packages tied up with strings. >> and santa bought presents for the kids. >> you'll be going to disneyworld. we'll pay for the expenses. >> to finish the trip they
7:59 pm
started with their mom in march. >> enjoy the family. >> their love for each other and their family is beautiful to see. >> there is nothing i could say, or do, for how much this means during christmas. >> just look around this house. this house is gail. you brought that to us. thank you from the bottom of our hearts. i can't say how grateful i am. it is never going to be enough. it isn't. merry christmas, happy holidays. >> you can help more people like the rodriguez family.
8:00 pm
i want to thank sean and his team for a strong week of shows in a very busy news cycle. we hope you have a very customery christmas. good night, america. ♪ >> hi, i'm jesse watters in this evening for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. will there be a new nuclear arms race under president trump. the president-elect raised the possibility yesterday with this tweet. the united states must greatly strengthen and expand nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. this morning he apparently doubled down even further during a phone call to a reporter. >> mica asked the president-elect while we had the opportunity what his position was on try trying


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